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泉州福州市祛痘好的医院泉州怎样去眼袋最有效The U.S. death toll from the powerful storm that ravaged the East Coast is above 90 and rising, as emergency workers canvass flood- and fire-ravaged neighborhoods, but New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the city will carry on Sunday with its annual, world-famous marathon.侵袭美国东部沿海地区的桑迪飓风在美国造成的死亡人数超过了90人,而且随着紧急工作人员在遭受洪灾和火灾破坏的街区搜寻,死亡人数还在增加,但纽约市长布隆伯格说,纽约将于星期天举办世界知名的年度马拉松比赛。Police say at least 59 people were killed as Sandy pummeled New York City and New Jersey.警方说,桑迪飓风在纽约市和新泽西州造成至少59人死亡。But Mayor Bloomberg vowed that Sundays event will go on as scheduled. He said the event should not overtax the police department because it is on a Sunday, when there is less street traffic. Canceling could also put more strain on aly-strapped business owners, as the prestigious event draws thousands of runners and spectators, and millions of dollars, to the city.但纽约市长布隆伯格保,星期天的马拉松比赛将如期举行。他说,由于比赛时间是在星期天,街道上车辆较少,因此不会给警方造成过大负担。这项著名的赛事吸引着众多选手和观众,并为纽约带来巨额收入,如果取消赛事,将给已经遭受打击商家造成更大压力。Power is still out in much of lower Manhattan and surrounding boroughs. The local electricity company says it will be several more days before the grid is fully up and running again.下曼哈顿和周边街道的大部分地区仍然停电。当地电力公司表示,几天后才能全面恢复供电。Subways and buses resumed limited service Thursday after a four-day shutdown.桑迪飓风过后,关闭四天的纽约地铁和公车系统部分恢复运营。Emergency workers are pumping out flooded tunnels and buildings as the city and its suburbs struggle to recover. To avoid traffic gridlock, cars with fewer than three people inside are not allowed into the city. 目前紧急工作人员正在从隧道和建筑中排水,同时纽约市区和郊区努力从飓风打击下恢复过来。为了避免交通拥挤,乘坐人员少于三人的汽车不准进城。New York authorities are warning people against swimming or boating in the citys rivers and bays to avoid polluted water.纽约当局警告人们不要在市内河流及水湾游泳,以避免接触受到污染的水。来 /201211/207360泉州全身吸脂哪家好 福建泉州欧菲整形医院几点营业

泉州市第一医院整形美容价格A: Hello, IBJ Bank,how can I help you?您好,这里是IBJ,我能如何为您效劳?B: Hello, Id like to talk to someone about making a withdrawal.你好,我想找个人咨询一下取款的事情A: You can withdraw money from your either over the counter or via the ATM.您可以通过柜台或者自动取款机从您的账户里取款B: Yes, but the problem is that I have a Savings with you, and I need to take some money from that. Do I really have to give 90 days notice if I want my money?是的,但我的问题是我在你们这里有一个存款账户,并且我需要取一些钱如果我要取款的话,真的需要提前90天申请吗?A: Actually, you only need to give 7 days notice if you wish to withdraw funds. Of course, you will lose some interest due to the withdrawal.实际上,您要取钱的话,只需提前7天通知我们就可以了当然,您会而损失一些利息B: That not a problem. Ill pop in later today to make a mal request. Thanks!没问题我今天晚些时候会来正式申请谢谢 6383福建中心医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱 泉州市去除眉间纹手术多少钱

泉州光子脱体毛美容到期 expireA: When does the contract expire?B: Next January.A: Is it possible to renew it?B: Itll be renewed if there are no disagreements.还有需要修改的地方吗?Is there anything to be amended?Have you got anything that needs to be revised?A: Is there anything to be amended?B: No.Things that should be there are there.Were very satisfied.A: When shall we sign the contract?B: How about tomorrow morning?我们的律师已经看过合同了吗?Has our attorney looked at this contract yet?A: When will the contract be y?B: The day after tomorrow.A: Has our attorney looked at this contract yet?再检查一遍have another checkgo over the terms once moreA: Shall we sign the contract now?B: Yes,but wed better have another check.A: Youre absolutely right.I really appreciate your conscientious attitude.B: Thank you.Here is the copy you.就剩下我们签名了All that left is to sign our names.A: I think everything is in order here.B: All that left is to sign our names.A: Ive been looking ward to this moment a long time.真高兴我们最终达成了协议Im so pleased weve made the deal finally.A: Im so pleased weve made the deal finally.B: Me too.I hope the contract will lead to years of pleasant cooperation.A: Let propose a toast to our successful negotiation!B: Cheers! 35993 泉州治疗粉刺要哪家医院好泉州腹部吸脂术




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