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IGrK#.j+kK[sWhR..v7Vp^OSlORqUNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can I.D. me. [qh]PpzaM|*[6Ki看你能否鉴别出我o3d9_g)JY[。[qh]mi|q|.,C-LSvRHere are your clues. [qh]c(W!yhM2cHkAUnwl0Ws线索在这里sqBs14zP%]Q6og_te)。[qh]#!vsw_IaJzQ|wYS~6lI was formed in 1907 as a division of the U.S. Army signal corps. [qh]2tqU[TVlWxp我是1907年成立的美国陆军通讯兵中的一Wm[N6qZcEBveAfnR-v。[qh]@1E19RKo^90!vvz3Then I became in independent branch of the military in 1947. [qh]^-1@ESs_c_;3+-Td^]%F1947年,我成为了军队中独立的一部分zqHKa,Eo%l7m%cWt。[qh],#f.VH2UDBO.MBy far, I am the youngest branch of the U.S. Armed Forces. [qh]0vsg)oNPd,^h至今为止,我是美国陆军最年轻的一fC3fYWiaqY]MkNz。[qh]Np8Cbuz]tP[y%u!I#39;m the Air Force, responsible for air defense, air warfare and the U.S. military#39;s research in space.[qh]Fw,wF,@rzNlCOErR;y我是空军,负责防空、空战和美国军队的太空研究4z2o-Fp(3wo。[qh]xevJd7gf@;5))8DzZiAZUZ: That research includes the X-37B. [qh]D_KL!vNws,Siq这些研究中包括X-37B(太空飞机)uF~#A9o*rxggn。[qh]aIV0grfckXrZs+]4It#39;s 29 feet long, about the length of an RV. It#39;s 9.5 feet high. [qh]^3EyLLzu0y-这架飞机有29英尺长,跟房车差不多长,9.5英尺高jmN6NY%S7*.mT.b-@。[qh](~_5b8J@96,ZUcyWIt has zero pilots, and as far as its capabilities are concerned, they are classified. [qh]~8klFy*94QHtgQbNQ1它无人驾驶,至于其运载能力,这是保密的JsdJ.U2!rm!z1+74^h9。[qh]U_1kd9WXw;[BEWUkGhThe Air Force originally said that an X-37B mission that started in 2012 would last about nine months.[qh]bL6S%LgF;n空军方面预计这一2012年开始的任务会持续9个月Fb_6v[2vSb%RPTTo*^4s。[qh]U6fjTIai!]+ It lasted more than 22. Why?[qh]K[a9R0d!6u但已经花了22个月了yagP9%xLtb4y81^9yT!。为什么呢?[qh]qX#jcDxfZ.cHW2Rn^m@.L]gGz%NiKMlxwvA29*]Q8dSBk#C]^W]Y^|bfY!N*VXAS9blZC7G7iCX /201410/336430。

研究远古历史的科学家们已有大批惊奇发现,并利用这些发现来勇敢预测人类未来。 Article/201504/367576。

Today, I#39;m back with the Romans, in what they might have called the Far West, what we think of as Suffolk.我们如今称为萨福克的地区,对罗马人来说算是远西,它是罗马的西部边陲。We are around the year 400, and in England centuries of unprecedented peace and prosperity are about to end in chaos. Across Western Europe the Roman Empire is fragmenting into a series of failed states, and in Britain the Roman leadership is conducting a phased withdrawal. At moments like this it is tricky to be rich. There was no longer any organised military or civil force to protect them or their possessions, and as they fled, they left behind them some of the finest treasure ever found. Our object belongs to a fabulous collection of gold and silver buried in a field at Hoxne, Suffolk, around 410, and found nearly 1,600 years later...in 1992.公元400年左右,不列颠几百年来的和平与繁荣即将结束于一场混乱。罗马帝国在西欧四分五裂,在英格兰的影响力也逐渐减弱。在动荡时期,富人的处境十分危险,不再有军队来保护他们的财产,因此,他们逃亡时留下了极为珍贵的宝藏。本文中的物品便是在公元410年左右埋藏在萨福克霍克森地区的金银财宝中的一件,1992年,它在藏1600余年后终于重见天日。I#39;m holding a small statue of the upper half of a Roman matron, wearing very elaborate clothes and long dangly earrings. Her hair is fantastically complicated, it#39;s twisted and plaited in an elaborate ;up-do;, and she is obviously a seriously #39;grande dame#39; and very, very fashionable. She#39;s about three inches high, so the size of a silver pepper pot - and indeed that is exactly what she is-a silver pepper pot. When I pick it up I can see that on the underside there is a clever mechanism which allows you to determine how much pepper will come out. You turn the handle and you can either close it completely, have it fully open, or in a kind of sprinkling mode.我手里拿着的就是这样一尊看起来就像是一位罗马夫人的半身雕像,眼饰华美,挂着长耳环,发式精巧繁复,发辫盘在头顶。一望即知,这是位庄重的贵妇,衣着入时。雕像高约8厘米,大小如同一个胡椒罐。而它也恰恰就是一个银制胡椒罐,底部有精巧机关,可以控制胡椒的倒出量。只要扭动把手,就可以选择全开、全闭或半开。 Article/201502/360002。

The moon was an ancient, fossilised world.月球是个古老的化石世界Its rocks hadn#39;t changed for billions of years.它的岩石数十亿年来没有改变Scientists were thrilled.科学家喜出望外Basically the surface of the moon kind of froze基本上来说,月球表面about roughly 3 billion years ago and preserved在大约30亿年前结冰really the first one and a half billion years of its history.因此保存了月球历史的头15亿年The moon tells us very much about月球大大提升了the early history of the solar system.我们对太阳系早期历史的了解It#39;s probably one of the best recorders可说是太阳系早期历史of the early history of our solar system.保存最好的纪录This ancient fossil was a scientific gold mine.这个古老化石是科学上的金矿Because the moon was so well preserved it meant scientists因为月球保存良好,因此表示科学家could finally answer the question that had come to obsess them.终于可以回答萦绕心头多年的问题:How was the moon formed?月球是如何形成的?At the time, there were 2 competing theories.当时有两派说法The first was that the moon and the earth一派主张月球和地球来自相同的星云were formed at the same time, from the same cloud of dust and gas.并在同时形成The other theory was that the moon另一派则主张was originally nothing do with the earth,月球原本与月球毫无瓜葛but was wandering alone in space until the earth而是兀自地在太空中漫游sucked it in with the power of its gravity.直到被地球的引力吸住为止But the rocks themselves didn#39;t seem to support either theory.但月岩让这两派说法不攻自破They were different enough from rocks on earth它们和地球上的岩石的差异to make it unlikely they were all formed at the same time.让人觉得它们不太可能是同时形成的But they had enough similarities to make it equally unlikely但两者间的相似性又让人觉得that the moon was a completely foreign body.月球不可能和地球毫无瓜葛Eventually scientists came up with a new theory最后科学家终于提出了一个新的理论that explained these strange rocks.来解释这些奇特的岩石It was a brutal tale.但这是个残酷的故事It takes us back 4 billion years to这要从40亿年前说起when the solar system was a young and volatile place.当时的太阳系新近形成,动荡不安There were many planets and asteroids circling the sun.太阳周围有许多行星和小行星One of these was a young earth.其中之一就是年轻的地球But there was also another young planet, a bit smaller.但当时还有一个体积比较小的年轻行星The two were on a collision course.它眼见就要撞上地球Eventually they crashed together.小行星终于撞上了地球It was the biggest bang the solar system had ever seen.惊天动地的撞击力道为太阳系中所仅见The impact was so massive that it spewed out millions of tons撞击如此猛烈导致数百万顿的of molten rock and gases.熔岩和气体喷出As this debris circled the earth it came together,这些碎片环绕地球时forming a separate body our moon.逐渐凝聚形成一个独立星体,这就是我们的月球When it first formed the moon was 10 times月球刚形成时与地球的距离closer to the earth than it is today.是现今的十分之一So it appeared much bigger in the sky所以看起来不仅大得多and its gravitational pull was much stronger.引力也更强But over time it slowly drifted away from the earth但随着时间过去,月球和地球渐行渐远to its present position about a quarter of a million miles away.直到离地球约25万里远的地方And there its orbit seemed to have stabilised,月球的轨道似乎在此处稳定下来its distance from earth fixed for all time.月球和地球间的距离就此固定,再也没有任何改变 Article/201505/372983。

It also has one freakish feature: there are seven rows of teeth.它还有一个很特别的特征:它有7排齿列。It is unlike any other creature we know of.这与我们所知的任何动物都不一样This suggests it must be one of the host of mutants that made this change,这说明这种演变一定是多次突变的其中一个结果just one of which would eventually become our ancestor.最后只有一个变成了我们的祖先Livoniana is a real missing link.文塔螈是真正的进化缺环Darwin#39;s 360 million year old riddle about how we developed our legs has been solved.达尔文提出的3亿6千万年前的古老谜题,关于我们如何长出腿脚终于得到了解答。It was vegetation on land and in the water that let flourish an explosion of mutations among lobe-finned fish.陆地和水中的植被在肉鳍鱼中引起了变异大爆发The most successful of these mutations, the one that stood the test of time,其中最成功、最经得起时间考验的突变was the development of limbs with fingers and toes.就是进化出四肢和趾头It was out of this swampy area that our earliest ancestor came crawling over land.正是从这些沼泽地区,我们最早的祖先开始爬上陆地It was not pre-ordained, but chance, a series of evolutionary accidents,这一过程并非是预先注定的,而是历经一系列偶发的进化事件but it just so happened that that creature#39;s children would indeed inherit the earth one day.但它确实发生了,就这样,那种动物的子孙后代最终继承了地球。 Article/201703/500826。

It#39;s not everyone,并不是所有人都有选举权it#39;s primarily male land-holders who can vote.只有拥有土地的男性公民才有选举权Women were not part of the process, at this point.当时 女性没有选举权Nonetheless, it#39;s a dramatic shift然而 面对男权和暴君的局面from having strong men and tyrants.这是一个巨大的转变You have the ability for self-determination.你有自决的能力A black stone: surrender.黑石头代表投降A white stone:白石头代表Fight.抗争Vote #39;yes#39; and you#39;ve committed yourself投持票 你将为了抗争to risking your life to fight.置生命于不顾Vote #39;no#39; and you#39;ll be safe投反对票 你就安全了but you#39;ll be ruled by a stranger.但会被外来人统治Tough decision, but the point is,这是个艰难的决定 但关键是it#39;s being made by ordinary people,决定是由普通公民做出的and that#39;s what#39;s astonishing这就是希腊为人类历史about what the Greeks introduced to the history of humanity.所作出的惊人贡献An athenian records the will of the people:一位雅典人记录了人民的意愿:;Such is our love of liberty, we will never surrender.;;这就是我们对自由的热爱 我们永不投降; Article/201509/398651。