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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan Seven years ago, Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan after a decade in exile to a boisterous welcome from hundreds of thousands of her followers. Over the weekend, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, 26, tried to reclaim the legacy of his mother with a huge rally in the southern port city of Karachi.巴基斯坦伊斯兰堡——七年前,贝娜齐尔·布Benazir Bhutto)结束十年的流亡,回到巴基斯坦,受到了数十万追随者的热烈欢迎。刚刚过去的周末6岁的比拉瓦尔·布托·扎尔达里(Bilawal Bhutto Zardari)尝试通过南部港口城市卡拉奇的一场盛大集会,继承他母亲的影响力。Thousands of party loyalists dressed in party colors of red, black and green gathered on the vast lawns in front of the mausoleum of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the countrys founding leader, dancing to party anthems and chanting slogans of support for the young party leader.数万名忠于他所在党派的持者身着代表该党的红色、黑色和绿色装,聚集在巴基斯坦国父穆罕默德·阿里·真纳(Muhammad Ali Jinnah)陵墓前广阔的草地上,随着该党的歌曲起舞,并反复呼喊持这名年轻政党领袖的口号。The rally was an attempt by the Oxford-educated Mr. Bhutto Zardari to capture the popular imagination and revive the sagging fortunes of his political party, the Pakistan Peoples Party, which was battered in the 2013 general elections after completing a five-year term in power, tainted by allegations of corruption and ineptitude. The party has been swept from the national stage and now wields power only on the provincial level, and in just one province, Sindh, where the party has had its power base for decades.曾就读于牛津大学的布托·扎尔达里希望通过这次集会激起民众的兴趣,重振他所领导的巴基斯坦人民党(Pakistan Peoples Party)。在2013年的大选中,结束了五年一届执政任期的该党,深受腐败和无能指控的困扰,遭遇重创。自那以后,人民党被从全国舞台上赶了下去,现在只在省一级,且仅在信德省这一个地方掌权。数十年来,那里一直是该党的权力基础。Mr. Bhutto Zardari has a tough task in rebuilding his party. Highlighting the challenge was a poor showing in a by-election in the central city of Multan last week in which the P.P.P.s candidate came in third, drawing only a few thousand votes. The winner of the election was an independent candidate supported by the opposition politician Imran Khan, a charismatic former cricket player.布托·扎尔达里重建人民党的任务颇为艰巨。让这一挑战突显出来的是,上周,在中部城市木尔坦举行的补缺选举中,该党表现糟糕,候选人只得到了区区几千张选票,仅名列第三。选举的获胜者,是颇具魅力的反对派政界人士、前板球明星伊姆兰·汗(Imran Khan)持的一名独立候选人。Mr. Khan, who has since mid-August been one of the leaders of a protest in the capital, Islamabad, against the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, is fast gaining momentum as a challenger to Mr. Sharif. He has been drawing huge crowds in rallies across the country, especially in Punjab, the most populous and prosperous province, which determines the political future of any political party here.月中旬开始,伊姆兰·汗一直在首都伊斯兰堡,参与领导反对纳瓦兹·谢里Nawaz Sharif)政府的抗议活动。作为谢里夫总理的挑战者,伊姆兰·汗势头猛增。在全国各地,尤其是人口最多、最富裕的旁遮普省,他能吸引到大规模的人群参加集会。旁遮普省决定着所有本土政党的政治未来。Mr. Khan is calling for fresh elections, claiming that Mr. Sharif came to power after a rigged electoral process, and tapping into a widesp feeling of discontent with the government.伊姆兰·汗要求重新举行选举,不仅宣称谢里夫是因为选举程序遭到操纵方才上台的,还在利用民众对政府的普遍不满。Inflation, power failures and allegations of nepotism and corruption against the Sharif family forcefully articulated by Mr. Khan seem to have struck a chord with the public in recent months.最近几个月,通货膨胀、断电以及针对谢里夫家族的裙带和腐败指控——伊姆兰·汗有力地提出了相关指控——似乎引起了民众的共鸣。Mr. Khans rallies have been drawing growing numbers of young men and women, mainly from the middle and upper classes, attracted by his calls for change.伊姆兰·汗领导的集会吸引了越来越多的年轻男女。主要来自中上层阶级的他们,被他的变革呼声所吸引。The rally in Karachi on Saturday signaled a new effort by Mr. Bhutto Zardari to project himself back on to the political stage and present himself as a future leader of Pakistan, as well as casting himself as the real representative of the countrys youth.卡拉奇周六的集会表明,布托·扎尔达里做出了新的努力,希望能重回政治舞台,把自己塑造成巴基斯坦未来的领导人,并显示出他是巴基斯坦年轻人的真正代表。He appeared to be trying to reincarnate the spirits of his grandfather, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, and Ms. Bhutto both charismatic figures who served as prime ministers.他似乎想表明,自己是外公佐勒菲卡尔·阿釷布Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto)和贝娜齐尔·布托的灵魂转世——这两个充满魅力的人物生前均曾担任巴基斯坦总理;I am Bhutto,; he said when he took to the stage on Saturday.周六,他站上讲台时宣布,“我就是布托。”Mr. Bhutto Zardari bears a striking resemblance to both his grandfather and mother and clearly emulates their oratorical styles in his speeches. His grandfather was executed in 1979 by the military government in power at the time; his mother was assassinated in 2007 after her triumphant return home.布托·扎尔达里的长相与外公和母亲非常相似,而且他还在讲话中刻意模仿二人的演讲风格979年,他的外公被当时掌权的军政府处决;2007年,她的母亲在成功回国后遭到暗杀。The rally in Karachi attracted at least 100,000 people, mostly from rural areas of Sindh, with some 22,500 police officers providing security, according to a police statement. A public holiday was declared in the city.警方声明称,卡拉奇的集会吸引了至0万人,其中大多来自信德省的农村地区,另有2.25万名警察在维持秩序。卡拉奇宣布当天为公众假日。However, fewer people turned up than the organizers had hoped for, especially from the urban population of Karachi. And many people started leaving in the middle of Mr. Bhutto Zardaris speech, analysts in the crowd said.不过,来到现场的人比组织者预计的要少,尤其是卡拉奇的城市人口。出席了集会的分析人士称,在布托·扎尔达里讲到一半时,许多人开始离去。In his speech, Mr. Bhutto Zardari accused his political opponents of using allegations of corruption to sink his party. ;Slogans about corruption are an excuse to stop us from serving you,; he said.在演讲中,布托·扎尔达里指责他的政治对手利用贪污指控来打击他的党派。他说,“关于腐败的说辞只是用来阻止我们务于你们的借口。”Political analysts seemed unimpressed with Mr. Bhutto Zardaris efforts to project himself as a leader and his oft-repeated contention that ;only Bhutto-ism can save Pakistan.;布托·扎尔达里为了把自己塑造为领导人所做的努力,以及他一再重复的“只有布托主义才能救巴基斯坦”的提法,似乎并没有给政治分析人士留下深刻印象。The speech was ;rhetoric steeped in the past;, said Cyril Almeida, an editor at Dawn, the countrys leading English-language daily.巴基斯坦的著名英文日报《黎明报Dawn)的编辑西里尔·阿尔梅达(Cyril Almeida)说,他的演讲“仍停留在过去”;Bhutto-ism means nothing for the new generation,; said Najam Sethi, a prominent political commentator who is the editor of The Friday Times and a talk-show host on GEO TV. He added that the P.P.P. was being eclipsed by the passionate supporters of Mr. Khans party.“布托主义对新一代人根本毫无意义,”著名政治员、《星期五时报The Friday Times)的主编、GEO TV的脱口秀主持人纳贾姆·赛提(Najam Sethi)说。他还表示,伊姆兰·汗的党派拥有热情的持者,让人民党相形见绌;Bilawals threat to Sharif and Khan is largely symbolic,; said Mosharraf Zaidi, an Islamabad-based political analyst. ;To make it a real threat, Bilawal needs to dramatically make over the P.P.P. in Sindh, and especially in Punjab. More of the same will not do.;“比拉瓦尔对谢里夫和伊姆兰·汗的威胁主要是象征性的,”伊斯兰堡的政治师穆沙拉夫·扎伊迪(Mosharraf Zaidi)说。“为了令这个威胁成为现实,比拉瓦尔需要让人民党在信德省改头换面,还有尤其是在旁遮普省。更多的老一套将无济于事。”来 /201410/336946

  China said it warned and tracked a U.S. Navy warship as it came close to one of its artificial islands in the South China Seas contested waters.中方在一艘美国海军战舰靠近它位于南海争端水域的一座人工岛时,发出了警告并且进行了追踪。Cui Tiankai, Chinese ambassador to the ed States, told CNNs Christiane Amanpour on Tuesday that the U.S. operation is ;a very serious provocation, politically and militarily.;中国驻美大使崔天凯在周二告诉CNN的Christiane Amanpour,美方的行为一种非常严重的政治和军事挑衅。Cui said it was a clear attempt by Washington to militarize the region.崔天凯称,很明显,这是华盛顿企图军事化该区域的一种尝试;It is a very absurd and even hypocritical position to ask others not to militarize the region while ones self is sending military vessels there so frequently,; he said.他说,“一边要求别人不要军事占领该区域,一边自己频繁地派兵是一种可笑甚至虚伪的行径和立场”。The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the vessel ;illegally entered into the waters of Chinas Spratly Islands.;外交部称,该军舰非法进入中国南沙群岛;The action taken by the U.S. warship has threatened Chinas sovereignty and security interest, and has put the safety of personnel on the reefs in danger,; a ministry statement said.一位外交部官员称,“美国军舰的行为已经威胁到了中国的国家主权、安全利益以及在珊瑚礁附近的个体的人身安全”。Two Chinese warships and naval warplanes monitored and warned the American vessel, the Defense Ministry said.国防部称,两艘中国战舰和两家海军战机监控到并且警告了美国战舰。A U.S. defense official told CNN that the destroyer USS Lassen ;conducted a transit; within 12 nautical miles of Subi Reef in the Spratly Islands on Tuesday morning.一名美国国防部的官员告诉CNN,周二早晨,驱逐舰拉森在南沙群岛的渚碧2海里内经过。The operation put the ship within an area that would be considered Chinese sovereign territory if the ed States recognized the man-made islands as being Chinese territory, the official said.官员说,如果美国政府意识到人工岛是中国领土的一部分,让船只航行的行为会被和中国领土主权相连。The ed States hadnt breached the 12-mile limit since China began massive dredging operations to turn three reefs into artificial islands in 2014 -- even though maritime law doesnt usually accord territorial waters to islands built on previously submerged reefs.014年中国开始大规模进行疏浚行动,把三片珊瑚变为人工岛以后,美国从未为北2海里限制,尽管海事法通常不同意在之前的暗礁领海内建立岛屿。U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter, testifying before a Senate panel, said the missions will continue.美国国防部秘书长Ash Carter在参议院调查组前作,说任务还将继续;We will fly, sail and operate wherever international law permits and whenever our operational needs require,; he said.他说,“无论国际法允许在何处,只要我们有任务需要,我们都会飞行,航行和运动”。来 /201510/406827



  What did the president know, and when did he know it? Such was demanded of Richard Nixon, who resigned 40 years ago next month. In no sense can President Barack Obama be morally compared with the man who brought us Watergate. He is neither a crook nor a liar.总统知道什么?他什么时候知道的?这些都是于1974月辞职的美国前总统理查#8226;尼克Richard Nixon)被要求回答的问题。从道德方面来说,美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)绝对不能与为我们带来“水门事件”的尼克松相提并论。奥巴马既不是骗子,也不是说谎者。But Mr Obama shares one problem that could cripple what remains of his presidency most people no longer trust him. The sentiment spans foreign allies as well as domestic critics. When trust goes, respect is seldom far behind.但与尼克松一样,奥巴马面临一个可能让其剩余任期陷入瘫痪的问题:大多数人不再信任他,这其中既包括外国盟友,也包括国内的批评人士。当失去信任的时候,尊重也就无从谈起。The most surprising example is Germany. It was in Berlin in 2008 that then Senator Obama unveiled his global promise an America that could once again be trusted. Germans no longer believe it. In the wake of the “friendly spyingring allegations, less than 40 per cent of Germans consider the US a trustworthy partner, according to one survey.最令人意外的例子是德国008年在柏林,当时还是美国参议员的奥巴马披露了其全球承诺:让美国重获信任。如今德国人不再相信这话了。一项调查显示,在“友好间谍活动”系列丑闻曝光后,还认为美国是值得信赖的合作伙伴的德国人比例不0%。Senior German figures cannot agree whether Mr Obama was unaware of Washington’s double agents, or dissembling. Either way, when Mr Obama spoke to Angela Merkel the day before the initial revelations he did not raise it. It was enough to make you want to cry said Wolfgang Sch#228;uble, the finance minister. Never before has a close US ally expelled a CIA station chief.奥巴马是真不知道华盛顿的双面间谍,还是在故意掩饰?德国高层看法不一。无论是哪一种情况,奥巴马在事件曝光前一天与德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)交谈时,他并没有提起这事。德国财长沃尔夫#8226;朔伊布勒(Wolfgang Sch#228;uble)表示,这足以让你想哭。此前从未发生过美国亲密盟友驱逐美国中央情报局(CIA)站长的事情。Mistrust is a nebulous concept. In the case of Mr Nixon, people rightly suspected he was crooked. In the case of Mr Obama, it is based on the perception that he is ineffectual. His words are so rarely joined to deeds. The net result is not radically different. When Mr Obama promises something will happen say a tightening of data surveillance safeguards, or a drive to overhaul US immigration policy people are no longer inclined to take him at his word. They may believe he means what he says. But they do not trust his ability to deliver.不信任是一个模糊的概念。就尼克松来说,人们正确地怀疑他不老实。对奥巴马的不信任建立在人们认为他无效的基础之上。他很少兑现承诺。最终结果没有什么根本性的不同。当奥巴马承诺将会发生某事时——比如收紧数据监视防护措施,或者推动改革美国移民政策——人们不再当回事。他们可能相信他说的是真心话,但不相信他有执行能力。There are Republicans who will swallow any number of preposterous stories about Mr Obama that he has used the Internal Revenue Service to hound conservatives, or has plans to liquidate old people in order to control healthcare costs. But the conspiracy theorists have been around since the day he took office. What has changed is the mindset of ordinary people. Most Americans say they no longer personally trust Mr Obama. And fewer than 30 per cent express trust in the office of the presidency.有些共和党人会全盘接受所有关于奥巴马的荒谬故事:他利用美国国税局(IRS)来侵扰保守派人士,或者计划消灭老年人以控制医疗成本。但自奥巴马上台那天起,阴谋论者就一直没闲着。真正改变的是普通人的想法。大多数美国人表示,他们在个人层面不再信任奥巴马。只有不0%的美国人表示信任奥巴马政府。Mr Obama’s instinct has been to march away from the sound of gunfire. On the one hand, he has made it known that he hates being in Washington. From now on Mr Obama will take every opportunity to get out into the real world, say aides. On the other, he blames the messenger for his predicament. Mr Obama says he enjoys interacting with ordinary people, as opposed to the “cynicswho live in Washington, including the US media. The word now crops up in nearly every speech. “It’s easy to be cynical, in fact these days it’s kind of trendy,he said. “Cynicism is a choice, and hope is a better choice.”奥巴马本能地想要远离指责。一方面,他透露出自己讨厌呆在华盛顿。奥巴马的助手称,从现在开始,奥巴马将利用一切机会投入真实的世界。另一方面,他将自己的困境归咎于信使。奥巴马表示,他喜欢与普通人、而不是华盛顿的“犬儒主义者”(包括美国媒体)来往。现在奥巴马几乎在每场演讲中都会用到“犬儒主义”这个词。他说:“犬儒主义是容易的,实际上如今这已成为某种潮流。犬儒主义是一种选择,而希望是一种更好的选择。”Journalism has more than its fair share of cynics. But most reporters are better described as sceptical. A cynic believes there is nothing new under the sun. A sceptic resists gullibility. On the basis of the latter, Mr Obama does not appear to relish being chief executive.新闻界当然不乏犬儒主义者,但将大多数记者称为怀疑者更好一些。犬儒主义者相信阳光底下没有一样东西是新的,怀疑者则是不肯轻信。按后者的观点来看,奥巴马似乎不是特别想在总统位置上坐下去。According to Mark Knoller, who chronicles the habits of US presidents, Mr Obama has now played golf 179 times considerably more than George W Bush, his golf-loving predecessor. Mr Obama dislikes spending time with fellow politicians. But he seems happy to attend endless fundraisers. He has now clocked up 393 fundraising events since becoming president, almost double that of Mr Bush.记录美国总统习惯的马#8226;诺勒(Mark Knoller)表示,奥巴马打了179场高尔夫,远远超过以热衷于高尔夫球出名的前总统乔治·W·布什(George W Bush)。奥巴马不喜欢与政客同僚消磨时间。但他似乎喜欢参加没完没了的筹款会。自担任总统以来,他总共参加93场筹款会,几乎是布什的两倍。If Mr Obama put half as much effort into co-opting or wrongfooting his opponents as he does raising cash from the wealthy, people might be less sceptical. It is not only journalists who remember Mr Obama’s promise in 2008 to limit his spending to public funding on condition that his Republican opponent agreed to do the same. Sure enough, his opponent (John McCain) accepted the deal. By then Mr Obama had discovered his great flair for raising money. He dropped the offer.如果奥巴马拿出筹款精力的一半来拉拢或者扰乱对手,或许会减少人们对他的不信任。包括记者在内的许多人记得,奥巴马曾008年承诺限制公共筹款活动,只要共和党对手同意做同样的事情。当然,他的对手约翰#8226;麦凯John McCain)同意了。那时奥巴马已经发现自己在筹款方面的巨大天赋。他食言了。Mr Nixon’s aides were caught laundering illegal campaign funds and imprisoned for it. Mr Obama’s methods are legal and transparent. They are like night and day. But nobody expected better from “Tricky Dicky Mr Obama, on the other hand, made large ethical claims that he would change the tone in Washington, that he would restore America’s moral authority in the world and that he would drive big money out of politics.尼克松的助理由于为非法竞选资金洗钱而被捕入狱。奥巴马的筹款方法是合法而透明的。两者有天壤之别。但没有人对“狡猾的迪克”(Tricky Dicky,指尼克松——译者注)有更高的期望。另一方面,奥巴马当初在道德方面口气很大,承诺要改变华盛顿的风气,恢复美国在世界上的道德权威,并且把“大钱”驱逐出政坛。If you seek an explanation for why Mr Obama riles so many voters and not just Tea Party conservatives the perception of double standards is at the root of the problem. Leaders who make grand moral promises set themselves up for a fall. If they cannot live up to them, the backlash is all the greater.如果你希望为奥巴马激怒如此多选民(不仅仅是茶党保守派)寻找一个解释,那么人们得到的双重标准印象是问题的根源。做出重大道德承诺的领导人很容易摔倒。如果他们不能兑现承诺,就会招致更大的反弹。That is why Mr Obama is so often compared to Jimmy Carter. For all his turpitude, Nixon was good at working the machinery of state to get things done, some of them very impressive. Even when they disagree, people want action from their leaders, rather than explanations for inaction. Nixon’s actions were sometimes heinous. Obama’s are often innocuous.正因为此,人们往往会将奥巴马与吉米#8226;卡特(Jimmy Carter)相提并论。尼克松尽管品行不端,但他擅长动用国家机器来做事,其中一些事情还令人印象深刻。人们即便不赞同某事,也仍希望领导人有所作为,而不是为无为找借口。尼克松的所作所为有时是可耻的,奥巴马的作为往往无关痛痒。“When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal,Nixon told David Frost. “If I do something, it is moral,Mr Obama appears to believe. Except when it isn’t moral, which brings on greater disillusion. Call it Mr Obama’s Germany syndrome.尼克松曾在接受采访时向戴#8226;弗罗斯特(David Frost)表示:“当总统这么做的时候,就意味着这件事并非不合法。”奥巴马似乎相信“如果我做某事,它就是道德的”。可有时候它就是不道德的,于是它更让人感到失望。可以将这称为奥巴马的德国综合症。来 /201407/314559PARIS There was a pair of shoes from Pope Francis and sneakers from the ed Nations secretary general, Ban-Ki Moon. Most were from ordinary citizens, like Gloria Montenegro, a 65-year-old Parisian, who left two pairs.巴黎——有一双教皇方济各(Pope Francis)穿过的鞋,还有一双联合国秘书长潘基文(Ban-Ki Moon)的运动鞋。不过大部分鞋都来自普通人,比5岁的格洛丽亚·蒙特内格罗(Gloria Montenegro)。她留下了两双鞋。All together, 11,000 pairs of shoes were on display in the Place de la République on Sunday morning in a silent demonstration in place of canceled marches and other events of support for action against climate change.周日上午,总共1.1万双鞋摆放在共和国广Place de la République)上,默默地表示持应对气候变化的行动。该活动取代了被取消的游行和其他活动。The installation represented “a collection of millions of steps marching toward the same direction,Ms. Montenegro said.蒙特内格罗称,这个展览代表“众人朝着同一个方向齐步迈进”。But the meaning extended beyond support for the climate negotiations about to begin here on Monday and run through Dec. 11. For people like Ms. Montenegro, the shoes also represented her will to find an alternative way to be heard after the French government banned a march and other planned demonstrations in the capital in the name of security following the terrorism attacks on Nov. 13 that killed 130 people.但其意义不止是持即将于周一在这里开幕,并将持续21日的气候谈判。在法国政府以安全为由禁止首都举行游行和其他原定的示威活动后,对像蒙特内格罗这样的人来说,这些鞋还代表着他们寻找其他方式表达自己观点的意愿。政府是13日发生导30人遇难的恐怖袭击后下达相关禁令的。“The COP has changed,Ms. Montenegro said, referring to the climate change conference. “It starts with an atmosphere that is not the atmosphere of freedom we usually find in Paris.”“气候变化大会变了,”蒙特内格罗说。“它的开场没有了我们通常会在巴黎看到的那种自由氛围。”The “Marching Shoesinstallation was meant to show the commitment of French people on climate issues, said Emma Ruby-Sachs, deputy director of Avaaz, a global organizing moment that began the shoe collection.发起这场鞋子收集活动的全球性组织机构Avaaz的负责人埃玛·鲁比-萨赫Emma Ruby-Sachs)表示,名为《游行的鞋子Marching Shoes)的这件作品意在表现法国民众在气候问题上的坚定。The pairs, laid out side by side, were displayed near the 31-foot bronze statue of Marianne, the central monument of the square where flowers, candles and messages have been left in tribute to the victims of the attacks.一双双鞋并排放着,旁边便是广场中1英尺高的玛丽安娜铜像。广场上还留着人们哀悼袭击遇难者的花朵、蜡烛和留言。Some of the pairs were decorated with flowers, and others wore messages such as “Stop to ecocideand, “If we have to fight for something, let’s fight for climate.”一些鞋上装饰着花朵,还有一些上面放着字条,写着“停止生态破坏”和“如果非要为什么而战,就为气候而战”等内容。Mr. Ban sent a message, too. “As the world gathers in Paris to stand up for climate action, let us also stand in the shoes of all the victims of terrorism, war and persecution,he wrote on a piece of paper displayed next to his shoes.潘基文也留言了。“在全世界齐聚巴黎,持采取气候行动之际,我们和恐怖主义、战争及迫害的受害者同在,”他在一张纸上写道。旁边便是他的那双鞋。The installation was one of several demonstrations organized worldwide after the French minister of foreign affairs, of Laurent Fabius, announced on Nov. 18 that the Climate March would be canceled.这次展览是法国外长洛朗·法比尤Laurent Fabius)118日宣布取消气候大游行后,在全世界范围内组织的几场展示活动之一。CoalitionClimat21, a group of 130 nongovernmental organizations, started March4Me, a platform that allowed Parisians to connect with people abroad so they could march in their stead. Marches took place on Sunday in places like Berlin, London and Melbourne, Australia.30个非政府组织组成的CoalitionClimat21发起了一个名叫“替我游行March4Me)的平台。可以通过这个平台与国外的人联络,让其代替自己参加游行。周日当天,柏林、伦敦和澳大利亚的墨尔本等地均举行了游行。In Paris, Fran Ploquin said shoes represented an appropriate symbol of sustainable development. “People should walk more, take the car less,Ms. Ploquin said. “We’d stop the global warming much more quickly and efficiently.”在巴黎,弗朗索瓦丝·普洛Fran漀椀猀攀 Ploquin)表示,鞋恰如其分地象征着可持续发展。“人们应该多走路,少开车,”普洛坎说。“这样我们就会更快、更有效地阻止全球变暖。”The shoes were removed at noon, shortly before skirmishes broke out in the square between pockets of demonstrators and the police.正午时分,展出的鞋被撤下。不久后,广场上的示威人群和警方之间便爆发了小规模冲突。来 /201512/412985

  NEW DELHI: India is willing to discuss all unresolved issues with Pakistan but only under a violence-free environment, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Wednesday.新德印度非常愿意在非暴力环境下和巴基斯坦讨论尚未解决的问题,莫迪周三说到。Ties went into a freeze for India and Pakistan when a Pakistani envoy, despite the discontent of the Ind ian foreign ministry, held meetings in New Delhi with the Kashmiri Hurriyat leaders last year.当去年巴基斯坦特使不顾印度外长的反对,与克什米尔的领导人在新德里召开会议时,印巴关系陷入僵局。However, both neighbours after a long delay took steps to resume the talks as the Foreign Secretary; S Jaishankar visited Islamabad in March for talks with his Pakistani counterpart.然而,双方在长期的延迟采取措施来恢复外长会谈后,S Jaishankar 五月访问伊斯兰堡,与巴基斯坦外长举行会谈;We remain open to bilateral dialogue with Pakistan on all outstanding issues in an environment free from terrorism and violence,; Modi told Hindustan Times in an exclusive interview.;在非恐怖主义和暴力环境下,我们仍然敞开与巴基斯坦就重大问题举行双边会谈的大;莫迪在一次独家采访时告诉印度斯坦时报。In his interview, Modi referred to the two most crucial governance treaties in history, which were signed to normalise relations between the uneasy neighbours and curtail a nuclear arms race in the subcontinent.这次独访,莫迪提及历史中两个重要政府协议,这协议是为了使两个关系紧张的国家正常化,和阻止次大陆核武器竞技;The Simla Agreement and Lahore Declaration have to be the basis for going forward,; he said.;西姆拉协定、拉合尔宣言必是前进的基;他说。As a gesture to improve relations between the neighbouring countries, Modi invited Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, along with other South Asian leaders to his inauguration last year.作为改善邻边国家关系的举措,莫迪邀请纳瓦兹#8226;谢里夫总理还有其他南亚领导人来参加他的就职典礼。However, Islamabads talks with Hurriyat leaders further worsened ties.然而,与印度领导人的伊斯兰堡会话加深了已经糟糕的关系;Peace can only thrive when the climate is right,; Modi said, when asked when the bilateral dialogue could resume.在被问及双边对话何时能够恢复时,莫迪说,;当气候适宜时和平便会茁壮成;。Discussions between Indian and Pakistan have been halted due to the slow development of the trial of the 2008 Mumbai attacks which led to the belief that Pakistan is not doing much to restrain militant groups in the country.印度和巴基斯坦之间的谈判已经停止,由008年孟买实验性袭击案的缓慢进展,这被认为巴基斯坦没有做足够的工作来制约激进组织。Islamabad denied the accusations and said it is doing its best to fight Taliban and other military group s on its soil.伊斯兰堡否认这些指控,并说到他们正在尽他们最大的努力与塔利班和激进组织作战。Modi also spoke on his pro-active engagement with Indias South Asian neighbours, ties that had drifted under the previous UPA government, sparking fears that such apathy would send these nations into Chinas arms.莫迪还谈到,他积极和南亚邻国接触,在前届联合进步政府已经漂白不定的关系,激起了忧虑,即这祥的冷漠会使这些国家投入中国的怀抱。Prime Minister Modi made several trips to these countries with the sole purpose of strengthening relations and marking its position in South Asia, while refraining China from making inroads into the region.总理莫迪访问过这些国家,出于一个目的——加强和巩固其在南亚的地位,然而抑制中国进去该地区;We want peace and prosperity in South Asia, we want SAARC to flourish. This vision of regional cooperation and connectivity impelled me to invite the prime minister of Pakistan and other SAARC leaders to our swearing-in-ceremony,; Modi stated.;我们想要南亚地区和平繁荣,南亚区域合作联盟繁荣昌盛。从区域合作与联通性角度考虑,我不得不邀请巴基斯坦总理和其他南亚区域合作联盟领导人来参加我们的宣言典礼;莫迪说;This remains a guiding factor in our foreign policy. The dividends are visible in the quantum leap in relations with Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka. But peace cannot co-exist with terrorism, can it?; he concluded.;这在我们的外交政策中,依然是一个导向性因素。与尼泊尔,不丹,孟加拉国,斯里兰卡这些国家的关系取得巨大的突破,从这获得的红利是看得见的。但是和平不能与恐怖主义并存,不是吗?;他总结到。来 /201504/370623


  Chinas First Lady Peng Liyuan will need to make room under the spotlight, because Cheng Hong is coming in to share it. 继中国第一夫人彭丽媛惊艳亮相媒体后,中国国务院总理李克强的夫人程虹也给公众留下了深刻印象。State media on Sunday and Monday circulated pictures of Ms. Cheng, the wife of Chinas premier Li Keqiang, as she accompanies her husband on a tour of Africa, where the duo will work to boost Sino-African ties. 官方媒体周日和周一纷纷刊登了程虹陪同李克强出访非洲的照片,两人此行是为了加强中非关系。Ms. Cheng is stepping onto the public stage at a time when President Xi Jinpings wife Peng Liyuan is also building her own political persona. Ms. Peng gained attention last year by accompanying her husband on trips overseas, as well as in March, when U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama visited China to spend time with the presidents wife, who is also a well-known singer. 程虹进入公众视野时值中国国家主席习近平的夫人彭丽媛打造自己的政治形象之际。彭丽媛去年陪同习近平出访国外引来多方关注。美国第一夫人米歇尔·奥巴马(Michelle Obama) 3月份访问中国时,彭丽媛还和米歇尔举行了会面。彭丽媛是中国著名的女歌唱家。But while Ms. Peng has gotten many plaudits for her dress sense, state media seems keen to stress Ms. Chengs scholarly achievements. 虽然彭丽媛以自己的着装风格受到不少好评,但对于程虹,官方媒体似乎更热衷于强调她的学术成就。This week, the official Xinhua News Agency touted on one of its official microblog accounts the academic achievements of Ms. Cheng, who has had a more than 30-year career as a well-liked English professor at Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing. According to Xinhua, Ms. Cheng met her husband while studying at Chinas top academic institution, Peking University. The pair have one child. 新华社本周在其官方微账户上介绍了程虹的学术成就。程虹在首都经济贸易大学教授英语已经有超0年的时间,深受学生爱戴。新华社称,程虹在北京大学进修时和李克强相识结婚,两人育有一女。Wives of political leaders have rarely been made so public, said Zhong Xin, director of Renmin Universitys Public Communication Institute. Chinas recent attempt to push them out into the limelight, she said, is an effort to take a more innovative approach to the countrys foreign relations. Such a diversification of figures involved in international communication, said Ms. Zhong, can help to create a friendlier, more accessible image for Mr. Li and also deepen understanding between diplomats. 中国人民大学新闻学院教授钟新说,政治领导人的夫人此前很少有这么公开的亮相。她说,近来领导人夫人亮相媒体是处理外交关系的一个更具创新性的方式。钟新表示,在国际交流中加入多样化的形象有助于为李克强打造一个更加友奀?更易接近的形象,同时也能增进外交官之间的理解。Ms. Cheng also brings her intellect to the table, said Ms. Zhong. She comes in not only as a wife, but also as a female intellectual, Ms. Zhong toldChina Real Time . 钟新表示,程虹还带来了她的才智。她的角色并不仅是总理夫人,还是一位女性知识分子。But some say that the apparently higher profile of the First Lady and Ms. Cheng is simply the product of greater media attention, not a deliberate foreign policy choice. Its the Internet thats creating these larger images, Chu Shulong, an expert on international relations at Tsinghua University in Beijing, said in an interview in March, when Ms. Peng became the talk of the town during Ms. Obamas visit. Politicians spouses have been involved in public events in the past, he noted--the difference now is that there are more online publications and social media platforms to spur greater chatter about them. 但一些人表示,彭丽媛和程虹的这种高调的形象只是媒体关注度加大的结果,而非刻意的外交政策选择。在奥巴马夫月份访问中国时,彭丽媛成最热门的话题,清华大学(Tsinghua University)国际关系专家楚树龙当时在接受采访时表示,互联网放大了领导人夫人的形象。他指出,过去政治家的配偶也参加公共活动,现在的不同之处在于有了更多的网络报道和社交媒体平台,这使得公众会更多地谈论她们。Xinhua said that Ms. Cheng has had a particular interest in American nature writing and has translated several books on the topic, including Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Places, a memoir by American environmentalist Terry Tempest Williams, and The Outermost House, which chronicles of life on Cape Cod, by naturalist writer Henry Beston. 新华社称,程虹对美国自然文学尤其感兴趣,已翻译了多部美国自然文学著作,包括美国环保主义者特丽·T·威廉Terry Tempest Williams)的《心灵的慰藉:一部非同寻常的地域和家族史Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Places)以及自然主义作家亨利·贝斯Henry Beston)的《遥远的房屋The Outermost House),后者纪录了贝斯顿在科德Cape Cod)的生活。According to other press reports circulating this week, Ms. Cheng has generally kept a low profile in her work and dedicated herself to family, for example in caring for years for an elderly family member who was suffering from cancer before the relative died. Li Xuejun, an editor of Mrs. Cheng s translated books who has known her for more than a decade, told the Beijing News that the premiers wife was an unassuming presence, one who never wears make-up. 据本周其他媒体报道,程虹在学校为人低调,在家也是“贤妻良母”,报道还举了程虹用五年时间照顾家中患癌症的老人、并陪她走到生命尽头的例子。多次出任程虹译著责编的李学军告诉《新京报》记者,认识程老师十几年,她都是素面朝天。Elsewhere online, social media users responded to Ms. Chengs Africa trip with praise. [Ms. Cheng] really has the temperament of a teacher who teaches and helps students. Im not just flattering her, wrote one. 在网上,社交媒体用户也对程虹随行出访表达了赞赏。其中一位用户写道,“程虹的确有为人师表的气质,我不是在奉承她。Its like having a treasure to have such a wife, wrote another. 另一位用户写道,“家有贤妻,如有一宝。”来 /201405/294622。

  Dramatic dashcam footage in Taiwan shows a TransAsia Airways plane scraping past a major highway moments before it careened into a shallow river, killing at least 23 people, with 20 others missing and 15 hospitalized.台湾一台行车记录仪戏剧性的图像显示了,复兴航空飞机刮擦过一座高架大桥,然后倾倒向一条浅浅的河,(截止至发文为止)导3人死亡0人失踪5人住院治疗。The plane, which was carrying 58 people, clipped a bridge shortly after Wednesdays takeoff from Taipeis downtown Sungshan Airport, state media said. The plane was visible from Taiwans busy National Freeway No. 1 just seconds before the crash.国有媒体说,这架载着58人的飞机,周三从台北市区松山机场起飞后不久就擦碰了一座桥。在坠毁前的几秒,飞机从台湾繁忙的“国道一号”可见。The plane can be seen veering sharply, with the wing striking a vehicle and barrier on the planes descent.可以看到,这架飞机突然偏离航向,在下降时,机翼撞击一辆车以及桥栏。Parts of the wrecked fuselage of the turboprop ATR 72 jutted out of the Keelung River just a couple dozen yards from the shore. The main section of fuselage was on its side, missing a wing.这架涡轮螺旋桨飞机ATR 72部分撞毁的机身从基隆河河面伸出,离河岸只有几十码。机身主部分偏向一侧,失去了一只机翼。Rescuers clustered around the plane in rubber boats more than two hours after the crash, and could be seen pulling carry-on luggage from an open plane door.坠机两个多小时之后,救援人员乘坐橡皮艇围聚在飞机周围,可以看到他们从打开的飞机门处拖出随身携带的行李。The rescue efforts were ongoing.救援工作正在进行中。Four children were among the passengers, authorities said at a news conference. All passengers were Chinese or Taiwanese.当局在新闻发布会上说,乘客之中有四名儿童。所有乘客都是中国人或台湾人。Officials said the plane joined the airlines fleet in September and had completed a safety check on Jan. 26. Authorities also said that the pilot had more than 4,400 hours of flying experience, while the co-pilot had more than 6,000 hours.官员说,这架飞机在九月份加入了该航空公司的机队,6日进行过一次彻底的安全检查。当局也表示,该飞行员有超400小时的飞行经验,副机师有超过6000小时的飞行经验。The crash marks the second tragedy involving one of TransAsias French-made ATR 72 planes in the past year. In July, a flight crashed while attempting to land on the island of Penghu off Taiwans coast, killing 48 people and injuring another 10. Stormy weather and low visibility were suspected as factors in that crash.这次坠机是复兴航空法国制造的ATR 72飞机在过去一年发生的第二起惨剧。七月份,一架飞机在尝试降落在台湾海岸外的澎湖岛时坠毁,导致48人死亡0人受伤。在那次坠机中,暴风雨天气和低能见度怀疑是事故原因。来 /201502/358574


  JUNE 06, 2015 8:11 AM ET2015年六东部时间上午8:11Scott NeuMan斯科特·纽曼Rescuers work in the hull of the upright ship Eastern Star to launch rescue work in the section of Jianli on the Yangtze River, central Chinas Hubei Province, on Saturday.周六营救人员在被扶正;东方之星;号轮船的船壳里展开营救工作。事发地段位于中国中部湖北省长江监利段。The death toll in the capsizing of a cruise ship in Chinas Yangtze River has risen to just under 400, making it the deadliest maritime disaster in seven decades in the country.这艘在长江上翻沉的游船里的死亡人数已上升至近400。这是该0年来最严重的船难事故。Chinas state-run Xinhua news agency says hundreds more bodies have been recovered since the overturnc Eastern Star was righted on Friday, bringing the total confirmed dead to 396. Among the newly recovered b odies was that of a 3-year-old girl.中国国有通讯社新华社说自从周五将翻转的“东方之星”游轮扶正以又发现了数百具尸体。这使得确认总死亡人数达96人。在新发现的尸体中有一个三岁的小姑娘。Only 14 people have been found alive and another 46 remain missing of the 456 aboard when the sudden, s vere winds on Monday caused the disaster, according to Xinhua. Authorities have placed the captain and hi s first engineer in custody.根据新华社的报道,在周一由于突发强风造成的这起船难事故中,只找到14名幸存者,还有46人失踪。当时船上共56人。中国当局已经将该船长和首席轮机长拘押起来。The Associated Press says: ;Passengers relatives have raised questions about whether the ship should have continued its cruise after the storm started in a section of Hubei province and despite a weather warning earlier in the evening.;美联社说;乘客的家属质疑当长江湖北段的暴风雨已经开始,并在当夜早些时候就发出天气警告的情况下,该船是否应该继续航行;The Wall Street Journal adds:《华尔街日报》还报道;The Eastern Stars captain, Zhang Shunwen—a three-decade veteran of Chongqing Eastern Shipping Corp., the ships owner, which named him one of its outstanding employees last year—told Xinhua in his first reported comments released Friday that he was struggling in moderate northward winds at 9:20 p.m. when the gusts suddenly intensified. ...;东方之星;的船长章顺文是重庆东方船舶公司(;东方之星;轮船所属公司)的具0年航行经验的老船长,去年还被评为;杰出雇员;之一。新华社发表的对该船长的第一次采访中写道当晚:20分那股强风突然加强时,他正在与风势不怎么强劲的北风搏斗…;The satellite data show the Eastern Star moving northwest across the river at 9:21 when it suddenly took a sharp turn to the east. A minute later it appears to have spun around violently and begun moving slowly downriver, presumably carried by the current.;;卫星数据显示当晚9:21分“东方之星”向西北方向移动横穿江面之时突然急转向东。一分钟之后它明显开始剧烈地原地打转,并开始慢慢向下游飘去,据推测是被急流携裹; /201506/379482

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