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广州白云看妇科到哪里最好揭阳检查排卵最好的医院天河妇科检查的费用 Scottish engineering苏格兰的工程From ships to satellites从轮船到卫星的发展How high-end engineering escaped industrial meltdown高端工程如何在崩溃的产业中逃过一劫Box me up Scotty把我组装成箱,苏格兰人SCOTLAND may not have broken off from Britain last year, but at least it got into space. Overshadowed by the ballyhoo over the referendum, the first satellite built in Scotland, UKube-1 (pictured below), was launched. The same dimensions as a boxed bottle of whisky, it was assembled on the banks of the river Clyde in central Glasgow by the countrys first satellite manufacturer, Clyde Space. It is but one example of Scotlands surprisingly healthy engineering industry.苏格兰去年未脱离英国,但至少进了太空。它大肆宣扬全民公决独立与否一事,声势之大,盖过其制造的第一颗卫星UKuble一号发射太空。该卫星大小与威士忌装盒相同,由英国首位卫星制造商克莱德航天公司在格拉斯哥中部的克莱德河河岸上组装而成,是苏格兰唯一健康发展的工程。The clean room where Clyde Space makes its satellites affords an excellent view of Govan, once a centre of world shipbuilding and now a reminder of how quickly huge industries can collapse. Rather than trying to build everything, therefore, as the Clyde shipyards used to, Craig Clark, the founder of Clyde Space, is trying to master one small, but growing, niche of his industry. He builds only the smallest satellites, often costing as little as ,000 (33,000) each, and also makes parts for bigger ones. The company was the first such to sell its products online. Mr Clarks firm, which employs 45 people, turned over 3m this year, and expects to double that next year.克莱德航天公司制造卫星的地方宽敞明亮,可以欣赏到高湾的美景。高湾曾是世界轮船制造中心,而如今只是庞大工业迅速崩溃的受害者。因此,克莱德航天公司创始人克雷格·克拉克努力掌握航天业中不断发展的小众业务。他仅制造微小型卫星,每颗的花费通常只有5万美元(3.3万英镑),同时还制作稍大卫星的零部件。该公司是同行中首个在网上销售产品的公司。克拉克的公司共有45名职工人员,今年的营业额为300万英镑,预计明年营业额翻一番。A few big engineering firms remain in Scotland, such as Babcock Marine and Thales, both of which supply defence equipment. But most of the countrys 7,500 engineering companies belong to a long, thin tail. Often family-owned and generations old, the best of them combine technological savvy with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Often, they are niche manufacturers to the world.苏格兰仍有柏布考克海事集团(Babcock Marine)、泰利斯(Thales)等一些大型工程企业,这两家企业皆销售国防设备。然而,在英的7500家工程企业中,大部分都不成气候。而其中的精英往往是世代相传的家族企业,它们将技术方面的悟性与强烈的企业精神进行结合,往往是世界上精准定位的制造商。One such is Castle Precision Engineering, in south-west Glasgow. It started out in 1951 making machines for the giant local Singer sewing-machine factory, then moved into car parts, medical equipment and aerospace—now its biggest market. On March 9th it created the fastest wheels ever made, for the “Bloodhound” car that will try to set a new land speed record next year. The wheels are strong enough to take a driver to 1,000mph in 55 seconds, rotating 177 times a second.格拉斯哥西南部的城堡精密工程公司即为其一。该公司始创于1951年,为当地胜家牌大型缝纫机厂生产设备,之后转向汽车零部件、医疗设备以及现在最大的市场——航空航天产品的生产。3月9日,该公司为“寻血猎犬”汽车制造出史上最快车轮,该车明年将倾力创造陆地行驶速度的新纪录。车轮功能强大,汽车完全可以在55秒内达到1000英里的时速,且车轮每秒旋转177次。In one respect, these firms are exceptions to the British rule. In a kingdom with a balance-of-trade deficit in goods amounting to fully 10 billion a month, they are fierce exporters. Castle sends about one-third of its wares abroad. Another niche firm, Clark Tracks, which makes caterpillar tracks for forestry vehicles, sells 90% of its products to Europe. Overall, engineering and technology companies account for over one-quarter of Scotlands exports.一方面,这些企业不符合英国的规则。英国的商品贸易逆差每月高达100亿英镑,而这些企业的出口量极大。城堡公司三分之一的商品出口国外,另一家小型公司Clark Tracks(克拉克履带公司)生产林用车履带,其中90%的产品销往欧洲。总体而言,工程技术公司占有苏格兰出口量的四分之一。But in another way they illustrate a familiar weakness in British industry. The countrys firms tend to remain small or medium-sized—smaller than the German Mittelstand of export-orientated businesses. Even before the financial crisis Scotlands small engineering companies found it hard to raise money locally to expand. Some looked overseas instead. Clark Tracks was bought in 2007 by a Swedish company. The defence giant Thales acquired the illustrious old Glaswegian firm of Barr and Stroud in 2000. Its factory, now employing about 700 people, still specialises in submarine periscopes and optronics for the military.但另一方面,这些企业自身具有英国工业的普遍缺陷。英国企业往往保持中小型规模,但小于德国中小型出口企业。金融危机爆发之前,苏格兰的小型工程企业发现难以在当地筹集用于扩大规模的资金。有些企业将目光转向海外。2000年,国防设备生产大户泰利斯买下格拉斯哥著名老牌公司斯特劳德,其工厂现有700名工人,继续从事军用潜艇潜望镜和光电产品的专项生产。2007年,瑞典一家企业收购Clark Tracks。Now change is coming to Scottish engineering, via the North Sea. The oil and gas industry is both a blessing and a curse for engineers. It is a big market for their products, but it also competes fiercely for labour. Glasgow-based companies complain about the shortage of skilled workers even more than do firms elsewhere in Britain. Yan Tiefenbrun, the boss of Castle, got involved in the Bloodhound project to create publicity, hoping talent would be drawn to his apprenticeship scheme. The current woes of Aberdeens offshore industry, facing tumbling oil prices and squeezed margins, could be a boon for the countrys other engineers.但是,苏格兰工程即将借助北海迎来转机。油气工业对工程商来说是福亦是祸。这一巨大市场可用来销售其产品,但对于劳动力的竞争也很激烈。在格拉斯哥,投诉技术工人无法胜任工作的企业数量居全国之首。城堡公司老板Yan Tiefenbrun为了提高企业知名度,参与了“寻血猎犬”工程,同时希望为其学徒计划招揽人才。亚伯丁海上石油开采业当前面临油价下跌、收益缩水,它们的祸可能是英国其他工程商的福。翻译:石海霞 校对:周雨晴 译文属译生译世 /201503/366029佛山看不孕哪家医院最好

广州做输卵管检查哪家医院好东莞那间医院做试管最好 Dont care about your kids,huh?,I got two,Alright.你是不怎么关心你家的孩子吧 我有俩呢 好吧iPhone users,this is in the news, iphone users are reporting that新闻报道 iPhone用户报道称Siri will correct them if they try to say Bruce Jenner instead of Caitlyn如果他们说布鲁斯·詹纳 会被Siri纠正为凯特琳In an alleged story,Siri is now asking to be adressed as Steve.相关新闻 Siri要求别人称他为史蒂夫Time,once again, ladies and gentlemen,for something that America cant get enough of.女生们先生们 又一次到了美国欲罢不能的节目的时刻了Something we call, shut up.something we call fan correction.我们称之为 闭嘴 我们称之为 粉丝纠错This is a segment where viewers try to find mistakes on our show.这一节中 观众们将试图找我们节目的错误Real viewers try to find real mistakes.现实中的观众 真来挑错We are the only show that Dares our viewrs to find an error.Ok?只有我们节目敢让观众们来挑错 好吗That has the courage to do it.只有我们有这个勇气So far hundreds of challengers over the last several years, not one winner.几年来已有几百人挑战 但无一人成功Not one. No ones found a mistake.无一人 没人挑到过错误Tonight a fan named Braxton Anderson thinks he caught a mistake.今晚一名叫布鲁克斯顿·安德森的粉丝 自认为发现了错误He said it happened during one of our shows at Comic-Con last week.他说是发生在我们上周漫展节目的一期上Hey Conan, Last weeks episode you had a segment where you dressed a killer whale as Yoda from Star Wars. 嘿 柯南 上周的一集中有一节 你把一只虎鲸扮成了《星战》的尤达大师Pretty cool costume for Comic-Con. who are you? who are you supposed to be? 好酷的漫展装啊 你是谁 你扮演的应该是谁You gave him all-red life savers.Everyone knows volda carries a green lifesaver.你给了他一根红色电光剑 人人都知道 尤达大师的电光剑是绿的This is why I rcommend you go home,isolate yourself from friends and family所以我建议你回家 跟家人和朋友隔离开来and , watch, the trilogies and may the force be with you.好好把三部曲重新看一遍 愿原力与你同在201606/451675广州白云怀孕四个多月做引产多少钱

广州天河长安人流怎么样好不好Housing住房Nimble opposition灵活的反对A new study confirms suspicions about what drives planning decisions一项新的研究实了对规划决定的推动力的质疑ON A road called Glyders, in Benfleet, east of London, it looks as though every house is on the market. But the crucial words “for sale” are missing from the estate agentssigns, and have been replaced with “RE:Residents Against Glyders Expansion”. The locals are protesting against plans to build 35 new homes on farmland at the end of their road. “Look how narrow this road is,” says Susan Baillie, whose husband, Robert, runs the campaign. “It will never cope with the additional traffic.” The Baillies organised the signs, which are sponsored by the estate agent. The irony seems lost on the residents.在Glyders,这个位于伦敦东部本弗利特的一条大街上,每一间房屋似乎都在等待它的买主。但是房屋中介的招牌上却偏偏缺少重要字眼“待售”,取而代之的是“暴怒:当地居民拒绝Glyders的扩大。”当地人抗议在这条街道末端的农田上建造35栋新屋的计划。“请看看这条街有多窄,”苏珊贝利如是说,而她的丈夫罗伯特正是这次抗议行动发起人。“它负担不起额外的交通了。”贝利想到利用招牌,这一举措得到了房屋中介的大力持。讽刺的是此举会导致住户的流失。Local opposition to new housing developments is common across Britain. It has long been argued that such opposition—NIMBYism to its critics—is linked to home ownership. Homeowners, unlike distant landlords, vote in local elections and receive planning consultations in their postboxes. They lose out from development in multiple ways. Loss of green space reduces their quality of life and increased supply of housing suppresses prices. Landlords managing diversified portfolios are less exposed to the value of one property. The idea that planning decisions are driven by the desire of homeowners to maximise house prices is known as the “home-voter hypothesis”.当地反对新的房屋开发政策在英国是很常见的。一直以来都认为这种反对—批评家称之为邻避主义—都与房屋所有权息息相关。与过去的地主不同,房主参与当地选举和规划咨询。在开发过程中他们在多方面有所亏损。绿地的损耗降低了他们的生活质量,而且增加的房屋供应压制了房屋价格。管理多样投资的房东对于一栋房屋的价格会有所疏忽。房主们意欲提高房屋价格从而驱使决策产生,这种想法被称之为“房屋投票假说”。On October 24th the Institute for Government, a think-tank, released a study supporting this theory with data. It looked at English local planning authorities (LAs) between 2001 and 2011 and found that for every additional ten percentage points in the proportion of homes that are owner-occupied, 1.2 percentage points were knocked off growth in the housing stock. Average growth was 8.8%, so the effect was marked. The authors are cautious about making a causal claim, but the correlation was observed after controlling for the number of planning applications and the amount of available land. A rough calculation suggests that, without the NIMBY effect, one million more homes would have been built during the period.在10月24日,智库政府研究所(IFG)公布了一项佐以数据撑此次理论的研究。通过2001到2011年对英国地方规划局的观察发现,屋主自用的房屋占所有房屋比例中每增加10个百分点,住房存量的增长就会下跌1.2个百分点。平均增长是8.8%,所以此种现象的影响是显而易见的。至于是否可以得出两者存在因果关系的结论,作者持保留态度。但是在控制了规划申请和可用土地的数量后,相关效果还是很容易看到的。若不考虑邻避效应,一项粗略计算表明,在2001至2011年间大约有逾一百万栋房屋建成。That would have helped alleviate an acute shortage of British housing. In 2004, a government report by Kate Barker, an economist, found that 240,000 new homes were needed every year. Only 138,000 homes were built in 2013. Due to the shortfall, houses are eye-wateringly expensive and, since 1952, home ownership has become a more distant prospect for almost every new generation (see chart).这将有助于缓和英国紧张的住房短缺问题。在2004年,经济学家凯特巴克做出了一份政府报告,发现每年所需住房数为24万。而仅有13.8万栋房屋在2013年建成。由于房屋稀缺,房屋的价格也是极其昂贵的,自1952年以来,房屋所有权已经变成了每个新一代人更加遥远的追求。In a book released in September, Ms Barker argues that Englands planning system is fragmented and slow. LAs are required to have a medium-term plan which meets targets for development agreed with central government. But both the overall plan and individual developments can be held up. LAs find it difficult to work together on proposals which cross boundaries, and vacillate on whether to build on brownfield land, which has old buildings on it, or greenfield sites, which developers prefer. The green belt around many towns constrains development. And locals see few of the fiscal benefits from new homes, so there is little incentive for them to build.在9月份发表的书中,巴克表示,英国的规划系统如今零散又低效。各个当地规划局(LAs)都要求一个能符合中央政府批准的发展目标的中期计划。但总体规划和个体发展都会被阻断。LAs发现那些跨界的提案很难兼并施行,所以踌躇着是要在棕色地带推到旧宅筑新房还是在那些开发商钟爱的市郊绿区盖房子。许多城镇城市绿化带的存在约束着发展。当地人也在新房屋建设中看不到些许财政利益,因此,他们根本没有建造房屋的动力。Thankfully, public attitudes are shifting. Rising house prices used to be celebrated as a sign of economic strength; now, most see expensive homes as bad for Britain. Politicians are responding: both big parties have promised more building.庆幸的是,公众的态度正在转变。房屋价格看涨在过去被看作是经济实力的一种标志。而如今,大部分人认为房价高对英国是不利的。政治家们如是回答:两大政党已承诺会有更多的住房建筑。This shift is not on display in Benfleet, which is part of a local authority—Castle Point—with the joint highest rate of home ownership in the country. Admiring the view from one residents garden, it is hard not to sympathise with the local campaign. But every home was a newbuild once, and the costs of the housing shortage are not visible from an Essex garden.此种转变并未出现在本弗利特, 它是卡斯尔波恩特 (英国国会选区)的一部分,而且在乡下有着房屋所有权的高联合率。从一居民的花园外眺风景,你会感觉很难不同情当地抗议运动。但若是这里的每一处房屋都是一次建成,那么从埃克斯花园向外环望,很难看出住房短缺的损失。译者:张娣 校对:朱大素译文属译生译世 /201411/340836 Air safety飞行安全Pressing on高压A spate of accidents will not put Asians off air travel事故连绵不绝,但不会阻止亚洲人乘坐飞机ON DECEMBER 30th Indonesian officials said they had discovered debris and bodies from AirAsia flight QZ8501, which had vanished two days previously, floating in shallow seas near the south-west coast of Borneo. The airliner lost contact with air-traffic controllers while passing through rough weather on a short journey between the Indonesian city of Surabaya and Changi airport in Singapore. The plane was carrying 162 people, most of them Indonesians. As The Economist went to press, no survivors had been found.印尼官员12月30日表示,已经发现在婆罗洲西南海岸周边的浅海中,漂浮着两天前消失的亚航QZ8501航班的残骸与尸体。这趟短途航班原定从印尼泗水飞往新加坡樟宜机场,在穿越气象条件恶劣的空域时与航空管制失去了联系。机上载有162人,多数为印尼人。截至本期《经济学人》付梓前,没有找到任何幸存者。The crash, most probably an accident, comes at the end of a particularly tragic year in South-East Asias aviation history. Search parties have not yet found the remains of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which plunged into the Indian Ocean nine months ago killing all 239 people on board. In September pro-Russian rebels shot down another Malaysia Airlines plane, MH17, over Ukraine, killing another 298.这场空难的原因最有可能是事故。这一年是东南亚航空史上悲剧之年,以空难结尾。9个月前,马航MH370栽入印度洋,机上239人死亡。搜索小组至今仍没找到其残骸。9月另一家马航客机MH17在乌克兰上空被亲俄叛军打下,又有298人死亡。These earlier calamities nibbled at South-East Asias popularity among tourists, especially among sightseers from China. But they have done little to dampen booming demand for air travel among South-East Asians themselves. The region is one of the worlds fastest-growing aviation markets. Its 50-odd carriers are awaiting delivery of 1,600 new planes, about the same number as are in their fleets today. Boeing, an American planemaker, thinks regional airlines will need to order more than 3,000 new aircraft over the next 20 years.东南亚在游客中的口碑为这些天灾人祸一点点侵蚀,尤其是中国的游客很受影响。但这些灾祸并没有抑制住东南亚地区间快速增长的航空需求。东南亚地区是全世界增长最快的航空市场。这里有五十多家航空公司,他们已订购的新客机有1600架,等待交付使用。这一数字与现有客机数量持平。美国飞机制造商波音认为,未来20年东南亚本地航线需要购置超过3000架新飞机。This growth partly reflects the rapid rise of South-East Asias middle classes, who are eager to shell out for more convenient ways to navigate the continents archipelagoes. It has been nudged along by the regions governments, who have promised to liberalise aviation as part of plans for greater economic co-operation.航空市场增长部分反映出东南亚中产阶级的快速兴起,该地群岛斑驳,他们很愿意为更舒适的交通方式埋单。东南亚各国政府也提供了助力,他们保实行航空自由化以推进彼此更深入的经济合作。Yet it also reflects growing confidence in airline safety, despite recent disasters. In much of the region rutted roads and fickle seas are a far bigger worry. A recent study of 160 ferry accidents since 2000, costing nearly 17,000 lives, showed that Indonesia and the Philippines were among the most lethal places to board a boat (only Bangladeshi vessels were more deadly). Images of grieving families in Singapore and Surabaya have horrified Indonesians, and the world. But journeys are still safer in the skies.尽管最近发生了些许天灾人祸,但航空市场发展也反映出对飞行安全不断增长的自信。在东南亚大多数地方,坑洼的道路与变幻的海域远比飞行安全更让人忧虑。近些年有人做过研究,2000年后共发生过160起渡轮事故,其中17000人丧生,而其中印尼与菲律宾的渡轮是最危险的(只有孟加拉国的轮船更容易沉)。新加坡与泗水那些悲伤的空难家属让印尼国民以及整个世界为之战栗。但相比之下空中旅行仍然是更安全的。译者:周鼎烨 校对:李童译文属译生译世 /201504/371577番禺输卵管通水多少钱广州清宫手术去那好



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