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Take it or leave it要了就拿走,不要就算了I will take it. How much?我就买这个了,多少钱?.60美元I am sure you can do better than that.我觉得你可以再便宜点Sorry, sir. It the sale price.抱歉,先生已经在降价处理了Well, what about with a scarf?嗯,给你70美元再搭我条围巾怎么样?It my rock bottom price. Take it or leave it.这已经是我能出的最低价了要了就拿走,不要就算了 3873

A U.S. Senate investigation has found poor controls at the global bank HS allowed Mexican drug traffickers and other criminals to launder billions of dollars into the ed States.美国国会参议院的调查结果显示,全球业务的汇丰管理松懈,使墨西哥贩毒集团和其他犯罪分子得以向美国转移数以十亿计美元的巨额资金。A report released before a Senate hearing on the matter Tuesday said the London-based bank also did business with firms linked to terrorism and bypassed U.S. financial sanctions against rogue states such as Iran.在美国国会参议院星期二就这一问题举行听会之前公布的一份报告说,汇丰还同与恐怖主义有关的公司做生意,而且不遵守美国对伊朗等国家实行的经济制裁。It said HS executives and U.S. regulators routinely ignored warning signs and failed to stop illegal behavior between 2002 and 2010, effectively giving criminals and terrorists a portal into the U.S. financial system.这份报告说,汇丰的高层经管和美国监管人员002年至2010年期间经常无视可疑迹象,未能制止非法行为,实际上为犯罪分子和恐怖分子提供了进入美国金融系统的通道。HS has released a statement saying its executives will apologize at the Washington hearing, during which lawmakers will question bank officials and U.S. regulators.汇丰发表声明说,该的高层经管将在华盛顿举行的听会上道歉。美国国会议员将在听会上对该经管和美国监管人员提出质询。来 /201207/190945

Dialogues (1)对话(1)A:Excuse me,where is the Emergency Room?请问,急诊室在哪儿?B:Go straight on,it at the end of the corridor.往前走,在走廊尽头.A:Thanks a lot.多谢.B:Youre welcome.不客气.A:Excuse me,where is the Emergency Room?请问,急诊室在哪儿?B:Go straight on,it at the end of the corridor.往前走,在走廊尽头.A:Thanks a lot.多谢.B:Youre welcome.不客气.

1.How long have you been driving?你开车多长时间了?.By the way,what kind of driving licenses do you have?顺便问问,你拿到的是什么驾驶执照?3.Have you had any accidents such as car crash during these years driving?你在这些年驾驶期间有没有出过车祸?.I think I am a very prudent driver.我觉得我是个很谨慎的司机5.Ive more than years experience in driving cars and trucks.我有多年的开汽车和开卡车的经验6.I have the driving license of A, so I can drive either delivery trucks or cars or even buses.我有A本,所以我既可以开货车,又可以开小汽车,甚至公共汽车7.You wanted me to come over at :00 this morning and have a talk about my qualification of being a chauffeur you.您要我今天上午点过来谈谈我给您当私人司机的事儿8.Can I have a look at your driving license?我能看看你的驾照吗?9.I learned to drive jeeps and trucks when I was serving in the army.我在部队的时候学会了开吉普车和卡车.I had never got my driving license suspended or revoked.我从来没有被扣留或吊销过驾照 Dialogue 1对话 1A:How long have you been driving?A:你开车多长时间了?B:Ive more than years experience in driving cars and trucks.B:我有多年的开汽车和开卡车的经验A:By the way, what kind of driving licenses do you have?A:顺便问问,你拿到的是什么驾驶执照?B:I have the driving license of A. So I can drive either delivery trucks or cars or even buses.B:我有A本,所以我既可以开货车,又可以开小汽牟,甚至公 共汽车Dialogue 对话 A:You wanted me to come over at :00 this morning and have a talk about my qualification of being a chauffeur you.A:您要我今天上午点过来谈谈我给您当私人司机的事儿B:Oh, yes. You are very punctual.B:是的,你很准时呀A:May I know how long Ill work in a day?A:我能问问每天工作多长时间吗?B:Well,you have to drive me from my home to the office at 7:00 in the morning, and take me home at 5:30 in the afternoon. Could you manage that?B:好的早上7点把我从家里接到办公室,下午5点半把我送回家你能做到吗?A:Yes, I can. No problem. A:行,没问题 365Military prosecutors filed embezzlement, bribery and other charges against a former top general in a case that analysts have said is a test of the Chinese leaderships determination to tackle corruption in the politically influential military.中国一名前高级将领因涉嫌贪污、受贿和其他犯罪行为被中国军事检察院提起公诉。分析人士表示,此案将考验中国领导人在极具政治影响力的军中反腐的决心。The announcement of the charges, in a brief dispatch Monday by the governments Xinhua news agency, marked the first official confirmation that prosecutors are preparing a case against Gu Junshan. Mr. Gu was a lieutenant general and deputy head of logistics for the military when he was removed from his post two years ago without any public explanation as to why.中国官方媒体新华社周一在一份简讯中报道了此事。这是官方首次实检察院正在准备起诉谷俊山。谷俊山曾是中将军衔,曾任解放军总后勤部副部长,两年前被解职,当时官方没有给出任何公开的解释。Mr. Gu hasnt been seen in public and hasnt made any public statements about the case. He couldnt be reached for comment.谷俊山一直没有出现在公众视野中,也一直没有就此案公开发表。记者无法联系到他。Party insiders and analysts have called his case Chinas worst military corruption scandal in more than eight years. It is also seen as a test of President Xi Jinpings ability to tackle pervasive corruption in the armed forces and shape them into a fighting force y to defend Chinas global interests.党内人士和分析人士称,谷俊山案是八年多来中国最严重的军事腐败丑闻。此案也被视作是对中国国家主席习近平的一次考验,看他能否处理好部队腐败成风的问题,能否将中国军队打造成一可捍卫中国全球利益的战斗型部队。In its brief report, Xinhua listed the charges: embezzlement, bribery, misuse of public funds and abuse of power. It didnt provide details of the alleged crimes or identify the military court where the charges were filed. Mr. Gus family and the government havent identified lawyers who would represent him.新华社在简短的报道中列出了对谷俊山的指控:涉嫌贪污、受贿、挪用公款、滥用职权犯罪案。报道未透露其所涉罪行的细节,也未指明向哪家军事法院提起的诉讼。谷俊山的家人和中国政府尚未说明他的代理律师是谁。Senior Col. Gong Fangbin, a professor at Chinas National Defense University, in August told official media that Mr. Gu was under scrutiny for corruption, but it remained unclear whether he would face formal charges as the military usually deals with such cases in secrecy.中国国防大学教授公方彬大校去月曾对中国官方媒体说,谷俊山因腐败被调查,但不清楚他是否会面临正式指控,因为中国军方处理此类事件时通常都是秘密进行。Some analysts saw signs of a different approach in January, when the investigative Chinese magazine Caixin published details of a raid by corruption investigators last year on a lavish imperial-style courtyard home that it said Mr. Gu had built in his hometown in the central province of Henan.一些分析人士今月看到了当局采取一种不同做法的迹象,当时财新传Caixin)报道了去年反贪调查人员对一座皇家风格的豪华庭院式住宅进行突查的详细情况,报道中说这座豪宅是谷俊山在河南老家建造的。Caixin said the investigators carted off three items of solid gold: a bust of Mao Zedong, a model ship and a wash basin.财新传媒说,调查人员查获了三件纯金制品:一个毛泽东的半身像、一个金船和一个金脸盆。Corruption in the Peoples Liberation Army became widesp in the 1980s but receded after the Communist Party leadership ordered it to withdraw from business in 1998. In recent years, corruption has flared again, due in part to the soaring value of military housing and land, according to military insiders and analysts.上世0年代,解放军中的贪腐现象变得非常普遍,但1998年中共领导人下令军队不再经商后,贪腐现象有所减少。据军内人士和分析人士称,近几年,部队中的贪腐现象死灰复燃,部分原因在于部队的住房和土地价格飙升。They have said the General Logistics Department, where Mr. Gu served as deputy, is considered one of the main offenders because it controls the enormous budgets that fund housing, other infrastructure and supplies for the 2.3 million-strong armed forces.他们说,总后勤部被认为是贪腐的重灾区,因为它控制着为军30多万人提供住房、其他基础设施及供给的巨额预算。谷俊山曾任总后勤部副部长。The defense ministry didnt respond to a request for comment.国防部没有回复记者的置评请求。来 /201404/283454Id like something typical Chinese, but not very expensive.我想要些典型的中国工艺品,价钱不要太贵I want something light and easy to carry.我想买 一些轻便、容易拿的东西It an exquisite handicraft of superb artistry that is typical Chinese style.这是典型的中国风格的手工艺精品What fine needle work!多漂亮的针线活呀!These fans embroidered with dragons, or pandas.这些扇子都绣有龙或熊猫What a world of jade carvings here!这儿玉雕可真多呀!May I see that ivory horse?我可以看看那个象牙做的马吗?Can I see that small rug hanging by the window?我可以看看挂在窗边的那条小地毯吗?It difficult to find such an intricate art piece.很难找到像这样的一个精致的艺术品

1.I am calling to ask about the position of an usher.我想咨询迎宾员一职.What qualities do you expect the applicants to have?您希望申请者具备什么样的素质?3.What experience do you have as an usher?你有迎宾员的工作经验吗?.What do I need to do as an usher?迎宾员的工作主要是做什么?5.I want to know what ushers will be wearing on duty.我想知道迎宾员上班时的着装是什么样的6.We expect the ritual girl to be good-looking, no less than 5 centimeters high, and good at smiling.我们希望找到相貌端庄、身高不低于5厘米、爱笑的迎宾7.I was singled out as Shanghai Expo Miss Etiquette in .我曾经是年上海世会的礼仪8.You inm the people in charge and let them reserve dinning tables guests.你把预订情况通知给相关负责人,让他们为预订者预留餐桌9.One of your duties is to know the number of the customer and accept reservation.迎宾员的职责之一是掌握客情,接受预订.An usher girl is expected to wear a cheongsam which looks rich and magnificent.迎宾员穿的是旗袍,旗袍看起来雍容华贵Dialogue 1对话 1A: I am calling to ask about the position of an usher.A: 我想咨询迎宾员一职B: Anything you would like to know?B: 你想了解什么呢?A: What qualities do you expect the applicants to have?A: 迎宾员需要什么素质?B: We expect the usher girl to be good-looking, no less than 5 centimeters high, and love smiling.B: 我们希望找到相貌端正、身高不低于5厘米、爱笑的迎宾Dialogue 对话A: Hello,I want to apply the position of an usher in your restaurant.A: 你好,我想应聘贵餐馆的迎宾员一职B: Welcome. One of your duties is to know the number of the customer and accept reservation.B: 欢迎来应聘迎宾员的职责之一是掌握客情,接受预定A: What else do I need to do?A: 此外还有什么需要做的?B: You inm the people in charge and let them reserve dinning tables guests.B: 你把预定情况通知给相关负责人,让他们为预定者预留餐桌 39Buy the perfume购买香水Do you have perfume?这里有香水吗?Yes, what kind of smell do you like?是的,您要哪种味道的?I would like some light smell.味道淡点的How about this one? It not that concentrated.这种的怎么样呢?闻起来不那么浓烈Can I smell it?我能闻一下吗?Sure.当然 86

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