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Ginger has been used as a medical aid for centuries. It contains over 100 different chemical components, the most effective being Gingerol - a highly potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent, according to Dr. Axe.几个世纪以来,人们都在用生姜进行医疗救助。据埃克斯士所述,生姜还有100多种不同的化学成分,最有效的成分是姜酚,它是一种高效的抗氧化剂和抗炎剂。If you are in pain, just eat some ginger. Ginger helps reduce pain, decrease inflammation and inhibit bacteria such as protozoa and Salmonella. 如果你感觉疼痛,那就吃点生姜吧。生姜有助于缓解疼痛、降低炎症、抑制原生动物和沙门氏菌等细菌。It has also been proven to cure morning sickness and prevent indigestion and nausea. In some cases it relieves seasickness and motion sickness as well.也有人明生姜可治愈晨吐、预防消化不良和恶心。在某些情况下,生姜可以减轻晕船和晕车的症状。Support your digestive system, boost your immunity, heal your ulcers and fight off cancer with this flexible ingredient. It can be consumed in many forms; tea, beer and cooking.让功用多多的生姜提高你的消化系统、增强你的免疫系统、治疗你的溃疡、抗击癌症吧。吃生姜的方式多种多样:泡茶喝、放在啤酒里、做菜的时候也可放一点。1. It has anti-inflammatory effects- Ginger is an anti-inflammatory that has been used as a valuable tool for pain relief, according to Dr. Mercola. He explains that according to a study it has been ;found to be as effective as ibuprofen in relieving pain from menstrual cramps in women.; It also helps with migraine, muscle and joint pain.1. 生姜有抗炎作用。生姜是一种抗炎药物,已成为缓解疼痛的有效工具,据Mercola士说道。他解释道,据一项研究表明:研究员们已发现;在缓解女性月经疼痛方面,生姜和布洛芬同样有效。;生姜也能缓解偏头疼、肌肉酸痛和关节疼痛。2. May protect against cancer- Research has shown that ginger has the ability to shrink tumors; it#39;s even more effective than many cancer drugs, according to Natural Society.2. 可以预防癌症。研究已表明生姜可以缩小肿瘤;据自然协会所述,生姜甚至比许多的抗癌药物更有效。3. It#39;s great for your gut health- Ginger helps with digestion, reduces nausea and may even help reduce stomach infections. It helps relax the muscles in your gut lining, which in turn helps food move through your system and relieves irritable bowel syndrome symptoms - gas, bloating, cramps, constipation etc.3. 生姜有利于肠道健康。生姜有助于消化、减少恶心,甚至能降低胃部感染。它有助于放松肠道肌肉,从而使食物顺利的通过肠道。生姜还能减轻肠易激综合征症状--放屁、腹胀、抽筋、便秘等等。4. Boosts immune system- Ginger is a strong antioxidant that has been shown to naturally boost the immune system. It contains tons of vitamins, some of which include magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium. Ginger helps kill cold viruses and has been said to combat chills and fever.4. 增强免疫系统。生姜是强有效的抗氧化剂,已被明可天然增强免疫系统。生姜含有多种维生素,包括镁元素、铁元素、锌元素和钙元素。生姜有助于杀死感冒病毒,据说能治愈感冒和发烧。5. Can treat morning sickness and nausea- During the first few months of pregnancy, women tend to experience morning sickness - nausea, vomiting. Ginger has been shown to help soothe the stomach and relieve nausea symptoms. Tip: Add a slice of raw ginger to tea or water.5. 生姜可以治疗晨吐和恶心。怀的头几个月,女性往往会有晨吐的体验--恶心、呕吐。研究人员已表明生姜能舒缓胃部、缓解恶心症状。小贴士:在茶或水里放一片生姜即可。译文属 /201704/501660

We often believe that fertility starts and ends in the bedroom - that it can be boosted with just a little more cuddling, longer foreplay, and a return to hand-holding.我们通常认为房事止于床笫之间--你可以用多一点儿的拥抱、更长的前戏和更多的温存来刺激对方的兴致。But research has revealed that too much exercise could be affecting our baby-making abilities.但是据一项研究显示,运动过度可能会影响我们的生育能力。#39;Your body views exercise as a form of stress and this signals to the hypothalamus in the brain it might not be a safe time for reproduction,#39; Australian exercise physiologist Sarah King wrote on News Corp.澳大利亚运动生理学家萨拉·金在News Corp上写道:“人体会将运动视为一种压力,而下丘脑的这个信号对人类生殖活动来说可不是什么好事儿。”#39;A cascade of changes...can occur which leads to menstrual cycle changes, failure to ovulate or complete loss of periods in some women.#39;“一连串的变化可能会出现,导致女性生理周期失调、无法排卵,甚至可能会导致某些女性完全绝经。”A regular exercise regime has been proven to improve reproductivity as it helps lower stress levels, improves heart health and, of course, keeps weight in check.定期运动已经被明可以提高我们的生殖能力,因为那可以帮助我们降低压力水平、改善心脏健康,而且当然还能帮助我们保持体重。A US study even found that women who exercised at least 30 minutes a day were less likely to suffer from ovulation disorders that reduced their fertility.美国一项研究甚至发现,女性如果每天至少锻炼30分钟,换上排卵障碍从而降低生育能力的可能性就会降低。But multiple studies have also shown that too much intense exercise can actually hurt fertility in the long run, irregulating both periods and hormone production.但是许多研究也显示,如果激烈运动过度,长期来看实际上会损害生育能力,导致女性生理周期失调和激素分泌紊乱。There#39;s no one size fits all when it comes to the optimal weight or body type one needs to have a body.对于生孩子最理想的体重和体型是什么样的这个问题,并没有适合所有人的标准。King suggested women aim for a healthy BMI between 18.5 to 24.9 and consume a healthy diet that#39;s heavy on whole foods.萨拉建议女性朋友保持一个在18.5到24.9之间的健康体重指数,并保持一个侧重全食的饮食习惯。#39;This weight range is associated with optimal reproductive function and reduces your chance of complications, such as gestational diabetes, during pregnancy,#39; she wrote.她写道:“这个体重范围的人有最佳的生殖功能,还能够减少诸如期糖尿病等怀期间的并发症。” /201704/503705

There is a new quiz online that aims to test how well you can see different colours.最近,网上新出了一个测试颜色识别能力的在线测试。The eye test is devised by quiz site Playbuzz and shows a spectrum of varying different colours ranging from purple right through to a deep red.这款视觉测试由Playbuzz网站设计,有一道从紫色到深红色不同颜色逐渐变化的色谱。You are then asked #39;How many colors can you see in the picture below?#39; before being given a list of four different options.测试问题是“你在下面的图片中能够看到多少种颜色?”后面列出了四个不同的选项。Scroll down to find out the answer向下滚动找出The answers include the following: Less than 20, 20-32, 32-39 and More than 39.如下:小于20,20-32,32-39,大于39。Each result gives you a different answer about what kind of eyesight you have.每一个结果都针对你的视力级别给出不同。If you spot less than 20 colours in the quiz, then you are a dichromat.如果你在测试中发现的颜色少于20种,那么你就是二色视者。This means, according to Playbuzz, that you probably have two cones in your eye.Playbuzz称,这意味着你眼睛可能有两种视锥细胞。They say: #39;Only 25 percent of the population are dichromats! But don#39;t worry, cause dogs are dichromats too.#39;Playbuzz称:“只有25%的人是二色视者,但不要担心,因为也是。”If you can see 20 to 32 distinctive colours, then this suggests you are a trichromat who has three types of cones in your eye in the purple/blue, green, and red regions.如果你能看到20-32种不同颜色,那么这表明你是三色视者,你的眼中存在紫/蓝色、绿色和红色三种视锥细胞。Playbuzz reckons about 50 percent of the population are trichromats and it means you are #39;full of energy, love and positivity.#39;playbuzz估测约50%的人是三色视者,这意味着他们“精力充沛,充满爱心和正能量”。If you are able to spot 32 to 39 distinctive colours in the picture then you#39;re like a bumblebee.如果你能够从图片中识别出32-39种颜色,那么你就像是一只大黄蜂啦。Playbuzz writes: #39;You have four types of cones in your eyes, which is a real rarity!Playbuzz写道:“你的眼睛有四种视锥细胞,这实在是太稀有了!#39;Only 25% of the population is a tetrachromat! You are extremely bright, sharp and unique.#39;“只有25%的人是四色视者!你非常聪明、敏锐且与众不同。”If, however, you managed to count more than 39 different colours shown on the spectrum, then you may have to count again.然而,如果你能够在色谱上数出超过39种颜色,那你可能要重数一遍了。There are only 39 different colours in the test so if you think you#39;re seeing more than 39 you may be counting wrong!测试中只有39种不同颜色,所以如果你认为自己看到的颜色超过39种,那么你可能数错了! /201611/480006An “outstanding” performance in the Americas and “renewed growth” in China for Rémy Cointreau’s Cognac business have handed the company a strong first half to the year, writes Peter Wells.由于旗下干邑业务在美洲地区表现“出色”以及在中国“恢复增长”,人头马君度(Rémy Cointreau)上半财年业绩强劲。The French spirits maker said the performance was boosted by its high-end products and a positive foreign exchange effect, and has stuck to its operating profit guidance for the fiscal year.这家法国烈酒制造商表示,业绩受到旗下高端产品和正面汇率效应的提振。该公司维持之前做出的本财年营业利润指引。Reported operating profit in its House of Rémy Martin unit, which accounted for 31.6 per cent of total group sales by value, rose 9.1 per cent at constant exchange rates to EURO101.9m in the six months to September 30 compared to the previous year.在截止今年9月30日的6个月里,该公司旗下House of Rémy Martin部门报告的营业利润按恒定汇率计算同比增长9.1%,至1.019亿欧元。该部门的销售额占到整个集团的31.6%。Operating profit for the liqueurs and spirits division was up 8.6 per cent at constant exchange rates to EURO27.4m in the first half compared with a year earlier.甜酒及烈酒部门的营业利润按恒定汇率计算同比增长8.6%,至2740万欧元。For the group, operating profit rose 7 per cent at constant exchange rates compared with a year earlier to EURO123.9m, slightly ahead of analysts’ forecasts for EURO123m. Sales rose 4.1 per cent at constant exchange rates to EURO513.4m, also topping market forecasts.整个集团的营业利润按恒定汇率计算同比增长7%,至1.239亿欧元,略高于分析师预期的1.23亿欧元。该公司销售收入按恒定汇率计算增长4.1%,至5.134亿欧元,也超出了市场预期。 /201611/480003

The first animal species to become extinct第一个将要绝迹的物种 /201704/504579

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