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High amounts of mercury are found人们发现大量的汞存在于in large, predatory fish, such as king mackerel,体积较大的掠食性鱼的体内,如大西洋马鲛pike, shark, walleye, barracuda, and large tuna.鱼,鲨鱼,白眼鱼,梭鱼类,和大金鱼Therefore, these types of fish should be consumed因此,这些鱼肉的食用量at less than a hundred grams per week,每周不能多于100克which is a small portion.这一食用比重很小For tuna, it is recommended that对金鱼而言,建议大家it should be consumed no more than twice per week.每周食用的次数不要超过两次Potential pathogens in food include listeria,食物内的病原体包括李斯特菌属which is an air-borne bacteria that can grow这是一种空气中产生的细菌,可以在at refrigeration temperatures.制冷温度下滋生Listeriosis can affect the fetus李氏杆菌可能影响到胎儿and cause spontaneous abortions.引发自然流产It can be found in deli meats and unpasteurized milk;这种细菌见于熟食和未经高温消毒的牛奶hence, consuming these foods is not recommended during pregnancy.因此,不建议在期食用这些食物Toxoplasma gondii is the other pathogen刚地弓形虫是另一种病原体that can exist in food.它存在于食物中Toxoplasma gondii can pass through the placenta刚地弓形虫能够穿过胎盘therefore inflecting the fetus.进而影响胎儿Toxoplasma gondii is common in house cats刚地弓形虫常见于家猫身上and therefore it is advised against that因此建议pregnant women avoid feces of cats妇要避免接触猫的粪便and wash their hands thoroughly after being around cat feces.而且要在接触猫的粪便后彻底洗手It can also be found in contaminated这种病菌也存在于受污染的and undercooked meat, unwashed fruits,或者煮得欠熟的肉类,没洗的水果unpasteurized milk, and contaminated water.未经消毒的牛奶以及被污染了的水中Good food safety practices are important良好的食物安全措施非常重要for the health of the mother and fetus during pregnancy.对母亲和胎儿的健康非常重要Always store food properly,要正确地储存食物cook to recommended temperatures,根据建议的温度烹制食物avoid cross-contamination避免交叉污染and properly clean surfaces and utensils.彻底清洁餐具和餐台表面Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrients欧美加3脂肪酸是必需营养meaning they must be provided by the diet.意味着它们只能通过饮食提供Studies have shown positive correlations研究表明between adequate intake of omega-3 fatty acids适当的摄入欧美加3脂肪酸and child growth, development, and health.与儿童的成长,发育和健康之间有正相关关系During pregnancy these fatty acids may help怀期间,这些脂肪酸能够帮助develop cognitive and visual functions in the fetus.形成胎儿的认知及视觉功能Although the minimum amount for this尽管欧美加3脂肪酸的最小摄入量have not been fully determined.还未完全有定论Maternal dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids母亲在饮食中摄入欧美加3脂肪酸results in higher levels of these fatty acids有助于提高母乳中的脂肪酸含量in breast milk; therefore, during lactation,因此,在哺乳期间the omega-3 fatty acids can be transferred欧美加3脂肪酸可以from the mother to the fetus.从母体转移到胎儿身上Currently, the recommendation for如今,欧美加3的建议omega-3 fatty acid consumption is摄入量是200 milligrams per day.每天200毫克Sources of omega-3 fatty acids含有欧美加3的食物有include oily fish such as salmon and fish oils,含油多的鱼类,如大马哈鱼,鱼肝油canola oil, and flaxseed.菜籽油和亚麻仁等In 2007, Colletsco et al. reviewed randomized studies2007年 Colletsco和一些学者on dietary fat intake during pregnancy综述了一些关于期脂肪摄入量的研究in order to provide a recommended intake level.目的在于提供一个仅供参考的摄入量They evaluated studies that have been done on women他们评估了一些关于怀风险低或with low-risk pregnancies or high-risk pregnancies怀风险高的妇女的研究and provided daily DHA intakes ranging并提出每天DHA的摄入量应当从from 150 to 200 milligrams a day150毫克至200毫克up to about 1,200 milligrams a day.提高至1200毫克The results of the study were that该项研究的结果是dietary fat intake during pregnancy期和哺乳期的脂肪摄入量and lactation as a proportion of energy intake是能量来源的一部分should be the same as that recommended for the general population.因此,应当和普通人的建议摄入量一样201503/364215

Deep in the southern ed States在南美腹地深处lies a strange menagerie.生活着一些异兽Alligators, tarantulas, geckos...短吻鳄 狼蛛 壁虎...Each are playing a role in the exploration of our biology.它们对我们的生物研究起着巨大作用But for now, Doctor Stephen Secor of Alabama University目前 阿拉巴马大学的史蒂芬·塞科士is working with Burmese pythons.正在研究缅甸蟒He wants to find out whether they use up more energy他想弄清消化生食和熟食digesting cooked or raw meat.哪种更消耗能量Snakes, being mainly a head and a stomach,蛇类主要由头部和腹部组成make good subjects for this experiment.因此是很好的实验对象They eat their prey whole它们把自己的猎物整个吞下 and stay still for up to a week.一个星期内都静止不动The only energy expended is in digesting their food.它们只须要消耗能量去消化食物Were trying to see我们想要弄清if we can find any difference在消化熟食in the course of digestion between和生食的过程中a cooked meal and a raw meal.到底有什么区别201505/37618309年TED U上的简短发言中,Brian Cox分享了一些CERN超级对撞机的新闻。内容包括现在正在进行的维修和这一史上最大科学实验的前景201508/393275Einstein never accepted quantum mechanics because of its element of chance and uncertainty.爱因斯坦从未接受过量子力学 正是因为它特有的概率与不确定性He said, God does not play dice.It seems that Einstein was doubly wrong.他说 上帝是不玩骰子的 看来爱因斯坦可能错了The quantum effects of black holes suggest that not only does God play dice黑洞中的量子效应 表明上帝不仅玩骰子he sometimes throws them where they cannot be seen.他有时还把骰子扔到 无法观测的地方He says himself that, uh he wouldnt have got to where he is if he hadnt been ill.他说他自己 要是 要是没有生病 就不会取得如今的成就And I think thats quite possible because its like Johnson said:而且我觉得这确实有可能 因为就像塞缪尔·约翰逊所说The knowledge youre to be hanged in the morning concentrates the mind wonderfully.如果你就要上绞刑架 精神便会最集中And he has concentrated on this in a way I dont think he would have,从某种程度上来说 他专注于科研 我觉得他本不会对科学有太大兴趣because he took a great interest in a lot of things in life因为他对生活中的很多事情 都有极大的兴趣and I dont know that hed have applied himself the same way而且我不知道他会不会同样专注于科研if hed been able to get around as he used to do, so in a way如果他能够像以前健康的时候一样 所以在一定程度上No, I cant think anyones lucky having an illness like that,even so.是的 即便如此 我也不认为有人能得那样的病 是幸运的But its less bad luck for him than it would be for some people because he can so much live in his head.但是相对于其他人来说 他的不幸要更少 因为他能用他的头脑好好地活着When I lived with the Hawking family, I would usually get up around 7:15 or 7:30 and take a shower当我住到霍金的家里时 我通常 七点十五或者七点半起床 洗个澡and then in my Bible some in the morning and pray and then go down at 8:15 to get Stephen up.然后读一点圣经并且做祈祷 八点十五的时候下去叫史蒂芬起床And at breakfast I would often tell him what Id been ing in the Bible hoping that this would eventually have some influence.吃早饭的时候 我经常告诉他我在圣经上读的东西 希望这些东西最终能有所影响201604/437619

I think the most touching moment is not only seeing my family,对我来说最感动的时刻不仅是见到家人but how were actually united by our culinary passion还有我们是如何因为共同的烹饪热情又聚在一起and the fact that I was able to cook and share food with them,我觉得能够和他们一起烹饪一起分享美食I thought, was the best part.这才是最美好的This is absolutely beautiful.这个真好吃What Ive learned in Kaiping is a bit more of my family puzzle.我在开平对我的家人有了更深入的了解I learnt more about my mum and dad meeting and how it was love at first sight.知道了我父母如何相识,如何一见钟情I thought that was quite touching.我觉得很感动In many ways I felt shed more or less sacrificed her life for mine,我觉得我母亲在很多方面或多或少为了我牺牲了她自己的生活but still hearing that she did have some moments of happiness.但是我还是能听到她也曾有过一些幸福时光What actually makes me happiest coming here is to see in reality,来到这里最让我感到快乐的是能看到现实生活中how the changes in China is reflected in my family.中国的改变如何在我家人身上体现出来Their welfare has gone up, theyre optimistic,他们的福利变好了,他们都很乐观they are looking with hope to the future.他们都对未来满怀希望Its pretty fantastic.这样真好Bye-bye.再见201601/421953You have to know this is incredibly important.你得知道这是很重要的Time is not background thing, it is not absolute,时间不是绝对的 不是可用来测量against which everything else is measured. Its dynamic.其他一切的参照背景 而是动态的Dynamic?Active.Active?动态的 它是活动的 活动的Wonderful. If you were to travel east very very quickly.没错 如果你向东 走得非常非常快Out of sight? The far east?走到看不到的地方 走到远东吗The far far east.Completely out of sight.比远东还远 完全看不到了Yes, completely out of sight.And I stay right here,对 走到完全看不到的地方 而我留在这儿your time will slow down relative to mine.你的时间相对我的时间就变慢了Like I get really really slow?If you went very very fast.那我就变得非常非常慢了 如果你能走得非常非常快If you went very very fast?I get really really slow!如果我走得非常非常快 我就变得非常非常慢了Your time would, relative to mine.Hah...totally out of sight.Time is very important.你的时间相对我的时间就会变慢了 完全看不到 时间是很重要的What starts I know you?What? I dont know.Are you all right?Fine.你来自哪颗星 什么 我不知道 你没事吧 挺好201512/414892三分钟搞定科技英语(视频+中英字幕) 第13期:社会化书签《三分钟搞定科技英语》属于《原来如此》系列的英语视频听力栏目,用一系列绘图拼接视频,生动形象地展示了科技英语知识,能够激发人们的英语学习兴趣 ,是拓展英语知识面,积累科技英语词汇,了解科技中的一些常识的极好材料。201510/401887

研究远古历史的科学家们已有大批惊奇发现,并利用这些发现来勇敢预测人类未来。201504/367576Ceramic figures like these were made in huge numbers for about 50 years, around 700. Their sole purpose was to be placed in high-status tombs. They have been found all around the great Tang cities of north-west China, where Liu Tingxun held office. The ancient Chinese believed you needed to have in the grave all the things which were essential to you in life. So the figures were just one element in the total contents of Liu Tingxuns tomb, which would also have contained sumptuous burial objects of silk and lacquer, silver and gold. While the animal and human statues would serve and entertain him, the supernatural guardian figures warded off malevolent spirits. You could hardly make better preparation for being dead!公元700年左右,类似的陶俑在五十年间被大量制造,而其唯一用途便是立于位高权重者的坟墓之中。在刘廷荀任职的中国西北部,大型城市大量出土了这种陶俑。古代中国人认为,人应该用一切在世时的必需品作陪葬,因而陶俑只是刘廷苟墓葬的一部分,此外还有可观的丝绸、漆器、白银、黄金等奢侈物品。人俑与兽俑能够侍和取悦墓主,神兽俑则用于驱邪镇魔。Between their manufacture and their entombment, the ceramic figures would have been displayed to the living only once, when they were carried in the funeral cortege. They were never intended to be seen again. Once in the tomb, they took up their unchanging positions around the coffin, and then the stone door was firmly closed for eternity. A Tang poet of the time, Zhang Yue, commented:从制造完工到人葬,这些陶俑应该只有一次在世人面前露面的机会,即在出殡时被运往墓地的过程中,此后便该永不再见天日。进入墓室之后,它们便按照一定位置围绕若棺木摆放,其后石门会被永久闭合。其时有位诗人张说评价道:;All who come and go follow this road,往来皆此路,But living and dead do not return together.;生死不间归。Like so much else in eighth-century China, the production of ceramic figures like these ones was controlled by an official bureau, just one small part of the enormous civil service that powered the Tang state.与8世纪中国的各种物品一样,陶俑制造业受某个官方部门的控制,而该部门只是维系唐朝社会运行的庞大官吏系统中的一小部分。201601/422583According to the celiac sprue association根据乳糜泻研究协会的说法there are three major steps that are taken in order to诊断一个人是否患有乳糜泻diagnose a person with celiac disease.需要三个主要的步骤The first step includes a thorough physical examination第一步是进行一个全面的身体检查to look for any signs of celiac disease看被检查人是否有乳糜泻预兆such as fatigue or weight loss.比如疲惫和体重下降A blood panel is also conducted, sometimes referred to还要进行全血细胞计数as a celiac blood panel to look at有时被称为腹腔全血细胞计数other indicators of celiac disease such as antibodies.来检查其中是否有乳糜泻的预兆,如出现抗体Second, a multi-sample biopsy of the duodenal portion第二步,对十二指肠进行多样本组织检查of the intestine is done in order to look at查看是否有由麦胶蛋白引起的possible damage from the gluten.可能的损害The third step includes implementing第三步是the gluten-free diet.执行无麦胶蛋白饮食When the persons health begins to improve当健康状况开始改善的时候symptoms start to diminish and the intestinal villi乳糜泻的症状就会逐渐消失start to repair themselves celiac disease is diagnosed.小肠绒毛也会进行自我修复Please be aware that it is important to keep gluten请注意为了保诊断的准确性in the diet for an accurate diagnosis.要在食品中保留麦胶蛋白Removal of gluten too early before seeing a physician如果去医院检查之前就提前不吃含有can remove signs and symptoms of celiac disease麦胶蛋白的食物,可能会导致乳糜泻的一些症状needed for a successful diagnosis.消失,从而无法做出正确的诊断As you can see in this diagram这张图显示的是there are three different areas of the intestine.三个不同区域The duodenum is the portion of the intestine十二指肠紧连胃部that immediately follows the stomach and也正是where biopsy samples需要从这里提取样本are taken to diagnose celiac disease.进行乳糜泻诊断Now that you understand现在你已经明白了how celiac disease is diagnosed and that乳糜泻如何诊断someone with celiac disease needs to follow乳糜泻患者应该a strict gluten-free diet.严格执行无麦胶蛋白饮食Lets discuss what gluten is现在我们来讨论一下何为麦胶蛋白and where you may find it in the food supply.在何种食物中可以找到麦胶蛋白Gluten is a protein麦胶蛋白是一种蛋白质that gives b dough elasticity在二氧化碳作用下which allows it to rise without collapsing可以使面团膨胀while trapping the CO2.并具有弹性Gluten is what gives b and b-like products麦胶蛋白可以使面包和面包类产品a desirable volume and texture.按人们的要求呈现出不同的大小和质地It is found in wheat, rye and barley as well as麦胶蛋白存在于小麦,黑麦和大麦以及all wheat derivatives including bulgar, couscous麦类衍生品中,如碾碎的干小麦,蒸粗麦粉,面筋mataza, seitan, semolina, triticale, spelt, kamut粗粒小麦粉,黑小麦,斯佩尔特小麦and einkorn and emmer and anything with wheat呼罗珊小麦,单粒小麦,二粒小麦等in the title except for buckwheat.以及除荞麦之外的以麦来命名的物质Someone who is following a strict gluten-free diet执行无麦胶蛋白饮食的人must stay away from these grains应该远离这些谷物as they contain gluten.因为它们含有麦胶蛋白This is a flow chart showing这张流程图显示的是where the grains that contain gluten含有麦胶蛋白的谷物fall within the plant kingdom.在植物王国中如何分布Notice they are all grouped注意,虽然被划分为同一种类in the same species so wheat, rye and小麦,黑麦和大麦中含有麦胶蛋白barley contain gluten while rice, corn, teff而水稻,玉米,埃塞俄比亚画眉草buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth are gluten-free.荞麦,藜麦以及苋菜中没有麦胶蛋白Currently the FDA has目前美国食品及药物no definition for gluten free.对无麦胶蛋白还没有明确的定义The proposed definition of gluten is有人建议应该把麦胶蛋白定义为proteins that naturally occur in a prohibited grain在一些谷物中自然存在的蛋白质and that may cause adverse health effects若进入乳糜泻患者体内则会对健康造成in persons with celiac disease不利影响where a prohibited grain would be defined as wheat其中,一些谷物,被定义为小麦,黑麦和大麦rye, barley or cross-bred hybrids of wheat以及这三者的rye or barley.杂交作物For example triticale is a cross between比如,黑小麦就是wheat and rye.黑麦和小麦的杂交产物This labeling is voluntary for those companies这种分类方法由生产whose products meet the definition of gluten-free.无麦胶蛋白食品的公司自由采纳Gluten-free labeling was proposed in 20072007年就有人提出了无麦胶蛋白分类and as of still remains in draft form.的建议,但到年依然还处于筹备状态Because of this lack of labeling it is important因为缺少这种分类for those who have celiac disease所以对于乳糜泻患者来说to carefully labels in order to determine仔细阅读标签确定食品是否whether the food contains gluten or not.含有麦胶蛋白是非常重要的201505/377199

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