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于都县做流产多少钱赣南医院哪个医生好George Osborne embarked on Tuesday night on a controversial trade mission to Urumqi in the far north-west of China, amid concern that he risked turning a blind eye to Beijing’s treatment of the minority Muslim Uighur population.周二晚,英国财政大臣乔治攠斯本(George Osborne)启程前往中国西北城市乌鲁木齐进行一次具有争议的贸易访问。外界担心,他可能会对中国对待信仰伊斯兰教的少数民族维吾尔族的方式不闻不问。Mr Osborne wants Britain to win construction contracts in Urumqi and the surrounding Xinjiang region, as Beijing builds a development corridor along a 21st-century Silk Road connecting China with Europe.奥斯本希望,在中国政府打造连接中欧的21世纪丝绸之路开发走廊之际,英国能赢得乌鲁木齐、乃至新疆地区的一些建设合同。The chancellor set a target of making China Britain’s biggest trading partner after the US by 2025, replacing Germany, an ambitious target that even Treasury officials admit will be a “challenge”.奥斯本设定的目标是到2025年时让中国取代德国成为英国的第二大贸易伙伴(仅次于美国)。这是一个雄心勃勃的目标,就连英国财政部官员也承认这将是一项“挑战”。Mr Osborne believes that building trade links to cities such as Urumqi is the key to achieving his goal. But the White House is more circumspect; one senior US official recently said Britain was involved in a “constant accommodation” of China.奥斯本认为,建立与乌鲁木齐等城市的贸易往来是实现上述目标的关键。但美国的态度则较为谨慎;一位美国高官最近表示,英国正“不断迁就”中国。In a further sign of Mr Osborne’s enthusiastic wooing of Beijing, he announced a 10m fund to increase the teaching of Mandarin in English schools, a programme he said would benefit 5,000 pupils by 2020.奥斯本还宣布将设立一个1000万英镑的基金,扩大英国学校的汉语普通话教学。他表示,到2020年,该计划将令5000名英国中小学生受益。这进一步表明,奥斯本正热情洋溢地向中国示好。“I want to give more young people the opportunity to learn a language that will help them succeed in our increasingly global economy,” Mr Osborne wrote in a Spectator magazine blog post.奥斯本在《旁观者》(Spectator)杂志的一篇文中写道:“我希望让更多的年轻人有机会学习一门将帮助他们在我们这个日益全球化的经济中取得成功的语言。”However, Mr Osborne’s modest 5,000 increase pales in comparison with David Cameron’s aspiration — made after a trip to China in 2013 — to double the number of Mandarin learners to 400,000 by the end of this parliament. Some 3,710 pupils in the UK took the GCSE Chinese exam this year while 157,699 sat GCSE French and 54,037 took German.然而,在英国首相戴维愠蕓伦(David Cameron) 2013年访华后提出的、在本届议会任期届满前将英国汉语普通话学习者的数量增加一倍至40万人的目标面前,奥斯本的5000人目标相形见绌。今年,英国有大约3710名学生参加了普通中等教育书(GCSE)中文考试,157699名学生参加了GCSE法语考试,54037名学生参加了GCSE德语考试。Mr Osborne has planned his China visit to maximise its effect. His itinerary on Tuesday started with a symbolic show of solidarity with China at the Shanghai stock exchange, before flying five hours north-west to Urumqi.奥斯本的访华安排意在使这次访问实现最大效果。他周二行程的第一项,是在上海交所(SSE)发表演讲,表示要与中国携手发展,而后飞行5个小时赶赴乌鲁木齐。He is the first serving British minister to visit the city, which suffers from ethnic violence and does not normally feature on the agenda of visiting western dignitaries. Beijing says it is waging a fight against religious extremism, terrorism and separatism.他是首位访问乌鲁木齐的英国在任部长。乌鲁木齐存在民族暴力冲突问题,一般不会出现在西方要人的访华行程中。中国政府表示,它正在打击宗教极端主义、恐怖主义和分裂主义。But Kate Allen, Amnesty UK director, said: “Mr Osborne must not trade away his ability to talk out on human rights in China.” Ms Allen called on the chancellor to raise the issue of the life sentence given to Uighur academic Ilham Tohti a year ago.然而,大赦国际(Amnesty)英国负责人凯特縠伦(Kate Allen)表示:“奥斯本决不能放弃在中国谈论人权问题的机会。”艾伦呼吁奥斯本提及维族学者伊力哈木土赫提(Ilham Tohti)一年前被判无期徒刑一事。Chinese treatment of the Uighurs, most of whom follow a moderate branch of Sufi Islam, is becoming a sore point with Muslims overseas — particularly in Turkey, whose language is closely related to Uighur.中国对待维族的方式正成为海外穆斯林群体的心头之痛,特别是在土耳其,土耳其语跟维吾尔语存在密切的联系。多数维族信仰伊斯兰教中温和的苏菲派(Sufi)。Native to resource-rich Xinjiang, many Uighurs feel discriminated against in education and employment in China, while some also chafe under restrictions on Muslim religious practice. China maintains that Uighurs seeking to leave the country are trying to join extremist groups overseas.许多维族人在资源丰富的新疆地区土生土长,他们觉得在中国,维族人在教育和就业方面受歧视,还有一些维族人对穆斯林宗教活动受到的限制感到不满。中国方面认为,寻求离开中国的维族人是在试图加入海外的极端组织。Mr Osborne surprised his hosts by proposing the visit — the most sensitive part of his five-day trade mission to the country — himself. British journalists based in Beijing were advised by the Chinese authorities not to cover it.奥斯本本人提出访问新疆,着实出乎中方的意料——这是他为期5天的对华贸易访问中最为敏感的一段行程。中国有关部门建议驻北京的英国记者不要报道这段行程。But the chancellor says he wants to show Britain is interested in investing in every region of China, arguing that he hoped that the money spent on the One Belt, One Road project to revive historic trade routes would improve the situation in Xinjiang.但奥斯本表示,他希望表明英国有意投资中国的每一个地区,并辩称他希望这些投资于“一带一路”项目以复兴历史商道的资金将会改善新疆的状况。“I think it’s actually much better that we engage and, after all, one of the things we can bring to Xinjiang is economic development, rising prosperity and higher living standards,” he told the B.他向英国广播公司(B)表示:“我认为我们参与进去其实要好得多,毕竟,我们能为新疆带来的一样东西就是经济发展、日益的繁荣和生活水平提高。”Privately, British officials were more blunt. “It’s no good saying sorry, we’re not going there, and then turn up in 10 years’ time and find there’s a huge German skyscraper in the middle of Urumqi,” said one.英国官员私下里更为直言不讳。一位官员表示:“说不好意思、我们不到那儿去了,结果十年后再去,发现在乌鲁木齐市中心矗立着一座巨大的德国天大楼——这有什么好?”Mr Osborne denies his trip to Xinjiang is a sign that he endorses China’s security crackdown and says he raised human rights issues privately with his hosts during meetings in Beijing on Monday.奥斯本否认此次新疆之旅表明他认可中国为保障社会安全而展开的打压,并表示,周一在北京与东道主会晤期间,他私下里提出了人权问题。By visiting parts of China that do not normally feature on the diplomatic circuit, Mr Osborne also hopes to persuade Chinese investors to look beyond London and put money into his “northern powerhouse” project in the north of England.奥斯本还希望,通过访问中国一些通常不在外国要人访华行程上的地区,可以说中国投资者将目光投向伦敦以外的英国其他地区、并投资于他在英格兰北部的“北方经济引擎”(northern powerhouse)项目。The Treasury announced that a group based in Xinjiang, the Hualing Industry and Trade Group, had agreed to invest money “to unlock three major property projects in Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield with a gross value of 1.2bn”. The statement did not say how much money Hualing was putting into the scheme, which is led by the UK’s Scarborough Group; a Treasury official later said it was 60m.英国财政部宣布,中国新疆华凌工贸集团(Hualing Industry and Trade Group)已同意投入资金“启动曼彻斯特、利兹和谢菲尔德的3个大型房地产项目,项目总价值为12亿英镑”。该声明并未透露华凌向该项目投入多少资金——该项目由英国斯卡伯勒集团(Scarborough Group)牵头;英国财政部一位官员后来表示,华凌投资了6000万英镑。Some doubt whether British companies will win construction contracts in Xinjiang, a region with sensitive security issues, although Mr Osborne is keen for investment to flow both ways.一些人怀疑英国公司能否在存在敏感安全问题的新疆赢得建筑合同,尽管奥斯本热切希望投资能有来有往。The US administration has been critical of Chinese handling of ethnic tensions in Xinjiang. Speaking last month, Tom Malinowski, assistant secretary of state for democracy and human rights, said China was at risk of “conflating terrorism with peaceful expression of dissent or religious belief” in Xinjiang.美国政府一直对中国处理新疆民族紧张关系的做法持批评态度。负责民主和人权事务的美国助理国务卿汤姆氠利诺夫斯基(Tom Malinowski)上月在发表演讲时表示,在新疆,中国可能会把“恐怖主义与和平表达异见和宗教信仰混为一谈”。 /201509/400568于都县中医院四维彩超预约 China’s economy expanded at its slowest pace in six years in the first quarter, held back by a slowdown in construction and manufacturing as the government seeks to re-engineer the country’s growth model.中国经济在第一季度以6年来最慢的速度扩张,主要受建筑业和制造业放缓的拖累。政府正试图转变中国经济增长模式。Chinese growth underpinned the global economy in the wake of the financial crisis, but it has been slowing year by year since 2011, affecting everything from the price of iron ore to global sales of luxury goods.中国的增长曾在金融危机后撑了全球经济,但自2011年以来逐年放缓,影响了从国际铁矿石价格到全球奢侈品销售的很多领域。For emerging markets that rely on Chinese demand for their commodities, the slowdown is adding to the strain as they brace themselves for the effect of a US interest rate rise that is expected later this year.对那些依赖中国大宗商品需求的新兴市场来说,中国经济增长放缓给它们增加了压力,因为它们正准备应对美国利率上升(预计在今年晚些时候)的影响。China’s gross domestic product grew 7 per cent in the first three months of 2015 compared with the same period a year earlier, the country’s National Bureau of Statistics said on Wednesday — the weakest quarterly expansion since the depths of the global financial crisis in early 2009. China’s economy grew 7.3 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2014.中国国家统计局(NBS)周三表示,中国的国内生产总值(GDP)在2015年前三个月同比增长7%。这是自2009年初全球金融危机最严重时期以来最疲弱的季度扩张。中国经济在2014年第四季度同比增长7.3%。The Chinese government had previously announced a growth target of “around 7 per cent” for 2015. “We have the ability to keep economic operation within the proper range,” Premier Li Keqiang told the Financial Times in an interview on March 31.中国政府此前已宣布2015年增长目标为“7%左右”。中国总理李克强在3月31日接受英国《金融时报》专访时表示,“我们有能力保持经济运行在合理区间。”“This is not going to be easy but we will do our best and we can do it,” Mr Li added in his first interview with a western media organisation since assuming office two years ago.他补充说,“这不是一件容易的事情,但是我们会努力做,而且相信能做到。”自两年前上任以来,这是李克强首次接受西方媒体采访。An economic slowdown in China is widely seen as inevitable but also necessary as the country tries to move from its traditional dependence on smokestack industries towards domestic consumption and services. “We expected the fall in economic growth,” Sheng Laiyun, NBS spokesman, said on Wednesday. “As the economy enters the ‘new normal’, the drop in growth rate is good for structural adjustment and transformation.”随着中国试图摆脱对“烟囱产业”的传统依赖,转向国内消费和务业,中国经济放缓被广泛认为是不可避免的,也是必要的。中国国家统计局发言人、综合统计司司长盛来运周三表示:“这种回落也很正常,因为中国经济进入新常态以后,增速换挡、增速回落一定程度上讲有利于调结构和转方式。”However, policy makers want to avoid an abrupt slowdown that could cause unemployment to spike and trigger a wave of defaults that could threaten financial stability.不过,中国政策制定者希望避免经济突然放缓,因为这可能导致失业率激增,并引发一波债务违约潮,危及金融稳定。 /201504/370538The observation that gold has been a disappointing investment of late should come as no surprise to anyone in the investment world. The fact that this has occurred in the context of developments that would normally push gold prices higher is notable. But the most consequential hypothesis of all is that gold might be losing its traditional role in a diversified investment portfolio.对于有称近期的黄金投资令人失望,投资界的任何人应该都不会感到意外。值得注意的一个现象是,与此同时发生的一系列事件通常而言原本会推高金价。但在所有假设中,最重大的假设是黄金或许正失去其在多元化投资组合中的传统地位。To say gold has underwhelmed investors in the past couple of years is an understatement. It did not participate in the surge upwards in nearly all financial asset prices; and it has not provided protection in the more recent downturn in risk markets. Throughout this period, gold has not benefited from rock-bottom interest rates that compensated for one of its main disadvantages as a financial holding — namely, that gold holders do not earn any interest or dividend payments. It has also shown an unusual lack of sensitivity to multiple geopolitical shocks, Greek-related concerns about the single European currency, and the vast injection of liquidity by central banks.说过去几年黄金让投资者感到失望,算是轻描淡写了。当几乎所有金融资产价格都在飙升时,它没有参与;而当风险市场最近出现回落时,它没有提供避险保障。低利率可以弥补黄金作为金融资产的一个主要缺点——黄金持有者不会获得任何利息或股息付,但在这段时期里,黄金并没有从极低的利率中受益。而且对于地缘政治的多次冲击,希腊危机引起的对欧洲单一货币的担忧,以及各央行大量注入流动性,黄金的表现都异常缺乏敏感性。The performance of gold has been so dreary as to encourage a growing number of hedge funds to bet against the asset, notwithstanding its price decline of 8 per cent year to date (and 16 per cent over the past 12 months). Indeed, positioning reports point to large shorts.黄金的表现实在令人沮丧,于是鼓励了越来越多的对冲基金押注于金价下跌,尽管今年到目前为止金价已下跌8%(过去12个月下跌了16%)。事实上,持仓报告已指向大规模做空。Several reasons may be advanced to explain these historical anomalies. They suggest that while cyclical factors have played a role, the main drivers are much more structural and secular in nature.或许可提出几个原因来解释这一历史性的异常现象。从这几个原因看,虽然周期性因素发挥了作用,但主要驱动力远更具有结构性,以及长期性。First, investors have found more direct ways to express their views about the future, particularly in a world in which central banks have had such an important influence on asset prices — from the explosion in equity exchange traded funds globally to the deepening of interest rate and credit products.首先,投资者已经找到了更直接的方式来表达他们对未来的看法,从交易所交易基金(ETF)出现全球性爆发,到利率和信贷产品深化。在央行对资产价格具有重大影响的当今世界尤其如此。Second, gold has become a lot less attractive to investors as a result of the lack of meaningful inflationary pressures. It has also suffered from the more general decline in interest in commodities among institutional and retail investors, due in part to slower global growth.其次,由于缺乏切实通胀压力,黄金对投资者的吸引力已经小了很多。此外,部分受到全球经济增长放缓的影响,机构和散户投资者对大宗商品的兴趣普遍下降,黄金也受到波及。Third, gold faces the growing risk of lower demand from central banks, once deemed reliable core holders. Part of this is driven by the fall in holdings of international reserves by the emerging world, particularly as they try to cope with the impact of lower commodity prices.第三,黄金还面临着一个越来越大的风险,即央行需求降低,央行曾被认为是可靠的核心持有者。这部分是受到新兴经济体所持国际储备下跌的影响,特别是当它们试图应对大宗商品价格走低时。Fourth, as historical correlations have broken down, the analytical case for investing in gold has been increasingly challenged. In particular, prices have failed to respond positively to some notable geopolitical shocks, eroding the metal’s attraction as a diversifier and risk mitigator.第四,随着历史关联性断裂,投资黄金的理由日益受到挑战。特别是金价没能对一些显著的地缘政治冲击作出积极响应,削弱了黄金在分散投资和风险缓冲方面的吸引力。Fifth, the main drivers of most asset prices — liquidity injection by central banks and deployment of some of the large corporate cash holdings via dividends, buybacks and Mamp;A activity — have not spilled over in any meaningful way to gold; neither directly through reallocation of investor funds due to price movements, nor indirectly due to concerns that all this liquidity would fuel inflation.第五,大部分资产价格的主要驱动力——央行注入的流动性,以及部分大企业通过分红、回购以及并购对所持现金进行部署——没有对黄金产生任何有意义的影响。既没有由于价格变动影响投资者的资金配置而直接产生影响,也没有因为人们担心这么多流动性会加剧通胀而间接产生影响。Sixth, the size of the demand response induced by the lower prices — from jewellery and other physical uses of gold — is too small to offset the erosion of investor interest.第六,因为金价降低而增加的珠宝等黄金制品需求太小,不足以抵消投资者兴趣的减弱。Finally, there is the price level argument. Before its recent lacklustre performance, the price had surged (eg, at one stage it had risen more than ,000 an ounce from its November 2008 level of 0). Thus, it is the earlier price move that could be deemed unusual and excessive.最后一个理由是价格水平。在近期表现低迷之前,金价曾出现飙升(举个例子,金价一度涨至比2008年11月的每盎司700美元高出1000美元)。因此可以认为之前那轮金价变动才是异常和过度的。Assessing the cyclical versus secular/structural balance of these seven factors, it is hard not to conclude that gold may well be experiencing an erosion in its positioning as a core holding in diversified institutional and retail investment portfolios. The more this happens, the more enticing it will be for “fast money” to short the metal as a way of inducing even greater sales by disappointed core holders.权衡这七个因素的周期性成分与长期结构性成分,很难不得出一个结论:黄金作为机构和散户多样化投资组合中核心资产的这一定位,很可能正在受到削弱。而越是如此,黄金就越能吸引“快钱”来做空,从而引诱失望的核心持有者进一步抛售。This situation is unlikely to change soon but it need not be terminal. A shift would probably require a broader normalisation of financial markets, including a diminution in the direct and indirect role of central banks in determining asset prices and their correlations. Until that happens, the glittering metal is likely to continue to languish.这种情况不太可能很快改变,但它未必已成定局。要想出现转变,很可能需要金融市场全面正常化,包括降低央行在决定资产价格及资产价格相关性方面的直接和间接作用。在此之前,黄金这一闪闪发光的金属可能会继续疲软。 /201508/392149兴国县人民医院看妇科好不好

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安远县人民医院院长是谁 ROK military to fight MERS韩国军医抗击MERSSouth Korea#39;s Ministry of National Defense said Thursday it plans to dispatch medical officers to a civilian hospital to lend support in the nationwide fight against Middle East Respiratory Syndrome.韩国国防部11日表示将派出军方医疗人员进驻民用医院,为全国抗击中东呼吸综合征(MERS)疫情助力。;A total of 24 military surgeons and nurses will be sent to the Daejeon Dae Cheong Hospital starting Friday to take care of patients there infected with the virus,; according to ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok.韩国国防部发言人金珉奭表示,;将在12日派出24名军方医生和护士前往大田大青医院,照顾那里感染病毒的患者。It is the first case of the military providing such support to contain MERS.;这是本轮疫情暴发以来,韩国军方首次向民用医院提供相关帮助。The spokesman said the ministry ;will actively consider taking similar steps if other local entities want.;金珉奭还表示,如果其他地方医院提出类似请求,军方也将积极考虑并作出回应。 /201506/380462南康市横寨卫生院开展无痛人流吗兴国妇幼保健院引产多少钱



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