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无锡市花龟亚达伯拉象龟金头闭壳龟黑颈乌龟金钱龟大头乌龟价格怎么养东山县马来闭壳龟长身蛇颈龟东部箱龟棱背泥龟缅甸孔雀龟百色闭壳龟价格怎么养On top of that,the forest is cut in half by a fast snowmelt river in full torrent.在顶端 森林被一条奔流不止的雪融河一分为二If you want to maintain your bearing that#39;s a river you#39;ve got to get across.不想挑战你的耐力 这条河是必经之路Take your time on this.这里可得花点时间Make sure you#39;re certain really of the footing before you move.在迈出步子之前 得先确保那脚踩下去是安全的Follow this branch down, okay?顺着这个岔道走怎么样A lot of water piling over that waterfall.飞流直下三千尺的瀑布Pretty sheer drop-off. That is a problem.这可真是个麻烦And also, it#39;s just slick rock going down to that.只能摸着滑溜溜的石头过河I don#39;t want to end up in that white water.水流湍急 我可不想丢了小命It#39;s also gonna be freezing cold.We need to find another way to try and get across there.这水肯定冷得要命 我们得另想个法子过河Only last year, an experienced climber was crossing a fast mountain river like this in Georgia.就在去年 一位很有经验的登山者 在格鲁吉亚过一条类似的河流时He lost his footing and the power of the water pinned him down against a rock.脚底一滑 水流强大的力量将他卡在岩石间He didn#39;t make it.These rivers look crossable but they pack a punch.And you#39;ve always got to respect them.因而不幸丧命 这些河流看起来应该不难过 可难度也不小 决不能小看了它们Something hanging over there.Get over here!这边有东西 走这边When you#39;re in the wild,you get used to seeing only natural forms.在野外 你已经习惯浑然天成的自然景观So any man-made object will stand out like a sore thumb.因此任何人造的东西都会格外醒目Pretty old-looking pulley system and bucket.老式的皮带轮和篮子You know, mountain people often used this sort of thing to ferry supplies across.山里人常常利用这些 工具来运送给养See, these wires are in quite good nick.看 绳索完好无损Should be able to make some sort of zip wire across here.可以用来做高空滑索 穿过这里 Article/201704/505363亚达伯拉象龟精品幼犬鬼多少钱一只 Number 21 has to be Transilvania.It involves me, a length of rope and a helicopter.第21个经典时刻 要数特兰西瓦尼亚 故事名为 ;绳子 直升机和我;Guess the rest.Heli can pave you, mountain.还有什么呢 直升机肯定能越过你 高山Set for Romania,our drive will be the last straight wildness in Europe.目标罗马尼亚 我们将去往欧洲最后一片荒蛮之地We#39;re getting there,it#39;s not gonna be easy.我们即将出发 这活可不轻松The clouds are moving in.I mean, very tight weather window.阴云密布 天气状况很恶劣I would suddenly see that cord just moving.我突然发现 绳索在不断摆动The problem is you can#39;t land up there.so me...I can#39;t even fly.问题是飞机不能着落 而我 我也登不上去He goes like a dope on the rope.他像个傻瓜似的被绳拉上了天I#39;ll never forget being suspended underneath the helicopter,我永远忘不了自己被吊在直升机下面flying at a hundred miles an hour cross Transylvania wildness.Brilliant.Clear!以一百多公里每小时的速度 飞越特兰西瓦尼亚的荒蛮之地 感觉很棒 可以剪了Number 20 is my Tarzan moment in the jungles of Belize.第20位 我在伯利兹丛林里扮演人猿泰山Look, I#39;ll out for a drop-off.That#39;s why I called it a death drop.我要准备跳了 这就是我称之为死亡之跳的原因The really ending is over 30 foot,especially on the rocks like this.至少有30英尺宽 特别是在这种岩石上You just know that you don#39;t walk away from.你知道自己不能轻易通过And this must be at least 60, 70 feet down here.下面肯定至少有20米深There is only one way to get across this cascade,and I#39;d always want to try this.要跨过这条山涧只有一个办法 而我一直就想这么做Here is my chance.That#39;s all my weight on it, and it#39;s holding.OK, let#39;s give this a feild test.这次终于有机会了 我要完全 悬空了 绳子很牢靠 好了 让我们实地验一下Well, no one knows what this gonna happen.没人知道接下来会发生什么It takes a lot of courage,it does take a lot of.这需要很大的勇气 需要很大的 Article/201612/482025John Marsh in Yorktown Pensil Villy send this in.Yorktown Pensil Villy (地名)的约翰·马什送来这个My friend has a lot pride in his heritage.我的朋友对自己的国家感到很自豪.And got this tatoo to prove it. Now he regret it.然后他就弄了个纹身去明 现在他后悔了.puerto rirco Puerto Rirco So Kolson is so permanent.波多黎各 波多黎各 那么巴基斯坦是这么永恒了Maybe there is Puerto Rirco,I don#39;t know. I don#39;t know, maybe it#39;s next to the Berharmers.也许有波多黎各 我不知道 也许挨着Berharmers.That is a shame. Rebecca Hershey Gaynes from Florida那有点丢人 来自弗洛里达的丽贝卡·赫而希·盖恩斯I think this person is taken his love of fast food a little too far. Oh...我想这个人已经带着他心爱的快餐走的很远了 哦...MacDonald arches says always loving it.麦当劳的拱形图案上写着一直爱它Oh when that was back says always loving it. Let#39;s see the front of him.哦 当我们回来说一直爱它的时候 来看看他的前面.Yeah...yeah...Always loving it.是啊...是啊...一直爱它.I think we need something to help us forget that, let#39;s see the panda game roll quick.我想我们需要一些东西来让我们把那些忘掉 来看看这只熊猫玩打滚 快点Ok. Oh. Cute...cute... Daaaa... All right. And that Hailee in the Forest Group Organ.好 哦. 可爱...可爱...嗒~...好吧. 还有在森林团体组织的海利I#39;ve always love the show Frasier, but I don#39;t know if I love it as much as this guy.我一直很爱Frasier这档节目. 但是我不知道我有没有这个家伙爱的深.Ah...haha.. Wow...it#39;s right. You wouldn#39;t believe that was a fan base of Frasier that would do that.啊噢...哈哈..哇...对哦. 你们不会相信?Frasier 的粉丝会做这个Not really. Wow...That#39;s weird. Tony you have seen what tatoo of your favorate show?不见得 哇... 好怪啊. Tony 你看过你最喜欢节目的刺青吗?I do. Oh..hahahaha.... Wow...Yeah. Yeah.I remember when you got that.见过. 哦..哈哈哈哈哈哈 哇...是呀 是呀 我记得你刺那个的时候.Yeah. It#39;s just healing.Yeah. Hahahaa....wow... Yeah. You looking good too, Tony.是. 现在已经没有了. 是 哈哈哈...哇... 是. 你看起来也挺好的 托尼.I try...Hahah...I try.. Gaby Hardcord in Owensbro...em..Kentucky.我尽量...哈哈...我尽量... 在肯塔基州Owensbro(地名)的盖比·哈德考My son got this wierd wold tatoo when he was 23.我的儿子23岁时弄了个沃尔德的刺青I don#39;t know what he was thinking. Oh... Wow..我不知道他在想什么. 哦... 哇Don#39;t..I haven#39;t found it you guys, so tell me..I haven#39;t...laughter不要 你们 我还没发现呢 那么跟我说 我还没...笑声Oh...my god... OH MY GOD...Hah...hah...哦...我的天哪... 我的天哪..哈..哈..I have to get that out of my head. Now please show me the panda again.我必须把那个从我脑袋中清掉. 现在请给我再放一次那个熊猫.Oh...hah...Oh.. Oh...Helps me forget that. Thanks for looking that.哦..呃..哦 哦...帮我忘掉那吧 谢谢让我看这个.That#39;s just cute. All right. Em.. thanks for sending those in.真可爱. 好了 额 谢谢送那些图片进来.If you ..em...see it..em..bad tatoos, send them to me.如果... 额...再见..额...奇葩刺青们 把他们寄给我I#39;m gonna put more bad tatoos on my yahoo shine page.我会放更多的奇葩刺青在我的雅虎显眼的页面上And..em..like I said, send me some bad tatoos. If you don#39;t have one, just go get one.还有..额..就像我说的 寄一些奇葩刺青给我. 如果你不想自己刺 就找一个We#39;ll be right back.我们马上回来 Article/201706/513939垣曲县靴脚陆龟咸水泥彩龟安哥洛卡象龟凹甲陆龟红腿象龟价格怎么养

挺胸龟采购信息大全养殖方法海乌龟批发采购价格报价 In these conditions,I#39;m having to push the snowmobile to its limits.在这种情况下 我必须全速前进But it#39;s keeping me ahead of the weather.托让我一路领先 避开了恶劣天气I#39;ve almost made it to the ridge.But up here, the snow is much deeper.就快要到达山脊了 在这里 积雪更深And the snowmobile is sinking under its own weight.雪地托的自重使它不断下陷It#39;s wedged right down in the deep snow, that.完全陷到雪里去了Thing is, all the snow at the moment is just like porridge.现在 这些积雪就像一碗浓粥Yeah, I#39;m not gonna shift this.It#39;s onto foot from here.Okay.陷进去 我就没法把它搬起来了 从现在开始 只能靠脚力了 好吧It#39;s 3 degrees below freezing up here,这里的气温是零下三度And it#39;s only gonna get colder as the clouds move in.随着云量的增多 气温还会持续下降If you can get to the higher ground,如果能到达高地you can look for a route down into the valleys beyond.就可以找到一条到达对面山谷的路I#39;ll try and reach that cove up there.我努力到上面那个山凹去Okay, let#39;s keep moving. Come on.好了 继续行动吧 加油Look. See the sun?It#39;s like a halo effect around it.看 看到太阳了吗 它就像被围上了一圈光晕And that#39;s formed by the stratus clouds.这是由层云导致的Stratus is often a sign of changing conditions and an oncoming bad-weather front.层云常常是气候变化的标志 是恶劣天气的前奏And look.Sure enough, if you look down,看吧 不出所料 向下看的话you see the buildup of all that cumulus cloud.That#39;s the bad stuff.就会发现堆聚的积云 它们的出现绝对不是好兆头But often the time lag between the stratus and the cumulus但有时 层云变为积云can be as little as four hours, you know?只需要短短的四个小时I know this range runs from east to west.我知道这山脉是东西延伸的But where I want to head,southwest,down out of the mountains, towards the Black Sea.但我希望往西南方走 下山之后向黑海方向前进It#39;s gonna be the best chance of finding people.So we want to get moving. Come on.那里是最可能有人烟的地方 所以最好快点动身 走吧 Article/201704/503947红腿象乌龟养殖技术方法吃什么

齿缘龟买一只多少钱I#39;m in one of Canada#39;s most isolated provinces,British Columbia,But I#39;m not alone.我身处加拿大最与世隔绝的省份之一 不列颠哥伦比亚省 但这次我不是孤身作战Get y for the most wild cab ride you#39;re ever gonna take.准备踏上最狂野的 荒野之旅20,000 hardcore fans from all over the U.S. applied to join me全美有两万个铁杆粉丝 申请与我共同for the wilderness adventure of a lifetime.经历一生中最疯狂的探险We selected Joe Resto from New York,我们选择了来自纽约的乔·莱斯特who has a very personal reason to make this trip.出于私人原因 他加入此次旅程I was a victim of a very random and senseless act of violence.我曾是一起 突发的非法行为的受害者I was shot in my back.背上中了一My friend next to me was shot in the head and killed instantly.而我朋友 就站在我旁边 被击中头部 当场毙命Upon recovery, I made a promise to myself to do whatever makes me smile.康复以后 我对自己保 要享受生活 及时行乐And going to Canada with Bear makes me smile.和贝尔一起来加拿大令我开心Joe#39;s fellow rookie is Sean Lacoste from the midwest.乔的新同伴是来自中西部的肖恩·拉科斯特Sean feels he#39;s got something to prove.肖恩想明一些东西My friends and my family, they#39;ve all said,我的家人和朋友总是说;You have so many fears. You have so many weaknesses.;你太懦弱了 你有太多弱点And there#39;s no way you#39;d be able to do it.不可能完成任务For this to actually come true,I mean, I#39;m excited, I#39;m nervous.当它真正实现了的时候 我既兴奋又紧张All right. Time for a wild ride.好吧 狂野滑行开始了I#39;m happy that I get the chance to prove to myself很高兴我有机会能明自己and to throw it in their face, to say, ;I can do this.;Whoa, boy!然后反驳他们 并对他们说;我能做到; 天哪And this adventure is gonna push our guys to the absolute limit.Good job.这次探险会将这两人 推向生理极限 干的好We#39;re halfway across a glacier when we come face-to-face with a sheer 50-foot wall of ice.我们正要跨越面前 这个50英尺深的大冰缝 Article/201705/511156 原味人文风情:Hi! And welcome to Like A Native Speaker. Today, you#39;re gonna learn about different ways to respond to ;thank you; and the reasons why they#39;re different.嗨!欢迎收看《和母语人士一样》。今天,你会学到各种回应「谢谢」的方式,以及这些回答方式为什么不同。So, as many of you know, I am Canadian. And this week in Canada is actually Thanksgiving, which, for me, basically means turkey and pumpkin pie, but it got me thinking about gratitude and thanking people. A common question I#39;ve had is actually how to respond when someone thanks you. Of course, there#39;s the standard response that everybody knows of: ;you#39;re welcome; or other variations—;you#39;re most welcome,; ;you#39;re very welcome,; things like that.那么,如你们许多人所知,我是加拿大人。而这星期在加拿大其实是感恩节,感恩节对我来说基本上就是火鸡和南瓜派,不过这让我想到感激之情和感谢别人。我常遇到的问题其实是别人向你道谢时该如何回应。当然,有所有人都知道的标准回答:「you#39;re welcome(不客气)」或其它变化--「you#39;re most welcome」、「you#39;re very welcome」之类的。Hey, you left your lights on.嘿,妳忘了关大灯。Oh, thanks!噢,谢啦!You#39;re welcome.不客气。But what#39;s less known are two other ways to respond to ;thank you.; Now, before we talk about those two other ways, I really need to talk about the culture and the social structure of ;thank you.; I think in most, if not all languages, saying ;thank you; puts the person receiving the thanks in a higher position than you or the person giving the thanks. Using ;you#39;re welcome; is a way of recognizing and acknowledging that difference in position, that the person receiving thanks deserves thanks. And this is why ;you#39;re welcome; is what#39;s taught in schools and in beginner textbooks all over the world. It#39;s the basic response, but you#39;re here because you want to sound more natural.不过较少人知道的是其它两种回应「谢谢」的方式。现在,在我们讲到那其它两种方式之前,我真的得先聊聊「谢谢」的文化和社会结构。我想就算不是所有语言,在大多数语言中,说「谢谢」会让收到感谢的人比起你或说谢谢的人处在较高的地位上。用「you#39;re welcome(不客气)」是一种接受并认同那种地位上的不同的说法,认同接受感谢的那人应被感激。而这就是为什么「you#39;re welcome(不客气)」是全世界学校和初阶课本里教的内容。这是基本回答,不过你来这是因为你想要听起来更自然一些。Most English-speaking countries, especially Canada and America, are something called ;egalitarian societies,; basically meaning that the people want to be equal or as equal as possible, and this why you#39;ll rarely hear ;you#39;re welcome; as a response to ;thank you.; It#39;s because that social difference is actually something we don#39;t want. Most people in English-speaking countries want to be seen as equal or together, so we use different expressions. For example, ;no problem,; ;no sweat,; ;it#39;s all good.;多数英语系国家,尤其是加拿大和美国,是种称为「平等社会」的国家,基本上就意味着人们想要平等或尽可能平等,这就是为什么你很少会听到「you#39;re welcome(不客气)」作为「谢谢」的回答。这是因为社会差异其实是一件我们不愿有的事情。大多在英语系国家的人想被视为平等或一起的,所以我们会用不同说法。举例来说,「no problem(没什么)」、「no sweat(小事一件)」、「it#39;s all good(没事)」。Can you pass me that knife?妳可以把刀传给我吗?Sure.好的。Thank you.谢谢。No prob.没什么。We have many of these expressions depending on the country or even on the individual person that#39;s doing it, but these are much more common in response to ;thank you,; because it makes that social status equal. So, because of this, expressions like ;no problem; are actually much more common or normal than ;you#39;re welcome.; ;You#39;re welcome; is most often used in situations where the favor or action taken was very large, and it would be strange to ignore that difference. This is also why ;you#39;re welcome; is often used with strangers as we tend to be a lot more polite with strangers than with people we know.视国家或甚至做的人而定,我们有很多这种回应方法,不过这些是回答「谢谢」更为常见的方式,因为这让社会地位平等。因为这样,像「no problem(没什么)」这种说法其实比「you#39;re welcome(不客气)」更普遍或平常。「You#39;re welcome(不客气)」最常用在那个忙或需要做的事很重大的情况下,而忽视那种差异会很奇怪。这也是为什么「you#39;re welcome(不客气)」常被用来对陌生人说,因为我们对陌生人往往比对认识的人要有礼貌许多。So that was two of the different ways to respond to ;thank you.; Now, the third is actually to respond in kind with...;thank you.;那么那是其中两种回应「谢谢」的方式。现在,第三种其实是以同样的方式回应...也就是「thank you(谢谢)」。Here#39;s your boots.这是妳的靴子。Thank you!谢谢!And your receipt. Thank you very much.还有妳的收据。十分感谢。Thank you!谢谢!This situation is also very common when both parties have received some kind of benefit. They can both say ;thank you.;这个情况在双方都获得某种好处时也非常常见。两个人都可以说「thank you(谢谢)」。So, ;thank you; can be responded to in three ways. There#39;s ;you#39;re welcome,; which is most often used with strangers or in situations where the action is very big. There#39;s ;no problem; or expressions like it, which is used in most situations to try to make people equal again. And then there#39;s also responding with ;thank you,; when both people have received benefit.那么,「谢谢」可以被以三种方式回应。有「you#39;re welcome(不客气)」,最常被用在回应陌生人或在帮的忙很大的情况下。有「no problem(没什么)」或类似说法,大多情况会这样回答来试着恢复人的平等关系。然后还有用「thank you(谢谢)」来回答的方式,是在双方都获得好处的时候。Because it#39;s Thanksgiving time in Canada, most people look back on their lives in the previous year and think about what they are thankful for, what they appreciate. And I am incredibly thankful to all of you who continue to watch my s, comment, and like. It#39;s because of you that I can do this, and I do this for you. So I want to tell all of you, ;Thank you.; I also want to ask you what you are thankful for this year. What do you appreciate this year? Please write it in the comments. And as always, guys, I will see you next time.因为现在在加拿大是感恩节时分,多数人会回顾过去一年的生活并想想他们感激的事物、他们感谢的东西。而我非常感激所有一直观看我的影片、留言和按赞的你们。正是因为你们我才可以做这件事,而我是为了你们而做的。所以我想告诉你们所有人:「谢谢你。」我还要问你们你今年感激的事物。你们今年感谢什么东西?请在留言区写下来。然后老样子啦大家,我们下回见。 Article/201707/516192荥阳市拟鳄龟艾氏拟水龟鼋伯格海角陆龟挺胸龟饼干龟缅甸星龟中华草龟价格怎么养地龟怎么样好养吗



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