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under the aegis of 在…的持下英文释义Protected by; under the sponsorship of; with the friendly guidance of (NOTE: ;aegis; was the shield of the god Zeus in ancient Greek mythology)例句The free concert series featuring the music of modern composers was held under the aegis of fundraising for a worthwhile local charity.这场演奏当代作曲家音乐作品的免费系列音乐会,是在本地一项重要慈善筹款活动的持下举办的。 /201301/2183106 引路串词3句英文任你选You must be tired after your long flight.经过长途飞行,你一定很累了。Our car is out in the parking lot. Right this way, please.我们的车就在外边停车场,请这边走。The driver is just outside. Hell take us back to the office.司机就在外面等着,他会带我们回公司。半个句型要记牢This way , please. (请这边走。)Tip:为客人领路的常用语,或说 ;Right this way , please...;。 /201510/393259

I wish someone would invite me to a costume party. 真希望有人能邀请我参加化妆舞会。I wish someone would invite me to a costume party.真希望有人能邀请我参加化妆舞会。Thats my dream party.那是我梦想中的舞会。All kinds of masks are there on masquerade.在化妆舞会上会有各种各样的面具。She masks the mask to mask her face in the mask.在化妆舞会上,她戴上面具来遮掩她的脸。I want to dress up as a vampire.我想装扮成吸血鬼。I want to dress up as a vampire.我想装扮成吸血鬼。Thats too scary.那太恐怖了。I will go to the fancy dress ball as a dwarf.化妆舞会上我要扮成小矮人。We will be dressed as Kungfu pandas.我们都扮成功夫熊猫。 /201502/357640

Ill show you to your room.我带您到房间去。Would you care to step this way, please?请这边走,好吗?Could you give me your room key, please?请您把房间钥匙给我好吗?May I put your luggage here?我把您的行李放在这儿行吗?Your baggage will be here shortly.您的行李马上就到。Let me show you the facilities in the room.我领您看看房间里的设施吧。Here is the light switch.这儿是电灯开关。This panel controls the air conditioning.这块嵌板可以控制空调的温度。Hot water is available 24 hours a day.一天24小时供应热水。Heres our hotels Service Information Booklet.这是我们宾馆的务信息册。If you need anything, you can dial 4 for room service.如果您需要什么的话,就请拨打4叫客房送餐务。Showing a Guest to Her Room引领客房Good evening, maam. Ill show you to your room. You have two suitcases and one bag. Is that right?晚上好,女士。我带您到房间去。您有两个手提箱和一个袋子,是吗?Yes, thats right.是的。Is there anything valuable or breakable in your bag?您的袋子里装有什么贵重的或者是易碎的东西吗?Yes, theres a bottle of whisky.有,有一瓶成士忌。Could you carry this bag maam? Im afraid the contents might break.务员:女士,您自己提这个袋子好吗?我怕里面的东西碎了。Sure, no problem.好的,没问题。Thank you, maam. May I have your room key, please?谢谢您,女士。请给我您的房间钥匙好吗?Yes, here you are.好的,给你。Thank you, maam. Your room is on the 12th floor. Please follow me.谢谢您,女士。您的房间在12楼。请跟我来。Here you are. maam. Your key goes in this slot and that runs everything in the room, including the lights, TV and radio.给您,女士。把钥匙插到这个插口里,可以运行房间里的所有设施,包括灯具、电视和收音机。Thank you very much. Heres a little something for your trouble.非常感谢。麻烦你了,这点小意思你收下。No trouble at all, maam.没什么麻烦的,女士。 /201404/290647


  问:为什么在这个行业里你能做得特别出色?答:我是一个做酥皮点心的师傅,所以我对甜点比较了解并能帮助开发新产品。新的防腐剂终于能够除掉生面团上面的不同条纹了,这意味着我们能比以前投资更多的产品了。表明因你的天性好奇、热爱读书等原因,你是如何跟踪新产品的。你有没有足够的兴趣进行额外的研究并把适当的精力运用到你的工作上?给予具体的回答。Q:Why would you be particularly good at this business?A:I was a pastry chef,so I understand dessert products well and can help you with new product development.Recent preservatives have come a long way toward eliminating texture difference in pastry dough.This means we can investigate many more products than before.? /200803/30808。

  陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作。他上班中间休息,跟美国同事Amy一起下楼喝茶。(Office ambience)C: Amy, 你干嘛老看我的脚啊?A: Im sorry. I just couldnt help noticing that you arent wearing socks today.C: 天儿太热了,不穿袜子还凉快点儿。A: Personally, that might be all right, but professionally thats a bad decision.C: 为什么?我见过很多人上班都不穿袜子的。A: However, at A Company, professional dress is important for our corporate image.C: 我上班穿西装,打领带,这还不够吗?A: No. Would you consider not wearing a shirt with your coat and tie?C: 我当然不会光着膀子穿西装打领带了。A: Then you shouldnt consider wearing your shoes without socks. If your boss Mr. Jones sees you, he will not be pleased.C: 那可坏了。我可我没带袜子。这怎么办呀?A: Avoid Mr. Jones at all cost. Then buy some socks when you go out for lunch today. Theres a department store right around the corner.C: 你说得对,我得先躲着点儿老板,中午吃饭的时候赶紧去商店买袜子穿上。I will see you later.MC: 午饭后,陈豪找到Amy.A: Chen Hao, did you find any socks?C: 我正准备穿上呢!天儿热,所以我买了两双白袜子,起码比深颜色的袜子凉快点儿。A: Oh dear.C: 怎么了?A: White socks are inappropriate for corporate dress. They are more for athletic wear and outdoor attire.C: 啊?白袜子是跑步打球穿的,不是上班穿的。怎么这么多讲究呀!好在我还买了一双深色的。务员一直向我推销高腰儿的,就是可以拉到小腿肚儿上来的那一种。我觉得太热,没买。A: Oh dear.C: 又怎么了?A: You should have listened to the salesman. Short socks just wont do in the business environment.C: 那为什么?A: Its because when you sit down and cross your legs in short socks, you expose everyone around you to the sight of your hairy legs.C: Amy, 我从来没想到穿袜子还有这么多讲究。A: Your business attire is extremely important ;right down to your socks;.C: 这么说,我穿成什么样儿也会影响到公司形象了。看来我下班还得再去买袜子,Amy,你陪我去吧,完了事儿我请你吃饭。A: Thank you. Ill look forward to that.C: Amy,你能不能再告诉我一下上班要穿什么样的袜子。这样我心里就有数了。A: Avoid white socks and short socks. The right sock in business is the one that covers your calf and matches your shoes and pants. /201207/191265

  大家好,这里是新世界商务口语每日一句节目,每天我都会为大家带来最地道的商务口语句子,而且是由英籍老师真人发音!句子稍微有点难度,但我们相信大家只要坚持,就一定可以学到最地道的英语发音和日常商务用句哦! 今天我们要学习的句子是: The computer company was forced to sell the computers at a big loss. 这个电脑公司被迫以巨大损失出售电脑。Two Chinese nationals were reportedly kidnapped last Wednesday from the Jinnah town area of Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan.上周三,两名中国公民在巴基斯坦俾路省的首府奎达真纳镇遭到绑架。Unidentified abductors had forced the two Chinese nationals, a man and a woman, into a vehicle at gunpoint and drove away, The Dawn reports.据《黎明报》报道,身份不明的绑架者用指着这一男一女两位中国公民,强迫他们上了一辆车,随后驾车离去。Another Chinese national reportedly managed to escape, while a passerby was injured during firing by the abductors.据报道,另外一名中国公民则幸运脱逃,而一名路人则被绑架者开打伤。Police and Frontier Corps personnel have started a search operation for the missing Chinese nationals.目前,警方和边防部队人员已经开始了搜寻这两位中国公民的工作。China has raised its concerns about the safety of its nationals in Quetta because of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor project.随着中巴经济走廊的建设,中国政府已经高度关注奎达地区中国公民的安全。Thousands of Pakistani soldiers have been tasked with providing security for CPEC-related construction. There have been number of violent strikes in past two years in Quetta.为了保障中巴经济走廊的安全,成千上万的巴基斯坦士兵驻扎在此。在过去两年里,奎达地区曾发生过数起暴力袭击事件。来 /201705/511775I cant tell you the information off the top of my head.我没办法立刻告诉你准确消息。off the top of ones head直译过来就是:“不在某人的头顶”,这个短语的正确意思是:“没有经过仔细考虑或仔细计算”。因此,当美国人说;I cant tell you the information off the top of my head.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;I cant tell you the exact information because I dont know whether the news is true or not.;、;I cant tell you the information because I cant make it for sure right now.;。情景对白:Terry: Someone says that we will be sent to Japan for business next Friday, and we will stay there for a week. I s that true?泰瑞:据说我们下周五将被派到日本出差,还会在那儿待上一周,是真的吗?Benjamin: I cant tell you the information off the top of my head. Ill have to check it.本杰明:我没办法立刻告诉你准确消息,我得核实一下。搭配句积累:①The boss will come to inspect our work, right?老板要来视察我们的工作了,是吗?②Will our boss come back from the business next week?我们老板是不是下周出差回来啊?③When will the negotiation be held?谈判什么时候举行啊?④It is said that the opening ceremony will be held in two days.据说开幕式两天后举行。单词:ceremony n. 仪式I have to say that this opening ceremony was the most impressive I have EVER seen.我必须说,这是我迄今为止看过的最令人深刻的开幕式。There are many people who should be thanked today, as it is due to their hard work and dedication that this graduation ceremony is possible.没有他们辛勤的工作和无私的奉献,就没有今天的这场毕业典礼。Among all societies legal marriage is usually accompanied by some kind of ceremony that expresses group approval of the union.在所有社会中,合法婚姻通常伴有某种表示大家认可的仪式。 /201304/237480

  现在越来越多的白领一族选择去健身俱乐部运动,来保障自己的身体健康。那么在健身中心当然是办健身卡比较划算!健身卡怎么办?看看下面这段口语对话,一起来学习办张健身卡吧! Clerk: Good afternoon, Madam. How can I help you? 下午好,女士。有什么能为您效劳的吗? Shirley: Well, I am a bit out of shape. I'm thinking about exercising to keep fit. 那个,我身体有点走形了,我在考虑做点运动来保持体型。 Clerk: Oh, that's good news for us. 哦,这对我们是好消息啊。 Shirley: So what do you provide? 你们能提供什么(务)? Clerk: First of all, we'll design a custom-made work-out plan according to your habits. 首先,我们会根据顾客的兴趣为顾客做一个健身计划。 Shirley: How can I get that done? 你们会怎么做呢? Clerk: Well, you have a qualified personal trainer assigned to you. He will give you a fitness assessment and then come up with the work-out plan for your needs. 哦,我们会为每一个顾客安排一名专业的私人健身教练。他会给你做一份健康和体适能评估,然后根据需求制定出相应的健身计划。 Shirley: What else? 还有别的吗? Clerk: Since everyone is different, your personal trainer will find you suitable exercise equipment and teach you all the techniques to help you achieve your fitness level and goals. 因为每个人的情况不同,所以私人教练会帮你找合适的运动器材,教你具体的使用方法以帮你达到健身的目标。 Shirley: Sounds pretty good. How much does it cost? 听起来很不错。怎么收费呢? Clerk: That depends. We offer memberships for one month, half a year and one year. 看情况的。我们提供一个月,半年和一年的会员卡。 Shirley: Maybe I'll do one month Just have a try first —— not too tough at the beginning. 我要一个月的。先试一下。开始先别太多了。 Clerk: Wise decision. You'll find it's totally worth it. 很聪明的决定。你会发现它很超值的。 Shirley: What are your business hours? 你们的营业时间是什么? Clerk: We are open from 6 am to midnight. You are welcome anytime. 我们从早上6点一直开到晚上12点。随时欢迎您的光临。 Shirley: Thank you. 谢谢。 /05/71575

  6 应聘理由3句英文任你选I think my major is suitable for this position.我认为我所学的专业适合这个职位。I wish to seek a more challenging job.我想寻找一份更具挑战性的工作。I think that my technical background is helpful for you.我觉得我的技术背景对你们有用。半个句型要记牢be suitable for this position (适合这个职位)Tip:以上三句是针对面试官提出的 Why are you interested in working for our company? (为什么有兴趣在我们公司工作?7)这个问题的作答。这样能得对方的好感。 /201505/373151

  2. 表示谢意CONVERSATIONS 会话(AApplicant IInterviewer)Dialogue 1I: Hello, D Company, can I help you?A: Hello, may I speak to Mrs Smith?I: This is Mrs Smith, may I have your name?A: This is Sun, and I interviewed with you yesterday.I: Hello, Mr. Sun.A: I am calling to thank you for giving me the interview for the Sales Manager position yesterday.I: You are welcome, Mr. Sun.A: I really enjoyed meeting with you.I: You certainly made a good impression on me, as well.A: I am very interested in this position.I: We抣l be making the decision by the end of this week and we抣l contact you as soon as possible.A: Well, thank you for your time and consideration again.I: You are welcome.Dialogue 2A: Hello, this is Sunlin. May I speak to Mrs Smith?I: This is Mrs Smith. Can I help you?A: I am calling to say 搕hank you for the interview yesterday.I: You are welcome. I am very impressed by your capability.A: Is there anything I should do?I: No, nothing. It抯 thoughtful of you to call me again.A: Thank you. Please call me at any time if you have any questions.I: Ok, I will. Do you have any question?A: No, thank you. Goodbye.I: Goodbye.Dialogue 3A: This is Sunlin. Is this Mrs Smith speaking?I: Yes, what can I do for you?A: I just want to call and say 搕hank you for letting me interview yesterday.I: You are welcome, Mr. Sun.A: And I also want to know what the status is of the position.I: Sorry, we haven抰 made the decision at all. But we should be making the decision by the end of this week. And we抣l get in touch with you once we make it.A: Do you have any questions we didn抰 cover in the interview?I: No.A: Thank you, I am looking forward to hearing from you. Bye-bye.I: Thank you for the calling. Bye-bye.注释:表示谢意面试过后可以写信或打电话向面试过你的人做礼貌性的道谢,一方面表示你的礼貌,另一方面也可以加深招聘者对你的印象。 这时也可以强调你对这份工作的兴趣,还可以补充一些你在面试时遗漏的事实。BASIC EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达1) Can I help you?需要我帮忙吗?2) May I speak to... ?我可以和呁ɑ奥穑?3) I am calling you to thank you for the interview yesterday.我打电话是为了感谢你昨天为我安排的面试。4) It抯 thoughtful of you to call me again.你能再次打电话过来,想得真周到。5) I am just calling to say thanks for the interview.我打电话是为上次的面试向您表示谢意。6) We have narrowed it down to you and two other candidates.我们已经把范围缩小到你和另外两个应聘者了。7) Do you have any questions we didn抰 cover in the interview?上次我们面试时有没有没有被提及到的问题要问?consideration 考虑 impress 给……极深的印象,使感动capability 能力 thoughtful 考虑周到的,体贴人的status 状况,情形,地位 cover 包括电话或书面致谢时,切记要注意言辞,不要让招聘者认为你是在逼迫他马上做出决定,通常只要表示出自己的谢意以及期望就可以了。常用的句型有:I just want to call and say 搕hank-you for the interview.I am just calling to thank you for the interview.1) I am very interested in this position.hopeful foreager for我对这个职位非常感兴趣。我非常希望能得到这个职位。我渴望得到这份工作。2) It抯 thoughtful of you to call me again.attentiveconsiderate你再次打电话给我,考虑得真周到。3) Do you have any questions we didn抰 cover in the interview?mentiontouch upon你还有我们面试中没有提到的问题吗?4)Thank you for the call.mailinterview谢谢你 打电话给我。谢谢你 寄信给我。谢谢你给我面试。 1I: 你好,这里是D公司,您需要帮助吗?A: 你好,我可以和史密斯女士通话吗?I: 我就是史密斯,你叫什么?A: 我是小孙,昨天和你面试过。I: 你好,孙先生。A: 昨天你给了我面试销售经理一职的机会,我特意打电话向你表示感谢。I: 不用客气,孙先生。A: 我非常高兴和您见面。I: 你也给我留下了非常好的印象。A: 我对这个职位非常感兴趣。I: 我们会在本周末做出决定的,到时我们会和你尽快取得联系的。A: 好的,再次感谢您的时间和考虑。I: 不用客气。2A: 你好,我是孙林。我可以和史密斯女士通话吗?I: 我就是史密斯,需要什么帮助吗?A: 我是为昨天的面试向您表示谢意的。I: 不用客气,你的能力给我留下了深刻的印象。A: 我还需要做些什么吗?I: 不用,你能再次打来电话,已经想得很周到了。A: 谢谢你,如果你有什么问题,请随时打电话给我。I: 好的,我会的。还有问题吗?A: 没有了,谢谢你,再见。I: 再见。3A: 我是孙林,您是史密斯先生吗?I: 是的,您有什么需要帮助的吗?A: 我只是想打个电话对您昨天给予我面试机会表示感谢。I: 孙先生,不用客气。A: 我还想问一下目前这个职位的状况。I: 不好意思,我们还没有做出决定。但我们会在周末之前做出决定的,到时我们一做出决定就通知你。A: 您还有上次我们面试时没有提到的问题要问吗?I: 没有了。A: 谢谢,我等待着您的消息。再见。I: 再见。 /200810/54487。


  Today we’re introducing our first Business English News podcast for intermediate listeners. This will now be a regular show with new episodes each month. Most of the time, we’ll cover a similar topic to the current Advanced Business News podcast but the articles and vocabulary will be simplified to make them more suitable for intermediate learners.今天我们将要为中级水平的听众开播第一节商务英语播客。这将成为每个月的固定的新节目。大多数实际,我们都会涉及到和当今高级商务英语播客相似的话题,但是文章和词汇将简化以便更适合中级水平的听众。The topic today is marketing and, in particular, Reebok’s new advertising campaign and slogan.今天的话题是有关市场,尤其是Reebok的新广告运作和口号。Key Vocabulary:1. to launch – to release a new product2. Ad campaign – a campaign is an organized series of activities and Ad is short for advertising.3. to motivate – to get people interested in something4. take a swipe at something – take a hit at something or to make fun of something.5. slogan – a short memorable phrase used to promote a product.6. strategy – a plan or approach intended to achieve a major aim or goal.7. compete – to try and win a game or to gain an advantage over somebody.8. competitors – other companies that Reebok is competing against.9. purportedly – to claim to do or say something.10. ties to something – connections.11. celebrity endorser – a famous person who publicly promotes a product. /201101/124488

  第一句:We are glad to offer you the sale of our products in your city.我很高兴请贵公司担任我方产品在你们城市的代理。A: We are glad to offer you the sale of our products in your city.我很高兴请贵公司担任我方产品在你们城市的代理。B: Thank you for giving us this chance.谢谢您给我方这个机会。A: Your market report should show how big demand for our product is in your market.贵方的市场报告里要提到贵方市场对我方产品的需求量有多大。第二句:To be our sole agent you should not sell similar products from other manufactures without our prior approval.作为我方的独家代理,贵方未经我方许可不可代理类似的产品。A: To be our sole agent you should not sell similar products from other manufactures without our prior approval.作为我方的独家代理,贵方未经我方许可不可代理类似的产品。B: We know the rule.我方知道规矩。A: Every six months, wed like to receive from you a detailed report on current market conditions.每六个月贵方要向我方递交目前的市场状况的详细报告。其他表达法:If you can push the sales successfully for the next 6 months, we may appoint you as our agent.如果贵方能够在今后的六个月内提高销售量,我方也许会指定贵方为我方的代理。 /201211/210086

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