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Air travel 飞机旅行Please be seated 请就坐A faster way of boarding planes could save time and money一种更快速的登机方法可以节约时间和金钱Sep 3rd 2011 | chicago | from the print editionTHE job of the professional astrophysicist is to contemplate the music of the spheres. Given the global nature of modern science, however, today’s astrophysicists often spend just as much time confronting the cacophony of the airport. Now, one of them has devised a way to make that experience a little less tedious. Jason Steffen, from Fermilab, near Chicago, has designed and experimentally tested a faster method of boarding aeroplanes. By his calculation, it could save airlines hundreds of millions of dollars a year.天体物理学家的工作是凝视太空,欣赏太空中的天体音乐(天文学家一直相信有天体音乐之说)。然而,全球化的现代科学使得今天的天体物理学家也经常花费同样的时间去消除机场方面的不和谐音符。现在他们中的一员已经想出了一种方法可以使得登机的过程不再那么乏味。贾森.史蒂芬,来自于芝加哥附近的费米实验室,已经设计并且实践测试了一种快速登机的方法。经过他的测算,这种方法可以为航空公司每年节约数亿美元的开销。Dr Steffen spends his time thinking about such things as extrasolar planets, dark matter and cosmology. After waiting in a particularly long queue to board a flight, though, he began to harbour an interest in the mechanics of getting people on to planes. In 2008 he wrote a computer simulation to test different methods. Using a numerical technique familiar to him from his day job, he was able to find what looked like the best. He has put his answer to the test, and the results have just been submitted for publication to the Journal of Air Transport Management.史蒂芬士致力于例如太阳系外行星、暗物质、宇宙学等方面的研究。但是在经历了一次超长的登机过程后,他对此展示出了兴趣。2008年他写了一个计算机模拟程序来对不同的登机方法进行测试。通过他日常工作中擅长的数值计算方法来查找最佳方案。最终他得到了测试的结论,并且将其投稿到了《空运管理杂志》上。According to Dr Steffen, two things bog down the boarding process. The first is that passengers are often forced to wait in the aisle while those ahead of them stow their luggage and then get out of the way. The second is that passengers aly seated in aisle or middle seats often have to get up and move into the aisle to let others take seats nearer the window. Dr Steffen’s proposal minimises the former type of disturbance and eliminates the latter.史蒂芬士提出有两大因素容易阻碍登机过程。第一个是前面的乘客需要安放好他们的行李后才能让开过道,让后面被迫等候的乘客通过;第二个是已经就坐在靠过道或者中间位置的乘客需要重新起身站到过道上,让同排靠窗的乘客就坐。史蒂芬士实验的目标是将第一个因素的影响最小化同时消除第二个因素。201109/152712Riots in Britain英国骚乱Anarchy in the UK英国的乱局A bout of violent mindlessness that has shaken Britain’s sense of self—and may be exportable极端的无知动摇了英国的自我意识,并可能祸水外流Aug 13th 2011 | from the print editionSHAME was the first response of many people in Britain to the riots that started in the Tottenham neighbourhood of London on August 6th, skipped across the capital in the following days and nights and sp to Manchester, Birmingham and many other cities. Alongside the shame, there was a jolting bafflement. The law-abiding majority suddenly saw that some of their compatriots were happy to torch cars and buildings, loot shops, and attack firemen and ambulance crews. The confidence trick at the heart of the social order was violently laid bare: it turns out that if sufficient numbers of criminals want to create havoc on the streets, they can. In the absence of internal, moral restraints, external ones can only do so much.许多英国人对该国骚乱的第一反应是羞耻。这场骚乱8月6日始发于伦敦托特纳姆地区,在随后几天里掠过首都蔓延到曼彻斯特、伯明翰和其他一些城市。人们在羞耻之余,还深感困惑。那些守法的大多数突然看到,一些国人竟乐于焚烧汽车和房屋、劫掠商店以及袭击消防员和救护人员。社会秩序深层的骗局昭然若揭:原来,如果意图在街头制造大破坏的罪犯足够多,那么他们就能达到目的。当缺乏内在道德制约的情况下,外在制约的作用仅此而已。The world watched London in fascinated amazement. Other nations tend to regard Britain as enviably orderly and law-abiding, at least compared with many of its more excitable continental neighbours. That peaceable image is only partly justified: contagious rioting has broken out before, typically during the summer, including in the 1980s, when Tottenham and some of the other flashpoint areas this week last erupted. This time, however, the complexion of the trouble is different from those earlier flare-ups. In its sheer mindlessness, it was, in a way, even more depressing.全世界都惊异地看着伦敦。其他国家往往对英国的遵纪守法颇为羡慕,认为英国至少强于它的一些更易冲动的大陆邻邦。而它的这种平和形象只是部分才有正解:四处蔓延的骚乱先前已然爆发过,它们通常发生在夏季,其中就包括1980年代的那场骚乱,那是本周托特纳姆和其他一些“火药桶”地区最近一次骚乱。然而这次困局与早期的那些冲突不同,从其十足的无知一面来看,它在某种程度上更让人忧虑。201108/148945How Music Reflects Your Personality If you thought heavy metal fans were aggressive and blues fans were depressive -you couldn't be more wrong. A survey has found that our taste in music is a direct reflection on our personalities -with suprising results. Sky's Orla Chennaoui reports.Listen carefully to this selection of music, because whether the cheese or chalk/ gets you moving, it says as much about your personality as your musical taste, not necessarily though in the way you might think. By rights, you would expect Joe Fylan to spend the evenings turns up to classical music. Chances are though he's out playing heavy metal or a rock which isn't that unusual according to a new study.Classical music listeners are used to listening to good performances. If, if you're hearing, oh, that's it over there. Um, so people are listening for the excellence in performance, in metal it’s definitely the same, you know, you get these, go like "wow"...you know, "rock"...oh, oh, that kind of stuff...when the guitarist go...that kind of stuff is... And I think that's ...that's possibly why you...you might get some of the same listeners.And it's their personality that seems to bring classical and metal fans together, both at ease with themselves and introverted, although metalheads do tend to be work-shy as well. As for indie fans, they typically have low self-esteem and are lazy, unlike their rap counterparts who have high self-esteem and tend to be outgoing.And one of the interesting aspects to our findings was that basically the more you earn, so the more likely you are to enjoy a kind of really punchy, quite dynamic music. In contrast, it’s the lower earners amongst our sample of people who tended to like much more calm and much more relaxing music.So Dozard's study holds wit.Well, I think the researchers have also been camped outside my house for the last couple of weeks coz’ that’s meat down to a tee. Every night, I retreat to my lonely bedsit, and sit and do some life doing.So I think there is much more to you than what music today. I don't think, no...Kellen Jellars, I think, probably, that's sound, Kellen Jellars, I think. I hope I am anyway, so in that respect, I don’t have a fully support on hardworking. If my boss is watching, yes I’m, very hardworking.It may not be an exact science, but it will please those prone to stereotyping, theatrical opera lovers, lazy indie kids, it's not prejudice. It's science. Orla Chennaoui, Sky News.参考中文翻译:如果你认为重金属音乐喜好者攻击性比较强,蓝调音乐迷比较忧郁——那么你就大错特错了。最近一项调查显示我们对音乐的偏好能直接反映我们的性格——但是结果出人意料。Sky栏目记者Orla Chennaoui报道。认真听一下这段音乐选段,因为无论是奶酪还是粉笔都不仅说明了你对音乐的口味,还体现了你的性格,而不一定是你所认为的方式。按理说,你认为Joe Fylan 晚上会听古典音乐。但是他偶尔也会听重金属音乐或者摇滚音乐。根据一项新的调查结果,这没有什么奇怪的。经常听古典音乐的人比较习惯于倾听比较精的表演。如果你认真听,就可以体会的到。所以,人们听到是精的演绎。听重金属音乐也是一样的。你可以倾听歌手的演唱,吉他手的演绎,同样可以体会到其中的精。我想这可能就是古典音乐和摇滚音乐有同样的听众的原因。是性格把古典音乐迷和重金属音乐迷联系到一起的,他们都比较喜欢一个人独处,比较内向,虽然热爱金属音乐的人在工作中也比较害羞。对indie迷来说,他们不是那么自大,而且比较懒散,不像rap迷,一般自尊心很强,而且比较外向。我们的发现中比较有趣的一点是,你赚钱赚的越多,越喜欢听强劲的,有活力的音乐。相反,在我们的调查对象中,收入越低,越倾向于平静的,轻松的音乐。所以Dozard的研究是充满智慧的。喔,我想研究者们前两周可能就驻扎在我房子外面对我进行研究了,因为总结的非常正确。每天晚上,我都退隐到我的小房间里面,坐着随便做点什么事。所以我认为这比音乐来说对你更重要。我不这样认为,不……Kellen Jellars,我认为可能是Kellen Jellars。无论如何,我认为我不完全赞成努力工作。当然,如果老板在监视的话,我会非常努力工作的。或许这并不是太准确的科学,但是可以取悦那些喜欢陈词滥调的人,那些歌剧喜好者,慵懒的 indie 迷。这并不是偏见,而是科学。200811/57259Asian, European Leaders Meet to Restore Confidence in Markets亚欧领导人北京集会讨论金融危机 Asian and European leaders are meeting in the Chinese capital to discuss ways to increase confidence in world markets. Chinese President Hu Jintao has said uncertainties and instability are increasing in China's economy as a result of the global financial crisis. 亚洲和欧洲国家领导人在北京召开会议,讨论如何增强全球市场的信心。中国国家主席胡锦涛说,由于全球金融危机的影响,中国市场的不确定性和不稳定日益增高。Leaders from over 40 European and Asian countries met in Beijing Friday to encourage solidarity in facing the crisis. 来自欧洲和亚洲四十多个国家的领导人星期五聚集在北京,互相鼓励在危机当前团结一致。Global financial problems were at the top of the agenda as they gathered for the first day of the two-day Asia-Europe Meeting, known as ASEM. 全球金融危机是这次为期两天的欧亚会议第一天会议的主要议程。China's President, Hu Jintao, addressed the opening ceremony carried live on national television. He said the crisis was increasing instability in China's economy and that concerted efforts were needed to shore-up their interdependent economies.  中国国家主席胡锦涛在全国直播的会议开幕式上发言。他说,危机增加了中国经济的不稳定。必须要采取一致行动,增强各国互相依赖的经济。He says China's economic growth faces various hardships and challenges. He says for China's economy to maintain a healthy state is itself an important contribution to global financial market stability and global economic development. 他说:“中国经济发展面临诸多困难和挑战。中国经济保持良好发展势头,本身就是对全球金融市场稳定和世界经济发展的重要贡献。”Earlier in the day Southeast Asian countries plus China, Japan, and South Korea, agreed to an billion regional emergency fund to battle the effects of the crisis. 星期五早些时候,东南亚国家联盟的成员国以及中国、日本和韩国同意设立一个800亿美元的地区性紧急基金,以应对全球金融危机的影响。Nonetheless, Asian stock prices continued to tumble. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index fell to a four-year low while China's benchmark stocks dropped to a two-year low. The Japanese and South Korean exchanges dropped to similar record lows. 但是,亚洲股票价格持续下跌。香港恒生指数下跌到四年来的最低点,中国股票下跌到两年来的最低点。日本和韩国股票交易价格下滑到类似的历史最低点。The European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso, said Asia and Europe needed to work with world partners to restore growth, stability, and confidence.  欧盟委员会主席巴罗佐说,亚洲和欧洲需要同世界夥伴们一起努力恢复经济的增长、稳定和信心。"We cannot meet these challenges by closing the door and simply looking after our own house. We have all benefited from trade and an open business environment," Barroso said. "So, we should firmly resist calls for protectionism, isolation and economic nationalism. This would only harm us and our prospects for recovery." 他说:“我们不能靠关起门自保,来迎接这些挑战。贸易以及开放的经济环境,对我们大家都有利。因此,我们应该坚决拒绝保护主义、孤立主义以及经济民族主义的呼声。这些只会伤害我们,损害复苏的前景。”Despite the financial crisis topping the meeting agenda, Barroso said equally important was working together on a range of critical world issues. 巴罗佐表示,尽管金融危机是这次峰会的首要议题,但是在一系列至关重要的世界性议题上合作同等重要。The meeting is also to address cooperation on climate change, sustainable development, and energy security, among other issues. 这次峰会还将讨论在环境变化、可持续发展以及能源安全等其它领域进行合作的问题。Europe wants further commitments from advanced developing nations like China and India to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 欧洲希望中国和印度这些比较先进的发展中国家能够在减少温室气体排放方面作出进一步承诺。However, the Asia-Europe Meeting is a summit for discussion and demonstrations of cooperation and is not expected to produce any binding agreements. 但是,亚欧峰会只是为讨论问题和展示合作提供一个机会,预计,它不会达成具有约束力的协议。China's official Xinhua news agency says during the meeting Chinese officials are expected to put forward a proposal to build an "eco-city network" in Asia. It did not elaborate. 中国官方《新华社》的报导说,会议期间,中国官员预计将提出在亚洲建立一个“生态城市网路”的建议。但是,报导没有详细说明这个建议。200810/53930India Gives Pakistan More Details on Mumbai Attack印向巴提供更多孟买袭击案资料  India has given Pakistan new information about last year's terrorist siege of Mumbai. A Pakistani diplomat says the dossier will help move forward the investigation into the attack, which left dead more than 160 people at two hotels and other sites which were hit. 印度向巴基斯坦提供了有关去年孟买发生的恐怖分子攻击事件的新资料。巴基斯坦一位外交官说,这些档案资料将有助于推进对这次袭击事件的调查。当时,孟买两家酒店和其它地点遭到袭击,160多人丧生。India has begun handing over additional documentation requested by Pakistan related to last November's terrorist attack on Mumbai. Pakistan had asked India to reply to 30 specific questions after New Delhi gave Islamabad in January a dossier about the terrorists and their attack on India's commercial capital. That led to Pakistan acknowledging the attack was partly planned on its soil but said it needed additional answers. 应巴基斯坦的要求,印度又向巴方提供了一些跟去年11月孟买恐怖分子袭击有关的文件。新德里今年1月交给巴基斯坦一份有关恐怖分子和他们袭击印度商业首府孟买的文档,之后,巴基斯坦要求印度对30个具体问题做出答复。新德里交出那些文档后,巴基斯坦承认那次袭击有一部分是在巴基斯坦境内策划的,不过巴方表示,对一些问题需要进一步的解释。India's foreign minister, Pranab Mukherjee, says the answers are comprehensive and further information will be in Islamabad shortly. 印度外交部长慕克吉说,答复是多方面的,很快就会向伊斯兰堡提供进一步的信息。"The annexes, which contain the details of the information, which they sought for, runs through hundreds of pages," he said. "And they wanted it to have before the 16th [of March]. We'll be y to give it to them well before that." 印度内政部长奇丹巴拉姆说:“新提交的资料中含有巴方一直想要得到的有关信息的详细内容,这份新的资料全文有好几百页。巴方希望在3月16号之前拿到。我们会提前好几天交给他们。”India's home minister, Palaniappan Chidambaram, says his government now expects Islamabad to move forward quickly with its investigation and hand over suspects to New Delhi for prosecution or carry out justice and punishment in Pakistan. 奇丹巴拉姆说,印度政府现在期盼伊斯兰堡的调查加快进度,把嫌疑人交给新德里起诉,或者在巴基斯坦进行审判和惩处。Pakistani high commissioner to India, Shahid Malik, confirms receipt of the requested answers. 巴基斯坦驻印度高级专员沙希德.马利克实收到了印方要求做出进一步答复的意见。"It would be helpful to us in carrying forward the investigations that are under way in Pakistan," he said. 马利克说:“这对推动我们目前在巴基斯坦进行的调查有帮助。”Indian media reports say the materials include recording of telephone conversations between the attackers and their handlers, as well as forensic materials, such as DNA samples and fingerprints. 印度媒体报导,这些材料包括袭击者跟协调者之间的电话录音,以及DNA样本和指纹等法医物。India blames the 60-hour attack on the outlawed terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba, believed to have been created by Pakistani intelligence agencies to fight Indian rule in the divided Kashmir region. 印度认为,被取缔的恐怖组织虔城军制造了那次历时60小时的袭击,虔城军据信由巴基斯坦情报部门建立,以反抗印度在实行分治的克什米尔地区的统治。Ten heavily-armed gunmen, who India has identified as Pakistani nationals, went on a 60-hour rampage in Mumbai, laying siege to a pair of luxury hotels, a Jewish center and a major railway station. 十名全副武装的武装分子在孟买实施了60小时的暴行,他们袭击了两家豪华酒店,一家犹太教中心和一处主要的火车站。印度查明这十名袭击者都是巴基斯坦人。Indian commandos killed nine attackers. The man identified as the lone surviving terrorist is in custody and has been charged by Indian authorities. 印度突击队员打死了9名袭击者。经认定唯一还活着的这名袭击者目前被关押,并且已经受到印度有关当局的指控。03/64553

A new program to reduce hospital infections with relatively simple and inexpensive quality control measures is saving lives, according to a new study.研究显示,采取一些比较简单和低成本的医疗质量控制措施,就可以减少感染的发生,挽救生命。Hospitals can be dangerous places. We go there to get well, but sometimes people get sicker or even die because of infections they contract in the hospital.医院也可能是个危险的地方。我们去医院是为了治病,但是有时会因为在医院遭受感染而病情加重,甚至死亡。Johns Hopkins University Medical School professor Peter Pronovost pioneered the use of hospital checklists to reduce infections. 约翰霍普金斯大学医学院教授彼得·普罗诺沃斯特率先使用医院工作检查清单,以减少感染率。He and his colleagues started with a list of about 90 recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "and we elected to say, well, I can't do 90 things as a practicing [doctor]. Let me cull it out and pick the five most important things on that guideline and make sure we do those."他和同事们从美国疾病控制和预防中心的大约90项建议开始做起。普罗诺沃斯特说:“有些医生会说,作为一名执业医生,我不可能做所有这90件事。 那我就把它们一一去掉,精选出5件最重要的,而且确保要把它们做好。”They focused their program on reducing infections in the central line, the tube inserted by needle into a patient’s vein to deliver medications and for other purposes. Central lines are a common source of serious infection in hospital intensive care units. 他们将降低感染率的重点放在中央线上,也就是为病人做静脉注射所使用的针管。中央线是加护病房里发生严重感染的常见源头。201102/125992

Mugabe Vows to Hold Onto Power Saying 'Zimbabwe is Mine'穆加贝誓言决不放弃权力  President Robert Mugabe said Friday that "Zimbabwe is mine" and vowed never to surrender, saying no African nation is brave enough to topple him. Mr. Mugabe's statement comes as Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of Zimbabwe's Movement for Democratic Change party, said he will advise his party's national council to withdraw from any talks about an inclusive government, unless all abducted party members and civil rights activists are released or charged by January 1. 津巴布韦总统穆加贝星期五说,“津巴布韦属于我”,他坚决表示不会投降,说没有任何非洲国家胆敢推翻他。在穆加贝发表这番的同时,津巴布韦争取民主变革运动领袖茨万吉拉伊说,他将说本党全国委员会退出任何有关团结政府的谈判,除非被绑架的本党成员和民权活动分子全部在1月1号之前获释或者被正式起诉。Mr. Mugabe was addressing thousands of ZANU-PF officials and members at the party's annual conference when he vowed not to let go of power in Zimbabwe.  津巴布韦总统穆加贝在“非洲民族联盟-爱国阵线”年会上对几千名该党官员和党员讲演时坚决表示不会放弃控制津巴布韦的权力。Maintaining Britain is trying to recolonize Zimbabwe, Mr. Mugabe said he has sent a letter to Mr. Tsvangirai inviting him to be sworn in as prime minister in an inclusive government.  他说,他已发函给茨万吉拉伊,邀请他宣誓就任包含各党的津巴布韦政府的总理。From Botswana, where Mr. Tsvangirai has been in exile for the last six weeks, the MDC leader said the situation in Zimbabwe, particularly from the humanitarian perspective, is worse than at anytime in Zimbabwe's history. 茨万吉拉伊从这6个星期在茨瓦纳的流亡地点发表谈话说,津巴布韦的局势很糟糕,尤其从人道角度来看,是史无前例地糟糕。Mr. Tsvangirai said that more than 42 members of his opposition party and civil society have been abducted in the past two months. They include two journalists and their whereabouts remain unknown. He said that the MDC can no longer sit at the same negotiating table with a party that is abducting our members and other innocent civilians and refusing to produce any of them before a court of law. 茨万吉拉伊说,在过去两个月里,被绑架的他领导的反对党成员和民权活动分子数量超过42人,包括两名至今下落不明的记者。他说,争取民主变革运动再也不能与绑架本党成员及无辜平民、并拒绝把被绑架者带上法庭的政党坐在同一张谈判桌边。He said he had signed a political agreement with Mr. Mugabe in September to form an inclusive government, but this would only be possible if there were two willing partners. He said Mr. Mugabe was unwilling to put the welfare of Zimbabwe and its people first. 他说,他9月和穆加贝签订了一份政治协议,准备组成一个包含各派的团结政府,但是这只有在乐意相互协作的前提下才能实现。他说,穆加贝不愿意把津巴布韦及其人民的利益放在首位。He called upon the Southern African development Community and the African Union to ensure conditions are met to alleviate the suffering of Zimbabwe's people in the shortest possible time. 他呼吁南部非洲发展共同体及非洲联盟确保尽快达到缓解津巴布韦人民苦难所必需的条件。Jendayi Frazer, U.S. assistant secretary of state for African affairs, said Thursday that "there is a complete collapse right now" in Zimbabwe, and said that Mr. Mugabe needs to step down. 负责非洲事务的美国助理国务卿弗雷泽星期四说,津巴布韦目前陷于全面瘫痪状态,他表示穆加贝必须下台。Most neighboring countries including regional giant South Africa are opposed to military intervention in Zimbabwe, where more than 1,100 people have died from cholera and the ed Nations nearly half the population needs emergency food aid. 津巴布韦的大多数邻国,包括该地区的大国南非,都反对对津巴布韦进行军事干涉。津巴布韦已有1万1000人死于霍乱。联合国说,该国将近一半人口需要紧急食品援助。Mr. Mugabe on Friday questioned which African countries "would have the courage" to order a military intervention. 穆加贝星期五质疑有哪个非洲国家胆敢下令对津巴布韦进行军事干预。Mr. Tsvangirai beat Mr. Mugabe in March presidential elections at which his party also ended the 28-year domination of parliament by Mugabe's party. But officials results said Mr. Tsvangirai did not win outright, and he withdrew from a runoff because of state-sponsored violence. 茨万吉拉伊在今年3月的总统选举中击败了穆加贝及其政党,也结束了穆加贝政党28年来在议会的主导地位。但是官方统计结果却说,茨万吉拉伊没有获得绝对胜利,而茨万吉拉伊也由于当局持的暴力活动而退出了决选。To break the impasse over the presidential votes, Mr. Mugabe and Mr. Tsvangirai agreed to form a unity government three months ago but have been deadlocked since over how to share Cabinet posts. 穆加贝与茨万吉拉伊为了打破大选僵局,在三个月前同意组成团结政府,然而内阁职位的分配问题却阻碍了这个团结政府的组成。200812/59301

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