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泉州市新阳光妇科医院泉州市新阳光医院能做人流吗和别人聊天,天气是个经典的安全话题,那你会和人聊天气吗?来看看关于天气的经典对话,至少下次就不会无从开口了哦。Part 1A: It looks like it's going to be sunny.今天看来像是个晴天。B: Yes, it's much better than yesterday.是的,比昨天好多了。A: They say we're going to get some rain later.据说待会儿要下雨。B: Oh, let's just hope it stays[维持某种状态]warm.哦,我只希望一直暖和下去。PART 2A: I think it's going to be a nice day.我想今天会是一个好天。B: It's certainly a big improvement over yesterday.肯定比昨天大有好转。A: But it's supposed to get cloudy and windy again this afternoon.但是,据说今天下午又要转阴刮风了。B: Well, the worst of the winter should be over.不过,冬天最糟糕的一段日子总该过去了。Part 3A: It seems to be clearing up.看来天要放晴了。B: It's such a nice change.真实令人高兴的转变。A: I really don't think this weather will last.我确实认为这样的好天长不了。B: Let's just hope it doesn't get cold again.但愿不会再冷。PART 4A: Beautiful day, isn't it?今天天气真好,是不是?B: Yes, it's not like what the radio said at all.是的,一点也不像收音机里说的那样。A: I wish it would stay this way for the weekend.但愿整个周末都能保持这样的好天气。B: As long as it doesn't snow!只要不下雪就行啊! /05/69056福建泉州市妇保医院能做人流吗 庆祝——公司年终宴会(2)  1.Food 食物  A: Is the food good for this party?  B: Very good. You can look at the .  A:这个聚会吃得好吗?  B:很好,你可以看看菜单。  2.Wine 葡萄酒  A: Is there any wine available of the party?  B: Sure, there will be all kinds of wine.  A:晚会上有葡萄酒吗?  B:当然,会有各种各样的葡萄酒。  3.Kids 孩子  A: Can we bring the kids to the party?  B: Unfortunately no.  A:我们可以带孩子们去聚会吗?  B:可惜不能。  4.Spouse 配偶,爱人  A: Is a spouse allowed in the Annual Party?.  B: In fact, you are encouraged to bring your spouse.  A:年终晚会允许带爱人吗?  B:实际上,公司顾虑员工带配偶来。  5.Tuxedo 燕尾  A: Anybody wearing a tuxedo at the Annual Party?  B: Usually not. But you should if you are the award winner.  A:年终晚会上有人穿燕尾吗?  B:一般没有,但如果你是获奖者的话,你应该穿。 /200810/54068Chris准备买辆新车,向同事Jason征求意见。Chris: What do you think about this one? Here....take a look.Jason: I like it. Its quite stylish. But....its also pretty small.C: Thats OK. We are only a family of three.J: This model has a 1.3 liter engine. With a small engine, youll save a lot of money on gas.C: Thats one of the reasons Im considering this one. It gets good gas mileage and overall has good value.J: When I was young, having a car was all about power, prestige and fashion. But today, everything is about economy, value and savings.C: The world has changed. Chris看中了一款车,征求Jason的意思。Jason说,车外观还是挺有形的,但就是有点小。Chris觉得,小点没关系,因为他们就三口人,a family of three, 小点也够用了。Jason说,这款车引擎是1.3公升的,省油,是优点。Chris承认,这也是他看中这款车的原因之一,It gets good gas mileage and overall has good value. 意思是说这辆车油耗低,总体上说很划算。Jason大发感慨,说自己年轻那会儿买车就是为了马力,时尚,如今大家考虑的却都是实用和省钱。J: Have you considered getting a secondhand car?C: My wife rejected that idea. She says that you never know if the car dealer is unscrupulous. The car could be water damaged or could have been involved in an accident.J: She makes some good points. Anyway, having a new car is a great experience.C: Im also trying to decide if I should take the three or five-year payment option.J: If I can make a suggestion: go with a three-year plan. The five-year might look easier, but in the end, the interest payments are not worth it.Chris不准备买二手车,因为他太太担心碰上个缺德的二手车车行老板,把出过车祸的车买回家,上面所说的 unscrupulous is spelled u-n-s-c-r-u-p-u-l-o-u-s, unscrupulous, unscrupulous 意思是没有道德操守的。Jason觉得,she makes some good points. 她说的很有道理。在贷款方面,Chris不知道应该三年还清还是五年还清,Jason建议他做三年的贷款,因为五年贷款每个月付的钱看上去虽然少些,但其实把交的利息都算进去,就不值了。C: Ill go home and do the math, but youre probably right.J: How about the color?C: Blue is my lucky color, so Ill pick blue if possible. My wife says we should consider black because it doesnt look dirty so quickly.J: Cool! Well, let me know when you decide. Id love to check out your new car!C: Sure, Jason. Thanks for the input.Chris说,我回家算算 Ill go home and do the math. Do the math 是口语里很常用的一种说法,意思是算算清楚,特别是指明摆着的事情,比如:We cannot afford that house with our salaries. You do the math. 咱们的工资买不起那栋房,你自己算算吧。在颜色选择上,Chris说,蓝色是自己的幸运色,而太太觉得黑色经脏。Jason最后说,Id love to check out your new car! 买了新车别忘了给我看看。 /201302/226368泉港妇幼保健院医院打胎

泉州市第二医院好吗?这里所讲的个人资料是一个应征者的基本信息,虽然是一些很简单的问题,但是正是根据这些信息,主考官可以初步断定应试者是否符合他们的要求。 BASIC EXPRESSIONS 基本句型表达1) What is your name,please?请问,你叫什么名字?2) Can you tell me what your full name is, please?能把你的全名告诉我吗?3) How do you spell your full name?你的全名怎么拼写?4) I was born on June 22,1980.我生于1980年6月22日。5) You look very young.How old are you?你看上去很年轻,你多大了?6) I am just over twenty-two.我刚过22岁。7) Where are you from?你是哪里人?8) Where is your native place?你的籍贯是哪里?9) Where do you live now?你现在住哪里?10) I live at 606 Zhongguancun Road, Apt 802,Beijing.我住在北京市中关村大街606号,802单元。11) Can you tell me something about your family?能介绍一下你的家庭情况吗?12) Are you married?你结婚了吗?13) How long have you been married?你结婚多长时间了?14) I have been married for two years.我结婚两年了。CONVERSATIONS 会话(AApplicant IInterviewer)Dialogue 1I: What is your name, please?A: My name is Sun lin.I: How old are you?A: I am twenty-five years old.I: May I ask your birth date?A: Yes, my birth date is September 22, 1977.I: Where do you live now?A: I live at 606 Zhongguancun Road, Apt 802,Beijing.I: Then tell me your birthplace.A: My birthplace is Nanjing.I: Ok,I know you are not a resident of Beijing. Where is your domicile place then?A: My domicile place is Nanjing,too.I: 请问,你叫什么名字?A: 我叫孙林。I: 你多大了?A: 25岁。I: 我可以问问你的生日吗?A: 可以,我的生日是1977年9月22日。I: 你现在住哪里呢?A: 我住北京市中关村大街606号,802单元。I: 你的出生地是?A: 我的出生地是南京。I: 好的,我知道你不是北京人。那你的原籍是哪里?A: 我的原籍也是南京。Dialogue 2I: Mr.Sun,would you mind if I ask you some questions, which may sound impolite?A: Ah,never mind, please.I: Can you tell me how old you are?A: I am 25 years old.I: Are you married?A: No, I am still single.I: Can you tell me something about your family?A: Ok.There are four persons in my family, my parents, my elder sister and me.I: 孙先生,我可以问你几个听起来可能不是很有礼貌的问题吗?A: 啊,没关系,请问吧。I: 你能告诉我你多大了吗?A: 我25岁了。I: 你结婚了吗?A: 没有,我还是单身。I: 那你能告诉我你家里的一些情况吗?A: 好的,我家四口人,我父母,我和我。Dialogue 3I: Tell me a little bit about yourself, please.A: My name is Sunlin and I live in Beijing. I was born in 1980. I will graduate from Peking University this July. I have majored in accounting. I: Would you tell me something about your family?A: There are three in my family, my parents and myself. My father is a teacher and my mother is a worker.I: 能告诉我一些你自己的情况吗?A: 我叫孙林,住在北京。我出生于1980年。今年七月将从北京大学毕业,我主修的专业是会计学。I: 能说说你的家庭情况吗?A: 我们家三口人,我父母和我。我父亲是一位教师,我母亲是一名工人。 /200602/4193泉州微创哪家医院最好 Why did you yell bloody murder in the office?你干嘛在办公室大吼大叫?yell bloody murder字面意思是:“您看到血腥谋杀一样地叫嚷”,就像汉语中经常使用的那个比喻“杀猪一样的嚎叫”,是一个非常生动的习语,既包含了吵的架势,也包含了闹的色。这是个典型的美式口语,在英国则用scream blue murder表达同样的意思。因此,当美国人说;Why did you yell bloody murder in the office?;时,他/她要表达的意思就是:;Why did you scream in the office?;、;Why did you shout in the office?;。情景对白:Jane: What happened?Why did you yell bloody murder in the office? I was in the other room.简:发生什么了?你干嘛在办公室大吼大叫啊?我刚才在另一间办公室。Shirley: Damn it! John has brought a stray cat with him. It fled in all directions in our office.雪莉:该死1约翰带了一只流浪猫来公司,那只猫刚刚在办公室东逃西窜。搭配句积累:①You must apologize at once. Youve gone too far.你必须马上道歉,你太过分啦。②Cant you sit down and discuss it in a calm mood?有什么汉有坐下来心平气和地谈谈吗?③I guess I was too impulsive.我想是我太冲动了。④ Your behavior is against the business etiquette.你的行为有悖商业礼仪。单词:1. stray adj. 迷路的A stray dog came up to him.一条野走近他。A stray cat followed me home from the street.迷路的猫从街上跟我回家。2. impulsive adj. 冲动的He is too impulsive to be a responsible prime minister...他容易冲动,很难成为值得依赖的首相。Avoid making an impulsive decision.避免作出草率冲动的决定。3. etiquette n. 礼仪This was such a great breach of etiquette, he hardly knew what to do.这是严重失礼的行为,他几乎手足无措。Students are presented with ideas and norms on etiquette.将标准礼节规范展示给学生。 /201303/228941泉州新阳光医院

泉州石狮市妇幼保健院收费好不好6 引路串词3句英文任你选You must be tired after your long flight.经过长途飞行,你一定很累了。Our car is out in the parking lot. Right this way, please.我们的车就在外边停车场,请这边走。The driver is just outside. Hell take us back to the office.司机就在外面等着,他会带我们回公司。半个句型要记牢This way , please. (请这边走。)Tip:为客人领路的常用语,或说 ;Right this way , please...;。 /201510/393259 泉州哪家医院做人流好泉州新阳光妇产是那里人开的



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