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I#39;m on the wild Atlantic coast of the Sahara desert.我正在撒哈拉沙漠边缘的大西洋海岸边Battling through currents,fighting to board the wreck of a fishing trawler,和海浪殊死搏斗 试图登上拖捞船的残骸but the rip currents here are vicious and I#39;m at risk of being swept out to sea.但这里激流汹涌 我面临着被拖入深海的危险Going to have to ride the next wave.Ok, got that.得借助下一个海浪 好了 抓住了Stick on the metal bit,you want to watch out.All of it is rusty and sharp.站在有金属的地方 得很小心 它们都生了锈 还很尖利I#39;d like to think the sailors from this got away with their lives,but not everyone is so lucky.我认为海员们都从船上逃生了 但幸运女神不会每次都降临There were some American sailors in the 1800s that got ship wrecked on this coast.19世纪初 一艘载满美国海员的船只 在这里失事You can imagine how terrifying it must have been just to be ship wrecked,and storm washed up here.你能想象 船只在海中 风雨飘摇的场景 是多么可怕They survived it and made it to shore.They thought their problems were over but they were wrong.他们活了下来 直到船靠岸 以为灾难已经过去 但他们错了They were taken as slaves by local tribes men and almost all of them died under the weight of the slave labor in this, the Sahara desert.他们被当地土著俘虏 在繁重的劳役下 几乎所有人都丧生于 撒哈拉大沙漠But to a desert survivor,discovering a wreck like this can mean hope, possibility and opportunity.但对一个沙漠幸存者来说 发现这样的船只 则意味着希望 机会和生存I want to get down to get into the hull.See what#39;s down there.我要到船身里面去 一探究竟That#39;s good. Come on down.Something...Something just swam past me here.好了 下来吧 有东西 有东西刚从我身边游过去 Article/201611/479388

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201609/464441

They#39;d understand that history always fought on the side of Rome.罗马人自知自己占尽天时The trouble was, geography didn#39;t.却未料到他们毫无地利之便Not once but twice, Julius Caesar#39;s plans were sabotaged by that perennial secret weapon of the British, the weather.不止一次而是两次 凯撒大帝的入侵 被不列颠天然的秘密武器所阻 天气On the first go round in 55 ,a cavalry transport that had aly missed the high tide and got itself four days late,公元前55年的首次入侵中 一骑兵团 在错过满潮的四天后强行登陆finally got going only to run directly into a storm and be blown right back to Gaul.最终卷入狂风巨浪之中 被迫返回高卢A century later, Claudius,the club-foot stammerer,on the face of it, the most unlikely conqueror of all,was determined to get it right.百年之后 一个名为克劳蒂亚斯的口吃的跛子 乍看之下 最没有可能的征者 立志开始其征之旅If it was going to be done at all, Claudius reckoned,克劳蒂亚斯暗自忖度 此次征之旅it had to be done in such massive force that there was no chance of repeating the embarrassments of Julius.定要出动大规模罗马兵团 并绝不能重蹈凯撒的覆辙So Claudius#39;s invasion force was immense, some 40,000 troops.所以 克劳蒂亚斯集结起四万入侵大军The kind of army that could barely be conceived of,much less encountered in Iron Age Britain.数量之庞大超乎想象 是铁器时代的不列颠无法比拟的Claudius did succeed where Julius Caesar had failed,克劳蒂亚斯绝妙地运用胡萝卜加大棒策略through a brilliant strategy of carrot and stick.完成了凯撒大帝未完成的梦想Yes, he would seize the largely undefended oppidan or towns他大可用兵荡平不列颠不设防的城镇and strike at the heart of British aristocracy,its places of status, prestige and worship.痛击不列颠贵族的腹地 这片象征地位与威望 万人膜拜之地But for the chieftains sensible enough to reach for the olive branch rather than the battle javelin,Claudius had another plan.然而 对于这些部落酋长 强攻远不如智取 克劳蒂亚斯早已心生它计Give them, or rather their sons,a trip to Rome, a taste of the dolce vita,and just watch their resistance melt.让他们或更准确地说是他们的子嗣 尽享一次罗马纵欲之旅 必将让其乐不思蜀 /201606/451917

What happened...the tide will just wash all of these up,海浪把这些东西冲上了岸and then as it goes out,it leaves it all.There#39;s just masses of it.潮一退 这些东西就全留了下来 乱七八糟一大堆One man#39;s garbage can be another man#39;s salvation.别人的垃圾却可能是你的救命稻草All these driftwood and pieces of polystyrene are ideal raft-building materials.这些浮木和聚苯乙烯塑料 都是做筏子的理想材料Loads of these flips-flops around.And, actually, these burn really well.这些拖鞋也带上吧 它们燃烧起来效果不错And before I get into any of this,在开始整理其他废物前one of the most important things I can do is actually build a signal fire to go up on the cliffs,最重要的事情之一就是 爬上悬崖 准备好求救烽火you know, #39;cause if a ship does come past,those are precious seconds.因为如果有船只驶过的话 它们经过的时间是很短的I want to be able to light a fire and make myself seen as quickly as I can.所以我必须以最快的速度 点燃求救烟火 让过往船只注意到Getting your signal fire y to light at a moment#39;s notice is critical.做好准备 保求救烟火可随时点燃 这点至关重要A phrase I often use is please remember what#39;s first.我总是说;记着按优先次序来;This stands for protection, rescue, water and food.依次为保安全 求救 水和食物Now that I#39;m ashore safely, the next priority is to maximize the chance of rescue.既然我已安全上岸 下个当务之急 就是尽最大可能争取救援Any of these will do.You just need a good, straight branch to make a tripod for the signal fire.这些都行 只要是结实而且笔直的树枝都可以 来做个放置求救柴火的三脚架Okay. Let#39;s get this thing built.This is probably about the most visible point on the island up here.行了 开始搭吧 这上面大概就是岛上 视线最开阔的位置了I#39;ll try and make it here...a good view all the way out to sea.Okay.我在这儿点燃信号烟 从海上也能远远看见 好了 Article/201606/450547

This is the biggest underground river passage in the world,这是世界上最大的地下河通道so big a jumbo jet could fly through it.大到可以通过一架大型喷气式客机It#39;s Deer Cave in Borneo.它就是婆罗洲的鹿洞The sheer size of Deer Cave allows some animals to gather there in huge numbers.鹿洞的容量很大,使得大批动物到此聚集A staggering three million wrinkle-lipped bats live here.这里住着数量惊人的300万只犬吻蝠The bats roost high on the walls and ceilings,这些蝙蝠倒挂在洞壁和天顶上where they#39;re well protected from the outside elements and safe from predators.它们在此完全不受外界因素的干扰,还能躲开天敌。And while they#39;re up here, the bats produce something very important.它们高悬在洞穴上方时会产生一种非常重要的东西This 1 00-metre-high mound is made entirely of bat droppings, guano.这堆100多米高的东西全都是蝙蝠的排泄物,粪便。Its surface is covered by a thick carpet of cockroaches. Hundreds of thousands of them.地面上爬满了密密麻麻的。它们的数量无以为计。Caves are one of the few habitats on Earth not directly powered by sunlight.洞穴是地球上少数几种不直接依赖阳光的生态环境之一In the absence of plants, this food chain is based on a continuous supply of bat droppings.在缺少植物的情况下,这里的食物链完全依赖供应不断的蝙蝠粪便The cockroaches feed on the guano and anything that falls into it.的食物就是粪便以及任何掉进里面的东西。 Article/201707/516668

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