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8 厌倦竞争3句英文任你选She was dissatisfied with her salary.她对自己的薪水不满意。He had the audacity to ask for an increase in salary.他竟然厚着脸皮要求增加薪水。I really hate the competition in getting a promotion.我真是受够了为升职而你争我斗。半个句型要记牢competition in -(在……方面的竞争)Tip: 表示;竞争,竞赛注意易与 contest混淆: contest多指不同意某个观点而争辩。尤指参赛各自献技并由评判员进行评判的比赛,较为柔性。例如:I must contest. I think you are wrong. (我必须争辩,我认为你错了。) competition泛指为了取得某方面的胜利而进行的比赛、竞争等,所指的竞争较为剧烈和刚性,甚至带有一些暴力。例如 He was in competition with ten others for the job. (他和其他十个人一起竞争这份工作。)。另外,competition的动词形式是compete,表示;竞争,对抗;用法是compete with sb. in sth. /doing sth. ,意思是和某人在某方面竞争。 /201509/393161

DON BRADLEY: Don Bradley. 堂.布拉德利:堂.布拉德利。 EDWARD GREEN: Hi, Don. How' s the meeting? 爱德华.格林:堂,你好。会议开的怎样? DON BRADLEY: It' s just finished. 堂.布拉德利:刚刚结束。 I' m on my way over. How' s your meeting? 我在过来的路上了。你的会面怎样? EDWARD GREEN: he' s definitely interested. 爱德华.格林:他很有兴趣。 We' re having a break. 我们在休息。 DON BRADLEY: What' s the situation? 堂.布拉德利:情况怎么样? EDWARD GREEN: It' s becoming difficult, we' re stuck on the size of the order for Big Boss. 爱德华.格林:变的有点难,我们还在订购“大老板”的量上。 He wants a unit price of 19.5 on an order of 25,000. 他想要19.5,买的量是2.5万件。 DON BRADLEY: That sounds good to me. 堂.布拉德利:我觉得不错。 EDWARD GREEN: I think we can push him further. 爱德华.格林:我认为还可以再逼下他。 DON BRADLEY: Do you think so? 堂.布拉德利:你是这样认为的吗? EDWARD GREEN: I think so...I hope so. 爱德华.格林:我是这样认为的…… 希望如此。 DON BRADLEY: Be careful. He' s a clever man. 堂.布拉德利:小心点,他可是个聪明人。 I've dealt with Mcneil before. 我以前跟麦克内尔打过交道。 When he starts banging on the table, that' s as far as you can go with him. 如果他开始敲桌子的话,那就是你能做的极限了。 Good luck! 祝你好运! EDWARD GREEN: Thanks. So let' s clarify the position so far. 爱德华.格林:谢谢。那么我们明确一下我们现在为止的处境。 As far as Big Boss is concerned we have agreed on a unit price of 20 for 30,000, and I can' t go below that price for an order of this size. 仅就“大老板” 我们同意给20的单价,但要购买3万件,对这样的订购量我不可能低于这个数。 Now let' s look at terms of payment. 现在我们看一下付款条款。 DANNY MCNEIL: Ninety days. 丹尼.麦克内尔:90天。 EDWARD GREEN: I' m sorry Mr. Mcneil, but that' s completely unacceptable. 爱德华.格林:对不起 麦克内尔先生,不过这完全不可接受。 Our standard policy on discounts of over thirty percent is payment within thirty days of delivery. 我们对于超过30%的优惠的优惠政策通常是交货后30天之内。 DANNY MCNEIL: This is not a standard situation. 丹尼.麦克内尔:但这不是个通常情况。 I am making a very large order... 我订购的货量很大…… EDWARD GREEN: Can I just come in here, Mr. Mcneil? 爱德华.格林:麦克内尔先,我能插两句吗? I know you' re making a large order but you are also getting an excellent product at a very large discount. 我知道你的订购量很大,但你也是以很大的优惠获得一件很棒的产品。 DANNY MCNEIL: I can' t believe that this is your final offer. 丹尼.麦克内尔:真不能相信,这就是你们的最终报价。 EDWARD GREEN: If you order 35,000 then I can authorise payment in 90 days. 爱德华.格林:如果你订购3.5万件,我可以授权90天内付款。 DANNY MCNEIL: We have aly decided on quantity. 丹尼.麦克内尔:我们已经决定了数量。 This is my last offer. 30,000 at 60 days payment. 这是我的最后出价:3万件,60天内付款。 Take it or leave it. 要么接受要么一拍两散。 EDWARD GREEN: I think that offer will be acceptable. 爱德华.格林:我认为这个出价可以接受。 So all we have to do now is finalise the delivery arrangements. 那么我们现在要做的就是商定交货的安排了。 DANNY McNEIL: Well, let' s discuss the details tomorrow. 丹尼.麦克内尔:我们还是明天再商谈细节吧 DANNY MCNEIL: Come in! Don, how are you? 丹尼.麦克内尔:近来! 堂,你好! DON BRADLEY: Hello, Danny, Edward. 堂.布拉德利:你好,丹, 爱德华。 I' m sorry I' m late. 对不起,我迟到了。 DANNY MCNEIL: You are late. 丹尼.麦克内尔:你真是迟了。 I' d rather do business with you than this young man. 我宁愿跟你打交道,也不愿跟这个年轻人做生意。 What have you been feeding him? 你都给他吃了什么啊? DON BRADLEY: Oh, we don' t feed him. 堂.布拉德利:哦,我们不给他们吃的。 We like to keep our staff hungry. 我们喜欢使员工有饥饿感。 /200703/10782

I want a second-class single to Frankfort. 我要一张去法兰克福的二等单程票。I want a second-class single to Frankfort.我要一张去法兰克福的二等单程票。15 euros, please.15欧元。How much is a one-way ticket to Miami?去迈阿密的一张单程票多少钱?What’s the fare for a return express ticket to Boston?去波士顿的快车来回票票价是多少?A single to London, please.劳驾,一张去伦敦的单程票。I want two single to London.我要两张去伦敦的单程票。When does the last bus leave the terminal?最后一班车几点发车?When does the last bus leave the terminal?最后一班车几点发车?11:30 pm, sir.晚上11:30,先生。When is the next train to London, please? 请问下一趟到伦敦的列车几点发车? Do you know when the train will arrive? 你知不知道火车几点到达? /201511/408702

找工作时,我们莫过于怕两件事情,一是面试没过,一是连面试机会都没得到。如何能在简历和面试中做到最好呢?是否也遇到过下面A同学的类似的情况,专家们又是如果解答的呢?Graduate A: Well I am not those students who get As in all subjects. I thought about exaggeration a little. But I quickly gave up the idea, as I know the importance of honesty. Talking about the rest of my resume, I just recorded the experiences regarding my personal growth. It is not that interesting, I admit, but I just don’t know what else to do. 毕业生A:我不是一位优秀的学生,在写简历的时候,我本想着要写的夸大一些,但是很快打消了这个念头,因为对我而言,诚实是比较重要的。说到简历,我仅仅就写下了个人经验,连我自己都觉得有点无聊,但又有什么办法呢?A Consultant of Peking University student career center said, when a company recruits new employees, they most look for three qualities in college graduates. The first quality is students’ ethics. This is not easy to detect. But if the company finds the student has lied on his resume or during an interview. No more how small the lie is, they will not hire him. The second quality is people’s skills, which can be determined by a person’s participation in club activities or social activities. The last but not the least quality is learning ability. Every graduate needs to learn a lot of new things when he just begins his career. So the company wants to know how quick he can fit in. once college students know what companies care about most when they are hiring employees, it will be easier for them to write a good resume. Like the young in the example said, most graduates may focus on the rest of personal growth but it is more advisable to focus on the position. The key pointing out your resume is to show how qualify you are for the position. Analyzing your advantages and disadvantages honestly, then list the reasons why you think you are competent for the job accordingly. Make it short and focused. Unless you applied for an academic position, keep your resume to one page. 北京大学学生就业中心的一位专家说,企业单位在招聘时,主要看中学生三点,第一点是学生的品德,尽管在招聘的过程中“德”是很难考察的,但是如果求职者一旦被发现在说谎,无论谎言大小,觉不会被录用。第二点是个人技能,这是与求职者参加的各种社联合或者其他社会活动有关。最后一点,也很重要,那就是学习能力,对于每一个刚刚开始工作的大学毕业生,都会有很多新东西要学习和尝试。所以企业单位很想知道他们的能否快速适应新环境,掌握的新知识。如果大学毕业生们知道企业单位在招聘是比较看中什么了,那么就会很容易去写好一份不错的简历。正如上面的A同学所说,多数毕业生会比较看中个人成长这一部分,但是建议把重点放在申请的这个职位上。简历总体而讲要脱颖而出的秘诀是对职位和自己的深入把握和良好的匹配。简历要简练意赅,抓住重点。除非是你是申请学术性职位,否者最好在控制在一页以内. /201103/128361

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