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栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201505/372380。

The new theory we have formulated differs in its global implications from the usual theory,我们新定义的公式 与我们熟知的理论的含义有所不同in that, whereas, in the usual theory,the negative sign of the the constant proportionality在我们所熟知的理论中 场方程比例常数的负号which appears in the field equations is chosen arbitrarily.是任意添加或去掉的In the new theory, theres no such ambiguity.在新的理论中 不存在这样的不确定The sign must be minus and further, that magnitude of G,符号不仅必须为负 重力加速度的值follows on from a determination of the mean density of matter.是由物质的平均密度而决定的Thereby enabling the cosmologist to know how hard hell hit the ground if he falls off a cliff.这样一个宇宙学家就能知道 如果他坠落悬崖 会摔得多重Any questions?Did you want to say something, young man?有什么问题吗 你有什么话要说吗 年轻人Your calculation is wrong.The advanced field diverges.你的计算是错的 高级场会发散The advanced field does not diverge.No, Im afraid it does. Its all wrong.高级场不会发散 恐怕是会的 全错了Would you like to tell us how you know this, young man?你能说说你是怎么知道的吗 年轻人I worked it out.You worked it out dunning the lecture?我算出来了 你是在演讲过程中算出来的吗No, I had a previously shown only a glimpse of the paper.不 我之前看到了论文Who put you up to that?What?That stance in there. Who put you up to it?谁让你这么做的 什么 你刚才的闹剧 谁指使你做的Somebodys put you up to sabotaging me.Its just wrong, thats all, I did say it, didnt I?The physics is wrong!有人指使你来给我捣乱 你就是算错了 我不是说了吗 你的理论是错的201512/416475。


The 1964 good friday earthquake measured 9.2 on the richter scale and took over 130 lives.1964年 发生在受难日的大地震 震级为里氏9.2级 大地震夺走了130条生命The death toll would have been much higher but for the extreme remoteness of the location.幸亏这儿极为偏远 否则造成的伤亡更大You see all the terrain along the coastline there.Its tough-going.你们看看海岸线四周的地形 路很难走啊But I reckon with all of these sort of resources around here,但我想利用这周边所有 这类废弃物better off making some sort of raft and then getting out onto the water itself.Okay.说不定能做个筏 然后把它推下水 好了You should be able to cover more distance and have a better chance of being spotted on the sea.这样子就可以走得更远 而且在海面上更可能被人发现But out there, youll need a sturdy raft.Old beds.Actually, thatll be quite good to lie on for a raft.但要离开这里 就需要一个坚固的筏 旧床板 这东西 用来做筏挺好的All sorts of these old barrels. Look.And these are so buoyant, these things.所有这种旧油桶 看看 这些东西的浮力很大You want to check theyve got both the... both the bungs in and also that theyve not got any holes.你得检查检查 保所有塞子都塞住了 没有任何漏水孔Otherwise, look like that fella.An airtight oil drum will easily support my weight.不然就惨了 瞧这玩意儿够坚固的 一个密封的油桶很容易就能承载我的重量And with a few, I have the beginnings of a substantial raft.有这几个 初步的坚固筏就成形了Its all this work making sure you build a raft close enough to where youre gonna launch it.这些工作都是为了 保这筏离入水的地方够近The last thing you want to do is build a thing, especially when its out of metal,and then not be able to drag it down there.最不想看到的一件事 就是造好这个金属筏之后 却没有办法把它弄到岸边See the tides coming in here, so its probably about right.正好在涨潮 现在时机正合适I want to get this raft built quickly so Im y to launch when the tide turns.我得快点把筏做好 等着开始退潮时我就下水What I want to do is use the barrels to give me all the buoyancy so that keep this up out of the water.我要做的就是 利用这些桶的浮力 让这个床板离开水面201604/440139。

Vsauce Im Jake and being able to go from one point in 3 dimensional space to another is an incredibly cool concept and a major mechanic in the game Portal where you use wormholes as a means of physically connecting two different locations,but unfortunately that it isnt yet possible.这里是Vsauce频道,我是Jake,从3维空间的一个点穿越到另一个点,这是系列游戏《传送门》的主要玩法,也很酷,传送门是一种连接两处现实世界的捷径,但是很可惜,这种技术目前还不可能实现。A wormhole is a hypothetical shortcut through spacetime and one that requires negative energy to create,however we would first have to figure out how to create negative energy...which is also hypothetical.But that shouldnt stop us from thinking with Portals,so lets start with what a Portal is.虫洞是人们假想的一种能够穿越时空的捷径,要创造虫洞需要反能量,但是我们首先要搞懂如何才能创造反能量...而反能量也只是一种假想。但是这不应该阻止我们去思考传送门,我们先来看看什么是传送门。A Portal is defined as an entrance or doorway.They are gateways into different places,into new experiences and new worlds.When you were a kid on the playground if someone said the ground was lava,the ground was lava.You had entered the Magic Circle.Extra Credits has a great all about it but imagine youre on a soccer field,in a classroom or in a court,in those places different rules apply than in normal life and we accept them.按照定义,传送门可以看做入口或者门是去住不同地方、融入新体验、进入新世界的通路,小时候在操场上玩耍,如果有人说地面是岩浆,我们真的会以为,此时的你已经踏进了魔法阵中,关于这个理念,Extra Credits出过一个阐述得很好的视频。想象一下,如果你现在身处足球绿茵场、或是教室、法庭,在这些地方,我们遵守着与日常生活不同的规则。The same goes for books,movies and games.While playing Metal Gear Solid there was a moment when a character died that actually made me tear up.It was the first time I had cared that deeply about a character in a game-a mesh of polygons.And that got me thinking about how we connect to fictional characters.In Frank Rose great book,The Art of Immersion he mentions an experiment by former game designer-Demis Hassabis in which he took patients suffering from a disease that affects memory and had them imagine laying on a beach.书籍、电影和游戏也是如此,我在玩《合金装备》时,曾经为某个角色的死亡落泪。这是我第一次深深地为一个游戏中的角色担忧——其实就是——这让我思考我们与虚拟人物的关系。在《The Art of Immersion》一书中,作者Frank Rose提到了前游戏设计师Demis Hassabis做过的一项实验,在实验中他让疾病导致受损的病人想象自己正躺在沙滩上。One of the subjects could see the color blue,hear birds,the sound of the ocean and some ship horns.That was as much as he could imagine.A control subject,someone with the full capability of their memory was asked the same thing and they described the sun,the sand,the heat,the color,of the sea,and saw palm trees running along the beach.其中一名病人说自己看到了蓝色、听到了鸟叫、海浪声和船只的这名病人所能想象的就是这些景象。在对照组中,也就是记忆完全没有受损的人,他们对同样问题的回答中描述了太阳、海沙、炽热的感觉、大海的颜色还有沿着海岸栽种的棕榈树。What Hassabis discovered was that our memories are what help us form our imagination,theyre what allow us to integrate naturally with imaged settings.His over all goal was to form a model of human brain function enabling game designers to make characters with emotions,memories and thoughts.To create an intelligent artificial intelligence.It is the reason why a game like The Sims was so revolutionary.It felt like the characters,the sims,had virtual free will.Hassabis 发现记忆可以帮助我们进行想象,正是有了记忆,我们才能自然而然地与影像进行互动。他的目的是构建出一个具有人脑功能的模型可以让游戏设计都设计出带有情感、记忆和思想的角色。制作出一个能理解人的人工智能。这也是为什么《模拟人生》这类游戏能够带来如此巨大变革的原因。我们好像觉得《模拟人生》里面的角色真的有自由意志一样。Wed place them in a world that we helped shape but we never knew the exact outcome.The game would act as a portal into an alternate version of our own reality -one that we felt we have more control of,When you enter a virtual world,an important aspect that keeps you engaged is the illusiion of choice,that decisions you make will affect the outcome of the game.even though the reality its aly been pre-programmed,even it has multiple endings.他们生活在我们搭建的世界,但是我们永远不知道确切结局。游戏的作用就像通往另一个现实世界的传送门——一个我们认为能够操控的世界,当你踏入虚拟世界,让你能够一直投入其中的重要因素,就是“你能做出选择”这个假象,玩家做出的选择会影响游戏的结局,但是现实是,游戏的结局再多都是预定程序。The Stanley Parble does a great job of making the illusion of choice a center piece in the game and then mocking it.Stanley took the first open door and then he left,Stanley was so bad in following the directions,its incredible he wasnt fired years ago.One of the reasons multiplay games like Counter-Strike and World of Warcraft are still so active is because the characters you are playing against are people,completely unpredictable people.游戏《史丹利的寓言》很成功地将选择假象作为游戏的核心内容。游戏旁白:史丹利来到第一扇打开的门前,又离开了,史丹利如此不从命令,几年前就该被开除了,《反恐精英》和《魔兽世界》这种多玩家游戏至今依然如此盛行,是因为和你对抗的是真人玩家,是完全无法预测的人类玩家。There has always been that instinctive urge,that desire to live inside the fictional worlds of the books weve ,movies weve watched or the virtual ones of games weve played.And faster than ever before,technology is getting us there.he Oculus Rift allows us to explore the boiler room from Spirited Away,be teleported to the bustling streets of Tokyo or maneuver your way through City 17 in Half Life 2-all without leaving your home.我们天生就渴望生活在书本、电影和游戏的虚拟世界中,今天的技术正以前所未有的速度实现我们的梦想。有了Oculus Rift,我们可以探寻《千与千寻》中的锅炉房,也可以传送到熙熙攘攘的东京街头,还能漫步《半条命2》中的一切无需离开你家就能实现。Even when were being passive and watching content on television,the experience is becoming more immersive.Samsung was the first to create curved ultra high definition televisions,displaying images 4 times that of HD.The first time I watched a movie on one it felt like looking through a window.And right now you are starting at the biggest portal imaginable...the Internet.就连看电视这种被动体验也变得更有浸入感。三星是第一个推出曲面高清电视的厂家,这种电视的分辨率可以,我第一次在观看这台电视播放的电影还以为自己看的是一扇窗户。此时此刻,你也在盯着我们能够想象的最大的一扇传送门....互联网。You can start on the wikipedia page for Jelly Doughnut and,4 link clicks later,end up on the Meaning of Life.You can go on reddit and explore fictional worlds other people have made in the World Building sub reddit.You can go to college,watch pretty much any movie, any book and if there is a story you wish existed there is probably a fanfiction of it or at least an epic rap battle.你可以先从维基上观看果冻甜甜圈的页面,经过四次链接跳转后,你就来到了“生命的意义”这个页面。在Reddit-World Building子版块中,你可以探索由其它网友构建出的众多虚拟世界。你可以在互联网上读大学、看电影、读书....这里有同人小说或者一场Rap大战。And with this incredible portal that we have now,we are spending more and more time in virtual reality.We interact virtually,we shop virtually,we live virtually...at least part of us does and we also consume a lot more information than ever before.There are people that say that we spend too much time playing games or on computers,but there were also people in the 19th century who had the same fears about ing too many novels.如今这些神奇的传送门让我们耗在虚拟现实上的时间越来越多。我们的互动、购物、生活方式都已经虚拟化....至少我们之中的一部分人是如此,我们消耗的信息也比从前大得多。有人说现在的人们花在游戏或者计算机上的时间过多,但是想想19世纪,那时候人们还对看太多小说表示过担忧呢?In America in the 1940s people would gather and burn comic books.Even in 1605 the character Don Quixote;filled his imagination to bursting with everything he in books that it became the literal truth;which led to him thinking he was a knight and jousting windmills.So what is the next progression for immersion?It may be Brain Computer Interfacing.Jan Scheuerman is a quadriplegic who had electrodes injected into the parts of her brain that activated when she thought of moving her arm and shoulder.20世纪40年代的美国,人们曾经将漫画书集中焚毁,甚至早在1605年,文学作品中的堂.吉诃德就“将所有书中讲到的东西想象成现实”他以为自己是一名骑士,还和风车进行决斗。那么下一步浸入会怎么发展呢?可能就是脑机接口,四肢瘫痪的Jan Scheuerman在脑内植入了电极只要她想到移动胳膊或肩膀,电极就会被激活。Those signals were sent directly to a robotic arm,allowing her to control it.Once we can tap directly into our minds and have our sensory inputs feeding into a computer you could visit Mars without needing a spaceship.When youd open your eyes,youd be seeing the Red Planet.When you wanted to walk,youd just think it and your characters legs move.这些信号被直接传入机械手臂,这样她能可以进行控制了。一旦我们能够将思想和感觉输入信号直接输入电脑,你就可以在不借助太空飞船的前提下参观火星。只要你睁开双眼,就可以看见这颗红色行星上的景象。想走路的话,就在脑子里想一下,你操控的角色的腿就会动。The same goes for exploring virtual worlds.And as we spend more time in these worlds,they start to bleed into our own.If I asked you right now to write a paper from memory about the history,of Batman and a paper on the history of Einstein which do you think would be longer? Which would have more detail?If I were to tell you that Batmans name was Jim Wayne,his parents died in a car accident and his bat cave was in a Taco Bell ,you would tell me Im wrong.在虚拟世界浏览也是这个道理。我们花越来越多时间在虚拟世界的同时,虚拟世界也在渐渐渗入。现在我让你马上凭记忆各写一篇蝙蝠侠记和爱因斯坦记,你觉得哪篇文章会长一些?哪篇文章的细节更多?如果我说蝙蝠侠叫吉姆.维恩,父母在一次车祸中丧生,他的蝙蝠洞在一家Taco Bell快餐店里,你能分辨出其实我说错了。Because these are things you know about Batman,things that are truths.Just like Id be wrong if I told you that Einstein had long black hair and had lived in an RV.If we can argue about a fictional characters history or traits,does that make them,in a sense,real?Ive surprisingly,never met Abraham Lincoln but I can about him in books,see him portrayed in movies.因为关于蝙蝠侠的这些信息你是知道的,因为这些是事实。就像我告诉你爱因斯坦有一头乌黑的长发,住在露营车里一样。如果我们可以争论虚拟角色的历史或物质,这能说明这些虚拟角色?我从来没见过林肯,但是我读过关于他的书,在电影中见过别人。Ive also never met Luke Skywalker but he is in movies and in books as well.In fact the Star Wars wiki for him has 42,000 more words than the wikipedia entry for Abraham Lincoln.But we know that Abraham Lincoln existed...so then Id say how do we know that Luke Skywalker never existed? Sure nobody has met Skywalker but there is nobody alive that has met Lincoln.同样的,我也没见过卢克.天行者,但是他也在电影和书籍出现。实际上维基百科上《星球大战》页面要比亚伯拉罕.林肯的页面42,000英文单词。而我们知道,亚伯拉罕林肯是真实存在的...所以我要说....我们如何知道卢克.天行者从未存在过?当然,没人遇见过天行者,也没有任何活着的人遇见林肯。All we have of them are stories.And on that point... how do you know that I exist?What youre watching right now is a bunch of code that is being interpreted by a machine to display an image.If some of the code gets deleted,I become corrupted.Sure you can follow me on twitter and instagram,but you can also follow Betty Draper,a character from Mad Men on twitter.Have you ever met me?Have you seen me in real life with your own eyes?我们知道的只有他们的故事,所以...你怎么确定我是真实存在的?你现在看到的不过是一大堆由机器解读后显示成图像的代码群,只要删除其中一些代码,我的图像就会崩。你可以在Twitter和instagram上关注我,但是你也能关注《广告狂人》中的虚拟角色Betty Draper,你见过我么?你在现实生活中亲眼见过我么?You fill in who I am by waht you know of me,by what you see of me and by your own experiences and memories to create a full picture.You have gone through a portal and entered my world and in this world we have a magic circle that you accept as true.But it isnt until we pull back that you actually get the full picture that this whole time I have just been a recording on a television screen.And as always,thanks for watching.你只是通过你了解到的、看到的、亲自体会到的关于我的信息和记忆来构建我这个人,此时你已经穿越某道传送门,进入了我的世界在这个世界你以为是真实的东西,只是我的魔法阵。直到我拉伸镜头你才能看到完整的真相,刚刚你看到的不过是电视屏幕上播放的录像。还是那句老话,谢谢观看。201504/367541。



Mr. Strowger is getting more and more confident that Bohunt will triumph in the battle of the teachers.史端乔先生越来越有信心地认为航特会在这场教师的较量中大获全胜I mean, I have to put my cards on the table,我必须要开诚布公I dont want us to discover through this experiment我不希望我们在这次试验中发现that a teacher standing at the front and talking at children... loads of notes,老师站在课堂前面,对学生滔滔不绝地讲,大量的笔记I dont want that to be the best way of teaching children,我不希望这是教育学生最好的方式because it just doesnt sit right - on any level.因为这在任何情况下都是不受欢迎的There is one aspect of Chinese education Mr. Strowger is warming to.在中式教育中有一个方面是史端乔先生喜欢的Morning exercise has turned out to be a bit of a hit - with the kids now leading the routine themselves.晨练一举非常受欢迎,因为现在由孩子们自己领操I thought that was fantastic.我觉得这真是太棒了Id love to get all 1,600 children on the field and do that.我很愿意一千六百名学生拉到操场上做这个Im not sure that its really good exercise,我不确定这是不是真的是很好的锻炼方法but I think the coming together, having a bit of fun,但我认为大家齐聚一堂,玩玩闹闹being part of something really quite special, I really enjoyed that.一起参加一件非常与众不同的事,我很喜欢Whats it like? Brilliant!感觉如何?太棒了!Fun, its like the brightness of our day.好玩,真是我们黯淡的一天中的光明Its great.太棒了Its the best bit of the day, is it?这是一天中最好的部分,对吧So do you think we should get everyone on the field? 你们觉得我们应该把大家都拉到操场上来吗Yes! And we should watch them from the window, as well.要!我们也应该从窗口看他们做Then no-one can laugh!这样就没人会笑话别人了201602/426030。