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Eating mooncakes is a not-to-miss part of Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Sept 7 thisyear. But people are quite tired of eating traditional mooncakes. Instead, people are trying innovative mooncakes with special flavors.吃月饼是中秋节不可错过的部分,今天的中秋节是9月7日但是人们对传统月饼早已感到厌倦如今,人们正在尝试口味独特的创新月饼Let have a look at the weirdest mooncakes.让我们盘点一下十大最不可思议的月饼吧Chocolate mooncake with spicy beef filling巧克力辣牛肉月饼Ten years ago, a girl said to a boy, ;It impossible us to be together, like chocolate will never be with beef.; Today, it seems that everything is possible.十年前,一个女孩对一个男孩说,“我们不可能在一起,就好像巧克力永远不会和牛肉在一起一样”如今,万事皆有可能Sour and spicy mooncake酸辣月饼The sourness of the mooncake filling is from pickled vegetables and hawthorns. The spiciness is made from a chilli sauce resembling to the famous brand Lao Gan Ma.月饼馅的酸味源于腌制的蔬菜和山楂辣味源自和著名品牌老干妈类似的一种辣椒酱Fermented bean curd mooncake腐乳月饼This is a variant of a kind of pastry made with fermented bean curd popular in Chaoshan,Guangdong province. The pastry is usually used as a sacrificial offering by local people onthe first day and the middle day of each month.在广东超市里,这款腐乳制造的油酥点心十分流行这种糕点通常在每月第一天和月中被用来做祭品Mooncake with fillings of cream, truffle and goose liver奶酥松露鹅肝月饼The ;Louis Vuttion; of mooncakes is made with expensive ingredients of truffle and gooseliver. This luxurious mooncake definitely deserves a bite.月饼中的“路易威斯“是由昂贵的原料——松露和鹅肝制成的这款奢华的月饼绝对值得一试Mooncake with leek egg filling韭菜鸡蛋月饼Scrambled egg is a popular filling Chinese Jiaozi (dumpling). But the first time,scrambled egg is being used the traditional Mid-Autumn day dessert.碎鸡蛋是中国常见的饺子馅但是碎鸡蛋第一次被用来制造传统中秋糕点;Shiren; mooncake“十仁”月饼;Shiren; mooncakes have kinds of nuts, doubling the traditional ;Wuren; mooncake with 5kinds of nuts. It four to six times larger than traditional mooncakes, and implies best wishesof ;perfect in every respect“十仁”月饼由十种坚果制成,比传统的“五仁”月饼种类多一倍它是传统月饼的四到六倍,这寓意着“生活方方面面都完美”Mooncake stuffed with braised pork and preserved vegetable in soya sauce梅菜扣肉月饼Braised pork with preserved vegetable in soya sauce, or ;meicai kourou; is a famous Chinesedish. The one made this special filling mooncake must be a super fan of this dish.梅菜扣肉是中国名菜用它来做月饼馅的人一定大爱这款菜Bamboo charcoal mooncake竹炭月饼This mooncake is made by putting bamboo charcoal powder into the mooncake when baking.It said to have the function of absorbing toxins inside our bodies.这款月饼是在烘焙月饼时加入竹炭粉制成的据说,它可以吸附体内的毒素Instant noodle mooncake方便面月饼Putting instant noodles into the traditional mooncake will surely give you a special experience.The mooncakes are also marked with Chinese characters, ;Diao Si;, which means;underprivileged losers; in a self-mocking way.把方便面放入传统的月饼中一定会给你带来独特的体验月饼上还刻有“屌丝”二字,这是社会地位较低的人用来自嘲的方法Mooncakes with bean-taste filling fried with tomatoes豆沙月饼炒西红柿The canteen of Civil Aviation University of China had put ward a dish which fried mooncakepieces stuffed with sweet bean taste and tomatoes bee decorating them with caraway. Thedish became a hit on the Internet and is called the weirdest mooncakes.中国民航大学食堂推出一款新菜:豆沙月饼炒西红柿,出国前还撒上香菜装饰这款菜在网上引起轩然,被誉为最奇葩的月饼 0。

  • Can you recommend a hotel which is not too expensive?你能推荐一家较为廉价的旅馆吗?A:Can you recommend a hotel which is not too expensive?你能推荐一家较为廉价的旅馆吗?B:Well, there is Youth Hotel which costs under dollars a night. Is that OK?有一家青年旅馆,一晚上不到美元,您觉得如何?A:OK! Thank you!好的,谢谢!Id like to stay at a hotel near the beach.我想要住在一间靠近海滩的旅馆A:May I help you?需要什么帮助吗?B:Yes, Id like to stay at a hotel near the beach. Would you recommend one?是的,我想要住在一间靠在海滩的旅馆你能为我推荐一个吗?A:Well, there is a Moonlight Hotel with excellent service near the beach.嗯,有个月光宾馆,离海滩不远,而且务是一流的B:Thank you!谢谢!小提示:初次踏入异国旅游,人生地不熟,在旅游咨询处可问询关于住宿的信息,可以根据自己的要求具体询问比如还有以下相关的问法:Do you have a hotel list? 这儿有旅馆目录吗?Is there a hotel which costs under 50 dollars a night? 是否有每晚花费在50美元以下的旅馆?Could you recommend a hotel in the city center? 是否可推荐一家位于市中心的旅馆? 1896。
  • A: What about a medication to help me with my problem?B: There are several types of medications that we can try your high blood pressure.A: What types of medications would be best?B: water retention, I am going to start you on Hydrochlorothiazide, which is a diuretic.A: What are the side effects from taking that drug, B: You need to stay hydrated on this drug, but most people experience little side effects.A: Will that one medication take care of all of my problems?B: now I want you to take a second drug, Lisinopril, an ACE inhibitor.A: Am I going to experience any complications with that drug?B: The most you will experience will be a dry cough but you probably won’t experience anything negative. 6793。
  • Change a meeting变更约会A:Mr. Brown, I hope Im not disturbing you.布朗先生,希望我没有定打扰您B:No, not at all.不,没有A:I must make apologies. I wont be able to keep my appointment with you tomorrow morning. Uneseen circumstances compel me to leave New York tomorrow morning, and Ill be gone a week. Im afraid Ive brought you too much trouble.很抱歉明天上午我不能如约与您会谈有件意外事情我不得不明天上午去巴黎,恐怕得一周的时间恐怕我给您带来很多麻烦B:Never mind. It understandable. Do you want to cancel the appiontment?不要紧可以理解那您想取消这次会谈吗?A:No. I wonder if we could postpone the meeting to next Thursday.不,我想知道能否推迟到下周四B:But Ive got a very tight schedule next Thursday. I might not be able to make it.可是下周四我的日程安排得满满的很难再重新安排A:How about next Friday?那下周五怎么样?B:Oh, Friday is OK.哦,周五可以A:Will the afternoon suit you?那下午您方便吗?B:Yes, the afternoon will be just as good.是的,下午可以A:Then shall we make it at three oclock?那我们就定在下午3点钟吧B:Good. Three oclock at my office.好的3点钟在我的办公室见面A:OK, that settled.好的,就这么定了 196775。
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