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Gilly: Did you like the Chanel bag that I got?Nate: You must have a rich boyfriend because that bag is so expensive!Gilly: I bought it on eBay. It was only one-tenth of the original price. And the purchase was so easy.Nate: No kidding! Then how do you know the bag real?Gilly: Well, it came with a certificate, and it looks real. But auctioning on eBay is risky.Nate: A risk I would never take...Gilly: Then you havent browsed eBay bee...get online. Dont hang up!参考译文:吉莉:你喜欢我买的那个香奈儿包包吗?奈特:你一定是交了个有钱男友,因为那个袋子超贵的!吉莉:我在eBay上面买的它只有原价的十分之一而且很容易就买到了奈特:真的假的!那你怎么知道包包是真货?吉莉:呃,有附一个明书,而且看起来是真的不过在eBay上面拍卖是要冒险的奈特:一个我绝对不想冒的险……吉莉:那是你没上eBay看过才会这么说……去上网别挂断电话!重点词汇:purchase (n.)购买A: Hi! Thank you calling Fred Furniture Warehouse.嗨!感谢您来电费德家具大卖场B: Hello. Im calling to make a sofa purchase.哈啰我打电话来要买沙发auction (v.)拍卖A: Where did you get your computer so cheap?你计算机在哪里买的,这么便宜?B: I got it through an online auction.我在网络拍卖上买的hang up挂断电话Dont hang up on me! Im not finished.别挂我电话!我还没说完one-tenth (a.)十分之一的I have only one-tenth the money that you have.我的钱只有你的十分之一certificate (n.)明书A: Are you an English teacher?你是英文老师吗?B: Yes. I even have my TESOL certificate.对我甚至有TESOL认browse (v.)(上网)浏览I like browsing CNN.com.我喜欢浏览CNN的网站 6569襄阳阴茎龟头处脱皮怎么办Part 3. Villa Rentals.Keywords. villa rentals, holiday villa, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen,sitting-room, terrace, car, , rent, fishing village.Vocabulary. villa, facilities, terrace, grand, inclusive, , advert,whereabouts, convertible, divan, agency, Naples, Metro, Renault,d Fiesta, the Mediterranean, Minorca, Gatwick.A. In this part, you are going to hear two telephone conversations between a travel agent and two different customers who want to rent holiday homes.Listen carefully and complete following chart with keywords according to the inmation you hear on the tape.Hello, Villa Rentals, can I help you?Oh, hello, I do hope so.You see my husband and I are looking a holiday villa, and weve heard that you have some nice places in Italy, Iniscia.Oh, yes, madam. Weve got several villas on offer in Iniscia.How many people will there be are in your party?Well, it just a family, you know, my husband and the three children.A party of five then, Yes?And when would you want to be there?When? Erm, Oh, we would have to be in September.In September.Un-huh.And how many weeks? two actually, the first two in September.The first two in September,Oh, well, weve only got one place free then, Madam.But it a very beautiful one, the Villa Delmonti.And it nice, is it?Oh, it an absolutely dream,Madam.It set on the hilltop with a big garden and a beautiful view out over the sea towards Naples.It sounds as if you have been there.Just a couple of days last October on an inspection tour, and I fell in love it at the first sight.Er, how many rooms has it got?Well, on the ground floor, there are two double bedrooms, both of them are beautifully decorated,a single bedroom and all three have their own bathroom and toilet facilities.Then still on the ground floor, there is a large kitchen, a large dining room and a very big outside terrace.And then upstairs, it got a very large sitting-room with windows all around and a back garden with a big swimming pool.Mm, that sounds nice, yes.There is a maid or cleaner or something, is there?Oh, yes, madam. six days a week.Oh, well, I dare say we can manage the seventh.Em, What about the distances? Is it far from the town and all that? Do you think wed need a car?Actually we do normally advise people to hire a car.And how much would a smallish car cost?Oh, well, a...You know, a Metro or a Renault or a d Fiesta, nothing grand.Oh, a Fiesta, it would be about 80 pounds a week.And the house those two weeks?Er, the period of September th till th inclusive, it would cost ...er...you are five people, let me see, um, 570 pounds per person the two weeks including the return airfare.Mm, well, it could be worse.Yes, well, I really like to see some photographs of this place or something, can you arrange that?Of course, madam. Weve got a of it. So anytime you care to come in, you could see it.All right, I will be...I will be in this afternoon.Thank you your help.Dont mention it, madam.Ill look ward to seeing you.Goodbye.Bye.Hello, Vella Rentals, Can I help you?Oh, hello, Em...I...I...Im just calling because Ive...er...just seen your advert about apartments and villas rent.And erm...what...could you tell me more about them please?Of course, Madam.But could you tell me something about what youre looking ?And...whered you like to go? How many bedrooms you would need and so on?Oh, yeah, well, erm, therell be the five of us. I mean, my husband and I, and two kids, and my mother because she lost dad last year and it her fist year without.Fine, I see.And would you want a house or an apartment?Well, wed like a house of course, if we can afd one, but I...And whereabouts? Did you have any particular place in mind?Well, we want the Mediterranean, like Spain. actually we thought of Minorca.Well, we got some lovely places in Minorca, madam. Oh! five you said? Uh-huh.And when would you want to be there?Well, It would have to be in August, because we are both off work then and it school holidays, too.Well, how about this? Minorca? Adia, Oh, that a a beautiful place. Oh. A little fishing village.A house five two weeks in August,er,from August 5th to August 18th inclusive per person, 70 pounds including return flight from GatWick.Oh, that not bed. How many rooms has it got?One double bedroom and then a big bedroom with two single beds and a sofa, you know, a convertible divan downstairs.full bathroom, kitchen, and a large living-sitting room and a beautiful terrace of the sea view.Oh, have you got any photographs of it?Yes, actually weve got a of it. So if you like to come into the agency...Yes, I would. In fact Ill drop this afternoon. erm, when are you open until?We close at eight tonight, Madam?Right, Ill be in about six. I expect. Oh, um, just one more thing.To hire car on the island, how much would it cost, you know ... a smallish one?Well, a Fiesta, it would cost you 98 pounds a week.Phew, it would probably worth if youre five.Well, Ill...Ill be this afternoon then. Er, see you then, er, bye bye, Oh, and er, thanks.Not at all, madam, bye.B. Now listen again, Decide which two of the pictures of the holiday homes the travel agent is talking about.Give reasons your choice. 01981襄阳妇幼保健院不孕不育预约Jennifer: I think I need a new notebook...Billy: Why? Is there some new, cool computer out on the market?Jennifer: You bet there is. Feast your eyes on this puppy!Billy: That a notebook?Jennifer: Believe it!Billy: It looks more like a toy, or a cool briefcase!参考译文:詹尼弗:我想我需要一台新的笔记型计算机……比 利:为什么?市场上有新出的酷计算机吗?詹尼弗:你答对了这宝贝美呆了吧?比 利:那是笔记型计算机?詹尼弗:你最好试着相信!比 利:说这是玩具,或是一只很酷的手提箱还比较像!重点词汇:iBook  美国苹果公司所推出的新一代笔记型计算机notebook (n.)  笔记型计算机Feast your eyes on  眼睛照过来看…,feast (v.)是「饱览」之意,是在跟对方说有好东西要让他看briefcase (n.)  公文包A: Bye, honey! Ill see you after work! 再见,亲爱的!下班后见!B: Wait! You got your briefcase! 等等!你忘了带公文包! 18襄阳哪家医院能治疗梅毒

襄阳妇幼保健中医院男科专家襄阳治疗男性不育去哪家医院And now we turn to the drama unfolding here in Washington. Tomorrow marks the first public meeting of what called the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, a panel set up by Congress, a lot like the 9 Commission was, to get to the bottom of last year financial meltdown. The CEOs of the nation biggest banks will be there, just as they are about to reward their employees with what could be some record-breaking bonuses. CN David Faber, here in Washington to cover everything that happens tomorrow, is here with us tonight.现在我们转到在这里华盛顿明天标志着我们称为金融危机调查委员会的第一次公开会议, 这是国会一个小组建立通过,像9那样的委员会一样,用以应对去年的金融危机全国最大的的首席执行官们都会登场,好像他们即将用破纪录的奖金奖励其雇员一样CN明天在华盛顿准备报道所发生的每一件事的大卫;法,今晚与我们在一起David, I heard somebody on the air today say that the banking industry, this is like the start of the old Watergate hearings. It correct or hyperbole?大卫,我听到有人说,对业来说,这就像老水门事件听会开始确有其事还是言过其实?Well, perhaps a bit of hyperbole. It not clear well have quite that drama or that much on the line, but no doubt tomorrow when you have Lloyd Blankfein from Goldman Sachs, John Mack, the chairman of Morgan Stanley, Jamie Dimon, chairman and CEO of JPMorgan, and the new CEO of Bank of America, all in front of this commission, there are going to be a lot of questions asked. It may not be quite as combative as sometimes it is in front of Congress. This commission is going to be operating quite some time, trying to truly get some answers as to what underpinned that financial collapse that took place in the fall of .好的,也许有点夸张目前尚不清楚我们会有如此多的影响,但毫无疑问,明天你会看到很多业巨头出现在该委员会,会提出很多质疑它可能不会像国会面前那样激烈这个委员会将会持续相当长一段时间,试图真正得到一些,年秋季金融崩溃发生的真正原因And who the investigator? Who running things here? And what will the actual outcome likely be taxpayers who would love to hear some answers?谁是调查员?谁在操纵?那么这个实际的结果可能是纳税人会有一些喜欢听到的吗?Well, you know, we wont know the outcome quite some time. This is often the case with these commissions that a final report is sometime away, probably far away from when we, of course, suffered such a blow in our financial markets. Nonetheless, Phil Angelides is running the commission, mer state treasurer at Calinia. And it has a number of significant people on it who actually will be able to understand some of the answers theyre getting from the people theyre asking the questions to. Well see. We may actually get some deeper understanding of exactly what went on, and there may even be some law encement that gets involved, as well, down the road if they really do their work.好了,你知道,我们相当一段时间不会知道结果这是家常便饭了,这些委员会最终报告有时可能会远离我们,当然,我们遭受了这样的一个金融市场的打击尽管如此,前加利福尼亚州财政部长费尔;安杰里德正在操作委员会而且有一些主要的人真正能听懂一些他们正问问题的人的甚至有一些执法部门介入,如果他们真的做他们的工作,我们也将会真正更深层次的了解,All right, David Faber, well look your coverage of it among others tomorrow. David, thanks being with us tonight.好的,大卫;法,我们会在明天去找你大卫,感谢你今晚与我们在一起注:听力文本来源于普特 37Voice : Betel leaves are also part of Vietnamese marriage ceremonies. Betel nuts are a sign of love and marriage.声音:槟榔叶在越南婚礼上也发挥着重要的作用槟榔果是爱情和婚礼的象征Voice 1: Some reports show that betel chewing is less popular in Asian cities today. They say that in particular, young people are rejecting the custom. Many of them have travelled to the west an education. Because of this Western influence, they find the custom socially unacceptable and offensive. They no longer like to spit the red liquid from their mouths in the street.声音1:一些报告指出,现在嚼槟榔在亚洲地区没有以前那样受欢迎他们说,尤其是年轻人拒绝这一习俗许多年轻人前往西方接受教育因为受到西方文化的影响,他们认为这一习俗不被社会所接受,而且有些无礼他们不再将嘴里的红色汁液吐到街上Voice : But others, the betel nut remains an important part of their tradition and culture.声音:但是对其他人来说,槟榔果仍在他们的传统和文化中发挥着重要的作用The betel nut. A health destroying drug? A sign of love and marriage? A danger to betel beauties? Or a way out of poor economic conditions? The debate continues. Whatever people think, the betel nut is surely something to chew over.槟榔果是摧毁健康的毒品吗?还是爱情和婚姻的象征?或者对槟榔西施来说是种危险?又或者是摆脱恶劣经济情况的方法?争论仍在继续无论人们怎么想,槟榔果肯定需要嚼碎Voice 1: Is betel chewing popular in your country? Is it one of your customs? Is it socially acceptable?声音1:嚼槟榔在你的国家受欢迎吗?是你们的习俗吗?在社会上被接受吗?译文属 578襄阳男性割包皮手术费用Famous Songs-“Que Sera Sera”; Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown; demand versus request versus requirement; discrimination versus segregation; a great dealWords:to stabassassinationto distractsignaturesweetheartchorusmassacreto settlereservationtribeto capturedestructiondemandrequestrequirementdiscriminationsegregationa great deal 55枣阳市第二人民医院男科挂号

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