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Thursday afternoon in a 60 zone, this 34-year-old motorcyclist was on his way home.星期四下午,在一条速限60公里的路上,这位34岁的托车骑士正在回家的路上It#39;s our job to work out why he never got there.让我们来说明他为什么回不了家The rider broke his neck on impact here, having crashed into this car that was turning right.这位骑士在撞击时弄断了脖子,他撞上了要右转的车By analysing the impact, we know he hit the car at 30km/h.我们分析了一下,他在冲撞时的速率是每小时30公里And these marks on the road tell us that he skidded for 21m, having braked hard here.从路上的煞车痕可以看出他在煞车后滑行了21公尺When he first reacted, he was doing 68.当他意识到前方车辆时,车速是每小时68公里But let#39;s change one small thing.现在来做一个小小的改变At 60, the driver would have had more chance to see him properly,若车速是每小时60公里,车上的驾驶将有更多机会注意到他he#39;d have stayed in control and reached this point a moment later.他也不会因此失控,并能安全渡过The car would have cleared his path and he#39;d be home by now.车子将不会撞到他,而他现在也已经安然无恙的到家了You decide on your speed. The physics decides whether you live or die.你可以决定车速。但物理定律将决定你的生死 Article/201612/485113栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201505/375503

Amateur captured the moment a crane collapsed at the Grand Mosque in the Muslim holy city of Mecca. A loud bang can be heard followed by frantic movement among the crowds of worshippers at the site.在麦加穆斯林圣地大清真寺,业余视频拍摄到一起重机倒塌的瞬间。砰的一声巨响后,现场做礼拜的人群疯狂蹿动。At least 107 people have died and 238 people were wounded, according to Saudi authorities. It comes days before the annual hajj pilgrimage which sees millions of Muslims converge on Mecca.据沙特当局称,至少有107人死亡,238人受伤。事件发生在麦加一年一度的朝圣节前几天,有数以百万计的穆斯林聚集于此。The civil defence authority said strong winds and heavy rains had caused the crane to topple over. Last year, Saudi Arabia began a major expansion of the holy site in order to accomodate 2.2 million people at a time.民防局称,强风和暴雨是导致起重机倒塌的原因。去年,沙特阿拉伯开始对该圣地进行大规模扩展,以达到每次容纳二百二十万人。With such vast numbers visiting, Saudi authorities have invested heavily in improving safety and transport systems in order to prevent disasters.随着大量人口的到来,沙特当局已投入巨资改善安全和运输系统,以防止灾害的发生。A full investigation is now underway to assess the damage as well as the safety of the sites.目前正在进行全面的调查,评估造成的损害以及该地的安全性。译文属。 /201509/398360

We would perform all night, tell you the truth, evety day.每天都要表演一整晚Voice of Michael Jackson lnterview courtesy of J. Randy Taraborrelli迈克尔·杰克逊口述 访谈由J·蓝迪·塔拉普雷利提供We would be dancing, doing James Brown,我们会跳舞 模仿詹姆斯·布郎and a lot of people throwing money on stage, and standing ovations.有许多人会扔钱上台 站立替我们鼓掌And then, soon as we drove home, we#39;d get up and go to school.然后一回到家门口 就差不多要去学校了And we couldn#39;t keep our pants up #39;cause we had so much money in #39;em.口袋满满的钱重到裤子一直往下掉l mean, change just broke #39;em.零钱重到把裤子撑破了And there Was this man#39;s house, who used to sell candy,有个人在家里卖糖果we used to stop there and just load up, eat candy for days.我们以前都会去买一大堆 吃它个好几天They had a studio at home and they had these big mirrors and stuff.他们家有设置录音室 还有许多大镜子And they would say, #39;Do it again, do it again, do it again, do it again. #39;他们会说 再来一次 再一次 再一次And next thing you know, seven, eight, nine hours go by,晃眼八 九个小时就过了but they were looking for perfection.但他们要求的是完美They were focused, that#39;s what l liked about them.他们很专注 我很欣赏这点They were serious about doing it, and it was about perfection.他们非常的认真 事事要求完美Johnny Jackson and Ronnie Rancifer约翰·杰克逊与罗尼·兰斯福were part of the early Jackson 5.早期曾与杰克逊五人组合作They were not named members他们并不是正式成员but they were a part of the group, and an integral part of the group.但却是那大家族的一分子 很重要的组成Back then, we didn#39;t have the greatest instruments in the world.那时我们的乐器并不是最好的Other big name groups, they would have big PAs and all that.其他那些著名乐团 都有大型扩音机之类的Jacksons didn#39;t have that, but what they had was soul.杰克逊家族并没有 但是他们充满灵魂see... And soul goes a long way.灵魂的魅力是无法抵挡的You can have jillion worth of equipment, baby,就算你拥有昂贵的器材but if you ain#39;t got no soul, you might as well stay home.少了灵魂也是白搭 Article/201508/392763

The educational materials presented here were developed以下教育资讯由爱荷华州立大学by students and faculty at the department of食物科学和人类营养学院的food science and human nutrition at Iowa State师生共同研究产生University.Funding for this project was provided此计划由美国中西部癌症协会by grants from the American Cancer Society Midwest和兰斯,阿姆斯特朗基金会and the Lance Armstrong Foundation.The materials提供资助,节目资讯旨在are intended for education use and are not meant教育用途而非提供医疗建议to provide medical advice.We welcome your feedback我们欢迎您对这些资讯提出about these materials.Please use the evaluation您的反馈,请点击主页上的survey link on the homepage to provide评估调查链接来提供your comments and suggestions.您的与建议If you can remember back to your first few years in如果您还记得您小学时最初的几年elementary school think about your favorite subject.请回忆一下您最喜欢的科目是什么Maybe you really enjoyed your math class and也许您真的喜欢数学课had parents that would congratulate you on您的父母会称赞您因为your 100 percent gold starred math homework.您的数学作业得了一百分On the other hand maybe you were not so good at也有可能,您不是很擅长数学math but loved art class and had parents that would却对艺术课情有独钟,您的父母always make sure to ask about all of your latest总是关切地询问您最近在学校所做的creations in school.Or maybe your favorite subject所有作品,再或者,您最喜欢的科目was ing or music.Well, I want to talk to you是阅读或者音乐,那么,我告诉您about my favorite subject, the lunch period.我最喜欢的科目吧,那就是午餐时间Parents should be talking to their kids about父母们应该就他们的孩子在学校选择what they choose to eat at school in the same way吃什么与他们谈谈,就像父母们parents ask their kids about how they are doing in询问他们的孩子在数学课上表现如何那样math class.Education is now more than the three Rs.现在的教育已不仅限于那三个;R;了So let#39;s start the discussion by所以我们就从学校食物营养的现状来开始talking openly about the facts of school nutrition.开诚布公地谈一谈Now this is important information for anyone这是一个相当重要的信息,无论对于任何who is a parent, a grandparent, a future parent,父母,祖父母,未来的父母anyone who is a babysitter, anyone in the作保姆的人,以保健为职业的人healthcare profession, anyone in a profession还是从事与学校和任何社区成员associated with a school and any community member之类相关的职业的人in general.I#39;m sure it#39;s no surprise that obesity is我相信肥胖者的人数在我们国家正在on the rise for both adults and children in our nation.上升,无论大人还是孩子,这不足为奇This chart shows the obesity trend in both girls这张图显示了在6-11和12-19岁的and boys ages 6-11 and ages 12-19.The first column年龄段的女孩和男孩的肥胖趋势,第一组柱is showing data from 1963-1970 when less than显示了1963-1970年的数据,那时5 percent of children were overweight or obese.只有不到5%的孩子超重或者肥胖The last column is showing data from 2003-2004.最后面一组柱显示了2003-2004年的数据By this time between 15 and 20 percent of children这期间已经有15%到20%的孩子were overweight or obese.I have even that属于超重或者肥胖,我读到的数字更令人吃惊the number is now up to 32 percent of children现在已经有高达32%的between the ages of 2 to 19 that are overweight2到19岁的孩子属于超重or obese.One in two children between the ages或者肥胖了,在6到19岁的美国孩子中of 6 and 19 in the US is overweight or at risk of两个里面就有一个属于超重或者有超重的overweight.Data strongly suggests that obese children危险,数据强有力地说明了肥胖儿童are more likely to develop adverse health outcomes更有可能产生对自己健康不利的后果including diabetes, hypertension and even包括糖尿病,高血压,甚至a shortened lifespan.Weight loss attempts in寿命缩短,成年后的减肥尝试adulthood are very difficult and have limited success是非常艰难的,也收效甚微so it is very important and urgent to address and所以,非常重要和紧急的是要提出并reverse the obesity epidemic in childhood.扭转孩子在儿童时期的肥胖趋势Addressing the problem before it begins in childhood在孩子童年时期问题尚未出现时就把它提出来is a major public health strategy.Take a look这是一个重要的公共健康策略,看一看at the data on this next slide to see why early下一张幻灯片上的数据,您就知道为何早期prevention is key.The fact that 1 in 2 children预防是如此关键,事实是如此令人警醒are overweight or are risk of becoming overweight两个孩子当中就有一个属于超重或有变得超重is alarming.The fact that 32 percent of children的危险,另一个事实同样也令人警醒 32%are overweight or obese is equally alarming.的孩子是超重的或肥胖的 Article/201503/366545

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