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  • The Canadian company behind a proposed pipeline that will carry oil from Canada to the ed States has asked the U.S. State Department to suspend its review of the controversial project.提出建设将加拿大石油输送到美国的输油管线的加拿大公司要求美国国务院暂停审核这个有争议的建设项目。TransCanada announced Monday that it had sent a letter to U. S. Secretary of State John Kerry to halt the review of Keystone XL due to an ongoing regulatory process in the midwestern state of Nebraska, the end point of the 1,900 kilometer pipeline. The company says it could take as long as a year before Nebraska authorities finish their review of the pipelines route.TransCanada公司星期一宣布已经致函美国国务卿克里,要求暂停审核Keystone XL输油管线的申请,理由是拟议中的输油管线终点内布拉斯加州管理当局正在进行审议。该输油管线长达1900公里。该公司表示,内布拉斯加州当局可能需要长年的时间才能完成其审核。The billion proposed pipeline has been under State Department review since TransCanada applied for permission in 2008. If Kerry agrees to TransCanadas request, it could delay a final decision until after President Barack Obama leaves office in January 2017.TransCanada公司2008年提出建设申请以来,美国国务院一直在审核这项将耗资80亿美元的输油管线建设计划。如果克里国务卿同意该公司的请求,有关的最后决定就可能推迟到奥巴马总统017月离任之后。Keystone XL would transport more than 800,000 barrels of oil from the tar sands of Alberta across Montana and South Dakota to southern Nebraska, and from there connect to existing pipelines to carry the oil to refineries along the U.S. Gulf Coast.Keystone XL输油管线建成之后将每天把80万多桶从加拿大阿尔伯塔省油砂中提炼的石油输送到内布拉斯加州,其间穿过蒙大拿州和南达科他州,然后通过现有的输油管送到美国墨西哥湾的炼油厂。The project has put Obama in the political crosshairs between environmentalists who claim the project will worsen the impact of climate change and supporters who say it will bring needed jobs and boost the nations energy independence.这一建设项目使奥巴马在环保主义者和建设项目持者之间左右为难。环保主义者声言,这一项目将使气候变暖的形势更加恶化。而持者则说,这一建设项目将给美国带来迫切需要的就业,还能加强美国的能源自给。A cross section of environmental activists issued a flood of statements accusing TransCanada of biding its time until after the 2016 presidential elections, in hopes a more supportive administration succeeds Obama in the White House.许多环保活动人士发出许多声明,指责TransCanada公司试图拖延时间,把建设审核拖延016年总统选举之后,以便获得奥巴马的继任者政府的更多持;In defeat, TransCanada is asking for extra time from the referees, and clearly hoping they’ll get a new head official after the election,; said Bill McKibben, founder of the online group 350.org. ;It’s time for the current umpire, President Obama, to reject this project once and for all.;网络环保组织350.org的创始人麦克基本说,“面对失败,TransCanada公司要求延长时间,显然是希望在美国大选之后有一个新总统。目前是现任的裁判奥巴马总统彻底否决这一建设项目的时候了。”White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters Monday that the president intends to make a final decision on Keystone XL before he leaves office.白宫发言人欧内斯特星期一对记者说,奥巴马总统打算在卸任之前对Keystone XL输油管线建设问题作出最终决定。来 /201511/408032。
  • A British hate preacher backed the Paris massacres just hours after the bloody events unfolded and told his followers Britain is the enemy of Islam.一位英国回教传教士在巴黎恐怖大屠杀的血腥事件发生几小时后,告诉他的追随者“英国也是伊斯兰教的敌人”。Cleric Mizanur Rahman, of Palmers Green, north London, defended the brutal murder of 12 people at the Charlie Hebdo offices, saying insulting Islam…they cant expect a different result.在伦敦北部,绿教阿訇拉赫格林.mizanur,针对查理周刊致2人的残忍谋杀事件发表了谈话,说“因他们侮辱了伊斯兰教,所以查理周刊的这些家伙只能够得到这个下场。”Experts have warned the sermon, which backed the jihadists who killed 17 people over three days in the French capital, could incite further killings.专家警告说,三天内在法国首都圣战分子杀7人的事件,可能会引发其持者更多的杀戮。Mizanur Rahman defended the Charlie Hebdo massacre and said insulting Islam…they cant expect a different result阿訇拉赫格林.mizanur谈论查理周刊大屠杀:“敢于冒犯伊斯兰还能有什么结果? 查理周刊的这些家伙只能得到这个下场”Speaking to an audience in London which was streamed online to thousands of his followers, Rahman praised Al Qaeda and said Britain is the enemy of Islam.他在伦敦对观众发表此番讲话,并通过网络传输给成千上万的追随者,拉赫曼称赞起基地组织并说,“英国也是伊斯兰的敌人。”Sam Westrop, director of counter-extremism group Stand for Peace told the Sunday Mirror: His kind of rhetoric is not an echo of Islamist terror and extremism it is a driving force behind it.山姆伟斯特拉,和平反极端主义集团的主任告诉星期日镜报:“他的这种说法,虽然出于言论自由不算煽动恐怖主义的行为,但确实是伊斯兰恐怖主义和极端主义它们背后的驱动力It is truly reprehensible for him to speak like this, especially so soon after Paris.“他这么说话确实应该受到谴责,尤其是在巴黎的恐怖袭击刚刚结束之后。”His speech on Friday night came to light after reporters from the Sunday Mirror gained access to an online live stream - they then notified the Metropolitan Police.他在星期五晚上的演讲曝光后,星期日镜报的记者从网上获得了在线直播,然后他们通知了警察。The newspaper reported that in the Rahman claimed France was carrying out ethnic cleansing, and told his followers what happened in France was war.据该报的报道,在视频中拉赫曼声称法国正在进行“种族清洗”,他告诉他的追随者“在法国发生了什么?那是(针对MSL战争!”Members of the public light candles in tribute to the 17 dead in Paris following three days of terror attacks市民点燃蜡烛,悼念死在巴天的恐怖袭击中死去7人。Muslim campaigners protest sale of alcohol in East London穆斯林活动家在东伦敦抗议出售酒He said: These cartoons is part of their own war, is part of the psychological warfare...you know what happens when you insult Mohammed.他说:“这些漫画是他们对我们的战争的一部分,是心理战的一部分......你要知道,当你侮辱穆罕默德,便会发生什么事情。”Rahman, who also goes by the name of Abu Baraa, is currently on police bail after he and others were arrested last year on suspicion of terror offences.拉赫曼,是一名阿訇的名称,他和其他数人因去年的恐怖犯罪嫌疑被逮捕,目前被保释中。Rahman, was jailed for six years in 2007 after calling for British soldiers to be brought back from Iraq in bodybags.拉赫曼,007年宣称英国士兵应该裹在尸袋里从伊拉克被运回来而被判入狱六年。He manages the Siddeeq Academy in Tower Hamlets, an Islamic tuition centre in East London.他管理的Siddeeq学院在伦敦塔桥附近,他在伦敦东部开了一个伊斯兰学习中心。In May last year Rahman was investigated by police after a showed him praising the Boko Haram militants who kidnapped more than 300 Nigerian schoolgirls.去年五月,拉赫曼被警方调查后的一部录像显示,他曾经大赞科圣地武装分子绑架了300多名尼日利亚女学生。He said at the time: People want to make it out as though history began on the day these girls were taken from - sorry I should say these women - were taken from this high school in Nigeria.他当时说:“对不起,我应该说这些女人是从尼日利亚高中中被救出来的。”The kosher supermarket in Paris where four men and their hostage-taker died on Friday.在巴黎一家犹太超市,有四名男子和劫持他们的劫持者上周五死去。David Cameron says Paris attack was barbaric卡梅伦说,巴黎的袭击是“野蛮的”They didnt do to these girls what the Nigerian government had been doing to the Muslims all these years.“他们没有对这些女孩做出如尼日利亚政府在这些年里一直对穆斯林所施加的暴行。They didnt rape anybody. They didnt torture. They didnt murder any of these girls.科圣地没有强奸任何没有酷刑折磨,没有拷打,更没有谋杀这些女孩儿On another occasion a court heard he told a crowd of around 300 people near the Danish Embassy in central London that British and American troops should return in body bags.在另一个场合,在伦敦市中心的丹麦大使馆附近,他告诉大约300左右的一群人:英国和美国军队应该被装进裹尸袋里拉回去。The Old Bailey saw film of Rahman in which he said: We want to see them coming home in body bags.老贝利看到了拉赫曼在一段视频中说,他说:“我们希望看到他们被装在裹尸袋中运回家。We want to see their blood running in the streets of Baghdad.“我们希望看到他们的血在巴格达的街道上流淌。”He added: We want to see the Mujahideen shoot down their planes the way we shoot down birds, we want to see their tanks burn in the way we burn their flags.他随后补充:“我们希望看到圣战者击落他们的飞机,就像我们打鸟一样;我们希望看到他们的坦克在燃烧,就像我们烧毁他们国旗一样。”Rahman also had placards calling for the annihilation and beheading of those who insulted Islam.拉赫曼还举牌呼吁对那些侮辱伊斯兰教的人进行消灭和斩首。来 /201501/353342。
  • U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter called on North Korea to end its nuclear weapons program during a visit Sunday to the Demilitarized Zone that separates the two Koreas.美国国防部长卡特呼吁朝鲜放弃其核武器项目。他在星期天访问了分割朝鲜和韩国的非军事区。Carter traveled to the DMZ from Seoul and walked up to Observation Post Ouellete, the closest point where South Koreas side of the DMZ meets with the Norths.卡特从首尔前往非军事区,并走到一个最靠近北朝鲜一方的韦莱特观察哨。Pyongyang abandoned negotiations on its nuclear program in conducted with five other nations, including China, Japan, Russia, South Korea and the ed States. Carter said Washington remains committed to the negotiations, and called on the communist country to return to the talks.平壤009年放弃了有关它的核项目的谈判。参加谈判的除了平壤之外,还包括中国、日本、俄罗斯、韩国和美国。卡特说,华盛顿依然致力于谈判,并呼吁平壤返回谈判;They should be on a path of doing less, and ultimately zero, in the nuclear field,; Carter told reporters.他对记者说,“朝鲜应当减少并最终终止其核项目。”Carter will attend a joint U.S.- South Korea security meeting in Seoul later Sunday.卡特星期天晚些时候将在首尔参加美韩双方联合安全会议。来 /201511/407136。
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