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A Chinese woman was repatriated at the American border on suspicion of prostitution tendency, according to the China Press. The Shanghai-based model, surnamed Zhong, aroused suspicion about her profession with her dress.据《中国报报道,一名中国女子由于被怀疑是而被美国海关遣返该钟姓女子是上海一名模特,她的着装引起了海关人员对她职业的怀疑Miss Zhong was wearing a white V-neck T-shirt, a pair of black ripped jeans and a pink down jacket, quite a normal outfit in her own opinion.钟当时身穿一件白色V领T恤、一条黑色破洞牛仔裤和一件粉色羽绒外套--在她自己看来是很正常的着装She was asked about her profession and her intention of travelling to the US. She replied that she is a model and was going on a tourist trip during which she would also pose a friend.当时海关人员询问了她的职业以及她来美国的打算她回答说自己是一名模特,来美国是为了旅行,期间还会给朋友做拍照模特The customs official, who then checked her cellphone and saw message records of her discussing with her friend about the prices of taking photo in New York, asked if she was going to the US a job.海关人员随后检查了她的手机,看到了她和朋友商讨在纽约拍照价格的消息记录,询问她是否是来美国找工作的Miss Zhong explained that she got no payment except the travelling fees since she was simply doing a favor a friend. She was repatriated nevertheless.钟解释称,自己除了旅行费用外不会收任何钱,因为她只是为了帮朋友一个忙但是她最后还是被遣返回国了Similar things happened when the Korean dance group Oh My Girl went to L.A. in without applying a P visa artists and entertainers. With many sexy costumes in their luggage, they were suspected as prostitutes and repatriated.类似的事件之前也有发生年月底,韩国女子团体Oh My Girl前往美国洛杉矶拍摄转机,因为没有办理P演员签,行李中又有很多性感的演出,所以被海关怀疑赴美卖淫,最终也遭到了遣返 59Premium rates保险费率A: Though I have effected insurance quite a few times, there is still one thing I am not sure.虽然我曾经办过几次保险,但仍有一事不是很了解B: What is it?什么问题?A: What do you think are the main factors that determine the premium rates?你认为决定保险费率的主要因素有哪些?B: First, I think it is the carrying vessel, like its age, classification, ownership and management. And the second is packing.首先,我认为是运载船只的情况比如它的船龄,类型,船主及管理此次就是包装A: Packing should be seaworthy strong enough to endure rough handling.包装应适合海运或足够坚固,经得住野蛮装卸B: In some cases, it is. But not air freight and container shipment, they tend to require less packing.在某种情况下不是这样的空运和集装箱运输就不是这样,我们往往要求较少的包装A: How about the type of merchandize to be shipped?装运商品的类型有关系吗?B: It must be considered, because some goods are more vulunerable to damage.当然需要加以考虑因为有些产品更易破损A: I guess the distance of transportation and modes of transport also influence the rates.我想运输距离和方式也会影响费率的B: Right. Sometimes, underwriters charge you at a higher premium just because the goods are easily to be damaged or get stolen.是的有时候保险商会因为发运货物受损或易被偷窃,而收取较高的保险费A: Are there close connections between the types of risks and the premium?保险险种和费率之间关系密切吗?B: Yes, the more expensive cover is required, the higher the premium rate is.是的,保险范围越广,保险费率就越高A: If the goods to be shipped are glassware, the premium rate against all risks including breakage differs greatly from that excluding it.如果所投保的货物是玻璃制品,投保包括破碎险在内的一切险种与不包括破碎险的相比有很多的区别B: Last but not least, the volume of cargo. That means a substantial shipment may get more favorable premium.最后一点重要的是商品数量就是说大批量的货物运输可能获得更优惠的保险费率A: I am clear about the rates now. I really appreciate your help.现在我清楚了感谢你的帮助B: Im entirely at your service.愿意为您效劳 18770The Bellman 应接务员.Key Sentences(重点句子)59.Is this everything, sir?这是全部东西吗,先生?60.Here the light switch.这是电灯开关61.Here the closet and there the bathroom.这儿是壁柜这儿是洗澡间6. Will there be anything else, sir?还有什么事吗,先生?63. Well,if you need anything else,please call room service.噢,如果你有什么事,请叫房间务6. Let me help you with your luggage.我来帮您拿行李65.It very kind of you to do so.你这样做使我很感激66.What your room number, please?请问您的房间号码?67. And by the way, could I have a look at your room card?顺便问一句,我可以看一下您的房卡吗?68.How do you like this room?您觉得这个房间怎么样?69.It also quite spacious.房间也很宽敞70. Do you mind if I put your luggage by the wardrobe?我把您的行李搁在衣柜旁边好吗?71.By the way, could you tell me about your hotel service?顺便问问,你能不能给我讲一下宾馆务的情况? 193736A: Could you bring me some food, please?B: Sure. What do you fancy?A: Can I have a bottle of champagne, lobster tail, and filet mignon, medium rare?B: Sir, the filet mignon was so popular tonight that we ran out. May I suggest the porterhouse?A: Oh, no filet? Okay, porterhouse will be fine then.B: Perhaps you would like chocolate-covered strawberries with the champagne?A: Not tonight, but thank you the suggestion.B: Okay. This will be charged to your amenities , okay?A: No problem.B: Your food will be brought to you momentarily. I hope you enjoy it. 01

Conversation 1A: Good morning, madam. Anything I can do you?A:早上好,夫人能为您做些什么吗?B: Yes, thank you. Id like some grapes, watermelons and peaches. But these dont look quite ripe.B:是的,谢谢我想买些葡萄,西瓜和桃子不过,这些看起来不太熟A: You are right, madam. These wont be y until another week or so. But we have some really ripe over there. And look, nice fresh grapes and peaches. They are ripe and juicy.A:是的,夫人这些要过一星期左右才能熟但那也有一些已经输了的你瞧,多棒多新鲜的葡萄和桃子呀!又熟又多汁B: Well, they do look wonderful. But are you sure these watermelons are ripe?B:嗯,看起来的却挺棒的你确信这些西瓜熟了吗?A: I shall say most of them are ripe. You can tell if the watermelon is sweet by tapping on it.A:应该说大多数都熟了您可以轻巧西瓜表面辨别西瓜甜不甜B: Would you please choose one of them me?B:请给我挑一个好吗?A: Yes, with pleasure… Here you are.A:好的,非常乐意……给您B: Good! And I want a dozen of peaches and two pounds of grapes. Can I sample a grape?B:很好!我还要一打桃子和两磅葡萄,我可以尝颗葡萄吗?A: Yes, please.A:可以,尝一个B: Very well, sir. Will there be anything else? I also want some tangerines.B:味道不错,先生还有其他什么水果吗?我想再吃些柑橘A: Good. We have wonderful tangerines. They are going so fast that we have to lay in a fresh stock every two or three days.A:好的,我们的柑橘很棒的,这些柑橘卖得很快,我们每隔两三天就添新鲜的B: All right, Ill take two dozen. Could you double-bag everything?B:那好,要两打不错,你能每件东西都用两个袋子装吗?A: Sure… These altogether cost fifteen dollars.A:好的……这些一共是美元

What is the definition of International Taxation?什么是国际税收?International Taxation refers to the tax distributing relationship among countries when two or more countries are exercising their rights to collect tax from the international tax payers.所谓国际税收,是指两个或两个以上的国家,在对跨国纳税人行使各自的征税权利的过程中,所发生的国家与国家之间的税收分配关系International Taxation is the extention and overlapping of the national taxation. It involves not only national sovereignty and taxation rights and interests of the nations,国际税收是各国国家税收在国际范围内的延伸和重叠,既涉及到一国的国家主权和税收权益,but also have influence on the international flow of the agent of production and the international development of economy.又影响到生产要素的国际流动和国际经济的发展,Theree, it is an essential part of international economic relations, and even international political relations.它是国际经济关系、乃至国际政治关系的重要组成部分Are the liquor and cigarettes subject to duties?酒和香烟要缴税吗?The duty shall be calculated against the invoice value.税款要根据发票金额来计算It depends. You are allowed 第一句:I want to change a reservation.我想更改预定A: I want to change a reservation.我想更改预定B: Is the reservation yourself or another party?更改你自己的还是别人的?A: me, please. And my name is Mary?我自己的,我叫玛丽第二句:Id like to extend it two more nights.我想在延期两个晚上A: What can I do you, madam?可以为您效劳吗,女士?B: Yes, my name is Alice, and I made a reservation two more nights until March 8th.是的,我是爱丽丝,我原先预定了两晚的房间,日期是3月5日我想再延期两晚到3月8日A: four nights from March 5th to March 8th. We will make the correction you.从3月5日到3月8日共四晚我们给您更改一下更改预定的相关表达法还有:Id like to cancel my booking a single room.我想取消预定的单人房间I want to cancel my reservation two nights in the name of Smith.我想取消以史密斯的名字预定的两晚住宿 1955 duty free. If the stuff you are bringing is exceeding 0 you have to pay duty.这要视情况定,你的物品在0美元之内是免税的,如果超过0就要缴税Could you show me your report? It depends.要看情况,您出示一下发票吗?Could you introduce the business tax payment in a eign company?您能帮我介绍一下外企缴纳营业税的情况吗?The duty should be calculated accroding to the exact income the company declares.照公司申报的收入来计算The computation of taxable income of an enterprise shall, in principle, be on an accrual basis.企业应纳税所得额的计算,以权责发生制为原则Where eign enterprises are engaged in the co-operative exploration of petroleum resources, the partners thereto shall be deemed to receive income of the time of the division of the crude oil;外国企业从事合作开采石油资源的,合作者在分得原油时,即为取得收入,the amount of income shall be computed according to a price which is adjusted periodically with reference to the international market prices of crude oil of similar quality.其收入额应当参照国际市场同类品质的原油价进行定期调整的价格计算 5691


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