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The troll stopped next to a doorway and peered inside.巨怪停在一个门边,朝里面窥视。It waggled its long ears, making up its tiny mind, then slouched slowly into the room.它摆动着长耳朵,用它的小脑袋做出了决定,然后垂下头,慢慢钻进了房间。The keys in the lock, Harry muttered.We could lock it in.钥匙在锁眼里呢,哈利喃喃地低语,我们可以把它锁在里面。Good idea, said Ron nervously.好主意。罗恩紧张地说。They edged toward the open door, mouths dry, praying the troll wasnt about to come out of it.他们侧着身子走向敞开的门,觉得嘴里发干,一心只希望巨怪不要突然跑出来。With one great leap, Harry managed to grab the key, slam the door, and lock it.哈利大步一跳,把钥匙抓在手里,猛地撞上门,牢牢锁住。Yes! Flushed with their victory, they started to run back up the passage,成了! 他们因为得手而兴奋得满脸通红,开始顺着通道往回跑but as they reached the corner they heard something that made their hearts stop,可是,刚跑到拐弯处,就听见了一个几乎使他们的心脏停止跳动的声音a high, petrified scream -- and it was coming from the chamber theyd just chained up.一个凄厉的、惊恐万状的声音——是从他们刚刚锁上的房间里传出来的。Oh, no, said Ron, pale as the Bloody Baron.哦,糟糕。罗恩说,脸色苍白得像血人巴罗的鬼魂。Its the girls bathroom! Harry gasped.那是女厕所!哈利连气都透不过来了。Hermione! they said together.赫敏!两人同时说道。It was the last thing they wanted to do, but what choice did they have?他们真不愿意再回去,可是还有什么别的选择呢?Wheeling around, they sprinted back to the door and turned the key, fumbling in their panic.他们猛一转身,奔回那道门前,拧动钥匙,因为紧张而显得笨手笨脚Harry pulled the door open and they ran inside.哈利把门拉开,两人冲了进去。 /201206/185282According to preliminary inmation, there are no casualties or destruction, the source said, adding that search operations have been underway.

Facebook post since made private.Muller在另一篇脸书私人推文上表示两名女孩已为她们无聊的玩笑道歉Using hate symbols in attempts at jokes sends a bad message, according to

In the future world market, US companies cannot compete by making the things that can be made in many developing countries. Even Chinese companies can't afd to think that way, now that its wages are above some other Asian countries.

    Britain could potentially leave the European union as early as next year as Prime Minister David Cameron is allegedly aly putting plans in motion to bring ward an inoutreferendum by a year.

  Japan has repeatedly expressed the feelings of deep remorse and heartfelt apology its actions during the war. In order to manifest such feelings through concrete actions, we have engraved in our hearts the histories of suffering of the people in Asia as our neighbours: those in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines, and Taiwan, the Republic of Korea and China, among others; and we have consistently devoted ourselves to the peace and prosperity of the region since the end of the war.。

  He last updated his Sina Weibo, a popular Chinese microblogging website, on May . It has been followed by more than ,000 Chinese netizens who sent virtual candles and hoped Lin find peace in heaven as of pm Saturday.

  But some critics say the definition of the socalled majority government is ambiguous. If a majority government means one run mainly by Shiites, it would be a dangerous and unrealistic choice Iraq, a country composed of many diverse ethnic groups.Octavia Spencer received a best supporting actress nomination her work in “The Help.” The film tells the story of AfricanAmericans who worked whites in the American south during the nineteen sixties. The actress says she is excited about the awards ceremony.当这三位领导人拿着手机玩自拍时,第一夫人米歇尔则坐在一旁一脸不悦


  Police fired volleys of tear gas and used water cannon to try to disperse militant protesters who were hurling rocks, bottles and fireworks, but clashes went on into the evening.

  “The decarbonization of the economy is unstoppable because it is currently being driven not by politics but by market ces, by [renewable resources] that are much cheaper than the fossil fuel and by the policies of the countries that understand [such practices] are better them,” said Figueres.。




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