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江干区中医院专家推荐浙江大学医学院附属第二医院地址08/81924滨江区做复通手术多少钱 Immigration: The Human CostThe Onion News Network's Jean Anne Whorton looks at how immigration has affected one former corporate executive. America's Immigration Problem.This controversial issue is often reported with facts and information that are very difficult to relate to. Our Jean Anne Whorton filed this report on the human cost of Mexicans.“Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.” These are the words enshrined at the base of the Statue of Liberty and in the hearts of every true American. But those words were written thousands of years ago and as millions of new immigrants flood across our borders each year, the American worker is paying the price.Until July of last year, Raymond Boyle was a senior vice president of business development at Lucent Technologies, headquartered in Dallas, Texas.I never thought this would happen to me. The man who took Ray Boyle's job is Alberto Fuentes, who illegally crossed the Arizona-Mexican border in the back of a melon truck 2 years ago. I think the job gave me a sense of pride. Every week I brought home a cheque. It was able to feed the family.And how much were you making? 840,000 and a half percent share on the company. An internal memo leaked to the Onion News Network revealed that Fuentes was willing to work for significantly less. Boyle was forced to sell his Texas estate and moved his family into their summer home in The Hamptons. Unless you’ve gone through it yourself, you can’t imagine what it’s like to live year-round in your summer home. I don’t know what we’re gonna do. I refused to work, so it’s been very hard for us. Fuentes, who speaks no English and has no formal business training, has spurred double-digit growth since last quarter. His supervisor say it’s his ability to put in long hours without taking vacations. I hope that Mexican man is happy with daddy’s job. So Raymond Boyle and thousands of other Americans just like him face an uncertain future. It’s a difficult adjustment, no doubt about it. I’m working long hours and the waitresses make a lot more because they get the tips and I don’t. It’s really unfair. The whole system is really unfair. For the Onion News Network, I’m Jean Anne Whorton.01/60355South Korea Reverses Economic Growth Prediction韩国新财长称经济增长将面临收缩 South Korea has a new finance minister - and a newly gloomy economic outlook. The government is reversing a recent prediction of growth, saying the South Korean economy will contract for the first time since the Asian financial crisis of the late 1990's. 韩国有了一位新的财政部长,同时描绘了一幅新的黯淡的经济前景。韩国政府推翻了最近对经济增长的预测,说韩国经济将经历1990年代末亚洲金融危机以来的第一次收缩。South Korean Finance Minister Yoon Jeung-hyun was sworn in Tuesday and proceeded to share what he describes as "unpleasant" but "honest" news. 尹增铉星期二宣誓就任韩国财政部长,随后就谈到他所说的“令人不愉快”但“实话实说”的消息。He says South Korea's economy is contracting more quickly than expected, as the world economy gets worse. He says the economy is expected to contract two percent this year, because of falling domestic demand and exports. 他说,在世界经济形势不断恶化的同时,韩国经济的收缩速度也超过了预期。由于内需和出口双双下降,预期今年经济将收缩两个百分点。Yoon estimates the South Korean economy will shed about 200,000 jobs. The forecast belies a government prediction from December that the economy would grow this year by a modest three percent. 尹增铉预测,韩国经济将减少大约20万个就业机会。他的说法不同于韩国政府去年12月关于今年经济会缓慢增长百分之3的预期。The South Korean announcement comes as members of the ed States Senate wrangle over a possible deal to spend about 0 billion to stimulate the collapsing American economy.  在韩国做出经济增长预测的同时,美国国会参议院正在就一项大约8千亿美元的经济刺激计划进行争论。China and Japan are spending hundreds of billions of dollars to jump start their own economies and Yoon says Seoul is likely to prime the economic pump, as well. 中国和日本分别投入数千亿美元,刺激经济增长。尹增铉表示,首尔可能也会采取经济刺激措施。He says South Korea will place highest priority on activating domestic demand and will issue a supplementary budget as early as possible. 他说,韩国将把拉动内需作为重中之重,并尽早公布一项补充预算。Officials sat that budget is likely to contain at least billion in public spending. South Korean central bank leaders are scheduled to meet this week and are expected to cut interest rates to record low levels, to attempt to get the economy moving. 有关官员说,这项预算可能包含至少20亿美元的公共开。韩国中央负责人定于本周开会,预计他们会把利率降低至历史新低,以期推动经济增长。02/62199下城区儿童医院是市级吗

萧山人民医院礼拜六能做无痛人流吗America: Living Beyond Our Means Many homeowners knew they could not afford their houses.Now for the past decades, more Americans are/ never became homeowners for the first time. Many of them now find out couldn’t handle their responsibility of maintaining those homes and it turns out they may have known that going in as well. Investment // Warren Buffet offered this theory about how millions of Americans got in over their heads.Most people have/has fired their own home and I know somebody makes it very eased for you to do it by saying you don’t really have to put up any money or you know, we will give you 100 percent mortgage, you are gonna do it.Um, everybody looks for their American dream and they do their best to try to get back that dream and I know, for us, we thought we were gonna be ok.Today, Carrie and Mary Jamberb are far from ok. They are facing foreclosure on their dream home in New Jersey. Did you feel that you were getting in over your head? They can’t grab you hand and force you to sign in blind. (No, I don’t think it’s our fault.) If they really want to give you a mortgage, you’ll find someone to give you a mortgage.So just who is to blame for this on-going economic crisis, Walt Street or Main Street?I don’t feel it’s necessary to try to bail, to have to bail them out. They should be taken care of us, the people that they want. (Not everyone agree.) I love my home to foreclosure. I didn’t go to the government and go “Hey, listen. I am losing my home. I think you guys should bill me up. (L took out a loan foe a home she couldn’t afford and she knew it.) There was a little voice, little // voice going “don’t do this”. They value that money to high for value. I went ahead and did it anyway.Like many victims of the mortgage crisis, L do/does agree on one important point. (And have you told you son that there’s a chance that he may not be living in the place he’s been living in half his life.) I made a promise to my kids and they right now have a place to live in. But, how much longer? I want to be, get our ourselves back on our feet. We won’t be in this, uh, this situation or predigment ever again.Nearly 400,000 Americans facing foreclosure will give lifeline after countrywide financial reached an 8 billion-dollar settlement with 11 states to help those home owners to rework their mortgages. You know, there are so many more suffering. So, interesting when she said that Jimmies // a voice in my head said “don’t do it, don’t’ do it.”…200810/53415萧山宫颈糜烂严重的症状 President Obama says that one week into the mission, U.S. and allied forces are successfully protecting civilians from attacks by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s forces.奥巴马总统说,美国及其盟友已经在利比亚执行了一周的任务,成功地保护了平民免受利比亚领导人卡扎菲军队的袭击。"We are succeeding in our mission," he said. "We have taken out Libya’s air defenses. Gadhafi’s forces are no longer advancing across Libya. In places like Benghazi, a city of some 700,000 that Gadhafi threatened to show ‘no mercy,’ his forces have been pushed back."他说:“我们的任务正在取得成功。我们已经消除了利比亚的防空力量。卡扎菲的军队已经不再能在利比亚境内推进。卡扎菲曾威胁说要在像班加西之类约有70万人的城市,采取‘毫不留情’的行动,但他的部队现在也已经在那里被击退。”In his weekly address to the nation, Obama said the joint effort is showing results, and Libyan civilians have expressed gratitude. 奥巴马在他的全国每周例行讲话中说,联合行动正在奏效,利比亚平民对此表达了感激之情。"Because we acted quickly, a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided and the lives of countless civilians - innocent men, women and children - have been saved," he said.他说:“由于我们行动迅速,避免了一场人道灾难。无数平民的生命、那些无辜的男女老幼,都得到拯救。”The president’s message was intended to reassure Americans about the purpose and effectiveness of the mission in Libya.奥巴马总统发出的信息是为了让美国人对利比亚行动的目的和效果感到安心。A Gallup opinion poll taken Monday shows 47 percent of Americans approve of the operation, while 37 percent disapprove. Separately, a CBS survey indicates that 50 percent of Americans agree with Obama’s handling of the situation, while 29 percent do not. Gallup says its approval figure was lower than for other U.S. military campaigns in the past four decades. 星期一进行的一项盖洛普民意调查显示,47%的美国人赞成这次行动,但37%的人表示并不认同。哥伦比亚广播公司所作的另一项调查显示,50%的美国人认同奥巴马应对这一局势的举措,而有29%的人持有相反看法。盖洛普表示,美国利比亚行动的持率低于美军在过去四十年采取的任何其它军事行动。White House officials deny criticism by some lawmakers - both Republicans and members of Obama's own Democratic Party - that the president did not seek congressional authorization or adequately consult with lawmakers before embarking on the military action.白宫官员否定来自某些民主党和共和党议员的批评,那些人说,总统在开始军事行动之前没有寻求议会批准, 也没有与议员进行适当的磋商。Some critics contend that Obama did not exhaust all diplomatic options before calling out the military. They also say the U.S. cannot afford the cost of the conflict, and that the nation should not be taking on a mission Libya, when it is aly involved in Iraq and Afghanistan.一些批评人士争辩说,奥巴马在采取军事行动之前没有尝试一切其它外交途径。他们还说,美国无法再承受为冲突付出的代价,这个国家不应该在同时卷入伊拉克和阿富汗战争的情况下,再承担利比亚使命。201103/129445萧山无痛人流好不好

萧山治疗前列腺炎美国总统奥巴马26日对流行乐巨星迈克尔·杰克逊突然去世表示哀悼。白宫发言人吉布斯说,奥巴马总统把杰克逊称为了不起的表演者和音乐界的偶像,但他也表示,迈克·杰克逊在私生活方面是个悲剧。“I talked to him about it this morning,” Gibbs said. “He said to me that obviously Michael Jackson was a spectacular performer and a music icon and I think everybody remembers hearing his songs and watching him moonwalk on television during Motown’s 25th anniversary.”“But the president also said aspects of his life were sad and tragic,” Gibbs continued. “His condolences went out to the Jackson family and to fans that mourned his loss.”06/75964 "Where u at?"Those three words were the last text message Mariah West before the violent car crash that took her life.“你在哪儿?”是玛丽娅·维斯特在遭遇惨烈车祸而丧生之前读到的最后一个手机短信。"It was the day before my daughter’s graduation from high school. She was on her way to a ball game and was getting directions," says Merry Dye, Mariah's mother. "The eyewitness report says for no apparent reason, she lost control of her car, crossed the center median, clipped a bridge, then flipped across two more lanes of traffic. No parent wants to receive that phone call."玛丽娅的母亲梅利·戴说,事故发生在玛丽娅高中毕业前一天。当时,她在驾车去舞会的路上,朋友通过短信给她指路。梅利·戴说:“目击者说,不知道什么原因,她突然失去控制,车子跨过中线,撞上桥的边缘,然后又翻越两条车线。哪个家长都不愿意听到这样的噩耗。”Dye shares her story in a new documentary, "Texting Can Wait," which she hopes will send a clear message to teen drivers.梅利·戴在一部新制作的名为《手机短信可以等一等》的纪录片里分享了她的故事。她希望借此向青少年驾车者发出一个明确的信息。"In just three seconds, if you’re going down the interstate, you can cover the length of, I think, five football fields. A lot can happen in that amount of distance in that short amount of time. It’s not a matter of if you would have an accident, but when."梅利·戴说:“如果你在州际高速公路上开车,3秒钟就可以开过5个足球场的距离。在这么短的时间里经过这么长的距离,很多事情都有可能发生。问题不在于是否会遭遇车祸,而在于何时遭遇车祸。”The 10-minute documentary is available on the Internet and was produced by ATamp;T, a telecommunication company that makes cellphones and other devices teens can use to text.这部10分钟的纪录片可供人们在网上观看,它是由电讯公司ATamp;T制作的。该公司生产手机以及青少年能够用来发送短信的其它设施。201102/125120杭州省妇幼保健院的权威医生萧山男性泌尿生殖权威医院




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