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罗源县做造影三甲医院宁德打胎最好的医院A lot of women in politics (we’re not naming names!) have been criticized for spending too much time and money on their hair, but Hillary Clinton certainly isn’t one of them.很多政治女性 (我们不指名道姓!)已经为花太多的时间和金钱在她们的头发上而遭受批评,但希拉里#8226;克林顿显然不在其中。“I do not travel with any hairdresser, or anybody, to help me do that,” Clinton said during the Barbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012 special, which aired Wednesday night on A News.“我不和任何理发师一起出行,或任何帮助我做头发的人,”克林顿在2012年特辑芭芭拉#8226;沃尔特斯十大最精人物上说,周三晚上于A新闻上播出。And get this: She doesn’t even stop by a salon while traveling to get her hair done before a big event. “It just got to be really burdensome to try to find a hairdresser in some city, somewhere, oftentimes not being able to speak English, that at least I could communicate with,” she added.因此结论是:在一件大活动之前去做头发时她甚至不会为一个沙龙而驻足。“这只是会真的压力很大,在某个城市某个地方试图找到一个美发师,通常不能说英语,那至少我可以与之沟通,”她补充道。That’s why Clinton decided to take matters into her own hands. “It became simpler to just grow it.”这就是为什么克林顿决定把问题交到自己手里。“随它生长就变得更简单。”But Clinton made it clear that hair styling is not her forte. “I’m not very competent myself. I’ve been admitting that for years, which should be obvious to everyone,” she joked.但克林顿明确表示发型设计并非她的专长。“我自己并不是很能干。多年来我已经承认这点,这对每个人都应该是显而易见的,”她开玩笑说。And though she deals with much more important issues than what she wears or how she does her hair, Clinton doesn’t mind that her appearance is often a hot topic. “It’s fascinating to me how people are so curious about it,” she shared. Tell us: Are you surprised that Clinton does her own hair?尽管她要处理比她的穿著或她自己怎么做头发更重要的问题,但克林顿并不介意她的外表往往是一个热门话题。“吸引我的是人们对此是多么好奇,”她分享道。告诉我们:你对克林顿自己做头发惊讶吗? /201212/214297福州去那里查生育最好 福州检查排卵功能那家比较好

福州市中医院治不孕不育THERE is a storm brewing in Shanghai - and not many men are liking it.有一场风暴正在上海酝酿——而很多男人都不喜欢它。A recent survey that polled around 44,000 eligible men and women nationwide found that some Shanghai guys out on their first date expect their women to split the bills!最近的一项对大约44000名合格男女的调查发现上海男人在第一次约会时期望女性能平分帐单!The report, published by the Beijing-based wedding website jiayuan.com, came ahead of the 11/11/12, a day celebrated by young Chinese in cities as the Singles Day, which falls tomorrow.该报告发布的,由北京婚礼网站佳缘网在2012年11月11号前一天发布,被中国城市青年庆祝的光棍节,明天即是。It has not gone down well among the Shanghai men who took to weibo.com to vent their fury. Clearly, they were in no mood to be dubbed ;the meanest single men; in the country. Among the 43,964 people surveyed for the ;Chinese People#39;s Viewpoints of Marriage,; about 2,000 of them were from Shanghai.上海男人对此很难接受,并用微来发泄他们的愤怒。显然,他们对被称为这个国家“最小气的单身男人”心情不佳。在接受“中国人婚姻观”调查的43964人,其中大约有2000名来自上海。The report claimed that although 80 percent of the respondents believed that men should pay the bills for dinner or movie tickets on their first date, more men from Shanghai than those in other parts of the country want women to split the bill, the Shanghai Youth Daily reported yesterday.该报告声称尽管80%的受访者认为男人在第一次约会时应该付吃饭或电影票的账单,但更多来自上海的男人比其他地方男人更想让女人平分账单,《上海青年报》昨日报道。Local men immediately turned to their microblogs, slamming the survey and demanding an apology to what they perceived stemmed from ;certain prejudices.;当地人立即转向他们的微,抨击调查,并要求他们认为源于“某些偏见”的批评而道歉。They insisted they paid for the bills and did not ;share them; on most dates. ;Isn#39;t it a tradition in China that men would pay the bill for the first date, or maybe all the dates, out of politeness and manners. As far as I know, none of my Shanghai friends would ask their girlfriends to share the bill when they first met,; said Liu Tao, 26, a white-collar worker.他们坚持他们付了账单,大部分约会都没有“平分账单”。“这是不是中国的传统男人在第一次约会时会付帐,或者所有的约会,出于礼貌和教养。据我所知,我的上海朋友在初次约会时没有一个会让他们的女友平分账单,”刘涛说,一个26岁的白领。The survey also found that about 17 percent men and 26 percent women would look for excuses to make a quick dash if the date was not to their liking. They would ask their friends to call them and cook up some excuse to leave.调查还发现约17%的男性和26%的女性如果约会不满意会找借口快速溜走。他们会让他们朋友打电话给自己,编造一些借口离开。Women also cared more about fine details of the men they were dating like their fingernails, color of their socks, hair and their choice of perfume. Men would check whether the shoes their dates were wearing were clean or not.女性也更关心与他们约会的男性的细节,像他们的指甲、袜子的颜色、头发和他们选择的香水。男人会检查他们女伴穿的鞋子是否干净。The survey found Shanghai women hated men with strong body odor and their favorite topic for discussion was star signs. Not surprisingly, the topic that the Shanghai men detested most was when their dates tried to dig out info about their personal savings.调查发现上海女人讨厌男人身上的强烈气味,她们最喜欢的讨论话题是星座。毫不奇怪,上海男人最厌恶的话题是当他们约会对象试图探明他们的私人储蓄。 /201211/208458福州做多囊卵巢手术最好的三甲医院 If you#39;re seriously considering proposing to your loved one in public, you might just want to watch this first.如果你正在考虑当众向爱人求婚,你可能会想先看一下这个视频。A hapless romeo gets down on one knee to ask his girlfriend to marry him, but she clumps him around the head with a busker#39;s ukulele.一名倒霉的男子单膝跪地向女友求婚,但是女友却用乐手的夏威夷四弦琴砸他的头。The cringeworthy , shot in a shopping mall in Dubai, shows the man, described as an #39;Indian teen#39;, and the girl walk up to a group of buskers.这段尴尬的视频摄于迪拜的一个商场,视频中能看到这位被描述为“印度青年”的男子以及一名女孩走向一组街头乐手。As the musicians begin to play,he takes a microphone and launches into a gooey speech saying: #39;I have a very special message for a very special girl. This is where we met three months ago.正当乐手们开始表演时,男子拿过麦克风并发表一段感人演讲:“我要对一个非常特别的女孩来一段非常特别的表白。这是我们三个月前相识的地方。”#39;You are my charm, you are my sweety pie, you are my cutie pie, my absolute everything, and I know you find this cheesy but I want everyone to know, you make me really happy.#39;“你如此有魅力,你是我的甜心,我心中最可爱的人,我的一切,尽管我知道你会觉得这些话太俗气,但我还是想要每个人都知道,你让我感受到了真正的幸福。”As a crowd gathers things start going badly for the man when a toy town-style mall train drives past, breaking the mood and the embarrassed girl mutters #39;Oh my god everyone#39;s watching.#39;当人群聚集起来时,事情开始变得糟糕。一辆商场载人玩具火车经过打破了当时的气氛,那名尴尬的女孩说:“天呐,大家都看着呢。”Undaunted the man continues: #39;I have a little poem for you and I want everyone to hear this.勇敢的男子继续说道:“我有一首小诗要送给你,想每个人都听到。”#39;When you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while. And my heart ceases to beat and there is nothing else I seek except you.#39;“当你微笑的时候,整个世界都停止运转,凝固在那一瞬,我的心脏也停止跳动。除了你,我别无他求。”As he gets down on one knee the girl begs him to stop but he continues: #39;And I Just have one question for you. You truly make me that happiest person on earth.#39;当他单膝下跪,女孩乞求他别说了但他仍然继续:“我现在有一个问题想要问你,是你让我成为世界上最幸福的那个人。”But the girl simply cannot take anymore and she snatches the miniature guitar out of the hands of one of the buskers and whacks her suitor round the head with it sending him to the floor in a crumpled heap.但是女孩无法再忍受下去了,她夺过一名乐手的小吉他对着男子迎头一击,男子应声倒地。She then throws the instrument onto the ground and and storms off.然后她扔掉了乐器,气冲冲地离开了。The clip has since gone viral on YouTube but there is a strong suggestion it could be a publicity stunt, not in the least because the mall train bears the advertising message #39;not so sweet#39;.该视频在Youtube上的点击率飙升,但有人质疑这可能只是宣传噱头,至少我们在商场火车上看到了“不太甜(蜜)”的广告标语。 /201308/254482福州输卵管解扎哪间医院好

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