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Everybody wants to be happy. Thus, the onslaught of lists enumerating various happy-making suggestions: Learn to let go! Live in the present! Don#39;t sweat the small stuff!每个人都渴望快乐的生活。于是,各种关于幸福秘诀的清单纷纷出炉:学会放手!活在当下!莫在小事上纠结!Which is all fine and good—there#39;s clearly nothing wrong with a positive outlook. But that list has been done to death ... and aren#39;t those peppy platitudes slightly obvious anyway? Instead, we offer an alternative list of habits—more concrete and backed by science—employed by those who#39;ve successfully located the bliss button.这些建议当然不错——毕竟每个人都想要有积极的人生。只是它们的内容都被说滥了……那些陈词滥调难道不是显而易见的吗?所以,今天我们给大家提供一份不一样的清单——它们就是那些幸福的人正在践行着的秘诀,这些秘诀更具体,且有科学依据。1. They go to parks漫步公园One study found that people who live in cities with more green space feel better than those surrounded by man-made materials. How much better? The happiness jump associated with green space is equal to about one-third the boost in well-being that people get from being married. In a similar vein, another study found that a five-minute dose of nature improves self-esteem; green areas with water were found to be the most beneficial.研究表明,住在城市绿地附近的人要比整日身在人造材料中的人幸福感强烈。有多幸福呢?打个比方说,与绿地相邻的人,其幸福感的提升幅度大概有人们结婚时幸福感的三分之一。同样,另有研究明,亲近自然哪怕五分钟,也有利于自尊心的提升;若绿地还能伴水那更是最好不过了。2. They live in Scandinavian countries生活在北欧国家Okay, so your place of residence may not be a habit so much as a circumstance, but this is interesting. According to the ed Nations General Assembly#39;s second World Happiness Report, Denmark is the happiest country, followed by Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Canada. Note that all of these are generally northern countries, what#39;s the deal? See number 3.好吧,也许你觉得居住的地方只能算环境因素,称不上是习惯,但事实并非如此。根据联合国大会发布的第二份全球幸福指数报告,幸福度最高的国家是丹麦,其次是挪威、瑞士、荷兰、瑞典和加拿大。注意,这些国家绝大多数都位于北欧。为什么会这样呢?看看下一条你就知道了。3. They practice #39;hygge#39;践行“修噶”文化Huh? Pronounced HYU-gah, Danes make it through their long dark winters with a healthy dose of this to maintain their position as the happiest place in the world. With no real equivalent in the English language, hygge is a cultural concept that revolves around intimacy, gratitude and family; it#39;s a kind of emotional coziness. As described by one Dane, ;It#39;s like a feeling, and it#39;s big at Christmastime. The candles, the food, being with your family.; But it lasts all year.啥?“修噶”读作“HYU-gah”,有了它,丹麦人才能度过漫漫冬夜。因为它,丹麦得以一直是世界上最幸福的国家。“修噶”是一个涉及亲密、感恩与家庭的文化概念,是一种精神层面的温馨舒适,英语中没有与之对应的词。有丹麦人这样描述“修噶”:“它可以说是一种感受,尤其是圣诞期间和家人围坐在一起时,伴着摇曳的烛光和丰盛的食物,这种感受尤为强烈。”不过对丹麦人来说,这种感受可以持续一整年。4. They have satisfying jobs—and if not, they quit有一份满意的工作——不满意就辞职It#39;s no surprise that workers who are happy with their work are happy with their lives. And in fact, a Gallup poll found that workers who were happily engaged and enthusiastic about work were happiest in life, with 71 percent of them describing themselves as ;thriving.; And it#39;s probably not that surprising that only 42 percent of poll respondents who said they were disconnected from their work described themselves as thriving. What#39;s surprising is that 48 percent of those unemployed see themselves as thriving; that#39;s 6 percent more than those with jobs; for many, being unemployed is happier than having a crummy job.工作顺利的人,生活也同样幸福,这不足为奇。美国盖洛普民意测验(Gallup poll)显示,那些工作专注有的人,生活中也是最幸福的,其中认为自己“朝气蓬勃”的人达71%。所以,当那些认为无法全身心投入工作的人中,只有42%认为自己有朝气,也在情理之中了。但令人惊讶的是,调查中有48%的无业者认为自己很有朝气,这比有工作的人还多出6%;对大多数人来说,与其干一份糟糕的工作还不如歇业在家。5. They smell the flowers嗅花香No, this isn#39;t an homage to the ;stop and smell the roses; cliche; it#39;s not about taking time for the delights in your life (although stopping and smelling the roses is a grand thing to do). It#39;s about floral scents and the effect they have on mood. Much research has been conducted on how floral scents can influence behaviors. In one set of experiments, researchers found that a floral-scented room led to increased happiness and friendliness. One researcher noted that the floral smell is an emotion manipulator and improves the mood. ;The floral odors can make you happy; floral odors promote social interaction, social approach kinds of behaviors,; said Jeannette Haviland-Jones, of Rutgers University.这么做可不是为了践行“停下脚步,享受生活”这一陈词滥调,它与花时间享受生活无关(虽然这确实很棒)。它就是与花的香气有关——利于调节情绪。许多有关于花香如何对行为产生影响的研究都明了这一点。比如,研究者通过实验发现,处在花香四溢的房间里,人们的幸福感与亲切感会随之上升。一位研究者认为,花香能够操纵情绪,改善心情。美国罗格斯大学的珍妮特·哈维兰德-琼斯说:“花香除了能够让人心情愉快,还能促进人际交往这种社会行为。”6. They get dirty亲近泥土Commence making mud pies. Medical researchers in the U.K. found evidence that “friendly” bacteria found in soil may activate the immune system, boost the brain compound serotonin and help ward off depression.开始学着玩泥巴吧。英国的医学研究者实,泥土中存在的一些有益菌能够增强我们的免疫系统功能,促进大脑五羟色胺化合物(注:神经递质,能够影响情绪)的生成,帮助人们摆脱忧郁。7. They exercise适度锻炼We know you didn#39;t want to hear that, but fret not. The good news is that middle-aged women don#39;t have to run marathons or go all-out for the emotional benefits of physical activity to kick in. And in fact, a study found that moderate intensity exercise—as opposed to intense exercise—caused more women to report later that they were in a better mood and to have greater feelings of energy, psychological well-being and ;self-efficacy.;我们知道,你不想听这个陈词滥调,不过先别急。好消息是,中年女性为获得情绪上的放松,不用非要跑马拉松或是参加其他令人疲惫的体育活动。实际上,有研究表明,适度的锻炼要比剧烈运动更能让女性身心愉悦、活力充沛、精神充实;她们的“自我效能(注:指人们对自身能否利用所拥有的技能去完成某项工作行为的自信程度)”也会更强。8. They don#39;t try to be … happy?不去刻意追寻快乐Oops. Now that we#39;ve told you the secrets for happiness, we#39;re here to dash your dreams. A prominent study shows that making happiness a personal goal will actually stand in the way of your achieving it. The researchers found that women who valued happiness more reported being less happy and more depressed than women who didn#39;t place much importance on the goal.呃,既然已经把快乐的秘诀都告诉你了,我们再来将你的梦想打破。有个著名的研究表明,将追求快乐作为个人目标只会阻碍你获得快乐。研究人员发现,重视快乐的女性却很少能感受快乐,甚至会比那些不太在意追求快乐的人更忧郁。;Wanting to be happy can make you less happy,; said study researcher Iris Mauss. ;If you explicitly and purposely focus on happiness, that appears to have a self-defeating quality.;研究者艾丽斯·莫斯表示:“一味追求快乐反而会让你变得不快乐。如果你过于明确‘追求快乐#39;这一目标,最终只会尝到挫败的滋味。”So if you really want to be happy, try forgetting about it.所以说,如果你真想变得快乐,就忘了这事吧。 /201603/433903China has reported nearly 110,000 HIV/AIDS cases so far this year, a slight increase over last year, said the nation#39;s top AIDS specialist.据国家艾滋病专家称,今年中国报告艾滋病例接近11万例,较去年有所增加。The gay male population has been hit particularly hard, accounting for more than 25 percent of the total.男男性行为是我国艾滋病感染最多的群体,占全部病例的25%。Wu Zunyou, head of the National Center for AIDS/STD Control and Prevention, made the remarks on the sidelines of the ongoing 2015 National Conference on HIV/AIDS. ;The situation among gay men is alarming and in some cities one out of five gay men is HIV positive.; In worse-hit cities such as Beijing and Harbin, more than 70 percent of the cases reported in 2015 involved gay men.国家艾滋防控中心主任吴尊友,在2015年艾滋病学术大会上进行了演讲,;男同性恋者的情况十分严重,平均每五个男同性恋者就有一个病检结果是阳性。; 病情较严重的北京、哈尔滨等城市,70%报告的病例都涉及男男性行为者。Worse, young students have been hit hard in recent years by the epidemic, he said, and 70 to 80 percent of the HIV/AIDS cases detected in 2015 among them involved gay sex. ;It#39;s a big challenge to protect young students from HIV/AIDS,; he said.更严重的是,近些年感染艾滋病的学生增加,在2015年发现的学生艾滋病的病例中,70%到80%的病例都是由于男男性行为。吴尊友称:;避免学生感染艾滋病成为一个巨大挑战。;Thanks to robust intervention efforts initiated in 2003, China has a low prevalence of HIV/AIDS (0.06 percent). But the rapid increase of HIV cases among gay men has hardly been curbed.由于2013年开始执行强有力的避免艾滋病的措施,中国艾滋病患病率仅有0.06%,但是男同性恋的艾滋发病率却很难抑制。Mainstream prevention strategies like education and behavioral intervention didn#39;t work well for them, said Wu. Condom use, for instance, has never exceeded 50 percent of the gay male population, he noted, citing previous investigations. ;I even saw a gay medical doctor who had unprotected gay sex,; he said.主要防御措施比如教育和行为上预防在男同性恋者身上效果并不是很好。吴尊友引用之前的调查说道,比如说避套的使用,使用避套的男同性恋者从未超过50%,;我甚至见过一个男同医生在性生活上不使用保护措施。;Many of them are aware of the risks and preventive measures but simply don#39;t practice accordingly, he pointed out. Wu suggested that improved treatment should be the best way to help curb the quick sp of the virus among gay men.他指出,他们中的很多人都了解感染艾滋病的风险和预防措施,只是不想这么做而已。抑制艾滋病毒在男同群体里的广泛传播的最好办法是加强治疗。HIV/AIDS sufferers are much less likely to pass the virus to others if put on antiretroviral therapy, he explained. In that regard, ;treatment is prevention,; he said.他解释称,如果接受抗逆转录病毒治疗,艾滋病毒携带者很难将病毒传染给他人,从这个角度来看,;治疗就是防治。; /201511/411529

Men who have low resistance to psychological stress at age 18 may face considerably higher risk for type 2 diabetes in adulthood compared to those better able to handle stress, according to new research.最新一项调查显示,与那些擅长处理压力情绪的人群相比,那些年龄在18岁上下且不擅长应对心理压力的人们更容易在成年后患有2型糖尿病。;Other studies have found that stressful life experiences in mid-adulthood are linked with a higher risk of developing diabetes,; said lead author Dr. Casey Crump of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York.纽约西奈山医学院的首席作者凯西·克伦普医生表示,“一些研究表明:若人在中年曾经历过压力较大的时期,那么其患有糖尿病的风险也较大。”But none have looked at whether responses to stress at a young age predict risk of diabetes much later in life, Crump and his colleagues write in Diabetologia.克伦普与其同事在糖尿病学杂志中提到:从未有人探索过一个人在青年时期对压力的反应和处理态度是否与其人生后期患有糖尿病的风险大小有关。;Stress resilience refers to the ability to properly adapt to or cope with stress and adversity,; Crump, who was at Stanford University in California when he worked on the study, told Reuters Health by email. ;Low resistance to stress (or low stress resilience) means difficulty coping with or rebounding from adversity.;克伦普曾在美国加州斯坦福大学进行这项研究,期间他向路透健康新闻专栏写了一封邮件,上面写道:“抗压能力指一种能够正确应对压力以及挫折的能力,抗压能力较弱则意味着遭受挫折后重新振作走出逆境的自我调节能力较差。”The study team analyzed data on more than 1 million 18-year-old men who were conscripted into military service in Sweden between 1969 and 1997, when service was compulsory.该研究团队对一百多万名18岁少年的数据进行了分析。这些少年都曾在1969至1997年间在瑞典应征入伍,那段时期仍实行义务兵役制度。The young men did not have diabetes at age 18 and all underwent standard psychological assessments of their stress resistance. In a 20 to 30 minute interview, a psychologist asked each man about adjustment problems and conflicts, successes, responsibilities taken on and initiatives shown or experienced in school, work, home or in leisure activities.这些年轻人在18岁期间并未患有糖尿病,并且都曾进行过对自身抗压能力的标准性心理评估。在短短二十到三十分钟的采访中,心理学家对这些人在学校、工作、家庭以及一些活动领域中存在的适应性问题、矛盾、取得的成功,肩负的责任以及展现的积极性等方面进行了相关询问。Crump’s team matched the participants to their later medical records to see who received an outpatient or inpatient diagnosis of diabetes between 1987 and 2012. About 34,000 of the men were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.克伦普团队将这些参与采访的人与其自身后来的病历记录进行了比对,并检验是否有人曾在1987至2012年间咨询过糖尿病门诊或被诊断患有糖尿病。After accounting for body weight, family history of diabetes and individual and neighborhood socioeconomic factors, the researchers found that men with low stress resilience - that is, with a score between one and three on a nine-point scale - were 51 percent more likely to have a diabetes diagnosis than those with the highest scores, between seven and nine.在对这些人的体重、家族病史、个人以及社区的社会经济因素进行考量后,研究人员发现那些抗压能力较低,也就是得分在1到3分之间(满分是9分,1分代表抗压能力最低,9分代表抗压能力最高)的人,有51%的机率比那些得分在7到9分之间的人更容易患有糖尿病。;Both the amount of stress and stress resilience may have important health effects,; Crump said. ;Common sources of stress include relationship, family, school, and workplace problems or worries.;“压力大小以及抗压能力都可能产生重大的健康效应,”克伦普说道,“生活中压力通常来源于关系、家庭、学校、工作等领域的问题或烦恼。”People who experience a lot of stress or have trouble resisting it may react with unhealthy behaviors like poor eating habits, little physical activity and smoking or heavier alcohol use, he said.克伦普表示,那些经历过重大压力或者缺乏抗压能力的人可能会逐渐形成不健康的生活方式,例如不规律的饮食习惯,缺乏体育运动,吸烟酗酒等等。;Other stress-related physiologic changes may also be involved, such as higher levels of (the stress hormone) cortisol which can contribute to insulin resistance and diabetes,; he said.克伦普还表示,除此之外,还有可能产生一系列与压力相关的心理变化,比如:较高水平的皮质醇(压力激素),有助于产生抗胰岛素性,并引发糖尿病。;If you have low stress resilience, even some everyday experiences can be stressful,; said Dr. Cecilia Bergh of Orebro University in Sweden, who was not part of the new study. ;Very high levels of stress, such as being in a war zone, are damagingly stressful for almost everybody, even among those with high stress resilience,; Bergh told Reuters Health by email.瑞典奥莱布鲁医科大学的塞西莉亚·马瑞医生虽未参与此项新研究,但他表示,“如果你的抗压能力较低,那么日常生活中一些琐碎的事情在你看来也可能让你倍感压力。”与此同时,马瑞医生向路透健康新闻专栏发邮件提到,“然而,诸如上战场打仗这种事情对于每个人来说都属于高压事件,即使是对于那些抗压能力较强的人来说也是如此。”The general public, and especially those who are overweight or have a family history of diabetes, should know that stress management is an important part of maintaining long-term health and preventing diabetes, Crump said.克伦普表示:普通大众,尤其是那些超重或有糖尿病家族病史的人应该明白,抗压处理对于保持长期健康以及预防糖尿病来说非常重要。 /201602/425209

Parents who exert too much control over their children could be causing them lifelong psychological damage, according to a study which tracked a group of people born in the 1940s until the present day.一项针对上世纪40年代生人的跟踪调查显示,父母对子女管束过多可能会对下一代造成终生的心理伤害。Researchers found that people who reported their parents had intruded on their privacy in childhood or encouraged dependence were more likely to have low scores in surveys of happiness and general wellbeing carried out in their teens, their 30s, their 40s and even their 60s.研究人员发现,那些表示童年时被父母侵犯过隐私或被鼓励依赖父母的调查对象,在他们青少年时期、30多岁、40多岁甚至60多岁时进行的总体幸福感测试中得低分的可能性更大。The negative impact on wellbeing was comparable in scale to that observed in people who have suffered a bereavement, experts from University College London (UCL) said.伦敦大学学院的专家表示,家长控制欲过强对幸福感造成的负面影响与痛失至亲对人们产生的负面影响程度相近。In contrast, people who said their parents were more caring, warm and responsive to their needs tended to be more content well into adulthood.相比之下,那些说父母关爱体贴、积极响应他们需求的调查对象在成年后往往更心满意足。The findings are the culmination of a survey which has tracked more than 5,000 people since their birth in 1946. It is well-established that childhood influences can have profound effect on the developing brain, but this is one of the first studies that have attempted to measure their impact over such a long period of time.通过对5000余名1946年生人进行长期的跟踪调查,研究人员得出了上述结果。众所周知,儿童时期的经历对发育中的大脑会产生深远的影响。不过,这个研究是针对这种影响进行时间跨度这么大的先驱之一。Information on parenting styles was only available from the study participants themselves, who were asked to recall their childhoods when in their 40s, and may therefore suffer from a degree of so-called recall bias – unhappy people may be more likely to depict their parents as controlling.有关父母育儿方式的信息全部由研究参与者提供, 40多岁的他们被要求回忆童年,可能会出现一定程度的所谓“回忆偏倚”——不幸福的人更可能将他们的父母描述为控制欲强的人。However the researchers said the findings chimed with previous studies which have shown that children who are able to form secure emotional bonds with parents are more likely to have secure, happy relationships later in life.然而,研究者也表示,这项调查的发现与过往研究结论是吻合的。过往研究发现,能够跟父母建立起牢固的情感纽带的孩子,日后感情关系稳固、幸福的可能性更大。“Parents also give us stable base from which to explore the world while warmth and responsiveness has been shown to promote social and emotional development,” said Dr Mai Stafford, of the Medical Research Council’s (MRC) Lifelong Health and Ageing unit at UCL.UCL医学研究协会(Medical Research Council,MRC)终生健康与老龄化部门的梅斯塔福德(Mai Stafford)士说:“家长还为我们提供了稳固的大本营,我们以此为基础探索世界。而关爱和体察他人需求已被明可以推动社交和情感发展。”“By contrast, psychological control can limit a child’s independence and leave them less able to regulate their own behaviour.”“相比之下,心理上的控制会削弱孩子的自立与自律能力。”Examples of psychologically controlling behaviour identified by the study included invasions of children’s privacy and an unwillingness to let children make their own decisions, and fostering dependence upon one or both parents.研究指出的心理控制行为包括侵犯孩子隐私、不愿意让孩子自己做决定以及助长孩子对父母的依赖。Separately, study participants were asked about behavioural control, which included elements of parenting that involve not letting children get their own way: for example, not always allowing them to go out as often as they would like. No links with psychological wellbeing were observed in relation to this kind of parenting.另外,研究参与者也被问及了行为控制,其中涉及到拒绝孩子自己做主的育儿方式,比如不允许孩子时常外出。研究未发现这类育儿方式与孩子的心理健康有关。Dr Stafford said that the study did not seek to blame parents.斯塔福德士说,研究并不意在指责父母。“Parents are vitally important to the mental wellbeing of future generations,” she said. “Policies to reduce economic and other pressures on parents could help them to foster better relationships with their children.” Previous research has shown a clear link between economic stress in parents and poorer early child development.她说:“父母对后代的心理健康发展至关重要。减少父母经济等方面的压力的政策有助于他们改善与子女的关系。”此前有研究表明,家长承受的经济压力与孩子糟糕的早期发育有明显的联系。The study group were participating in the MRC’s National Survey of Health and Development. Of 5,362 people tracked since 1946, 2,800 remain under active follow-up and complete data was available from 2,000 people by the ages of 60-64.参加此次医学研究协会全国健康与发展调查的人数达5362,他们从1946年起接受追踪调查。其中2800人积极参与了跟进调查,2000名60到64岁的调查对象提供了完整数据。The findings are published in the Journal of Positive Psychology.该调查的发现刊载在《积极心理学期刊》(Journal of Positive Psychology)上。What#39;s the theory? Parenting styles育儿经一窥Slow parenting: allows children to go at their own pace, with little control over what they take an interest in or when they do it.放养式(Slow parenting):任孩子以自己的节奏自由发展,几乎不干涉他们何时对什么事情感兴趣。Helicopter parenting: named for the constantly hovering quality of certain mums and dads, the opposite of slow parenting is characterised by close involvement in a child’s interests and hobbies. First identified in the 60s, the term has come to describe the type of parent who lines up a list of after school activities.直升机式(Helicopter parenting):因某些家长像直升机一样时刻盘旋在孩子身边而得名。与“放养式”父母完全不同,他们的一大特点就是密切介入子女的兴趣爱好。此词最早出现在上世纪60年代,现用来指代全权安排课外活动的父母。Tiger mum: originated in a 2011 book by Chinese-American author Amy Chua about a traditional, strict approach to motherhood that gets results in terms of grades and extracurricular achievement. It also spawned a new term for another breed of parent – the cat dad, who is laid back, stand-offish and slow to anger.虎妈式(Tiger mum):此词出自华裔美国作家蔡美儿(Amy Chua)2011年出版的一本书。书中写到母亲采用一种严苛的传统教育方法,令孩子在学业上以及课业外都有所成。“虎妈”还衍生出另一个新词“猫爸”,形容随和、矜持而不易动怒的父亲。 /201509/399235

The World Economic Forum (WEF) believes it will take another 118 years - or until 2133 - until the global pay gap between men and women is finally closed.世界经济论坛认为,再过118年,也就是到2133年时,全球男性和女性之间的薪酬差距才能持平。The WEF#39;s Global Gender Gap report assesses 145 countries across the four pillars of health, education, economic opportunity and political empowerment.世界经济论坛的《全球性别差距报告》从健康、教育、经济机会和政治参与四个方面进行调查,对145个国家做了评估。It found that, respectively, women have 96 per cent, 95 per cent, 59 per cent and 23 per cent of the opportunities and access that are available to men in those four categories.调查发现,女性在这四个方面所获得的机会分别是男性的96%、95%、59%和23%。Surprisingly, the wage gap between male and female did not narrow after the financial crisis in 2008. Women are now earning the amount that men did in 2006, data from the report says.出人意料的是,2008年金融危机之后,男性和女性之间的工资差距并未缩小。报告中数据显示,女性现在的收入相当于男性2006年的收入水平。According to the report, in 2015, the global average annual salary of a full-time female staff member is USD 11,100 while that of a male is USD 20,600, 50 per cent more than that of a female employee. A full-time male employee#39;s average annual salary was USD 11,400 in 2006, fair to that of current full-time female employee.报告显示,全球全职女性职工的平均年薪为11,100美元,而全职男性职工的平均年薪为20,600美元,比女职工多50%。2006年时,全职男性职工的平均年薪为11,400美元,与全职女职工现在的平均年薪持平。The report says the gap between the economic opportunities available to men and women narrowed by 3 percent in the last decade, according to the annual Global Gender Gap Report. At that rate of improvement, women will not achieve financial parity with men for another 118 years.《全球性别差距报告》称,过去10年里,男女在经济机会方面的差距仅缩小了3%,按照此提升速度,实现男女收入平等还要再等118年。In the WEF#39;s annual rankings North European countries still top the index, with Iceland ranking first for the seventh year, followed by Norway and Finland. Rwanda, the Philippines and New Zealand are the only non-European countries in the top 10.在世界经济论坛的年度排名中,北欧国家仍高居榜首,冰岛连续七年排名第一,挪威和芬兰紧随其后。卢旺达、菲律宾和新西兰是仅有的跻身前10名的非欧洲国家。Gender gap in Sri Lanka in Asia, Mali in Africa, Croatia and the Slovak Republic in Europe, Jordan and Iran in the Middle East is in a widening process.在亚洲的斯里兰卡、非洲的马里、欧洲的克罗地亚和斯洛伐克共和国、中东的约旦和伊朗,性别差距还在不断扩大。;The current inequalities risk being exacerbated in the future,; warned Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF.世界经济论坛的创始人和执行主席克劳斯·施瓦布警示说,“当前的不平等在未来还会有加重的风险。”;Increased levels of automation ushered in by the Fourth Industrial Revolution are likely to affect not only the economy but also humanity,; Schwab said, explaining that technological disruption to business models and labour markets could kill jobs traditionally held by women.“第四次工业革命提高了自动化程度,这不仅会对经济产生影响,也会对人类产生影响,” 克劳斯·施瓦布解释说,技术对于商业模式和劳动力市场的影响,可能会使一些传统上由女性来做的工作消失。 /201511/411829

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