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A pair of American B52 bombers flew across the disputed islands in the East China Sea on Monday, just days after China claimed the area as its own “air defence identification zone.”两架美国B-52轰炸机周一飞过东海争议岛屿上空。就在几天前,中国刚刚宣布该区域为“防空识别区”。In what appeared to be a direct challenge to the Chinese claim, the Pentagon said that the flights were a long-planned training mission and insisted that the US would continue to operate in what it considers to be international air space.这次行动明显是对中国的直接挑战,五角大楼(Pentagon)表示,此次飞行属于早就列入训练计划的任务,同时坚称美国将继续在其认为的国际空域执行任务。The Chinese were not informed of the flights.此次飞行并未告知中方。The Chinese defence ministry said on Saturday that it would establish the air zone over the group of uninhabited islands in the East China Sea in order to protect its territorial rights. Beijing also insisted that it would take “defensive emergency measures” against aircraft which entered the zone without identifying themselves.上周六,中国国防部表示将在东海这个无人居住的群岛上空建立防空识别区,以保护中国的领土主权。中国政府还坚称,对于进入该区域而未确认自己身份的飞机将采取“防御性紧急处置措施”。The Chinese claim is part of a broader push by Beijing to assert greater control over the seas that surround it and to push back against American influence in the western Pacific where the US Navy has been dominant since the end of the second world war.从更大范围上说,中国此举是其整体努力的一部分,目的是对本国海岸线外的海洋施加更大控制,逼退美国在西太平洋的影响力。自二战结束以来,美国海军一直在西太平洋地区占据霸主地位。China has also taken a more aggressive stance in recent years in defence of its claims over a series of disputed islands in the South China Sea, which are also claimed by Vietnam and the Philippines, among others.近年来,中国在宣示其对南海一系列有争议岛屿的主权主张方面也采取了更为咄咄逼人的姿态。越南、菲律宾等其他国家也宣称拥有这些岛屿的主权。The announcement of the new air zone could aggravate the aly tense dispute with Japan over the islands in the East China Sea, known as the Senkaku in Japan and the Diaoyu in China.划设防空识别区可能加剧中日之间围绕东海这个群岛本已十分紧张的争端。该群岛在日本被称为尖阁诸岛(Senkaku),在中国被称为钓鱼岛及其附属岛屿。The US, which has a longstanding defence treaty with Japan, has sharply criticised the Chinese decision. White House spokesman Josh Earnest said on Tuesday that Beijing’s announcement was “unnecessarily inflammatory” and that it could have a “destabilising impact on the region”.对于中国这一决定,与日本签有长期安保协议的美国发表了尖锐批评。白宫发言人乔希?欧内斯特(Josh Earnest)周二表示,中国方面的宣布“毫无必要地具有煽动性”,并可能“造成破坏整个地区稳定的影响”。Chuck Hagel, the US defence secretary, issued a strongly-worded statement within hours of the Chinese announcement at the weekend, accusing China of launching “a destabilising attempt to alter the status quo in the region”.上周末,在中国发表声明几小时之后,美国国防部长查克?哈格尔(Chuck Hagel)发表一份措辞强硬的声明,谴责中国做出“一种不利于稳定的企图,目的是改变地区现状”。He said China’s “unilateral” announcement would increase “the risk of misunderstanding and miscalculations” and insisted that the Pentagon would not “in any way change how the ed States conducts military operations in the region.”他表示中方的“单边”声明会加大“误解和误判的风险”,并坚称五角大楼不会“以任何方式改变美国在该地区执行军事任务的方式”。Although the US officially does not have a position on the sovereignty dispute over the islands, Mr Hagel added that the US mutual defence treaty with Japan did include the Senkaku Islands – an indication that the US would intervene on the Japanese side if there were ever a conflict over the islands.尽管美国对东海争议岛屿主权之争没有正式立场,但哈格尔专门指出,《美日安保条约》确实覆盖尖阁诸岛。这表明,一旦发生围绕该群岛的冲突,美国将站在日本一方出手干预。Japan has also sharply criticised the Chinese announcement. Speaking on Monday, prime minister Shinzo Abe said that the Chinese attempt to restrict air traffic in the region was “unenforceable” and that it was “of no validity whatsoever to Japan”.日本也对中方声明发表了尖锐批评。日本首相安倍晋三(Shinzo Abe)周一在讲话中表示,中国试图限制该区域空中交通的企图是“无法执行的”,“对我国完全无效”。However, the Japanese government’s position was somewhat undermined after the country’s biggest commercial airlines, All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines, said that they were aly complying with Beijing’s new rules by notifying the Chinese authorities of flights through the disputed area.然而,全日空(All Nippon Airways)和日本航空(Japan Airlines)表示他们已遵循中国政府新规定,向中国官方通报了飞越争议区域的航班信息。这在一定程度上削弱了日本政府的立场。 /201311/266344

Reuniting with the family, celebrating Spring Festival, catching up on missed TV series... All of these activities may be on your list of things to do in the winter holiday. But don’t forget one important thing: the class reunion. It’s a great time to hang out with old friends, reminisce about the past and have fun.举家团聚、共贺新春、恶补电视剧……这些可能都会出现在你的寒假活动清单上,但不要忘记还有一件重要的事:同学聚会。和老友们欢聚一堂,一起在欢笑中追忆旧时光。A class reunion event would be incomplete without a few exciting games. They can help break the ice at the beginning and even become highlights of the reunion. Here are some of our top recommendations.没有几款炒热气氛的游戏怎么能叫同学聚会呢?集体游戏可以避免一开始的冷场,甚至可以成为整场聚会的亮点。下面是我们的一些诚意推荐。Break the ice暖场游戏Photo competition猜照片大赛This requires everyone to get a childhood photograph of themselves and put them in a bowl. Then, one by one, the audience must guess who the person is on the photo. This is a good way to ease the atmosphere and create a lot of laughter.这个游戏需要每个人带上一张自己的童年照片,然后将所有照片放到一个碗里。然后,按顺序,大家一起来猜照片上的人是谁。这是一个活跃气氛、制造欢笑的好方法。Fish pond鱼塘游戏To play this game you need pens and blank pieces of paper for everyone. Ask them to write down how they feel about their friends. Collect the notes and them out loud. It’s an opportunity to say thank you or sorry to a friend and get to know each other better.这个游戏需要准备若干的白纸和笔。每个人需要写下自己对朋友的感受。将这些纸条收上来并大声读出来。这是向朋友致谢或道歉的好机会,帮助大家加深彼此的了解。Laugh as a group开怀大笑Halli Galli德国心脏病This is a game of reflexes in which players watch for sets of matching fruits. The deck contains 56 playing cards showing four kinds of fruit in groups of 1 to 5 and a bell like those found at hotel reception desks.这是一款考验玩家反应能力的水果配对游戏。桌上共有56张牌,4种水果,每张牌1到5个相同水果,以及一个和酒店前台款的按铃。All players take turns dealing one card face up in front of them. The instant you see a total of five of one kind of fruit on the table, hit the bell. If you’re correct, you pick up all the played cards; if you’re wrong, you pay the other players’ one card each. When you run out of cards, you’re out. As everyone competes to hit the bell first, there may be some confusion and funny accidents, that’s what makes it fun.玩家依次轮流掀牌。一旦看见台面上有5个相同水果时就马上按铃。如果是正确的,收回桌面上所有的牌。如果错了,给每名玩家一张牌。如果用完了所有的牌,就出局了。由于所有玩家都想在第一时间按铃,因此游戏中混乱而有趣情况时有发生,这正是这款游戏的乐趣所在。Digital games数字游戏Who’s the Spy谁是卧底This classic game is now available on WeChat. Follow the account ByrApp and set up a game group to begin. Identify who are your friends and who is the spy through various descriptions of two similar items. There is no limit to the number of players, so everybody can participate.这款经典游戏现已登陆微信。首先关注ByrApp,创建小组开始游戏。通过对两个类似短语的不同描述来鉴别哪位是朋友,哪位是卧底。玩家人数不设限,所以人人皆可参与。Worms 2: Armageddon百战天虫2:末日浩劫The classic game for the PC is now available on the iPad. It has many game modes, but the hotseat mode is the most fun. Pass the iPad back and forth between friends as you take turns firing off ridiculous weapons, like the rocket launcher, which is super fun.这款经典电脑游戏现已推出iPad版。该游戏设有多种模式,最热门的是一机多人对战模式。iPad在好友间传递,你们轮流发射各种奇葩武器,比如火箭发射器,简直有趣极了。MultiPong四人弹珠Played with four players on an iPad, master the sliding hit to direct the ball toward the player that you want to take out first. Modifiers like bumpers and obstacles make it more hectic, so it’s much more fun than it sounds.此游戏持四人同玩一台iPad。使用滑块来反弹滚珠,尽量让它弹进别的玩家的球洞。缓冲器和障碍物等“调节剂”的使用让游戏变得更加刺激,其中乐趣你一试便知。 /201401/274153


  1. Decoration Competition装饰竞赛What’s a party without a cheesy game? There are a lot of different things that you can decorate for a competition. Cookies or people, just choose whatever you like.聚会没有一些有趣的游戏怎能称之为聚会?这里有许多你能用来进行装饰竞赛的不同用品。饼干或是人,选择你喜欢的就好了。2. Cookie Exchange交换饼干If you plan on Christmas with a large group, set up a Christmas cookie exchange. Everyone should bring individually wrapped portions of their cookies to the party, as well as recipes, so that each person can have a sample to take home and enjoy.如果你打算圣诞节时和一群人一起度过,进行一下圣诞节饼干交换吧。每个人都要带一份自己的饼干参加,配方也需要,一遍每个人都能带回家借鉴和享受。3. Name That Tune疯狂猜曲Do you remember that game show from the 70′s where people would try to name a tune in so many notes? Why not play the same game with your friends and family by naming Christmas songs? This is a great activity for a big group and people can be split into individual teams or larger groups.你还记得哪个始于70年代的综艺节目吗?一个让人们在许多提示下猜曲子的节目。为什么不和你的朋友及家人一起用圣诞节歌曲尝试一下呢?这个游戏很适合大量人一起玩,并且可以进行团体战也可以进行个人战。4. Do A Thanksgiving Activity玩感恩节喜欢玩的活动There are some fun and frugal Thanksgiving activities. Just change the theme from Thanksgiving to Christmas and you’re all set!有很多又有趣有省钱的感恩节活动。只需要把主题从感恩换成圣诞就都解决了! /201312/268618。


  It#39;s time to stop wallowing in pessimismabout the world#39;s future.不要再悲观于世界未来了。Over the past four weeks, we’ve had a runof undeniably good news. A panoply of data has shown that the U.S. economicsystem appears to be on firm ground. More people have jobs, albeit notnecessarily sterling jobs, and the pace of overall activity as measured by GDPis at the highest level in two years, expanding at 4.1 percentannually. On the political front, Congress passed a budget for the first timein more than three years, which suggests a period ahead where Washingtontantrums do not threaten to upend whatever delicate equilibrium currentlyexists.在过去四周时间里,确实发生了很多好新闻。华丽丽的数据表明美国经济正变得稳健。更多人找到工作,虽然这些工作并非都是非常好的工作,总体的GDP是两年来最好的,每年都增加4.1%。在政治领域,国会三年多来首次通过了预算案,表明在未来一段时期内,不管华盛顿政界风云如何变化,都不可能威胁到目前的大好局势。And yet, an aura of unease still seems tohover over us. In the year or more that I have written this column, I haveoften emphasized the way in which things may be going at least a bit right.That contrasts with the frequently repeated mantra that we are goingdangerously off the rails. Of course, like anyone, I may be right or wrong orsomewhere in between. What’s been perplexing about responses to this column,however, isn’t whether the analysis is right or wrong, wise or na#239;ve, but thatthe very hint of optimism makes a fair number of people extremely angry.然而,一种不安气氛依旧笼罩着我们。在我写专栏文章的这一年多来,我一直都强调事情正在好转。与此形成相反的是,坊间还是流传着大量的悲观咒语,说我们正在一步步危险的脱离正轨。当然,像任何人一样,我的看法有对的,也有不对的,或者介于两者之间。然而在看了人们对我文章的回复后,令人费解的他们所关心的并非我所写的东西是对是错、明智的还是天真的,而是对文章中的乐观情绪表现出极度的愤怒。It may be, of course, that my optimism ismisplaced. It may be that the ed States is actually headed to hell in aproverbial handbasket; that Europe is in a brief lull before its next legtoward dissolution of the Union; that Japan’s easy money spigot unleashed bythe new government of Shinzo Abe will end with the same no-exit stagnation ofthe past 20 years; and the glorious story of emerging economies from Brazil toMexico to India to China will end not so gloriously. It may also be thatwhatever appears to be working in the developed world is in truth working onlyfor a small minority—for the wealthy and members of the middle class inprivileged urban areas, and for anyone tethered to financial markets and globalcommerce.当然,也有可能是我的乐观情绪放错位了。或许美国越来越没得救了;欧盟也存在解体的风险;而日本如今的宽松货币政策或许将导致另外一个衰退的20年;而新兴国家比如巴西、墨西哥、印度和中国的经济神话或许不会有灿烂的结局。还有就是不管发达国家如何发展,其最终受益者都是那些都市里的特权中产阶级,或者是金融市场和全球贸易里的商人。But possibly being wrong doesn’t explainthe anger my columns have provoked, in the form of email and online reactions.Weather forecasters and sports experts are routinely wrong about outcomes, andwhile those missed predictions can trigger some ridicule, they’re not usually arecipe for rage.虽然我的乐观情绪可能是不对的,但是这并不能解释为何我的文章会引发这么多的愤怒,有些人发邮件给我表达他们的愤怒,有的直接在网上回复。天气预报和体育专家也有不准确的时候,虽然二者的错误预测可能会引发人们的嘲弄,但并不经常引起人们的巨大愤怒。True, the online world of comments andcommentary skews towards the negative, especially in the realm of economics andpolitics. People are more likely to express feelings based on disagreement anda sense of outrage than they are to react based on concord. Anger is a hotexperience that triggers action; agreement, even strong agreement, tends to bea more passive reaction.是的,网民们的和观点都倾向于消极,特别是在经济和政治议题上。人们更倾向于表达自己的异议和愤怒,而不是赞许。愤怒才能起激发人们行动;而赞许,甚至是强烈的赞许,只是一种更加消极和被动的反应。But why does optimism about today’s worldgenerate such strong hostility? Perhaps because it contradicts what many peoplebelieve. Positive views on the present are seen as a slap in the face by peoplewho have negative experiences, which, according to some polls, is the majorityof Americans. Surveys suggest that more Americans than ever—66 percent,according to one poll—believe that the country is headed in the wrongdirection. Other polls say much the same thing. Two years ago the numberswere even worse. Americans of the past few years are less positive about thefuture than they have been at any point since the 1970s.为什么对如今世界的乐观情绪会激发如此强烈的敌意呢?或者这是因为这与人们的信念相违背了。对那些经历过消极经验的人来说,对现状的乐观情绪就好像是一巴掌拍在他们脸上,而根据一些调查结果显示,大多数美国人都有过消极经验。调查结果表明比以往任何时候都多的美国人——根据一项调查的结果,是66%——认为美国正在朝错误的方向前进。其他民调结果也表明了这一点。而在两年前,这个数据更加糟糕。最近几年的美国人比70年代以来大部分时间里的美国人都更加消极悲观。Interestingly, according to these surveys,blacks and Hispanics in the ed States are more positive about the futurethan whites, perhaps reflecting the degree to which white males have seen theirfortunes decline on a relative basis over the past decades, while Hispanicsespecially have seen significant improvement in incomes andeducation. That said, it is difficult to know the race and gender breakdown ofonline reactions to my political and economic analysis.好玩的是,根据这些研究的说法,美国的西班牙人和黑人比白人对未来更加积极乐观,这或许反映了过去几十年来白人财富在相对缩水,而西班牙人在收入和教育上有了长足的进步。即便如此,在对我的经济和政治性文章做出回复的人中,我们也不知道这些人是由哪种性别和种族构成的。The problem is that in a country of 300million people, let alone a world of 7 billion, any statement about an economicor societal trend is likely to differ from the actual experience of a greatmany people. While there may be upsides to the changing mechanisms of oureconomic system, there are unequivocally winners and losers and many shadesbetween. Any suggestion that the struggles of one group may be juxtaposedagainst, though not offset by, the flourishing of another group can seemdisrespectful and even indifferent to the challenges faced by many people.问题是,在一个3亿人口的国家中,更别提全世界的70亿了,任何对经济和社会趋势所进行的预测都很可能与很多人的实际经验存在反差。虽然经济系统的改变存在好的一面,但是肯定有输家和赢家,还有介于这两者之间的人。一些人的富有与另一些人的贫穷尽管没法抵消,但是可以并行存在,持这种看法的人会被人认为是不敬的和冷漠的。The answer, however, is not to focusrelentlessly on what isn’t working. Every society must find some balancebetween addressing real shortcomings and building on real strengths. The edStates in particular oscillates between excessive self-congratulation (“theindispensable nation,” “the freest nation on Earth”) and extremeself-criticism. We can be making a transition from a manufacturing economy toan idea economy that sees millions finding a new way, and millions suffering.We can be educating millions brilliantly while failing to educate millions atall. We can see thriving urban centers even as suburban sprawl melts under toomuch debt and overpriced homes.然而,问题的并不在于总是关注不好的一面。任何一个社会都得在解决实际缺陷和建立实际优势之间取得平衡。尤其是美国,在过度的沾沾自喜(“不可或缺的国家,”“世界上最自由的国家“)和极端自我批评之间摇摆不定。我们可以做出转变,把美国从一个制造业经济转变成理念经济,从而使有些人找到了新的生活方式,而另外一些人遭受痛苦。我们可以对一些人进行成功的教育,而使另外一些人在教育上失败。我们可以建立起繁荣的都市中心,而与此同时,郊区负债累累、房价高昂。Optimism, as the theoretical physicistDavid Deutsch so brilliantly describes in The Beginnings of Infinity,doesn’t mean surety about good future outcomes. Optimism is simply thecertainty that any human progress to date has been a product of our collectiveability to understand how things work and to craft solutions. The convictionthat the present is a prelude to a bad future negates that collective ability.Yes, we may indeed be at the end of the line, but by angrily dismissingoptimistic arguments we are likely to fail more rapidly. Why bother strivingfor constructive change if you firmly reject the possibility? That leaves onlyone viable alternative: to envision a path forward. That path may notmaterialize, but striving to find it is a vital component of creating thefuture we dream about, and not the one that we fear.正如理论物理学家DavidDeutsch在《无限的开端》中所生动描述的,乐观主义并不是对未来美好结果的保。乐观主义是对我们人类迄今为止所取得的成就是我们集体思考和能力的产物的观念的肯定。而如果你消极悲观的话,那么你就是在否定这种集体智慧和能力。是的,或许我们已经到达了极限,但是如果我们以愤怒的态度来拒绝乐观的言论,那么我们可能会失败得更快。如果你对未来完全没有信心,那进行结构性的改变又有什么意义?所以我们只有一个选择:想象出一条前进的道路。这条道路或许无法实现,但是只有努力探索我们才可能创造出我们想要的未来,而不是我们害怕的未来。 /201312/270975There have been a lot of articles written on healthy eating, weight loss and healthy living, e.g. “How to Loose Weight in 5 days ” etc., but I don’t want to bore you with that today.很多文章都是关于健康饮食、减肥、健康的生活方式。例如,“怎样能在5天内减肥”等等。Your weight control is not just about how many pounds you weighed before and after your diet. It’s much more complex。减肥不只是节食后你瘦了多少。事实上它比那更为复杂We don’t want just to lose weight but also stay happy (not cranky and starved), improve our health and live longer. Is that right?我们想要的不只是可以减肥,还想要保持心情愉悦(不会反弹、不用忍饥挨饿),同时还能改善健康问题,能够长寿,对吗?Here are 5 killer strategies to lose weight that work like a charm if you follow them exactly as described.如果你按以下这五种方法减肥,你一定会变的很苗条。Make a Rock-Solid Plan制定一个坚如磐石的计划Create a weight loss goal, set the stakes and assign a family member or a friend to keep you accountable.制定一个减肥计划,为了监督自己坚持完成目标,你可以在朋友或是家人那里设立一个赌注。If you fail to do it, you give them a certain amount of money. Let’s say to a 0. Or they pay a specific charity of your choice with it.如果自己没有做到,就给一定金额的钱,比如订到50美元到100美元之间,或者根据你的意思将那部分钱捐给慈善机构。The thing about us is that we will do something about our problem only when we absolutely have to, when something big is at stake. So, this trick works like a charm.在某些事情上加上赌注,当那些事变成我们不得不做时,我们就会去做这些事。所以,这种下赌注似乎有一定的魔力。Set up a goal for a day, week, month and stick with it or your wallet will lose quite a few bucks.定下每天的、每周的、每月的目标,坚持下去,否则你的钱包就会慢慢地一点点的瘪下去。Keep Track of Your Calories by Writing Down Everything You Eat记下你每天吃过的东西,记下你摄入的卡路里This trick does really help to shed quite a few pounds. You will think twice before eating something, if you have to log it and count calories. There are also smartphonehealthy appsand weight-loss tracking websites that make looking up calories easy. They are quite great because they offer healthy recipes, planners and support groups.这个方法可以帮你把找出分散摄入的热量。这样你在吃东西前都会再三考虑,作好记录,计算你所摄入的卡路里。智能手机上也有一些关于健康的应用和记录减肥的网站也能便捷的查询食物所含的卡路里。他们所提供的健康食谱,预备好的菜单以及推荐的食物搭配也挺不错的。If you are too busy, not very disciplined and totally hate counting calories for everything you eat, you can just order pre-made healthy amp; chef-made weekly meal plans with limited calories fromDiet-to-Gothat are fairly inexpensive.如果你很忙,不能坚持,而且很不喜欢计算食物的卡路里,你可以订一份事先制定好的每周要使用的食谱,这种食谱预先就限定了减肥时应摄入的卡路里,价格也是相当便宜的。Gulp Water Before Each Meal饭前喝水Very easy to do, but the benefit of it is greatly underestimated. If you drink two 8-once glasses of water before each meal, you won#39;t overeat, lose more weight and keep it off for at least a year according to research of American Chemical Society.一件非常容易做到的事情,但是它产生的效果也是不可预料的。如果在饭前喝下八杯水,你也就不会吃太多。据美国化学研究会研究显示,想要减肥,保持体形,那样至少得一年才可以。In addition to the above, drinking more water may discourage you from guzzling soda and other calorie-laden beverages that many of us are so addicted to. Drinking more water is a low-risk way to lose excess weight.另外,多喝水也可以防止你暴饮暴食我们平时喜欢喝的苏打水以及其他卡路里高的饮料。多喝水也可以降低超重的可能性。Keep Moving运动Inactivity and laziness are death. Sedentary people do not only gain tons of weight and can#39;t keep it off, they are also at increased risk of developing heart disease and Type 2 diabetes which affects their lifestyle and longevity.不运动,懒惰减肥的大忌。长期坐着的人不止会增重,不利于减肥外,还会增加患心脏病和2型糖尿病的几率,这两类疾病会影响他们的生活方式及寿命。久坐Go for a walk. Take the stairs. Help somebody. Stretch. Whatever you do - do not just sit there!步行,爬楼梯,帮助别人,做伸展运动,不论你做的是什么都可以-不要一直坐在那里。Post a Picture of Yourself on Facebook将照片放到网上If you need some more motivation and want to make sure you stick with your weight loss goal, post your ;Before; picture on Facebook and promise to all your friends to come back in a month (or two) with the ;After; picture where you look fabulous, healthy and 20 (or whatever your goal is) pounds lighter. Science shows this really works!如果你想要别人来激励你,想要坚持你的减肥大计,把你“之前的”照片用做头像,许诺一个月后会放上“之后的”惊人的、健康的、减掉20磅后的照片,。研究表明这样会很有效。All these strategies are brain-dead simple and even a caveman can follow them. But we are much better than cavemen. And smarter. And more dedicated to our goals.所有的这些方法都相当简单的,甚至原始人都可以做到,更何况我们比原始人好很多,也聪明很多,还更专注目标。 /201309/256584When The Earth Quakes当地震发生时On the night of August 17, 1959, at about 20 minutes before midnight, the ground in the vicinity of Yellowstone National Park began shaking violently. At the time there was a rumbling sound, something like a huge truck would make. Both the heaving of the ground and the noise were very frightening but lasted not quite 45 seconds.1959年8月17日的晚上,大约午夜前20分钟,黄石国家公园附近大地开始猛烈摇动。同时,大地发出如同重型卡车发出的轰响。大地的升降和 啸叫都令人非常害怕,但是一切不超过45秒。What was even more frightening was the sound of huge boulders which began rolling down the steep mountain. In one part of the upper reaches of the Madison River, a whole mountain began shifting, then came crashing down to fill the deep valley and dam the great river with millions of tons rock and trees.更令人害怕是巨石开始从陡峭的山上滚下来的声音。在麦迪生河上游 的一条流处,一整座山开始移动,之后,它崩塌下来填满深深的山谷,上 百万吨岩石和大树如坝般阻挡住大河。A dozen or more campers along the river were buried deep beneath the great landslide. Others were able to climb to safety, some of them badly hurt, but were trapped by the slide. Finally these people were saved, many of them by helicopter.十几个,或许更多沿河的露营者被深埋在大滑坡下。幸存的野营者开 始爬向较安全的地方,其中一些人伤得很重,仍然不时陷入滑坡。最后这些 人都获救了,其中很多人得救于直升飞机。This earthquake near Yellowstone Park was just one of nearly a million that happen every year all over the world. And as bad as this quake was, many have been worse.在黄石公园附近发生的地震,仅仅是每年全世界发生的上百万次地震 中的一次。若就地震灾害而论,有许多地震甚至更严重。Earthquake experts say that the Yellowstone quake of 1959 was about as bad as the one which hit San Francisco in 1906. But the San Francisco quake caused more damage because it struck in a place where there were so many people living. In San Francisco 700 person lost their lives.地震专家说,1959 年的黄石的地震,差不多相当于1906年发生在旧金山的地震。旧金山地震造成更多的破坏,它发生在人口密集地方。在旧金山约700人丧失生命。An earthquake in Japan in 1923 took 160,000 lives. In China in 1920 an earthquake took 200,000 lives. It is easy to understand why earthquake are so feared.1923 年发生在日本的地震夺走了16万人的生命。1920年一场大地震发生在中国, 20万人死亡。因此,很容易理解人们为什么非常恐惧地震。What causes these terrible shakes of the very ground on which we live?是什么原因造成我们生活的这块土地发生可怕的摇动?To answer that question we must first understand some things about the earth itself.要回答这个问题,必须首先要了解关于地球自身的某些事物。Forty miles deep in the earth is the edge of the outer crust of the earth, and there it is so hot that instead of hard rock there is material much like the hot lava that a volcano erupts.地表面 下40英里深,是地球外壳的边缘:此处非常之热,如同火,山喷出的岩浆般的 物质代替了坚硬的岩石。It is the earth#39;s 40 mile deep crust with which we are concerned when we seek the cause of earthquake.若我们寻求地震的起因,这40英里地壳恰恰是我们应该关心的地带。The earth#39;s crust is formed of many different layers of rocks. The layers of rocks are not laid evenly, as a bricklayer would build a wall. Instead, the earth#39;s crust is made of rock layers that are often uneven and not perfectly balanced.地壳由很多不同岩石层构成。而岩层并不像建筑工人建的 墙一样均匀地平整铺开,相反的,岩层构成的地壳也往往是不均匀且不是完 美平衡的。Because of the great weight pressing down on them, these layers tend to fold downward at weak spots, and this finally causes an actual break in the crust. When this break occurs, or when the sides of an old break slip, the earth quakes, or shakes, while the crust is settling into a new position.由于巨大重量向下压岩层,使它趋于在它的薄弱点处往下折叠,这最后将造成地壳里的某处断裂。当断裂发生时,或者旧的断裂块滑动时, 地球震动、摇动,以使地壳安排它进入—个新位置。Sometime these faults are very small, and we then feel only little tremor. The tremor may even be so light that only the most delicate machine will record it. Most earthquakes are of this weak kind. Sometimes a break in the earth#39;s crust comes about, which starts such a landslide as that which occurred in Madison Canyon.有些时候这些断裂非常小,我们仅仅能感到微小的颤动。这种颤动甚 至轻到最精密的设备才可能记录它们。大多数地震属于这种类型。也有些时 候地壳的一个断裂发生了,引起如同在麦迪生峡谷发生的大滑坡。It then takes not one, but many shakes for the earth to heal the fault and settle. That is why many after-shocks follow a major earthquake. Sometimes these go on for several years.这种大地震往往不是一次,而是很多次的移动,使地球去修补裂缝和调整(岩层的) 姿态。这就是为什么很多余震紧跟在—个大地震之后。有时这种情况要持续 多年。Some parts of the earth are more likely to have quakes then others. This is usually true of mountainous country, because there the layers of rocks which make up the earth#39;s crust are not at all even. But quakes may often be felt in level country, too, because the waves which come from the center of a quake run often for thousands of miles.地球的某些部分比其它部分更容易发生地震。山地国家往往这样。山 地区域构成地壳的岩层特别不均匀。但是,平原国家也会经常感觉到地震, 因为从震源发出的震波往往可以传出上千英里。It is easy to understand why man is so frightened by an earthquake. People used to think that when there was an earthquake, the ground opened, swallowed great numbers of people, then closed, leaving no trace of those who perished. We know now this does not happen.很容易理解为什么人特别害怕地震。人们过去认为,当某个地方发生 了地震,即大地裂开,吞下大量的人,然后又合上,人们被不留痕迹地毁灭。现在我们知道这一切从来不曾发生。What we need to fear most are the after-effects of a bad earthquake: fires, flood, and landslides.实际上我们需要更多担心的是一个大地震的震后影响:火灾、洪水、 和滑坡。Since the Yellowstone earthquake some people have said that they would never go to that area for fear of being caught in a landslide such as occurred after the earthquake. That is foolish. Such a fear would keep us from mountains the rest of our lives.自从黄石地震后,一些人说,他们因为害怕被发生在地震后的大滑 坡伤害,再也不会去那个地方。这是愚蠢的。这种恐惧将使我们终生远离大山。Even though earthquakes happen every day, an occurrence like the Madison River landslide does not happen very often. We can realize gratefully that few of us will suffer because of such disaster. At the same time we can understand the need of being y to help those who do suffer such trouble.尽管地震每天都在发生,像麦迪生河大滑坡似的事件却不是经常发生。 我们能够意识到,只有我们中的极少数可能受到地震灾害的伤害。同时,我们也能理解,遭受那种灾害伤害的人正需要其它人的帮助。 /201408/318015

  Stuck in the #39;friend zone#39; with that special someone who you wish could see you in a more romantic light? Here#39;s a simple insight into getting that someone of your interest, interested.是不是跟那个自己希望能共度浪漫时光的人还处在“朋友阶段”?下面就教你如何让心仪的人对你来电。1. Be Patient. This individual who has been your friend, is not going to overnight fall magically in love with you with no matter what advances you make. Don#39;t assume because you#39;re good friends, she will believe you can be a good lover to her by just upfront telling her, you have to subtly reveal it to her. Remember you first have to stack the odds in your favour first before you can go for the kill.耐心。甭管你多么优秀,这个人既然是你的朋友,就不太可能突然莫名其妙爱上你。别想当然以为,既然你俩是朋友,只要你直接向她坦白她就愿意接受;相反,你应该潜移默化地让她明白你的心。为避免碰壁,还是先从对自己有利的小事做起吧。2. Carry on being a good friend. Don#39;t just stop all friendly things with her and become this new flirty guy. You#39;ll creep her out and lose her friendship.继续保持亲密的朋友关系。千万别光顾了要成为恋人而忘了要朋友,这样你不仅可能吓到她,还会损失友情。3. Be Bold. This is probably the reason why you got stuck in the friend zone in the first place. Let her know how amazing you think she is (but don#39;t overkill it), live in the moment, when you’re out compliment her on her physical features, for example ;You always look great, but tonight you#39;re figure in that dress...... simply flawless.;勇敢点。也许正是因为缺乏勇气,你俩才会从一开始就只是朋友关系。请告诉她你是多么欣赏她(但别夸大其辞),赞美此时此刻的她。比如当你俩在一起时,夸夸她的外貌,说:“你总是这么漂亮,今晚穿这身裙子简直无可挑剔哇!”4. Flirt more. Start flirting a little more. Learn the art of kino, touch her more, especially when flirting. But don#39;t just flirt with her, flirt with other women especially in her presence (don#39;t overkill though), let her see other women desire you, in doing this you are leveling the playing field, allow her to think you#39;re interested in other women, it displays confidence, she#39;ll respect you.讲点俏皮情话。多跟她调调情吧。你可以学电影里的样子,跟她俏皮嬉笑、拉手搭肩。但也别只跟她一个人调笑,也逗逗其他女人,尤其是当着她的面(别太过分就是),让她知道还有别的女人仰慕你;如此你掌控了这场爱情游戏,使她以为你也喜欢其他女人,其实你也还挺有魅力嘛。然后,她就会用心对你喽。5. Go for the kill. By now you are y to ask her out on a date. The best way to do this, ask her out at an event where you#39;re likely to be a very important figure in the room, for example, your birthday party. Take her outside or somewhere quiet, where the two of you can be alone, pull her in close, look her dead in the eye and say, ;Would you like to go out some time?; She#39;ll know its not on a friendship term.拿出行动。关系发展到这个阶段,你就可以跟她约会了。最好带她一起参加能让你显得比较重要的活动,比如你的生日派对。带她到外面或安静点的地方,就你和她,然后拉过她、看着她的眼睛,说:“愿不愿意什么一起出去玩玩?”她定能意会到友谊之外的情意。6. Get physical early. You need to get out that friend zone and the best way is to get intimate. When you go out hold her hand, put your arms around her and her body language, if she’s not pulling away she’s comfortable with you.亲密接触。若想跨越朋友阶段,最好的办法就是亲密接触。俩人约会的时候,牵着她的手,搂着她的腰,留意她的反应;要是她没推开你,说明她也喜欢与你这样亲密接触哦。7. If you#39;re close with her, hint that you like them or straight out tell them. Most of the time they will feel the same way, even if they don#39;t want to admit it because some people are afraid of losing a great friendship. But most of the time a great friendship is a great relationship. It#39;s just the transition between the two and the fear of losing the friendship that usually gets in the way.如果你跟她很亲密,直接暗示你喜欢她,要么干脆表白吧。有时候她或许跟你想的一样,只是担心表白了就做不成朋友才嘴上不承认而已。有时候友谊也能成就一段爱情,横隔在中间的只是俩人的姿态和对失去友情的担忧罢了。Tips贴士建议:Note that most relationships start out as friends.记住:很多恋人一开始也是从朋友做起的。Maybe suggest going out some time to see his/her reaction...或许你可以试着约他/她出去玩,看看反应如何……Just be casual and subtle, because if you all of a sudden change your behaviour you may freak them out, they like you for you so don#39;t be someone else.当然要做得随意自然,要是突然转变姿态,你可能会吓到他/她。他们喜欢你是因为你的个性,所以你不必刻意转变。Remember to actually talk to them, though even if they deny liking you they may be shy...actions speak louder than words so watch their body language.请实打实地向他/她敞开心扉,或许他/她会否认喜欢你,但也说不定是因为害羞呢……事实胜于雄辩,还是多留意留意他/她的反应吧。THE CLOCK TEST: If you feel like he or she#39;s been watching you, suddenly look at the clock then quickly look at him/her. If they#39;re looking at the clock then it#39;s because they were watching you and following your eyes is a natural reflex to a sudden change of movement.时钟测试:要是你感到他/她在看你,那就试试突然抬头看钟然后又转头看他/她。如果他/她也抬头看钟,说明他/她刚才确实在看你。要知道,跟着你的视线走是突然动作的最自然不过的反应了。Compliment him/her often. For things you actually like, the reasons why you like being his/her friend.多多地赞美他/她。实打实地告诉他/她你喜欢什么,告诉他/她你为什么喜欢跟他/她做朋友吧。 /201311/264934Obesity may have harmful effects on the brain, and exercise may counteract many of those negative effects, according to sophisticated new neurological experiments with mice, even when the animals do not lose much weight. While it#39;s impossible to know if human brains respond in precisely the same way to fat and physical activity, the findings offer one more reason to get out and exercise.科学家们最近在小鼠身上进行了一项复杂的新型神经生物学实验,其结果显示,肥胖会对大脑造成有害影响,而运动可以抵消上述负面影响中的绝大部分,即使在动物的体重并未大幅减轻时也一样有效。虽然我们不可能知道人类大脑是否会以完全相同的方式来应答脂肪和体育活动,但起码这些研究结果为我们走出户外进行运动又提供了一条新的理由。It#39;s been known for some time that obesity can alter cognition in animals. Past experiments with lab rodents, for instance, have shown that obese animals display poor memory and learning skills compared to their normal-weight peers. They don#39;t recognize familiar objects or recall the location of the exit in mazes that they#39;ve negotiated multiple times.一段时间之前,人们已经发现肥胖可以改变动物的认知。例如,关于实验室啮齿类动物的既往实验表明,肥胖动物的和学习能力均低于体重正常的同类动物。它们无法辨认出熟悉的物体,而且哪怕已经多次从迷宫中走过,它们仍然记不住出口的位置。But scientists hadn#39;t understood how excess weight affects the brain. Fat cells, they knew, manufacture and release substances into the bloodstream that flow to other parts of the body, including the heart and muscles. There, these substances jump-start biochemical processes that produce severe inflammation and other conditions that can lead to poor health.但是,科学家们一直没有弄明白体重超重是如何影响大脑的。据他们所知,脂肪细胞可以制造出某些物质并将其释放入血液。这些物质随着血流来到身体的其他部位,包括心脏和肌肉等,然后在那里迅速启动一系列的生化过程,造成严重的炎症和其他疾病,导致健康状况恶化。Many thought the brain, though, should be insulated from those harmful effects. It contains no fat cells and sits behind the protective blood-brain barrier that usually blocks the entry of undesirable molecules.不过人们一直以为大脑应该可以从上述有害影响中幸免于难。因为大脑本身并不包含脂肪细胞,且它安居于血-脑屏障的保护之后,这道屏障通常足以将危险分子阻挡于大脑之外。However, recent disquieting studies in animals indicate that obesity weakens that barrier, leaving it leaky and permeable. In obese animals, substances released by fat cells can ooze past the barrier and into the brain.然而,近期的动物研究结果却十分令人不安。这些研究表明,肥胖可削弱血-脑屏障,使它变得具有泄漏性和渗透性。在肥胖动物中,脂肪细胞释放的物质可以突破血-脑屏障,进入大脑。The consequences of that seepage became the subject of new neurological experiments conducted by researchers at Georgia Regents University in Augusta and published last month in The Journal of Neuroscience. For the studies, the scientists gathered mice bred to overeat and grow obese, which, after a few weeks of sitting quietly in their cages and eating at will, the animals had obligingly accomplished. As they grew rotund and accumulated more fat cells, the researchers found, their blood showed increasingly hefty doses of a substance called interleukin 1 that is created by fat cells and known to cause inflammation.乔治亚瑞金斯大学(Georgia Regents University,位于美国奥古斯塔)的研究人员以这种渗漏造成的后果为对象进行了一系列新颖的神经生物学实验,并将其发表于上个月的《神经科学杂志》(The Journal of Neuroscience)上。出于研究需要,科学家们首先搜集了一些容易过食和肥胖的小鼠。这些小鼠可以好几周都安静地坐在笼子里,随心所欲地吃啊吃。等它们长得圆嘟嘟的,并积累了较多的脂肪细胞后,它们差不多就合格了。研究人员对它们进行了检查,并发现在它们的血液中有一种名为白细胞介素1(interleukin 1)的物质浓度日益增加,这种物质由脂肪细胞产生,且目前已知它会引起炎症。In these mice, as interleukin 1 migrated to the head, it passed the blood-brain barrier and entered areas such as the hippocampus, a part of the brain critical for learning and memory. There, it essentially gummed up the works, the researchers found when they examined tissue from the animals#39; brains, which had high levels of interleukin 1 together with widesp markers of inflammation. While inflammation can represent a healthy response to invading molecules, it hurts cells if it persists.当白细胞介素1随着血液来到这些小鼠的头部后,就穿过血脑屏障进入了海马(与学习和记忆有关的关键部位)等脑区,并把这些组织的正常工作搞得一团糟。在检查过这些动物的大脑组织后,研究人员发现其中存在着高水平的白细胞介素1,炎症标志物也有广泛分布。虽说炎症是身体对入侵分子的一种健康反应,但它如果持续不断,就会对细胞造成伤害。The researchers also noted extremely low levels in these mice brains of a biochemical associated with healthy synapse function. Synapses are the structures that connect one neuron to another and shunt messages between them. Healthy synapses respond to demands on the brain by slowing or speeding messages, keeping the brain#39;s nervous-system traffic manageable. But low levels of the marker of synapse health suggested to the researchers that in these obese animals#39; inflamed brains, synapses were no longer functioning properly and messages between neurons likely jerked, hiccuped or stalled.研究人员还指出,在这些小鼠的大脑中,与健康的突触功能相关的生化标志物水平非常低。突触是指连接一个神经元与另一个神经元,并在它们之间传递信息的结构。健康的突触可应大脑的要求做出相应的反应,减慢或加快信息的传递,从而保持大脑的神经系统交通始终处于井然有序的管理之下。肥胖动物发炎的大脑中突触健康的标志物水平偏低,这提示研究人员它们脑中突触的运作已经失常,神经元间的信息传递也不再顺畅,甚至有可能出现停滞。That possibility was borne out by subsequent tests on the memory and thinking of some of the remaining obese mice. They performed miserably.这种可能性很快就在后续的实验中得到了实:研究人员对其余的肥胖小鼠进行了记忆和思维测试,它们的表现惨不忍睹。But whether excessive fat cells alone were the underlying cause of the changes in the animals#39; brains was not clear. Other physiological factors ;could have been contributing,; said Alexis Stranahan, a professor at the Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents, who oversaw the study. So, to isolate the impact of the fat, the researchers simply removed most of it, surgically excising the large bands of fat that each mouse bore around its middle.只是,人们一时还无法确定促使这些动物的大脑发生改变的根本原因是否仅限于脂肪细胞过剩。其他的生理因素“也可能发挥了一定作用,”该研究的负责人、乔治亚瑞金斯大学乔治亚医学院(Medical College of Georgia)的教授亚历克西斯·斯特拉纳汉(Alexis Stranahan)说。因此,为了将脂肪的影响单独分离出来,研究人员在每只小鼠的身体中段打了个孔,通过手术切除了大块大块的脂肪——可以说是它们体内的绝大部分脂肪。After recovery, these slenderized mice showed almost no interleukin 1 in their bloodstreams and, Algernon-like, soon were acing cognitive tests that had stumped them before surgery.等这些接受了抽脂瘦身的小鼠痊愈后,它们血液中的白细胞介素1全都几乎不见了,就像科幻小说里面的阿尔杰农(Algernon,是科幻小说《献给阿尔杰农的花》中一只接受脑部改造手术实验的仓鼠——译注)一样,它们不费吹灰之力就搞定了手术前一直把它们难倒的认知测试。Conversely, when the scientists implanted the preserved fat pads into previously lean mice — and haven#39;t we all had nightmares about something like that happening to us in our sleep? — the animals almost immediately grew dimmer, performing far worse than previously on cognitive tests, although nothing else in their lives had changed.反之,当科学家们将之前保存下来的脂肪垫植入到以前纤瘦的小鼠体内(我们谁不曾做过这样的噩梦,梦见就在我们呼呼大睡时类似的厄运降临到我们自己身上?)时,它们几乎是立即就变得呆呆傻傻的,在认知测试中的表现也比过去糟糕许多,尽管它们生活中其他的各个方面都一如往常。The results convincingly implicated fat cells as the primary cause of the mice#39;s cognitive decline.这些研究结果令人信地明了脂肪细胞即是造成小鼠认知能力下降的元凶。But while provocative, the findings had little practical value for people, the scientists realized, since even the most extensive liposuction procedure in humans would remove far less fat than had been excised from the obese mice.只是虽然这些发现弄得人心痒难耐,科学家们却认识到它对人类而言几乎没有什么实用价值,因为即便是人体所能承受的最广泛的吸脂手术,它所清除的脂肪量也要远远少于实验中从肥胖小鼠体内清除的脂肪量。So the scientists turned, as a less-invasive alternative, to exercise. Gathering more of the obesity-prone mice, they allowed all of them to grow heavy, but then started half on a daily 45-minute program of tmill running, with encouragement provided by small puffs of air if they began to flag. The other mice remained sedentary.因此,科学家们将目光转向了无创性的替代方案:运动。他们收集了更多具有肥胖倾向的小鼠,并让它们都长到肥胖超重的程度。然后,他们将这些小鼠分作两半,让其中一半每天在小鼠跑步机上跑步45分钟,并在它们显出疲态时为它们吹送小小的“顺风”来鼓励它们。其余的小鼠则仍保持其久坐不动的生活方式。After 12 weeks, the running mice still weighed about the same as the unexercised animals. But they had lost significant amounts of fat from around their middles, while adding lean muscle. More telling, they did much better on cognitive tests than the sedentary mice and, when the researchers examined tissue from their hippocampi, showed little evidence of inflammation and robust levels of the chemical marker of synaptic health. The results suggested that, as the scientists write in the study, ;tmill training normalized hippocampal function,; even in animals born to be fat and that remained heavy.12周后,每天跑步的小鼠体重依旧与从未运动的小鼠差不多。但他们身体中段的脂肪量已经显著减少,肌肉量却不断增加。更有说力的是,它们在认知测试中的成绩远远优于久坐不动的小鼠。此外,在研究人员检查它们的海马组织时,也几乎没有看到任何可表明炎症存在的据,反之,表征突触健康的化学标志物则十分充足。正如科学家们在研究论文中所写的,这些研究结果表明,“跑步机训练使海马的功能变得正常”,即使在那些天生容易发胖且仍然体重超重的动物中依然如此。Of course, these studies were conducted in mice, not people, whose brains may respond very differently. But the possibility that humans, too, may respond in similar ways is tantalizing, Dr. Stranahan said, and the takeaway from her study worth repeating. ;Get out and move,; she said, even — and especially — if you carry extra weight. Talk with your doctor about a safe and tolerable exercise program, and then try to stick with that routine so that extra pounds won#39;t weigh too heavily on your mind.当然,这些研究都是在小鼠中进行的,人类的大脑很可能以迥异的方式来作应答。但我们也无法排除这一诱人的可能性:说不定人类大脑会与之类似呢?斯特拉纳汉士指出,她这项研究的结论非常值得借鉴。“走出门去做运动吧,”她说,如果你腰上已经带了个“救生圈”就尤其需要赶快行动。跟你的医生谈谈,制定一个安全、可以承受的锻炼计划,然后尝试照着它坚持下去,让超重的体重不再那么让你伤脑筋。 /201410/335709

  A New York man sitting in a car that had a loaded rifle, machete and a container of gasoline was charged on Friday with threatening to kill George W. Bush after professing a romantic interest in the former president#39;s oldest daughter, prosecutors said.Benjamin Smith, 44, of Pittsford in upstate New York was arrested in Manhattan by the U.S. Secret Service, according to a criminal complaint filed in federal court.一名男子因痴迷于美国前总统小布什的女儿芭芭拉·布什(Barbara Bush)对小布什加以恐吓、威胁,目前遭到警方指控和逮捕。;Bush will get his,; Smith screamed as he was taken into custody, according to the complaint. Later, when asked about his marital status, he told agents he was divorced and ;working on a relationship with Barbara Bush.;At a preliminary hearing, Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrea Griswold told U.S. Magistrate Judge Henry Pitman the government believes Smith was referring to the former president#39;s daughter and not Bush#39;s mother, who shares the same name.It is a crime under federal law to threaten a current or former president.On Thursday, the man#39;s mother called police to report she had found a threatening note in the home she shares with her son and that a rifle was also missing, the complaint said.该男子名为本杰明·史密斯(Benjamin Smith),他在车内放置了来福、弯刀和汽油,行至曼哈顿市中心并大喊:“布什会得到报应的”,随后被警方逮捕。史密斯的母亲承认,在其纽约州北部的家中找到了一张恐吓信,信中写道:“我将为布什工作并效命于五角大楼。我将成为屠龙勇士并抱得芭芭拉·布什归来。”史密斯在被问及婚姻状况时称:“我离过婚,目前并没有和任何人约会,但是我在努力追求芭芭拉·布什。”;I#39;m going to work for George W. Bush and the Pentagon,; the note said, according to the government. ;I have to slay a dragon and then Barbara Bush is mine.;The Secret Service tracked him using his cell phone to Manhattan, where they arrested him early Friday morning. It was not clear why Smith went to New York City or where the former president and his family were at the time.Smith#39;s defense lawyer, Peggy Cross-Goldenberg, said the note and Smith#39;s outbursts did not constitute a ;true threat.;The judge also conceded it was ;unclear; a jury would find Smith guilty.;Admittedly, there is some inconsistency in the notion that the way to win Barbara Bush#39;s affections is to kill her father,; Pitman said.对任何现任和前总统进行威胁都违反联邦法律,但是1月31日出席初次听会上的一位法官表示,并不确定陪审团是否会认定史密斯有罪。美国地方法官亨利·皮特曼(Henry Pitman)表示:“坦白来讲,为了赢得女儿的青睐而试图杀害人父的,这在情理上有些说不通。” /201402/274940



  It seems only a few Facebook #39;likes#39; ago that s of kids tasting lemon for the first time was the big thing in the online land of funny baby fads.不久之前,Facebook上点赞最多的还是那个宝宝第一次吃柠檬的视频,它从网上扎堆出现的搞笑婴儿风尚中脱颖而出。But the newest craze chocking up Instagram and Pinterest feeds simply involves drawing strange, slightly sinister eyebrows onto a baby#39;s face and taking a picture of it.但是最近Instagram和Pinterest上最流行的是给婴儿画上奇怪甚至有点凶恶的眉毛然后再拍张照片。And Halloween is still five months away!要知道万圣节还有5个月才到呢!While some commentators have been quick to call the trend #39;cruel#39;, parents are shrugging it off as harmless.一些网友发表说这个新潮流“很残酷”,但是父母们却表示无所谓,没什么害处。In a case of interesting timing, the fake eyebrow movement comes months after Kim Kardashian was accused of altering the brows of her daughter, North, who was six-months-old at the time.巧合的是,这个假眉毛运动正好发生在美国社交名媛金·卡戴珊被批给6个月大女儿诺斯修眉几个月之后。Before and after photos seemed to show the celebrity spawn with dramatically different eyebrows that suddenly seemed shaped and filled out in all the right places.修眉前后对比照片似乎显示了诺斯与众不同的眉毛突然看起来有型了,而且眉毛都长在了合适的位置。Kardashian called the claims #39;pretty sick#39;.卡戴珊则称这项指控令人不舒。‘Do people really think I would wax my daughters eyebrows so young? Come on, I#39;d wait until she#39;s at least 2 1/2!她表示:“人们真的以为我会在女儿如此小的时候为她修眉吗?我至少会等她长到2岁半。”‘I#39;m kidding!!! Its pretty sick for people to insinuate that I would wax my daughters eyebrows. They are thick, natural and amazing!’我是开玩笑的。人们就据此影射我给女儿修眉令人生气。实际上,诺斯的眉毛是天然的,只是很浓密,看起来很夸张。” /201405/301109

  India is a country where tens of millions of people don’t have access to a trained health professional that can give them basic health and wellness advice. The Bangalore-based mobile services company mDhil wants to change that.印度极其缺乏训练有素的医疗专家,几千万人无法获得基本的卫生和健康咨询务。总部位于班加罗尔的移动务公司mDhil希望能够改变这种状况。“India faces a tremendous shortage of doctors,” says Nandu Madhava, the Texas-raised, Harvard-educated social entrepreneur who started mDhil in 2009. “People would turn to quacks and old myths for health information that is rarely grounded in any science. We’re working to alleviate that problem.”“医生极度匮乏是印度面临的一个老大难问题,”南渡o玛达瓦说。这位在德州长大,毕业于哈佛大学(Harvard University)的社会企业家于2009年创办了mDhil公司。“人们经常通过江湖郎中和古老的神话来获取几乎没有任何科学依据的健康信息。我们正在努力缓解这一问题。”Madhava’s company started as an SMS messaging service where people paid for advice, but the approach failed to scale beyond a subscriber base of about 250,000. Two years ago, Madhava, a 40ish American expat of Indian origin, decided to take a different tack.玛达瓦的公司起初从事有偿医疗短信务,但这种方式无法推动用户群在达到大约25万人之后继续增长。两年前,这位40岁左右的印度裔美国人决定采取另一种策略。“With a shift to 3G networks and low cost phones with mobile browsers, we made a strategic decisions to focus on mobile s,” says Madhava, who worked for the Peace Corps and Goldman Sachs before launching mDhil.玛达瓦说:“随着用户转向3G网络,纷纷使用配备移动浏览器的低成本手机,我们做出了一个专注于移动视频的战略决策。”创办mDhil之前,玛达瓦曾任职于和平队(Peace Corps)和高盛公司(Goldman Sachs)。mDhil has since reached 20 million views globally, fueled by a strong preference by people in the developing world—far stronger than in the developed world–for services optimized for mobile devices.自那以后,mDhil的全球浏览量已经达到2,000万次,主要推动力之一是发展中国家民众对面向移动设备的优化务有着强烈的偏好——这种偏好远大于发达国家。“This makes a lot of business sense as most Indians connect to the Internet through their mobile phones,” says Katyayan Gupta, an eBusiness and channel strategy analyst at Forrester Research in New Delhi, India. “In most developing countries, including Brazil or China, Internet companies have to be mobile-first. I see this trend soon becoming the norm.”“这种做法颇具商业头脑,因为大多数印度人是通过手机上网的,”常驻印度新德里的弗雷斯特研究公司(Forrester Research)电子商务和渠道策略分析师卡蒂亚扬o古普塔说。“在大多数发展中国家,包括巴西和中国,互联网公司必须采用移动优先原则。我认为这种趋势很快就会成为常态。”Sandy Shen, a research director with Gartner in Shanghai, concurs. “Mobile is a top priority for many providers looking for future growth, she says, “and this is an area where lots of innovation is happening.”上海高德纳咨询公司(Gartner) 研究总监桑迪o沈赞同这种观点。“移动应用是许多寻求未来增长的务提供商最优先考虑的方向,”她说。“这个领域的创新层出不穷。”At present about 65 percent of mDhil’s traffic comes from mobile devices, but that figure is expected to grow to 90 percent in just two years. Since dropping its subscription model, the company leverages its partnership with YouTube and other online channels to make money from advertising, licensing, and sponsorships.mDhil目前约有65%的流量来自移动设备,但在仅仅两年后,这个数字预计就将增长到90%。自从放弃订阅模式以来,这家公司利用它跟YouTube和其他在线渠道结成的合作关系,通过广告、许可使用和赞助等方式来获得收入。“Their main revenue model is to charge for ads and not the consumer,” Gupta says. “This is a common practice. Facebook follows the same approach.”“他们的主要收入来源是广告商,而不是消费者,”古普塔说。“这是一种常见的做法。Facebook也采用相同的策略。”By making the service essentially free at the front end, apart from the cost of Internet access, mDhil has been able to quickly scale to millions of users. It gauges the effectiveness of its advice in a number of ways.这样一来,除了上网费,前端用户基本上无需付任何费用。依凭这种方式,mDhil迅速赢得了数百万用户。这家公司通过多种方式来评估医疗建议的有效性。“If we create great s, we get more users both in terms of watch time and social media activity,” Madhava says.玛达瓦说:“如果我们创作了非常优质的视频,无论是根据观看时间还是根据社交媒体活跃度来观察,我们都会获得更多的用户。”For example, women felt better informed after watching s on subjects such as puberty, reproductive health, and birth control, according to field studies mDhil performed in conjunction with urban NGOs.例如,根据mDhil联合多家城市非政府组织所做的实地研究,在观看了诸如青春期、生殖健康和节育等主题的视频之后,妇女的健康意识显著增强。It’s of particular importance in India, where long-standing cultural taboos discourage the creation and distribution of high-quality health content in local Indian languages.这一点在印度具有特别重要的意义,因为这个国家长期存在的文化禁忌阻止使用当地语言创造和传播高品质的健康内容。And as for a developed market where this is less of a factor? mDhil “absolutely” has a chance of being a hit in the ed States, Madhava says. “We’ve started creating health and wellness content with a global audience in mind.”那么,mDhil能否在一个并不存在这种禁忌的发达国家市场获得成功呢?mDhil“绝对”有机会风靡美国,玛达瓦说。“我们已经开始制作面向全球观众的卫生和健康内容。”Some of mDhil’s newest online channels receive 80 percent of their viewership from people in the U.S. and Europe, Madhava says. (The subject matter and tone is different from the company’s India-focused content—you can see examples here and here—but Madhava stresses that mDhil’s Bangalore team can produce s for audiences in the developed world for a fraction of what it would cost in the West.)玛达瓦说,在mDhil最新推出的一些网络视频渠道中,有80%的浏览量来自美国和欧洲。(这些视频的主题和风格有别于这家公司面向印度市场推出的内容,但玛达瓦强调,mDhil的班加罗尔团队能够生产面向发达国家观众的视频,而且花费仅仅是在西方国家制作同类视频成本的一小部分。)But India sits at the center of Madhava’s mission. “It’s going to take entrepreneurs to help build this country into all that it can be,” he says.不过,印度仍然在这家公司的使命中占据着中心位置。他说:“这个国家需要一些企业家来帮助它实现潜能。” /201407/313164

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