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点击此处下载音频嗨!大家好!广播学口语又和你见面了!How are you going on these days?今天的句子比较有趣:Make it snappy 和Donrsquo;t kiss up to me.(音乐)先来看第一个句子:Make it snappy!snappy 这个词似乎有点陌生,在俚语里有活泼的 ,利落的之意。所以make it snappy就是一句催促语;快点!比如火车就要开了,你跑上了车,而你的朋友还在慢悠悠的走,你可以高喊一声:;Make it snappy!The train is going!Do you still want to get on?;(快点!火车就要开了!你还想上车吗?)这句话还可以换种说法;Look snappy! 在一次参加朋友的婚礼的早上,Andy早已准备好了,可女友还在慢条斯理的梳妆打扮。眼看时间就要到了,冲着卧室大喊:;You have to make it snappy if you want to participate!There is no time left!What are you doing?;(想去的话就快点!没时间了!你在做什么?)真没办法!(音乐)好了,不和她怄气了。来看下面的句子:Donlsquo;t kiss up to me!kiss我想没有人不认识吧?那么kiss up是什么意思呢?你还记得以前国外电影中的片段吗?那些绅士们在见了漂亮的时, 总喜欢拉起她们的手轻吻一下。这有时候也是为了讨好人!所以这句话的意思就是别讨好我!有一次Andy想一个人和朋友出去,为了经得女友的同意,Andy绞尽脑汁,不料却被她识破了。;Are you kissing up to me?Talk turkey!What do you want me to do?;( 你在讨好我吗?直说吧!想让我干什么?)真是太了解自己了!讨好女孩子,这似乎是男孩子的 特长。一次,另一个男人也来了这一套,没想到这次没等Andy动手, 女友瞪了他一眼,;Donrsquo;t kiss up to me!I know what you are up to!;(别想讨好我!我还不知道你那点心眼!)(音乐)好了,节目到这里也该结束了!再见! /200605/7300Telephone interview with Bengt Holmstr#246;m following the announcement of The 2016 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. The interviewer is Adam Smith, Chief Scientific Officer of Nobel Media. Bengt Holmstr#246;m (BH): Hello. Adam Smith (AS): Oh, hello. May I speak to Professor Holmstr#246;m, please? BH: Speaking. AS: Ah, this is Adam Smith calling from Nobelprize.org, the official website of the Nobel Prize in Stockholm. Congratulations on the Prize in Economic Sciences. BH: Yes, thank you. AS: First of all, you are a Finn, but of the Swedish speaking minority population. Does that make it especially meaningful to receive this Swedish prize? BH: Yes, of course, I mean the Nobel Prize is very special, but being a Finn and a Swedish-speaking Finn, and seeing Stockholm is obviously my second home town, you know, its very special for me. My family, a big part of my family lives there. AS: How did you actually hear the news this morning? BH: Yeah, I was woken up and I thought it was a reminder of taking my medication, and then I learnt that it was not about medication, it was about the Prize. AS: Its a nice surprise. BH: It was a very nice surprise, yes. AS: Oliver Hart said that he phoned you early. BH: Yes, Oliver Hart, Im so glad that I won it with him. Hes my closest friend here, and you know we have worked together and talked together over the years, and he has been a great inspiration for my research. AS: One thing I was that you are a proponent of using the blackboard, the chalkboard, when teaching. You never use slides. That seems quite surprising these days. BH: I use slides when I give seminars, but I would say that I like to look at people that teach from the blackboard and I teach myself from the blackboard. AS: I suppose it aids thinking. BH: Well, its much easier for the people to think, and it gives you the freedom to go wherever the lecture goes. Im not a person who plans exactly what Im going to say. It depends on what questions people ask and what they want to talk about. My lectures are never the same even though the title may be the same. AS: Could you extend that process to talking about your own research, that you just see which avenues you follow next, you allow yourself freedom? BH: Well, I think you have to have a goal, but, yes, research that takes its own path, an unexpected path, thats a very essential part of doing research. So research that exactly goes where you expected it to go is uninteresting on the whole. You need to start travelling somewhere, you know you have to decide you want to get to Stockholm, but if on the way, you know, you see Paris, you may want to stop there, to give you a sort of metaphorical answer. So research is a trip, and you have to be attentive to all the things you see and be able also to move away from the planned path. AS: The Prize will of course focus the worlds attention on contract theory, and I imagine it is increasingly important given the growing public debate about incentives, and corporate governance, and public versus private provision of services, etc. BH: Yes. But I want to emphasise that its not just about money. People have a very narrow view of incentives, but one can say that almost everything in economics is about incentives, but if you look at incentive theory what has happened is that instead of just focussing on some ways to pay people so that they do certain things, its very much about structuring their jobs or structuring the organisation in a way that motivates. So the issue of motivation is hugely broader than just asking you know how should people get the CEO to behave in a particular way, and financial, monetary incentives are in some sense too effective often. They are very powerful in sending signals as well as, of course, rewarding finically. And so one has to be very careful in their use. AS: Thats very interesting. So one must think more broadly. BH: Yes. So not paying people is also an incentive, if one wants to put it that way. Sometimes no financial incentive is the best incentive. AS: Now youre in for a day, I suppose, of constant interviews and conversations. How does that strike you? BH: Well, its another twist. You know, I take it where it goes. I follow where it goes. I have no idea whats ahead. AS: Well, I wish you every success and joy in your journey into the unknown today. BH: Thank you very much. AS: We very much look forward to welcoming you to Stockholm in December. BH: Yes, I am fully intending to come. Thanks so much. Bye bye. AS: Thank you. Bye bye.201611/476055

54. I'm not sure, but I think... 我不能确定,但我觉得······ 用法透视 自己有看法,但又不是十分肯定的时候,就可以用该句型了。 持范例 1. I'm not sure, but I think we should have more discussion on this. 我不确定,但我认为这件事还应该多加讨论。 2. I'm not sure, but I think the final exam is on the morning of next Monday. 我不太肯定,但我记得期末考试是在下个周一早晨。 3. I'm not sure, but I think we can have a bargain with the owner. 我不太确定,但我想我们可以跟老板再讲讲价。 会话记忆 A: Wow! That's a fantastic movie! 哇!真是场精的电影! B: Yes. I love it, too. 是啊,我也很喜欢。 A: Who was the director? 导演是谁? B: I'm not sure, but I think it must be directed by Zhang Yimou. That's typical of him. 我记不清了,但我想是由张艺谋导演的,只有他才拍得出这样的电影 /200705/13333

Hi everybody. This weekend, well dedicate the newest American icon on our National Mall - the National Museum of African American History and Culture.嗨,大家好。本周末,我们将在国家广场把时间留给美国标杆建筑--非洲裔美国人历史和文化国家物馆Its a beautiful building, five stories high and some 70 feet below the ground, situated just across the street from the Washington Monument.这是一个美丽的建筑,五层楼高,地下建筑约有70 英尺深,位于华盛顿纪念碑的街道的正对面。And this museum tells a story of America that hasnt always taken a front seat in our national narrative.这个物馆所讲述的美国故事,在美国历史中关注度靠前的极为罕见。As a people, weve rightfully passed on the tales of the giants who built this country.作为国民,我们理所当然耳熟能详开国元勋们的故事。But too often, willful or not, weve chosen to gloss over or ignore entirely the experience of millions upon millions of others.但太多的时候,有意或无意间,我们无视或完全忽略了数百万人的经历。But this museum chooses to tell a fuller story.但这家物馆会给我们还原一个完整的历史故事。Its doesnt gauze up some bygone era or avoid uncomfortable truths.不再用纱布遮掩一些重大往事或回避尴尬的史实。Rather, it embraces the patriotic recognition that America is a constant work in progress;而是认同了一个爱国的理念,美国在不断发展进步着;that each successive generation can look upon our imperfections and decide that it is within our collective power to align this nation with the high ideals of our founding.每一代人都都能正视我们的不足之处,并决心以我们集体的力量使国家向建国理想迈进。201610/469718I have personally met thousands of heroines in countries around the world. Women defending human rights. Women challenging authoritarians. Women rejecting injustice. Again and again, I have been inspired by female leaders of countries and peacekeeping operations, women doctors and activists, mothers who sacrifice for their families, girls who champion the right to education. All deserve full equality. As Secretary-General of the ed Nations, I live by a firm principle: For too long, leaders used women to advance their power. I believe we must use our power to advance women. That is why I have appointed record numbers of women to the highest posts in the ed Nations. Around the world, they are proving how the best person for the job is often a woman. We are campaigning to end violence. We are engaging men. And we are showing that womens empowerment means societys advancement. On this International Womens Day, we resolve to finally end discrimination. No woman should be thrown into poverty when she becomes a widow. No girl should suffer female genital mutilation. Every woman and every girl deserves full human rights. When their equality is a reality, our world will have greater peace, sustainable prosperity and human rights for all.201603/431841

You see, the autistic mind tends to be a specialist mind自闭症患者通常都是有特别的心智的good at one thing, bad at something else.她们往往在某一方面做得很棒,在其他方面做得很糟And where I was bad was algebra. And I was never allowed to take geometry or trig.我就是代数非常差,更不用提几何或三角了Gigantic mistake: Im finding a lot of kids who need to skip algebra,但现在发现这是严重的错误。我发现,有些孩子她们可以跳过代数go right to geometry and trig.直接进入三角几何的思维Now, another kind of mind is the pattern thinker.另外一种心智就是模式思考More abstract. These are your engineers, your computer programmers.那是更为抽象化的一种思考形态,通常工程师或程序员就是这样的心智Now, this is pattern thinking. That praying mantis is made from a single sheet of paper, no scotch tape, no cuts.看,这就是模式思考。这个螳螂就是只用一张纸折叠而成的,没有使用胶布或剪刀And there in the background is the pattern for folding it.在后面你可以看到折叠的纹路Here are the types of thinking: photo-realistic visual thinkers, like me;这就是不同的思考模式,有视觉思考者pattern thinkers, music and math minds.模式思考者,那是音乐家和数学家的心智Some of these oftentimes have problems with ing.而这些人往往会有阅读上的障碍You also will see these kind of problems with kids that are dyslexic.你会在诵读困难的孩子身上发现这样的特征Youll see these different kinds of minds.你可以看到这些不同的心智模式And then theres a verbal mind, they know every fact about everything.还有就是言语心智。这些人懂得关于所有事情的一切Now, another thing is the sensory issues.另外一个就是感官问题I was really concerned about having to wear this gadget on my face.今天要戴这个小话筒,我可真不自在And I came in half an hour beforehand我必须提前半个小时把它戴上so I could have it put on and kind of get used to it,才能慢慢的适应它and they got it bent so its not hitting my chin.并且要把它弄弯,才不至于触及我的下巴But sensory is an issue. Some kids are bothered by fluorescent lights;一些感官上的刺激确实是一个问题。一些孩子就会对日光灯特别过敏others have problems with sound sensitivity.另外一些则对声音反应强烈You know, its going to be variable.不同的人会有不同程度的反应Now, visual thinking gave me a whole lot of insight into the animal mind.视觉思考给我带来了全新的视角去了解动物的心智Because think about it: An animal is a sensory-based thinker, not verbal -- thinks in pictures,你们不妨想想。动物是一种基于感官的思考者,它们没有语言,只会通过图像来,思考thinks in sounds, thinks in smells.还有是通过声音以及气味Think about how much information there is there on the local fire hydrant.你想象一下救火的管子上布满了多少的信息He knows whos been there, when they were there.可以看出有谁到过那里,什么时候在哪里Are they friend or foe? Is there anybody he can go mate with?他们是不是敌人,是否有配对的同伴等Theres a ton of information on that fire hydrant.总之,会有一大堆的信息布满在救火管子上Its all very detailed information,并且都是非常详细的信息and, looking at these kind of details gave me a lot of insight into animals.通过阅读这些信息,使我有机会认识到动物的心智Now, the animal mind, and also my mind, puts sensory-based information into categories.不管是人的大脑还是动物的大脑,都是将感官的信息分类进行处理的Man on a horse and a man on the ground人骑在马上跟人站在地面that is viewed as two totally different things.这是被当成完全不一样的信息来处理的You could have a horse thats been abused by a rider.一匹曾被骑手虐待的马Theyll be absolutely fine with the veterinarian and with the horseshoer, but you cant ride him.在兽医面前却表现得很安详,在马镫师面前也很温顺,但他们还不能骑那匹马You have another horse, where maybe the horseshoer beat him up假如另外一匹马,曾给马镫师狠狠的训了一顿and hell be terrible for anything on the ground, with the veterinarian, but a person can ride him.那么这马就会很怕任何地上的东西,对于兽医也会怕,但是你可以骑它Cattle are the same way.牛也是这样。Man on a horse, a man on foot -- theyre two different things.人骑在马上跟站在地上,这是两回事You see, its a different picture.你看到没有,在马的眼里,是两副不一样的画面See, I want you to think about just how specific this is.请看看这里是多么精细的细节吧Now, this ability to put information into categories,这样一种把信息分类处理的能力I find a lot of people are not very good at this.很多人都是不擅长的When Im out troubleshooting equipment or problems with something in a plant,当我在地里排除设备意外或处理种植物上的一些问题they dont seem to be able to figure out, ;Do I have a training people issue?我身边的人似乎看不出那是人员培训的问题Or do I have something wrong with the equipment?;还是设备本身的问题In other words, categorize equipment problem from a people problem.换而言之,就是要将设备问题与人的问题分开来谈I find a lot of people have difficulty doing that.但我发现很多人都没有掌握这一点Now, lets say I figure out its an equipment problem.比方说,这是个设备的问题Is it a minor problem, with something simple I can fix?那么它是一个小问题,用简单的工具就能解决呢Or is the whole design of the system wrong?还是整个系统的设计问题?People have a hard time figuring that out.但人们往往就很难找到201604/438237Good morning, FIU! Thank you, President Rosenberg, for reminding me how old I am. Thank you, Dean Stack and Provost Furton, for letting me share this very special day with you. And Marcia, congratulations on your honorary degree and your lifetime of extraordinary work.I believe a good commencement speech should be like a good commencement speaker – short. So, if I go on too long, Breezeway cookies for everyone on me.First things first. To the SIPA Class of 2016 – congratulations! Felicidades. You did it. You survived the hurricanes and Professor Gils math assignments. You juggled schoolwork and jobs. Somehow, against all the odds, you even managed to find parking on campus. And you did it all with hard work, grit, and more than a few cafecitos from Bustelo. Imagine some of you could use one right now.Of course, it wasnt just the caffeine that got you here. As a mom whos about to send her first child off to college, Ive got to give a lot of love to your incredible parents and families. They believed in you, sacrificed for you, and maybe even gave you a nalgada or two when it was necessary. So, lets hear it for your families one more time!I want you to revel in this moment. Today is your graduation. But, it is also a reaffirmation of the American Dream – the embodiment of our founding ideals. In a world where great gaps still persist between those with power and privilege and those without, education is the great equalizer. No matter where you come from, no matter what language you grew up speaking, this diploma is your passport to a future of possibility.Ive seen this in my own family. My mothers parents emigrated from Jamaica to Portland, Maine, in 1912. My grandfather was a janitor; my grandmother worked as a maid and a seamstress. Neither had much formal education, but they scrapped and they saved, and they sent all five of their kids to college. My wonderful mom has devoted her career to expanding higher education opportunities for all. My beloved late father was born in segregated South Carolina. He was a Tuskegee Airman and, through sheer talent and willpower, rose to become an accomplished economist and a governor of the Federal Reserve. Because my parents refused to accept the limits society imposed – and because my grandfather bent over a broom – I stand here as the National Security Advisor of the ed States.That is the incredible power and the enduring promise of this great country. It is the insistent tug of hope that has drawn generations of immigrants and refugees to our shores. ;That notion,; as President Obama says, ;that here, in this country, we can make of our lives what we will.;Now, there are voices out there that disparage our diversity – that question whether America should welcome people of all races, religions, and creeds. Those voices can be loud. They can be intimidating. They can make us feel like we dont belong. But, you know what? Let fear be their problem, not yours. Shake it off. Ignore the haters. And, dont you dare let them slow you down.Because heres the truth. What distinguishes us from so many other countries is not just the might of our military or the size of our economy. What sets us apart is our people. Its our innovation, our fearlessness, and our diversity. We see it in Americas businesses, where many of our most successful companies were started or grown by immigrants – think Apple, created by Steve Jobs, the son of a Syrian immigrant from Homs. We see it in magnificent poets like Richard Blanco, a Cuban exile and two-time FIU alum, reminding us that we all live under ;one sky.;And, we can see it in the profound importance of our diversity in the realm of foreign policy and national security.To those who deride our diversity, my answer is: I see why it matters every day, in those who protect this country and grapple with the toughest global issues we face. Im privileged to work with brilliant and dedicated professionals across our government. But we must acknowledge that our national security agencies have not yet drawn fully on the strengths of our great nation. Minorities still make up less than 20 percent of our senior diplomats. Less than 15 percent of senior military officers and senior intelligence officials. Too often, our national security workforce has been what former Florida Senator Bob Graham called ;white, male, and Yale.; In the halls of power, in the faces of our national security leaders, America is still not fully represented.201605/446060「美国习惯用语」第十九讲To bail out Nose dive 每一种语言都反映了各个民族的文化习俗和社会发展。美国的许多成语和俗语也不例外。它们不仅表现了美国历史上各个不同阶段的特点,而且也反映了这个国家当代的特色。四十年前,乘飞机在美国还是少有的事,现在已经成了人们旅行的一种很普通的交通工具。对于某些经常到外地去的人,坐飞机已经像乘公共汽车一样。有些夫妻分居两地的人,每个周末乘飞机回家也不是很特殊的事了。今天我们要讲两个由飞行俗语而变成日常用语的词汇。过去,当飞行员在空中发现汽油不足或是机器出了故障,他们就不得不用降落伞,以保生命的安全。这在英文里就叫:To bail out。To bail out 用在飞行方面就是从飞机上跳伞。可是,现在除了军用飞机外,很少飞行员还带着降落伞飞行。To bail out 现在已经成了一个日常用的词汇,它的意思就是摆脱一些麻烦或危险。比如说,一个人在谈到他的朋友的时候说: 例句-1: "Smith was lucky enough to bail out and quit the company just before it went bankrupt."他说:“施密斯还算是运气,在那个公司倒闭前就辞职了。” 下面一个例子是说怎么样帮助别人渡过经济难关: 例句-2: "After his restaurant failed, Bill couln't pay back the money he had borrowed from the bank. He was afraid the bank would take the house he'd put up as security. But his dad bailed him out and paid the loan off for him."这句话的意思是:“比尔的饭馆倒闭后,他没有钱来还贷款。他当时很害怕,担心会把他的房子拿走,因为他把房子当做他贷款的担保。后来,他爸爸替他还清了的钱,这样才把他从危机里解救了出来。” 另外一个来自飞行的俗语是:Nose dive。Nose就是鼻子,dive是俯冲,或者是跳水。不管是俯冲,还是跳水,他们都是指急剧地往下降。当一架飞机开始nose dive的时候,它突然尾巴向上,鼻子向下快速地往地面下降。可是,nose dive也可以用在生活的其他各方面。例如,一家报纸报导说: 例句-3: "Today the stock market took a nosedive and dropped 25 points."这句话的意思是:“今天股票市场的价格猛跌,下降了二十五点。” 一个人的工作,或事业也可以出现nose dive这样的现象。美国报纸可能会这样报导有关好莱坞电影明星的情况: 例句-4: "Everyboday thought this young actor would have a brilliant future after he starred in two pictures that made a lot of money. Then he appeared in three films that nobody want to see, and his career took a nose dive -- no producer wants him any more."这句话是说:“大家都以为那个年轻演员,在演了两部盈利非常高的电影后,一定会前途无穷的。可是后来,他又演了三部谁都不要看的电影。这样,哪个制片人都不要他了,他的影台生涯从此就一落千丈。”今天我们讲了两个来自飞行的习惯用语。一个是:To bail out,这是指跳伞,或解救困难。另一个是Nose dive,意思是急剧下降,或一落千丈。 /200601/2974

So you should be incredibly proud 所以你们应该异常自豪And I hope that you never lose sight of what brought you to this day 而且我希望永远不要忘记 是什么成就了这一天的你those values that you came here with 也就是你们来到这里时所拥有的价值观and those skills and talents you developed while you were here 还有你们在这里培养出的技巧和才能Because when you pair those two things together, you will 因为这两点加在一起be prepared for whatever comes next, whatever comes next 将会让你有能力应对接下来的任何挑战And that brings me to an important question 这就引出了一个很重要的问题What does come next? 接下来会有什么挑战As I thought about the journey you all are about to embark upon 在我思考你们即将开启的旅程时it reminded me of a conversation I had with my daughter Malia shes my oldest 我想到了我同我大女儿玛丽亚的谈话and this conversation we had when she was 10 years old 这是发生在她十岁时的谈话We were talking about college and our future我们在讨论大学 以及我们的未来And I told her 我告诉她I always tell my kids 我总跟我的孩子们说I said, once you graduate from college, you cannot come back home 大学毕业后 你就不能回家了Cannot不能Now, of course, I was joking 当然 我是开玩笑but I still dont want her to know that 但我现在仍然不希望她知道这是玩笑But her response she took it in was one I will never forget 她当时真信了这句话 而她的回话我总记得She said, well, mom, where do you go after college? 她说 妈妈 你大学毕业后去了哪She said, I mean literally, the day after you graduate? 她说 我是说正好毕业后的那一天She said, because youre not in school, and you cant come home 你既要离开学校 又不能回家So where do you go? 那去了哪里呢Now I hope that all of you have an answer for that question today我希望你们每个人 今天都对这个问题有了And hopefully nobodys sleeping out in the ravine 但愿没有人会睡在深谷中But I think there was also something profound about her question 不过我觉得 她的问题中蕴含了某种更深刻的意义Where are you gonna go? 你要去哪里201603/432170【中文这样说】如果你决心要在入学考试中成功,你必须加倍努力学习。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style——If you determine to make the grade in the entrance examination, you must work extra hard.American Style— If you are determined to make the grade in the entrance examination, you must work extra hard. /200604/6461Happy New Year, everybody.大家,新年快乐。At a time when we turn the page on one year and look ahead to the future,此时,我们翻过今年日历中的最后一页,展望未来,I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything youve done to make America stronger these past eight years.我想花点儿时间感谢你们在过去8年里做成的所有事情,从而让美国更加强大。Just eight years ago, as I prepared to take office, our economy teetered on the brink of depression.就在8年前,我准备来到白宫时,我们的经济摇摆在萧条的边缘。Nearly 800,000 Americans were losing their jobs each month.每月将近有800,000人在失去他们的工作岗位。In some communities, nearly one in five folks were out of work.在一些社区,将近五分之一的人们失业。Almost 180,000 troops were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan,大约180,000士兵在伊拉克和阿富汗役。and Osama bin Laden was still at large.奥萨马·本·拉登仍逍遥法外。And on challenges from health care to climate change, wed been kicking the can down the road for way too long.有着来自医疗保健到气候变化的各种挑战,我们一直在把问题留到很长时间以后才去解决。Eight years later, youve told a different story.8年以后,你看到了不一样的故事。Weve turned recession into recovery.我们从萧条进入复苏。Our businesses have created 15.6 million new jobs since early 2010自2010年初,我们的经济已经创造了1560万新的就业岗位and weve put more people back to work than all other major advanced economies combined.我们已经让更多的人们回到就业岗位,比其他主要的发达经济体创造就业岗位的总和还要多。A resurgent auto industry has added nearly 700,000 jobs, and is producing more cars than ever.全新的汽车行业创造了将近700,000的就业岗位,正在生产着比以往更多的汽车。Poverty is falling.贫困率在下降。Incomes are rising.收入在上涨。201701/486627

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