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The US has warned Russia that it will soon suffer casualties from its “misguidedmilitary intervention in Syria, as Nato stepped up support for Turkey in its stand-off with Moscow.美国警告俄罗斯称,俄将很快因其在叙利亚展开的“错误”军事干预而遭受伤亡。目前,北约(Nato)在土耳其与俄的对峙中加大了对土的持。Speaking after a meeting of Nato defence ministers in Brussels, Ashton Carter, US defence secretary, urged Moscow not to escalate its military presence in Syria and spoke out against violations of Turkish air space and other “unprofessional behaviourby Russian forces.在与北约各国国防部长于布鲁塞尔举行会晤后发表讲话时,美国国防部长阿什顿愠Ashton Carter)敦促俄不要升级在叙利亚的军事存在,并对俄军侵犯土耳其领空的行为及其他“不专业的行为”表示了公开反对。“This will have consequences for Russia itself, which is rightfully fearful of attacks upon Russia,said Mr Carter. “And I also expect that in coming days, the Russians will begin to suffer casualties in Syria.”“这将给俄自身带来后果,它担心自身会遭到攻击,有这种想法是正常的,”卡特表示,“此外我还预期,未来几天俄将开始在叙利亚遭受伤亡。”Russia’s dramatic intervention in the Syrian conflict topped the agenda at Thursday’s defence ministers meeting. Russia on Wednesday mounted its heaviest bombing operation in Syria to date, launching 26 long-range cruise missiles from ships in the Caspian Sea at rebel forces in Syria. Russian ground attack aircraft based at Latakia also struck targets across the country.俄对叙利亚冲突展开的大规模干预是周四北约国防部长会议的首要议题。周三,俄在叙发动了迄今最为猛烈的轰炸行动,从里海上的军舰向叙反政府武装发射了26枚远程巡航导弹。拉塔基Latakia)基地的俄对地攻击机还袭击了叙利亚各地的多个目标。Russian aircraft twice violated Turkish airspace this week, angering Ankara and pitching Nato into another dangerous stand-off with the Kremlin. Nato officials say the violations were deliberate. Moscow has insisted they were navigational errors.俄飞机本周两次侵犯土耳其领空,这不但激怒了土耳其,还令北约与俄陷入又一场危险的对峙中。北约官员表示,俄是故意侵犯土耳其领空。莫斯科方面则坚称是导航失误导致的。Russia has carefully couched its intervention as an operation aimed at destroying the terror organisation Isis and Jabhat al-Nusra, an affiliate of al-Qaeda.俄煞费苦心地把其对叙展开的干预描述为旨在摧毁恐怖组织“伊拉克与黎凡特伊斯兰国ISIS)及基地组al-Qaeda)分Jabhat al-Nusra的行动。However, Washington and its allies whose own campaign against Isis has entered its second year insist Moscow’s activities are designed to shore up the regime of Bashar al-Assad, Syria’s president.然而,美国及其盟友(它们一方发起的打击ISIS的行动已进入第二个年头)坚称,俄方的行动是为了撑叙利亚总统巴沙尔阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)的政权。Russia’s bombing on Wednesday was co-ordinated with a new ground offensive from the Assad regime against rebel targets, many of them moderate forces aligned with the US, supported by Iran-backed militias.俄周三展开的轰炸是与阿萨德政权发动的打击反政府武装的新地面攻势协调进行的。Western military officials and diplomats have watched with growing concern as Russia has increased the size of its forces in Syria. Michael Fallon, the UK defence secretary, said: “Russia is making a very serious situation in Syria much more dangerous随着俄扩大在叙军事存在,西方军事官员和外交官员越发感到担忧。英国国防大臣迈克尔法伦(Michael Fallon)表示:“俄正在大幅加大叙利亚严峻局势的危险性。”Speaking on Wednesday, Douglas Lute, US ambassador to Nato, said reinforcements in the past week meant Russia had around 1,000 troops in the country and advanced ground weaponry at Latakia.美国驻北约大使道格拉斯戠Douglas Lute)周三发表讲话时表示,过去一周俄在叙利亚增强了军力,该国在叙已部署了000名军事人员,在拉塔基亚部署了先进的地面武器。来 /201510/402738



  A New York businessman has been criminally charged with using “reverse mergersbetween Chinese firms and US shell companies to make millions of dollars in illicit profits, which he used to finance his lavish lifestyle, according to an indictment unsealed on Thursday.周四启封的一份起诉书显示,一名纽约商人受到了刑事指控,罪名是利用中国公司与美国壳公司之间的“借壳上市”赚取数百万美元非法利润。这名商人用赚到的这些钱来撑自己的奢靡生活。Benjamin Wey, founder of New York Global Group, which also has an office in Beijing, was arrested at his home in Manhattan on Thursday. His Geneva-based banker, Seref Dogan Erbek, was also charged and remains at large, the US Attorney’s office in Manhattan said.周四,纽约国际集New York Global Group)创始人Benjamin Wey在他位于曼哈顿的家里被捕。曼哈顿的联邦检察官办公室表示,Wey派驻在日内瓦的家谢雷夫多安埃尔贝Seref Dogan Erbek)也受到指控、但仍未被捕。纽约国际集团在北京也有办事处。US authorities have been cracking down on possible fraud and accounting irregularities at US-listed Chinese companies involved in reverse mergers, but criminal charges in such cases have been rare.美国当局一直在打击通过“借壳”在美上市的中国企业可能存在的欺诈与会计违规行为,但在这类案子中提起刑事指控还非常罕见。In a parallel case, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced civil charges against Mr Wey, his wife and his sister, along with two of Mr Wey’s attorneys. Mr Erbek was also charged.在与此案并行的案子中,美国交会(SEC)对Wey、他的妻子、他的,以及他的两名律师提起了民事指控。埃尔贝克也受到了指控。A separate attorney for Mr Wey said his client “denies the charges against him and looks forward to clearing his name.Mr Erbek could not be reached for comment.Wey的另一名律师表示,他的当事人“否认了针对他的指控,并希望还他一个清癀?”记者无法联系到埃尔贝克请其置评。From 2007 to 2011, Mr Wey told companies in China that wanted to raise capital in the US that he could facilitate reverse mergers for them, which he orchestrated with US shell companies, the indictment said.起诉书显示,007年到2011年,Wey告诉想到美国融资的中国企业,他可为它们在美“借壳上市”提供便利。Mr Wey, 43, hid his ownership interest in the new, publicly traded companies that resulted from the reverse mergers, and manipulated markets so he could sell his investments at artificially inflated prices, according to the indictment.起诉书称,今3岁的Wey隐瞒了自己在借壳上市后的新公司中持有的股份,并且操纵市场,以使自己能在被人为推高的价格上卖掉所持股什?For example, Mr Wey enticed retail brokers to solicit their customers to buy stock in the companies on margin, meaning that they borrowed from their broker to purchase the stock, the indictment said. At the same time, the brokers discouraged their customers from selling the shares to maintain the stock price artificially.比如,Wey曾怂恿零售经纪商诱使他们的客户以保金交易方式买入这些公司的股票。同时,这些经纪商还鼓励客户不要卖出这些股票,以人为地维持住股价。The Nasdaq-traded companies that resulted from the reverse mergers are SmartHeat, which makes heat exchangers, Deer Consumer Products, which manufactures kitchen appliances, and CleanTech Innovations, which makes windmills.通过“借壳”在纳斯达克(Nasdaq)上市的公司有生产热交换器的太宇机SmartHeat),制造厨房用具的德尔集团(Deer Consumer Products),以及生产风力发电机套筒的新兴佳集团(CleanTech Innovations)。To hide his ownership interest, Mr Wey, with the help of Mr Erbek, purposely structured nominee holdings so that they stayed below the 5 per cent ownership level that would draw closer scrutiny from regulators, according to the allegations.起诉书的指控显示,为了隐瞒自己持有的股份,Wey在埃尔贝克的帮助下,刻意构建了代持股份安排,以使自己的持股比例低%——如果高%,会招致监管机构的更严密审视。Profits from the alleged scheme were transferred from bank accounts in the US in the name of Mr Wey’s sister and other associates to accounts in Switzerland and Hong Kong. The money, including more than m in cash, was then allegedly repatriated back to the US for the benefit of Mr Wey.从上述安排中获得的利润,被从Wey的和其他同伙名下的美国账户转至在瑞士和香港的账户。据称,这些钱(其中包括000万美元现金)而后被汇回到了Wey在美国的账户。Part of the profits from the alleged scheme was used to buy an apartment at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in New York’s Battery Park, according to the allegations.这些指控显示,被控安排产生的部分利润,被用来购买纽约炮台公园(Battery Park)内丽思卡尔顿酒店(Ritz-Carlton Hotel)的一套房间。In a separate case, a jury awarded Mr Wey’s former assistant m in June in a sexual harassment and defamation lawsuit.今年6月,在另一宗性骚扰和诽谤官司中,陪审团裁定Wey向他的前助理赔偿1800万美元。In February, in another case involving Chinese reverse mergers, the Chinese units of the Big Four global auditing firms agreed to pay m for failing to produce documents for companies being investigated for accounting fraud.今年2月,在另一宗牵涉中国企业“借壳上市”的案子中,国际四大会计师事务所的中国分部同意00万美元和解金,原因是它们未能提交正在接受会计欺诈调查的中国客户的审计文件。The settlement with the SEC spared the auditors from a six-month work ban imposed by a US judge. US regulators were seeking documents for more than 100 Chinese companies listed in the US.与美国交会达成和解之后,由一名美国法官做出的暂停“四大”在美执业资个月的判决被撤销了。当时,美国监管机构要求“四大”提交00家在美上市的中国企业的审计文件。来 /201509/398523

  The Conservatives and Labour remain neck-and-neck on 34 points in the penultimate FT/Populus poll before Thursday’s general election, with neither side breaking the election stalemate.周四大选前进行的倒数第二次英囀?金融时报Populus民调显示,保守党(Conservatives)和工Labour)仍然并驾齐驱,持率各为34%,双方均未能打破选举僵局。The poll puts David Cameron’s party and Ed Miliband’s Labour up one point on the 33 they scored on Friday, while the Liberal Democrats are now on 10, Ukip on 13 and others on 10.民调显示,戴#8226;卡梅David Cameron)领导的保守党和埃#8226;米利班德(Ed Miliband)领导的工党较上周五获得的33%增加个百分点,同时自由民主党(Liberal Democrats)的持率0%,英国独立党(Ukip)3%,而其他政党的持率为10%。Populus polled 2,054 people online on May 1-3.Populus日至3日对2053人进行了在线调查。Another poll by Lord Ashcroft gave the Conservatives the lead with 32, followed by Labour on 30, Ukip on 12 and Liberal Democrats on 11.另一项由阿什克罗夫特勋爵(Lord Ashcroft)所做的民调显示,保守党2%的持率领先,工党以30%的持率紧随其后,英国独立党2%,自由民主党1%。Rick Nye, Populus managing director, said he expected any movement in the polls to take place over the next 48 hours, as voters make their final calculations on how to vote.Populus董事总经理里#8226;Rick Nye)称,随着选民对如何投票进行最后的盘算,他预计未来48小时任何情况都有可能在民调中发生。“If there is any hardening or softening of any party’s vote share it will happen close to polling day,he said.他称,“如果任何政党的得票份额有任何巩固或松动的话,都将会在逼近投票日的时候发生。”Conservative strategists hope that voters will make a final switch to the “securityoffered by a continuation of a Tory government, similar to the trend that put John Major back into power in 1992.保守党策略师希望,选民最后会投奔由保守党政府连任所提供的“安全”,类似992年助推约#8226;梅杰(John Major)保住首相职位的趋势。Mr Nye said there could be some increase in the Lib Dem share as people consider voting tactically in individual seats. The Ukip vote is also holding up well but could yet be squeezed on polling day.奈称,随着人们战术性地考虑具体席位的投票,自由民主党的得票率可能会有所增加。英国独立党的得票份额也保持良好,但是仍可能在投票日当天被挤掉选票。Populus will conduct more fieldwork in the next 48 hours in the hope of capturing any final movements of voters.Populus将在接下来的48小时内进行更多的实地调查,希望以此获取选民的最后动向。The polling firm also publishes the Populus Predictor for the Financial Times. This feeds data into a proprietary computer model to indicate the likelihood of various election outcomes.该民调公司也为英囀?金融时报》发布Populus预言(Populus Predictor)。它将数据输入一个专有的计算机模型中,得出不同选举结果的可能性。The last Predictor of the campaign, published last week, indicated a nine-in-10 chance of a minority government. It also showed Mr Miliband becoming prime minister in more than seven out of 10 simulations but in more than three-quarters of these cases needing the votes of SNP MPs to stay there.上周发表的关于此次竞选的最近一次预言表明,少数党政府的可能性为9/10。预言还显示,0次模拟中,米利班德成为英国首相超次,但在其中3/4以上的情况下需要苏格兰民族SNP)议员的持。来 /201505/373700

  An Indian warship is to take part in exercises with the Vietnamese navy this week in the tense waters of the South China Sea, where maritime disputes between China and its neighbors have intensified.一艘印度军舰本周将与越南海军一同在南中国海(South China Sea, 中国称南敏感水域参加军演,中国及其周边国家在这一地区的海事纠纷目前愈演愈烈。The guided-missile stealth frigate INS Shivalik also made a port visit at Haiphong in northern Vietnam as part of a three-day goodwill trip to the Southeast Asian country, the Indian navy said Tuesday.据印度海军周二表示,其导弹隐身护卫舰INS Shivalik号还造访了越南北部的海防市港口,这是其对越南为期三天的“善意访问”内容之一。Indian navy spokesman D.K. Sharma said the visit, as well as maneuvers in the Pacific Ocean last month by India, the U.S. and Japan, is a fine demonstration of the operational reach of Indias armed forces.印度海军发言人D.K. Sharma表示,此次造访海防市以及印度、美国和日本上个月在太平洋进行的军演,很好地展现了印度军队的行动能力。Worried about an increasingly assertive and stronger China, New Delhi has sought greater cooperation with Beijings rivals and has been bolstering its navy, which recently took delivery of its second aircraft carrier.由于担心中国越来越强硬,新德里方面寻求与中国的对手开展更多合作,并不断增强其海军实力,印度海军最近获得了第二艘交付的航空母舰。But India, wary of provoking instability in the region and along its own disputed border with China, has generally moved cautiously and tried to avoid any appearance of working with the U.S. or others to contain Chinas rise.但是印度一直谨防在地区以及与中国存在争议的边界地带挑起争端,该国通常都小心行事,避免表现出它有与美国或其他国家联手遏制中国崛起的企图。In May, India expressed concern over a dispute between China and Vietnam over Chinas deployment of an oil rig in a disputed area, prompting a curt response from Beijing that Indians may not worry too much about the current situation in the South China Sea, according to the Press Trust of India.5月份,印度对中国在争议海域部署钻井平台引发中越对峙表达了担忧。据印度报业托拉Press Trust of India)称,北京对此给予了敷衍回应,称印度不需要对当前的南中国海局势过于担心。Rahul Roy-Chaudhury, an expert in maritime affairs at the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies, said the Indian navys Vietnam visit is part of an effort to deepen Indias engagement in East Asia.总部设在伦敦的国际战略研究所(International Institute for Strategic Studies)的海事问题专家Rahul Roy-Chaudhury说,印度海军造访越南说明印度意欲加强对东亚事务的参与In terms of Chinas assertive actions, theres certainly a feeling in India that it should build on some of its traditional relationships in the region, Mr. Roy-Chaudhury said.Roy-Chaudhury指出,考虑到中国的强硬行动,印度必然会感觉到自己应当与一些传统地区盟友加强联系。Some Indian experts and officials have argued India should build close ties with Vietnam like those China has with Indias neighbor and rival, Pakistan. But successive Indian governments have taken a more measured approach.一些印度专家和官员认为,印度应当与越南建立起紧密联系,就像中国与印度邻邦兼对手巴基斯坦所做的那样。但是多届印度政府一直对此采取更谨慎的立场。India and China, which fought a brief 1962 war over their Himalayan border, have in recent years grown increasingly suspicious of the others activities in waters they consider their own strategic backyards.印度与中国曾962年因喜马拉雅地区边界问题发生过短暂军事冲突,两国近些年则互相对对方在自身视为战略后方的水域的活动愈发感到怀疑。Chinas growing presence in the Indian Ocean and infrastructure investments in nations surrounding India has spooked some in New Delhis security establishment.中国在印度洋活动的增加,以及中国在印度周边国家基础设施投资的增长已经使得新德里安全部门的一些人士感到紧张。India has sparred with China over activities in the South China Sea, including gas and oil exploration off the coast of Vietnam. China claims nearly the entire South China Sea, clashing with other nations such as Vietnam and the Philippines that have competing claims over the mineral-rich region.印度与中国已经因南中国海地区的活动问题出现过争执,这些活动包括越南海岸附近的油气勘探。中国声称对整个南中国海地区拥有主权,与同样在这一矿产资源丰富地区声称主权的越南和菲律宾等国家出现冲突。China in 2011 warned Indias state-run Oil amp; Natural Gas Corp. against carrying out exploration activities there. But the Indian company has continued to operate in the region.中国曾于2011年就印度国有公司Oil amp; Natural Gas Corp.在南中国海的勘探活动发出警告,不过这家印度公司仍继续相关活动。That year, Indian officials said, an Indian naval vessel sailing toward a port in Vietnam was contacted on an open radio channel by a caller who identified himself as a Chinese official and said the Indian ship was in Chinese waters.印度官员称,当年一艘驶向越南港口的印度军舰收到一个公共无线电频道的呼叫,对方称自己是中国官员,并表示这艘印度船只正处于中国水域。来 /201408/320041

  Germans think any plan that is put on paper should be executed which is why the country’s approach to government strategy has been a strong preference for not writing things down at all. So a report published yesterday in which the German foreign ministry reviews its own guiding principles represents a break with usual practice. It is as though, while hurtling towards a tornado, the pilot and crew of an airliner decided to rewrite their operating manual, publish it and invite comments from peers.德国人认为,只要是写在纸上的计划就应该执行。这就是该国一直强烈倾向于根本不把政府战略方针写下来的原因。因此,德国最近发表的一份报告可以说是一反常态。在报告中,德国外交部对其外交政策指导原则进行了评估。这就好像在飞机冲向龙卷风时,飞行员和机组人员决定修改操作手册并将其公布出来,同时邀请同业置评。Germany has become the pivotal power of Europe, with Berlin as the EU’s crisis management centre. It was not planned this way. When Chancellor Angela Merkel’s grand coalition took office in December 2013, Europe’s sovereign debt crisis was in abeyance and Ukraine was an obscure, faraway land.德国已成为欧洲的中坚力量,柏林是欧盟(EU)危机管理中心。但这并非计划之中的事情。在德国总理安格#8226;默克Angela Merkel)领导的大联合政府0132月上台时,欧洲主权债务危机暂时告一段落,而乌克兰还是一个不起眼的遥远国度。These days Berlin is often harangued for not doing enough to counter the problems of the day: the eurozone’s stagnant economy; Britain’s drift away from continental europe; the adventures of President Vladimir Putin’s Russia.如今,德国经常被指责没有采取有力措施解决当下的问题:欧元区经济陷入停滞;英国与欧洲大陆渐行渐远;弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)领导的俄罗斯展开冒险行动。The recent turbulence had barely begun when Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the foreign minister, set in motion a year-long process designed to be a model of transparency, deference to outside opinion and democratic inclusiveness. It involved town hall meetings across the country and an internal review. Officials also commissioned expert views (I was among those asked to contribute).当德国外交部长弗兰克-沃尔#8226;施泰因迈Frank-Walter Steinmeier)启动为期一年的评估程序,力求在透明度、尊重外界意见以及民主包容方面树立一个典范时,近期的动荡几乎还没有开始。这项行动包括全国各地的市政厅会议和内部评估。政府官员们还委托专家发表意见(我是受邀发表意见的人士之一)。来 /201503/362172

  WASHINGTON The Supreme Court on Monday blocked one of the Obama administration’s most ambitious environmental initiatives, one meant to limit emissions of mercury and other toxic pollutants from coal-fired power plants.华盛顿——美国最高法院周一推翻了奥巴马政府最雄心勃勃的环保措施之一,该措施旨在限制燃煤发电厂汞及其它有毒污染物的排放。Industry groups and some 20 states challenged the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision to regulate the emissions, saying the agency had failed to take into account the punishing costs its regulations would impose.行业团体及约20个州对美国环境保护局(Environment Protection Agency,简称EPA)控制排放的决定提出挑战,称该机构没有考虑其规则会带来的惩罚性成本。The Clean Air Act required the regulations to be “appropriate and necessary.The challengers said the agency had run afoul of that law by deciding to regulate the emissions without first undertaking a cost-benefit analysis.《清洁空气法Clean Air Act)要求规则需是“适当和必要的”。挑战方认为,环保局在没有先做出成本效益分析的情况下,就决定控制排放,违反了法律。The agency responded that it was not required to take costs into account when it made the initial determination to regulate. But the agency added that it did so later in setting emissions standards and that, in any event, the benefits far outweighed the costs.环保局回应说,机构在做出要控制排放的初步决定时,无需考虑成本问题。但该机构补充说,在后来制定排放标准时考虑了成本,而且不论如何,收益都远远大于成本。The two sides had very different understandings of the costs and benefits involved. Industry groups said the government had imposed annual costs of .6 billion to achieve about million in benefits. The agency said the costs yielded tens of billions of dollars in benefits.双方对所涉及的成本和收益有非常不同的理解。行业团体说,政府为得到00万美元的收益,强加了每年高达96亿美元的成本。环保局则称,这些成本产生了数百亿美元的收益。The decision, Michigan v. Environmental Protection Agency, No. 14-46 was a setback for environmentalists.最高法院对14-46号案、密歇根州诉环境保护局(Michigan v. Environmental Protection Agency)的判决对环保人士来说是个挫折。In the term that ended in June 2014, the justices heard cases on two other sets of environmental regulations one aimed at limiting power plant pollution that wafts across state lines, the other at cutting planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions. The E.P.A. won the first case and largely prevailed in the second, though the Supreme Court indicated that it remained prepared to impose limits on the agency’s regulatory authority.014月结束的最高法院开庭期里,大法官受理了有关其他两组环保规则的案件,一个旨在限制发电厂的污染跨州排放,另一个旨在减少导致地球变暖的温室气体的排放。环保局赢了第一个案子,并在第二个案子上取得了很大程度的胜利,虽然最高法院当时曾表示,它仍准备对环保局的控制权做出限制。Monday’s decision reversed one from the ed States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, which ruled that the agency’s interpretation of the Clean Air Act was reasonable.最高法院周一的决定推翻了哥伦比亚特区联邦巡回上诉法院的判决,该判决裁定,环保局对《清洁空气法》的解释是合理的。“For E.P.A. to focus its ‘appropriate and necessarydetermination on factors relating to public health hazards, and not industry’s objections that emission controls are costly, properly puts the horse before the cart,Judge Judith W. Rogers wrote for the majority.巡回法院法官朱迪斯·W·罗杰Judith W. Rogers)代表多数派意见在判决书上写道,“EPA把其‘适当和必要的’注意力集中在与公众健康危害有关的因素上,而不是行业反对控制排放的理由、即控排成本高这个因素上,是合乎道理的做法。”In dissent, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh said that, in context, the statute required attention to costs “as a matter of common sense, common parlance and common practice.”法官布雷特·M·卡瓦纳夫(Brett M. Kavanaugh)在反对意见中写道,从上下文来看,该法律对考虑成本的要求“是常识、俗言与惯例之事”。来 /201507/383694。


  When Nestlé’s Maggi noodles were declared one of India’s most trusted consumer brands last year, alongside Colgate, Dettol and Nokia, a Bangalore commenter on the Economic Times of India’s website retorted: “It is time that India and Indians wipe out all foreign brands from this list. It needs to make its mark in the world.”去年,雀Nestlé)旗下的美Maggi)面条同高露洁(Colgate)、滴Dettol)及诺基亚(Nokia)一起荣获印度最受信任的消费品牌时,班加罗尔的一名员在印度《经济时报Economic Times)网站上反驳道:“现在是印度和印度人民将所有外国品牌从这一榜单上清除的时候了。印度需要在世界上留下自己的标志。”By coincidence, what one minister dubbed the country’s “Inspector Rajwas about to take action. A food inspector plucked a Maggi packet from a shop in Uttar Pradesh in January, starting a farcical sequence of events that culminated in Nestlé incinerating 400m packets of innocent noodles. Only this week, after global sales were dented, has the brand returned to the shelves.巧合的是,印度一名部长所称的“检验员拉吉Inspector Raj)正打算采取行动。今月,一名食品检验员从北方邦(Uttar Pradesh)的一家商店拿走了一包美极面条,从此引发了一系列闹剧,最终导致雀巢销毁了4亿包其实没什么问题的面条。只是在最近(在美极面条全球销量下降后),该品牌才重新在印度上架。Narendra Modi, India’s reform-minded prime minister, is visiting the UK and Turkey this week, bearing his “Make in Indiaappeal to multinationals, backed by the easing of barriers to foreign direct investment. But the Maggi noodles case shows that national leaders may talk but tax authorities, food inspectors and local bureaucrats often do not listen.致力于改革的印度总理纳伦德拉莫迪(Narendra Modi)最近对英国和土耳其进行访问,承诺减少针对外国直接投FDI)的壁垒,用“在印度制造Make in India)的口号吸引跨国公司。但美极面条事件表明,不管国家领导人说了什么,税务部门、食品检验机构及地方官僚体制常常当作耳旁风。In claiming on the basis of disputed evidence not backed up by other countriesfindings that Nestlé’s noodles contained too much lead, India’s main food inspection body blithely undermined Mr Modi’s welcome. It added to a growing realisation among multinationals that emerging markets are not the one way bet, full of eager customers, they once hoped. These are tricky territories in which it is easy to get entangled.声称雀巢生产的面条含铅量超标(基于有争议的据,而这些据并未得到其他国家检验结果的持)之举,意味着印度主要食品检验机构满不在乎地打破了莫迪的欢迎姿态。这进一步增强了跨国公司本已日益强烈的意识:新兴市场并不是他们曾经期望的单向押注,满是踊跃的消费者。这些是棘手的地方,外国企业很容易陷入麻烦。In a sense, they always knew it. Only the truly naive thought it would be as easy to move into China as into Cincinnati. But the risks appeared to be containable, especially when they were being lured by smiling politicians, and the rewards for leaping into the unknown great. In practice, there have been more pitfalls than some realised and lesser rewards.从某种意义上说,他们一直都知道这一点。只有真正幼稚的人才会认为进入中国像进入辛辛那提(Cincinnati)一样容易。但以往风险似乎可控,尤其是在他们受到笑脸相迎的政客吸引、而跃入未知所带来的回报巨大之时。但在现实中,他们遇到了比预想更多的陷阱、更少的回报。The economic climate does not help. China’s rate of growth has dropped and Brazil and Russia are expected to contract this year. Goldman Sachs has closed its Brics fund, dedicated to profiting from the potential of Brazil, Russia, India and China, due to underperformance. Foreign investors can no longer surf a wave of rapid growth.经济环境也不给力。中国经济增速已经下降,巴西、俄罗斯经济预计今年将出现萎缩。由于表现不佳,高盛(Goldman Sachs)已关闭了旗下的金砖国Brics)基金,后者旨在获益于巴西、俄罗斯、印度和中国的增长潜力。外国投资者再也无法搭上快速增长的顺风车。Meanwhile, the regulatory setbacks multiply. Nestle’s noodles imbroglio follows others for foreign multinationals in India, notably over tax. Vodafone won a victory in the Mumbai High Court last month over an effort by India’s tax authorities to raise its liabilities by hundreds of millions of dollars. The same court ruled last year in favour of Shell over a similar claim.与此同时,监管方面带来的挫折不断增多。雀巢面条风波与在印度的其他外国跨国公司的遭遇如出一辙,特别是在税务方面。上月,沃达Vodafone)在孟买高等法院获得了胜诉,此前印度税务部门试图让该公司补缴数亿美元的税款。去年,孟买法院在一起类似的案件中做出了有利于壳Shell)的判决。Foreign multinationals can at least rely on the Mumbai court to be dispassionate. Its judges gave short shrift to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) in August, describing its decision to ban nine varieties of Maggi noodles on the basis of flawed tests as in breach of natural justice.外资跨国公司至少可以信赖孟买法院作出公正判决月,该院法官未理会印度食品安全与标准局(FSSAI),称该局基于有缺陷的检测禁类美极面条出售的决定违反了自然公正原则。Other countries are equally testing. GlaxoSmithKlinewas fined 300m by a court in China last year after becoming a public example in its crackdown on bribery. Sifiso Dabengwa, chief executive of the South African mobile company MTN, which sells services across Africa and the Middle East, resigned on Monday after regulators in Nigeria fined the group .2bn.其他国家同样也很棘手。在成为中国打击贿赂的公开案例后,葛兰素史GlaxoSmithKline)被中国一家法院罚亿英镑。南非移动通信企业MTN(在非洲及中东各地提供务)首席执行官思费索达本古Sifiso Dabengwa)在尼日利亚监管机构对该集团罚2亿美元后最近宣布辞职。Foreign multinationals are not the sole targets of officious supervisors. Nor are they solely at risk in emerging economies, as European banks have found in the US. Several large Chinese state-owned enterprises and their senior executives have suffered badly from the country’s anti-corruption campaign. But foreigners present obvious targets when times are tough.外资跨国公司并非好管闲事的监管机构的唯一目标。他们也并非只在新兴经济体遭遇风险,欧洲的在美国也同样遭遇风险。几家大型中国国有企业及其高管在该国的反腐运动中遭受了严重冲击。但在艰难时期,外资企业更容易成为靶子。That puts a premium on fitting in, not merely by adapting the Big Mac to local culture and selling Chicken Maharaja Macs instead, but becoming part of the fabric of the economy. “You cannot afford to be regarded as the imperialist. You must show how you benefit the country,says Peter Williamson, a professor of international management at Cambridge university.这意味着必须付出额外代价“入境随俗”,不仅仅是让“巨无霸汉堡Big Mac)适应当地文化,转而销售“鸡肉大王汉堡Chicken Maharaja Macs),而且还要成为当地经济的一部分。“你承受不起被视为帝国主义者的后果。你必须展示自己如何让所在国家受益,”剑桥大Cambridge University)国际管理学教授彼得威廉森(Peter Williamson)说。But Nestlé did not do very much wrong, and certainly not enough to deserve a 20 per cent fall in its sales in India. Its mistake came after the fact rather than before, in failing to respond quickly and assertively enough to the accusations. By the time it hit back, the claim that its noodles were poisonous was all over social media. Nestlé was no arriviste trying to cram a global product down local throats. It has operated in India for 103 years and started manufacturing there in 1961. Maggi has been a popular brand since its launch in 1983 noodles that could be cooked in a few minutes, were cheap enough for most people and fitted with their busier lives.但雀巢并没有做错什么,肯定不至于让其在印度的销售额下降20%。雀巢的错误在于在事件发生后没能快速、自信地回应指控。等到雀巢作出反驳时,关于其面条有毒的传闻已经传遍了社交媒体。雀巢并不是试图让当地人接受某款全球产品的新来者。它已经在印度经营了103年,并且早在1961年就开始在印度生产。自1983年推出以来,美极一直是广受欢迎的品牌——这种几分钟即可煮熟的面条对大多数人来说足够便宜,而且适合他们的忙碌生活节奏。Nestlé India has been ed on the Mumbai exchange since 1968; it employs 7,000 people directly and another half a million indirectly; it takes milk and dairy supplies from 100,000 farmers in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan; it runs global research and development for noodles in India; and it has nine health laboratories. It is not, in other words, a stranger.雀巢印Nestlé India)968年就在孟买交易所挂牌上市;它直接雇用7000人,间接0万人提供就业;它从旁遮普Punjab)、哈里亚纳邦(Haryana)和拉贾斯坦邦(Rajasthan)0万户农民那里收购牛奶和乳制品;它在印度对面条进行全球研发,而且拥有9个健康实验室。换句话说,印度人对雀巢并不陌生。It is customary in such cases to ask what the big corporation should have done better and Nestlé will learn lessons, especially in how it communicates. But it was India’s fault rather than Nestle’s and the moral for growth economies is this: if the rewards for coming to your country have fallen, you must reduce the risks too.在此类事件中,人们往往会问,大公司怎样才能做得更好,雀巢将吸取教训,尤其是在沟通方面。但这是印度(而不是雀巢)的过错,该事件对增长型经济体的寓意是:如果你国的投资回报下降,那么你必须把风险也降低些。来 /201511/410723


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