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US Jobless Rate Up to 8.9 Percent, Highest in 26 Years美失业率升至26年新高  The U.S. Labor Department reports the unemployment rate in the ed States rose last month to 8.9 percent. It was the highest rate since 1983, but the number of jobs lost was not as large as expected.美国劳工部报告称,上个月美国的失业率升至8.9%。这是1983年以来美国最高的失业率。但是,当月失去的工作职位并不像预期的那么多。The commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Keith Hall, presented the Labor Department report to the Joint Economic Committee.美国劳工部统计局专员基思.霍尔向国会联合经济委员会陈述了劳工部的报告。"This was another bad report. There was a significant deterioration in the labor market again. The job loss is large, it is widesp, it is affecting every industry sector and every demographic group," he said. “这是又一份糟糕的报告。劳工市场明显恶化。失去的工作职位数量之大,范围之广,正影响着每一个工业部门和每一个年龄阶段。”Some 539,000 jobs were lost in April, bringing the total number of unemployed to 13.7 million, up from 13.2 million in March.4月份共失去了大约53万9千个工作机会,使总的失业人口从3月份得1320万人增加到了1370万人。But the number of job losses were the fewest in the past six months, tempered in part by the federal government's hiring of temporary workers to prepare for the U.S. census next year.但这个数据是过去六个月来失业人数单月增加最少的一次。新增失业人数减少的部分原因是由于联邦政府正在雇用临时工为美国明年的人口普查做准备。Commissioner Hall says the slowdown in layoffs could be, as he put it, "a glimmer of hope" that the economy could be improving.霍尔说,失去就业机会的速度放缓,显示出了经济可能正在改善的“一丝希望的曙光”。"That looks like a moderation, but it's only one month," he cautioned.“看起来是在减速,不过只是一个月。”Senator Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat who chaired the hearing, said the Labor Department report underscores the need for continued government assistance.来自明尼苏达州的民主党参议员艾米.克洛布查尔主持了这次听会。她说,劳工部的报告凸显了政府继续提供援助的必要性。"It is a testament to making sure unemployment compensation is available, making sure we are looking out for people who have lost their jobs," she said.“这是个实,明我们必须确保人们都可以得到失业补偿,确保那些失去工作的人们得到照顾。”Republicans used the report to criticize the policies of the Democratic majority in Congress and the Obama administration. 共和党人利用这份报告对国会多数党民主党以及奥巴马政府提出批评。Congressman Eric Cantor, a Virginia Republican, said in a statement that the Democrats continue to increase government intervention in the free market, taking away incentives to create jobs.来自维吉尼亚州的共和党议员埃里克.坎托在一份声明中说,民主党持续干预自由市场,打消了人们创造工作机会的动力。05/69308Japan's hydra-headed disaster日本的氢致灾难 The fallout 放射性尘埃Some natural disasters change history. Japan’s tsunami could be one 有些自然灾害改变历史,日本的海啸会是其中之一THAT “tsunami” is one of the few Japanese words in global use points to the country’s familiarity with natural disaster. But even measured against Japan’s painful history, its plight today is miserable. The magnitude-9 earthquake—the largest ever in the country’s history, equivalent in power to 30,000 Hiroshimas—was followed by a wave which wiped out whole towns. With news dribbling out from stricken coastal communities, the scale of the horror is still sinking in. The surge of icy water shoved the debris of destroyed towns miles inland, killing most of those too old or too slow to scramble to higher ground (see article). The official death toll of 5,429 will certainly rise. In several towns over half the population has drowned or is missing.“海啸”是世界通用的为数不多的日语词汇之一,这说明自然灾害在日本已是习以为常。但是,即便从日本多灾多难的历史来看,现在它所面临的这场灾难也是非常悲惨的。里氏9级的地震是该国历史上最大的一次,释放出的能量相当于投放于广岛的原子弹的30000倍。强震之后,海浪咆哮而至,把一座座城镇完全吞没。从受困的滨海地区传来的零星消息表明,恐惧仍在加深。冰冷的海水把被毁城镇的废墟卷向几英里外的内陆,夺去了大多数由于年龄太大或行动太慢而未能转移到较高地方人们的生命。官方公布的死亡数字5249肯定会增加。在几座城镇,半数以上的居民溺死或失踪。In the face of calamity, a decent people has proved extremely resilient: no looting; very little complaining among the tsunami survivors. In Tokyo people queued patiently to meet their tax deadlines. Everywhere there was a calm determination to conjure a little order out of chaos. Volunteers have rushed to help. The country’s Self-Defence Forces, which dithered in response to the Kobe earthquake in 1995, have poured into the stricken area. Naoto Kan, the prime minister, who started the crisis with very low public support, has so far managed to keep a semblance of order in the country, despite a series of calamities that would challenge even the strongest of leaders. The government’s inept handling of the Kobe disaster did much to undermine Japan’s confidence in itself.面对不幸,素养良好的民族表现出极其克制的一面:没有抢掠,海啸幸存者中也几乎没有什么抱怨。在东京,人们仍然耐心地排队缴税。每个地方都要一种平静的决心:在混乱中保持秩序。志愿者踊跃伸出援手。在1995年阪神地震中应对不力的日本自卫队已经奔赴受灾地区。虽然一连串的不幸对最坚强的领导人都是个挑战,但是此前就任于危难之际、公众持率很低的日本首相菅直人现在也成功维持住了日本的秩序。政府应对阪神地震的无能大大降低了日本的自信。The wider concern更广的担忧The immediate tragedy may be Japan’s; but it also throws up longer-term questions that will eventually affect people all the way round the globe. Stockmarkets stumbled on fears about the impact on the world’s third-biggest economy. Japan’s central bank seems to have stilled talk of financial panic with huge injections of liquidity. Early estimates of the total damage are somewhat higher than the 0 billion that Kobe cost, but not enough to wreck a rich country. Disruption to electricity supplies will damage growth, and some Asian supply chains are aly facing problems; but new infrastructure spending will offset some of the earthquake’s drag on growth. 眼前受灾的是日本,但也提出了一些长期性、最终将会影响全世界所有人的问题。出于对日本这个世界第三大经济体的担忧,股市跌停。日本的中央似乎已经通过大量注入流动性来平息人们对金融市场的恐慌。之前发布的全部损失估计值比阪神地震造成的损失值1000亿美元稍高,但不足以摧毁一个富国。电力供应中断将对经济增长产生破坏作用,亚洲的一些供应链已经面临问题;但是重建基础设施的投资将会抵消地震对经济增长的部分拖累。201103/129938European Union Begins 2010 With New Look年终报道:欧盟排除障碍向前迈进It is holiday season in Brussels. Belgians and tourists stroll through Christmas markets that sell hot, spiced wine and Belgium's famous waffles. They pause before an enormous Christmas tree in the Grand Place, the central square of Brussels that is surrounded by elaborately decorated old "guildhalls."在布鲁塞尔,节日气氛很浓。比利时本地居民和来自其他国家的游客们都聚集在圣诞集市上,这里销售着温热的红酒、还有比利时有名的烧饼。布鲁塞尔市中心竖立着一棵巨大的圣诞树,很多人也在圣诞树这儿流连忘返。Profound changeThese old European rituals are taking place at a time of profound change in Europe. For the first time, Europeans have a permanent president of the European Union, former Belgian prime minister Herman Van Rompuy, who takes office on January 1. They have a new EU foreign policy chief and new EU commissioners, and after years of setbacks European governments finally ratified a pact called the Lisbon Treaty to bind the bloc together 这些庆祝圣诞节的活动和往年没有什么不同,不过,欧洲大陆的政治格局,在过去这一年里,却出现了很大的变化。比利时前首相赫尔曼.范龙佩被选为欧盟第一位常任主席,并将于一月一号正式上任。另外,欧盟外交政策新一届负责人以及欧盟委员会新一届成员,新年伊始,也都将走马上任。经过多年的协商之后,里斯本协定终于被纳入实施。Nowhere are the changes felt more keenly than in Brussels, the administrative center of the 27-member bloc. Angelo Callant, a Flemish speaking Belgian, says he supports the Lisbon Treaty and he is proud that a Belgian is the EU first president. 在欧盟总部布鲁塞尔,可以强烈地感觉到这些变化。来自比利时的名叫安哲罗.加兰特的游客说,他持里斯本协定,而且对欧盟第一位常任主席将由自己国家的前首相来出任,感到骄傲。"I am for a stronger Europe, so it is a good evolution now ... Europe has an important job in some issues. We need a stronger Europe for the economy and other things," Callant said.他说:“我赞成欧洲更强大,所以很高兴能往这方面发展。在一些问题上,欧洲能发挥很重要的作用。在经济发展和很多其他议题上,我们都需要一个强大的欧洲。”French tourist Jacques Tacquoi is also pro-European Union. As a businessman, Tacquoi says, having a European Union and the euro currency makes a difference. He says he feels more European than French. 来自法国的游客雅克.德库瓦也对欧盟表示赞成。他说,作为一名生意人,欧盟和欧元的存在,确实有好处。他认为自己首先是欧洲人,然后才是法国人。12/93143Microsoft微软Middle-aged blues中年忧郁症The software giant is grappling with a mid-life crisis 软件巨头微软正在中年危机中挣扎Jun 9th 2011 | SAN FRANCISCO | from The Economist print editionCOMPARED with IBM, Microsoft is a mere stripling. Founded in 1975, it rose swiftly to dominate the world of personal computing with its Windows operating system and Office suite of word-processing and other productivity tools. But the company is now showing some worrying signs of middle-age fatigue. In particular, it is struggling to find a growth strategy that will enthuse disgruntled shareholders.与IBM相比,微软还只是个年轻人。成立于1975年的微软因其Windows操作系统和包括文字处理及其他生产工具的Office系列迅速崛起并主导个人电脑世界。但是该公司如今呈现出一些人到中年疲惫了的迹象,引人担忧。特别是,它正努力寻找一种可以激发不满的股东们热情的增长策略。Grumbles are understandable. Since Steve Ballmer took over from Bill Gates as chief executive in 2000, Microsoft’s share price has languished and the company has lost its reputation as a tech trend-setter. It has been left behind in hot areas such as search and social networking by younger companies, some of which love to thumb their noses at their older rival. Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google, recently proclaimed that leadership in the tech world had passed from Microsoft and others to a “Gang of Four” fast-growing, consumer-oriented businesses: Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook. 抱怨是可以理解的。自从2000年史蒂夫鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)从比尔盖茨手中接掌微软总裁一职以后,微软的股价就一蹶不振,公司也失去了作为科技弄潮儿的声誉。在诸如搜索和社交网络等热门领域中,它被年轻一代的公司甩在了后面,这些公司中的有一些热衷于嘲笑这位年纪大的对手。谷歌的执行主席埃里克施密特(Eric Schmidt)最近宣称科技世界的领导力量已经从微软和其他公司传递到一个发展迅速、以消费者为导向的“四人组”公司手中:谷歌,苹果,亚马逊和脸谱网。Few would quibble with that. The question is: what, if anything, can Microsoft do to change it? In at least some respects, the company appears to be suffering from similar ailments to those that laid IBM low before Lou Gerstner was hired in 1993 to get it back on its feet. These include arrogance bred of dominance of a particular area—mainframe computers at IBM, personal computers at Microsoft—and internal fiefs that hamper swift change. For instance, the division that champions cloud computing must deal with one that is the cheerleader for Windows, which is likely to want computing to stay on desktops for as long as possible to maximise its own revenues.几乎没人会对这个观点吹毛求疵。问题是:微软能做些什么来改变它呢?至少在某些方面,该公司看起来罹患一些疾病,类似的疾病曾击倒IBM,直到1993年路易郭士纳(Lou Gerstner):上任才使其重新恢复元气。它们包括因为控制某一领域而滋生的骄傲自大——于IBM是大型计算机,于微软则是个人电脑——以及阻碍迅速转变的公司内部的各个阵营。比如,持云计算的部门必须应对Windows系统的持者,后者可能希望计算在台式电脑上停留越长越好,以便获得最多的收入。201106/141732Coping with Japan's nuclear disaster应对日本核灾难Living with radiation与辐射共生A sping cloud of economic and human costs 经济和民众开销忧虑蔓延开来Giving the brassicas a once-over测量青花菜的辐射量A PEN-LIKE dosimeter hangs around the neck of Katsunobu Sakurai, the tireless mayor of Minamisoma, measuring the accumulated radiation to which he has been exposed during the past two weeks of a four-week nuclear nightmare. The ing of 43 microsieverts is about the dosage he would get from a single chest x-ray. No cause for alarm, then. Yet he believes the radioactive particles from the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear-power plant, 25km from his office, have led this once-prosperous city of 70,000 into a fight for its life.形似钢笔的放射量测量器戴在樱井胜延的脖子上,这位不知疲倦的南相马市市长正在测量他在过去两周中吸收的累积辐射量,而核噩梦已经持续四个周了。测量器显示的43毫西弗大约是他做一次胸透所接收的辐射量,这完全无害。然而,樱井市长相信:从距离自己办公室25千米外的福岛第一核电站飘来的放射性粒子,已经导致居住在这座曾经繁荣的城市的70,000市民不得不为生存而战。About 50,000 inhabitants who lived closest to the plant have been evacuated or have fled since radiation levels started to rise after the March 11th tsunami—which also left at least 1,400 of the town’s residents dead or missing. Even though external radiation has since returned to near-harmless levels, Mr Sakurai fears many of Minamisoma’s evacuees may never come back.3月11日发生海啸之后,辐射水平开始上升,居住在核电站附近的50,000名居民已经被疏散或者是逃离了住所,这场海啸至少造成镇上1,400名居民死亡或者失踪。尽管在此之后外部辐射回到了几乎无害的水平,樱井市长还是担心一些从南相马市疏散的居民可能不会再回到市里。Three worries predominate. One, the information passed out by the government and Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), which owns the Dai-ichi plant, may be unreliable. Two, the plant is still unstable, at risk of suddenly emitting vastly greater amounts of radioactive particles. Three, the longer it takes to stabilise, the more lasting damage wind- and waterborne radiation may do to the livelihoods of the farmers and fishermen who are the economic lifeblood of the community. If they go, so does the town.人们主要有三个顾虑。第一,政府和拥有第一核电站的东京电力公司(TEPCO)放出的信息可能不可靠。第二,核电站还是处于不稳定的状态,存在着突然释放大量放射性粒子的风险。第三,用于稳定核电站的时间越长,所产生持续的伤害存在的时间也就越长,同样的,水性辐射可能影响到农民和渔民的营生,他们可是这个城市的经济命脉。如果他们离开了,那么镇子也就完了。These worries resurfaced on April 7th when TEPCO started to inject nitrogen into one of the plant’s six stricken reactors. That was to prevent a repeat of the hydrogen explosions that blew radiation out of the plant soon after cooling systems failed in the wake of the tsunami.4月7日,东京电力公司(TEPCO)开始向核电站中六个损坏的反应堆的其中之一注入氮气,这令那些忧虑开始重新浮出水面。海啸发生之后冷却系统失效导致了氢气爆炸,这把放射物吹出了核电站,注入氮气的行为就是为了防止这一悲剧再次发生。Even before that news, Mr Sakurai was saying that he was fearful of another explosion. It was why he continued to discourage hope that the town could get back to normal. “The lack of information is making people deeply stressed and frustrated,” he said.即便在这消息发布之前,樱井市长就在说他害怕再次发生爆炸。这就是他一直不相信南相马市能恢复原样的原因。他说:“信息的缺乏让人们感到巨大的压力和沮丧。”201104/131793

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates flew out of Bahrain Saturday afternoon after meeting with the king and crown prince about political reforms, and just ahead of another demonstration in Manama.美国国防部长盖茨星期六下午飞离巴林。此前,他与巴林国王和皇太子就政治改革问题举行了会议。在盖茨离开后不久,麦纳麦爆发了又一次示威活动。There was a large protest on Friday in Manama and on Saturday thousands of protesters marched near the royal family's palaces. As the secretary headed home he said he believes the kingdom's leaders are serious about responding to the protests with real political reforms.星期五,麦纳麦发生了大规模抗议。星期六,几千名抗议者在皇家宫殿附近举行游行。盖茨部长在返回美国的途中说,他认为巴林领导人是认真地要以真正的政治改革来对抗议活动作出反应。After riding past the site of Friday's large protest and street battle with police, Secretary Gates spent nearly two hours with Bahrains' top leaders, including ten minutes alone with the king. On the flight home, the secretary said the region's leaders need to respond to the protests with more than what he called "baby steps."盖茨乘坐汽车经过了星期五爆发大规模抗议以及和警察进行巷战的地点后,与巴林最高领导人会晤了近两个小时,其中有10分钟是单独与巴林国王会面。盖茨在返回美国的飞机上说,这一地区的领导人需要迈出更大的步伐来回应抗议活动,而不是他所说的“婴孩似的步伐”。"I believe, based on the things that I've heard from the crown prince and the king, that they are prepared to do more than just, as I put it, baby steps," he said.他说:“根据我从皇太子和国王那里所听到的,我认为他们准备要做更多的工作,而不仅如我所说的‘婴孩步伐’。”Secretary Gates urged the Bahraini leaders to respond to their people's political and economic grievances with "real reform." He said they have aly made some changes and would like to move faster with what he called "more far-reaching steps." 盖茨部长敦促巴林领导人以“真正的改革”来对巴林人们在政治和经济上的不满作出反应。他说,他们已经做出了一些改变,并愿意以所谓“更深远的措施”更快地行动。But he said one problem is that some opposition elements have refused to join a dialogue offered by the crown prince, a frustration the prince also expressed to reporters at the start of meeting. Gates said U.S. diplomats have met with opposition leaders to try to convince them to participate in talks.但是盖茨说,目前的一个问题是,一些反对派分子拒绝参加皇太子提议的对话。皇太子在会议的开始也向记者表达了这样失望情绪。盖茨说,美国外交人员与反对派领导人举行了会面,试图说他们参加会谈。 201103/127939

Indian Forces Continue Battling Militants in Mumbai印度三军精锐对恐怖袭击案大反击 In an unprecedented response to a domestic terrorist attack, Indian military forces have taken over the battle against gunmen who plunged Mumbai, a city of 18 million, into confusion. The siege, at 13 locations, has claimed 104 lives and wounded as many as 300 people. State officials say six foreigners are among those killed. Indian commandos are battling to regain control of two luxury hotels and a Jewish center in Mumbai, after coordinated attacks by armed militants. 印度军方正对一起国内恐怖袭击案发起前所未有的反击。参与这次恐怖行动的武装分子在孟买13个地方发动袭击,造成104人死亡,多达300人受伤,使这个有1800万人口的城市陷入混乱。孟买所在的马哈拉施特拉邦的官员说,在死者中有6名外国人。India's financial capital saw commerce paralyzed and the city turned into a virtual war zone after police were outgunned by insurgents who held the city hostage.  暴乱分子控制了印度的金融中心孟买,而且他们的武装力量超过了警方。这使孟买商业瘫痪,整个城市几乎变成了战场。The state's chief minister acknowledged that control had been ceded to the military and National Security Guards, a federal counter-terrorism group under the Home Ministry.  马哈拉施特拉邦首席部长承认,军方和国家安全警卫队已经接过了控制当地局势的职责。国家安全警卫队是隶属于印度内政部的一个联邦反恐组织。Commandos stormed luxury hotels where terrorists had taken guests hostage. Air force helicopters flew overhead along the shoreline. Navy and Coast Guard vessels pursued a ship, identified as the MV Alpha, suspected of possibly bringing in the terrorists from Pakistan.  突击队冲进了恐怖分子劫持人质的几家豪华酒店。空军直升机沿海岸线巡逻。海军和海岸警卫队的船只追捕了一艘名为MV阿尔法的船,军方怀疑这些恐怖分子是乘坐这艘船从巴基斯坦进入印度的。As night fell, 20 hours after the initial attacks, elite troops conducted a room-to-room search inside the Taj Mahal Palace and Towers, as well as the nearby Oberoi-Trident Hotel, for hostages and terrorists. The soldiers were joined by firefighters who battled intermittent blazes at both hotels. 在发生第一轮袭击的20小时后,精锐部队在天黑后搜查了泰姬酒店和附近的奥拜罗酒店的每个房间,寻找人质和恐怖分子。消防员们也赶到现场,以扑灭两个酒店断断续续燃起的火焰。Army Major General R.K. Hooda, the commanding officer of Maharashtra state, cautioned reporters not to speculate on how long it would take for troops to end the siege by the heavily-armed gunmen.  印度陆军少将胡达是马哈拉施特拉邦的军事指挥官。他警告记者们说,不要猜测军队要花多长时间才能停止武装恐怖分子所发起的袭击。"Our effort is to ensure that we bring back all people who are inside safe and also capture or eliminate the terrorists violence," he said. 他说:“我们将尽力确保把里面的人安全救出,并逮捕或消灭恐怖分子的暴力行为。” Special rangers of an anti-hijacking squad, who were flown into Mumbai, surrounded Nariman House, a residential and office building serving as the headquarters of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish outreach group. The rangers joined other special troops to try to free Israelis taken hostage by several gunmen.  反劫持小组的特别突击队员已经乘飞机进入孟买。他们包围了纳里曼大楼,这个商住两用楼是一个极端正统派犹太教外联组织的总部,一些武装分子在里面劫持了以色列人。特别突击队员和其他特种部队成员试图解救这些人质。A previously unknown group, Deccan Mujahideen, has claimed responsibility for the assault on Mumbai. One of the militants phoned an Indian television channel and expressed outrage over the deaths of Muslims in the disputed Kashmir region at the hands of the army. News commentators here praised officials for dispatching elite units of Indian soldiers, sailors and airmen to battle terrorists in an urban environment.  孟买的新闻员们称赞印度官员派遣陆海空三军的精锐部队在城市环境中同恐怖分子作战的决定。Police were criticized for a slow initial response to the Wednesday night shootings and grenade blasts. At one restaurant, popular with artisans and foreign travelers, which was sprayed with automatic gunfire, victims said police did not respond for 20 minutes.  而人们批评警方对星期三夜里发生的击和手榴弹爆炸案反应迟缓。当晚,恐怖分子在一个受艺术人士及外国旅客青睐的饭店用自动步疯狂扫射,而受害者们说,警方在事发20分钟后才作出反应。Several of Mumbai's top law enforcement officers are being hailed as "martyrs" for giving their lives while chasing gunmen, some of whom hijacked a police vehicle and opened fire on bystanders.  孟买的一些高级执法官员在追踪武装分子时献出了自己的生命,人们称颂他们为“烈士”。那些武装分子还劫持了一辆警车,并向旁观者开火。The attack is the worst in India since explosions on suburban Mumbai commuter trains in July 2006 which killed 187 people and injured 800 others. But this strike is far different than the wave of bombings, blamed on Muslim extremists or, occasionally ultra-right wing Hindus, which have mainly targeted working class markets. This attack focused on locations frequented by the elite and the gunmen made a deliberate effort to take hostage foreigners, especially Americans, Britons and Israelis. Among the reported dead, besides Indians, are nationals of Australia, Britain, Germany, Italy and Japan.200811/57394

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