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William Kamkwamba: How I built my family a windmill When he was just 14 years old, Malawian inventor William Kamkwamba built his family an electricity-generating windmill from spare parts, working from rough plans he found in a library book William, hi, good to see you!Thanks.So, um, we got a picture I think, where is this?This is my home, this is where I live. Where, what country?In the Malawian zone, in Kasonga, yeah, Malawi.OK, now, you’re 19 now?Yeah, I am 19-year-old now. 5 years ago, you had an idea. What was that?I want to make a windmill.Windmill?Yeah. And so, just water power electric for lighting and stuff?Yeah.So what did you do, how do you realize that?Er, after I dropped out from school, I went to library and I a book Technology, using energy, and I get information about doing the mill. And I tried and I made it.So, (applause) so, you copied, you exactly copied the design in the book?Er, no, I adjust. What happened? In fact, a design of the windmill, it was in the book, it had got for up 3 plates, and mine have got four plates. The book had 3, yours have 4? (Yeah.) And you made that out of what?Er, I made 4 plates just because I want to increase power. OK, did you test it 3 and found that 4 works better?Yeah, I adjust.And what did you make the windmill out of? What materials did you use?I use a bicyle frame and a pulley and plastic pipe, wooden poles. Do we have a picture of that claim in the next slide?Yeah, so that’s the windmill.And so, and that windmill, what, it worked?When the wind blows, it produces and generates (electricity).How much electricity?2 volts.And so, that lit a light for the house? How many lights?4 bulbs and 2 radios. Well!Yeah.And so, next slide.So who’s that?This is my parents. Work in the radio.So, what did they make of that, you were 14, 15 at that time, what did they make of this?They impressed?Yes.So what are you gonna do with this? What do you I mean, do you want to build another one?Yeah, I want to build another one to pump water, irrigation for crops. So, this sort of has to be bigger?Yeah.How big? I think it will produce more than 20 volts.So that would produce irrigation for the entire village? (Yeah.) Wow, and so you are talking to people here attend to get people who might be able to help in some way to realize this dream.Yeah, if they can help me, ….And as you think of your life going forward, you’re 19 now, do you picture continuing with this dream of working in energy?Yeah, I am still thinking to work on energy.Wow, William, it’s a real honor to have you at the Thai conference. Thank you so much for coming. Thank you. 01/60970Unlike older generations, China's youth are not used to the poor job market they face as they graduate college Crowds pile in at a government sponsored job fair in Beijing--- The gateway to a potential opportunity in a dire economic climate.Companies are firing people and we're competing with layoffs, says Xu Meilin, she is graduating from college next year. Her hopes of finding a job in finance, deem.Of course, I am worried. Says another job seeker, but all we can do is to wait for a chance and try my luck.More than 15,000 people are expected at this job fair. Many of them are young people, hoping to find that dreamed job. About 500 companies are here, but in the middle of economic crisis, how many jobs will be offered is unknown. The Chinese government says 6,000,000 students will graduate college here next year, which means even more job seekers in an aly strained job market. It is going to without saying that the declining all economic growth will impact employment. Next year we'll face great pressure on the employment of college graduates.It is a harsh reality for a generation of young Chinese that has really seen tough times. Unlike their parents who lived through the Cultural Revolution when China’s economy was backward and isolated, but for the past decade, China’s economy has been booming so strong some people are taking risks their parents never could. 25-year-old Wu Yelan left a stable but unfulfilling government job to open a café with her husband. She says even though she is worried about the economy, she will never regret her decision.We are much happier every day.It is a useful brand of optimism her peers share.“Although the financial crisis has hit the world hard, I still have confidence in china.” Says another job seeker.The question is: is their confidence realistic or naiuml;ve?200812/58810

Study Says No Smoking Laws Reduce Heart Attacks美城市公共场所禁烟使心脏病锐减  U.S. health experts say laws that bar smoking in public places appear to dramatically cut the number of heart attacks according to a recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 美国健康专家说,禁止在公共场所吸烟的法律大幅减少了心脏病的发病率。Researchers studying a smoking ban in the western U.S. state of Colorado say a no smoking law in one city led to a 40 percent decrease in the number of residents hospitalized for heart attacks. 对美国西部科罗拉多州普韦布洛市一项禁烟活动进行研究的人员称,在这个城市实行的禁烟法已经使得因为心脏病发作而住院的人减少了百分之40。Dr. Terry Pechacek, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Office on Smoking and Health, says the study indicates that secondhand smoke may be an under-recognized cause of heart attack deaths.  美国疾病控制与防病中心的特里·佩哈切克医生说,这项研究显示,二手烟可能是造成心脏病死亡的原因之一,不过这一病因还没有被人们充分认识到。"For too long we have considered exposure to secondhand smoke in restaurants, bars, and other places as typical and common, however, these data indicate that even brief exposure to secondhand smoke can produce rapid and adverse changes in the functioning of the heart and blood, and cause heart attacks," he said. 他说,“长期以来,我们一直认为在餐馆、酒吧和其他场合接触二手烟是无可厚非的,但是数据显示,哪怕是短暂吸入二手烟也可能对心脏和血液功能产生迅速的破坏作用,甚至导致心脏病发作。”In 2003, the city of Pueblo, Colorado passed a law making public places and workplaces smoke-free. Researchers say they found there were 399 hospital admissions for heart attacks in Pueblo in the 18 months before the ban. After the no-smoking law was passed, 237 people were hospitalized for heart attacks in the same time period. 科罗拉多州的普韦布洛市2003年通过了一项禁止在公共场合和工作场合吸烟的法律。研究人员说,他们发现,在禁令生效前的18个月里,这个城市因心脏病发作而住进医院的有399例。法律开始实施之后,同样在18个月中因为心脏病住院的为237例。Dr. Pechacek says researchers also studied nearby areas in Colorado without smoking bans. He says they found there was no significant change in the number of heart attack hospitalizations in these areas.  佩哈切克医生说,研究人员还对普韦布洛附近一些没有禁烟法的城市进行了研究。他们发现,这些地区的住院心脏病人数量没有明显变化。"The fact that there was no change in the comparison counties and the comparison areas around Pueblo suggests that the only thing that is reasonable to assume as having this big effect was the impact of the law, he said. “普韦布洛附近的对比城市和地区的数字没有变化,这个事实告诉我们,可能的合理假设是禁烟法是产生这个结果的重要原因。”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says other studies have reported that laws making public places smoke-free have led to rapid reductions in hospital admissions for heart attacks, but this is the only study that has looked at the effects over a longer period of three years. 美国疾病控制与防病中心表示,其他研究也显示,禁止在公共场合吸烟的法律使得因心脏病发作住院的病人人数迅速减少。不过,这是针对二手烟的影响进行长达三年之久的唯一一项研究。Dr. Pechacek says he hopes the findings will lead to more laws banning public smoking in the U.S. as well as other countries. Although, he says a World Health Organization treaty aly contains a provision requiring countries to pursue protection for non-smokers from secondhand smoke. 佩哈切克医生说,他希望这些结论将促使美国和其他国家出台更多禁止在公共场所吸烟的法律。当然,他也指出,国际卫生组织WHO早已制订出了相关条款,要求各国保护非吸烟者免受二手烟危害。"These data add further weight to that provision and strongly encourage that every country around the world recognize that smoking in any enclosed space is very dangerous to the non-smokers, and one of the best things we can do for public health is encourage smoke-free policies," he said. “这些数据进一步给那些条款提供了根据,而且强烈要求世界每个国家承认,在任何封闭的场所抽烟对于不吸烟的人来说是非常危险的。而我们能做到的最利于大众健康的事情就是鼓励禁烟政策。”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that secondhand smoke exposure causes 46,000 heart disease deaths every year in the ed States alone. 美国疾病控制与防病中心估计,吸入二手烟仅仅在美国每年就导致4万六千人死于心脏病。01/60390

bad girls good Showbiz Tonight's AJ Hammer and Brooke Anderson reveal the ways some of Hollywood's most notorious woman are becoming good girls.But if we were talking about a woman totally in control of her career image, it gotta be the material girl herself. From material girl to mama extraordinaire, Madonna wrote the book on transformation. Part of what makes her really smart is that she changes with the time. She sort of went from a street waif to Hollywood sophisticate to now a wife, mother and an author of children’s book. In the 80s and 90s, Madonna shocked the world with her in-your-face sexuality. she really, sort of, was one of the prime movers of the way our societies become pornier. That’s right. The man said pornier. Make sense too, cone-shaped bras, lewd and provocative dancing, sps in Playboy and Penthouse, and, oh, who can forget the sex book. These days Madonna is still in the book biz. This time children’s book. She actually sort of settled down. She’s got 3 kids now. As sure, none of them were born in wedlock but that’s fine. Give the lady a break. She’s got enough on her plate. International fames, spiritual quests and grappling with hard mummy questions like this one from CNN Richard,Christ. If your daughter decided to prance around on the stage in her underwear singing and hollering, would you approve? eh...Probably not. Oh, yeah, the double standard of parenthood aly kicking in. Who but she is not the only kick-ass naughty girl of Hollywood to go nice. May we present Angelina Jolie. And this is me. This tattoo diva first caught our attention after an Oscar win for her psycho role in "Girl, interrupted". She came on to the scene beautiful, talented and a true, wild child. I had some good nights in L.A, let’s put it that way?"She raised more than a few eyebrows when she married Actor Billy Bob Thornton. Public displays of affection was sort of their thing. Also their thing, wearing vials of each other's blood around their necks. Ok, whatever you want to call it. She told Larry.King. all about it. And what does he wear? Mine. Your blood? That’s nice. Ok, sure, that’s nice. Jolie went on to raise even more eyebrows when she defied every bad girl stereotype out there and became a global humanitarian and spokesperson for the U.N.. We shape our future by the way we raise our children. Yet, you cannot accuse the woman of not practicing what she preaches. She has adopted 3 orphans from around the world and is the proud mama of a daughter Shiloh whom she had with Brad Pitt. She’s taking on the role of being a mother. She’s now seen as global humanitarian, so, it’s been quite a change. But Jolie tells us she doesn’t think she has changed it all. I'm still a punk kid I got my tattoos covered. It’s pretty clear Angelina Jolie isn’t a punk kid any more. She takes her role as UN Goodwill ambassador very seriously. In fact she recently wrote an op-ed piece in the Washington Post urging humanitarian assistance for displaced families of Iraq all the while reportedly pregnant with her fifth child. Not bad for a former bad girl. Be on the lookout for the next Showbiz tonight Podcast. Remember: Showbiz Tonight is TV's most provocative entertainment news show. We are on 7 nights per week at 11 PM Eastern-night Pacific on CNN headline news. Thanks for watching the Showbiz Tonight podcast. I’m Brooke Anderson.02/61853

  温总理说,中国仍要对经济危机保持警惕,继续实施经济刺激措施,并就近期热炒的人民币升值话题给予最权威的回应。During his annual news conference following the conclusion of the parliament sessions, Premier Wen Jiabao says the world is still facing uncertainties in the economic recovery and China must take steps to sustain its recovery."China needs to strike a balance between maintaining a relatively fast and stable development, adjusting the economic structure and managing inflation expectations to avert a possible economic 'double dip' this year."Boosted by a raft of stimulus measures, China's economy expanded 8.7 percent in , staging a speedy recovery after being hit by the worst global financial crisis in decades. But worries have arisen over possible economic bubbles. Last year, the country had new loans amounting to 9.6 trillion yuan, or more than 1.4 trillion U.S. dollars. Investment in real estate rose by 30 percent and housing prices remained staggeringly high for residents. Premier Wen says the country's exit strategy on economic stimulus should be "very cautious and flexible" in order to sustain the economic recovery. He says China will continue implementing proactive fiscal policy and moderately loose monetary policy. The premier also says the Chinese Yuan is "not undervalued" and rejects foreign pressure to boost its value."Depreciating one's own currency and attempting to pressure others to appreciate, for the purpose of increasing exports, in my view, is protectionism." The premier says China opposes certain countries engaging in finger-pointing or forcing other nations to appreciate their currencies because it is not good for the Renminbi exchange rate reform.For the Beijing Hour, I'm Shuangfeng.201003/98751

  在上一期的节目中,咱们大致了解了板块构造说。这个学说能够说咱们对于落基山的来源吗?嗯,好像仍有很多的谜团解不开,那么还是得借助于考古的发现,考古中最重要的就是化石。除了菊石化石,还有什么其他化石吗?看看啰! ...remained. How did the collision of two tectonic plates at the western edge of North America cause the rise of the Rockies 500 to 1,000 miles inland? Mountain ranges that formed on the margins of continents are pretty easy to explain, or where continents have collided. When India slams into Asia, we get the Himalayas. Where Oceanic crust dives beneath the continental margin in the northwest, the Cascades or in South America the Andes Mountains, but these mountains here, in the middle of the continent, are much harder to explain. And they've been / an enigma for decades. Only recently, geologists have come up with a plausible theory. They suspect the Rockies formed along a line where the crust is very fragile. What happens when the continent gets compressed, especially if there is a weak zone, or a zone that's prone to buckling? It rises. That's what's brought this granite to the surface. Geologists now understood how the Rockies rose. And they had a date for when it happened. But what were these early mountains like? How did they compare to the mountains of today? On a site in the Rockies 70 miles northwest of Denver, geologists find a clue. Mountains that we see here today aren't the mountains that were around millions of years ago. They are always evolving. Rivers are shifting. Peaks are shifting. It's a very dynamic process. Someone says as if mountains are alive themselves. Miller sets out to estimate the height of the early mountains. But how can you measure something that is no longer there? Once more, fossils provide the evidence he is looking for. What's amazing about collecting fossils is that you are really the first person to see this when you crack open a rock. It's first time it sees light again after 16 million years. Miller has uncovered a 16-million-year-old fossilized leaf. It's from a tree that grew here just 10 million years after the Rockies began to form. And intriguingly, this leaf holds a clue to the height of these early mountains, or more precisely, it's the edges of the leaf, known as leaf margins. Botanists know that in colder temperatures the margins tend to have more teeth than leaves that grow in warmer areas. 小编有约:今天小编考考大家的发散性思维,"Mountains that we see here today aren't the mountains that were around millions of years ago. They are always evolving. Rivers are shifting. Peaks are shifting. It's a very dynamic process. Someone says as if mountains are alive themselves. " 你喜欢山吗?你有时间在山里走一走,呼吸山里的空气吗?对于最后两句你是怎样理解的? 对这段话Daisy有特殊的体会。从小生活在山边的我,对于山的变化是很敏感的。山也是有呼吸的。走在山里,那种静谧与安详的环境,人在不知不觉中就感到安定。偶尔的鸟叫,和蝴蝶的飞舞,会让人感到各种各样的生物都绚烂地活在这个世界,大自然的一切都那样的美好。所以请爱护大自然吧。这是Daisy的感想,你的呢?201110/158847。

  Scientists are putting a modern spin on a cancer treatment that goes back to antiquity. It's heat therapy, which is getting a new look with the help of microscopic particles of gold.科学家们正在利用一种古代技术来治疗癌症。在纳米技术的协助下,热疗发挥出新的作用。Cancer treatments usually involve powerful drugs or radiation. But heating up the tumor — hyperthermia — can also be part of the therapy.癌症治疗通常需要采用强力药物或者是放疗技术。但是,给肿瘤加热,或者称肿瘤热疗,也可以作为治疗的一部分。"Hyperthermia is an old technology ... first recorded in papyrus by the Egyptians, I believe. It's the first known treatment of breast cancer," says Jeffrey Rosen of the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. "The idea is that as you raise temperature, you induce a heat shock in cells, and that this makes them more susceptible to the damage caused by chemotherapy and radiation."“这种治疗是通过加热,让癌细胞对化疗和放疗带来的破坏更敏感。”Rosen has just published new research on how some new materials can help harness the potential of hyperthermia for cancer treatment.罗森医生最近发表了一份新的研究报告,介绍一些新物质如何能让热疗医治癌症变得更安全。One problem in using heat against cancers is that it can damage surrounding, healthy tissue. Rosen says that microscopic particles of gold — nanoparticles — can be injected into the body to make sure the heat gets to the right place. 用热疗治疗癌症有一个问题,那就是,它会伤害到周围健康的细胞组织。罗森医生表示,可以把被称为“纳米颗粒”的微粒黄金,注射进身体中,以确保热源直接进入正确的部位。"The gold nanoparticles have this ability to be activated by near-infrared lasers so that they can be heated quite rapidly," he says.他说:“黄金纳米颗粒可以被近红外线激光激活,从而非常迅速地被加热。”201011/117428

  What credit crunch? Mideast companies are shrugging off the credit crunch at the annual Cityscape property fair. CNN's Leone Lakhani reports。Welcome to our property lunch, needless style, no signs of foreclosures here, instead, elicit singers, and celebrity endorsements. This is the party held by the developer select group. It’s launching its latest project, the 1.5-billion-dollar auqutian development undevise manmade world islands. An ambitious project as the credit crunch threatens the property market in the rest of the world. You know I will be bow enough to say I’ve danced the credit crunch is gonna to fight the bar. Even within all the glancing climber does notice this disguising the facts. The region’s main stock markets lost half their value this year. The central banks in the Gulf stepped into an issue that investors that displenty and equality in the markets. And reports point a turn to 15% property price correction in the next year.But that wasn’t the message conveyed this year’s city scape. The ground scale of the event was man to scale any of market deltas. For years just has been speculations that the property bump in the Golf is going to boost. If that’s the case, it certainly not evident here. From the announcement of a 95-billion-dollar city development to debate plan to break its own record and build the world’s next tallest tower. Each company out doing the other dishing out millions on the disbalzes alone. Companies spend up to several / million dollars just on the designs and of, and build the vibrate, and which is pretty unheard over sounds / as globally. But I think captures again the essence of what’s happening here and the length people are willing to go to, to track up on that investment right now. / holding believes that while it is time to cautious, there are also plenty of opportunities.We are concerned people that are not always emotional. You know if you look at the stocks that have gone down in value, their profiteer race has not gone down. It is just an emotional say as a result of what’s going on in that of the world. What do we see is an opportunity for people to buy as one, you know. I would see that sent a project, you know, in the US or in Europe. Well, it’s an opportunity to buy among, you know, steep the accounts. Egypt Sodic is developing two major city centers outside Cairo. They say the financial structure of dare deals means they are not under pressure from the lending crisis. Mortgages only represent 2% of Egypt’s GDP, more its company, we have very little debts. We are sitting on a lot of, actually receivables. So we are in a very healthy position, quite / the storm if, if, you know, if it doesn’t span in this region. With job losses on Wall Street and Europe, hundreds are moving into the regions in searching of work, but even with steady amount and prospects of strong growth, this cash-rich region isn’t completely immune to the global credit crunch. 200810/53305“Life and Fate”《生活与命运》War, peace and love战争、和平与爱情Vasily Grossman’s epic novel is transformed for the radio瓦西里#8226;格罗斯曼史诗般的小说被改编成广播剧Sep 10th 2011 | from the print edition Vasily Grossman vindicated 无辜的瓦西里·格罗斯曼FEW novels have the foes and fans of “Life and Fate”, Vasily Grossman’s vast book about the Nazis and Soviets at war. The Soviet Communist Party’s ideology chief said it would be more damaging even than Boris Pasternak’s “Dr Zhivago”. That was a high accolade. Another was that the book itself was arrested. In 1961 the KGB confiscated the typescript and even, for good measure, the typewriter ribbon. Grossman, once a loyal party man and an acclaimed war correspondent, was spared jail. But he died four years later, fearing that his sprawling work would never be published (the authorities had said mockingly that it might happen in 200 years). Many years later Andrei Sakharov, a Soviet dissident, helped smuggle a microfilm copy to the West, where it was eventually published in English in 1985.《生活与命运》是瓦西里#8226;格罗斯曼描写纳粹和苏联战争的宏篇巨著,很少有小说有着它这样的书迷和敌人。苏联共产党的意识形态负责人说,这本书甚至比鲍里斯#8226;帕斯捷尔纳克的《日瓦戈医生》更具破坏力。这是高度的称赞。另一个高度称赞是这本书本身的被查抄。1961年克格勃没收了打字稿,为了更加严防,甚至没收了打字机色带。格罗斯曼曾经是一名忠诚党的人,以及一名广受赞誉的战地记者,他幸免入狱。但四年后他去世时,仍在担心他散乱的作品永远不会出版,因为当局曾嘲讽地说,这本书的出版可能会在200年后。多年后,苏联持不同政见者安德烈#8226;萨哈罗夫帮着走私了缩微胶片拷贝到西方,最后这本书于1985年以英文在西方出版。The book was not an immediate success. For some years it was overshadowed by the better known work of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and by the excitement of reform and then collapse in the Soviet Union. It is also intimidatingly long, with a swirling cast of scores of confusingly named characters. Hundreds of pages sometimes separate their appearances. The sweep of Grossman’s pen can exhaust the er. True to its title, “Life and Fate” mixes gritty battlefield descriptions with acute psychological insights, wrenching dilemmas and deep philosophical reflections about the nature of good and evil. It is at once funny, gruesome, tragic, informative, romantic and disconcerting. The central message of horror jars with the simplistic but widely held notion that the war was a black-and-white struggle between beastly Nazis and their valiant adversaries.这本书并没有立即获得成功。在出版后的几年,亚历山大#8226;索尔仁尼琴的作品比较出名,人们对改革感到兴奋,接着是苏联解体,这些都使该书黯然失色。这本书也长得令人生畏,人物众多,名字容易混淆,让人昏乱。有时读过几百页才能搞清人物的来龙去脉。格罗斯曼下笔的拖沓可能会令读者厌烦。《生活与命运》文如其名,将敏锐的心理洞察力、痛苦的困境以及对善恶本质的深刻哲学思考与坚韧不拔的战场描述揉合在一起。本书集滑稽好笑、阴森可怕、悲剧色、内容翔实、罗曼蒂克和仓惶失措于一身。本书始终秉持苏德战争是残忍的纳粹和他们英勇的对手之间你死我活的斗争这样的观念,除此之外,中心思想就是恐怖,处理过于简单,产生了不和谐之感。201109/153855Bob Prout will spend 0,000 for a solar system powering his family's 3rd-generation funeral home in N.J. and still saveBob Prout's grandfather started his family-owned funeral parlor in 1920. It's changed a lot since then. Did , did people look at you and say you're crazy? What kind of a funeral parlor runs on solar energy. Even my best friend told me I was nuts. But when you talk to people now, what's their reaction?Now that the energy costs have sort of skyrocketied now, and people are getting their bills. I've got, there've been much warmer reception. Prout installed 114 solar panels on his roof 3 years ago before the price of oil reached 5 a barrel and before rates in his town rose dramatically. when you factor in the tremendous rate increases, I am still paying half of what I was paying three years ago for my electric. Paul says he produces about 3/4 of his electrical needs for his business and home upstairs. Every hour each individual solar panel produces enough energy for more than two 75-watt bulbs. The energy flows directly into the house and can be used immediately for things like light or air conditioning. whatever is not used is then sent out over the grid and is bought by the power company. the power company gets renewable energy to sell to consumers and Prout gets paid, last year, making some ,400. Technically, your energy may be in any of these wires, generally (that's correct) running around here(absolutely correct). That could be used at that building or the next building down the street. under the state's clean energy program, New Jersey helped pay for the panels which cost 0,000. Prout's share, ,000. He has aly cut his electrical bill some months by more than half.February was 259, 3 in March. Prout plans to add more panels by the end of the year. And I would like to see how low I could get the bill. I am Deborah Feyerick for CNNMoney.com200812/59345

  The iPhone in some sense also changed the world. It changed everything.iPhone在某种程度上也改变了世界。它甚至改变了一切。This is about blogging protests in realtime.它能实时的让你在客中畅所欲言。This is about getting news about your grandmother in realtime.它能实时的让你得到你的祖母的消息。Its about seeing people you havent seen in years through a device that youre holding on to and thats whats powerful about having something so connected in such a really meaningful way at all times.它能实时的让你通过手中的设备和自己很多年没见过的人联系,这种设备如此强大以致于它能无时无刻让你的生活锦上添花。Jobs micromanages every step of the iPhones development, rejecting several prototypes.乔布斯见了iPhone每一步的发展,他当初也曾拒绝过几个最初的原型。词语解释:1. device n. 设备2. powerful a. 强力的 163289World Markets Mixed Amid Stimulus and Corporate Concerns全球股市涨跌不一英国亏损高World markets were mixed Thursday due to investor concerns over the U.S. stimulus plan and more gloomy corporate news. In Britain, the Royal Bank of Scotland, or RBS, has posted the largest annual loss in U.K. corporate history with a billion shortfall for 2008. 全球股票市场星期四涨跌不一,投资者对美国经济刺激计划以及更多来自企业的黯淡消息感到担忧。在英国,苏格兰皇家公布2008年亏损额高达340亿美元,创下英国企业史上最大的年度亏损记录。Investors in Asia say more specifics about the U.S. government's financial rescue plan are required to change market sentiment there. 亚洲投资者表示,美国政府的金融救助计划应该更加具体,才能够改变亚太市场的情绪。On Thursday, most Asian indices were down. Only markets in Australia and Taiwan rose.In Europe, the picture was more upbeat as investors welcomed a British plan that will allow struggling banks to access government insurance against future losses.  欧洲股市则相对乐观。英国政府准备出资担保陷入困境的,以免遭受进一步的亏损,投资者对此表示欢迎。In the case of the Royal Bank of Scotland, hundreds of billions of dollars worth of debt will now be covered by the taxpayer-funded asset protection program. 以苏格兰皇家为例,价值数千亿美元的债务将得到由纳税人的钱来持的资产担保计划的保护。Because of this, British taxpayers now hold an 84 percent stake in the bank. Treasury Secretary Alistair Darling maintains the move is necessary. 正因为这点,苏格兰皇家的84%的股份由纳税人拥有。英国财政大臣达林坚持认为,采取这样的措施是必要的。"We are putting in additional support to RBS to help it get through this recession and in addition to that we are offering insurance about 325 billion pounds of assets, these are things like commercial loans or mortgages which are worth less now then they were perhaps a few months ago but which we hope will increase in value as we get through this recession," Darling said. 他说:“我们现在向苏格兰皇家提供额外的持,帮助他们渡过这次衰退。除此之外,我们还为他们3250亿英镑的资产提供担保,这些包括商业贷款以及住房贷款等,住房价值目前比几个月前要低,但是我们希望在渡过衰退后,房屋资产价值会有所回升。”The asset insurance announcement came on the same day as the bank disclosed the highest-ever annual corporate loss in British history of billion. 就在政府宣布给予资产担保的同一天,苏格兰皇家宣布亏损340亿美元,创下英国企业史上最大的年度亏损记录。Despite the huge sums, Darling promises when this global downturn is finally over, the taxpayer will see the money currently being pumped into institutions like RBS, returned to the public coffers. 尽管数额巨大,但是达林承诺,全球经济衰退最终结束后,纳税人会看到为苏格兰皇家等其他机构提供的钱会收归国库。"Because the majority shareholding is owned by the taxpayer, when we are able to return RBS to normal, private ownership in the commercial sector, then of course those shares will be sold and that money will come back to the taxpayer," he said. 他说:“由于现在公司的大部分股票由纳税人掌握,当我们有能力让苏格兰皇家回归正常,股份重新为私人拥有时,我们会将这些股票出售,钱将归还纳税人。”Meanwhile, there is widesp anger in the country with the disclosure that the former chief executive of RBS has started to collect a 0,000 a year pension from the bank that is now being supported by public funds. 与此同时,有消息说,苏格兰皇家前首席执行官已经开始从现在依赖公共资金运作的取相当于每年93万美元的养老金,这个消息使英国民众普遍感到愤怒。Prime Minister Gordon Brown says the matter is being looked at. 英国首相布朗说,政府正在调查此事。"What we are trying to do whether it is with the bonus culture, the remuneration culture, the pensions culture or with the vast sponsorships of some of these companies is clean up the banking system so that it does the job it was intended to do, what people used to trust the banks to do," the prime minister said. "And that is, to lend money to ordinary citizens and keep the deposits safe and that is what we will continue to do, to make that clean up comprehensive." 他说:“我们现在试图做的就是,不管是否有奖金、酬金、养老金或是其他各种赞助等企业文化,我们就是要清理系统,让承担它本来应该承担的角色,人们相信应该承担的角色,也就是说,向普通人发放贷款,保持存款的安全。我们将持续不懈,确保清理做到彻底。”Other institutions such as the Lloyds banking group are said to be looking into participating in the government's asset-protection plan. 据说,莱斯等其他机构也在考虑加入政府的资产担保项目。02/63343

  Global Fears Force Shares Down in Europe担忧全球经济导致欧洲股市大跌Worries about the health of the global economy are again taking their toll on the world markets. Following earlier drops in Asia, European indexes are down across the board. 对全球经济健康的担忧再次冲击着世界市场。在稍早亚洲股市下跌之后,欧洲各大股指全面下滑。The reason for the global gloom rests with recession fears in the ed States. Electronics retailer Circuit City is the latest high-profile casualty. It has filed for bankruptcy protection. 全球经济一片黯淡,其主要原因是担心美国出现衰退。美国电子产品零售商“电路城”是最新一个引人关注的牺牲品。电路城已经申请破产保护。Also, worries about the big-three U.S. automotive giants continue to focus nervous investor attention. After posting a .5 billion loss in the third quarter, General Motors said it could run out of operating cash next year. Shares in GM plunged 23 percent overnight to levels not seen since the end of World War II. 此外,人们对美国三大汽车巨头前景的担忧,仍是紧张不安投资者关注的话题。通用汽车在第三季度出现25亿美元的亏损后表示,运营资金明年将告罄。昨天通用汽车的股价狂跌23%,为二战结束以来的最低点。In Europe, oil prices are down. Financial sector stocks like UBS and Deutsche Bank are also taking a hit. 在欧洲,石油价格下跌。而诸如瑞士联合和德意志的金融业类股也蒙受损失。In London, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says he wants to see coordinated action on the stimulus front when world leaders gather later this week in Washington to talk economics.  在伦敦,英国首相布朗说,世界领导人本星期晚些时候在华盛顿举行经济问题会谈时,他希望各国领导人在刺激计划方面能采取协调行动。"We are in a position to take the action," Mr. Brown said. "Other countries including Germany and France and others I have mentioned like China are taking action. We have taken some action aly and we are prepared to look at further action. That is the way to get the economy through this difficult time. And one initiative here and there is not going to make the difference. What you need is a coordinated strategy and preferably a coordinated strategy across the world and not just in one country."  布朗说:“我们准备好采取行动。其它国家包括德国、法国,以及我提到的中国等国家正在采取行动。我们也已经采取一些措施,并着手出台进一步的措施。这是使经济摆脱这个困难时期的途径。但是,各国单独采取的措施解决不了大问题。我们需要的是协调战略,最好是全球统一协调行动,而不是某一个国家的行动。”Mr. Brown says nations have only one effective option and that is to work together.布朗说,世界各国只有一个有效的抉择,那就是共同合作。"This is, I repeat, a global problem that you can see sping across every part of the world so it does need these global solutions," Mr. Brown said. "And that is why I pressed hard for this Washington meeting, it is also why I hope out of the Washington meeting, people will get a sense that all countries are prepared to take the action that is necessary."  他说:“我重申,那就是,这是个全球问题,正在向世界的每一个地区蔓延,因此需要拿出一个全球性的解决办法来。我极力敦促召开这次华盛顿会议的原因正在于此。同时,我希望通过这次华盛顿会议,人们能认识到所有国家都准备好采取必要的行动。”The economic slowdown is becoming more evident by the day in Europe. In Britain, housing sales are at their lowest level in more than 30 years and retail sales figures for October show the largest falls in three years. 欧洲经济放缓的迹象与日俱增。在英国,房屋销售数量为30多年来的最低水平,10月份的零售数字显示出三年来最大的跌幅。Many analysts feel that stimulus plans among those countries attending the Washington gathering will help to boost domestic consumption in places like Britain. They also warn against the urge to place protectionist barriers up. 许多分析人士认为,出席华盛顿会议的那些国家出台的刺激计划将能帮助在英国等国扩大内需。他们同时警告说,要提防设立贸易保护主义壁垒。200811/55874

  Red Cross: Nightmare Scenario Unfolding in Cholera-Stricken Zimbabwe红十字会:津霍乱疫情像恶梦  The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies says a nightmare scenario is unfolding in Zimbabwe as the number of cholera deaths and cases continues to mount. The Red Cross says it is hit with a severe funding crisis and this is hampering its ability to contain the deadly disease. 国际红十字会与红新月会联合会说,津巴布韦霍乱疫情造成的死亡和患病人数还在增加,那里正在出现恶梦一样的惨状。红十字会说,严重的资金危机正在削弱红十字会控制这场疫情的能力。Senior health officer for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Tammam Aloudat, has recently returned from Zimbabwe. He says the cholera outbreak in the country is increasing in scale and it is claiming more lives. 国际红十字会与红新月会联合会的高级医疗官员阿洛达最近刚刚从津巴布韦返回。他说,津巴布韦霍乱疫情的规模正在扩大,死亡人数也在增加。"The scenario that was described a few weeks ago and was told to be an excessive nightmare scenario is happening," said Aloudat. "It is unraveling in front of our eyes. We have close to 50,000 cases and close to 3,000 deaths aly."  他说:“几个星期前,有人告诉我们那里的情况就像可怕的恶梦,这种惨状目前正在发生,就在我们的眼前出现。已经有近5万人得了霍乱,近3000人死亡。”Several weeks ago, humanitarian agencies were warning that Zimbabwe's cholera epidemic could peak at 60,000. They called this a nightmare scenario and said all measures must be taken to contain the disease.  几个星期前,一些人道主义机构警告说,津巴布韦的霍乱疫情可能导致6万人患病。它们把这种情况称为恶梦,并说必须采取一切行动控制霍乱。Aloudat says the Red Cross and other aid agencies have the expertise and the will to control a disease that, under more normal circumstances, can be fairly easily contained and prevented. 阿洛达说,红十字会和其它组织有控制疫情的专业知识和意愿。在比较正常的条件下,霍乱是一种相对容易控制和预防的疾病。"Today as we speak, the Red Cross is providing treatment, providing sanitation, water and providing volunteers who are going to their communities to educate them and providing personal hygiene materials," said Aloudat. "This is what has the potential to avert a cholera outbreak. We can definitely contain this outbreak given the resources. We are not anymore in the 19th century."  他说:“就在此刻,红十字会正在提供治疗、卫生设备、水和志愿者。这些志愿者进入他们所在的社区,教人们如何防病,发放个人卫生用品。这些工作本来有可能防止霍乱发生。如果有人力物力,我们一定可以控制疫情。毕竟我们不是生活在19世纪了。”But, that is the problem. The Red Cross is not being given the resources, the money it needs to carry out its life-saving mission. The agency appealed for over million at the end of last year. Aloudat says this appeal is about 60 percent under-funded. 不过,问题正在于红十字会并没有得到这些治病救人所需的资源和资金。红十字会曾在去年底呼吁得到900多万美元的资助。但阿洛达说,红十字会最终只得到大约40%的资金。"The lack of funding is probably a mixture of several aspects and most important, we have seen the funding drop when Zimbabwe dropped off the TV screens. It is not about the politics or persons here. It is about the ability to reach people who are now dying of cholera and need assistance now. I think linking the humanitarian assistance to cholera to politics is not a good idea."  他说:“缺乏资金可能是多种因素造成的,其中最重要的是,当津巴布韦不再出现在电视新闻中时,我们得到的资助就减少了。我们谈论的不是津巴布韦的政治或领导人,而是为那些即将被霍乱夺走生命的人提供帮助的能力,这些人现在就需要救助。我认为,把对霍乱疫情的人道主义援助同津巴布韦的政治联系起来是不明智的。”Aloudat says Zimbabwe's health system is completely shattered. He says health professionals are not going to work because they are hungry and they are not being paid. He says one of the most important things that must be done to control the epidemic is to top off the salaries of doctors and nurses so they report for work. 阿洛达说,津巴布韦的医疗系统已经完全崩溃。他说,医疗工作者由于饥饿和得不到工资而不去上班。他说,为了控制疫情,最重要的是必须补发医生和护士的薪水,以便让他们回去上班。01/61491。

  提起瑞士,你会想到什么,手表、多功能军刀、巧克力,还是时装?今天,我们就带您走进瑞士,体验一场浪漫而时尚的欧洲之旅。Hello and welcome to Travel Blog, a weekly feature for people who love to travel and enjoy new experiences. We take you on fascinating journeys where you'll rediscover familiar places and find out about new and unusual travel experiences. And we provide you with all the practical information you need to plan your own trip.Well, if you could travel through only one European country, which would you choose? Italy? France? Germany? How about a taste of three in one? That can only mean Switzerland. Today, we'll start our journey from the heart of Europe - Switzerland. Switzerland might bring several key icons to mind- watches, multifunctional pocket knives, cuckoo clocks, chocolate and fashion. However, that's not all there is to Switzerland. With the incomparable beauty of its mountainous landscape, pristine lakes, lush green countryside and picturesque towns, Switzerland is unique and truly a land like no other. Now we have Feng Hui from the Beijing office of the Swiss Tourism Bureau. She'll be with us to take a closer look at this beautiful country. "When we talk about Switzerland, everybody, just like you, getting in mind will be the Alps, chocolate, Swiss Army Knife, banking, and skiing. To give you an overview of Switzerland, it's really a mini country in the middle of Europe, with the neighborhood country like Germany, Austria, France, Italy. It's only about 40,000 square meters, let's say it's (as big as) two and half Beijing city, with only 7 million population. 201003/97914

  中美展开高层对话,应对全球气候变暖问题。相关专家接受访问,谈两国在此次交流中的积极意义和遇到的阻碍。相关文本:We began with the meeting with Premier Wen Jiabao, and I was frankly a little surprised he was so focused on US-China Clean Energy Cooperation, framing it in part as important for the US-China relationship, and then also as important for advancing the capabilities to reduce carbon emissions. He was so positive about that, that I really thought that this was a serious indication, a very serious Chinese interest.Oh, I don't think we have obstacles. I think we've got very promising future, you know, it's interesting, I came here, and I spoke at a conference celebrating 30 years after normalization. Interestingly, the first agreement signed after normalization was a science and technology agreement. There are numerous obstacles, some are political, some are technical, some are bureaucratic. The political obstacles, frankly, include the reality that there is distrust on both sides. Many in China view US efforts to engage China in carbon reduction as a US ploy to try to slow the rate of China's economic growth and prevent China from becoming a major power. Many in the US view China with suspicion, feeling that if the US moves forward rapidly on clean energy, China will use it for competitive advantage by having looser regulations in China, so the Chinese enterprises don't bear the cost of moving to lower carbon processes. So there is mutual suspicion to overcome on both sides. There're many problems in a more technical sphere. The regulatory environments in the two countries differ a great deal. Standards differ quite a bit. We are at different stages of developments. So in many ways, our economies don't have exactly the same needs, especially when you get down to details of technological advances. All countries and particularly all countries that are major emitters of carbon dioxide have every interest to work altogether. We welcome working with India and China, we welcome them all working together. The situation is a lot different from Kyoto. I think there is a much wider recognition of the need to act in concert.Well, I am not very optimistic about Copenhagen overall. If the test of success is the capacity to get a global agreement on targets, I don't think that's going to happen. At the same time, I think it is a mistake to make that the test of success. Unfortunately, many governments and many news media have done that. As we approach Copenhagen, we do have an opportunity, and there is time. I know that many worry that the ed States Senate may not pass legislation. Well, I believe they are wrong.11/88517

  Israel to Build 700 Homes in East Jerusalem以色列将在东耶路撒冷建设700幢住宅Israel plans to build nearly 700 new apartments in disputed East Jerusalem, defying demands by the ed States and the Palestinian Authority for a freeze on settlement construction. While Israel has imposed a partial freeze on construction in the West Bank, government spokesman Mark Regev says that does not apply to Jerusalem, which Israel says is the eternal capital of the Jewish people.以色列不顾美国和巴勒斯坦当局提出的冻结定居点建设的要求,计划在有争议的东耶路撒冷建造近700户新的公寓住宅。尽管以色列部分冻结了约旦河西岸的定居点建设,以色列政府发言人雷格夫说,这项政策并不适用于耶路撒冷。以色列认为耶路撒冷是犹太人永久的首都。"I want to be very clear. In the Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem, there is not going to be a freeze, there cannot be a freeze. We never promised to freeze construction in those areas," he said. 雷格夫说:“我想十分清楚地表明这一点。在耶路撒冷的犹太人社区不会实行冻结。那里不能被冻结。我们从来没有承诺要在那些地区冻结定居点建设。”The ed States, which is a sponsor of the Middle East peace talks, says Israeli settlements are an obstacle to peace, and the issue has strained relations with Israel's right-wing government. The Palestinians, who seek East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state, say they will not return to negotiations until all settlement activity stops.主导中东和平谈判的美国表示,以色列定居点问题是实现和平的一个障碍。这个问题已经造成美国与以色列右翼政府间的紧张关系。巴勒斯坦人寻求将东耶路撒冷作为他们未来国家的首都。他们表示,如果不停止所有的定居点活动,他们就不会回到谈判桌上。Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said, "This decision to build new housing units in East Jerusalem undermines the credibility of those involved in making the peace process continue."巴勒斯坦谈判代表埃雷卡特说:“在东耶路撒冷兴建新住宅的决定破坏了那些参与推进和平进程的人们的信誉。”Israel says peace talks should resume without preconditions.以色列表示应该无条件恢复和平谈判。12/93398

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