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A unique collection of 17th-century Ming dynasty porcelain was broken up at the weekend following an acrimonious family squabble between the four children of Sir Michael Butler, a former adviser to Margaret Thatcher.一套独特的17世纪明代瓷器收藏在周末被分割给不同继承人,此前曾经是玛格丽特#8226;撒切尔(Margaret Thatcher)顾问的迈克尔#8226;巴特勒爵士(Sir Michael Butler)的四个子女之间爆发了激烈家庭纷争。The high court had ruled that the 502-piece collection must be divided between the four siblings, despite a bitter battle fought by the two younger children, Katharine and Charles, to retain the ceramics in their purpose-built museum in Dorset.英格兰高等法院此前已裁定,这套502件的收藏必须在四个兄弟之间分割,尽管较小的两个孩子——凯瑟琳(Katharine)和查尔斯(Charles)——为了把这些陶瓷文物保留在他们在多赛特郡(Dorset)专门建造的物馆而打了一场激烈的法律战。Sir Michael, a former permanent representative to the European Commission, started collecting the distinctive blue and white ceramics more than 50 years ago. One expert has described it as “the finest collection of its kind in the world”.曾经担任欧盟委员会(European Commission)常驻代表的巴特勒爵士,在50多年前开始收集这些特点鲜明的蓝/白色陶瓷。一位专家曾将他的藏品形容为“世界上同类收藏中最精湛的收藏”。Trouble began immediately after Sir Michael died in 2013. Caroline and James, the elder siblings, wanted to split the collection equally among the four children but Katharine and Charles believed that Sir Michael had indicated a desire to keep the ceramics together.巴特勒爵士在2013年去世后,家里的麻烦马上暴露出来。两个年长的子女——卡罗琳(Caroline)和詹姆斯(James)——希望在四个孩子间平分这些藏品,但凯瑟琳和查尔斯认为,巴特勒爵士生前表达了把这些文物收藏于一处的愿望。In his court ruling, however, judge Simon Barker noted that while Sir Michael’s wishes might “have some moral standing#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;they are of no legal significance”.然而,法官西蒙#8226;巴克(Simon Barker)在他的法庭裁决书中指出,尽管巴特勒爵士的愿望可能“具有一定的道德地位……但它们没有法律意义”。The case hinged on an arcane piece of property law — section 188 of the Law of Property Act 1925 — governing the division of “chattels”.本案的准绳是物权法中一条晦涩难懂的规定,即有关“动产”分割的1925年《财产法》(Law of Property Act 1925)第188条。“It is arcane in that it is quite rare for chattels to be owned in what is called undivided shares,” said Keith Bruce-Smith, partner at Harcus Sinclair, which acted on behalf of Katharine and Charles. “There is such a paucity of case law in this area: one case involved trying to split a three-piece suite between competing owners.”“它非常神秘难懂,因为动产以所谓的‘不分割份数’拥有是相当罕见的,”Harcus Sinclair律所合伙人、代表凯瑟琳和查尔斯的律师基思#8226;布鲁斯-史密斯(Keith Bruce-Smith)表示。“判例法在这个领域如此缺乏先例:有一个案例涉及在相互争夺的所有者之间分割一套三件家具。”Law firm Bircham Dyson Bell and counsel from XXIV Old Buildings that acted on behalf of Caroline and James were both unavailable for comment.记者联系不上代表卡罗琳和詹姆斯的两家律所—— Bircham Dyson Bell 和 XXIV Old Buildings——的律师请其置评。Straddling the period between the Ming and Qing dynasties, the “pots” — as they were described in court — are insured for £8m but their true value is likely to stretch into the tens of millions of pounds. In 2014, a small Ming dynasty era bowl sold for almost m at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong, indicating the strength of interest in the period, particularly from collectors in China.本案的藏品(在法庭上被称为“罐”)跨越明清两个朝代,它们有800万英镑的保险,但真实价值很可能达到数千万英镑。2014年,一个明代小碗在苏富比(Sotheby’s)香港拍得近4000万美元,说明收藏家(特别是来自中国的收藏家)对那个时期文物的兴趣极为强烈。“It’s a period which is rather difficult, as it’s not the regular Imperial porcelain which is easy to date,” said Regina Krahl, an independent researcher on Chinese art. “It was a period when a lot happened: there was a change of dynasties and it is one of the few collections that really reflects that period.“那是一个相当棘手的时期,因为它不是容易确定年份的常规官窑瓷器,”独立的中国艺术品研究者康蕊君(Regina Krahl)表示。“那个时期发生了许多事情:朝代发生了更迭,这是真正反映那个时期的少数收藏之一。“There’s nothing like it in China, and there is nothing of its bth and depth anywhere else in the world.”“中国境内没有类似的收藏,世界其他地方有类似收藏,但在广度和深度上比不上它。”A question mark also hangs over the future of the purpose-built museum in Mapperton, which opened in 2010.专门为这些藏品在Mapperton建造的物馆现在面临变数。该馆在2010年开张。Part of the museum’s charm, said Ms Krahl, was the fact that researchers and students were able to handle the fragile ceramics. “It was ideal in that everything was openly and beautifully displayed,” she said. “You could just pick up what you wanted and turn it over and look at it in more detail.”康蕊君表示,这座物馆魅力的一部分在于研究人员和学生能够用手拿起这些脆弱的文物细细端详。“那是一个理想的环境,一切都公开和精美地陈列,”她说。“你可以拿起你想看的展品,把它翻过来认真观察。”Katharine Butler, Sir Michael’s youngest daughter, says she is devastated by the decision to break up the collection.巴特勒爵士最小的女儿凯瑟琳#8226;巴特勒表示,分割藏品的裁决让她极为难过。“It really is extraordinarily upsetting and shocking,” she said. “When my father started collecting, there were two sales a month — and now you would be lucky to have two a year. This is simply stuff that you don’t find any more.”“这真的是极其令人心烦意乱和震惊的,”她说。“当我的父亲开始收集时,每月有两次拍卖——现在你每年遇上两次拍卖会就算幸运了。这简直是你再也找不到的东西。”With the break-up of the collection, the museum is likely to close, Ms Butler said. “No one is going to want to see half a collection,” she added.凯瑟琳#8226;巴特勒表示,这批收藏品被分割后,物馆很可能关闭。“没有人想看一半藏品,”她补充说。The case is set to go to appeal, with all parties committed to not selling any pieces until the final judgment. If leave for appeal is granted, then the battle will rumble on for many more months — the future of the Britain’s finest collection of 17th-century Chinese ceramics hanging in the balance.此案势必将进入上诉阶段,各方都承诺在最终判决出炉之前不出售任何文物。如果获准上诉,那么这场法律战还将延续好几个月,最终结果将决定英国最精湛的17世纪中国陶瓷品收藏的未来。 /201609/468712Rodrigo Duterte, the flamboyant president of the Philippines, has spent this week in Beijing executing a dramatic pivot away from the US, his country’s closest ally, and into the arms of the rising superpower, China.行事高调的菲律宾总统罗德里戈.杜特尔特(Rodrigo Duterte)利用本周对北京的访问,上演了一场脱离该国最亲密的盟友美国、转投崛起中的超级大国中国怀抱的大戏。During his four-day trip, his first to a country outside the Asean bloc since becoming president in June, he said it was time to say goodbye to the US and claimed that only China [could] help the Philippines. 这是杜特尔特自6月就任总统以来首次访问东盟(ASEAN)以外的国家,在为期四天的访华行程中,他表示,是时候对美国说再见了,并宣称只有中国(能够)帮助菲律宾。If followed to their logical conclusion, his words would represent the most significant realignment of geopolitical power in the region since the cold war.从遵循他此番言论的逻辑推导出的结论来看,此番言论将代表着冷战结束以来亚太地区地缘政治力量最重大的一次调整。In spite of his uncompromising language, Mr Duterte may well in fact be playing the tides between the US and China rather than reversing the Philippines’ fundamental strategic posture. 尽管言辞坚定,但实际上,杜特尔特很可能只是在美中之间见风使舵,而非要彻底转变菲律宾的根本战略立场。Nonetheless, he should recognise that this is a highly dangerous endeavour, not only for his country but also for the broader region.尽管如此,他应该认识到,这是一种高度危险的尝试——不仅对菲律宾,对整个地区而言也是如此。Mr Duterte is bashing Washington to ingratiate himself with Beijing, but his rhetoric risks alienating both of the world’s biggest powers. 杜特尔特痛批华盛顿来讨好北京,但他的话有可能同时疏远这两个世界头号大国。Manila appears to be betting that the US will not abandon one of its closest regional allies just because of the colourful insults Mr Duterte has directed at Barack Obama.马尼拉似乎赌的是美国不会仅仅因杜特尔特对巴拉克.奥巴马(Barack Obama)出言不逊就放弃其关系最密切一个地区盟国。But in referring to the US president as the son of a whore, Mr Duterte reveals a worrying lack of finesse that may serve him ill if US-China tension in the region ramps up. 但杜特尔特称美国总统是婊子养的言论,暴露出他严重缺乏手腕,这一点可能会让他吃苦头——如果美中在亚太地区的紧张关系加剧的话。In addition, Washington may be less than willing in the future to look past Mr Duterte’s more substantive threats, such as pledging to cancel the joint military exercises that form a key part of the US military presence in the region.此外,未来华盛顿可能不会愿意无视杜特尔特发出的更实质性的威胁,如誓言取消与美国的联合军事演习,而这些军演正是美国在亚太地区军事存在的关键部分。On China’s side of the equation, Mr Duterte is walking an even trickier path. 就中国这一头而言,杜特尔特走的是一条更难把握的道路。If Manila is hoping for more Chinese trade and investment as a reward for tilting towards Beijing’s strategic position in the disputed South China Sea, this may pay off to some extent in the short term. 如果马尼拉希望用在南中国海争端中向北京的战略立场倾斜,来换取中国更多的贸易和投资,短期内或将有一定的效果。There is ample evidence of China rewarding regional allies, such as Cambodia, that support it in political disputes.大量据显示,中国会对在政治争端中对持自己的地区盟友(如柬埔寨)给予回报。But Beijing sees the South China Sea as a binary issue; it regards the 41 disputed islands and land features as its own territory and it plans to take all of them back. 但北京方面认为南中国海是一个二元问题,它将41个争议性岛屿及地物视作自己的领土,并计划全部收回。Thus, emollient words are unlikely to satisfy China for long. 因此安抚性的话不太可能长久令中国满意。Manila risks falling prey to a diplomatic dynamic in which China exacts the surrender of territorial claims as downpayments for investment and trade pledges. 马尼拉有可能成为这一外交事态的牺牲品,即中国会要求其以放弃领土主张作为投资和贸易承诺的定金。Such an outcome could quickly pall, eroding Mr Duterte’s popularity at home and the tough guy image he has burnished through a ruthless domestic crackdown on drugs.这样的结果可能会迅速失去吸引力,损害杜特尔特在国内的人气,以及他通过在国内无情镇压毒品而提升的硬汉形象。What is more, any territorial concessions by Mr Duterte that run counter to the ruling of an international tribunal this year would undermine the rule of law in the region and potentially embolden Beijing. 此外,杜特尔特作出的任何领土让步如违反国际仲裁庭今年作出的裁决,都将破坏该地区的法治,并可能为北京壮胆。The tribunal found that China lacked a legal basis to multiple claims in the South China Sea.该仲裁庭认为中国对南中国海的多项主张缺乏法律依据。Mr Duterte is not the only one who needs to engage in careful reflection. 杜特尔特不是唯一需要仔细思考的人。Washington too should recognise that it is partly responsible for Manila’s flirtation with China. 华盛顿方面也该认识到它对马尼拉与中国之间的互动负有部分责任。Mr Obama’s rebalancing towards Asia has been halfhearted, and the US has taken the loyalty of countries such as the Philippines for granted. 奥巴马的转向亚洲战略一直实施得不温不火,美国也一直将菲律宾等国的忠诚视为理所当然的事情。It needs to show greater commitment to its regional friends.美国需要展现出维系与亚太地区盟友之间友情的更大决心。For Mr Duterte, it is not too late to reverse course on his rash excursion into diplomatic adventurism. 对杜特尔特来说,现在从他草率涉足的外交冒险主义这条路上掉头还不算太晚。He should make it clear to the Americans that he has no intention of abandoning their alliance. 他应该向美国人表明自己不打算放弃他们的联盟。Setting the US and China against one another over such an incendiary issue as the South China Sea is foolhardy. 在南中国海这样一个一点就着的问题上挑拨美中两国互相对立是愚蠢的。The Philippines leader should see this before it is too late.菲律宾领导人应及时看清这一点,以免追悔莫及。 /201610/473183

Beijing will discuss the interpretation of Hong Kong’s mini-constitution in a move which could pave the way for disqualifying two pro-independence lawmakers, intensifying political tensions in the Chinese territory.中国政府将讨论对香港小宪法的解释,此举或为取消两名持香港独立的立法会议员的资格铺平道路,还可能激化香港的政治矛盾。China’s rubber-stamp legislature in Beijing has aly added to its current agenda a discussion of Article 104 of Hong Kong’s Basic Law, 中国政府在北京的橡皮图章议会——中国人大——已把对香港《基本法》104条的讨论加入当前议程。which requires Hong Kong’s legislators, chief executive and other members of its government to swear to uphold the Basic Law of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China and swear allegiance to the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.香港《基本法》104条要求香港立法会议员、特首及其他政府成员在就职时必须依法宣誓拥护中华人民共和国香港特别行政区基本法,效忠中华人民共和国香港特别行政区。The development, disclosed on Friday by the Hong Kong government, comes after assertions from pro-Beijing lawmakers that China could soon issue an interpretation barring two recently-elected lawmakers from retaking their oaths 就在香港政府周五披露这一动向之前,多名亲北京的立法会议员曾断定,中国政府可能会很快发布对《基本法》104条的解释,禁止两名最近当选的立法会议员再次宣誓。after they deviated from the standard pledge at their initial swearing-in ceremony in October.此前在10月份的就职仪式中第一次宣誓时,两位议员未按照标准的程序宣誓。It would mark the fifth time the National People’s Congress in Beijing has interpreted the territory’s mini-constitution since 1997, when rule of the former British colony was transferred to China. 这或是1997年香港被移交中国以来,北京全国人大第五次对香港这一小宪法做出解释。Last month pro-Beijing lawmakers staged a walkout from the 70-member legislative council to ensure there was no quorum that could allow the candidates to retake their oaths.上个月,亲北京的香港立法会议员曾上演一出集体退场,离开了拥有70个席位的立法会,以确保在场议员人数低于让上述候选议员再次宣誓的法定人数。A move to disqualify the lawmakers – who support Hong Kong independence – would reflect an escalation of Beijing’s increasingly hardline approach adopted in response to the 2014 pro-democracy Umbrella movement.一旦上述持香港独立的立法会议员资格被取消,这或许意味着北京应对2014年亲民主雨伞运动的方式更趋强硬。 /201611/476286

Isis militants have stormedthe town of Rutba in the west of Iraq, just two days after the jihadi forceshocked the country with a surprise attack on the northern city of Kirkuk.“伊斯兰国”(ISIS)武装分子突袭了伊拉克西部城镇鲁特巴(Rutba),仅两天前,这股圣战力量对伊北部城市基尔库克(Kirkuk)发动的突然袭击震惊了这个国家。The recent attacks come as theIraqi military, Kurdish peshmerga forces and allied militia push forward in ajoint offensive under the air cover of the US-led international coalition torecapture Mosul, Iraq’s second-biggest city.最近这两次突袭发生之际,伊拉克军队、库尔德“自由斗士”(Peshmerga)武装以及一些民兵组织正在美国领导的国际盟军的空中掩护下发起联合进攻,试图夺回伊拉克第二大城市苏尔。The fight is expected to bethe biggest battle yet in a two-year struggle against Isis, and the biggestmilitary operation in Iraq since the 2003 US invasion.这场战斗将成为打击伊斯兰国的两年斗争中最大规模的战役,也是自2003年美国入侵伊拉克以来最大规模的军事行动。These surprise Isis assaultshighlight how vulnerable Iraq will be to attack even as it wrests back the last10 per cent of its territory still under the control of the Islamistinsurgents, who swept through northern Iraq in the summer of 2014 after itsstunning capture of Mosul.伊斯兰国此轮突袭凸显了伊拉克对这些突然袭击有多么脆弱,即便该国正在夺回仍在伊斯兰主义叛乱分子控制下的最后10%领土。2014年夏季,伊斯兰国武装在令人震惊地攻占苏尔之后,横扫了整个伊拉克北部地区。The attacks on Kirkuk andRutba also appear to be an attempt to draw away Iraqi forces — and localattention — just as the military gets within 10km of Mosul city limits. Iraqisecurity officials say militants co-ordinated with sleeper cells to launch theovernight attack on Rutba, which lies on an international highway around 110kmfrom the Jordanian border.通过对基尔库克和鲁特巴发动袭击,伊斯兰国似乎试图在伊军挺进至苏尔市10公里范围之际分散其注意力。伊拉克安全官员称,武装分子在潜伏小组的配合下对鲁特巴发动夜袭,距离约旦边境约110公里的一条国际高速公路经过该镇。Pro-Isis media said the jihadiforce sent a suicide bomber into Rutba and had seized half the city. A localIraqi security official also confirmed that as much as half of Rutba could bein Isis hands and said military reinforcements had been sent in but would beunable to repel the militants until dawn.亲伊斯兰国媒体表示,圣战力量向鲁特巴派遣了一名自杀炸弹袭击者,并已占领该镇的一半。伊拉克一名地方安全官员也实,鲁特巴可能已有一半落入伊斯兰国之手,并表示已派遣增援部队,但可能无法在黎明前击退武装分子。Some local media outlets saidthe jihadi fighters had taken over some of Rutba’s mosques, announcing theirreturn on loudspeakers. Security has been visibly tighter in many cities ofIraq and some towns have imposed curfews, said Faisal al-Essawi, mayor ofAmriyat al-Fallujah, near Baghdad.当地一些媒体表示,圣战力量接管了鲁特巴的一些清真寺,在扩音器中宣告他们的回归。巴格达附近Amriyat al-Fallujah市的市长费萨尔.艾萨维(Faisal al-Essawi)表示,伊拉克许多城市的安保措施明显加强,部分城镇已实行宵禁。 /201610/473509France and Japan are the most popular global destinations for affluent Chinese millennials who value cultural sophistication and high-end shopping, according to a report on luxury travel.根据一份有关奢华旅游的报告,法国和日本是中国富有的千禧一代最向往的全球目的地,他们重视文化品位和高端消费。Chinese tourists spent more than 5bn on foreign travel in 2015 — 53 per cent more than the previous year — becoming the world’s largest outbound tourist group, according to the International Tourism Organization.根据国际旅游组织(International Tourism Organization)的数据,去年,中国游客的海外旅游消费超过2150亿美元,比前一年增长53%,成为全球最大出境游市场。According to the report on affluent Chinese travellers born after 1980, the Hurun Report, which publishes the annual Hurun China Rich List, found that foodies ranked Japan highest, while France was viewed as a “shopping paradise”. Australia was the third most popular foreign destination.根据这份有关中国富有的千禧一代旅游者的报告,每年发布《胡润百富榜》(Hurun China Rich List)的《胡润百富》(Hurun Report)发现,日本的美食最受青睐,而法国被视为“购物天堂”。澳大利亚是第三个最受欢迎的境外目的地。The report is based on a survey of 525 young luxury travellers, defined as those who spend over Rmb200,000 (,400) annually on travel and tourism. More than half are second generation of a wealthy family or heirs to a family business.这份报告基于对525名年轻高端旅游者的调查,这部分人群每年的旅游花费超过20万元人民币(合3.04万美元)。超过一半为“富二代”或家族企业继承人。“I often use the word ‘picky’, but one could also say ‘spoiled’,” said Rupert Hoogewerf, publisher of the Hurun Report.《胡润百富》出版人胡润(Rupert Hoogewerf)表示:“我经常使用‘挑剔’这个词,但人们也可以说‘宠坏’。”Survey respondents spend an average of ,000 on travel per household, of which retail accounted for ,000. Clothing, bags, watches and jewellery are the most popular items. Their average hotel budget is 0 per night. Local specialities, electronics and alcohol were less sought after.调查受访者平均家庭旅游出为6.4万美元,其中零售出占3.3万美元。装、手袋、名表和珠宝最受欢迎。他们的平均酒店预算为每晚470美元。他们对地方特产、电子产品和酒类的兴趣则不那么浓厚。The Chinese international travel boom has so far largely escaped the impact of the Communist party’s anti-corruption campaign, but luxury goods producers have felt the impact through slowing sales.中国的海外旅游热潮迄今基本上未受到中国共产党反腐运动的影响,但奢侈品制造商感受到了销售放缓的影响。Wealthy young Chinese travellers want to receive travel information through WeChat, the popular mobile messaging app run by Tencent Holdings, and prefer internet-based concierge services from hotels over picking up the phone. In fact, WeChat dominates overall mobile phone usage for this cohort, ranking ahead of viewing photos and s, browsing, email and shopping.中国的年轻富有旅游者希望通过微信(WeChat)获取旅游信息,他们青睐在网上预订酒店的礼宾务,而不是打电话。微信是由腾讯控股(Tencent Holdings)经营的颇受欢迎的移动信息应用。实际上,微信是这部分人群使用手机的主要用途,列在查看图片和视频、浏览网页、电邮和购物之前。“It’s the combination of digital with personalisation. Travellers want butler-level service, but facilitated by a digital experience,” said Peggy Fang Roe, chief sales and marketing officer for Asia Pacific at Marriott International, which sponsored the report.万豪国际(Marriott International)亚太地区首席市场销售和营销官若方国瑜(Peggy Fang Roe)表示:“这是数字与个性的结合。旅游者希望获得管家级别的务,但通过数字方式获得这种体验。”万豪国际是这份报告的赞助商。Marriott began accepting Alipay, the mobile payment service run by Alibaba Group’s financial affiliate, in its China hotels and some international locations this year. The company will open a Bulgari-branded hotel in Shanghai in 2017, adding to its existing portfolio of 91 China properties, including 21 in the luxury category.万豪今年开始在其中国酒店以及位于一些国际性城市的酒店接受付宝(Alipay)付款。付宝是由阿里巴巴集团(Alibaba Group)的金融子公司运营的移动付务。万豪将于2017年在上海开设一家宝格丽(Bulgari)品牌的酒店,目前该集团在中国拥有91家物业,包括21家豪华酒店。 /201606/446912

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