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本集来谈谈当你谈到某个观念或问题时, 通常对方会说, OK, 我了解, 或是我不了解, 或是我赞同你, 我不赞同你. 这算是很平凡却也很实用的对话, 首先我们来看看有哪些表达自己了解或认同对方的说法.1. I see.我了解.这是最常见的一种说法了, 通常别人跟我们说一件事, 而这件事是我们早就知道的, 我们也会很习惯地说, I see. 跟 I see 一样常见的有. I understand. 或是他们会只说, Understand. 都是表示出了解的意思.另外有一种口语的说法, 叫 I down. 这个 I down 也是 I see 的意思. 但因为一般像我们国际学生很少接触过这样的讲法, 其实 I down 也是我了解的意思.2. I got you.我了解.这句跟 I see, I understand, 都是一样的, 适合在跟美国同学讨论功课时使用. 例如有一次我跟我的美国同学说这题该怎么怎么作, 他就很高兴地说, Ok, now I got you. 你如果不说 I got you, 说 I got it 也是可以的, 这二个都很常听人家说. 另外 I got you 有一个更常用的解释, 就是我骗到你了, 通常会读成 Gotcha.. 比如说你骗人家说, I got married. 别人回答: Oh~ Really? 这时你就可以吹著口哨说.. Hahaha.. Gotcha.3. You got that right.你说的没错.这句跟 you are right 是一样的, 但是 you got that right. 是比较口语的说法, 例如: A: I#39;ve told you we are on the wrong way! B: You got that right dude.4. I can tell you from the top of my head.我想都不用想就能告诉你.通常会说这句话的人其实并无法立刻告诉你, 所以才会说这句话缓冲一下. 就好比说我们会跟别人说, ;等一下, 这个我知道!; 其实他要是真的知道, 直接告诉你不就成了? 所以这句话就是说有些事你很确定知道, 但一下子想不起来时, 就说这一句. 另外有一句话意思一模一样, 它可以和 I can tell you from the top of my hat 互换使用, 叫 I can tell you right off the bat. 例如人家问你, Do you know how to integrate this equation? 你就可以说, Sure, I can tell you right off the bat.5. I can tell you by heart.我可以凭印象告诉你..I can tell you by heart, 说的是可以光凭记忆告诉你, 不用再去翻书或查数据. 但也许不是马上, 可能还需要想一下. 这是它跟 I can tell you from the top of my head 的不同之处. 另外, 你也可以说成 I can tell you by memory.6. It#39;s a piece of cake.太容易了.形容很容易就是用 cake 这个字眼, 你也可以单讲 it#39;s cake! 来表示你对这件事情觉的很容易. 我想这句话大概不知道的人也不多吧! 日常生活中或是电影中都常用到, 像是电影 Pay Back 里面男主角在干掉一堆坏人之后, 轻松愉快地讲了一句 A piece of cake! 让人觉得他特别潇洒.7. That#39;s a no-brainer.不用大脑,用来形容很简单很简单的事, 如这次的考试太简单了, 你就可以说 That#39;s a no-brainer. 就是不需大脑都可以想出来. 还有的人会说成, Your brain doesn#39;t have to think hard.8. I can pretty much understand what you are talking about.我非常能了解你在说些什么.pretty 在这里完全等于 very 的意思, 但是你在这里就不能用 very 来代替 pretty. 或是你可以把 pretty 改成 pretty much , 就成了 I can pretty much understand what you are talking about. 这种用法在日常生活中十分常见, 例如他们会说, We are pretty much the same, 就是我们非常相像的意思.9. I#39;ll figure it out later.我等下会把它想通.老美说想通一个问题或是解决一个问题很喜欢用 figure out 这个片语. 例如你要问人家一个问题, 你就可以说, How do you figure this out? (你是怎么想出来的呀?) 或是 work it out 也很常用, 也是解决问题的意思. 例如你跟你的同学一起作功课, 你就可以说, OK, Let#39;s work it out together.10. There you go!你说的对.美国人讲话时很喜欢用 There you go! 或是 Here we go 来表示你说的没错, 我赞同你的讲法. 例如二个人在对话, A: It#39;s so beautiful, I definitely will come back again. B: There you go! 所以这个 There you go 就表示我赞成你说的话, 你说的没错的意思. /201202/172801A: This is the operator, how may I help you? 我是话务员,有什么需要帮助的吗?B: Yes, I would like to make a collect call. 是的,我想打个对方付费的电话。A: Ok sir, please dial the number. Now please state your name. 好的,先生,请拨号码。现在告诉我你的名字。B: Tommy. 汤米。A: Please wait a moment. Hello, you have a collect call from Tommy. Would you like to accept the charges? 请先等等。您好,您有一个来自汤米的对方付费的电话。你愿意付话费吗?C: Yes of course. 是的,当然。A: Dad? 爸爸?C: Yeah, Tommy, what happened, are you ok? 是的,汤米,发生什么事了,你还好吗?A: Yeah, dad, everything is ok. I'm calling you because I want to know if it's ok for me to go to my friend's house today after school. 爸爸,是的,我一切都好。我打电话给你是因为我想问问你今天放学后能不能到我区朋友家去玩。C: Yeah sure, no problem. You scared me to death! I've told you to make a collect call in case of an emergency only! Why didn't you call me from your mobile phone? 是的,当然,没有问题。你吓死我了!我只是让你在遇到紧急情况的时候给我打电话!B: I ran out of credit and I also didn't have twenty five cents for the pay phone. Sorry dad. 我的信用卡里没钱了,也没有25美分付公用电话。爸爸,对不起。pay phone n. [通信] 投币式公用电话a collect call 一个对方付费的电话 /201111/159755今天我们要学的每日一句的内容是:The former B manager, Ella Slack, has been unknown to anyone except a handful of key advisers, spent thelast quarter of a century acting as the Queen’s official stand-in at rehearsals for royal events.艾拉斯莱克曾经是英国广播公司的一个主管,除了女王身边的几个资深顾问外,没有人知道她的存在。过去的四分之一个世纪里,她一直是女王皇室活动排的御用替身。【Vocabulary】1. former: 之前的Example: The former Precident was the youngest Precident ever in American history. 前任总统是美国历史上年龄最小的总统。2. unknown:不知道的Example:We have been looking for him for three days, but his location still remains unknown.我们已经找了他三天了,但是还是不知道他在哪里。3. handful of:少数Example:We invited twenty people, but only a handful of them came.我们邀请了20 个人,但只来了寥寥数人。4. adviser:顾问,建议者Example:Young people should ask for opinions from more experienced advisers.年轻人需要听一听更有经验的顾问们的建议。5. quarter:四分之一Example: This company reached sales momentum in the first quarter of 2009. 这家公司在2009年第一季度达到了销售顶峰。6. stand-in:替身Example:He said he would stand in for me any time.他说他随时都愿意来代替我。7. rehearsal:排TExample:he symphony is in rehearsal now.这交响乐正在排练中。 /201206/185238

本期话题Topic:What is your sports memory?运动对你意味真什么?Hello. My name is Gareth and I#39;m from England and my question is what can sports teach people about life? Well, I think sports can teach us a number of things and I think there are many skills that we can learn from sports and we can apply in our own lives. Firstly, I think that sports teach us we need to work hard, that we need to consistently and constantly work hard in order to improve ourselves and to develop. I also think that sports can teach us about teamwork and how collaboration is really, really important in our real lives, how we need to oftentimes compromise, negotiate and trust in other people and I think through this we often achieve better results than we would have had we done it alone, had we been by ourselves. By doing so, I think listening to the judgements of our friends and family and co-workers often improve our judgements and this kind of brings me to my third point about sports and how they help our lives. I think when you are doing a sport, you often need to react in the moment. You need to react very quickly and you need to take in input from your surroundings, so what#39;s happening around you. For example, if you#39;re swimming and the person on your right is gaining on you or is speeding up, you often need to speed up yourself so it kind of pushes you to change what you#39;re doing and I think that that#39;s a very useful skill in your own life of being able to react in the moment to things that are happening around you and I think sports can help us to do that. /201312/268059

大家好!今天我们再来看一看怎么用美语聊“约时间”Set Up A Time 约时间Hey!How is it going?Are you back from your trip to China?嘿,最近怎么样啊?你从中国回来了么?Yes I am!I would love to set up a time to grab dinner with you sometime.I want to tell you all about it.回来了,我想和你约时间一起吃个饭,我想给你好好讲讲。put it on my calendar 写在日历里pencil me in 我预约 /201503/3632581.girl对女的朋友的一个称呼2.babe男朋友对女朋友的称呼, 也是女孩对女的朋友, 女朋友对男朋友的称呼3.sister/sis,,除了家人之外,也可以对女的朋友说4.Hey woman!/Hey lady!女孩子对她们很熟的女朋友的一个称呼 ;Auld Lang Syne; (《友谊天长地久》) is a comfortable song recommended to you. What do you think offriendship, especially to girls? Do you have this kind of friend who you can call babe? /201111/161516

大家好!今天我们再来看一看怎么用美语聊;下雪;Blanketed In Snow 被雪覆盖Look outside!We got a ton of snow last night.It is so beautiful!the entire city is covered in snow.看外面,昨天晚上下了好大的雪啊,真漂亮,整个城市都被雪覆盖了。snow drift 被风吹起来的雪堆play in the snow 玩儿雪slush 烂泥 /201412/350781play hooky 翘课Teacher: Baijie! ..... Baijie... Where#39;s Baijie?老师:白洁...白洁...白洁呢?Student: ....she#39;s probably sick.学生:...她可能生病了吧。Teacher: No, she looked fine yesterday. She must be playing hooky again! I#39;m going to call her mother!!老师:不可能,她昨天还好好的。她一定又翘课了!我要打电话给她妈妈!!ditch class 逃课Student: Baijie are you ditching class again学生:白洁,你是不是又逃课啦??Baijie: Yes! I didn#39;t finish my project so I#39;m playing hooky. My mom let me stay home.白洁:嗯!我没做完项目,所以逃学了。我妈妈让我待在家里。hit the ceiling 很火大,发脾气Student: You better come in! Mrs Smith almost hit the ceiling when she noticed you weren#39;t in class!!学生:你赶紧来吧!Smith老师发现你不在班上,她很火大哎。Baijie: Oh really? Whatever, I#39;m not worried. She can#39;t punish me for being sick!白洁:真的啊?哎随便啦,我才不担心呢,她总不能因为我生病惩罚我。OMG美语粉丝们觉得白洁在学生时代是Straight A Student呢,还是经常ditch class呢?大家在ditch class时会用什么excuse呢? /201306/242838

今天我们要学的每日一句的内容是:Hundreds of people cashed in after an ATM machine began paying out double and a bank said they can keep the unexpected windfall.英国某地一台ATM机发生故障,在顾客取款时会吐出双倍数额的现金,有数百名顾客趁机取款,但表示大家可以留下这份“飞来横财”。【Vocabulary】1. windfall:侥幸所得,意外收获Example: He applied the windfall to payment of his mortgage.他把那笔意外收入用来偿付抵押。 /201205/183547

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