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Last week, Anna got the job of sales executive at Tip Top Trading, thanks to her quick-thinking in an office crisis.上周,安娜在 Tip Top Trading公司得到了销售主管的职位,多亏了她在办公室危机中的灵活应变。Today its her first day in the office.今天是她办公的第一天。How are you feeling now, Anna?安娜,你感觉怎么样?Excited, but a bit worried.很激动,但是有点担忧。I really want to make a good first impression.我真的很想留下好的第一印象。Well, youre going to need some phrases to introduce yourself politely, such as: Hello, I dont think weve met.你需要一些礼貌的自我介绍的表达用法,例如:我们好像还没见过面。You must be – and say the persons name.你肯定是——说出这个人的名字。Ive just joined the team. Nice to meet you.我刚加入这个团队,见到你很高兴。Have you worked here long?你在这里工作很久了吗?Why dont you start by saying hello to Tom Darcy, the Senior Account Manager?为何你不试着先跟高级客户经理汤姆·达西打招呼?Yah, yah, no, yah, yah, OK, yah. Ill seal the deal, yah, no worries. OK, see ya mate, bye!好的,不,好的。成交,别担心。好的,再见伙计。Hello, I dont think weve met. No.你好,我们好像还没见过面。没有。You must be Tom. Im Anna. Ive just joined the team.你肯定是汤姆,我是安娜。我刚加入这个团队。Nice to meet you. Have you worked here long?见到你很高兴,你在这里工作很久了吗? /201612/479873。

SEACREST: Congratulations to Taylor Hicks, the new American idol.TAYLOR HICKS, WINNER OF "AMERICAN IDOL" FIFTH SEASON: Feeling great.SEACREST: Has it sunk in yet, Taylor?HICKS: I've been on a press tour, we both have, for about 48 hours now and, yes, I mean slowly as things start slowing down I start realizing it and it's pretty amazing stuff.SEACREST: And, Kat (ph), you talk about the bubble that all of you live in during the series. How do you feel now being the runner- up, which is a huge accomplishment?KATHARINE MCPHEE, RUNNER-UP "AMERICAN IDOL" SEASON FIVE: A huge accomplishment. I feel fantastic. Yesterday was a little weird. First of all, I only had about 45 minutes of sleep.JACKSON: Wow!MCPHEE: Between the finale and...SEACREST: Is that right, 45 minutes of sleep?MCPHEE: Forty-five minutes of sleep between the finale and when we started our press very early in the morning. And I just -- it was weird because my day was over at 2:30 yesterday. I know Taylor's was a little bit longer. But I was like, all right, well I guess I'll just sleep. It was just weird, you know.JACKSON: Par for the course.MCPHEE: The bubble has now officially been popped so the world is at our fingertips.SEACREST: Well, Randy, how would you now looking back on the season assess what these two have accomplished?JACKSON: I just want to say congratulations to both you guys. I mean you guys are definitely two of my favorites. And, I think, you know, at the beginning of the season, you know, we see all these kids, Ryan. You're out on the road with us and you really never know. But I must say we're really happy because he was so different. We'd never seen anything like him. And she, I don't know if she knows this, she was really different for us too, reason being we've never had a great contestant from L.A.SEACREST: Yes.JACKSON: This is where we live. Oh, my god, California, come on and we were like shocked.SEACREST: You know it's interesting because you come from different backgrounds, different parts of the U.S., Taylor from a smaller town in Alabama. By the way, Alabama, lots of idols coming out of Bama.HICKS: Yes, it's...SEACREST: (INAUDIBLE).HICKS: Yes.SEACREST: (INAUDIBLE).JACKSON: Ham and the ham is putting it down.HICKS: Interesting, you know.SEACREST: Of course, Sherman Oaks, a part of Los Angeles.MCPHEE: Yes.SEACREST: Do you think that that was a plus or a minus, a pro or a con being from a big city on "American Idol" Kat? MCPHEE: I think it might have definitely played against me a little bit. I mean I don't want to go into any negative because, look it, I mean I got this far and obviously people were voting for me. But, you know, it's just different coming from especially not only, I mean it would be different with like Chicago or Boston but L.A., you know, this is like where everybody comes to become famous and I was born here, so it's just different.HICKS: Well, you know what, you're famous now.JACKSON: Absolutely, that's right. And you know, listen, it was special for us though with saying that we still every season didn't find anybody great from L.A. And you know there's somebody great here and when you showed up we couldn't believe it though. We couldn't believe it. We couldn't. Dude, I'm serious.MCPHEE: Oh, thanks Randy.SEACREST: I know for a fact the judges when they would see Los Angeles on the audition schedule they would say, "Oh, we're not going to find" -- everybody's jaded.MCPHEE: Really?(CROSSTALK)JACKSON: Because we haven't been to New York in years.SEACREST: You actually didn't want to go there.JACKSON: Yes, well we hadn't been to New York in a couple years, Ryan's hometown Atlanta we hadn't been in a couple years just because the big cities started giving us kind of more of a little bit of a jaded vibe, you know.MCPHEE: Wow.JACKSON: But it's just amazing to me. That's why I don't know if you remember me asking you "Dud, where you been?" Like what?MCPHEE: Yes, I remember that.SEACREST: And what's the answer?MCPHEE: Oh, gosh.SEACREST: Where were you hiding?MCPHEE: Where have I been hiding? I've been like in the town, so crazy. I just -- I've been, you know, auditioning like every other girl in L.A.SEACREST: Apparently we're having some problems with her microphone with Kat's mike.MCPHEE: Oh.SEACREST: You can -- we'll try and fix that in the break in just a second.MCPHEE: OK.SEACREST: Now, Taylor, in that moment that we saw you are the winner of "American Idol." A beat before I announced your name what was going through your mind"HICKS: Don't fall down. Don't let your legs or your knees buckle. And, then you when you announced it, it was great.SEACREST: And the moments after when you were performing could you even -- is it just too much to take in sensory overload?HICKS: Yes, it's overwhelming, you know, and I wanted to thank the band and all the production staff and everybody behind the scenes that really makes this phenomenon work.200809/49232。

Amid a weakening U.S. economy, America's foreign-trade policy has become a contentious issue in the presidential race. Both major Democratic Party candidates say free-trade pacts have harmed American workers, while the presumed Republican nominee - as well as President Bush - are defending trade as necessary and economically beneficial.  在美国经济日益疲软的情况下,美国的对外贸易政策已经在这次总统竞选中成为引起争论的议题。民主党的两位主要参选人都说自由贸易伤害了美国工人,而可望获得提名的共和党候选人以及布什总统却辩护说贸易是必要的,对经济有好处。America's economy has undergone a transformation in recent decades, with millions of manufacturing jobs transferred overseas. At the same time, much of the job growth recorded in the ed States has come in the service sector, often at lower wages and with fewer benefits than the manufacturing jobs that once formed the backbone of the U.S. economy. 美国经济在近几十年里经历了转型,数以百万计的工作岗位转移到了海外。与此同时,在美国就业增长统计中,有很大一部分出自务行业,往往比一度构成美国经济柱的制造业的工作薪水低,福利待遇少。Despite this trend, U.S. gross domestic product has nearly tripled during the past 20 years, with unemployment rates that rarely rise above six percent. But America's strong overall economic performance does not appear to have boosted the public's perceptions of the benefits of trade. 尽管出现了这种趋势,美国的国内生产总值在过去20年间翻了将近两番,失业率很少有超过6%的时候。但是美国强劲的总体经济表现似乎没有增强人们对贸易好处的认识。Recent polls show declining support for pacts such as the North American Free Trade Agreement. The agreement, known as NAFTA, was negotiated in the 1990s between the ed States, Canada and Mexico. It is particularly unpopular in states like Ohio that have seen entire industries relocate overseas. 近来的民意调查显示,北美自由贸易协议之类的条约所获得的持率正在下降。这项协议是在1990年代由美国、加拿大和墨西哥谈判达成的。在像俄亥俄州这样的各种工业迁到海外的一些州,这项协议尤其不得人心。At a recent Democratic presidential debate in Ohio, Illinois Senator Barack Obama said trade pacts like NAFTA have harmed American workers and their communities. 最近在俄亥俄州举行的民主党总统竞选辩论中,伊利诺伊州参议员奥巴马说,像北美自由贸易协议这样的贸易条约伤害了美国工人和他们的社区。"If you travel through Youngstown [Ohio] and you travel through communities in my home state of Illinois, you will see entire cities that have been devastated as a consequence of trade agreements that were not adequately structured to make sure that U.S. workers have a fair deal," said Senator Obama. 他说:“如果你到俄亥俄州的洋兹城和我的家乡伊利诺伊州的社区走一趟,你会看到整个城市陷于萧条,这是贸易协议的一个后果。这些贸易协议没有写上充分的条款来保美国工人得到一个公平协议。”Obama stressed he is not anti-trade, but wants to make sure that future trade pacts include labor, safety and environmental standards to protect American workers and consumers. 奥巴马强调他不反对贸易,但是他要确保未来的贸易条约必须包括劳工、安全和环保等方面的标准,来保护美国工人和消费者。His Democratic rival, New York Senator Hillary Clinton, had a similar message. 他的同党对手、纽约州参议员希拉里.克林顿发出了类似的信息。"I have seen the factories close and move," said Senator Clinton. "We need to have a plan to fix NAFTA. I would immediately have a trade time out. [temporary halt]" 她说:“我看到了工厂关门和搬迁。我们需要有一个修改北美自由贸易协议的计划。”But if Democrats are sounding protectionist themes, not so Republicans. The presumed Republican presidential nominee, Arizona Senator John McCain, recently said that NAFTA has created jobs in the ed States, and that erecting trade barriers would be self-defeating. 如果说民主党人似乎发出了保护主义的呼声,共和党人却不是这样。有望获得共和党候选人提名的亚利桑那州参议员麦凯恩最近说,北美自由贸易协议在美国创造了就业机会,而设置贸易壁垒将会是自取失败。Thursday, President Bush echoed those words. 上星期四,布什总统应声附和了麦凯恩的话:"Free trade is essential to the formation of high-paying quality jobs," said President Bush. “自由贸易对于创造高薪高品质的工作机会是至关重要的。” Mr. Bush added that dismantling or rejecting trade pacts would anger and alienate U.S. allies. 布什还说,撕毁或者反对贸易条约将会激怒并且疏远美国的盟友。In recent years, the U.S. Congress has approved free-trade deals with Central American nations and Peru. Approval is pending for similar pacts with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea. 近年来,美国国会批准了同中美洲国家以及秘鲁的自由贸易协议。美国跟哥伦比亚、巴拿马和韩国达成的类似协议正在等待批准。Stu Rothenberg, who publishes a political newsletter in Washington, says in the current political climate, with a weakened U.S. economy, getting the Democratically-controlled Congress to approve further trade deals will be difficult. 在华盛顿出版发行一份政治刊物的斯图.罗森堡说,在当前的政治气候下,由于美国经济疲弱不振,要让民主党控制的国会批准更多的贸易协议将是困难的。"Democrats believe that the evolution of the U.S. economy is a function of jobs going overseas, and they regard the loss of those [manufacturing] jobs as a huge problem for the country," said Stu Rothenberg. "The way they often put it is that high-paid, skilled manufacturing jobs go overseas, and in place we get more people serving hamburgers at McDonalds." 罗森堡说:“民主党人认为,美国经济的演变是就业机会流向海外的作用,他们把那些制造业的工作流失看作是这个国家的一个极大问题。他们经常的说法是高薪的、技能型的制造业工作远走海外,而我们换来的却是有更多人在麦当劳卖汉堡包。”Rotherberg says, on the whole, Americans have grown wary of free trade. But he is quick to add that the sentiment is not uniform. He notes that in U.S. regions that depend on exports, especially in agriculture, voters tend to reject protectionism. 罗森堡说,总的来看,美国人对于自由贸易变得警觉起来。不过,他补充说,这种情绪并不是普遍一致的。他指出,在美国一些依赖出口的地区,特别是在农业方面,选民们趋向于反对保护主义。"[In] many Midwest states, people in Kansas and Nebraska tend to be very [supportive of] free trade, because exporting U.S. agricultural products is absolutely crucial to them," he said. 他说:“在中西部许多州,在堪萨斯州和内布拉斯加州的人往往非常持自由贸易,因为出口美国农产品对于他们来说是绝对重要的。”Rothenberg notes that many of the states where trade is contentious issue - like Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania - are so-called "swing states" in the presidential race, where neither party can automatically assume victory.  罗森堡指出,贸易问题成为争论性议题的许多州,比如俄亥俄、密西根和宾夕法尼亚等州,是在总统竞选中所谓的“摇摆不定的州”。在这些州,任何一个政党都不能轻言胜券在握。In 2004, George Bush's win in Ohio gave him the electoral votes he needed to surpass his Democratic rival, John Kerry, and win re-election. Ohio is certain to be a major target for the eventual Democratic presidential nominee, and if the current debate among candidates is any indication, trade will remain a central campaign issue in the months ahead. 2004年,乔治.布什在俄亥俄州取得的胜利给予他超过民主党对手约翰.克里所需要的选举人票而再次当选。俄亥俄州肯定是获得提名的民主党总统候选人的必争之地。如果当前候选人之间的辩论有任何指标意义,那就是,贸易将在今后几个月继续作为选战的一项核心议题。200803/28367。

Poll Shows Women Voters Shifting Support to McCain-Palin佩林效应将如何影响美国大选?  Republican presidential nominee John McCain has shaken up the race for the White House and pumped new excitement into his campaign by choosing Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate. 美国共和党总统候选人麦凯恩选择阿拉斯加州州长萨拉.佩林作为副总统候选人,使白宫之争激烈起来,为他的竞选活动注入了新的活力。Several polls taken after the Republican National Convention show John McCain's popularity ratings are surging upward, and some show him holding a slight lead over his opponent, Barack Obama. 共和党全国代表大会后,几次民调显示,麦凯恩的持率暴涨,有些民调更显示他些微领先竞争对手奥巴马。One poll in particular may be causing concern for the Obama campaign. A new Washington Post/A News survey finds McCain is now ahead of Obama by 12 points among white women, 53 to 41 percent.  有一次调查可能会让奥巴马的竞选团队感到不安。《华盛顿邮报》和美国广播公司A的联合调查发现,麦凯恩在白人女性选民中的持率领先奥巴马12个百分点,53%比41%。Last month Senator Obama held an eight point lead over McCain among white women voters in the same poll, representing a stunning, 20 point shift among that group. 上个月,同一份调查刚刚显示,参议员奥巴马在白人女性选民中的持率领先麦凯恩8个百分点,这表示这个群体发生了令人吃惊的20百分点的变化。There is similar movement, but not quite as dramatic, in another poll released this week. A new N/Wall Street Journal poll shows Obama's lead among women shrinking from 14 points a month ago to just four points now.  这个星期公布的民调还有另一个类似的趋势,但是没有这么戏剧性。由美国全国广播公司N和《华尔街日报》进行的联合调查显示,奥巴马在女性选民中的领先从一个月前的14%下跌到目前只有4%。Karlyn Bowman, Senior Fellow with the conservative American Enterprise Institute, and an expert on U.S. politics and public-opinion polls, says it is not clear whether this major shift in opinion will last, but it is clear that a lot of American women can relate to Palin, a 44-year-old mother of five. "But I also think that Sarah Palin connected with a lot of ordinary women voters, with her speech at the convention, with the discussions of her family, and some of the struggles and ups and downs that family has had." 美国企业研究所高级研究员、美国政治和民意调查专家卡林饱曼说,目前还不清楚这种民意的重大变化是否会持续下去,但是清楚的是,许多美国女性对44岁的、5个孩子的母亲佩林感到亲切。她说:“我认为佩林在共和党代表大会上的演说,她谈到的她的家庭以及家庭的酸甜苦辣,打动了许多普通女性选民。”Palin emerged at the Republican National Convention as a virtual unknown on the national stage, and her family has played a prominent role in her introduction to the country. She has a five-month-old son with with Down's Syndrome, and a 17-year-old daughter who is pregnant and plans to marry the baby's father.  佩林在共和党全国代表大会上从一个几乎默默无闻的人物跃上全国的政治舞台,她的家人在将她推向全国民众的过程中发挥了重要作用。她有一个5个月大的患有唐氏症的儿子,有一个怀的、准备嫁给小孩父亲的17岁的女儿。Janice Crouse, with the socially-conservative Christian political action group Concerned Women for America, says she believes a majority of American women will support Palin in the election because they agree with her on important issues. "The majority of American women are very common sense people. You know, they support traditional American values, they know the value of marriage, they know the value of family, they know the value of life. And they admire someone who puts feet to their beliefs, who is authentic, who is real, who is not just spinning things for a political benefit."  珍妮丝.克罗丝是保守的基督教政治团体“忧国妇女同盟”成员。她说,她相信大多数美国妇女会在选举中持佩林,因为她们在许多议题上认同她的意见。她说:“绝大多数美国妇女非常通情达理。她们持传统的美国价值观,她们知道婚姻的价值,她们知道家庭的价值,她们知道生命的价值。她们敬慕能实践这些理念的人,非常实在的人,真实的人,不为了政治利益而转弯抹角的人。”Palin says she opposes abortion even if the mother is a victim of rape or incest and some analysts say her views hold strong appeal for social conservatives, both men and women who constitute an important base of the Republican Party. But they say many other women will have trouble with her views on social issues once they get to know her better.  佩林说她反对堕胎,即使孩子的母亲是强暴和乱伦的受害者也是如此。一些分析家认为,她的观点对社会保守派有强烈的吸引力,无论男女,这些人是共和党的重要基础。但是分析人士说,其他许多女性在进一步了解她之后,会在社会议题上与她意见相佐。A analyst Matthew Dowd says when there is a sudden and large shift in polls such as with Palin, it is usually temporary. "Usually when you have swings this large and this quick, they do not stick for a long time. They are quick, because something has changed fundamentally, and then people take a second look at this," he said. 美国广播公司A的分析家马修.道得说,像佩林这样造成民调突然或大幅度改变,通常是暂时的。他说:“通常,这种大幅度和突然的改变不会持久。这种变化来得快,因为某些事情彻底改变了,但是人们过后会谨慎思考。”There was a similar phenomenon in 1984, when Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale nominated Geraldine Ferraro as his vice presidential candidate. She was the first woman to be nominated as vice president on a major U.S. party ticket, Palin is the second.  1984年也发生过类似的现象,民主党候选人沃尔特.蒙代尔提名杰拉尔丁.费拉罗作为副总统候选人。她是美国政党史上第一个被提名为副总统候选人的女性,佩林是第二个。Mondale's pick gave him a sudden 15-point boost in the polls, but within weeks, the numbers returned to where they were before. Mondale ended up losing the election in a landslide to Ronald Reagan. 蒙代尔的这个选择让他在民意调查中突然上升了15个百分点,但是几个星期以后,数字就回到了原来的位置。蒙代尔最后惨败给里根。The Palin phenomenon has definitely caught the Obama campaign by surprise. Obama acknowledged that Palin has energized Republicans, but said he could not believe that voters would being swinging back and forth "this wildly." "What we are going to have to do is see how things settle out over the next few weeks, when people start examining who is actually going to deliver on the issues that people care about." 佩林现象无疑让奥巴马竞选团队大吃一惊。奥巴马承认佩林为共和党带来活力,但他说他不相信选民会有如此激烈的转变。他说:“我们要做的是观察今后几个星期情况如何发展,也就是人们开始认真考虑谁才能解决大家关心的问题的时候。”With less than eight weeks to go to the November 4 election, women voters may determine whether Governor Sarah Palin is a shooting star or a political force to be reckoned with now and in the future. 现在距离11月4日的大选还有不到8个星期,女性选民可能会决定佩林只是一颗政治流星还是一股现在和将来都不可忽视的政治力量。200809/48429。

UN Humanitarian Chief in Burma to Boost Cyclone Aid Effort联合国敦促缅甸接受更多国际援助   The ed Nations' efforts to increase assistance in cyclone-battered areas of Burma are to be stepped up with arrival of the U.N. humanitarian affairs chief, in Rangoon. Burma's military has put the official death toll at 78,000 people with another 56,000 missing. South East Asian foreign ministers meet Monday in Singapore Monday to discuss regional cooperation in responding to the disaster.  随着联合国人道事务负责人约翰.霍姆斯抵达仰光,联合国将进一步向受热带风暴破坏的缅甸增加援助。缅甸军方公布的死亡数字为7万8千人,还有5万6千人失踪。东南亚国家的外长们星期一在新加坡举行会晤,就这场灾难的地区合作问题进行讨论。The arrival of the ed Nation's humanitarian affairs chief John Holmes, Sunday, in Burma, marks further international efforts to pressure the military government to open the country to increased international assistance. 联合国人道事务负责人霍姆斯星期天抵达缅甸,这标志着国际社会将向缅甸军政府进一步施加压力,要求缅甸接受更多的国际援助。The death toll from cyclone Nargis, that hit the country more than two weeks ago, has soared in recent days.  纳尔吉斯号强热带风暴两个多星期前袭击缅甸,死亡人数在最近几天里飞速上升。Holmes has been sent to Burma by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to push the military to ease restrictions on foreign assistance personnel. Several naval vessels including those from the ed States and Britain are in the Andaman Sea with emergency assistance on board. 联合国秘书长潘基文派遣霍姆斯到缅甸,向缅甸军政府施加压力,要他们减少对外国援助人员的限制。美国和英国等国家装载紧急救援物资的军舰停泊正在安达曼海上。Restricting foreign assistance has led to strident calls by western governments to pressure the military to allow more foreign aid into the worst affected areas in the Irrawaddy Delta region. 缅甸军政府对外国援助的限制引起西方各国政府的强烈呼吁,他们向缅甸军政府施加压力,要缅甸军政府允许更多的外国援助进入受灾最严重的伊洛瓦底三角洲地区。Amanda Pitt, a spokeswoman for the ed Nations relief efforts, told reporters earlier, Holmes' talks with aid organizations and Burma's military government are aimed at spurring aid to the hardest-hit regions of Burma, also known as Myanmar.  早些时候,联合国救援项目发言人皮特对记者说,霍姆斯与救援组织和缅甸军政府举行会谈的目的是为了把救援物资送到缅甸受灾最严重的地区。"Clearly what he is hoping to achieve is to try and work with as many partners as possible to consult with everybody on the ground and of course to cooperate with the government of Myanmar to try and just get the response we need up scaled to meet the needs of the people on the ground," she said.  她说:“很显然,他希望能够和尽可能多的合作夥伴一起努力,和在场的每个人协商,当然其中也包括和缅甸军政府进行合作,试图从缅甸军政府那里获得我们所需要的反应,以满足缅甸灾民的需要。”International assistance and human rights groups are warning delays are increasing health and welfare threats to populations still struggling to recover from the storm amid ongoing seasonal monsoon rains.  国际救援和人权组织警告说,拖延提供救援会使灾民增加健康和福利方面的威胁。这些灾民正在目前季风雨季中努力挣扎,设法从暴风灾难中恢复过来。The U.K.-based Save the Children Fund warned Sunday thousands of young children in cyclone-hit areas face starvation within weeks unless emergency food supplies reach the areas soon. The ed Nations has estimated that up to one million children are in need of urgent assistance. 设在英国的救助儿童会星期天警告说,灾区有成千上万名儿童几个星期内将面临饥饿问题,除非紧急食物援助尽快抵达这些灾区。据联合国估计,有将近一百万儿童需要紧急救援。"We've all seen from the assessments that have been done and the reports that are coming out that millions of people - up to 2.5 million possibly are in need of aid,” said U.N. spokeswoman Amanda Pitt. “I think it's clear to everybody that's working on the ground there's enormous need and that need is not being met." 皮特说:“我们都从已经进行的估计和不断公布的报告中得知,几百万人、最高可以达到250万人需要援助。我认为,每一个人都清楚,那里的人们需要获得巨大的援助,但是他们的需要没有得到满足。”South East Asian foreign ministers are due to meet Monday in Singapore to discuss ways to "assist Burma in its relief and recovery efforts". The bloc, the Association of South East Asian Nations - ASEAN - of which Burma is a member, is facing criticism over its delays in acting to support relief efforts. 东南亚国家的外长们将于星期一在新加坡举行会议,讨论“帮助缅甸赈灾和恢复”的问题。缅甸是东盟的一个成员国。东盟因在持赈灾方面行动迟缓而受到批评。 200805/39366。

Sadly, we have no other twin rooms available and anyway…可惜我们没有其他双人房了,总之……Alright, I’d like to speak to your manager please. Really!好吧,我想跟你的经理谈谈。真是的!Good old Denise. I can tell she’s done this before but will talking to the manager really sort things out?干得好,丹尼斯。我看得出她之前这么干过,但经理来了就能解决吗?Let’s remind ourselves of some of the phrases you can use when you need to complain.让我们看看当你投诉时需要使用的短语。I’m very disappointed with your service.我对你的务感到很失望。The standard of service is not good enough.务的水平不够好。The room I booked did not meet my expectations.我订的房间没有满足我的预期。And to get things sorted you could say: I would like this matter resolved as quickly as possible.为了解决问题,你可以说:我希望事情能尽快解决。Or: I would like to cancel my reservation and get a full refund.或者:我希望取消预约并全额退款。Let’s see if Denise has sorted things out?让我们看看丹尼斯是否能解决这一切?So have you managed to sort out Mr Socrates?你能处理好苏格拉底先生的事吗?Oh yes, Anna’s got him a new room.是的,安娜给他安排了新房间。Thanks Anna, I’ll let him know. And what about the orange juice?谢谢,安娜,我告诉他。橙汁的事怎么样了?Freshly squeezed, every morning!每天早上都有鲜榨果汁!Oh golly gosh, that reminds me, we need some here in the office.天啊,这提醒我了,我们要在办公室准备一些。He’s going to be here any minute and he says he’s got some important news for us.他随时都可能来,他说有很重要的消息告诉我们。 /201702/491115。

Juliet Huddy: This is gonna fire me up. Alright! Tell me what you think about this. Married people can flirt, should flirt and in fact they should especially flirt with each other. Now let me tell you something, my husband was flirting with anybody I would not appreciate that, not the half husband. But Eve Marx is here, she is the author of a new book on flirting called "Read My Hips-the sexy art of flirtation"Juliet Huddy: Eve, please. You've a, if you have a husband, and he is flirting you, that's, that's a healthy thing?Eve Marx: I'm married, I like him to flirt. It makes me know that other women think he's cute.Mike Jerrick: Ok, any married people in the audience that agree with Juliet yet?Juliet Huddy: Totally mad! Isn't it a jealous crazy person? / I guess. Mike Jerrick: Don't be flirted with my man.Juliet Huddy: That's right!Mike Jerrick: It's ok for married people to flirt?Eve Marx: Yeah, they should flirt with each other, first of all....Mike Jerrick: Well, each other, I get that. But how about people at work? Eve Marx: Well, er, well, work, you know, that's a whole another subject, work.(What is it?) Let's not get work into that. I think that, you know, you should flirt just like you breathe (Yeah). It makes you feel better.Mike Jerrick: Yeah, you're cute.Eve Marx: So are you! Juliet Huddy: Oh, boy! She's married.Mike Jerrick: Where do you have it? Oh~I got her body language, she just flipped her leg by direction.(Then, that's...)Juliet Huddy: Oh, brother! Eve, very quickly, you've got, you've got some tips for girls, all sorts of funny little things in here. But one of the things that I've noticed you talked about the body language. It's serious, though ,I found myself the other night, talking to somebody, very cute. And I found myself when I was talking to him, I just touched, his arm, and then I thought...Mike Jerrick: You do that a lot. I've noticed, seriously.Juliet Huddy: Come on! Mike Jerrick: She will talk to you like this.Juliet Huddy: No, I don't (Oh~ yeah...) My guy don't do that to you.Mike Jerrick: Not to me, No. Eve Marx: As line, she is not going like this to you?Mike Jerrick: No, no she is not doing any of that. Look at her smile, it seems like, that's got to be the No.1 tip.Eve Marx: That's the No.1 thing, smiling. That's the No.1 thing.Juliet Huddy: What else, what else can people do? Ladies, do to attract to flirt? (to flirt...) And not not look promiscuous. Eve Marx: Well, I think, you know, everybody talks (No, not like a tart) a little bit about their hair toss. ...you know, the lip...Mike Jerrick: Oh~ you do that too. Juliet Huddy: I do not.Mike Jerrick: You do flip your hair.Juliet Huddy: No, I don't.Mike Jerrick: You do.Juliet Huddy: I do not. No, I don't. (You flip your hair )Eve Marx: Guilty.... You are you are guilty. what, you know, it's just your body language, the way that you are wiggling around like, also you don't wanna give away too much. If you really really like a guy, you might be giving yourself away by the way that you are sitting. (Yeah~) Things like that.Juliet Huddy: I'm not going to get into that one, these two...Mike Jerrick: All right. Ok! If you were to be able to then, what' the No.1 tip for a guy when he flirts if he is smiling...(Why you're askin' me? she wrote the book.) (er ~er~ er er er) smiling and flipping your hair, what can a guy do?Eve Marx: What can a guy do? When a guy is really interested (Ok, yeah), he usually leans forward.Mike Jerrick: Really?Eve Marx: Yeah!Mike Jerrick: And then, does,"Have you seen this?"Eve Marx: Yeah! Mike Jerrick:No, it's horrible, horrible, it's so not true.Eve Marx: No, actually, a lot of guys use as their flirtatious technique, they'll talk about vocations that they are taking,(Yeah) they'll talk about their car, they're selling themselves. Juliet Huddy: What about talking about you in the future, I mean, in his future? Is that a flirt tool?Eve Marx: Oh, forget it.Mike Jerrick: That's too much too fast. Eve Marx: Oh, my God! No, forget that.Juliet Huddy: No, that's key. (No) That shows that they are thinking about you as not just a ....Eve Marx: Is this the first 5 minutes?Mike Jerrick: In the first few moments? Do you...Eve Marx: No.Juliet Huddy: Not in a few. Not a hey. We are gonna have sex together, but, no, that's not the thing.Eve Marx: Hey, you look like to be a great father for my children...(No!), um, um...Mike Jerrick: No, but you do reveal a lot of yourself to a guy that you're interested in, I've noticed, when you were out.Eve Marx: Uh-oh.Juliet Huddy: Believe! (She is flushing.) No, no, no. I told you that I was gonna~ here is the key, this is the key, and I swear to you this works. When girls are too flirtatious, when they are too out there, I doesn't...it doesn't work. Sometimes it does, but just for the, the the quick thing. No, I mean...Mike Jerrick: What?!Juliet Huddy: I have no experience... Right, thanks...There we get. Not even the full proof plan is here. OK?Eve Marx: This is the flirtation you send to them.Juliet Huddy: You are standing in cross the room, you see a guy that you like, you do what you do a little eye-catch thing, and then you totally turned away for about 5 minutes, and then you just do a little eye-catch thing, and then you side away, and that works.Mike Jerrick: I got to tell ya, (What?)it does work. It did happen 15, 20 times with her. Juliet Huddy: Oh, come on.Mike Jerrick: No, no. It's true. It's so true. Juliet Huddy: I'm really not.Mike Jerrick: And isn't that...that is a technique. For guys, the joy is here, don't show too much attention to the woman. They kinda like that.Eve Marx: But there is also that sideways glance. Mike Jerrick: Yeah, that's what she's talking about, sideways glance.(Right. Right.)Juliet Huddy:Oh, my God.Eve Marx: Also, you know, here is another thing. You can use your chin as a pointer. Mike Jerrick: Your chin as a pointer?Eve Marx: Yeah! If you are interested in somebody, you kinda like...em~ And then you are being shy, and then you pull it back, and put your chin out...Mike Jerrick: That guy's got a chin out there is our stage manager. Get off the air. Thanks, Eve.Eve Marx: Thank you. Thank Mike.Juliet Huddy: Book again, it's called "Read My Hips-the sexy art of flirtation". It's cute. You gotta go out and get it. Mike Jerrick: Well, come around...200807/44959。

Asian Region Faces Political Pressures from Rising Inflation亚洲各国面临通胀高财政吃紧压力  Rising inflation is putting pressure on governments all over Asia, as angry citizens protest spiraling food and fuel costs and politicians bicker over how to handle new fiscal constraints. 日益增长的通货膨胀以及民众针对不断攀升的食品以及燃油价格的不满和抗议,加之政界人士对于如何因应新形势下财政紧缩的意见分歧,给亚洲各国政府带来很大压力。India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea - just a few countries in Asia where residents angry at surging fuel and food costs say they have had enough. Protests have gained steam in the past month, with demonstrators blocking traffic and in some cases disrupting the flow of fuel and food supplies.  在印度、印度尼西亚、马来西亚、泰国以及韩国等国家,民众们对于大幅度攀升的食品以及燃油价格,表示强烈的不满,说他们已经“受够了”。过去一个月里,各地的抗议活动此起彼伏,抗议人士在一些地方阻断了交通,有的时候还迫使食品以及燃油的运输不得不中断。Politicians in many of these countries also are struggling with inflation. Rising costs have forced governments throughout the region to reduce the subsidies they have long given on fuel.  在这些国家里,政界人士也在为通货膨胀感到头疼。不断攀升的价格迫使亚洲地区各国政府不得不削减长期以来给予消费者的燃油补贴。Mark Thirlwell, program director for international economy at the Lowy Institute for International Policy in Australia, says subsidy cuts were bound to happen with oil prices holding over 0 dollars a barrel. 澳大利亚洛伊国际政策研究所(Lowy Institute for International Policy)的项目负责人瑟尔威尔表示,在原油价格持续在130多美元一桶的情况下,各国政府削减补贴势在必行。"Their initial reaction in many cases is to use subsidies to defray the impact of higher fuel prices, higher food prices," Thirlwell explained. "As that situation has been sustained for longer and longer and as you've actually seen prices bid up higher and higher, the budgetary burden has gotten greater in each case." 他说:“那些政府最初的反应是利用补贴来抵消燃油和食品价格的攀升所带来的负面影响,随著这种局势的持续发展,实际上价格越来越高,各国政府面临的财政压力也越来越大。”The problem for many governments is that most of the inflation problem is global, not local. High worldwide demand, supply bottlenecks and international monetary policy all help push up oil prices. And food prices are soaring because of tight supplies and rising demand. 对很多国家的政府来说,通货膨胀带来的问题是全球性的,而不是地区性的。世界范围内的高需求,货源不足以及国际货币政策都是迫使石油价格上涨的因素。食品价格的上升则是供不应求造成的。That leaves governments with little room to maneuver, and in countries that have long subsidized fuel or food for their citizens, budgets are being overburdened, forcing leaders to do such things as cut subsidies, raise taxes or accept growing deficits.  在这种情况下,各国政府应对的空间非常有限。在那些长期以来对食品或者是燃油实行补贴政策的国家里,政府在财政出方面,呈现出负担过重的情形,迫使政府当中的决策人士不得不削减补贴、增加税收或者是面临不断增多的赤字。In Malaysia, for example, government leaders recently raised fuel prices by 41 percent after being faced with billion-bill to underwrite fuel subsidies. In a country used to cheap subsidized gasoline, protests erupted quickly. 比如说,在马来西亚,政府间的领导人最近就面临著要拿出170亿美元进行燃油补贴,随后被迫把燃油的价格提高了41%。马来西亚的民众长期以来习惯了由政府提供补助的廉价汽油;面对新的形势,抗议活动随之而起。In India, politicians are desperate to tame inflation - now at a seven-year high. If they fail, a voter backlash in next year's national elections is likely. Thirlwell says government leaders there are caught in a very difficult situation. 在印度,通货膨胀率现在是七年来最高的,政界人士千方百计想要控制住这种趋势。假如不成功的话,民众很有可能就将在明年的全国大选当中,用选票说话。瑟尔威尔说,印度的领导人现在面临著非常困难的处境。Thirlwell says governments that cut subsidies, or are not fiscally strong enough to handle the burden of rising inflation, face the strongest protests, and the strongest risks of political upheaval. 他说,那些决定削减补贴的政府、或者是财政方面不够强大、不足以承受通货膨胀所带来的压力的政府,面临著最严峻的抗议,也面临著政治动荡。"On the one hand, it's fiscal pressures which say well our ability to sort of defray or provide subsidies or ameliorate these price increases is limited, on the other hand we know there is real political cost involved here if we let inflation get out of control because the voters will punish us for this," Thirlwell said. 他说:“一方面,是财政上的压力,政府提供补贴或者是通过其他方式控制价格上涨的能力有限,另一方面,要是控制不住通货膨胀的话,执政党的前途就很成问题,选民们会用选票说话的。”Robert Broadfoot of the Political and Economic Risk Consultancy in Hong Kong says several governments are making a number of mistakes in handling inflation, and public concerns. 香港政治和经济风险资讯公司的罗伯特.布罗德福特表示,有几个国家的政府在处理通货膨胀问题上的做法是错误的。"In India, you have elections coming up and members of the ruling coalition don't want anything that is going to cost them votes, which means don't get rid of the subsidies," he said. "So the politicians are making mistakes and this is a time when the countries really can't afford it." 他说:“印度马上就要举行选举,执政联盟的成员不希望因为冒然行事而失去选票,这意味著补贴不能取消。 政界人士这么做是错误的,这是这个国家实在不能承担得起的。”Broadfoot says the Indian government's bill for fuel subsidies is expected to be almost billion this year, because the retail price remains far below the cost of oil. He says considering that citizens aly have taken to the streets to protest recent price increases, the Indian government can expect more strife if it is forced to slash subsidies again. 布罗德福特表示,预计印度政府今年的燃料补贴费用大约为600亿美元,因为零售价格依然远远低于石油的成本。他说,考虑到公民们已经走上街头抗议最近的价格上涨,如果印度政府再次被迫大幅度削减补贴,那么,可以预计印度政府将会面临更多的冲突。Soaring fuel and food costs also are taking a toll on developed economies such as Hong Kong, where groups are demanding that the government freeze prices or reduce taxes. In South Korea, truck drivers blocked roads to air their frustration over rising fuel prices and lower incomes. Some countries are handling the problems better than others. Broadfoot says Indonesia should be applauded, despite recent protests over cuts to fuel subsidies. 但是,有些国家在这方面的表现比其它国家要好。布罗德福特表示,尽管印尼最近因为削减燃油补贴也出现了抗议活动,但是,印尼政府的做法却值得称道。"The current president is taking some hard decisions, like they've really reduced their subsidies on fuel and yet he's done it in a way that's made it digestible for the population," Broadfoot noted. "He's giving poor Indonesian cash handouts, which make it a lot easier. So there have been protests but not of a scale that can bring the government down." 他说:“现任总统正在作出一些艰难的决定,虽然印尼减少了对燃油的补贴,但采取的方式却为大众所接受。印尼总统给穷人提供现金补助,这使决定执行起来顺利得多。虽然也出现抗议,但没有闹到把政府赶下台的地步。”Indonesia raised retail fuel prices by 30 percent last month. 上个月,印尼还把燃料的零售价格提高了百分之30。Many people, including government leaders, hope that relief will soon be in sight. But Thirlwell, like many analysts, warns not to expect inflation to slow. 许多人,包括政府领导人在内,都希望很快就能有一个救济办法出台。但是,和很多其他分析人士一样,瑟尔威尔警告人们不要期望通货膨胀会放慢。"Over time, high prices will produce a supply response, and we'll see some of the sting out of current prices come out," Thirlwell said. "But, there are all these question marks of well if there is any disruption to supply, any questions on supply, then rather than a sort of a slight retreat in prices we actually have the potential for another big spike." 他说:“随著时间的推移,高价格会导致供应的回馈。我们会看到,目前价格高涨造成的问题有些的确会消失。但是,不确定的因素依旧存在,例如一旦供应中断,或者供应出现问题,那么价格不但不会下降,实际上还有可能出现另一次上涨。”A number of Asian countries, including India and Indonesia, face elections in the coming year. How each government handles inflation will likely affect the next campaigns. Being popular with the public is usually a top priority for elected leaders. But many economists and political analysts warn such popularity can come at a higher price than some countries can afford. 包括印度和印尼在内的一些亚洲国家明年都面临选举。对每个政府来说,通货膨胀问题解决的好坏有可能影响下一次竞选。得到大众的持对当选领导人来说通常是当务之急。但是,许多经济学家和政治分析家警告说,这么做所付出高昂的代价是某些国家所承受不起的。200806/42338。