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  Looking for a companionA bachelor asked the computer to find him the perfect mate: ;I want a companion who is small and cute, loves water sports and enjoys group activities. ;Back came the answer: ;Marry a penguin. ;寻找伴侣一个单身汉要电脑为他找个完美的伴侣:“我要找一个娇小可爱的、喜爱水上运动又喜欢群体活动的伴侣。”回答是:“娶一只企鹅吧。” /201205/181472。

  Women in general are vain when it comes to their looks. In fact, the most important part of their body where they spend their money the most is their hair. Women have various hair maintenance and other treatments just to ensure that they would look good and better each day. As beliefs say that hair is the woman’s glory and for this to be kept that way, routines must be made aside from the daily shampooing and conditioning application. However, there are also common hair mistakes that some women do and it should serve as a reminder for all not to repeat them.女人在外表方面都不免有些虚荣。事实上,女性全身上下最重要、也是花钱最多的地方是她们的头发。女人们对头发进行各种各样的保养和护理,只是为了确保头发每天都看起来美美的,而且越来越美。有人坚信,头发是女人的荣耀,为了让这种荣耀得到保持,对头发的常规护理绝不能仅仅停留在洗发水和护发素的使用上。然而,有些女人们在头发上常犯的错误,大家都应该吸取教训,不要再犯这些错误。10. Too Much Heat on the Hair10. 对头发过分加热There are various hair tools that women use these days such as blow dryer, ceramic straightener, and curling irons. They become more conscious on how their hair would look for today and the next day. It has become their partners each day whether they like curly hair or a more straight hair look.现在女性用在头发上的工具五花八门,比如吹风机、陶瓷直发器和卷发棒。女性对于每日发型的变换有了更清醒的认识。不论是喜欢卷发还是更中意直发造型,这些工具都成为了女人们每天的伙伴。9. Wearing a Pony Tail9. 扎马尾It does not mean that women should not wear any pony tail at all but wearing it frequently and putting it on the same position will damage the hairline gradually. It#39;s best to find various ways of putting hair accessories and not just the same pony tail, not doing it every day. It will cause hair breakage.并不是说女人们完全不能扎马尾,但是如果扎马尾过于频繁,而且每次都扎在同一个位置,将会逐渐对发际线构成损害。最好能用不同的方法来佩戴发饰,而不只是每天都扎同样的马尾。这样会导致头发脱落。8. Too Much Hair Products8. 过度使用美发产品Imagine your hair that has received shampoo, conditioner. After taking a bath, chemicals will be put on not just one, but two or more hair products such as styling gel, anti-hair frizz, and others. Yes, the thought of maintaining its shape and shine would not help, especially if an exaggerated amount is being damped into hair.想象一下,你的头发已经用香波洗干净并且涂上了护发素。洗完澡以后又要用上不止一种化学产品,可能是两种甚至更多,比如造型啫喱、头发柔顺精华等等。是的,这也许并不能帮助你保持头发的造型和光泽,尤其是在使用过量的时候。7. No Regular Haircuts7. 没有定期修剪头发It does not mean that you would cut your hair shorter. It#39;s up to you. But to those who are used to maintaining long hair cut should once in a while by visiting the parlor to trim the hair down. It#39;s the best remedy in removing unhealthy hair, especially where split ends mostly appear.这不代表你要把头发剪短。头发的长短由你决定。但是对于那些习惯留长发的人来说还是应该偶尔去把头发修剪一下。这是去除不健康头发的最佳办法,尤其是对于那些出现分叉的头发。6. Regular Shampooing of Hair6. 每天用洗发水洗头Shampooing your hair daily decreases the natural oil that it actually produces. It washes away the natural shine the moment that you put on shampoo into your hair. This is the reason why conditioners must be applied after shampooing your hair. The ideal is to use shampoo every other day and not regularly.每天用洗发水洗头会使头发分泌的天然油脂减少。当你把洗发水倒在头发上时,它会洗掉你头发的自然光泽。这就是为什么用洗发水洗完头后必须要用护发素。最好是每隔一天用洗发水洗头,而不要每天使用。5. Doing Personal Hair Dying5. 自己染发Those who can#39;t afford to have their hair dyed in the nearby parlor would just do self-dying at home. Yes, it#39;s economically wise because you can save from expensive process that is being offered in a regular hair salon. However, it#39;s better that experts handle them because there are necessary directions that must be followed, especially when it comes to mixtures.那些觉得在附近的发廊染发过于昂贵的人可能会自己在家染发。是的,从节俭的角度来说这是明智的,因为你可以省下去正规美发沙龙里染发的昂贵费用。然而,最好还是让专业人士来打理,因为有一些必备的操作程序必须要遵守,尤其是在调配混合剂时。4. Drying Hair after Bath4. 洗澡后用毛巾擦干头发It is automatic that after that you take a bath that you put towel on your hair to absorb excess water. Nonetheless, rubbing the towel on your hair to dry them up would cause hair frizz and damage.洗完澡后你会很自然地用毛巾包裹住头发来吸收多余的水分。但是,用毛巾在头发上擦来弄干头发会导致头发的毛糙和损伤。3. Too Much Brushing/Combing3. 梳头过多There is an old saying that when you brush your hair 100 hundred times, it would become healthier and natural shine will appear. Nonetheless, too much combing or brushing will cause hair breakage and damage.有句老话说,梳头100遍,光泽就出现,头发更健康。然而,梳头过多会将导致头发脱落和损伤。2. Doing Your Own Haircut2. 自己剪发This is for those who are not really hair experts where they could not really follow the right direction in hair trimming. Once you make a cut, you#39;ll never know that you have aly created a direction. Most of the women who did try it were never satisfied after and they would run to a nearby salon to save their hair from a big fiasco.这条错误是针对那些在头发方面并不专业,也无法完全按照剪发的正确流程操作的人。从你自己动剪刀的那一刻起,你就已经错了,而你自己却还没有意识到。大部分自己动手剪发的女人剪完后都对发型极其不满,而且会到附近的美发沙龙想办法补救这个重大的错误。1. Following the Latest Hairstyles1. 追随最新的发型潮流It#39;s okay that you follow some trendy hairstyles but it does not mean if specific hairstyle looks good to others that the same effect would reflect on you. You have to know the shape of your face and the appropriate cut that will improve your look and that would really suit you. If it won#39;t work for you then try other hairdos. You have to experiment and ask others#39; opinions if necessary.追随潮流发型并没有问题,问题在于某些让别人看上去很美的发型在你身上却没有同样的效果。你必须清楚自己的脸型,要明白哪些合适的发型真正适合你,让你更好看。如果这款发型不适合你,那么就试试其他的。你要进行一些尝试,必要的时候可以问问他人的看法。 /201204/179579

  A Russian who killed his father in December 2011 after a row about China#39;s geographical position, has been sentenced to 13 years in jail, the prosecutor#39;s office in Far Eastern Amur region said on its website on Thursday.上周四,位于远东地区阿穆尔州的公诉人办公室在网站公布,2011年12月因与父亲对中国地理位置争论不和而杀父的俄罗斯男子被判入狱13年。According to prosecutors, the 41-year-old man, who was released from prison in October 2011, started an argument with his father about China#39;s geographical position as they were drinking alcohol together in Far Eastern city of Blagoveshchensk.据公诉人称,在远东区城市布拉戈维申斯岛,2011年12月刚从监狱被释放的41岁男人,当时正和父亲一边喝着酒,一边争议着中国地理位置的问题。After unsuccessful attempts to convince his father on which shore of the Amur River China is located, the man beat his father, suffocated him with a towel and then drowned him in a bath, the prosecutors said in a statement.中国位于阿穆尔河(即黑龙江)哪一侧?公诉人声称,该男子在屡屡劝说父亲关于中国地理位置得不到赞同之后,便开始打他的父亲,用毛巾捂住他,然后把父亲溺死在浴缸中。The man will serve a 13-year jail term in a high-security prison, the prosecutor#39;s office said.公诉人办公室说,男人将要在重刑犯监狱役13年。 /201208/193540The woman who appeared in India#39;s Olympic contingent in the opening ceremony was a cast member in the event, London 2012#39;s Seb Coe has said.在奥运开幕式上混入印度代表团队伍中的女子身份确定为开幕式的一名表演人员,2012伦敦奥组委主席塞巴斯蒂安-科表示。She was a cast member who got ;slightly over-excited;, he told journalists at the daily Olympic news conference.塞巴斯蒂安-科告诉每日奥运新闻记者招待会的记者们,她是一名“有点兴奋过度”的开幕式表演人员。Indian team officials were angered by the woman#39;s presence and are seeking an apology.印度代表团对突然闯入的这名女子表示愤怒,同时向奥组委道歉。She became known as ;the woman in red; because of the colour of the top she was wearing.这名女子因上身穿着红色的衣而被称为“红衣女子”。Lord Coe said: ;We have been looking at security but she didn#39;t just walk in off the street. She was a cast member who got slightly over-excited.奥组委主席塞巴斯蒂安-科表示:“我们已查看了安保记录,确认此女子并非闲杂人员,确实参与了表演,但她似乎有些“过度激动”。;She shouldn#39;t have been there but she clearly started in that venue. I will be speaking to the Indian delegation.;“她不应该出现在印度代表团里,但是很明显她从一开始就混入其中,我将与印度代表团商谈此事。”In contrast to the Indian team#39;s yellow saris or blue blazers, her red top made her stand out as she walked next to India#39;s flag-bearer, wrestler Sushil Kumar.该女子的红色上衣与印度代表团的黄色沙丽和蓝色西装形成鲜明对比,使她在与印度代表团旗手库马尔行走在一起时显得格外引人注意。;This was bizarre. We will ask for an apology,; India#39;s chef de mission, PKM Raja, told the Times of India.“印度代表团代理团长拉贾告诉印度时报:“这很奇怪,我们会要求她道歉。”;The Indian contingent was shown for just 10 seconds and to think this lady hogged all the limelight.;“印度代表团仅仅出现了10秒钟,可是这位红衣女子就吸引了所有的注意力。”He added: ;When we were entering the stadium, a member of the organising committee or some security guy asked to be in front of us. We thought the woman was part of Locog.他补充道:“当我们正要进入体育场的时候,组委会或者是保安的一群人走在我们前面,我们以为这个女子是伦敦奥组委的一员。”;When we entered the stadium, the woman who was walking between us and the contingent ahead of us, the Independent Olympic Athletes, suddenly came back and started walking next to Sushil Kumar, our flag-bearer.“当我们进入体育场的时候,走在我们前面的奥运独立代表队中的女子,忽然向后走并开始在团旗手库马尔旁边开始行走。”;We are totally surprised by the manner in which she joined the delegation and kept walking inside the stadium,; he said.“对于她这种加入代表团并且保持行走在体育场的方式,我们感到非常惊奇。” 拉贾说道。He told the newspaper that he was not sure of the woman#39;s nationality.他告诉媒体他并不确定该女子的国籍。He said the woman ;embarrassed us in front of the world;.拉贾说,这个女子“让我们在世界面前丢脸。”Several newspapers claim to have identified the woman in question as a post-graduate from Bengaluru, India. However this remains unconfirmed.几家报纸爆料此名女子同时可能是印度班加罗尔的一名研究生,但这种说法还没得到实。India is fielding 81 athletes at the London Games, with medal hopes in archery, boxing, badminton, shooting, tennis and wrestling.印度有81名运动员出席此次奥运会,有希望在箭术、拳击、羽毛球、射击、网球和摔跤项目中获得奖牌。 /201207/192921






  《死了都要爱》这首歌是姚若龙作词,柳海准作曲,阿信唱红,英文版由Billy Klippert翻唱虽然沿用中文原版的曲调,但并没有翻译中文歌词,而是重新填的词,并且主题也从爱情转到了战争与和平,词写得非常好。但愿世界越来越美好,不会再有战争,天下太平。Killing time been here so longit feels like home once I believedbut this war has took so much from methe things I#39;ve seenthe blood shed and the broken dreamsthey follow me relentlesslyI survive on foolish pridethinking i can save the worldfrom Sodom and their crimesbut I#39;m aloneand the war just rages on againthere#39;s something waiting out therewaiting for usand it ain#39;t no man在这里很长时间,无端消耗生命我曾相信会和在家里的感觉一样但是谁知这场战争让我失去了很多我曾看见的事血腥和破碎梦他们无情的跟着我我存活了下来因了那愚蠢的荣誉我想我能拯救世界从所多玛与他犯的罪里但我感到孤独绝望战争再次肆虐有什么等在那里等待着我们那看来来者不善so open your eyesdon#39;t let them make you sacrificeall you fight forlive to dream ofsuch a shame to hide behind all their liesthe truth won#39;t feed you to the firewith guns and roses left behind 所以擦亮你的眼睛不要为他而牺牲自己所有你为之战斗的所有你为之梦想的只是包裹在他们的谎言里的耻辱真相是不会把你推进火里只遗留下冰冷的和未央的爱all I have is this faded picture in my handsad though it seemsbut this is who we used to beto see your face is the only thing that keeps me saneand carries me through the shame 手里的这张褪色的照片是我的一切看起来似乎很悲伤但让我知道我是谁唯一让我保持清醒的是看着你的脸带着我逃离羞耻I survive on foolish pridethinking i can save the worldfrom Sodom and their crimesbut I#39;m alone and the war just rages on againthere#39;s something waiting out therewaiting for usand it ain#39;t no man 我存活了下来因了那愚蠢的荣誉我想我能拯救世界从所多玛与他犯的罪里但我感到孤独绝望战争再次肆虐有什么等在那里等待着我们那看来来者不善so open your eyesdon#39;t let them make you sacrificeall you fight forlive to dream of 所以擦亮你的眼睛不要为他而牺牲自己所有你为之战斗的所有你为之梦想的such a shame to hide behind all their liesthe truth won#39;t feed you to the firewith guns and roses left behind 只是包裹在他们的谎言里的耻辱真相是不会把你推进火里只遗留下冰冷的和未央的爱you gotta try to understandI#39;m never coming home againthe earth is shakinglives are takenyet the sun still shinesbehind all their liesthe truth won#39;t feed you to the firewith guns and roses left behindwith guns and roses left你应该试着理解我再也他不上回家的路了大地在颤抖活着无法承受阳光依旧明媚谎言的背后真相是不会把你推进火里只遗留下冰冷的和未央的爱只遗留下冰冷的和未央的爱 /201204/178114

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