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HK Express, Cathay Pacific, Dragonair and Hong Kong Airlines prohibited Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones to be carried on board the flights on Saturday, Oct. 15.10月15日星期六,香港快运、国泰航空、港龙航空、以及香港航空宣布禁止三星Note 7手机登机。This follows an emergency order by the ed States’ Department of Transportation banning all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets from air transportation over or in the U.S. and Canadian airspace.在此之前,美国运输部已经下达了紧急命令,禁止所有三星Note 7手机登上飞越美国和加拿大领空的飞机。The possibility of the phones overheating has caused the airlines to move swiftly, initially suggesting passengers set their phones off and do not connect to a power source, and now introducing the total ban.三星Note 7手机过热的可能性导致了多家航空公司迅速采取行动,最初它们建议乘客们保持手机关机、并且不要给Note 7充电,而现在则对Note 7手机下达了全面禁令。HK Express stated, ;The safety of our guests and crew is our top priority. All Samsung Note 7 mobile devices are prohibited on all HK Express flights effective immediately. Guests may not carry on or check-in these devices.;据香港快运表示:“乘客和机组人员安全是我们的最优先事项。所有三星Note 7手机都禁止登上香港快运的航班,此禁令立即生效。乘客们不能携带Note 7,也不能带其过安检。”Earlier this week, Samsung announced to recall 190,984 Note 7 smartphones in the Chinese mainland market.本周早些时候,三星宣布在中国大陆召回190984台三星Note 7手机。There has only been one known incident of defective phone overheating on-board an aircraft, but with nearly 100 phones combusting and potentially causing injuries, Samsung has globally recalled the products and ended any more production of the phones.尽管因为Note 7手机缺陷而在飞机上过热起火的事件只有一例,但是Note 7起火燃烧和可能造成伤害的事故已经发生了近100起,三星已经对该手机进行了全球召回,并且停止了Note 7的生产。 /201610/471785It depends allot on what city you are going to be living in. If you choose one of the big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Hong Kong, then you will find many western people living there and many locals who speak at least a little English.这某种程度上要看你生活在哪个城市了。如果你选择像北京、上海、广州、香港这种大城市,你会找到很多也生活在那里的西方人,许多本地人多少也能讲一点英语。Living in a smaller city will be different but not difficult. Although few if any people you meet will speak English, they will almost all try to help you do what you want to do. Most day to day tasks are quite simple - buying food in a supermarket, taking a taxi or going to a restaurant. You don#39;t really need to be able to do much more than point to a card and look on the cash register for the amount to pay.生活在小一点的城市会有不同,但也不难。尽管你遇到的人很少能有讲英语的,但他们也会尽全力帮助你。你最常做的事很简单----超市购物、打车、去饭馆。除了点餐和付款这两门技能,其他的都太不需要。Some things will require assistance. Probably through your work or place or study, you will meet Chinese people who speak English and they will offer to assist you with shopping and such. There may even be someone officially assigned to you are in a large organisation such as a University. They will help you with things like negotiating with landlords, paying your electricity bill, arranging internet, telephone and other services or purchasing items.有些事还是需要帮助的。可能在你工作、学习和呆的地方,会有些能说英语的中国人协助你买东西这些事。至于处在机构,机构官方会协助你去解决,比如和房东协商,交电费,装宽带、电话及其他设备,或者采购之类。After six years in China, I still speak just the basics of the language but have few problems. One notable issue when I first came was paying for services like water and electricity. I didn#39;t know that the electricity bills were bits of paper stuck on the wall outside the building door. Several times I spent a night or two in the dark after the power was cut off. Once I learned to the name of the landlord on the bill, I could take the paper and pay it myself but I was surprised by the amount. Turns out there was another household with the same name as my landlord in the same building and that I was paying some other persons electricity bill by mistake.来中国6个月了,我只能讲点基础的中文,但基本没什么问题。我刚来的时候,最大的麻烦是交水电费。我都不知道电费单贴在公寓大门口的墙上,好几次因为断电了我一两个晚上都是摸瞎。有一次我终于知道了看房东贴的电费单的名字,拿起来付款,被数字吓了一跳。后来我才知道因为失误,居然帮一个跟我同公寓同名的人付了电费。However, none of these misshapes were of great issue. Living in a foreign country, even if you don#39;t speak the language, is fun and a great experience to add to your life.然而,这些小曲折都不算啥事。在外国生活,即使你不会讲外语,也很有趣,是你一生中很棒的经历。 /201702/493118China will help 100m migrants settle in cities to expand urbanization, the country#39;s cabinet announced last Tuesday.国务院上周二宣布,为推进城镇化进程,我国将帮助1亿外来人口在城市落户。The government plans to annually help over 13 million migrants seek urban hukou (household registration) that will qualify them for social benefits such as health care, over the next five years.未来5年,政府计划每年帮助1300万以上的外来人口获得城镇户口,拥有城镇户口的外来人口将有资格享受医疗等社会福利。The plans are part of an attempt to lift the percentage of people living in cities and having the relevant hukou to 45 percent by 2020, according to a statement released by the State Council.根据国务院发布的一份声明,上述方案是力图到2022年将户籍人口城镇化率提高至45%的举措之一。The percentage of people living in cities and having the local hukou, stood at 39.9 percent at the end of 2015.生活在城市并有当地户口的人的比例,在2015年底的达到了39.9%。The percentage of the entire population living in cities was 56.1 percent, as many migrants live in cities without the relevant local hukou.而城市居住人口达到了56.1%,这是由于许多没有当地户口的外来人口居住在城市中。China plans to relax household registration requirements, in most cities, for students from rural areas and migrant workers who have lived in a city for a long time, while megalopolises, such as Beijing, will implement specific policies to control rapid population growth.我国计划在多数城市放宽农村学生及长期在城市居住的农民工的落户条件,而北京等超大城市将实施具体政策控制过快增长的人口。Additional fiscal, financial and land use policies will be rolled out to ensure migrant residents with local hukou enjoy equal social benefits such as health care and education, the statement added.该声明还称,我国将出台更多的财政、金融、土地利用政策,确保拥有本地户口的外来居民享受平等的医疗、教育等社会福利。 /201610/471762

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