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英语日常会话-从起床到出门-- :5: 闹钟响了吗?Did the alarm clock go off? *go off是闹钟“响”的意思Did the alarm clock buzz?Did the alarm clock ring?该起床了!It's time to get up! (该起床了!)I don't wanna get up. (我真不想起)It's time to wake up!It's time to get out of bed.It's time to get y.快点儿起床!Get up soon.Get up soon. (快点儿起床!)I don't want to. (我真不想起)你醒了吗?Are you awake? *get up是动词,表示“起床”、“起”的动作awake是形容词,表示“醒了”、“没睡”的状态Are you awake? (你醒了吗?)I am now. (我刚醒)你不舒吗?Are you feeling sick? (你不舒吗?)No, I'm just tired. (没有,只是有点儿累)睡得好吗?Did you sleep well? (睡得好吗?)Yes, I slept very well. (嗯,睡得挺好)Did you sleep well? (睡得好吗?)No, I couldn't fall asleep. (哪儿啊,几乎没睡着)能帮我关掉闹钟吗?Would you turn off the alarm clock? *turn off的原意是“关”,多用于收音机、电视、照明等类的东西虽然现在有许多东西无需用钮开关,但一般也用turn off表示Please turn off the alarm clock. (请把闹钟关了)你终于起来了You finally got up.You finally got up. (你终于起来了)I'm still sleepy. (我还困着呢!)今天是个好天!It's a nice day!It's a nice day! (今天是个好天!)It sure is. (是不错啊)It's a beautiful day!It's a wonderful day!It's a great day!昨晚你熬夜了?Did you stay up late last night? *stay up late“睡得晚”、“熬夜”Did you go to bed late last night?把被子叠好Let's fold up the futon. *fold意为“折叠”,fold up意为“叠好”、“叠整齐”;futon原本是日文,现在英文中也逐渐使用,意为“被子”Let's put the futon away. (把被子收起来吧)昨天晚上你打呼噜了You were snoring last night. *snore“打呼噜”You were snoring last night. (昨天晚上你打呼噜了)Did I keep you up? (影响你睡觉了吗?)You were sawing logs last night. *saw logs原意为“锯木头”,在此用来表示“打呼噜”我做了个可怕的梦I had a nightmare.I had a nightmare. (我做了个可怕的梦)It's all right now. (现在没事了)你一直没关灯啊You left the light on. *left (leave)是“保持某种样子”、“保持某种状态”的意思,表达“电灯一直开着”、“发动机一直开着”、“窗户一直开着”也可以用这种句型You got to turn off the light. (你忘了关灯了)我得洗脸了I have to go wash my face. *go wash是go和wash两个动词连用,口语中常用可以把它看作是go and wash的缩略形式该吃早饭了It's time to eat breakfast.It's time to have breakfast.我还困着呢I'm still sleepy.I'm still drowsy.我还打哈欠呢I'm still yawning.昨天的酒还没醒呢I have a hangover.我是个夜猫子I'm a night person. *“早上起不来”的意思I'm a night person. (我是个夜猫子)I'm not. (我可不是)I'm a morning person. (我喜欢早起)我是用咖啡来提神的Coffee wakes me up.Coffee gets me going.刷牙了吗?Did you brush your teeth?Have you brushed your teeth?我得梳梳头了I have to comb my hair.穿什么好呢?What should I wear?What should I wear? (穿什么好呢?)The red one. (穿红的吧!)Which dress should I wear?Which one should I wear?What should I put on?快换衣Hurry up and get dressed.Hurry up and get dressed. (快换衣)Why? (干嘛?)把睡衣收好Put those pajamas away!Put those pajamas away! (把睡衣收好)Oh, I'm washing those. (啊,我正要洗呢)我走了,妈妈I'm leaving. Bye mom!I'm leaving. Bye mom! (我走了妈妈再见!)Study hard. (好好学习啊!)I'll see you when I get back.I'm taking off now.See you.See you later.今天我们逃学吧Let's play hooky today! *play hooky为俚语“逃学”Let's play hooky today! (今天我们逃学吧)Yeah, let's. (好哇,走吧!)你毛衣穿反了You're wearing your sweater inside out.You have your sweater on inside out.上下颠倒了It's upside down.别忘了扔垃圾呀Don't get to take out the garbage.Don't get to take out the garbage. (可别忘了扔垃圾!)I won't. (忘不了!)今天该你扔垃圾了It's your turn to take out the garbage. *garbage也可以用trash和rubbish替代今天你干什么?What are you doing today?What are you doing today? (今天你们干嘛?)We're having a track and field meet. (今天我们开运动会)你快点儿,我们该迟到了If you don't hurry, we'll be late.If you don't hurry, we'll be late. (你快点儿,我们该迟到了!)Okay, Okay. (知道了,知道了)Hurry up or we'll be late.快点儿,上学该迟到了Hurry or you'll be late school.Hurry or you'll be late school. (快点儿,上学该迟到了)What time is it? (现在几点?)你锁门了吗?Did you lock the door?Have you locked the door?没忘了什么东西吧?Aren't you getting something?Aren't you getting something? (没忘了什么东西吧?)I don't think so. (我想没有)都已经8点了!It's aly 8:00.It's 8:00 aly.我晚了!I'm late!I'm late! (我晚了!)Hurry up! (快点儿吧!)我得赶紧走!I have to rush!I have to hurry (up)!I have to get going!I have to get moving.你今天会回来得晚吗?Are you gonna be late today?Are you gonna be late today? (你今天会回来得晚吗?)No, I'll be home at the usual time. (不,和平常一样)几点回来?What time are you coming home?What time are you coming home? (几点回来?)Around seven o'clock. (大概7点左右吧)饭盒带了吗?Have you got your lunch box?Have you got your lunch box? (饭盒带了吗?)Yes, right here. (嗯,带了)今天好像要下雨It might rain today.It might rain today. (今天好像要下雨)Take your umbrella with you. (带上伞吧!)出门的时候,可别忘了锁门Don't get to lock the door when you leave.My May Holiday --1 18:7: 来源: My May Holiday I had a long holiday May Day .I was very happy, because I could do anything I want.During those days. I enjoyed myself. At first, I went to the zoo to see lovely animals. And then. I went to the sea world to see beautiful fishes. That was very interesting. Secondly I went a trip with my parents, we went to Linxia to visit my grandparents and to eat minority’s foods. We rode horse on the grassland and had a fun with local children. It was very exciting. After that, I held a party and invited some of my best friends to visit my house. My mother bought a lot of tasty foods us, we also took many photos on the party. We played very happy. I also watched lots of carton films at home, they were wonderful.I like the holiday. I like my May Day.我的家庭成员(My family member) -- :59:59 来源: 我的家庭成员(My family member)my house contain four people, having me the daddy respectively, my mama, my grandmother, also have me!we live together very happy!but our occupations are all different.my father does department of financial analysis to do a finance work, my mother also does a finance work in the department of financial analysis, so my house has to compute a good person to hold!my daddy is a work in samely the hospital with my mama!still had me the grandmother to also work at the hospital bee of, she is to be a nurse, however retired now!although my grandmother at ordinary times very overelaborate , very big doctor!but she also writes to think our healthy bodies very much!but i be just an inside learn of student!my house is a happy family!

:The Sweet Candies --01 3:: 来源: The Sweet CandiesCharacters: Narrator(N),Salesman(S) ,Mom,Maggi(M), Alice(A),个Candy(C), 个Policeman(P)Preparation:学校门口布景,做糖果用桌及相关材料,Maggie家布景 Scene1(At Salesman’s home)N: In a dark dirty house, there lived a small, dirty sale sman. He always makes unhealthy candies and sells them to the students. He has a lot of money now. But how does he make the candies? Oh, xu …… He is coming! S: Hello,do you know me? No? Oh, let me tell you .I’m the famous candy salesman at the school gate.My candies arevery popular,I don’t know why.The foolish students always come here. I’ll be a boss soon! Candy, money, candy, money…… (看表) Oops! It’s time to make candies now. (把粉倒到桌上,加水,加糖等用力搓)press, press…… (一块粉掉地,捡起来看看,又放进粉里)Never mind! (满不在意的情) Press, press……(用口水搓搓手,然后继续)Oh, my god!(鼻涕出来,用手擦后继续)Never mind! They don’t know it. it’s OK,he hehe…… Now let me cut it! (菜刀在地上磨一磨,再用刀切)One, two, three, four, five……Wow,OK now! (推糖果出来)糖果钻出来(跳舞),跳完后,非常难过地说:Oh, I’m so dirty and ugly! What can I do? The students will eat me! And they will be ill! Wuwuwu…S: Mmmm…It looks dirty, (突然想到一个点子)let me give you a nice coat! (给它穿上) Wow! it’s so beautiful! Haha… … C: Oh, no! I’m dirty!(把糖果拖出来,放到摊子上推下场) Scene(At the school gate)N: when the class is over, all the students come out happily and the salesman goes to the school gate as usual. (Maggie和Alice 欢快地跑出校门,看到小贩)(小贩推摊子上场,吆喝):Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! …… M: Oh, Alice! Look! Candies! A: yummy! M: Let’s ask him. A: OK! S: Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! ……(引诱两个女孩) MA:we want two Sweet candies!S: Do you have money?(轻蔑) MA: Money?(对视) No….S: No money? sorry! (吆喝着Candies! Candies! Sweet candies! ……走开,下场) M: What can we do now? A: Let’s ask mom.M: But how to ask? A: How?…Oh,I know ,(突然想到一个点子,悄悄告诉她)M: Good idea! Year! (两人一起击掌,欢跳下场) Scene 3:(At Maggie’s home) N: The children have to go home and ask mom some money, they will do something clever. (妈妈在擦家具)MA: (冲进家高兴地说)mom ,mom .Let’s help you !(接过妈妈手中的布,拿起拖把“洗刷刷”音乐响起) (做完后,三个人坐在沙发上)Mom:You are so good today.M: mom…Mom: What’s the matter?A:Can we have some money,please?Mom:Why?M:we want to buy some candies.A: Sweet candies! ……Mom:You can’t. They are unhealthy.Please go and do your homework.(置之不理,转头看报,孩子走开)(M做出难过的表情)A:I know.(诡秘的表情,轻声在M耳边说)M:good idea ! Let’s go !(两人走到妈妈的前面)A:Mom .I want a new ruler,M: I want a new eraser.Mom:No,no,no…(继续看报)A;My ruler is broken.(拿出尺子)M:My eraser is so small.(拿出橡皮)Mom:(看后)Ok,But,don’t buy the food at the school gate.It’s unhealthy.Do you know?AM: Yes,madom.Mom: Here you are.(给钱)AM:Thank you ,mom,bye bye.(非常高兴,下场)N: The next day, when the class is over ,Maggie and Alice come to the salesman again. They buy some candies and eat them, (孩子高兴地买了糖,边吃边回家,小贩,M,A下场,)N: but soon they feel a stomachache. M: Aiyo!……(孩子到家后肚子痛两人躬着背进场) A: Aiyo!…. Mom: What’s wrong? M: I’ve a stomachache! A: Me too! Mom: What did you eat? Candies? M A: Yes. We had some candies just now. Mom:Oh! You’ve cheated me! I told you that don’t buy the food at the school gate, they are unhealthy!(生气) M A: But they look nice! MA: Aiyo…… Mom:Well, Let’s go to the salesman together and have a look! MA: OK. Scene : (At the school gate) N: When they get to the school gate, a policeman is asking the salesman to go away. (正走到校门口,发现警察驱赶校门口的小贩)P: Hey! You shouldn’t stay here, leave now! C: Let’s go home, let’s go home! (轻声并拉小贩) S: Why? My candies are nice and popular here! And…M: Mom,it’s him. Aiyo…(指着小贩)Mom:: He? (警察走过来问妈妈,朝小孩) P: What’s the matter with them? Mom: They got a stomachache after having his candies. S: Really? No,no,no…… P: Stop!(打断小贩) Look at the two girls!You must go with me!(非常严厉,然后抓住S) S: Oh ,no. (羞愧) Policeman(对小孩): Girls, please listen! Don’t buy the candies next time. They are unhealthy. Mom::Yes, And you shouldn’t tell a lie to me. Try to be an honest person! Will you? MA: OK, mom.P: Let’s take them to the hospital now. D: OK, Let’s go. (全部退场)N(出场): A few days later, the girls recovered. (全部出场)And this story is trying to tell you that some of the phenomenon must be kept down, we hope it could be improved soon.Thank you !(谢幕)本文由网整理 英语 话剧 剧本

《蜘蛛侠II 精电影对白 -- :5:56 来源: 故事发生在“蜘蛛侠”打败“绿色恶魔”的两年后,彼得·帕克远离自己挚爱的女友玛丽·简,继续过着平淡而充满刺激的双重生活,白天他依旧是温文尔雅、有些木讷的大学生,晚上则化身成为拥有无限超人力量、除暴安良的蜘蛛侠不过彼得·帕克却越来越难以平衡这种双重性格,周围的人开始怀疑他的身份,甚至很多人对其开始猜疑和误解彼得·帕克一直生活在矛盾中,他希望向玛丽表白自己的爱恋,更希望能够跟她坦诚自己的真实身份另外,彼得发现好友哈里·奥斯本对蜘蛛侠杀了他的父亲,一直耿耿于怀,身陷仇恨,不可自拔……与此同时,一场失败的实验使一位被称为“章鱼士”的天才科学家变得偏激和疯狂,为了夺取权力和钱财,“章鱼士”耍出各种手段,让他成为令蜘蛛侠最头疼的敌人蜘蛛侠为了阻止这位疯狂科学家的恶行,开始了又一场惊心动魄的冒险之旅……Peter Parker''s having a rough time. His double life as the superhero Spider-Man is having a devastating impact on his civilian life. Things are so bad he declares that he''s quitting, and never putting on the suit again. However, his sense of duty ces him to become a hero again when the brilliant scientist Dr. Otto Octavius is demed in an accident and becomes Dr. Octopus. With four metal tentacles sticking out of his back, he''ll prove to be a more than worthy opponent Spider-Man.影片片段:Peter: Now what?Peter: Doctor Octavius. We have to shut it down. Please tell me how.Octavius: Peter Parker! Brilliant but lazy!Peter: Look at what''s happening. We have to destroy it.Octavius: I can''t destroy it. I won''t.Peter: You once spoke to me about intelligence. That was a gift to use the good of mankind.Octavius: A privilege.Peter: these things have turned you into something you''re not. Don''t listen to them.Octavius: It was my dream.Peter: Sometimes to do what''s right we have to be steady and give up the things you want the most, even our dreams.Octavius: You''re right. He''s right. Listen, listen to me now.Peter: Now, tell me how to stop it.Octavius: It can''t be stopped. It''s self-sustaining now.Peter: Think!Octavius: Unless...the river! Drown it! I''ll do it.Peter: Hi!MJ: Hi.Peter: This is really heavy.Peter: MJ, in case we die...MJ: You do love me.Peter: I do.MJ: Even when you said you didn''t.Octavius: I will not die as a monster.MJ: I think I always know all this time who you really were.Peter: And you know why we can''t be together. Spiderman will always have enemies. I can''t let you take that risk. I will always be spiderman.语言点提示:1. turn someonesomething into... 把某人某物变成...someonesomething turn into...某人某物变成...例如:Lisa has turned into a beautiful woman.丽莎已经长成一个大姑娘了. in case (of...) 万一...,以防...例如:In case it rainsIn case of the rain, you''d better bring an umbrella with you.你最好带一把伞以防下雨 《蜘蛛侠II 精电影对白

我喜爱的花(My Favourite Flower) -- :50:31 来源: 我喜爱的花(My Favourite Flower)  my favourite flower is lily. lily is the national flower of france. i like white lily best. because it’s very beautiful and pure. i planted a white lily in my garden in spring. i watered it every day.  it grew very fast. it was taller and taller. one day, i got home after school. the lily blossomed. it looked like an elegant fairy. i was too excited to cry, “oh, white fairy, white fairy!” i couldn’t help dancing. at that night, i dreamt that i was a beautiful fairy.

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