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  • Syria’s new opposition leader叙利亚新任反对派领袖Better than the one before?会比上一任更出色吗?A different man faces the same problems换个面孔处理相同问题Jul 13th 2013 | CAIRO |From the print editionJarba’s turn at the top轮到贾尔巴掌舵SYRIANS can be forgiven for paying scant attention to the inauguration on July 6th of a new president of the Syrian National Coalition, the political opposition’s umbrella group in exile. The new man, Ahmed Jarba, is a leader of the powerful Shammar tribe, which has branches in Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. A former political prisoner, he hails from the north-eastern Syrian town of Hasaka.叙利亚反对派的流亡伞状组织——叙利亚全国联盟——在七月六日迎来了一位新主席,而这场就职典礼却未成为叙利亚人关注的焦点。但这也情有可原。新任主席为艾哈迈德·贾尔巴(Ahmed Jarba),他是强大的舍麦尔部族(Shammar tribe)的首领,此部族势力强大,一直延伸至叙利亚、伊拉克以及沙特阿拉伯。他出生于叙利亚东北部的哈塞克镇(Hasaka),曾经是一名政治犯。He is a respected figure. Yet there is little reason to believe he will wield more influence than his predecessor, Moaz al-Khatib, a prominent Damascus cleric. The rivalry of the coalition’s two main Arab backers, Saudi Arabia, which is close to Mr Jarba, and Qatar, whose preferred candidate narrowly lost the election, has long hamstrung the opposition. Two days after Mr Jarba’s election, Ghassan Hitto, a protégé of Qatar who had been appointed as an interim prime minister in March, resigned, citing his failure to form a government in exile.他确实受人尊敬,然而目前仍无法确信他的影响力会超过他的前任——备受尊崇的大马士革传教士Moaz al-Khatib。沙特阿拉伯和卡塔尔是联盟中主要的阿拉伯国家持者,而沙特与贾尔巴走的更近,卡塔尔的意向候选人则在大选中惜败。这两个国家长期以来的竞争是削弱反对派的重要原因。贾尔巴赢得大选两天后,卡塔尔的门生Ghassan Hitto宣布辞职,理由是他未能成功组建一个流亡政府。他在今年三月被任命为临时首相。Mr Jarba may persuade Saudi Arabia to provide more humanitarian aid but, in view of Western anxiety over the increasing number of extremists in rebel-held parts of Syria, he is unlikely soon to secure advanced weapons to take on President Bashar Assad’s forces. Mr Assad’s tightening grip over the most populous cities along a north-south axis in Syria’s west has dimmed the prospects, always faint, of peace talks that were said to be in the offing in Geneva.也许贾尔巴会说沙特阿拉伯向其提供更多人道主义援助,但由于西方社会十分担忧受反叛军控制下的叙利亚部分地区中极端主义者数目激增,他不可能如此快速地得弄到先进武器来对付阿萨德的部队。叙利亚西部阿萨德控制下的人口最多的几个城市呈南北一线状;而正是他的严格控制使得即将在日内瓦召开的,原本就扑朔迷离的和平谈话的前景越加不明朗。Meanwhile, the fighting opposition inside Syria is growing ever more fractious. Two rebels were reported to have been beheaded recently in Dana, a town in Idleb, a north-western province that is mainly in rebel hands, after they clashed with fighters from a rival group calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (“Greater Syria” in Arabic), which is tied to al-Qaeda. The group has been trying to make inroads into areas in the north that are held by more secular rebels. Mr Jarba has a tough task ahead.同时,叙利亚境内的反对派武装力量还在不断失控中。有报道称,在由反叛军控制的叙利亚西北部的伊德利卜(Idleb)省达纳镇(Dana),两名反对者在与一竞争组织发生冲突后被处以极刑,后者自称伊拉克伊斯兰国和al-Sham(阿拉伯语,“大叙利亚”),并与基地组织交往甚密。这个组织一直试图侵入叙利亚北部地区,而北部地区则为世俗反叛军所持有。贾尔巴还将面临严峻考验。201307/249147。
  • You may have heard of supertasters.你可能也听过有这样一个群体—品尝师。These are people who, it was discovered, are carrying around extra taste buds on theirtongues, making the world of eating much more intense.他们是被挖掘出的特殊人群,他们的舌周围广泛分布着味蕾,让吃东西变得异常有感觉。Its not at all an unusual thing: the latest data suggest that oneout of every four people is a supertaster.这并不稀奇:最新数据显示每四个人中就有一个人是品尝师。For them, eating is amuch richer, more flavorful experience than for the rest of us.相比于我们这些普通人,他们吃东西时会有更丰富、更美味的体验。Still, before you get too jealous if youre not a supertaster, it turns out there are drawbacks tohaving a technicolor tongue.然而,你也不用因为自己无法成为超级品尝师而对他们羡慕不已。A study that looks specifically at supertasters over the age of sixty-five found that they have more colon polyps than folks who arent so taste bud gifted.事实明,拥有那样华丽的舌头也会带来某些不好的影响。专门对65岁以上的品尝师展开的一项调查研究发现,他们比那些未被赋予超常味蕾的人们患结肠息肉的概率更高。Colon polyps are the things you want to have removed before they become cancerous, which iswhy all folks fifty and older should get a yearly colon exam.结肠息肉容易发生癌变,因而它是人人得而诛之,这也是为什么人们上了50岁每年都得进行一次肠息肉检查。Why do supertasters have more colon polyps?为什么品尝师们容易患上结肠息肉?It isnt known.具体原因还待考。But supertasters also weigh more onaverage than non-supertasters, and weight increases cancer risk.但有一点,品尝师们的体重一般都比普通人重,而体重会增加患癌症的风险。The reason for this may be assimple as it sounds: eating is more fun when you taste in 3-D.而他们体重偏重的原因就跟大家听起来一样:多方位的品尝食品时,饮食让人倍感无穷乐趣。Some researchers think, however, that the problem may not just be an increase in pleasure.然而,很多研究人员又认为原因很可能不仅仅是在饮食当中增加了乐趣。Those extra taste buds may also drive people away from food thats good for them, such as vegetables,because the taste of, say, a brussels sprout is just too intense.这些多出来的味蕾会让品尝师们对一些有益身体健康的食物敬而远之。这是因为这些食物的滋味,比如说抱子甘蓝,就太重了。 201405/297923。
  • Microblogs微Big Vs and bottom lines大V和底线Authorities move against some of China’s most vocal microbloggers政府对中国最直言不讳的微用户采取行动Aug 31st 2013 | BEIJING |From the print editionBETWEEN August 20th and 23rd Beijing police arrested several microbloggers on a charge normally reserved for rabble-rousers on the streets: that of “creating a disturbance”. They were nabbed, police claim, for sping false rumours. Earlier in the month two influential microblogging activists were also arrested in east-central China. Each had accused officials of wrongdoing. An online crackdown is under way on those who do not follow the Communist Party’s line.8月20日至23日,北京警方已煽动民众(制造混乱)为名逮捕了几个微用户。警方声称他们被捕的原因是散播谣言。这个月早些时候,中国中东部两个有影响力的微活跃用户也被逮捕。他们都曾指控政府官员违法。一场网络行动正在打击不与共产党统一战线的人。Yet those arrested are small fry. Of greater concern to authorities are the so-called “Big Vs”, popular microbloggers on Sina Weibo and Tencent Weibo, the two leading microblogs, who have been verified not to be writing under a pseudonym (and so have a V beside their name). Many Big Vs have millions of followers and some write provocatively about sensitive social and political issues. On August 23rd Beijing police detained one Big V, Charles Xue, and later accused him of holding group sex parties with prostitutes. Mr Xue, who is a naturalised American, is a wealthy businessman with 12m followers.这些被捕的还只是小人物。政府最担心的是所谓的大V,大V是指新浪微和腾讯微上通过实名认(名字后面有个V)并且广受欢迎的用户。许多大V有数百万粉丝,并且对敏感的社会政治问题发表激烈言论。8月23日,北京警方拘留了名人薛蛮子,随后指控其聚众淫乱。薛蛮子是美籍华人,一个拥有1200万粉丝的富商。Many assume that Mr Xue’s arrest is a message to the rest of the Big Vs, including holders of foreign passports, that no one is too big to be touched. They hardly needed warning. The authorities have by turns been courting and intimidating the Big Vs in their efforts to control the virtual public square. Arresting or silencing the biggest ones comes with risks for the government, because of the stir it would cause: Kai-Fu Lee, a Taiwanese tech celebrity living in China, has more than 50m followers on Sina Weibo. On the other hand, many microbloggers with foreign passports have good cause to be compliant. They often have business interests and Chinese family members to protect.许多人认为薛蛮子被捕时政府向包括拥有外国签的其他大V发出的讯息,没有人不被管制。他们甚至都不需要警告。政府通过拉拢和威胁大V试图控制虚拟公共场所。但是如果拘留或者封杀这些大V的话,政府面临风险,因为这样做可能会引起强烈的社会反响。例如居住在中国的台湾籍科技名人李开复在新浪微上有超过5000万粉丝。另一方面,许多拥有外籍的微用户有理由顺从,因为他们要维护自己的商业利益,保护自己在中国的家庭。On August 10th Mr Xue and more than a dozen other Big Vs attended a forum, portions of which were later shown on state television, to promote social responsibility among microbloggers. Lu Wei, chief of the State Internet Information Office, declared that microbloggers with large followings had a particular responsibility to tell the truth, protect state interests and social order, and uphold the law and “socialist” ideals and morals. The Big Vs publicly affirmed the wisdom of these strictures, known as the “seven bottom lines”. One Big V, Pan Shiyi, a property developer with 16m followers, posted a short in which he compared the seven bottom lines to traffic rules, suggesting they are reasonable and should be obeyed.八月十日薛蛮子和其他十几位微名人参加了一个促进微用户社会责任感的论坛,部分内容随后在央视播出。国际互联网信息办公室主任鲁炜表示,拥有大量粉丝的微用户有义务讲真话,维护国家利益和社会秩序,并且拥护法律和社会主义意识形态和道德准则。大V公开肯定了被称为七条底线的一系列约束的必要性。其中一个大V潘石屹是一个房地产开发商,拥有1600万粉丝,他发了一天短视频,视频中他将七条底线与交通规则相比较,说明其合理性并应该遵守。Authorities have since made clear that microbloggers who break the strictures can be treated just as if they were causing a real-world ruckus. On August 21st Legal Evening News reported that Beijing police now consider the online world as much a public space as the real one. It was a “judicial breakthrough” that appears to be the legal basis for some recent detentions.政府对待违背这些准则的微用户态度很清楚,就像对待现实生活中骚乱分子一样。8月21日,法制晚报报道称北京警方现在已经将网络世界看作现实生活中的公共空间。这看起来是为最近一系列拘留行动提供了法律依据,是一项“司法突破”。Zhang Qianfan, a professor of law at Peking University, recently wrote a critique of this legal approach, suggesting that order cannot be maintained on the internet, nor should it be. By nature, he wrote, the internet is a noisy place. “The government should step aside. Once it interferes with the internet, we will soon find it becomes the biggest rumour-monger.”北京大学法学教授张千帆最近就这些法律措施发表了,指出网络秩序不能维护也不应该维护。他写道,网络本质上是一个言论聚集之地。“政府应该靠边站。一旦政府干涉网络,很快我们就会发现最大的造谣者就是政府。”201309/255127。
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