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极富个人魅力的荷塞.安东尼奥.阿布吕尔是委内瑞拉青少年乐团项目“el Systema(体系)”的创始人,这个项目改变了委内瑞拉无数孩子的生命。在这个视频里,.阿布吕留和大家分享这个神奇的故事,并揭密自己的TED大奖愿望,这个愿望对美国和美国以外的区域也将产生巨大的影响。201212/217607Shimom Steinberg 讨论利用益虫来抑制害虫 Shimom Steinberg 在TEDxTelAviv特拉维夫上谈论了害虫和益虫的差别,并且提出使用益虫来对抗害虫的想法, 期望不用农药也能获得丰收。 201204/176973Camping in cold weather doesnt have to mean being cold all day. Prepare the night before to get your body toasty fast in the morning.寒冷的天气在野外露营并不意味着一整天都非常寒冷。提前一晚做好准备,第二天早上让身体迅速温暖起来。Step 1 Set up early1.提前搭建Set up your sleeping area early so it can absorb heat during the day. You should bring a foam pad to sleep on, a sleeping bag designed for temperatures colder than you expect, and a tent that has proper ventilation to prevent condensation building up inside.提前搭建好睡觉的地方,这样你的帐篷可以在白天吸收一点热量。你应该携带一块泡沫垫,一个为低温天气设计的睡袋,通风效果良好的帐篷,防止帐篷内水汽凝结。Choose synthetic fibers for both your clothes and sleeping bag. Cotton traps moisture and is difficult to dry once it has gotten wet.衣和睡袋都选择合成纤维。棉质容易潮湿,一旦变湿很难干燥。Step 2 Eat and drink2.饮食和饮水Drink extra water and consume extra calories during winter backpacking. Food and water are necessary for your body to generate heat.冬季进行背包旅行时,多喝一点水,多吸收一点能量。水和食物对于身体产生热量是必须的。Step 3 Do pre-bed exercise3.睡前运动Do a few jumping jacks or run in place before getting into your sleeping bag. This will heat up your body, which in turn heats up the sleeping bag. Heat the bag; the bag heats you.进入睡袋之前跳跃几下或者原地跑动。这样可以让身体产生热量,从而让睡袋变暖。睡袋暖了,你的身体也暖了。Step 4 Sleep4.睡觉Put a warm, tightly sealed water bottle inside your sleeping bag at your feet to help hold in heat. Never sleep with your face inside the bag, as that will trap moisture. Instead, wear a hat and scarf to keep warm.在脚底放一个温暖的密封好的水瓶,锁住热量。脸部千万不要封在睡袋内,否则会锁住湿气。可以用帽子和围巾来保暖。Put tomorrows clothes in between your bag and your sleeping pad, and bring your boot insoles or socks into the sleeping bag,to warm them before morning.把第二天要穿的衣放在睡袋和泡沫垫之间,把鞋垫或袜子放在睡袋内,这样早上穿的时候就是暖的。Step 5 Layer up5.多层衣物Layer up your clothes in the morning. Your body temperature is at its lowest right when you wake up, so you will need these layers until you become more active.早上多穿几层衣。早上醒来的时候体温是最低的,所以你需要这些衣来保暖,直到身体活跃起来。Step 6 Eat6.吃早餐Eat a full but short meal in the morning. This could include oatmeal, hot chocolate, or anything that is warm. Eat quickly so you dont lose body heat sitting still.早餐要吃饱,但是时间要短。可以吃燕麦粥,热巧克力或者任何比较暖的食物。要吃快一点,这样就不会因为静坐而损失身体热量。Step 7 Get moving7.保持运动Get moving! The longer your body sits without activity, the longer it has to lose heat. So get out and get active.保持运动!身体静止不动的时间越长,损失的热量越多。所以外出活动一下。As of 2010, the coldest temperature ever recorded in the ed States was minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit in Prospect Creek,Alaska, on January 23, 1971.截止到2010年,美国记录到的最低温度是华氏零下80度,出现在1971年1月23日,阿拉斯加的景色谷。201301/223508

In the past few hundred years,在过去的几百年间weve taken dogs infantile features我们提取了们孩子气的特性and emphasised them even further through selective breeding.并通过选择性繁殖来强化这些特性Weve created hundreds of breeds我们创造了几百个的品种to fulfill different roles,满足不同的需求But some of them have been bred而有些品种的繁殖purely for their looks.仅仅是因为它们的外貌I think this kind of breeding really tells us a lot我认为这样的繁殖可以让我们了解很多about what kind of people we are,我们人类究竟是怎样的what it is that we like about dogs.我们喜欢的什么特点How would you to describe Laddy in one word.你怎样用一个字来描述兰迪..Cute.可爱Cute, yeah.是的 可爱Cute, adorable and funny.可爱 迷人 有趣I just look at her and I just smile.我只是看着她 我就会微笑Shes particularly cute when shes sleeping.她睡觉的时候 尤其可爱We all know we find them cute, but what我们都明白 它们很可爱is it exactly that makes us respond to dogs so powerfully?但究竟什么原因让我们对的反应如此强烈呢Psychiatrist, Morton Kringlebach,精神病学家莫顿·瑞勒有一个观点has a theory as to why the way dogs look解释为什么的样子has such a profound impact on us.对我们有如此深刻的影响The need to nurture I think is something that is so deep in us我认为养育生命 是我们人类内心的需求That we find it very difficult to resist.这个需求深深影响着我们 难以抗拒201302/227268

The greatest seasonal change on our planet is now under way.地球上最壮阔的季节转换正在上演Antarctica is still locked in ice,南极洲依旧是冰天雪地and surrounded by a frozen ocean.周围是冻结的海洋Nonetheless, there are signs of spring.然而 春天已经露出萌芽Adelie penguins are arriving. Just the males.阿德利企鹅来了 当然只有雄性Theyve spent five months at sea,它们在海上生活了五个月where its warmer than it is on land,那里比地面温暖and now theyre in a hurry,现在它们匆忙赶来for spring will be short.因为春天十分短暂They have travelled 6,000 miles across the ocean自从去年离开后since leaving their colony last year它们已跨洋旅行了6000英里and now, theyre returning to breed.现在回到这里 繁衍生息They cannot lay their eggs on ice for they would freeze.它们不能在冰上产蛋 那样蛋会冻住So they have to come here,所以来到这里where there is bare rock.这里有光洁的石头Over the coming months,在接下来的几个月里the few parts of Antarctica that are ice-free南极洲为数不多的无冰区will be the stage on which five million Adelies将会成为五百万阿德利企鹅will build their nests.筑巢的营地To construct one, they need pebbles.它们需要用卵石来筑巢And without a good-looking nest,如果筑的巢不够美观a male will be unable to attract a female,雄企鹅就无法在雌企鹅最终到来时when they at last arrive.吸引她们的注意An impressive property demonstrates your worth as a mate.别致的巢穴是可靠伴侣的象征It takes stones of all shapes and sizes to build a decent nest像样的巢需要各种形状和大小的石头and finding ones that are just right is not easy.而合适的石头非常难找So, some penguins turn to a life of crime.所以一些企鹅走上不法之路 /201301/221496

自从伊战以后,伊拉克的安全形势日益好转,虽然恐怖袭击依然时候发生,但是社会秩序总体趋好。于是,在安全得以保的情况下,发展就显得越来越重要。伊拉克政府不惜巨额花费资助国内优秀的年轻人前往西方发达国家学习,以期早日归来报效祖国。但是国内与国外的巨大差异使人才流失成了伊拉克政府的心头大患。 听力文本:Snowy Sulaimaniya in the Iraq's northern Kurdish region. The city seems a million miles from Baghdad. And it is. Iraqi Kurdistan is stable, self-ruling and economically vibrant. At Sulaimaniya's recently-established American University, the first generation of MBA students are graduating. Many of them say they want to put their skills to work building up private enterprise in Iraq."This is a big responsibility for all of us, to stay in Iraq, to get educated and to give our share to, back to the community and back to the country."Easier said up here than from Baghdad. The latest unemployment figures for Iraq are between 23% and 38%. Suffice to say, jobs are scarce and with no guarantee of security, there's little to encourage young graduates to stay."It's not just being within the last seven years that Iraq's young and talented had left this country. This is a problem that stems right back to the beginnings of Saddam Hussein's Ba'ath Party. It was compounded by sanctions and the war and the subsequant violence have simply made it worse."Ahmed and Umniah have both just been accepted onto a government scholarship program which will pay for their tuition and expenses at universities abroad. Umniah is going to Britain to study computer sciences."I don't feel like we had a real education here. So that's another reason why I want to study outside. I want to see how real education is."Five thousand students supplied. Five hundred made it through at the cost of the government's a fifty million dollars. The government plans in future to provide scholarships for five years to study abroad for ten thousand students. "When I introduce this proposal to the prime minister, this is the first question he asked me. How can you guarantee that those students will come back? And I said, really I can not guarantee you."Ahmed believes it's in the Iraq's nature to want to come home. He says many aly have. "Iraqis are not like maybe foreign countries. They are ours by nature. They are Muslim. So a lot of them, they have this connections among their families. They are strong connection. So they don't leave for good."The government has to hope so. There's not just a lot of money riding on this project. These young faces are Iraq's future, the human capital it needs to repair decades of trauma.生词汇总:kurdish: 库尔德人的 Kurdistan: 库尔德斯坦(西南亚,库尔德人分布地区的习惯名称) suffice: 固定句型 suffice (it) to say (that)...的意思是used to suggest that although you could say more, what you do say will be enough to explain what you mean 无须多说;只需说...就够了 Ba'ath Party: 复兴党,全名為阿拉伯社會主義復興黨,或译阿拉伯复兴社会党,成立于1947年,是一个激进的、非宗教的民族主义政党。201002/97391

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