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我又迟到了(I Am Late Again) -- :00:3 来源: 我又迟到了(I Am Late Again)  i opened my eyes in the morning and looked at the clock. "oh, dear! it's half past seven aly. i'll be late again," i thought. without breakfast, i hurried to school. but it began to rain hard.  when i got to the classroom, the maths teacher had aly begun his lesson. it was mr wang. all of us were afraid of him. i didn't like him, or his lessons. i opened the door. " i'm late again, mr wang." "i've told you not to be late, but you ..." he said angrily. but suddenly he stopped, and looked at my clothes. he quickly took off his own jacket and handed it to me. "now take off your wet coat and put shis one on." he said kindly.  it was a bit large me, but i felt warm in it.    早晨我睁开眼睛,看看钟表,“天啊!已经七点半了我又要迟到了,”我想没有吃早饭,我就匆匆朝学校赶去,可是天又下起雨来  当我到教室时,数学老师已经开始讲课了是王老师,所有的学生都怕他我不喜欢他,也不喜欢他的课我打开门,“王老师,我又迟到了”“我早就告诉你不要迟到,可是你……”他生气地说可是他突然停下来,看了看我的湿衣他很快脱下自己的上衣递给我“把你的湿衣脱下来,套上这件”他和蔼地说  衣套我身上有点大,可是穿上感觉很温暖五年级英语作文:My pencil-box --1 :00:5 来源:   I have a pencil-box. Itrsquo very beautifu. I bought it in a shop. I’ve kept it one year. It cost me teenty-u yuan.I like it very much.  This pencil-box is made of metal. Itrsquo rather exquisite. Oh the face of the pencil-box, there are two pigs.One is “Mi Pig”. The other is “Mr Pig”.They look like being good friends. They get on very well with each other.The female is looking at herself in a mirror. She is in a red skirt and she looks very beautifu.The male is looking at her with a smile on his face. It seems that hersquo hayity proud to be her best friend.  Open the pencil-box, you can see some ball-pe, a ruler,an eraser and other sta-tionery. Usually, I usu them.Sometimes, I lend them to my clamates. I like them very much, you know. They’re my good friends.My English Teacher() -- :51:5 来源: My English Teacher()Hello! I’m Jessie. I like English very much, because of my English teacher, Nettie. Today, I’ll introduce her to you. In my eyes, she’s not a teacher, but a lovely girl and a good friend of mine. She is not tall. She is thin. She has the long hair. Her face is round. there are two small eyes on her face. She likes smiling. When she smiles, her eyes just like the moon at the beginning of the month. I think she is very beautiful girl.She’s very kind, like an old friend. She can sing. She can draw. She can dance. She can speak very good English. She can tell us stories. She can play games with us. When we have an English lesson, we feel very happy. All of us are interested in her lesson.I have a good teacher. I think I’m very lucky.

三年级英语作文:My hometown --1 01:57:1 来源:   I am from ShenZhen. In ring ,the weather is warm and wet. I can play kite. In summer, the weather is hot and wet. I can swim in the swimming pool. In the autumn, the weather is cool and dry. I can play kite, too. In the winter, the weather is cold and dry. It never ow.  How about you?

云南旅游景点英文介绍:丽江古城 --9 :: 来源: 云南旅游景点英文介绍:丽江古城Although Yunnan province is less developed economically, when compared with China's eastern provinces, its tourism resources are so rich that one should not explore China without visiting Yunnan. From the world-renowned Lijiang, to numerous small ancient towns; From the amazing Karst mations to the newly listed World Heritage Site Hani Terrace, Yunnan can be a complete eye-opener even the most discerning travelers. Here are eight Yunnan destinations not to be missed, although we are sure that the place's natural wonders and cultural landscapes are far beyond the few spots listed here.1 The Old Town of LijiangThe Old Town of Lijiang, located in the Lijiang Autonomous County of the Naxi Ethnic Minority, Southwest China’s Yunnan province, is one of the last surviving ancient towns in China.Lying in a broad, fertile valley in the northwest of Yunnan Province, the Old Town of Lijiang has been a commercial, political and cultural center of the Naxi people and other ethnic minorities over eight centuries.Designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, Lijiang's Naxi people still preserve much of their native Dongba culture and deep spiritual connection to nature. 旅游景点 丽江古城

威士忌英文短剧剧本 -01- 19::30 来源: BOSSY: Whiskey! Give me whiskey!DAISY: No more whiskey. You’ve drunk too much. Now go to bed to have a rest.BOSSY: Just wine is enough… OK! If you don’t take it, I’ll get it myself!DAISY: No way! You mustn’t do that.BOSSY: You old witch!DAISY (cry):Help!NOISY: Shall we go to the park?LAZY: Good idea!CRAZY: That sounds really good. But you see, we are not sure if your father will let us go out, so you’d better ask him first.LAZY: Yes, you’re right. Let’s go to ask him.LAZY: Daddy?BOSSY:………LAZY: You look so handsome today…LAZY: …and very kind. And I think if you let us go to the park. You’ll be the best father in the world.BOSSY: Really? OK. Go ahead.DAISY: Stop!…Both of you can go, no problem, but Noisy must stay here.NOISY: Well. I just want to go with them and then do my housework.DAISY: Yes, you mustn’t go anywhere until all the work is finishes.LAZY: But I want her to go with me! You see, if I go there without her, then I won’t enjoy myself!CRAZY: Why? That sounds really strange! You said you cannot leave her, why is that? She is only a maid!LAZY: Shut up! You don’t understand at all. She is, she is my GF!CRAZY: What! I…BOSSY: You are only ten! How can you have two GF? Yes, when you declared that Crazy is yours, I have no attitude —— That is because her family is a rich one——DAISY: Then we saw you buy chocolate her, take her to the cinema.BOSSY: And I’ve aly fed up.You had been fired. This is the wage today, now go to take your package and go away.NOISY:……Peacock flies to southeast. And there is a wander once five miles.LAZY: You cannot do that Dad! You cannot…CRAZY: Shut up!BOSSY: Go, can’t you hear? Go to the devil!LAZY: OK, Dad, if you determined to drive Noisy away, I’ll go with her. Don’t be afraid. Let’s go together.DAISY: Oh dear, what shall we do then?BOSSY: Whiskey! Give me whiskey!

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