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Eleven people, including 7 police officers, were killed and 36 wounded in an explosion in central Istanbul during the morning rush hour on Tuesday, Istanbuls governor confirmed.土耳其城市伊斯坦布尔的行政长官实,伊斯坦布尔市中心星期二上午早高峰时发生一起爆炸,造成11人死亡,36人受伤,死者中包括7名警察。A car packed with explosives detonated while passing a bus reportedly full of riot police.一辆装满炸药的小轿车在驶过一辆巴士时爆炸,据报那辆巴士上乘坐的都是防暴警察。Multiple ambulances were sent to the scene in the central district of Vezneciler, near Istanbul University and a popular tourist destination - Bayezit square.多辆救护车被派到位于伊斯坦布尔大学和旅游景点巴耶赛特广场附近的爆炸现场。No group has immediately claimed responsibility for the attack, though Islamic State has recently carried out attacks in Turkey. The Kurdish workers party, or PKK, has also been targeting Turkish police and military since July.目前还没有任何组织宣布对袭击负责,不过伊斯兰国最近曾在土耳其发动袭击。自去年7月以来,库尔德工人党也一直把土耳其警察和军人作为袭击目标。来 /201606/448327

Moscow is out to change the world order, according to General Philip Breedlove, Nato’s military commander. The entire American military establishment has designated Russia the biggest threat to the US. In response, the Pentagon is beefing up its troops, armour and artillery in eastern Europe, and wants an additional .4bn to pay for it. 北约(Nato)军事指挥官菲利普#8226;布里德洛Philip Breedlove)将军表示,俄罗斯决心改变世界秩序。整个美国军方把俄罗斯列为美国的最大威胁。因应这种威胁,美国五角大楼(Pentagon)正在扩充驻东欧的部队、装甲力量和炮兵力量,并希望在这方面增加34亿美元军费Meanwhile Barack Obama, the US president, says Russia is “overextended and bleedingin Syria, and its economy is shrinking “drastically The nation is dismissed by others as “a hollow superpowerwith no real strategy behind its overseas adventures. 另一方面,美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)表示,俄罗斯在叙利亚“手伸得过长,正在流血”,俄罗斯经济“大幅度”萎缩。其他人认为,俄罗斯不过是“一个空心的超级大国”,其海外冒险背后并无真实战略的撑So which picture is accurate? Both. The economy is shrinking. Poverty is on the rise. Without deep, wide-ranging reforms which few expect on Vladimir Putin’s watch its prospects are bleak. The president could legally remain in the Kremlin for many years to come, presiding over stagnation at home and, by way of compensation, a confrontational posture abroad. 那么,哪种描述是准确的?都对。经济在萎缩。贫困在加剧。若不进行深层次的全面改革——没几个人预期普京会在任内推行这种改革——俄罗斯的前景是暗淡的。在未来许多年内,普京可能继续合法地执掌克里姆林宫,目睹国内经济停滞,同时作为补偿,在国外采取一种对抗姿态With an economy and defence budget both a fraction of those of the US, the Russian leader has done rather well. He has held on to power for the best part of two decades. He has held the line against Nato in the former Soviet Union. And he has positioned himself as a dealmaker in the Middle East. 在国内经济表现和国防预算都远逊于美国的情况下,这位俄罗斯领导人干得相当漂亮。在过去20年的大部分时间里,他一直掌握着权力。他延续了前苏联与北约作对的立场。他把自己定位为中东的“交易撮合人”His handling of Syria shows ruthlessness, skill, determination and judgment. Ignoring the brutality of President Bashar al-Assad, and with neither the US nor Europe willing to intervene in the civil war, he stepped into the vacuum and deploying air power changed the course of the conflict. Then he announced he was quitting the scene but left the door open to a return. 对叙利亚的干预展示出了他的无情、手腕、决心和判断力。他无视叙利亚总统巴沙#8226;阿萨Bashar al-Assad)的残暴行径,在美国和欧洲都不愿卷入叙利亚内战的情况下,进入了权力真空地带,通过部署空军力量改变了冲突走向。接着,他宣布将离开这个舞台,但为重返留了一扇门Mission accomplished, then. Mr Assad has been saved and all parties to the civil war have been disabused of the idea that a military victory is possible. In a bizarre twist, Mr Putin’s intervention paved the way for the first serious ceasefire in the war and possibly real peace talks on his own terms. 然后,使命完成了。阿萨德获救了,内战各方都不再抱着有可能取得军事胜利的想法。叙利亚局势迎来了一个离奇的转折,普京的干预为首次正式停火以及可能的真正和谈铺平了道路——按照他的条件More broadly, in the Middle East, Russia is back. It is at the centre of a complex web including not only Syria, but all other parties directly and indirectly involved in the larger conflict in the region including the US and the EU. Moscow cannot solve the region’s problems (who can?) but now they cannot be solved without it either. 从更宏观角度看,俄罗斯回到了中东。目前俄罗斯在一个错综复杂的关系网中居于中心位置,这个网络不但包含叙利亚,而且包括直接和间接卷入更大范围的中东冲突的其他所有各方——包括美国和欧盟(EU)。俄罗斯解决不了中东的问题(谁能呢?),但如今,要解决这些问题已离不开俄罗斯Syria shows that Russia, written off in the 1990s as a mere regional power, has a capable military and, given the opportunity, the will to use it. Does it also signal that Moscow has embarked on a new era of military adventurism? No. Mr Putin has walked up to, but not crossed, Nato’s red lines. Wars in Georgia in 2008, and from 2014 in Ukraine, were against nations not covered by Nato’s guarantee; they were fought to prevent them securing that guarantee. In Syria, Russia was confident that the US and its allies would not intervene. 叙利亚的事情表明,在上世0年代被认为不过是一介地区强国的俄罗斯,仍拥有强大军事实力,并且,如果获得机遇,也有使用其军事实力的意愿。这是否也昭示着,莫斯科方面已进入一个新的军事冒险主义的时代?并非如此。普京走到了北约的红线附近,但并未过线008年的格鲁吉亚战争,以及始014年的乌克兰战争,针对的都是未被北约保护伞覆盖的国家;战争的目的正是阻止这些国家进入北约保护伞。在叙利亚,俄罗斯相信,美国及其盟国不会干预What next? Mr Putin will probably challenge Nato in the Baltics but not militarily. He has a different toolkit, intended to undermine the alliance’s cohesion and confidence in its guarantee without triggering an armed response. Cyber operations, economic boycotts and nuclear threats are at his disposal. Those tools are relatively cheap; he can afford them. 接下来会发生什么?普京很可能将在波罗的海国家挑战北约,但不使用军事手段。他有一个不同的工具箱,旨在削弱北约联盟的凝聚力以及对其保护伞的信心,同时又不引发北约的军事回应。他可能采取的措施包括网络战、经济抵制和核威胁。这些工具相对便宜;他能用得起The notion that economic troubles will hinder the Kremlin, that sanctions will force Russia to retreat from Ukraine and adopt a pliant posture, is proving wrong. The image of Russia as weak and withdrawn from the international arena, of its ruling elite focused on economic stability as a means of political survival, is also wrong. That was the 1990s a period many in Russia remember and few care to recall. 有关经济困境将束缚克里姆林宫的手脚、制裁将迫使俄罗斯从乌克兰撤退并采取顺从姿态的想法被明是错误的。有关俄罗斯国力虚弱将退出国际舞台、其执政精英为了在政治上求生存将集中精力维护经济稳定的想法也是错误的。那是上世纪90年代的情况——一个许多俄罗斯人记得、但很少人愿意回忆的年代Moscow today has broader ambitions, greater resources and a willingness when challenged to challenge its adversaries in return. That is what Mr Putin has done in Syria and it is only prudent to expect him to do so again. 如今的莫斯科拥有更宏大的抱负、更多的资源,以及在遭到对手挑战时以牙还牙的意愿。这正是普京在叙利亚所做的事,预计他未来还会这么做才是明智的The writer is an associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace 本文作者为卡内基国际和平基金会(Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)研究员来 /201604/436640


  China’s armed forces have returned to the US Navy an underwater drone that they had seized on Friday in the South China Sea, bringing a swift denouement to a crisis that raised tensions between Washington and Beijing.中国军方已向美海军归还了上周五在南中国海(South China Sea)被中国海军扣留的一艘水下无人潜航器,为一场引起华盛顿方面和北京方面关系紧张的危机划上了句号。The handover of the small submarine to the US was “completed smoothlyafter “friendly consultationsbetween both sides, China’s defence ministry said in a statement on its website. 中国国防部在其网站上的一份声明中称,中美双方经“友好协商”,顺利完成了美无人潜航器的移交工作。The Pentagon said the drone had been handed back to the US Navy by a Chinese ship near the location where it had been seized, which it described as 50 nautical miles north-west of Subic Bay in the Philippines. 美国五角大楼(Pentagon)表示,一艘中国舰船在潜航器被扣押的地方附近把该潜航器归还给了美国海军。五角大楼称,扣留地点位于菲律宾苏比克湾西南50海里的地方。According to the US statement, the seizure of the craft was “inconsistent with both international law and the standards of professionalism for conduct between navies at sea The Pentagon said it was still investigating the incident. 美方声明称,扣住这艘潜航器“不符合国际法,也不符合海军海上行动的专业标准”。五角大楼表示,其仍在调查这起事故。China so far has not said who authorised the seizure of the drone, which the US says was carrying out oceanographic survey work when it was taken by a Dalang III-class salvage ship. 中国迄今尚未表示,是谁授权扣住该潜航器的。美国表示,该潜航器在执行海洋水文观测工作时,被中方一艘大浪三Dalang III-class)救难船取走。However, Chinese maritime expert Zhu Feng, director of the South China Sea Institute at Nanjing University, said the seizure was “purely individual behaviourof the Chinese vessel in an effort to identify the US craft.然而,中国海事专家、中国南海研究协同创新中心执行主任朱峰表示,扣住该潜航器是中国舰船为了识别该美国航海器而发起的“纯粹个别行为”。US president-elect Donald Trump also waded into the row. On Sunday, after Beijing and Washington announced the drone would be returned, Trump tweeted: “We should tell China that we don’t want the drone they stole back. let them keep it!美国当选总统唐纳特朗Donald Trump)也加入了这场争吵。上周日,当北京方面和华盛顿方面公布该潜航器将被归还的消息时,特朗普在推特上发言称:“我们应该告诉中国,他们偷走的无人潜航器我们不想要了——就让他们留着吧!”China’s foreign ministry on Monday rejected Mr Trump’s accusations Beijing had stolen the craft as “not accurate 周一,中国外交部否认了特朗普的指控,称北京方面偷走潜航器的说法是“不准确的”。来 /201612/484960。


  No one can be happier than Shinzo Abe that Sunday’s upper house election tipped the legislative balance in favour of lawmakers open to revising Japan’s constitution. 70号日本上院选举结果使立法天平向修宪派立法者倾斜,对此没有谁比安倍晋Shinzo Abe)更高兴了。But throwing off the constraints that followed military defeat and occupation, long an ambition of the prime minister, will be far less important than building a firm foundation for the nation’s future.但是,相比为日本的未来奠定一个坚实基础,摆脱日本在遭遇战败和占领后被施加的约束远远没有那么重要。A growing number of Japanese people seem taken with the notion that they should try crafting their own constitution. 越来越多的日本人似乎接受了他们应该尝试制定自己的宪法这一想法。The 100 or so articles of the 1947 document, drafted under occupation by the Allied powers, offset the power of the prewar state by strengthening the individual rights that support popular sovereignty. 1947年版的现行“和平宪法”在盟军占领时期起草,其100来条内容强调个人权利,持人民主权,削弱了战前的国家权力。They protect the choices of religion, work, protest, due process Japanese citizens today take for granted.这部宪法保护了人民在宗教、工作、抗议、正当法律程序上的自由选择权,如今日本公民对这些权利习以为常。As tensions intensify across Asia in the South China Sea, for example the focus is largely on Article 9, the “no warclause. 随着亚洲各地紧张局势加剧——例如在南中国海——修宪的关注点主要集中在条“放弃战争”。Japan’s military decisions are increasingly shaped by its neighboursrising capabilities. North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons prompted Tokyo to invest heavily in ballistic missile defence. China’s growing maritime reach has drawn attention to Japan’s iness to defend its waters and its islands. 日本的军事决定日益受到其邻国实力崛起的影响。朝鲜发展核武器促使东京方面大举投资弹道导弹防御。中国海上触角越伸越长,令人关注日本是否准备好防卫其海域和岛屿。Last year Mr Abe’s cabinet reinterpreted the constitution to allow the military to co-operate with others, primarily the US, if its own security is threatened.去年,安倍内阁重新解释了宪法,允许军方在自身安全受到威胁的情况下与盟军(主要是美国)合作。Mr Abe’s push to revise the constitution is widely perceived as a way to free Japan’s Self-Defense Force from its postwar restrictions, but the debate is in fact about far more than this. 安倍推动修宪被普遍认为是为了给日本自卫队解除战后限制的枷锁,但是实际上这场辩论的意义远不止于此。Revising the constitution would equate to nothing less than weighing up the balance of forces that will sustain Japanese democracy throughout the 21st century.修宪将相当于重新调整力量平衡,面向整1世纪为日本的民主体制保驾护航。In 1947, the aim was to strip the aristocracy of its economic and political influence. One of the most progressive elements of the document was the establishment of rights for women.1947年宪法意在剥夺贵族的经济和政治影响力。该文件中最进步的元素之一是确立妇女权利。The state set up under the postwar constitution was a far cry from its predecessor. 根据和平宪法重建的国家体制与前身完全不同。来 /201608/463243The EU has five years to carry out radical reform and return power to national governments or face disintegration, says the most prominent leader of Germany’s biggest rightwing party the anti-immigration and Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany.反移民、疑欧主义的德国最大右翼政党德国新选择Alternative für Deutschland)最著名的领导人表示,欧盟还年时间实施彻底的改革并把权力返还给各国政府,否则将面临解体。Welcoming the UK’s referendum vote, Frauke Petry predicts other countries may follow Britain out of the door, including the Netherlands, Denmark and “at some pointAustria. Germany is behind the rest but is “waking upto the possibility.弗劳#8226;彼得Frauke Petry)对英国退欧公投结果表示欢迎。她预计,可能会有其他国家跟随英国退出欧盟,包括荷兰、丹麦,奥地利“在某个阶段”也可能退出。德国的这种意识落后于其他国家,但是也在“逐渐意识到”这种可能性。“I think we must finally set a deadline for the EU or all EU governments: if we don’t achieve any radical reforms in five years then the [exit] question will be raised also in Germany,the combative 41-year-old told the FT during a break from her holiday on the Baltic coast.“我认为我们最后必须为欧盟或所有欧盟政府设定一个最后期限:如果我们没能年内实现彻底改革,那么德国也将考虑(退出)问题,”这位好战的41岁领导人在波罗的海海岸度假间隙接受英囀?金融时报Fianancial Times)采访时表示。Sitting in a seaside café and wearing a sundress, she blended easily with other tourists in Germany’s elegant resort of Warnemünde. But as she spoke, with her usual rapid-fire delivery, she made clear there would be no summer let-up for the AfD. Later the same day she would address a nearby rally in the party’s campaign for elections on September 4 in the local region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.她坐在海边的咖啡店里,身穿一条无袖连衣裙,与德国度假胜地瓦尔内明德的其他游客没什么两样。但是,她用一贯的连珠炮似的表达方式表明,德国新选择党没有夏日休假期。当天晚些时候,她将在附近一个集会上发表演讲,这次集会是该政党为9日梅克伦前波莫瑞Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)地方选举而举行的竞选集会。The party touched 15 per cent in national polls at the height of the refugee crisis this year, making it the most successful far-right party in postwar Germany. Support has since softened as arrivals have waned and internal AfD power struggles have burst into the open. The UK’s Brexit vote last month has also prompted many Germans to rally around Chancellor Angela Merkel and the political status quo.在今年难民危机最严重时期,德国新选择党在德国全国民调中得到了15%的持率,使之成为二战后德国最成功的极右翼政党。自那时以来,随着抵达德国的难民数量开始下滑以及政党内部权力争斗公开化,德国新选择党的持率开始下滑。上个月的英国退欧投票也促使很多的德国人重新团结在总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)周围,持政治现状。Ms Petry’s vision of Europe is one familiar to other rightwing nationalists: she wants a “return to the status of a common market#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;a Europe of sovereign states彼得里对欧洲的愿景与其他右翼民族主义者相似:她想“回到共同市场状态……一个由主权国家组成的欧洲”。Of more immediate resonance with many voters are the AfD’s calls for restrictions on immigration demands that may have wider appeal after recent terror attacks by refugees who pledged loyalty to Isis. One involved an axe attack on a train by a 17-year-old Afghan; another assault by a 27-year-old Syrian in Ansbach was Germany’s first suicide bombing.让很多选民产生更直接共鸣的是,德国新选择党呼吁限制移民——在最近多起由效忠“伊拉克和黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)的难民发动的恐怖袭击事件发生后,该主张可能会吸引更多选民。其中一起袭击事件是一7岁的阿富汗青年在火车上持斧头袭击乘客;另一起袭击案发生在安斯巴赫,行凶者是27岁的叙利亚人,这是德国发生的首起自杀式爆炸袭击。“The victims don’t care whether the perpetrator is a jihadi or a frustrated rampager#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;What more has to happen before we begin to check who comes into our country?said Ms Petry, vowing the AfD would not treat criminal migrants with the excessive “pathologicalunderstanding of today’s ruling politicians but as “enemies of an open society and enemies of our country“受害者不关心行凶者是圣战分子还是失意的暴徒……还要发生多少惨案,我们才会开始对进入我们国家的人进行核查?”彼得里称。她发誓德国新选择党不会像如今执政的政客一样,对犯罪的移民抱以过于“病态”的理解,而是会把他们视为“开放社会以及我们国家的敌人”。Specifically, the AfD urges an immediate stop to refugee arrivals, sharp cuts in welfare payments for asylum seekers and a push against “Islamisationthe sp of Muslim culture in Germany.特别是,德国新选择党敦促立即阻止难民进入德国,大幅削减给寻求庇护者的福利出,并推动反“伊斯兰化”——抑制穆斯林文化在德国的传播。This approach has brought some AfD activists close to far-right and racist groups, including neo-Nazis. The party is examining whether to ban the AfD branch in the Saarland region over local leaderscontacts with extremists.这一方式使得德国新选择党一些活跃分子接近于极右翼和种族主义组织,其中包括新纳粹(neo-Nazis)。该政党正在考虑是否要关停该政党在萨尔兰地区的分,因为该分的当地负责人与极端主义者有联系。Some mainstream politicians have said the AfD’s ties with the far-right run so deep that the party must be placed under observation by the domestic intelligence service. Ms Petry rejects this: “What can you say about such a grotesque demand? These people are clearly worried that the AfD will take their jobs away and now use all means to denigrate our party.”一些主流政治人士称,德国新选择党与极右翼的联系之深,以至于必须将该政党置于国内情报机构的监视下。彼得里驳斥称:“对于这样奇葩的要求,你能说什么?这些人明显是担心德国新选择党将抢走他们的饭碗,现在极尽所能地诋毁我党。”But she does not deny making a controversial statement of her own when she said in an interview at the height of the migrant crisis that German border guards had the legal right to “use firearms if necessaryin controlling migrant flows. “We simply demand the application of the valid law at the border#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Whoever damages the borders with violence must be shown the consequences by the border guards#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;If the state gives up its borders then at that moment it exists no more.”但是,她不否认自己发表了具有争议的言论——她曾在移民危机最严重时在采访中称,德国边防警卫拥有合法权利,“在必要时使用”控制移民流入。“我们只是要求在边境实施有效的法律……无论是谁以暴力方式破坏边境,边防警卫都必须让他们承担后果……如果国家放弃边境,那么国将不国。”Meanwhile she and other AfD leaders have come under attack for mishandling an anti-Semitism dispute after delays in disciplining a regional party activist who argued that Holocaust denial a crime in Germany was a legitimate expression of opinion.与此同时,她和德国新选择党的其他领袖因对一起反犹太主义争端处置不当而遭到抨击。该政党一名地方活跃分子认为,否认犹太人大屠杀(这在德国是一项罪行)是合法的意见表达,而彼得里等人未及时对此人进行规训。J#246;rg Meuthen, AfD party leader in the Baden-Württemberg region, failed to win local AfD backing to expel Wolfgang Gedeon, one of the party’s 23 regional assembly members. Mr Meuthen quit the local AfD caucus (though not the party) with 12 others and set up a breakaway grouping. Ms Petry intervened and persuaded Mr Gedeon to resign the AfD whip.德国新选择党巴符腾堡区领导人约尔格#8226;莫伊J#246;rg Meuthen)在开除沃尔夫#8226;吉迪Wolfgang Gedeon)——该政党23名地区议会成员之一——的问题上未能获得当地党组织的持。莫伊滕和其2人一起退出了当地党团会议(尽管并未退党),并另立门户。彼得里介入此事,并说吉迪恩辞去了德国新选择党党鞭一职。As well as blackening the AfD’s name, the dispute has wider implications because Mr Meuthen is the AfD’s national co-leader, nominally equal to Ms Petry. Their rivalry is so intense that the Baden-Württemberg party remains split, with each side blaming the other over the Gedeon affair.该争端在抹黑德国新选择党名声的同时,还产生了更广泛的后果,因为莫伊滕是该政党的全国共同领袖,在名义上与彼得里平级。二人的竞争很激烈,该党在巴登—符腾堡的党组织仍然处于分裂状态,双方都指责对方应为吉迪恩事件负责。Analysts see the row as a power struggle between Ms Petry, Mr Meuthen and other rivals. Ms Petry agrees, saying it is “ultimately about the question who leads the party and how they lead it分析人士把此次争端视为彼得里、莫伊滕和其他竞争对手之间的权力斗争。彼得里对此表示赞同,她称这“归根结底是关于谁领导该政党以及如何领导的问题”。She wants the dispute settled well before next year’s Bundestag election, when the AfD plans to become the first rightwing party since 1945 to win seats.她希望在明年德国联邦议会选举前尽快解决该争端。德国新选择党计划在这次选举中成为自1945年以来第一个赢得议会席位的右翼政党。But Hajo Funke, a politics professor at Berlin’s Free University, says Ms Petry and other leaders may struggle to stabilise the party. “They want to be seen as reasonable people. But it is difficult in a party which gets a lot of support from radicals who push for more radicalism.”但是柏林自由大Free University)的政治学教授哈乔#8226;丰克(Hajo Funke)称,彼得里及其他领袖可能难以稳定该政党。“他们希望被视为理智的人。但是对于一个从推动激进主义的激进分子那里获得大量持的政党来说,这很难实现。”来 /201607/457187

  A top Chinese diplomat has criticised the US over a “politically motivatedarbitration case that dismissed Beijing’s claim to most of the South China Sea, saying Washington wanted to use legal process to humiliate Beijing as its warships challenged Chinese sovereignty in the region.中国一名高级外交官针对一起“出于政治动机的”仲裁案批评美国,称美国政府想要通过司法程序来羞辱中国政府,同时其军舰在地区挑战中国的主权。这起仲裁案不承认中国在南中国海的大部分主权主张。The comments by Liu Xiaoming, China’s ambassador to London, yesterday came as Admiral John Richardson, the US Navy chief, called on Beijing and other Asian governments to “exercise thoughtfulness and restraintafter last week’s ruling by the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague.中国驻英国大使刘晓明昨日发表这番言论之际,美国海军作战部长、海军上将约#8226;理查Admiral John Richardson)呼吁中国和其他亚洲国家政府在上周海牙常设仲裁法院(Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague)作出裁决后表现出“体谅和克制”。“There should be a big question about US behaviour in all of this#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;I think this arbitration case is politically motivated,Mr Liu said.“美国在这一切事态中的行为有很大问题……我认为这个仲裁案是有政治动机的,”刘晓明说。“On the one hand they [the US] send their warships and airplanes to challenge China’s sovereignty and on the other they think this might be a good legal case launched#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;to try to humiliate China diplomatically, to damage China’s image and also give them a legal basis with which to challenge China.”“一方面,他们(美国)派遣军舰和飞机来挑战中国的主权,另一方面,他们认为这可能是一个好的法律案件……试图在外交上羞辱中国,损害中国的形象,同时也给他们一个挑战中国的法律依据。”Beijing reacted with fury to the verdict of the international tribunal, in a suit brought by the Philippines, which found there was “no legal basisunder the UN’s Convention on the Law of the Sea for China’s claims to more than 80 per cent of the South China Sea.中国政府对这家国际仲裁庭的裁决作出了愤怒反应。仲裁庭在裁决中表示,根据《联合国海洋法公约UNCLOS),中国声索南中国0%以上疆域的主张“没有法律依据”。Speaking in Beijing, Adm Richardson told the Financial Times: “We would expect that [China and the Philippines] would abide by the ruling#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;More than anything, the ruling gives all claimants to the South China Sea disputes a lot of reasons to stop and think.”理查森上将在北京对英国《金融时报》表示:“我们将期待(中国和菲律宾)遵守裁决……比什么都重要的是,这项裁决给南中国海纠纷的所有当事方很多理由停下来思考。”His appeal for calm followed reports by the official Xinhua news agency that construction by Beijing on man-made islands under its control would “never stop halfway Xinhua ed a Chinese military spokesman as saying the air force had started regular patrols.在理查森上将呼吁各方冷静之前,据中国官方的新华社报道,中国政府在其控制下的岛礁建造人工岛的活动“绝不会……半途而废”。新华社援引中国军方发言人的话称,中国空军已开始在南中国海上空定期巡逻。US Navy spy aircraft have patrolled the Chinese coast for decades. In recent years the Pentagon has launched “freedom of navigationexercises that Adm Richardson said were targeted at China’s “excessive maritime claims美国海军侦察机在中国沿海上空巡逻已有几十年。近年五角大楼发起了“航行自由”行动,理查森上将称,这项行动是针对中国“过分的海上声索”。But amid its denunciations of the tribunal as “illegitimate China has signalled a desire to manage tensions. Mr Liu said he hoped all countries with South China Sea coasts would come to the negotiating table and accept a Chinese proposal to shelve disputes and work towards joint development of the sea’s resources.但是,在谴责仲裁庭“非法”的同时,中国也发出了有意管理紧张局势的信号。刘晓明表示,他希望南中国海周边所有国家都坐到谈判桌前,接受中国的搁置争议提议,致力于联合开发南海资源。He added the government in Manila, led by Rodrigo Duterte, had an opportunity to create a “turning pointin China-Philippines relations by joining talks.他补充说,由新总统罗德里戈#8226;杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)领导的菲律宾政府通过参加谈判,有一个创建中菲关系“转折点”的契机。But, efforts towards such talks appeared to hit a snag yesterday when Perfecto Yasay, the Philippines foreign secretary, said he rejected any offer from China to engage in talks “outside of and in disregardof the tribunal’s ruling. Such a course would not be consistent with Manila’s constitution interest, Mr Yasay told the ABS-CBN network.但是,开启这种谈判的努力昨日碰了钉子。菲律宾外交部长佩费克托#8226;雅赛(Perfecto Yasay)表示,他拒绝中方关于在“脱离且无视”仲裁庭裁决的情况下开展谈判的任何提议。雅赛对菲律宾ABS-CBN电视台表示,那种做法将不符合马尼拉方面的宪法利益。来 /201607/455666


  The first-ever ;globally televised; debate last Tuesday kicked off at UN Headquarters in New York for 10 of the 12 candidates, who announced their bid to become the next UN secretary-general, and they took questions from diplomats and the public at large.上周二,史上首次在全球范围内电视播放的辩论会在联合国纽约总部拉开帷幕2位宣布竞选下任联合国秘书长的候选人中的10位参加了此次电视辩论,他们回答了来自外交官及公众代表的提问。The debate is available free from UNTV and Al Jazeera Media Network.此次辩论由联合国电视台、半岛媒体集团免费播放。Ten candidates to have confirmed participation, after drawing of lots, have been split into two groups to participate in discussions and answer questions.10位已确认参加辩论的候选人在抽签后,分成两组参与讨论、回答提问。The first group consists of Vesna Pusic of Croatia, Antonio Guterres of Portugal, Susana Malcorra of Argentina, Vuk Jeremic of Serbia and Natalia Gherman of Moldova.第一组包括来自克罗地亚的韦斯娜·普希奇、来自葡萄牙的安东尼古特瑞斯、来自阿根廷的苏珊娜·马尔科拉、来自塞尔维亚的武克·耶雷米奇以及来自尔多瓦的纳塔利娅·盖尔曼。In the second group are Helen Clark of New Zealand, Danilo Turk of Slovenia, Christiana Figueres of Costa Rica, Igor Luksic of Montenegro and Irina Bokova Bulgaria.而在第二组中,则有新西兰的海伦·克拉克、斯洛文尼亚的达尼洛·图尔克、哥斯达黎加的克里斯蒂安娜·菲格雷斯、黑山的伊戈尔·卢克希奇和保加利亚的伊琳娜·科娃。The current UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, is to step down on Dec 31 after two five-year terms.两届任期(每届任期5期满后,现任联合国秘书长潘基文将21日卸任。The president of the General Assembly, Mogens Lykketoft said UN secretaries-general have been chosen behind closed doors in the past.联合国大会主席莫根斯·吕克托夫特表示,联合国秘书长的竞选已经秘密地进行了;This time, we want to ensure all UN member states, and the entire world, have a chance to know who the candidates are, what their vision is and see how they perform,; he said.他说:“此次辩论是为了让全世界以及所有联合国会员国了解各位下任秘书长候选人,了解他们的愿景是什么,并看看他们的表现。”来 /201607/456094。

  Kuala Lumpur police yesterday made a third arrest as they hunted for Kim Jong Nam’s killers.正在追捕刺杀金正Kim Jong-nam)杀手的吉隆坡警方昨日逮捕了第三名嫌犯。Siti Aishah, 25, who was carrying an Indonesian passport, had been apprehended on the basis of footage from closed-circuit television, police said.警方表示此人名为西蒂?艾莎(Siti Aishah)5岁,持印度尼西亚护照,警方是根据闭路电视的录像画面将其逮捕的。Her Malaysian boyfriend, Muhammad Farid bin Jalaluddin, 26, was remanded in custody on Wednesday, when a 28-year-old woman named as Doan Thi Huong, who holds a Vietnamese passport, was also detained.她的马来西亚男友穆罕默德?法里贾拉勒丁(Muhammad Farid bin Jalaluddin)6岁,于周三被拘留,同日落网的还有一名持越南护照8岁女子Doan Thi Huong。Malaysia also confirmed that it would return Kim’s body at Pyongyang’s request. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, deputy prime minister, said it was Malaysia’s policy “to honour our bilateral relations with any foreign country马来西亚还确认将依照平壤方面的请求交还金正男的遗体。马来西亚副总理艾哈迈德?扎希哈米Ahmad Zahid Hamidi)表示,马来西亚的政策是“尊重我们与任何国家的双边关系”。Authorities suspect a total of four men and two women were involved in the murder, according to Malaysian media reports. Fears are growing that Pyongyang will target Kim Jong Nam’s son, who like his late father has repeatedly and publicly criticised North Korea. Bryan Harris and据马来西亚媒体报道,当局怀疑共有四男两女涉嫌谋杀金正男。目前外界越来越担心平壤方面接下来把金正男的儿子列为目标,他与自己已故的父亲一样,一再公开批评朝鲜。来 /201702/492507

  Mobile malware affected 50.46% of cellphones or wireless-enabled personal digital assistants in China in 2015, an increase of 18.96% year-on-year, according to the National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center.国家计算机病毒应急处理中心表示,去年我国0.46%的手机或持无线功能的掌上电脑感染了移动恶意软件,比上年增长18.96%。The center said in a survey released on July 3 that Android malware attacks skyrocketed and that iOS was also vulnerable to viruses.该中心在近日发布的一项调查中称,针对安卓系统的恶意软件攻击急剧增加,iOS也易遭受病毒攻击。The top security threats to mobile devices were spam messages and fraudulent information, affecting 70.33 percent and 49.32 percent respectively, followed by harassing calls (48.78 percent) and Internet fraud (40.06 percent).移动设备面对的最主要安全威胁是垃圾短信和欺诈信息,分别有70.33%9.32%的受访者受到侵扰。其次是骚扰电话和网站浏览,分别影响48.78%0.06%的受访者。In 2015, the most serious online threat came from webpages or SMS that robbed netizens of their banking information.2015年,最严重的网络威胁来自网页或短信,并通过这些手段偷窃网民的信息。Emails, apps, and removable storage devices were also found to be key ways that the security of mobile devices was threatened.此外,邮件、手机应用程序以及可移动存储设备也被认为是威胁移动设备安全的几大重要方式。来 /201607/454438

  Russia warmly welcomed the U.S. presidential election victory of Donald Trump with officials, analysts, and ordinary citizens cautiously hoping it could turn a new page in relations between Russia and the ed States. Russian analysts say there are still many unknowns about Trump and whether his campaign rhetoric will translate into policy.俄罗斯热烈欢迎唐纳德·川普当选为美国总统。俄罗斯政府官员,分析人士和普通民众都对俄美关系能掀开新的篇章抱持审慎乐观的态度。俄罗斯分析人士说,至于川普以及他的竞选言论能否转化为现实,仍有很多未知数。Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated Trump, saying he hoped to work together with the next American president to lift relations out of the current crisis. On the streets of Moscow, Trump’s victory was welcomed by most Russians.俄罗斯总统普京对川普表示祝贺,并说他希望与下届美国总统一道努力,让两国关系从当前危机中走出来。在莫斯科街头,多数俄罗斯人对川普胜选表示欢迎。But Russian media coverage and praise for Trump during his campaign raised expectations for a man unknown to politics who was not supposed to win and whose policies are not yet clear.不过,俄罗斯媒体在竞选期间对川普的报道和赞扬抬高了人们对这位政治新手的预期值。他的胜利出乎预料,很多政策也还不明确。Regardless of hopes and expectations, a U.S. led by Donald Trump begins a new chapter in relations with Russia.不管有什么希望和预期,川普领导下的美国将掀开美俄关系的新篇章。来 /201611/477863

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