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China said it would agree to open more of its vast government market to foreign firms as part of a decadelong bid to join a global pact on government purchases, which could ultimately benefit Chinese companies too.中国表示,将同意向外国公司进一步开放规模巨大的政府采购市场。这是中国10年来争取加入《全球政府采购协议》(Government Procurement Agreement)所做努力的一部分,而加入这个协议最终也有利于中国国内企业。As part of the annual U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, China#39;s vice minister of Commerce, Wang Chao said that Beijing sought to #39;accelerate negotiations#39; on what is formally called the Government Procurement Agreement. Beijing would agree to terms that are #39;basically the same of other participating nations,#39; Mr. Wang said in a press conference at the end of the two-day session.中国商务部副部长王超表示,作为美中商业贸易联合委员会(U.S.-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade, 简称:美中商贸联委会)年会议程的一部分,中国已寻求加快《全球政府采购协议》方面的磋商。他在两天期会议结束时的新闻发布会上说,中国将接受与其他协议国基本一致的条款。He didn#39;t provide further details of the offer which he said would be made next year. U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said that #39;we look forward to seeing that offer and seeing if there is a basis on which to consider accession to the GPA.#39;他没有进一步给出他所说的中国明年将提出方案的细节。美国贸易代表迈克尔#8226;弗罗曼(Michael Froman)表示,我们希望看到中国的方案,看看其中是否具备考虑接纳中国加入《全球政府采购协议》的基础条件。The U.S. Trade Representative, citing the Chinese Ministry of Finance, estimates government procurement for 2011 was at least 0 billion.弗罗曼援引中国财政部的数据估计,2011年,中国政府采购市场的规模不低于1,800亿美元。China has said for years it will join the World Trade Organization#39;s GPA, which assures that nations don#39;t discriminate against foreign companies in government bids. Unlike other WTO deals, the GPA doesn#39;t set rules that all WTO members need to follow. Instead, the 15 members of the GPA make commitments of various kinds to open their government bidding processes and those commitments apply to other GPA members.多年来,中国一直表示将加入世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization, 简称WTO)的《全球政府采购协议》,加入这一协议的国家必须确保在政府采购项目招标时不对外国公司采取歧视的态度。与WTO的其他协议不同,《全球政府采购协议》没有针对所有WTO成员国制定统一的规则。该协议当前的15个协议国就公开政府招标过程作出了不尽相同的承诺,而这些承诺同时也适用于其他协议国。Countries that want to join the pact make offers and the GPA members judge whether the offer is sufficient to join.那些希望加入《全球政府采购协议》的国家需要提出自己加入该协议的方案,并由现有的协议国判断方案是否满足加入条件。Since 2001, China has made offers that have been judged by the U.S. and European Union as inadequate. They want Beijing to include purchases by local governments and state-owned enterprises. It wasn#39;t clear from Mr. Wang#39;s statement how broad China#39;s offer would be.自2001年以来,中国已经为申请加入《政府采购协议》提出过多份方案,但被美国和欧盟(European Union)认为不够充分。欧美希望中国提出的方案能涵盖地方政府和国有企业采购。王超的讲话并未说明中国所作承诺的范围有多大。In the JCCT talks, China pushed for greater exports of high-tech goods from the U.S. and sought to clear the way for Chinese investment, Chinese and U.S. officials said. If China were a GPA member, its companies could have an easier time bidding for U.S. and state government contracts.中美官员表示,在美中商贸联委会的谈判中,中国希望美国扩大高科技产品的出口,并希望为中国在美国的投资铺平道路。如果中国成为《政府采购协议》的成员国,那么中资企业竞标美国联邦和州政府的采购合同时会更加方便。The JCCT focuses on a variety of technical issues, including intellectual property protection, export rules and specific trade disputes. On Friday, for instance, China announced that it had blocked the import of 545,000 metric tons of U.S. corn so far in cargoes that contained MIR162, an insect-resistant strain of the grain that is permitted in the U.S., Japan and Europe but not approved by China#39;s agriculture ministry. That issue became a subject of discussion at the talks.美中商贸联委会主要讨论各种技术问题,包括知识产权保护、出口规则和具体贸易争端。比如中国周五宣布今年截至目前已经阻止54.5万吨美国玉米的进口,因这些玉米含有转基因成分MIR-162。MIR162是一种抗虫害基因,在美国、日本和欧洲都允许使用,但尚未获得中国农业部批准。这一问题也成了美中商贸联委会讨论的话题。Chinese Vice Agriculture Minister Niu Dun said the corn was rejected #39;because safety assessment procedures for export of GMO corn weren#39;t completed,#39; using the term for genetically modified organisms. Mr. Froman called the matter an #39;area of continuing work,#39; but didn#39;t say whether any progress had been made.中国农业部副部长牛盾表示,这些玉米之所以被拒绝进口是因为没有完成美国转基因玉米出口的安全评估程序。弗罗曼称将美方将在这一问题上“继续努力”,但没有说明是否取得了进展。U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker said in an interview that one of the most important aspects of the session was for U.S. cabinet officials to get to better know Vice Premier Wang Yang, who headed the talks for the Chinese, so they can defuse trade and investment problems when they arise.美国商务部长普利茨克(Penny Pritzker)在接受采访时称,对美国内阁官员来说,本次美中商贸联委会会议最重要的问题之一就是更好地了解中方会谈代表、国务院副总理汪洋,这样在出现贸易和投资问题时双方可以及时化解。The meeting comes a month after a Communist Party policy conference, known as the Third Plenum, that issued a broad agenda for economic reform. The U.S. officials cited the document regularly in their arguments that China ought to make policy changes sought by Washington.就在此次美中商贸联委会会议召开前一个月,中共十八届三中全会公布了范围广泛的改革方略。美国官员在阐述自己的观点时经常引用这份文件来说明中国应该做出美国所希望的政策变革。Mr. Wang #39;was joking with us that maybe we knew the Third Plenum better than he did,#39; said Ms. Pritzker. #39;We were ing from it.#39;普利茨克称,汪洋与我们开玩笑说,美方可能比他更了解三中全会,因为美方常常会引述其中的内容。 /201312/269927

New home prices fell across China in August, underscoring the severity of a property market slowdown that some analysts say presents one of the greatest threats to the global economy.8月份全中国新公布的房价都出现了下跌,表明中国房地产市场增长严重放缓。部分分析师表示,这次放缓是全球经济的最大威胁之一。According to data from China#39;s National Bureau of Statistics, new home prices declined in 68 of 70 cities surveyed in August, including the wealthy cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.根据中国国家统计局(National Bureau of Statistics)发布的数据,在被调查的70个城市中,8月份有68个城市的房价出现下跌,其中包括北京、上海和广州等富裕城市。This compared to a price fall across 64 of the cities in July.相比之下,7月份有64个城市的房价下跌。On average, prices fell 1.1 per cent in August from July, according to a Reuters calculation based on the data.路透社(Reuters)从这些数据计算得出,8月份房价平均比7月份下跌1.1%。China#39;s property market is slowing following a multi-year, investment driven boom. The downturn has not only threatened global miners#39; profits by contributing to a slump in the price of steelmaking material iron ore. A prolonged property slowdown may also exacerbate stress on Chinese banks and the unregulated ;shadow; lenders, such as trust companies, which extend credit to higher-risk borrowers including real estate developers.在多年投资驱动的热潮之后,中国房地产市场的增长正在放缓。这次下行导致炼钢原料铁矿石价格的下跌,从而威胁到全球矿商的盈利。不仅如此,楼市长期低迷还可能加重中国各及“影子”的压力。所谓“影子”是指信托公司之类不受监管的金融机构,这些信托公司会向包括房地产开发商在内的高风险借款人发放贷款。As Beyondbrics guest blogger Andrew Collier, of Orient Capital Research, wrote in August following his analysis of trust loans: “The real problem area is property. Given that over 90 per cent of Trusts are invested in local real estate and infrastructure projects (according to our earlier examination of Trust Prospectuses), it is not surprising that the dominant source of defaults in the first wave of Trusts has been in the property sector. ”Beyondbrics特邀主、Orient Capital Research的安德鲁#8226;科利尔(Andrew Collier)8月份在分析信托贷款后曾写道:“真正有问题的领域是房地产。根据我们早先对信托公司章程的调查,逾90%的信托公司都投资于地方房地产及基建项目。考虑到这一点,房地产业成为第一波信托公司违约的主要发源地毫不让人意外。”Mr Collier added a follow-on problem was the ;web of guarantees and collateral; in trust loan contracts, having found that only 32 per cent of trust loans had persuaded borrowers to pledge land as security in cases where they could not repay.科利尔补充说,还有一个后续问题是信托贷款合同中“担保人和质押品构成的网络”。他发现只有32%的信托贷款曾说借款人,将土地作为无法还款时的抵押品。 /201409/329621

Not content with a 6.4 per cent tumble last Friday to cap off the worst week since the financial crisis, the Shanghai Composite chose to push the envelope today, chalking up a 7.4 per cent fall to 4,192.88.上周五,上综指收跌6.4%,为金融危机以来表现最糟糕的一周画上了句号。今日,该指数选择挑战一下极限,以7.4%这一更大的跌幅收盘,最终收至4192.88点。At an intra-day low of 4,139.53, the index was down as much as 8.57 per cent.该指数今日盘中一度跌至4139.53点,跌幅高达8.57%。The 7.4 per cent fall now ranks as the second-biggest fall this year for Shanghai stocks, behind a 7.7 per cent plunge on January 19. It also makes the cut as the fifth-biggest daily fall since 2000 (see table). The index is now down 18.8 per cent since a multi-year closing high of 5,166.35.上综指今日的下跌创下今年以来上海股市第二大单日跌幅(1月19日下跌7.7%),也是2000年以来的第五大单日跌幅(见图表)。上综指现在已较5166.35点的多年收盘价高点下跌了18.8%。That leaves the index very close to entering bear market territory, defined as a decline of 20 per cent from a peak.该指数非常接近于进入熊市,熊市的定义是自峰值水平下跌20%。On an intra-day basis, the Shanghai Composite did enter a bear market, with a fall of 20.06 per cent from an intra-day high of 5,178.191 on June 12 to today#39;s intra-day low. On a closing basis, the level for a bear market is 4,133.08.按盘中价格计算,上综指其实已步入熊市,从6月12日5178.19点的盘中高点到今日的盘中低点,跌幅已达20.06%。按收盘价计算,要达到熊市标准,收盘点位需要达到4133.08点。The Shenzhen Composite is aly growling, down 20.3 per cent from its June 12 record close of 3,140.663. The tech-heavy index closed 7.87 per cent lower at 2,502.96 for its biggest one-day drop since June 10, 2008, and its third-biggest one-day fall since 2000 (see table).深综指已从6月12日3140.66点的创纪录收盘点位下跌20.3%。成份股中科技股众多的该指数今日收跌7.87%,至2502.96点,为自2008年6月10日以来最大单日跌幅,也是自2000年以来第三大单日跌幅。For the week, the Shanghai Composite was down 6.37 per cent and the Shenzhen Composite was down 8.72 per cent, for the first back-to-back weekly declines since early February.本周,上综指累计下跌6.37%,深综指累计下跌8.72%,这是自2月初以来首次出现连续两周下跌。On a back-of-the-envelope calculation (relax, I#39;m using a spsheet), today#39;s fall wiped a combined 7bn in market capitalisation from the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges.粗略算来,今天的下跌导致沪深两市市值蒸发了7670亿美元。During China#39;s bull market of 2006-07, the Shanghai Composite suffered six corrections greater than 10 per cent (see squiggle chart). That includes a decline from mid-October to the end of November 2007 that wiped off 21.15 per cent. Although the index managed to recover some poise after that, the bear market had begun, and the index then sank for the next 12 months as the financial crisis took hold.2006-07年的中国牛市期间,上综指曾经历6次跌幅超过10%的调整(见图表),其中包括从2007年10月中旬到11月底的一轮下跌行情,那次的跌幅达21.15%。尽管该指数在那之后有所企稳,但沪市却开始步入熊市,随着金融危机站稳脚跟,该指数在接下来的12个月里一路下跌。In other words, during that previous bull market, there was no sustainable recovery from a correction as deep as the one Chinese investors are experiencing now. It remains to be seen whether that pattern will play out this time around.换句话说,在那次牛市中,中国投资者在遭遇和这次同等幅度的调整后,并没有迎来可持续的反弹。这一次,这一幕是否会重演,还有待观察。 /201506/383360

Investors have expressed disappointment over slow progress on easing capital controls and other financial reforms in the zone in the year since its launch. Data released on Friday confirmed the FTZ was a long way from becoming an international finance hub.投资者表示,对于上海自由贸易区(FTZ)成立一年来在放松资本管制和推行其他金融改革方面进展缓慢,他们感到失望。周五发布的数据实,上海自贸区距离成为国际金融中心还很遥远。Cross-border renminbi fund flows totalled Rmb156bn (bn), just 15 per cent of Shanghai’s total cross-border flows, Zheng Yang, director of the Shanghai financial services office, said in a briefing.上海市金融务办公室主任郑杨在简报中表示,跨境人民币资金流动总额为1560亿元(合250亿美元),仅占全市总量的15%。But Mr Zheng also hinted that more substantive changes may yet be in the pipeline, so long as they do not lead to volatile fund flows.但郑杨也暗示,会有更多实质性变化,只要这些变化不导致资金流动异常波动。“Free-trade [bank] accounts haven’t become a channel for hot money and arbitrage. Everything is normal. This is good preparation for the next step of conducting stress tests on capital-account opening,” he said.他说:“自由贸易账户资金流动正常,没有成为热钱流入套利和资金向内渗透的管道,这为下一步资本市场压力测试提供条件。”Last December the central bank established a framework for special FTZ bank accounts that enable easy transfer between overseas accounts. The rules also appeared to allow for transfers between FTZ accounts and bank accounts in the rest of China under certain conditions. In practice, however, regulators have been cautious about opening that channel.去年12月,中国央行为自贸区账户创建了一套制度,让海外账户之间能够方便地转账。这些规则看上去也允许自贸区账户与中国其他地区账户在某些情况下相互转账。不过,监管者在实践中对放开这一渠道一直很谨慎。“Right now moving funds from inside the FTZ to outside isn’t allowed,” Zhou Hong, president of the FTZ branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, told the Financial Times. “We call it the ‘second line’. Strictly speaking it’s still considered a cross-border transfer. Permeability is limited.”“眼下从自贸区内向外转移资金是不允许的。”中国工商(IC)自贸区分行行长周宏表示。“我们称之为‘二线’。严格来说它仍被视为跨境转账。资金渗透能力有限。”Such transfers are allowed only if the funds are used for trade or another approved purpose, she added.她补充表示,这种转账只在资金用途为贸易或另一种被批准的目的时才被允许。Indeed, regulators remain concerned about controlling the flow of speculative capital across borders. On Thursday the State Administration of Foreign Exchange said an investigation launched in April last year revealed bn in fake trade used as a cover for illicit fund flows.事实上,监管机构仍关注于控制投机资金的跨境流动。周四,国家外汇(State Administration of Foreign Exchange)表示,去年4月开启的一项调查已查出100亿美元的虚假贸易被用于掩护非法资金流动。Some analysts remain cynical about the prospects for more broad-based capital-account opening, arguing that the creation of dedicated zones is a means to strengthen government control rather than relinquishing it.一些分析师仍然对更广泛的资本账户放开前景感到怀疑。他们认为,政府设立特别区域是为了加强管控,而不是放弃管控。“These zones create corporate black boxes through which the anointed may flow money in and out of China,” Anne Stevenson-Yang, founder of Beijing-based consultancy J Capital Research, wrote in a note on Monday. “Clear rules have not been promulgated; the regime is, as they say, crossing the river by feeling for stones. That means that some people have more flexibility than others, all under supervision of regulators who decide passage on a case-by-case basis or at least company-by-company basis.“这些区域制造了企业暗箱,受到‘钦点’的人可以通过暗箱将资金转入和转出中国。”美奇金投资咨询公司(J Capital Research)创始人杨思安(Anne Stevenson-Yang)周一在一份简报中指出,“政府并没有公布明确的规则。整个机制是在所谓的摸着石头过河。这意味着一部分人拥有比另一部分人更大的自由,一切都在监管机构的指导下进行,它们按照每个具体案例、或至少每家公司的情况,决定该如何走。”“If there were a general intention to open the capital account and make renminbi into an international currency, either no such filter would be needed or the rules governing the use of these channels would be explicit and transparent.”“如果总体的打算是开放资本账户、让人民币成为国际货币,那么要么不需要设置这些关卡,要么这些渠道会有明确、透明的使用规则。” /201410/332601

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