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The popular Chinese animation TV series Calabash Brothers (Hulu Xiongdi) is set to become alive-action film, announced Shanghai Film Group Corporation and Edko Films at a joint pressconference in Shanghai on February 9.月9日,上海电影集团与安乐电影公司在上海联合宣布,深受欢迎的国产系列动画片《葫芦兄弟即将推出真人版电影Known as ;Húluwá; among its many Chinese fans, the original -episode series was firstbroadcast in 1986 and follows the adventures of seven boys with super powers fighting two demonic spirits.《葫芦兄弟是上海电影集团于1986年推出的集动画片,讲述了七个“葫芦娃”兄弟大战两个妖怪的故事,深受中国观众的喜爱The animation is part of the collective memory of many fans who were born in the 1970s and 80sand they are both excited and anxious at the news.《葫芦兄弟是中国“70后”、“80后”们的集体童年回忆的一部分在听到了这一消息后,他们表示即兴奋又担忧;No matter how terrible the movie gonna be, Im definitely going to watch it,; said BanbiTyphoon on the Twitter-like social media Sina Weibo. Another, Duoduo, worried whether ;the director could find seven identical brothers filming.;新浪微用户(相当于中国版本的Twitter)BanbiTyphoo 表示,“不管这部电影被改成了什么样,我一定会去看看”另一位名叫“多多”的网友则对此表示担心:“导演是否能找到7个一样的兄弟来演葫芦娃”At the press conference, Bill Kong, president of Hong Kong-based Edko Films, promised that the remake had been decided upon after careful deliberation. He added that they have opted live-action rather than high-tech CG animation as part of their efts to respect the roots of the classic animation.在新闻发布会上,香港安乐影业总裁江志强表示,启动拍摄真人版《葫芦兄弟是经过了慎重的考虑之后做出的决定他补充说,他们选择了真人版电影而不是高科技电脑动画版,并会尽最大努力在银幕上重塑经典A calabash is a light-green vine fruit, also known as opo squash or long melon. In the series,seven different-coloured calabashes fall from their stems and magically transm into the brothers.葫芦是一种藤状植物的草绿色果实,又被称为瓠子或者长瓜在《葫芦兄弟系列中,七种不同颜色的葫芦从蒂部落下之后,神奇地变成了葫芦兄弟So far, the animation series has been translated into seven languages.迄今为止,这部动画片已经被译成了7种语言 001. A day without sunshine is like night.没有阳光的白日如同黑夜(快乐生活每一天). On the other hand, you have different fingers.换句话说,五指亦有不同(大千世界,无奇不有宽容心对待)3. .7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.百分之四十二点七的数据是现场编造的. 99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name.百分之九十九的律师是毁坏律师界名声的大老鼠(律师界就是一锅老鼠汤)5. Remember, half the people you know are below average.永远记住:你认识的人中定会有一半居于平均线以下(总有人处于低端)6. He who laughs last, thinks slowest.6最后笑的人思维最慢(最后笑的人不一定因为他是强人,也许还有其他原因)7. Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.绝望仅仅是没有的愤怒8. The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap.早起的鸟儿或许有虫吃,不过第二只老鼠才会得到夹子中的奶酪(韬光养晦,永不出头) 57

贫民女子嫁入豪门都被叫做“灰姑娘”,而且都被人们看作很平常的事情可是反过来,如果一个男人娶了一个各方面都比自己强的妻子,就可能会被人们叫做“吃软饭”这样的婚姻被称为是“格差婚” A "status-gap marriage" is one in which there is a clear gap in income, pedigree, social status, etc. between the husband and wife. The phrase usually refers to marriages in which a woman marries "beneath herself," such as the marriage between Japanese actress Norika Fujiwara and her husband, the lesser-known comedian Tomonori Jinnai. They ended in divorce in . Status-gap marriage(格差婚)指夫妻双方在收入、家庭条件、社会地位等方面相差悬殊的婚姻,多指女方“下嫁”的情况比如,日本女星藤原纪香与不太知名的喜剧演员阵内智则的婚姻就被看作是格差婚两人最终于年离婚

Step 1 Find a place to sit without distractions. Think about what is important to you then get your paper and pencil and make a list. This list should include things that you would like to accomplish. Keep it short.第一步 找一个不受干扰的工作环境用纸笔列出需要做的重要事情,这些必须包含你想要完成的任务清单要尽量简短 1

%eenVBm%#ZSKvD(#IX3RNPxPv[nO#;NaVgQeD;eID@Russia turned random phone booths into sharks ; created by artist Renald from Petrozavodsk.Uy7NR]#oLR俄罗斯的一些公用电话亭是鲨鱼形的;;由Petrozavodsk的艺术家Renald设计ax%BK]dBiM,ssC0~__wfuaFp5kcHtXr,uQU,j5n!AF0uI6NtJD57%vps#h,rL8(p~slDuxWC!

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