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Voice : Since 1996, doctors have used a drug called tPA to help people like Melissa. tPA breaks down the blood clot that blocks the artery. But it is only effective small clots. And, it gives doctors only three hours to fight the damage.声音:医生从1996年开始使用一种名为组织型纤溶酶原激活剂(简称tPA)的药物,帮助像梅丽莎一样的病人组织型纤溶酶原激活剂可以溶解阻塞动脉的血块但是这种药物只对小血块起作用这种药物只能给医生三个小时的时间来对抗脑损伤Voice 1: So doctors used a new device Melissa. It is called the Merci Retriever, or just Merci. The Merci is good because it gives doctors more time to work. They have up to eight hours to fight damage. The Merci works by using a special wire to take hold of the clot and pull it out. Doctors made a small cut in the very top of Melissa leg. They carefully fed the Merci device into an artery. They guided it up to the affected area of the brain. A few minutes after the operation, blood started to flow again. Oxygen fed into Melissa brain. The Merci Retriever saved her life!声音1:所以,医生在治疗梅丽莎时使用了一种新设备这种设备名为血栓拔除器,简称Merci血栓拔除器非常好用,因为它使医生有更多时间进行救治该设备使医生有8个小时的时间可以对抗损伤血栓拔除器用一根特殊的金属线抓住血块,然后把血块拉出来医生在梅丽莎的大腿根部切开一个小口他们小心翼翼地把血栓拔除器放进动脉中然后,他们把血栓拔除器放到大脑受影响的区域在手术的几分钟以后,血液就会重新开始流动氧气再次输入梅丽莎的大脑血栓拔除器救了她的命!Voice : However the Merci Retriever and tPA both have limits. They are not good at dealing with with large clots that are deep inside the brain. Is there hope patients with this problem? Well, yes - one hope comes in the m of a bat!声音:但是,血栓拔除器和组织型纤溶酶原激活剂都有局限它们在处理脑部深处的大血块上都表现不佳遇到这种问题的病人还有希望吗?当然有,其中一个希望就来自一种蝙蝠! 译文属 55。

Zhuge Liang诸葛亮Liu Bei resided at Xinye while he was taking shelter under Jing Province’s governor, Liu Biao. Liu Bei visited Sima Hui, who told him, “Confucian academics and common scholars, how much do they know about current affairs? Those who analyze current affairs well are elites. Crouching Dragon and Young Phoenix are the only ones in this region.” Xu Shu later recommended Zhuge Liang to Liu Bei again, and Liu wanted to ask Xu to invite Zhuge to meet him. However, Xu Shu replied, “You must visit this man in person. He cannot be invited to meet you.”刘备依附于刘表,屯兵新野后来在一次拜访司马 徽时听过他说:“儒生俗士,岂识时务?识时务者为俊 杰此间自有卧龙、凤雏”后徐庶又推荐诸葛亮,刘 备想徐庶带他来引见,但徐庶却说:“此人可就见,不可 屈致也将军宜枉驾顾之”Liu Bei succeeded in recruiting Zhuge Liang after paying three personal visits. Zhuge Liang presented the Longzhong Plan to Liu Bei.刘备便亲自前往拜访,去了三次才见到诸葛亮诸 葛亮遂向他陈说了三分天下之计,这篇论说后世称之为 《隆中对Afterwards, Liu Bei became very close to Zhuge Liang and often had discussions with him. Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were not pleased and complained. Liu Bei explained, “Now that I’ve Kongming, it’s just like a fish getting into water. I hope you’ll stop making unpleasant remarks Guan Yu and Zhang Fei then stopped complaining.刘备常常和诸葛亮议论,关系也曰渐亲密关羽、张 飞等都大感不悦,刘备向他们解释道:“孤之有孔明,犹鱼 之有水也愿诸君勿复言”关羽、张飞等便不再抱怨 365。

Natural Skin Care 自然皮肤护理 [扮靓 -- 皮肤护理]建议每天喝8杯水,并做一些规律的运动——散步、跑步、骑自行车、打球——这些对人的肤色有极大的影响有氧运动加快血液循环,改变暗哑的肤色,使人容颜焕发运动和喝水不仅能改变皮肤的色调和质感,而且使人更加精力充沛,感觉良好当你的外形很好时,你会觉得压力减小,更有自信能实现自己的目标[00:.61]知行英语[00:.7]Listen and Share[00:.76]Hydrate and exercise 水合物和运动[00:7.6]Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water per day[00:31.7]coupled with some regular exercise[00:.]- walking, running, bicycling, engaging in sports[00:39.18]- should have a great impact on one's complexion.[00:.33]Increased blood flow due to aerobic exercise[00:6.6]will positively impact one's complexion[00:9.6]with a glowing look to replace dull skin. [00:5.8]Not only will exercise and drinking water[00:56.9]help skin tone and texture,[00:59.3]but it will also make you feel more energized[01:.51]and great about yourself.[01:.99]By keeping your body in shape,[01:.6]you will feel less stressed[01:.5]and more capable of achieving those things.[01:19.]建议每天喝8杯水,并做一些规律的运动[01:.]-散步、跑步、骑自行车、打球-[01:5.7]这些对人的肤色有极大的影响[01:.]有氧运动加快血液循环,[01:30.37]改变暗哑的肤色,使人容颜焕发[01:33.91]运动和喝水不仅能改变皮肤的色调和质感,[01:37.73]而且使人更加精力充沛,感觉良好[01:1.]当你的外形很好时,你会觉得压力减小,[01:.35]更有自信能实现自己的目标[01:5.67]逐句对照[01:56.81]Drinking the recommended eight glasses of water per day[:.7]coupled with some regular exercise[:.]- walking, running, bicycling,[:.8]engaging in sports[:.5]- should have a great impact on one's complexion.[:1.93]Increased blood flow due to aerobic exercise[:5.78]will positively impact one's complexion[:9.]with a glowing look to replace dull skin. [:38.85]Not only will exercise and drinking water[:1.77]help skin tone and texture,[:8.85]but it will also make you feel more energized[:51.91]and great about yourself.[:57.7]By keeping your body in shape,[:00.]you will feel less stressed[:.]and more capable of achieving those things.[:.75]Monitor sun exposure[:3.6]By using a moderate strength sunscreen,[:5.83]you will be protecting your skin from sun damage,[:9.89]skin cancer, aging and premature wrinkles.[:.]Too much sun can blister one's lips,[:37.8]leaving them red, sore and charred.[:1.71]Sunburned skin will eventually peel most times,[:5.95]leaving skin areas blotchy and sensitive.[:50.69]The best approach to preventing sunburn[:53.8]and other sun-caused skin problems[:56.81]is to monitor how much time one spends in the sun[:01.]and to avoid sun exposure[:.7]by using sunscreen with SPF or greater. [:.5]注意太阳暴晒[:.]使用一种中等强度的防晒油,[:.75]你就能使皮肤免受太阳的伤害,[:19.31]避免皮肤癌、皮肤老化以及过早地起皱纹[:3.6]过多阳光的照射会使嘴唇起泡、红肿、疼痛和干枯[:.73]晒伤的皮肤在大多数情况下会最终脱落,[:3.]在皮肤上留下白斑,而皮肤也变得敏感[:36.]防止晒斑及其他阳光引起的皮肤问题的最好方法[:39.91]是注意在阳光下呆的时间长度,[:.76]使用SPF或更高的防晒油以避免太阳的直接暴晒[:55.6]逐句对照[:57.83]Monitor sun exposure[:.]By using a moderate strength sunscreen,[:.]you will be protecting your skin from sun damage,[:.90]skin cancer, aging and premature wrinkles.[:3.0]Too much sun can blister one's lips,[:6.79]leaving them red, sore and charred.[:35.6]Sunburned skin will eventually peel most times,[:0.]leaving skin areas blotchy and sensitive.[:5.]The best approach to preventing sunburn[:5.71]and other sun-caused skin problems[:58.37]is to monitor how much time one spends in the sun[:.76]and to avoid sun exposure[:.]by using sunscreen with SPF or greater. [:9.8]complexion 肤色,脸色[:35.]She has a beautiful complexion.[:39.]complexion 局面,性质,态度[:3.8]the complexion of the war 战局[:8.66]complexionless[:53.73]aerobic 有氧的,需氧的[:56.57]aerobic exercise 有氧运动[:01.50]aerobic[:.90]anaerobic 厌氧的[:.]aerobic exercise[:.]yoga 瑜伽[:.71]swimming 游泳[:.8]jogging 慢跑[:6.76]energized[:.85]energy 活力,精力 能量,能源[:.85]premature 过早的,提前的或者早产的[:9.58]The heavy rain caused the premature ending of the trip.[:56.68]The premature baby is doing well.[:.]premature 早产的婴儿,过早发生的事物[:.59]charred[:.9]char[:19.0]char man 勤杂工[:1.61]char lady 打杂女工[:.60]char[:6.]burn 燃烧,烧毁,烧伤[:9.]scorch 烧焦,烤焦,把植物晒枯[:37.]monitor 监听监视,检测[:.6]The detective is monitoring the girl in red.[:50.56]monitor[:.73]知行英语提醒您 学英语不能一曝十寒 891。

8  Internet Threatens Privacy  In the past, if a shop manager wanted to know you better, he had to rely on a good memory detail. They cane out from behind the counter to give you personalized service, browsed the shelves with you and made recommendations. Sometimes their recommendations were made with uncanny accuracy, based on hints they picked up about who you are and what you might want.  They are old tricks winning loyal customers. Now take those tricks, add massive computing power and multiply the effect by a million. That what is happening these days on the World Wide Web. On the Web, businesses are making great eft to know you better than you may know yourself. It called personalization. Many e-commerce firms are betting their future on it.  In this digital marketplace, the ;shop manager; may actually be a machine. It searches in its memory of inmation about you, analyzes it and creates a clear portrait of what you are likely to buy and do in the future. Not all companies approach personalization in the same way. some websites, the approach is direct: they ask you to take a survey about what you like, and then make offers that match your interests. Another way is through IP addresses, the electronic place from which you browse the Web. The addresses provide websites with an easy way to target a particular person or household.  Amazon.com and many other sites also compare individual browsing and buying habits to those of thousand and millions of other consumers in their databases. Using a technique called collaborative filtering, they can find out your likely interests. This is based on what they know about what like-minded people buy or do. A clothing store, instance, would make a very different recommendation to a customer who is 39, married, intent on looking young and willing to spend US0 than it will to a recent college graduate.  But this new use of Internet begins to trouble some computer users. They worry that advertisers can track you without your knowledge, and that files about them might be put to ill use somehow, or shared with wrong people. Sometimes they just dont like being watched. 185。

New Star Wars Trailer Released最新《星球大战预告片发布A movie trailer Star Wars VII: The ce Awakens was released this week, approximately one year in advance of the film’s scheduled launch. The film will ree some of the original Star Wars actors, including Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), Harrison d (Han Solo), and Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia). The story takes place approximately 30 years after VI: Return of the Jedi. Footage of Stormtroopers, droids, X-Wing fighters, and the Millennium Falcon, suggests that the film will more closely resemble the original three films rather than the prequels. The ce Awakens is directed by JJ Abrams, the director of the Star Trek films. George Lucas, the director and writer of the previous Star Wars s, recently sold Lucasfilm to Disney. He is working on the new trilogy as a creative consultant.《星球大战7:原力觉醒预告片已经于这周公布预告片,这比电影计划的公布时间提前了将近一年的时间该部影片将再次集结许多原班人马,包括马克·哈米尔(天行者)、哈里森·福特(汉·索罗)、凯丽·费雪(莱娅公主)该剧发生在了《星球大战6:绝地归来的30年之后预告片中的帝国风暴兵、X翼星际战斗机、千年隼号以及机器人都预示着该部影片将还原前三部《星球大战,而不是《星球大战6原力觉醒是由艾布拉姆斯指导,他也是《星际迷航系列电影的导演乔治·卢卡斯是上几部星球大战的导演兼编剧,最近他将卢卡斯影业公司售卖给了迪斯尼他正在担任新三步曲的创意顾问译文属原创,,不得转载 3866。

Americans Home美国人的家Americans like their homes to reflect their personal tastes. Many do-it-yourselfers enjoy fixing up their house and making it more ;livable;. They often try to create a eozy atmospehre so that when theyre at home, theyll really feel ;at home;.美国人喜欢让家反映出他们个人的品味许多喜欢自己动手做的人沉醉于修补他们的房子并让它更“适于居住”他们常试着营造一个温暖而舒适的气氛,这样当他们待在家时,会真的感觉到“毫无拘束”Sofas and lounge chairs may be heavily padded and arranged in groupings conducive to relaxed conversation. The bathroom even receives special attention. Carpeted floors, scented soaps, colorful wallpaper and decorative curtains adorn the ;comt room; in many homes.沙发及安乐椅可能会被铺上厚厚的垫子,并运用不同空间组合的摆设,让坐着的人可以轻松地谈话甚至连浴室也破费心思:铺有地毯的地板、香气四溢的肥皂、色的壁纸及装饰窗帘,如此就打扮出了许多家庭的“舒之地”And on average, Americans have more bathrooms than any other people in the world.平均来说,美国人拥有的浴室比世界上其他的人都多Lisa Marie Odegard, an interior designer in Bozeman, Montana, comments that ;a home is a haven. People want an open, easy feeling to make their homes comtable;. that reason, many new homes now have big, open kitchens and vaulted ceilings.蒙大拿州柏斯曼的一位室内设计师丽莎·玛丽·德加德谈到:“家是一个避难所人们想要一个开放、轻松的感觉来让他们的家变得很舒适”因为这个原因,现在许多新房子都有大而开放的厨房以及拱形的屋顶Americans try to make the most of their space, too. The majority of homes have built-in closets and shelves, and people spare no pains to add dressers, filing cabinets and closet organizers to maximize their storage space. Although keeping the house neat is often a constant battle, Americans feel it a battle worth fighting.美国人也试着将空间做最佳的利用大多数的家庭都有壁橱以及架子,人们也不辞辛劳地添加橱柜、文件柜以及壁柜分隔架来加大储藏空间虽然让房子维持整洁像是一场永无止境的长期战役,美国人觉得这是一个值得打下去的战役People in America keep an eye on the latest trends in interior design. In the 80s, the ;country; look dominated the home decorating scene. Rustic furniture and shelves full of old-fashioned knick-knacks created a homey atmosphere reminscent of rural America several generations back .美国人也会注意室内设计的最新时尚世纪80年代,“乡村”风貌主导了家庭装潢;摆满旧式风格的小摆设的质朴家具及架子,创造出一种会令人想起几世纪以前以农业为主的美国之家庭气氛The 90s have brought in another longing the past: the retro 50s and 60s look - plain and simple furniture with square backs and arms and block-style legs.90年代又带入另一个怀旧情愫:回溯到50及60年代风貌——有四方形靠背、把手以及有方正桌脚的朴素、简单的家具 03。

SnM%nFcea)cjE+9g*dKn+NqV8Lpxr)[(X@1dC]#F;wSESally had a cold. Her nose was red. She pulled a tissue out of the tissue box. She blew her nose. She threw the tissue into the trash. She looked at her fingernails. Her fingernails were too long. She needed to cut her nails. She opened her purse. She took her nail clippers out of the purse. She clipped all the nails on her left hand. Then she clipped all the nails on her right hand. She looked at both of her hands. Now her nails were nice and short. She put her nail clipper back in her purse. She pulled another tissue out of the box. She blew her nose again.GMTFHqMLHKmQ#%.qgHPfp9]AqUzy77bm,1zi6O.tyC|Q!YhQh0NaZSEPwSV)-X!U 380。

Voice 1: Augusto also writes:声音1:奥古斯托还写道:Voice 3: ;I would like to have friends from Canada, USA, or Greece, but I feel a little fear because they are very prepared or they have more education than me.;声音3:“我想结交来自加拿大、美国和希腊的朋友,可是我又有一些害怕,因为他们准备得很准备,而且他们的教育程度比我高”Voice : Meeting people on the internet can be a very exciting thing! But meeting new people can also be a little frightening. Being prepared and having a good education do not make a person better or more important. But as we said, showing honesty, confidence, and love are often far more important!声音:在互联网上认识朋友可以是件非常兴奋的事情!但是认识新朋友也可能会让人有些害怕有所准备、教育程度良好并不会让一个人更好,这些也不是更重要的条件而我们刚才提到的诚实、自信和爱心,才是更重要的事情!Voice 1: e-mail and message boards can help people connect across many barriers. In fact, in the future, you may be able to connect to different people through the Spotlight website! People who visit our website could meet people from many different countries! We hope you can find good friends on the internet. We hope you can help lead them down a good path. And we hope they can lead you down good paths too! Thank you again writing Augusto!声音1:邮件和留言板可以帮助人们跨越障碍进行联系实际上,未来你也许能通过重点报道节目的网站和其他联系!访问我们网站的人可以和来自其他国家的人见面!我们希望大家能在网上找到好朋友我们希望大家能引领他们走上正确的道路我们希望他们也能 引导你们走上正确的道路再次感谢奥古斯托的来信!译文属 67。

Advanced Placement courses and tests; LegosLegoland and Hot Wheels; might versus maybe; judgment call; no-brainerWords:placementcollege-levelsubject areato gear upfinancial aidcollege creditinterlockingkittheme parkreplicatetrackto collectmaybemightjudgment callno-brainer 63。

Famous Songs-Red River Valley; how recall elections work; to reduce versus to lessen versus to decrease versus to decline; sortto sort; to intervene versus to interfere Words:to trace (something) origins to hasten to bid (someone) adieuso true catchy recall electionto remove (someone) from officePopulist Movementmalfeasance governor to resign collective bargainingto reduce to lessen to decrease to decline sort to sort to interveneto interfere 3965。