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芜湖的哪个医院治疗早泄最好芜湖包皮手术哪家好ONLY 3 percent of Shanghai women smoke but experts said yesterday that they are seeing a rising number of young women turning to cigarettes in the mistaken belief it will help them stay slim.只有3%的上海女性吸烟,但专家昨日表示他们正看到越来越多的年轻女性求助于香烟,错误的认为香烟会帮助她们保持苗条。Doctors say smoking is never a good way to lose weight and is a bad habit that can damage the skin and cause fertility problems.医生说吸烟是从来不是减肥的好方法,而是一个会损害皮肤且造成生育问题的坏习惯。Xu Liping, a doctor at the Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery Hospital, said more than 80 percent of female out-patients who smoke complained of skin problems.上海时光整形外科医院的医生徐黎平称,吸烟的女性门诊患者超过80%抱怨皮肤问题。;Compared with men, women are more likely to suffer skin problems from smoking,; Xu said. ;They get more wrinkles, especially around their eyes and lips, compared to women who do not smoke.;“和男性相比,女性更容易因吸烟而患皮肤问题,”徐说。“她们会比不吸烟的女性有更多的皱纹,尤其是在她们的眼周和嘴唇上。”;Instead of looking to get a facelift, I suggest these women quit smoking, which is the cause of all sorts of problems,; he said.“而非指望整容,我建议这些女性戒烟,这是导致各种各样问题的根源,”他说。He added: ;In my clinic, 30 percent of smoking women are fatter than those who don#39;t smoke.;他补充道:“在我的诊所,30%的吸烟女性比那些不吸烟的人要胖。”Hu Zhaoming, vice director of the Shanghai Association for Smoking Control, said that a long-held belief that smoking can keep people fit wasn#39;t true.上海控烟协会副主任胡兆明说长期以来人们普遍认为吸烟可以使人苗条的想法是错的。Alice Huang, 25, who saw doctors yesterday about spots on her face, was told laser therapy was the only answer. She was surprised to learn the spots were caused by smoking.黄爱丽丝,25岁,昨天因脸上斑点去看见医生,被告知激光治疗是唯一办法。她惊讶地发现斑点是由吸烟引起的。Huang said she had online that smoking could help control weight and that#39;s why she took up the habit eight years ago.黄说她在网上看到吸烟可以帮助控制体重,这就是为什么八年前她染上了这个习惯。 /201306/242351芜湖市芜湖县男性男子男科医院看前列腺炎好吗 The most terrifying words in the English language, according to Ronald Reagan, are: “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Today, for some Europeans, they are: “I’m from the EU and I’m here to bail you out.”罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)说过,英语中最可怕的几个词是:“我是政府派来帮忙的。”今天,对有些欧洲人来说,最可怕的几个词则是:“我是欧盟(EU)派来纾困的。”Germany and the single currency have been made scapegoats for the problems of member states and for Europe’s inability to overcome the continent’s financial and economic crises. Berlin is accused of lacking solidarity, imposing contractionary policies and gaining competitiveness at others’ expense. The euro is blamed for depriving countries of their own central banks’ ability to act as lender of last resort and provide unlimited liquidity to the government and banks; and for depriving national policy makers of scope to devalue, thereby trapping them in a vicious spiral.德国和单一货币已被当成了替罪羊。人们认为,欧元区成员国的问题就是这二者造成的,欧洲无力战胜发生在这块大陆的金融与经济危机,责任也在这二者身上。他们指责柏林方面缺乏团结精神、将紧缩政策强加于人、而且为提高自身竞争力不惜损害他国利益。至于欧元,人们则指责它一方面使得各成员国央行无法充当最后贷款人、不能向政府和业提供无限流动性,另一方面使得各成员国政策制定者失去了压低本币汇率的选项、从而让各成员国陷入恶性循环。Germany is flabbergasted at being made the scapegoat. It sees itself as a victim, not a perpetrator. It has contributed substantial funds and assumed a great deal of risk for the five bailouts to date. And it has sacrificed much in the past decade to generate employment at home, with real wages barely higher today than in 1999.对于被当成替罪羊这件事,德国倍感震惊。它认为自己是受害者,而不是加害者。德国为迄今为止的五次纾困提供了大量资金,承担了极大风险。而且在过去的十年里,为了在国内创造出就业岗位,德国作出了巨大牺牲,今天德国的实际工资水平只略高于1999年。But the fact is that every country in crisis needs a scapegoat. It is hard to accept that the fruits of decades of hard work can vanish in a few years. For Europe today, painful domestic reforms can be accomplished only with a high degree of national solidarity, and it is tempting to rally against a common nemesis to achieve such solidarity.但现实就是这样,每个处在危机中的国家都需要找到替罪羊。数十年来辛勤工作的成果,在短短数年之间就灰飞烟灭,这一点很难让人接受。就今天的欧洲而言,痛苦的国内改革只有在国民高度团结的前提下才能实现。因此对各国来说,为国民找到一个共同的出气筒来达成这种团结,实在是一个诱人的选项。The history of financial crises is a good guide to how scapegoating works. Take the International Monetary Fund. Although some of its prescriptions during the 1997-98 Asian crisis were misguided, governments succeeded in implementing essential reforms – many of which domestic opposition had thwarted for years – by rallying national solidarity against the fund. The cost is that the IMF’s standing on the continent is permanently damaged, as shown by the unwillingness of Asian governments to accept its help during the global crisis of 2008-09.金融危机的历史为我们清晰地指出了这种寻找替罪羊的做法是如何得逞的。就以国际货币基金组织(IMF)为例。在1997-98年亚洲金融危机期间,IMF开出的部分药方确实带有误导性,但有关国家的政府是通过使国民团结在反对IMF的大旗下才得以成功实施必要的改革的(其中许多改革曾在它们国内受到多年的阻挠)。为此付出的代价是,IMF在亚洲的地位受到了永久性的损害——亚洲国家政府在2008-09年全球危机期间不愿接受IMF援助,就佐了这一点。This strategy has, to some extent, proved effective in Europe. Germany is the perfect scapegoat: it is the big European brother who is doing well, is often diplomatically clumsy and has a stained history that makes it tempting to revive old prejudices. There is another virtue: scapegoating has so far allowed moderate governments to keep political extremism largely at bay, a remarkable achievement given the deep social changes under way.事实明,从某种程度上说,这种策略在欧洲是有效的。德国是一只完美的替罪羊:这位欧洲老大哥发展得不错、外交上又笨招频出、还有一段很容易引发人们旧有成见的肮脏历史。这种策略还有一个优点:迄今为止,寻找替罪羊的做法使得那些温和派政府得以在很大程度抵挡住政治极端势力的攻击——考虑到社会正在发生的深刻转变,这实在是个了不起的成就。Yet scapegoating is dangerous. At stake for Europe is nothing less than the survival of the euro. The confrontations are causing deep rifts among both states and citizens. Surveys reveal a high degree of animosity between nations. Think of mocked-up photos showing German politicians in Nazi uniforms, or the misguided perception in Germany of citizens in crisis countries living on European welfare handouts.然而,这种策略是危险的。它不仅对欧元的生存、而且也对整个欧洲造成严重的威胁。这种对抗正在各成员国、各成员国民众之间造成深深的裂痕。调查显示,各国之间的敌意已达到很高的水平。你只需想想那些给德国政治家穿上纳粹制的讽刺照片,或是德国对依靠欧洲救济过活的危机国家民众的偏见。The renationalisation of policy making – with politicians increasingly focused on domestic objectives – and the continued blaming of monetary union for national problems, in crisis and non-crisis countries alike, has eroded the credibility of European institutions and the euro. By making integration more difficult, if not politically impossible, this is starting to cause permanent damage. EU institutions may end up in the position of the IMF in Asia, with governments disengaging from Europe and turning inward.由于各国政治家日益关注国内目标,欧洲的政策制定正在回归各国;另一方面,处于危机中的和未处于危机中的国家仍在将国内问题归咎于货币联盟。这两点侵蚀了欧盟机构和欧元的可信性。这一结果正开始对欧盟造成永久性的伤害,它加大了欧洲一体化的难度,甚至使之在政治上变得不可行。欧盟机构的处境最终可能会与IMF在亚洲的处境相同,各国政府会减少对欧洲事务的关注,转而把注意力放在国内。 What is the way forward? For one, Berlin must take more leadership in Europe. As irritating as it may be to be blamed for all Europe’s ills, Germany’s position of strength gives it a special responsibility. This means it should stop hindering financial and fiscal union, and start pursuing it more forcefully. To revive the European economy, it should also address its own domestic structural imbalances.接下来该怎么做?首先,柏林方面必须在欧洲承担更多领导责任。就算被当作欧洲所有问题的罪魁祸首再令人不快,德国的强大地位也决定了它必须承担起特殊责任。这意味着,德国不应再阻挠财政与货币联盟的建立,而应开始更加有力地促成这一联盟。为了重振欧洲经济,德国还应解决其国内的经济结构不平衡问题。Second, EU countries must assume greater ownership of reforms. Rather than scapegoating, governments need to convince their citizens that the fundamental restructuring is necessary and will be fruitful. It is clear, not just in Cyprus and Italy but across the EU, that we have a long way to go to achieve this.其次,欧盟国家必须承担更大的改革责任。各国政府不应再寻找替罪羊,而是必须让本国民众相信,根本性的结构调整势在必行且将带来丰厚的回报。我们还要走很长的路才能实现这个目标,这一点显然不只适用于塞浦路斯和意大利,也适用于整个欧盟。Third, selected decision-making processes in Europe must be removed from the national political sphere. The crisis has shown that, for many issues of eurozone governance, delegating decisions to intergovernmental political bodies does not work. We need to build institutions to fill this void. Creating a European finance minister, making institutions more immune to national interests and strengthening the European parliament are all urgent.第三,欧洲一些高级别的决策程序必须与各国国家政治脱离关系。本次危机表明,对有关欧元区治理的许多问题来说,委托政府间政治机构作出决定是行不通的。我们需要设立相应的机构来填补这一空白。设立欧盟财政部长、建立更加不受各国国家利益左右的机构、以及加强欧洲议会的权力,都是十分紧迫的任务。The renationalisation of policy making is splitting Europe and risks causing irreversible damage. The pursuit of these three measures is important if Europeans are to prove the Reaganite approach wrong and continue on the path of integration.政策制定回归各国正在令欧洲陷入分裂,并可能造成不可逆转的破坏。如果欧洲人想明里根的说法是错误的、并想继续走一体化道路,那么推行以上三项措施就有着重要的意义。 /201304/235916芜湖市繁昌县泌尿科咨询

芜湖市第一医院泌尿外科A new study shows that regularly eating fast food isn#39;t just bad for your waistline, it can also damage your liver in ways that are surprisingly similar to hepatitis.最新研究显示,经常食用快餐油炸食品不仅会让人肥胖,还会损害肝脏,而且对肝脏的损伤类似于肝炎。The results were revealed on the television program, #39;The Doctors,#39; where it was found that even just a month of eating fast food can cause significant changes to your liver.电视节目《医生》播出了这一研究结果。吃快餐油炸食品一个月,就可引起肝脏的明显变化。French fries in particular were dangerous because of the extra ingredients added.研究显示,法式炸薯条危害很大,缘于其中过多的添加物。#39;We know that they are adding salt, and cooking it in fat, but they#39;re also putting sugar on them too. Why sugar? Because it helps get them golden crispy,#39; said Dr. Drew Ordon, who appears on the show.德鲁#8226;奥登医生在节目中说:“大家都知道其中添加了盐,用油炸制而成,其实薯条中还加了糖。为什么要加糖?因为那样可以让薯条颜色金黄,口感酥脆。”Foods like fried chicken and onion rings were especially bad for the liver.炸鸡、炸洋葱圈等食品对肝脏的危害也很大。#39;The amount of fat and saturated fats creates a condition called fatty liver,#39; Ordon said.奥登说:“油脂和饱和脂肪酸的堆积导致了脂肪肝。”He said the changes in liver enzymes are in line with the effects of hepatitis. That disease can ultimately cause liver failure.他说,快餐油炸食品引发的人体内酶的变化类似肝炎。这种疾病最终会导致肝功能衰竭。The US has 160,000 fast food restaurants serving an estimated 50 million customers every day.美国有大约16万家快餐店,每天向5000万消费者提供快餐。#39;We#39;re all guilty, and every now and then you have to splurge, but the problem is that so many people are getting into eating fast food, especially kids, as their staple, and I think that#39;s the point,#39; Ordon said.奥登说:“我们都感到内疚,常常不得不吃这些。但问题是,相当多的人已经养成了吃快餐的习惯,尤其是儿童,他们把快餐当成主食。我觉得这是问题所在。”Just ordering a salad won#39;t help as Ordon warned that any item marked healthy or fresh at a fast food restaurant likely has added chemicals, as there aren#39;t clear regulations for those foods.只吃沙拉也没用。奥登提醒消费者,快餐店中标明健康新鲜的食品也常常被添加多种化学物质,而这方面美国目前尚无限制使用的明确规定。#39;Some places actually put propylene glycol on the salads, which is anti-freeze, the reason behind that is that it prevents wilting,#39; said Ordon. #39;And although they say a little anti-freeze isn#39;t going to hurt you, obviously given a choice you don#39;t want to be eating anti-freeze.#39;奥登说:“有些地方会在沙拉中添加丙二醇。这是一种防冻剂,也可用于保鲜。尽管他们说一点点防冻剂无损健康,但显然如果可以选择,谁也不愿意吃下防冻剂。” /201302/225878芜湖男性专科权威的医院在哪里 The rising popularity of text messaging on mobile phones poses a threat to writing standards among Irish schoolchildren, an Irish education commission says.The frequency of errors in grammar and punctuation has become a serious concern, the State Examination Commission said in a report after reviewing last year's exam performance by 15-year-olds."The emergence of the mobile phone and the rise of text messaging as a popular means of communication would appear to have impacted on standards of writing as evidenced in the responses of candidates," the report said, according to Wednesday's Irish Times."Text messaging, with its use of phonetic spelling and little or no punctuation, seems to pose a threat to traditional conventions in writing."The report laments that, in many cases, candidates seemed " undulyreliant on short sentences, simple tenses and a limited vocabulary."In 2003, Irish 15-year-olds were among the top 10 performers in an international league table of literacy standards compiled by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. 爱尔兰某教育委员会称,手机短信的日益普及对爱尔兰学生的书写规范造成了威胁。爱尔兰国家考试委员会在针对去年15岁学生考试成绩的报告中称,语法和标点错误频频出现,已成为一个严重的问题。据周三的《爱尔兰时报》消息,这份报告中称,“手机的出现和手机短信日益成为一种流行的交流方式对书写规范造成了不良影响,这在考生的答卷中得到了明。”“发手机短信常用语音输入法,很少或根本不用标点,这对传统的书写规范造成了威胁。”报告指出,在很多情况下,考生“过度使用短句和简单的时态,所用的词汇也很有限。”2003年,爱尔兰15岁年龄组的学生在经合组织读写规范国际大赛中跻身十强。 /200803/29469芜湖人民医院有没有做包皮切割手术

芜湖市镜湖区妇幼保健人民中医院男科挂号I never should have been an attorney.我或许本来就不该当律师。I am physically incapable of pulling all-nighters, I avoid conflict instead of pursuing it, and I have essentially zero drive to fight for the interests of multi-billion dollar corporations. So it did not come as much of a surprise to anyone -- except my mom and dad, perhaps -- when after exactly one year of practice at a big law firm, I turned in my BlackBerry and walked out the door.我受不了整夜整夜地加班,我总是回避冲突、不愿跟着冲突走,我也没有什么动力来为规模几十亿美元的大公司争夺利益。因此,我的选择可能除了我父母,谁都不会奇怪:在一家大律所干了整整一年后,我交出了黑莓手机,选择离开。Big Law is famously tough. But despite its reputation, law students continue to line up for consideration at the country#39;s top firms, hoping to land a coveted spot as an associate. Many of these young lawyers, though, will find that they are simply not cut out for law firm life and, according to Pamela Woldow of law firm consultancy Edge International, approximately 70% will leave within the first four years of practice.大牌律所出了名的压力大。但法律专业的学生们仍然排着队等候美国这些大律所的挑选,希望能够在这里谋得一个职位。很多年轻律师后来会发现,他们根本不适合律所的工作和生活,据律所咨询公司Edge International的帕米拉·沃都称,约70%的律师会在入行后四年内离开。At a time when their very survival seems up in the air, how can firms spot and hire the few candidates that will thrive in Big Law instead of wasting time and money on people like me?有些人能不能干得来还不好说,在这样的情况下,律所怎样才能发现和聘用日后能在大律所如鱼得水的应聘者,不把时间和金钱浪费在像我这样的人身上。Woldow says that smart firms are beginning to change their hiring standards, selecting candidates who will stay longer than just a few years and who, upon making partner, will bring in their own business.沃都表示,一些先知先觉的律所正在开始改变雇佣标准,选择那些不会呆几年就离开的应聘者,以及那些成为合伙人后能给公司带来更多业务的人。According to Heather Frattone, associate dean for career planning at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, this means that firms are looking for more than just exemplary report cards. Depending on the firm, ;communications skills, project management, organizational understanding, drive, initiative, resilience, and entrepreneurship; are all sought after qualities in recruits, but different firms place varying levels of value on these traits.宾夕法尼亚大学(University of Pennsylvania)法学院职业规划副主任希瑟·弗拉顿表示,它意味着律所不再只注重出色的成绩单。根据律所的不同,“沟通技巧、项目管理、组织能力、内驱力、主动性、适应力和创业精神”是招聘时关注的东西,但不同的律所对这些特质的注重程度则有所不同。Firm recruiters, Frattone adds, are beginning to ask more behavioral questions to identify candidates with the qualities they#39;re looking for. ;Things like, #39;Tell me a time you were not successful at something you were working on, and what did you learn from that?#39;; These are the kinds of questions you might hear at any other interview. They just haven#39;t had much of a role at law firms up until now.弗拉顿表示,律所招聘人员开始询问更多行为方面的问题,寻找具有相关特质的应聘者。“比如,‘讲讲你一次失败的经历,你从中学到了什么?’”这是大家在任何其他行业的面试中都可能遇到的问题。但过去,这些问题在律所面试中不太会遇到。But it#39;s not enough for young lawyers to be smart, ambitious team players. Woldow advises looking for people with more life experience over candidates who went straight from high school to college to law school. ;Maturity helps you roll with the punches a little more,; she says. Candidates who have only worked within academia, who graduated at the top of their class, and are used to being lauded for their accomplishments often ;don#39;t understand that they#39;re just the lowest of the low in a big machine.; They have trouble taking orders, moving through Big Law#39;s hierarchical structure, and putting in the required hours.仅凭这些,还不足以确保年轻律师成为聪明上进的团队成员。沃都建议选择那些有更多生活经验的人,而不是直接从高中——大学——法学院一路读下来的学生。她说:“成熟有助于一个人应对各种压力。”只有学术经验、以最优成绩毕业、已经习惯了种种赞扬声的毕业生应聘者们往往“不会理解自己只处于大公司底层的底层这一现实。”他们会在从指挥、按大律所繁复的等级制度慢慢晋升以及投入必要的时间方面遇到麻烦。Psychotherapist Will Meyerhofer, a former associate at Sullivan amp; Cromwell and author of the legal blog The People#39;s Therapist, thinks firms can keep associates around longer by only hiring people he calls ;workhorses.; These are the ones ;who can just handle the brutal hours, who are very motivated by the money and making partner.; He describes these people as ;nerdy,; ;geeky,; and ;dorky,; and with ;fewer outside interests.;职业心理学家、法律客The People#39;s Therapist的主威尔·迈尔沃弗也曾经在Sullivan amp; Cromwell工作过。他认为,律所可以只聘用“老黄牛”来确保员工效力更长的时间。这些人“能承担漫长的工作时间,能被金钱和胜任合伙人的前景鼓舞。”他把这些人称作“书呆子”、“极客”和“呆子”,“没有其他什么兴趣”。But while plenty of firms will happily snap up those recruits, Williams amp; Connolly regularly takes cases to trial and looks for attorneys who will not only make a positive impression on clients, but on juries as well. ;Someone who can only talk on a purely theoretical, academic level, is going to be more challenged here,; says Williams amp; Connolly hiring partner Meg Keeley. Instead, Keeley says, her firm seeks ;someone who can make arguments on a practical and personal level.;很多律所都乐意招这样的人,但Williams amp; Connolly会定期具体分析,寻找那些不仅能给客户、也能给陪审团留下积极印象的律师。“只会高谈阔论理论和学术的人会在这儿面临更大的挑战,”Williams amp; Connolly的招聘合伙人麦格·基利表示。基利称,事实上,她的律所是在寻找“能在实务和个人层面进行辩驳的人”。And, of course, candidates should also have a real excitement about the actual practice of law. (Tip: Don#39;t mention Law amp; Order in an interview.) These are the people that Meyerhofer says will happily ;sit and argue over the best ways to draft certain provisions.;当然,候选人对于从事法律行业也应该真正有兴趣。【建议:不要在面试中提起《法律与秩序》( Law amp; Order)。】按迈尔沃弗的话说,要的就是那些能高高兴兴地“坐下来,争论如何更好地起草某些条款”的人。A September, 2008 paper from UC Berkeley professors Marjorie Shultz and Sheldon Zedeck suggests that Keeley is onto something. Attempting to help law schools identify promising future lawyers, the report#39;s authors examined a number of ;predictors; of lawyering effectiveness. Typical measures of ;geekiness; like LSAT scores and undergraduate grade point averages were not reliable indicators of later lawyering abilities. Instead, situational judgment tests, biographical information, and seven specific personality traits -- ambition, adjustment, sociability, prudence, interpersonal sensitivity, inquisitiveness, and learning approach -- could better forecast an applicant#39;s later success as an attorney.加州大学伯克利分校(UC Berkeley)教授玛约利·舒尔茨和谢尔顿·泽得克2008年9月的一份研究报告指出,基利说的有道理。报告试图帮助法学院发掘日后可能大有前途的律师,对众多可能预示未来律师职业能力的“预兆”进行了分析。典型的“好学者”标准,比如LSAT得分以及本科平均分,并不是反映日后律师职业能力的可靠指标。事实上,情景判断测试、个人经历以及7种特定人格特质——野心,适应力,社交能力,谨慎度,人际敏感度、好打探和学习方法——可以更好地预测应聘者日后作为律师的成功程度。Of course, most firms would love to hire these social and inquisitive lawyers, but picking them out of the overflowing candidate pool is not always easy. Law students don#39;t usually confess to their interviewers that they don#39;t like to work hard or have no passion for practicing law.当然,大多数律所都愿意聘用这些擅长社交、好打探的律师,但要在众多的应聘者中找到这些人并不容易。法律专业的学生们通常不会向面试考官承认,他们不喜欢拼命工作,他们对从事法律行业没有热情。Woldow points to a few specific biographical indicators of future Big Law superstars: first-generation lawyers without legacies of Supreme Court justices and Big Law partners; first or second-generation immigrants; and people from modest economic backgrounds. These people, she says, often come in with different expectations. Instead of thinking they are due money and success, they think, ;#39;I have to earn it and make my way.#39;;迈尔沃弗指出,有几种背景可能预示未来会在大律所中获得成功:第一代律师,父辈不是最高法院大法官,也不是什么大律所的合伙人;第一或第二代移民;以及来自经济条件一般的家庭。她说,这些人进来的时候想法往往不一样。他们不会把获得金钱和成功视为必然,他们想的是“我必须要努力赚取这些,走出自己的路。” /201306/243921 One of the less great things about being president -- all those old photos that surface publicly.即使贵为总统,也有些事情防不胜防,比如,昔日老照片会被公开就是其中之一。President Barack Obama, who has had to deal with public comments from past girlfriends, now has to endure pictures from his high school prom night in 1979, back when the future president was 17 years old.据美国媒体5月23日报道,美国总统贝拉克·奥巴马在应付完前女友的公开后,现在又不得不忍受其1979年高中舞会照片被曝光,那时他17岁。Time magazine also published a high school yearbook salutation to classmate Kelli Allman, the girlfriend of a pal: ;You are extremely sweet and foxy, I don#39;t know why Greg would want to spend any time with me at all! You really deserve better than clowns like us; you even laugh at my jokes!;美国《时代周刊》23日刊登了奥巴马昔日同学凯利#8226;奥尔曼提供的老照片,展现了17岁的奥巴马的风采。;Tucked away in someone else#39;s shoe box of adolescent artifacts, there might be a picture of you in garish clothes and with an outdated #39;do, your arm around a high school squeeze.奥尔曼还介绍说:“巴里(奥巴马高中时代的昵称)在夏威夷普纳候(音译)学校读书时,经常和朋友们一起打篮球和闲逛。篮球队队员格雷格#8226;奥玛是奥巴马形影不离的伙伴,他们就像兄弟一样。”;The President of the ed States is no different. These previously unpublished photos, obtained exclusively by TIME from Obama#39;s schoolmate Kelli Allman (née McCormack), show a 17-year-old Barack Obama on the night of his senior prom. ;Barry spent in his days at the Punahou School in Hawaii studying, shooting hoops and goofing off with his friends. Greg Orme, a fellow varsity basketball player, was Obama#39;s constant companion. #39;They were like brothers,#39; says Allman.舞会那晚,奥巴马身穿白色外套,舞伴是附近夏威夷女子中学的梅根#8226;休斯。在舞会和晚宴前,他们和奥玛齐聚奥尔曼家,畅饮香槟酒。;On prom night, the pair double-dated. Obama and his date Megan Hughes, a student at the Hawaii School for Girls at La Pietra, joined Orme at Allman#39;s house, where the two couples sipped champagne before going to the dance and then an after-party. #39;It was a really fun, happy time. We were all cracking up, and everyone was smiling,#39; says Allman. #39;It was pretty typical from there out as far as what happens at prom: the dinner and the dancing and the photos.#39;“那真是一个有趣而美好的夜晚,我们都很开心,每个人都面带笑容。晚宴、跳舞、还有拍照,那个晚上发生的一切都让人难以忘怀。”奥尔曼说。;Millions of American teenagers will go to proms this year. Their photos are more likely to be stored on Facebook than in a shoe box. But it#39;s fun to imagine that in one of those pictures, there#39;s a girl in a pastel dress or a lanky guy in a white sport coat who will end up becoming the leader of the free world.;《时代周刊》还刊登了奥巴马给奥尔曼的留言:“你是如此温柔迷人,我真不知道为什么格雷格会愿意花时间和我呆在一起!你理应找到比我们这些小丑们更好的朋友!听了我的笑话,你竟然开怀大笑!” /201305/241726芜湖切割包皮多少钱芜湖三山区男性男子男科医院治疗早泄多少钱



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