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寒流和暴风雪近日继续肆虐欧洲,包括法国、英国、捷克、芬兰等在内的欧洲众多国家交通均遭受严重影响,民众正常生活被扰乱。英国则经历了自1981年以来时间最长的冷空气侵袭。 Intense snowstorms beleaguer EuropeIn Europe, heavy snowfall has forced the delay or cancellation of many flights in France and Germany. And in Poland, highway travel has been disrupted by the storm.Snow continued to disrupt transport across Europe.In Germany, more than 200 domestic and international flights have been cancelled.In the city of Nuremberg, an Air Berlin plane slid off the runway and got stuck in the snow late on Friday night. Nobody was injured, but the airport was closed for more than two hours.The slippery runway left passengers with no choice but to wait.Doris Kern, Passenger, said, "I wanted to fly to Saarbrucken but the airport there has been closed because of the snow and the ice. Now I've rebooked my flight to Frankfurt but this flight also has been cancelled."In France, the civil aviation authority ordered the cancellation of 25 percent of flights scheduled to leave Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport.The authority made the announcement after the country's national meteorological service warned of snowfall in the Paris area.The chill, however, didn't stop some tourists from taking in the city's sights.Nabil amp; Karen Absi, Tourists, said, "It is cold but it's also very romantic."In southern Poland some inter-city buses couldn't get out of the terminals and trains from Warsaw to Krakow were at a standstill due to power failure.The snow, which is due to continue until Monday, hit the country's main roads causing a number of vehicles to lose control.On the A4 highway near Krzyzowa one car was partially crushed beneath a truck.201001/94226

Predicting the size of an earthquake is essential.预测地震的规模是至关重要的Millions of quakes happen all over the world each year,每年 世界上都有数百万地震发生but the vast majority are too weak even to be felt.但大部分地震都很微弱 甚至无法察觉The real challenge for science对于科学界的真正挑战is to work out when one of these little earthquakes在于计算出这些小地震is going to develop into a major disaster.发展成为大灾难的时刻You dont want me to predict every earthquake,人们不需要我们对每一个地震都作出预测theres going to be 50今天在加利福利亚州发生的地震in California today.也许就有50次You want me to predict人们需要我预测的是which of the 35,000 we record each year在我们每年记录的三万五千个地震is the one or two large enough to do some damage,有哪一两个是大到足以造成破坏的and really, what we want to do我们希望去做的is really predict just the one that happens也正是对那些5年或10年才发生一次的every five or ten years that does a lot of damage.具有破坏性的地震作出预测Live, Los Angeles tonight,直击今晚洛城地震现场battered and bracing for the worst.并作好了最坏的准备The last earthquake to do a lot of damage in California加利福利亚州最近的一次破坏性地震stuck in Northridge, a suburb of Los Angles,发生在洛杉矶的一个郊区 北岭in January 1994.发生于1994年1月Measuring magnitude 6.7,震级6.7级it killed 72 people and caused over billion in damage,72人死亡 损失超过200亿美元making it one of the costliest natural disasters in US history.是美国历史上造成经济损失最大的自然灾害The earth is literally split here.看起来地面在这里断裂The city wakes up to a nightmare.城市被惊醒 遭遇噩梦般打击But one man saw it coming.然而 有人预测到了它的到来201305/239493

How To Be A Hero To Your Girlfriend如何在女友落难时英雄救美 Learn how to take control and remain calm in the face of adversity thereby becoming a hero to your girlfriend.Step 1: Take control亲,一定要Hold住啊!Despite your girlfriend's demeanor, don't let this turn into a row, and take control of the situation. Boost morale by making an effort to make it look like you know what you're doing.Step 2: Be confident, optimistic and positive自信、乐观、向上Remain confident and refuse to be defeated. Stay positive by concentrating on the good things about your predicament amp; explaining them to your girlfriend.Step 3: Make her comfortable让她舒点Keep her comfort foremost in your mind. For example you may wish to give her your jacket, make her a shelter or offer her your lap for a pillow.Step 4: Reassure her安慰她Don't let yours or her imagination get the better of you. Soothe away any fears with logical explanations. You could also use humour to make her feel better - tell her how funny your grandchildren will find this story in 30 years time. Encourage her to talk about her hopes and dreams for the future that awaits you.Step 5: Refuse to take the credit别邀功 Once your dilemma has been solved you can reflect on all the things you have done to put your girlfriend's comfort before your own and be happy in the knowledge that you truly are your girlfriend's hero!201109/153847

How To Ask Out a Girl on HowcastAsking a girl out on a date can be daunting. But with a positive attitude and a little preparation, you’ll soon be wooing the girl—or girls—of your dreams.和女孩约可能会使人退缩。但是有积极的态度且事先有准备,你很快就会向那个女孩或是你的梦中情人求爱。Step 1: Decide whereDecide beforehand where you want to take her, if you’re lucky enough to get the date. To a fancy restaurant? A movie? Something more original? If possible, choose something that appeals to her interests.决定约会地点如果你能很幸运地约到她,在你们出去之前要决定约会的地点。是去一家新奇的饭店?看电影?还是做些其他有创意的活动?如果可能,要选一些能吸引她兴趣的事物。Step 2: Look your bestLook your best. You don’t have to be Brad Pitt to get a date, but it will help if you’re well groomed.要打扮得很帅要打扮得很帅。你不必像Brad Pitt那样去约会,但是如果你打扮得很精神,这对你是有帮助的。Tip:Wear clothes you feel comfortable in. Now is not the time to experiment with a whole new look that may make you feel self-conscious or awkward.小贴士:穿你感觉舒适的衣。现在还不是尝试全新外表的时候,而且那样做会让你感到紧张或愚笨。Step 3: Pick your momentPick your moment. Asking a girl for a date when she’s rushed or with other people may torpedo your chances. Wait until it’s just you two and you’re not likely to be interrupted.第三步:把握时机把握时机。当她很匆忙或是和其他人在一起的时候,向她提出约会邀请可能会让你错失机会。耐心等待直到只有你们两个人的时候,那时你说话不会被别人打断。Step 4: Be yourselfBe yourself. A sincere geek comes across far better than a guy doing a poor imitation of James Bond.第四步:要做你自己要做你自己。一个真实的男孩要远比一个模仿James Bond却搞砸了的人强得多。Tip:If you wear cologne, go easy on it: You want to date her, not knock her out.小贴士:如果你要用古龙水,要悠着点。你想和她约会,而不是想要她昏迷。Step 5: Compliment herWhen it’s time to make your move, begin by paying her a compliment. She’ll feel good about herself and look kindly on you. But be sincere—no one likes to be patronized.第五步:称赞对方到你该行动的时候,先要称赞她。她会自我感觉良好,并对你友善。然后要真诚——没人喜欢被以高人一等的态度对待。Tip:A funny comment can lighten the mood—just make sure it’s not at her expense! Everyone likes someone who can make them laugh.小贴士:一个有趣的话语会使心情高兴起来——但要确保不是以挖苦对方为代价。大家都喜欢让他们开心的人。Step 6: Ask her outTake the plunge and ask her out. Nervous? Remind yourself that she can only say “yes” or “no.”第六步:约她出去一番考虑后要果断行动,去约她。还是紧张?要提醒你自己她只能答应或拒绝。Step 7: If she says noIf she says no, don’t take it personally. You’re not attracted to everyone either, right? Plus, her rejection may have nothing to do with you.第七步:如果她不答应如果她不答应,不要为此而烦恼。你不可能让每个人都对你感兴趣,对吧?而且她的拒绝可能和你自身没有关系。Step 8: If she says yesIf she says yes, set a date and time immediately. Now go home and get y for your date. And whatever you do, don’t be late!第八步:如果她答应你的邀请如果她答应你的邀请,要马上定好约会及约会时间。现在回家去准备约会。无论你做什么,千万别迟到。201101/123155

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Todays ;Shoutout; goes out to coach Cochrans, coach Julians and Mrs. McClanahans classes at Winfield High School in Winfield, West Virginia.今天的“大声喊出来”来到了教练们的的课堂。What Central American country is highlighted on this map?地图上高亮的是哪个中美洲国家?You know what to do. Is it Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras or Nicaragua? Youve got three seconds, go!你知道该怎么做。它是哥斯达黎加,危地马拉,洪都拉斯还是尼加拉瓜?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!Thats Guatemala, a country thats home to more than 14 million people. Thats your answer and thats your ;Shoutout.;那是危地马拉,这个国家有一千四百多万人。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: A German fashion designer who lives in Guatemala came up with an idea to help clean up the country: stuff trash inside empty plastic bottles.德国一个住在危地马拉的时装设计师想出了一个能让这个国家更清洁的主意:把空塑料瓶里垃圾填满。After a hurricane ripped through her village, she realized her bottles could be used to rebuild.在一场飓风席卷她的村庄之后。她意识到她的瓶子可以被用来重组。Thats when the ecobrick was born.那是生态砖的诞生时间。 /201212/211734

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