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富阳尖锐湿疣最好的医院富阳打胎那家医院好国家地理:Blood Diamond: Africa 血钻There's a disturbing side to the diamond trade--- the traffic of conflict diamonds, otherwise known as blood diamonds. This is Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone on the West African coast, a country still emerging from ten years of war. During that war, it was held by rebel forces--- rebels who use diamonds to finance their rebellion. The war started with rebel forces trying to overthrow a corrupt government, but quickly descended into a terror campaign with amputation used as a weapon--- thousands of people were killed and maimed as the rebels maintained their tenacious hold on the diamond fields, using the gems to buy more guns. Rebels forced men, women and children to dig for diamonds at gunpoint. These diamonds were then smuggled into the world markets. There, they were cut and polished, disappearing into the legal supply, sold like any other gem to consumers who had no idea they'd been paid for originally in blood. Diamonds from Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo joined the illegal exodus. It doesn't look like much, but this is the Sierra Leone's government diamond office--- the new frontline of the fight against blood diamonds. Every gem in this room is supposed to be legal. Lawrence Myers who runs this office understands the danger blood diamonds posed to the industry. Thousands of diamonds pass through this office every week and every so often, a spectacular one shows up, like the stone that came through yesterday. "That stone would vary from 1 million to 1.5 million."It's aly on its way to Belgium--- the largest diamond exported from Sierra Leone in ten years at least legally. Weighing in at 110 carats, it's the size of a golf ball and worth about a million dollars in its rough state. After it's been cut and polished, it will be sold for about five times that amount. But for the government of Sierra Leone, the diamond will earn a mere 30,000 dollars in export taxes. That's not very much. But many diamond traders in the country choose not to pay any taxes at all. About 40% go through the official channels. 60% of diamonds are smuggled--- 70 to 75 million. This untamed jungle shelters a rich and fertile land, but there's almost no sign of agriculture. Farmers abandoned these fields long ago--- many to dig for diamonds, no fences, no guards, no industrial machinery. Twenty feet beneath these men is a diamond-rich gravel bed. To get to it, tons of earth have to be moved, a shovelful at a time. Ex-rebels work side by side with the civilians they once terrorized. Most of these men dig all day, every day, 365 days a year."Century ago, diamonds have been part of their life. They dream diamonds, they eat diamonds, they think diamonds. Wherever you go, you talk about diamonds.""I buy house. I buy motorcar. I do the job for my people." Whether they are large or small, diamonds from these mines feed the same pipeline that once trafficked the blood diamonds. There are up to a million miners in Sierra Leone, and only a thousand of them have licenses. It's like the Wild West, a place that obeys its own laws, because all it takes is one big stone to change a person's life, for better or for worse. 200708/16995春江街道妇女医院有哪些专家 Hello again.又和大家见面啦。Things havent been going well at Tip Top Trading.Tip Top Trading公司今天看起来情况似乎不太妙啊。There was a fire in the warehouse, caused by Mr Ingles cigarette and now Mr Socrates – the big boss from America – has turned up unexpectedly.库房发生了火灾,是英格尔先生吸烟引起的,而现在苏格拉底先生——美国的大老板突然出现了。So honey, are you…?亲爱的,你是……?Anna. Im Anna, I work here as a sales executive.安娜,我叫安娜。我是这的销售代表。We havent met before.我们之前没见过。We sure aint. Looks like Ive arrived just in the nick of time.的确是。看来我来的不太是时候啊。Whats going on… oh, Mr Socrates!怎么了……噢,是苏格拉底先生!Golly gosh, what an unexpected...天啊,可真是意外的荣幸啊。Unexpected alright. Looks like this company is in a mess.意外是真的。看来我们公司一团糟啊。Err yes. It was OK when I popped out for some biscuits… erm, would you like one?不过我出去买饼干的时候还好好的呢。来一块吗?Biscuits? ! Theyre cookies man.饼干?不就是曲奇饼吗。Look, now what do I have to do to get a triple shot, organic, skinny cappuccino round here?现在谁给我弄一杯有三份浓缩的有机低脂卡布奇诺来?Ill get you one Mr Socrates.我去给您拿来,苏格拉底先生。Its OK honey. I need you to book me a hotel room.没事了,亲爱的,我需要你帮我订一间酒店。You...whats your name again… Paul… can you fetch me one?你……你的名字叫什么来着……保罗……你来帮我拿一杯来吧。Right Anna. Booking a room for Mr Socrates.好的,安娜。给苏格拉底先生定酒店。This is something you cant get wrong.有些事你可千万不能弄错。Well Ive never done it before.可是我之前没做过这种事情。Im sure youll be OK.我相信你肯定行的。When you book a room, heres what you could say.订酒店的时候,你会用到下面这些句子。Hello, Id like to check availability and prices for a room please.你好,我想查一下有没有空房间以及房间的价格。Does the price include breakfast?价格里面包括早餐吗?Are there any business facilities such as internet and wi fi?里面有没有办公设施,比方说互联网或者无线网? /201702/491108World Financial Markets Sag Despite Key US Senate Vote参院批准救市案 世界市场仍下滑  World markets have fallen, despite the fact that a U.S. financial rescue package cleared its first hurdle, passing by an overwhelming margin in the U.S. Senate.美国国会参议院以压倒性多数投票通过了布什政府提出的金融机构拯救计划,使这个倍受争议的方案总算过了第一关,可是世界金融市场似乎并没有因此而受到鼓舞,继续大幅下滑。World markets might have been expected to breathe a sigh of relief after the U.S. Senate approved a bill authorizing the federal government to purchase hundreds of billions of dollars in bad debt from troubled financial institutions. The measure is seen by many economists as an important step toward ending an international credit crunch that could strangle global economic growth. 人们原本预期,美国国会参议院批准金融拯救议案,授权联邦政府拿出数千亿美元收购金融机构的坏帐,会使世界市场松一口气,可是结果还是事与愿违。很多经济学家都认为,这个方案是缓和国际信贷紧缩进而防止全球经济停滞不前的重要步骤。But U.S. stocks opened down and sank even lower by midday trading. The losses came amid another indication of a slowing American economy: applications for unemployment benefits have risen to their highest level in more than seven years.美国股票市场星期四一开市就走低,到了中午的时候,道琼斯工业平均指数便已经下滑了将近300点,主要由于最新的经济数据显示,上个星期美国首次申领失业救济的人数增加到七年多来的最高水平。At the White House, President George Bush met with U.S. business leaders, and said the bailout package must not stall in the House of Representatives, which rejected a similar bill Monday, prompting the biggest ever single-day point loss in U.S. market history.星期四在白宫,布什总统会见了几位美国工商企业的主管。他说,金融拯救计划决不能再在众议院搁浅。星期一下午,美国国会众议院投票否决了布什总统的金融拯救计划,导致美国股票市场疯狂下泻,道琼斯工业平均指数丧失了777点,那是美国股市有史以来最大的单日下跌点数。"This is an issue that is affecting hardworking people," he said. "They are worried about their savings. They are worried about their jobs. They are worried about their houses. They are worried about their small businesses. And, the House of Representatives must listen to these voices."布什总统说:“这个问题影响到辛勤工作的美国人民。他们担心自己的储蓄。他们担心自己的工作。他们担心自己的房子。他们担心自己的小生意。国会众议院必需倾听他们的声音。”While Asian markets were mixed, all major European markets reversed early gains and finished with losses.星期四的亚洲股市涨跌互见,欧洲的绝大多数股市早盘有所上扬,但是最后都以跌势作收。Europe's market downturn came after the European Central Bank opted to keep interest rates unchanged. ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet did not rule out the possibility of future rate cuts to boost economic activity and reassure financial markets, but said the bank was holding steady for now to guard against inflation.欧洲市场是在欧洲中央宣布保持利率不变之后下滑的。欧央行行长特里谢虽然没有排除今后降低利率以促进经济活动和稳定金融市场的可能性,但是他表示,为了防止通货膨胀恶化,欧央行现在只能保持目前的利率水平。"The economic outlook is subject to increased downside risks, mainly stemming from a scenario of ongoing financial market tensions affecting the real economy more adversely than currently foreseen," he said. "Other downside risks relate to the possibility of renewed increases in highly volatile energy and food prices, disorderly developments owing to global imbalances, and rising protectionist pressures."“经济前景受制于日益增加的下行风险,而下行风险主要来自于金融市场的持续紧张,这给真实经济造成的负面影响远远大于人们目前的预期。其他的下行风险跟再度出现的能源和食品价格暴涨有关,还有全球贸易不平衡的混乱性发展和日益高涨的保护主义压力。”Meanwhile, the International Monetary Fund is warning of a worldwide slowdown in economic activity.与此同时,国际货币基金组织IMF警告说,全世界的经济活动都在减速。"It is now all too clear that we are seeing the most dangerous shock to the mature financial markets since the 1930s, posing a major threat to global growth," said IMF Deputy Research Director Charles Collyns. "We find that when the banking system suffers major damage, as in the current episode, the likelihood of a severe and protracted downturn in activity increases."IMF研究部副主任查尔斯·科林斯(Charles Collyns)说:“现在有目共睹的是:我们正面临着1930年代以来成熟的金融市场所遭受的最危险的震荡,这对全球经济增长构成重大威胁。我们发现,当系统遭受重大损失时,目前的情况正是如此,经济活动出现严重而又持久的下滑的可能性随之增加。”The increasingly global financial crisis began with a rash of U.S. home foreclosures after a prolonged period of loose credit that saw millions of Americans acquire home mortgages they could not afford. In recent months, most major U.S. financial institutions that traded heavily in mortgage debt have failed, been sold off, or were taken over by the U.S. government.这场越来越全球化的金融危机始于美国的房地产市场危机。在此前漫长的信贷宽松时期,数以百万计的美国人无视自己的承担能力而大笔筹借房屋抵押贷款,结果很多人由于无力偿还贷款而丧失了住房赎回权。最近几个月来,很多大型的美国金融机构由于坏帐如山、资金周转不灵而宣布破产、遭到并购,或者被美国政府接管。200810/51517富阳医院哪家人流比较好

浙江在富阳市人民医院腋臭Now it could be a revolution for the publishing business. It's been called electronic paper, computer device which can hold 100 books or receive newspapers downloaded whilst you sit on a train or anywhere else. But instead of a flickering computer screen to give you a headache, the makers claim it's just like ing from normal paper. British consumers'll get their first chance to buy the product within the next couple of weeks. But are we really y to say goodbye to the traditional book? Well, our Science Correspondent Tom Clark reports.We Britons have a voracious appetite for words, each year we buy around 300 million books and every day digest miles and miles of words in 13 million newspapers. Since the time of Gutenberg, all those words have been printed on paper. But is this device or something like it about to change the way we get our words forever? Farewell to the dog-eared novel, the well-thumbed but out-of-date guidebook and the grubby newspaper, meet Iliad, the first E-paper device to come to Europe. It's a whole new technology in screen display. It produces a very stable, very clear image; you can this in bright sunlight.Er,it's a stable display, there is no flicker, so it's completely different to what you would normally expect from a computer screen or a PDA. Behind this and several new E-ers coming out soon is a technology developed by an American company called E Ink. The display is made up of thousands of tiny spheres, each no wider than a human hair. The spheres sit on top of an electronic grid; each sphere is filled with a clear fluid containing black and white charged particles. By changing the charge in one part of the grid, the black negatively charged particles move to the top of the sphere, the white to the bottom, making that part of the screen black. The opposite charge sends the particles the other way. Software controlling the charges across the grid can produce any pattern you want. Its makers hope it will revolutionize ing. But the Sinclair C5 was supposed to revolutionize driving, so we took the Iliad to meet the ing public. 'You can it, fine. It's, it's just like ing a book.''This is set up like a book, you know, in the same way, the same sort of er,dimensions as a book page. So, yeah, it looks quite good.''Do you think it's gonna replace the book, do you think we're all gonna be ing new thing in one of these...'No, not at all''Why not?''Because this isn't, books are lovely, aren't they? And this is er,another bit of sort of plasticky metal stuff. To add to all, so um... lives are aly full of plasticky metal stuff.'Would it be better if it was bendy? One British company is developing a flexible E-paper screen, almost as thin as a real sheet of paper. 'It's very lightweight, so you can carry it around like a regular magazine. And this is incredibly robust, you know, I can just take my shoe and do this to it, and nothing happens to the display. This is just Ramp;D electronics, the real product will look something like this. We will be able to shrink all the electronics into something on the edge of the device, so it'll be like a magazine.'A paper-like device that can store hundreds of novels, update the news while you browse the headlines and weighs less than a paperback, almost certainly has a future. But as long as sand gets stuck between pages and corners are folded to keep your place, new technology isn't going to consign paper to the wastebasket. 1.voracious:adj. ardently enthusiastic about a certain activity; ravenous 狼吞虎咽的, 贪婪的2.well-thumbed:adj.A book or magazine that is well-thumbed is creased and marked because it has been so often.3.charged particle:small particle which carries an electrical charge 4.dimension:n. measure; size尺寸, 容积, 次元 5.consign:v. To consign something or someone to a place where they will be forgotten about, or to an unpleasant situation or place, means to put them there. (FORMAL)200805/39350富阳看妇科病什么医院好 repine ———— 懊恼(不及物动词)英文释义 (intransitive verb) To fret; to feel discontented, annoyed, and restless.例句 Despite his many financial problems, the optimistic young executive did not repine, and always expressed a bright, confident attitude.尽管出了很多财务问题,这位乐观的年轻高管并不懊恼,始终展现出乐观、自信的态度。 /201607/455758富阳第二人民医院该怎么走

富阳中山妇科医院专家咨询How does the bureau use informants to bring dangerous criminals to justice? They have several top-secret strategies which we are about to reveal. FBI inspector Bob Garrity says the first step is to find a disgruntled member who is willing to betray his group and work as a spy. In the case of the oil refinery bombing, they enlisted an unlikely ally Bob Spence, one of the highest-ranking members of the KKK. Our confidential source who was a member, in fact he was the grand wizard of the True Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, normally would not be the kind of person that we would be cooperating with. He came to us and told us about members of his Klansmen who were discussing a conspiracy, discussing a crime that he just could not tolerate. Why would a lifelong member of the Klan turn against his friends? Garrity says people usually become FBI informants because they face criminal charges and have worked out a deal with the Feds. But Bob Spencer apparently had a different motive. My incentive of going to the FBI was to save lives. To me, be an informant meant that I was doing something to help my country. And that's why, and I felt good about it. Regardless of his good intentions, Spence couldn't possibly gather evidence against the Klan on his own. So the FBI assigns him a top-secret liaison called a handler to guide his every move. Agents who are very good source handlers have, you know, very good interpersonal skills, and they're able to take the source's fears, take his concerns and try to reassure him that we are out there, he is safe, we're gonna do whatever we can to protect him. In this case, Spence's handler is special agent Morgan Bodie. I was his only go-between as far as between Mr. Spence and the FBI. So he had to trust me completely. That trust is tested for agonizing 28 days as Spence leads a double life collecting information for the FBI. Spence knows he is risking his life as well as the safety of his family. I know how paranoid the Klan is. And if they would suspect someone who to be an informant, they won't hesitate to deal with them, and the bad thing is they don't deal just with them, they deal with the family also, you know, try to arrest the family who run them out of the county. The informant, he is dead meat. They still are around willing to do it.disgruntled: discontented, displeasedKlansman: member of the Ku Klux Klan (radical white-supremacist organization in the ed States)liaison: one that establishes and maintains communication for mutual understanding and cooperation200809/51015 富阳无痛人流几天可以做银湖街道儿童医院挂号预约平台



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