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2019年10月22日 04:03:54

Senator Barack Obama added another victory to his campaign for the Democratic nomination Tuesday, winning the southern state of Mississippi's primary. The 33 delegates at stake will be divided with opponent Senator Hillary Clinton because Democrats divide delegates proportionally according to the vote totals for each candidate. Obama owed his victory to a huge advantage among African Americans. 奥巴马参议员星期二在争取民主党提名的选战中又赢得了一次胜利,在南方密西西比州的初选中获胜。根据民主党的选举规则,他将和克林顿参议员按照得票比例来分摊密西西比州的33名代表名额。奥巴马这次胜利主要归功于当地非洲裔美国人的人口优势。More than half the Democratic voters in Mississippi are black and around 90 percent of them voted for Barack Obama, the son of a father from Kenya and a white mother. White voters in the state tended to support Hillary Clinton. Many Democrats are troubled by this pattern. 密西西比州一半以上的民主党选民是非洲裔,他们当中有90%以上的人把选票投给了奥巴马。奥巴马的父亲是肯尼亚人,母亲是美国白人。这个州的白人选民大多拥护克林顿。许多民主党人对这一模式感到困扰。Obama has based his campaign on appealing across racial lines. He won the first contest of this election year on January 3 in Iowa, a state that is around 90 percent white. But since then blacks in every primary or caucus have tended to vote for Obama in large numbers. Less than six months ago, polls showed strong support in the black community for Hillary Clinton, based partially on the accomplishments of her husband, former President Bill Clinton.  奥巴马的竞选一直以跨越种族界线的为基础。他在这个大选年的第一次胜利1月3号在爱奥华州赢得,那里的白人人口占了大约90%。但是从那时起,在每一场初选或者党团基层会议中,大批黑人都倾向于选奥巴马。而不到6个月前的民调结果还显示,黑人选民大力持克林顿,这部分归功于她的丈夫前总统克林顿的政绩。Obama has been able to rally support from young voters from all ethnic and racial groups, but older white voters have voted in larger numbers for Clinton. She also has a distinct advantage with women voters. 奥巴马一贯能赢得不同族裔、不同人种的年轻选民的持,但是很多较年长的白种选民选择了克林顿。克林顿在妇女选民中也占显著优势。Clinton is looking for big wins in other states holding contests in the weeks ahead, including such large states as Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Carolina. Her strength with working class voters and women is expected to help her in those states. Since the percentage of black voters in these states is much lower than it is in a state like Mississippi, Obama will need to reinforce his efforts to draw white voters to support him. 克林顿目前着眼于在未来几星期在其它几个州的角逐中取得重大胜利,如在宾夕法尼亚、印第安纳和北卡罗来纳等大州。预计她在工人阶层和妇女选民中的影响力将有助于她在那些州获胜。这些州的黑人选民比例要比密西西比这样的州低很多,所以奥巴马必须加倍努力争取白人选民的持。One clear advantage Obama enjoys is a more than 100-delegate lead over Clinton, giving him the momentum of a frontrunner. Clinton, on the other hand, hopes her attacks on what she describes as Obama's inexperience will blunt his drive and give her a chance to regain momentum. 奥巴马目前的明显优势是他拥有的代表人数比克林顿多100多名,使他具有领先者的势头。而另一方面,克林顿希望自己针对奥巴马的攻势,批评奥巴马缺乏经验,能挫败奥巴马的锐气,让自己重新领先。Democratic Party leaders view all of this with growing concern, however, since a prolonged contest between these two candidates delays efforts to prepare for the general election and provides Republicans with ammunition to use against the eventual nominee. 民主党领袖正忧心忡忡地关注这一局面,因为两名候选人之间旷日持久的选战会延误为大选作准备,还为共和党人提供机会来攻击最终赢得总统候选人提名的那位民主党人。Senator John McCain clinched the Republican nomination after winning here in Texas and in three other states on March 4 and has been able to devote time since then to fundraising and preparations for the November election. 麦凯恩参议员3月4号在德克萨斯州和另外3个州获胜后,基本确认将赢得共和党提名,从此他便能把全部时间投入募款以及为11月的大选作准备等方面。Complicating the Democratic race further is the possibility that contests in Florida and Michigan may be repeated. Party officials had taken delegates away from those states after they violated party rules by moving their primaries up on the calendar.  使得民主党选情进一步复杂化的是佛罗里达和密西根这两个州的初选可能重新进行。民主党曾经剥夺了这两个州的代表资格,因为他们违反党内规则提前举行初选。The governors of those states are now demanding that their citizens be represented, so both states are planning to re-do their contests in June. But even after those contests, it is likely that neither candidate will have the 2,025 delegates needed to win the nomination, so the race could continue right up to the national Democratic convention in Denver in late August.  这两个州的州长正要求本州重获代表资格,所以两州可能计划在6月重新举行初选。但是即使在那两场选战后,两名候选人很可能仍然不能得到赢得提名所需的2千零25名代表的票数,所以这场选战会可能会一直继续到8月下旬在丹佛举行的全国民主党大会才见分晓。200803/30330泉州怀孕五个月做引产多少钱UN Goes 'Green' on Trial Basis 联合国大楼八月室温将调高以减排 The ed Nations is going green. The secretary-general has announced a new initiative to help lower the U.N.'s greenhouse gas emissions and reduce pollution. Thermostats will rise during the month of August. 联合国总部将实行绿色环保。联合国秘书长宣布了一项新的倡议,以协助降低联合国的温室气体排放量和减少污染。联合国大厦在八月份的室温将会调高。Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has made curbing the effects of global climate change one of his top priorities. Now, he says, the world body must lead by example. 联合国秘书长潘基文把遏制全球气候变化作为他现在最优先考虑的事项之一。 他说,这个世界机构必须以身作则。Starting Friday, the U.N. will raise thermostats by three degrees Celsius to 25 degrees in most parts of the huge headquarters complex. Conference rooms will be slightly cooler. 从周五开始,联合国巨大的总部大楼内大部分办公室的温度将调高3摄氏度,到25摄氏度,会议厅的温度将稍低。The U.N. is currently undergoing a multi-year renovation of its 39 floors. Michael Adlerstein is the executive director of that project. He says the new climate change initiative, known as Cool UN!, will both help the environment and save money. 联合国目前正在为其39层大楼进行为期数年的翻修。迈克尔.阿德勒施泰因是这一项目的执行主任 。他说,被称为“清凉联合国”的新的气候变化倡议,将有利于环境并将节约资金。"The Cool UN! campaign will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and even save some expenses here at headquarters," he said. "It is a practical action that will also raise the awareness of staff and of the U.N. missions in New York of climate change and our need to take action." “清凉联合国运动将减低我们的温室气体排放量,节约能源,甚至节省联合国总部的一些费用。这是一个切合实际的行动,能提高工作人员和在纽约的联合国使团在 气候变化和我们需要采取行动方面的认识。” During the August trial period, Adlerstein says he expects the U.N. will save about 0,000 on its air conditioning bill. The benefits will also include cutting large amounts of carbon dioxide that would have been released into the atmosphere.  阿德勒施泰因说,在8月份的试验期内,他预计联合国将可在空调费方面节约10万美元。其他方面的好处还包括减少大量的被排放到大气中的二氧化碳。August temperatures in New York City average around 28 degrees - cooling the enthusiasm of some U.N. staffers to the project. Edna says she thinks it is important to save energy, but says it is aly too hot in some offices. 纽约市八月的平均气温约28度,这使得一些联合国工作人员对这个项目缺乏热情。埃德娜说,她认为节省能源很重要,但是她说,很多办公室的温度太高了。"I think it's worth it to help the environment," she said. "But also, there are a lot of things you can do to help the environment - shades on the windows, be more careful turning off the computers, things like that to save energy. But we cannot concentrate with the heat inside the offices." 她说:“我认为帮助环境是值得的,但是同时你也可以做很多事情来帮助环境,例如给窗户加窗帘,不用电脑的时候小心地关掉电脑,这类事情都能够节省能源,不能只着眼于办公室的温度。”If the initiative is successful during August, the program will continue year round, with thermostats being lowered about three degrees throughout the complex during winter.  如果这项计划在八月期间能够成功,那么该计划将在全年实行,整个冬季联合国大厦的温度降低三度。Adlerstein says over the course of a year, the initiative could save million on energy costs in addition to cutting greenhouse gas emissions. 阿德勒施泰因说,这项计划一年期间可节省1百万美元的能源费用,除此之外,还能减少温室气体的排放。 The ed Nations is encouraging employees to relax their dress code to cope with rising thermostats. Even the secretary-general has said he will be wearing lighter clothes this summer. 联合国鼓励雇员放宽着装的标准,以应付比较高的温度。甚至联合国秘书长也说,他今年夏天将穿比较凉快的装。200807/45209泉州刮宫手术需要多少钱And here is your " Need to know" for today. The question: What is the best way to help your kids while helping yourself? What a concept! And you wanna save for your child's future ? Well, get an IRA for the kids and then hire them. Just a couple of ways that can help save you money for those mounting college expenses. Joining us is Fox business contributor Jonas Max Feras. He is the founder of the Maxfunds.com and of course a regular on Cashing-in. What a great time for a question like this, my son is about to leave for college. Is it too late? What could people do? How... how old is he? Too, too old.Okay, (it) basically would happen is Congress changed the taxes, in, in an effort to keep taxes low, they have to crack down on the abuses of stock. This has been going on now for 30 years since Ragan lowered income tax and got to buzz people that were cheating to make a way to pay for it. What they basically did was raise the Kiddie Tax to 18. What was going on here is if your kiddo is between essentially 14 and 18 and you earn a high bracket. You can kinda hide money in their name and they'd be paying this low, this low rate. That's why our parents have those passbooks, well~you... you usual...you used to actually make money.Well, what if you'd be well-off, if you, you actually can know with the rates gone up but it's another story. Anyway, the point is if you're paying taxes, say a 30 percent on your income, say a bounder or passbook saving or anything, your kid/ could be paying at 5 percent or less.(Okay) So you'd hide money there, that game's gone, you can no longer hide money in your kids' name, especially if you earn a high bracket than a low bracket, by the way, this is really bad for kids who're actually working teenagers and their parents are rich but don't support them,they get to pay~Separate apart from the taxes, I wanna know how I can hire my kids to do chores, (Okay) pay them and pays off.If you have... if you have a business, you can hire your kid as an employee. That money that you pay them is deductible to you as a business. you get in a write-off. They can then, start some sort of IRA or 529 to some extend and shield that, so they won't pay income tax on that either and basically you are getting a write-off, they are not paying tax on it. You hide money from Uncle Sam essentially. It's technically legal, you did some complexor theory to start here, you catch the accountant, But that is either..another way is to 529 plan, if you live in the state, this is totally on the level on the jet. If you are not to deal with other thing...That's why we wanna stay.If you... if (inaudible) 529 , if you are in a state with a high state income taxes and your parents earn a high bracket. They can save money for your college that way. It is like an IRA for college in a nutshell...(So it really works.)Yeah. you don't avoid federal tax, you avoid state.And new deductions for paying tuition.Is that situation improving? One that I would say related to that is don't put your money in your kids' name if you think you'll need a financial aid because that's what the governement looks at first. You wanna keep money in your parents' stamp. They look at that too, but not as much.( OK). So if you're not very wealthy and you're looking to get that. That's.. Jonas Max Feras gotta run. Thanks so much. Little help for the parents trying to pay for college, keep those emails coming on Legal and Money Matters and tell me what you need to know just email me at Jamie@Forxnews.com. We might answer your questions on the air. 200809/49552At the Merkit(蔑儿乞惕) camp in the mountains of northern Mongolia, Temujin(铁木真) went looking for his wife. "We made the Merkits pay for their deed. We destroyed their families and emptied their breasts."Temujin, the man who was to become Genghis Khan, was barely 20 and he'd aly eliminated one of Mongolia's great tribes.In those early days, Temujin and Jamuqa (扎木合) shared the leadership of the tribe. Yet, even as they celebrated the victory over the Merkits, there was a hidden tension between them. At the root was a fundamental question--- how to measure a man's worth? Both Temujin and Jamuqa were the sons of tribal leaders, Mongolian aristocrats. But only Temujin had experienced a childhood of real adversity and learned from it."Now I cared only for the strength in a man's heart. A warrior does not win a battle by virtue of his birth."Temujin rewarded ability and loyalty alone. One of his most promising warriors was Subedei(速不台), the son of a humble herdsman. But this attitude flew in the face of Mongol tradition. Jamuqa's noble birth led him to believe that high rank should be reserved only for Mongol aristocrats. But now, his blood brother was throwing out the old ways. The gulf between Temujin and Jamuqa widened still further until a prophecy of the Mongol holy man brought their relationship to a crisis."The shaman (萨满) said he had ascended into heaven in a holy trance where the Supreme God told him that he would give to me and to my sons the whole surface of the world."adversity: a state, condition, or instance of serious or continued difficulty or adverse fortuneby virtue of: because of , due to; based onfly in the face of: defy, clearly disobeyshaman: tribal priest or priestess who uses supernatural forces to heal illness or predict the future200809/49397福建泉州市二院门诊地址

福建泉州宫颈环扎手术哪个医生比较厉害永春医院白带异常laughquake ---- 爆笑(名词,非正式)英文释义(noun, INFORMAL) A fit of uncontrolled laughter. (NOTE: blend of ;laugh;and ;earthquake;)例句My little daughters unexpected joke threw our whole family into a two-minute laughquake.我的小女儿出人意料的笑话让我们全家爆笑了两分钟。 /201609/466463Renovation of Historical Complex Renews Hong Kong Preservation Debate香港面临保护仅存历史遗迹新挑战 The Hong Kong government faces new challenges to plans to preserve one of the territory's few remaining historical sites. The challenges are part of a long dispute over the destruction of dozens of landmarks in recent years.  香港政府面临保存其少数尚存历史遗迹的新挑战。近年来许多地标建筑被拆除引发不少争议。It was just a few years after Britain took over Hong Kong in 1842 that the territory's first British police station was built. The station, and the adjacent prison and court building closed in 2004.  1842年英国占领香港的几年之后建了第一个警察局。该警局与相邻的监狱和法院大楼从2004年就对外关闭。The 160-year-old complex fills about a city block in the center of a popular business and entertainment district. Nearby, residents frequent posh bars, art galleries and high-end restaurants.  在香港繁华的商业跟区的中心,这片有160年历史的建筑占了整整一条街区。附近有不少豪华的酒吧、画廊与高级餐厅。John Batten is an art gallery owner who helped organize a group dedicated to preserving Hong Kong's historical structures. 约翰.巴顿是一个画廊老板,他协助成立了一个保存香港历史建筑的组织。"When you go to the prison and you walk around, you are struck by the absolute tranquility and beauty of the buildings, " Batten says. "And of course horrible things happened there. It was a working prison for 140 years, 150 years." 巴顿说:“当你走进那座监狱、环顾四周时,你将为这座建筑所具有的那种绝对的肃静与美感而打动。当然那里发生过很恐怖的事情。在长达一百四五十年的时间里,那都是个关犯人的地方。”The structure is one of the last reminders of Hong Kong's colonial past in the heart of the city. But an ambitious plan to renovate the station has angered some residents, who say Hong Kong is changing too much of its history.  这片建筑是闹市区内最后几个令人联想起香港殖民地历史的地标。一项雄心勃勃的翻新计划已经引起一些居民的强烈反对,他们认为香港已经失去了太多的历史。The 1 million plan will leave the outer walls of the complex, and put galleries, boutiques and restaurants within the shells of the old buildings. In addition, a 50-story glass tower will jut out from inside the complex, with a distinctive set of giant spikes that opponents say will hide views of the territory's mountains and detract from the old buildings beauty.  这项2亿3千100万美元的计划,将保留那里建筑外墙,但在里面将新建画廊、古董店与餐厅。此外,一个50层楼高的玻璃塔楼将在里面拔地而起。楼顶建有一组巨形尖顶。反对者说,那将挡住香港美丽的山色,而且跟老建筑的风格也很不协调。In past years Hong Kong's government has destroyed several landmarks to make way for roads and other projects. Last year the Hong Kong government demolished the famed Star Ferry terminal and Queen's Pier, where British royalty used to step onto the territory, in favor of a harbor development plan. Fierce protests broke out over both cases. 在过去几年,为了兴建道路与其他建筑,香港政府已经推倒了好几个地标性建筑。去年为了港口发展计划,香港政府拆除了著名的天星码头与皇后码头。两处码头皆为英国政府当年登陆香港之地。两项拆除案都曾遭到愤怒的抗议。Christine Loh is the founder of Civic Exchange, an independent public-policy research group. She says finding a happy medium between preserving Hong Kong's past and making money is not always the easiest task. 独立公共政策研究机构思汇政策研究所的创办人陆恭蕙说,在保存历史与寻求经济效益两者中间取得平衡并不是件容易的事:"On the one hand people are worried that commercialization means that this place will be turned into something that nobody recognizes… there's another issue of how do you maintain the cost of maintaining a heritage site?" she notes. “一方面民众担忧商业化将意味著这里将变成一个陌生的地方。还有一个难题是,为了保存历史遗迹要花多少代价?”The new plan to renovate the police station has become a test for the city's ability to reconcile historical and financial concerns.  在保存历史遗迹和增加财政收入之间如何取得平衡?在这个问题上,翻新警察局的计划对香港政府来说是一个考验。But for people like Batten, even this plan is a slap in the face for preservation activists.  对巴顿这样的历史遗迹保存人士来说,警察局翻新计划如同一巴掌打在脸上。He says over the past few decades Hong Kong has seen itself turn into a city that is no longer recognizable. 他说,在过去几十年来,香港已经变得面目全非了:"There has been concern," Batten says. "The difference is between 1985 and 2005 and 2006 and '07 is we don't have much heritage left. And it's a realization by government finally that if everything goes then there is nothing left." “有许多人感到关注。从1985年到2005年,到2006,到2007年,传统遗迹已经所剩无几了。现在政府总算意识到了,如果把所有的东西都拆了,那就什么东西都没有了。”Batten says that putting galleries and restaurants inside the old police building and creating yet another high rise will not showcase the uniqueness of the building. While Batten did not offer any concrete alternatives to the plan, he said any renovation projects for the Central Station and other historical structures should maintain and make use of existing structures as they are. 巴顿说,将画廊与餐厅建在旧警察局里,并且在里面再造一个天大楼无法彰显该建筑物的独特风格。虽然巴顿并没有拿出另一个具体的可行方案,但他说任何历史遗迹的翻新计划,都应该保存并且充分利用老建筑的特色。One charitable foundation a few years ago offered to fund a million plan to convert the old complex into art studios, classrooms and museums that could be used by local and visiting artists and students. The government rejected that plan. Batten does acknowledge that the government has begun to realize that the public values Hong Kong's history and its older buildings. In recent months, government planners have turned down a number of high-rise developments in older districts.But he says another problem that infuriates many residents is the lack of communication between the government and public over the demolition of historical structures. Many preservation activists say the public often is not consulted on new projects.Activists say if the government continues to choose development over preservation, they are going to lose more than just old structures. Within the walls of many of Hong Kong's old buildings, the stories that make up the territory's identity were created. And for Batten and many others, tearing those buildings down makes it all the harder to recall the city's origins. 200804/35104泉州丰泽区男性不孕不育Afghanistan's top intelligence officer is rejecting a U.S. estimate that only 30 percent of the country is under the control of the central government in Kabul. Amrullah Saleh suggested U.S. officials misunderstand Afghanistan's traditional governing system using local tribes. 阿富汗高级情报官员否认了美国估算的阿富汗中央政府仅仅控制阿富汗30%的地区的说法。阿富汗情报局局长萨利赫认为,美国官员们误解了阿富汗使用地方部落来进行管理的传统管理制度。Last week, U.S. Director of National Intelligence Mike McConnell said most of Afghanistan is controlled by local tribes, about 10 percent is controlled by Taliban fighters and less than one third of the territory is controlled by President Hamid Karzai's government.  美国国家情报总监麦康奈尔上星期说,阿富汗的大部分地区被地方部落控制,塔利班战士控制了大约10%的地区,而阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊领导的政府仅仅控制了不到三分之一的地区。On Monday in Kabul, Afghanistan's intelligence chief dismissed the claim. 阿富汗情报局局长萨利赫星期一在喀布尔否认了这一说法。He said the percentage in that statement was totally baseless.  他说,美国发表的这份声明中的数据是完全没有根据的。Amrulleh Saleh said that eight of the country's 364 districts, which account for about five percent of the land and two percent of Afghanistan's population, are outside central government control.  萨利赫说,在阿富汗的364个地区中,有8个地区不受阿富汗中央政府的控制,这8个地区大约占阿富汗土地面积的5%,占阿富汗总人口的2%。During a news conference in Kabul, he blamed the widely divergent estimates on U.S. officials misunderstanding how Afghanistan's traditional tribal governing system functions.  在喀布尔召开的一次新闻发布会上,萨利赫批评美国官员由于误解了阿富汗传统的部落统治制度的运作方式,以致其估算产生了大幅度的偏差。"While in America, an administration fully backed by tribal chiefs or dominated by tribal chiefs may be seen as a liability," said Saleh. "But here we see it as a very strong asset." 他说:“在美国,由部落领袖持或控制的政府可能被看作是一种负担,但是在阿富汗,我们把它看作是一种非常强大的资产。” But there are questions about how loyal these local tribal leaders are to carrying out the agenda of the Karzai government.  不过,至于这些地方部落领袖在执行阿富汗政府的计划方面有多么忠诚,这还是个疑问。London-based Paul Burton is a policy analyst with the Senlis Council, a research organization studying drug and security issues in Afghanistan. He says the loyalty of local tribal leaders to the central government depends in a large part on Kabul's ability to deliver benefits to them.  居住在伦敦的伯顿是森利斯委员会的政策分析人士。森利斯委员会是研究阿富汗毒品与安全问题的研究机构。他说,地方部落领袖对阿富汗中央政府的忠诚度很大程度上取决于喀布尔方面能否给他们提供一些好处。 In southern Afghanistan, Burton says the central government struggles to provide even basic services.  伯顿说,在阿富汗南部,阿富汗中央政府甚至还不能提供基本的务项目。"We document, on a regular basis, an appalling lack of aid going to core infrastructure such as hospitals - in Kandahar for example," he said. "So within that context I think it is impossible for local tribal leaders to feel a great degree of warmth toward the center when they are seeing their people ravished and impoverished." 他说:“比如在坎大哈,我们的记录显示,像医院等一些重点机构经常面临救援物资的短缺。因此我认为,在这种情况下,当地方部落领袖们看到他们的人民生活在耻辱和贫穷中时,他们不可能会对中央政府产生极大的热情。”Burton says the security situation in parts of the country has severely impeded efforts to develop government infrastructure.  伯顿说,阿富汗部分地区的安全状况严重地阻碍了在改善政府机构方面所作的努力。Last year Afghanistan experienced the most intense fighting since the fall of the Taliban in 2001. News agencies have estimated that more than 6,000 people, most of whom were militants, were killed in the fighting in 2007. Burton says there is evidence that some families are simultaneously backing Taliban and Afghan army (ANA) and police forces (ANP), merely because they are unsure who will prevail in the struggle for control.  伯顿说,有据表明,一些阿富汗家庭同时持塔利班组织、阿富汗国民军和阿富汗国民警察,他们这样做仅仅是因为他们不确定哪一方会获得得控制权。"We have evidence to suggest that people are putting one fund into the Taliban and another fund into the ANA and another into the ANP," he said. "They are hedging their bets - they are seeing which side is going to win - purely driven from a sense of desperation." 他说:“我们有据明,人们投一部分资金给塔利班组织,投一部分资金给阿富汗国民军,再投另一部分资金给阿富汗国民警察。他们在保护他们的赌注,他们仅仅是在用一种绝望的心理来猜测哪一方将会获胜。” One important indicator of the strength of the U.S.-backed Karzai government has been its ability, or inability, to curb opium-poppy cultivation. This week, the U.S. State Department reported that narcotics production in the country hit historic highs in 2007 for the second straight year.  衡量美国持的阿富汗政府的力量的一个重要指标是它能否有能力抑制鸦片原料罂粟的种植。美国国务院本星期发表的报告说,阿富汗2007年的毒品生产量已经连续第二年创下历史高峰。U.S. analysts said the estimated billion in illicit opium accounted for more than a third of Afghanistan's gross domestic product. 美国分析人士说,据估计,违法的鸦片交易带来的40亿美元的收入占阿富汗国民生产总值的三分之一以上。200803/28572泉港区妇幼保健院是正规医院吗

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