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But there#39;s no guarantee rescue will come,and with such little water here,是否有人救援还是未知之数 此地淡水贫乏your health will start to decline rapidly.人的健康状况会迅速恶化Given that choice, I#39;d build a raft and set sail.有鉴于此 我最好还是做个木筏出海Driftwood from the beach is ideal.海滩上的浮木是最好不过的材料And then for all of the lashing,I#39;m just gonna use the shipping rope.至于捆绑加固的任务 就要交给这条船缆了The key element to sea survival is staying dry.保持身体干燥是海上求生的关键I want to make sure this raft keeps me up out of the water.我要确保这木筏能让我身体不接触海面Use these as cross struts one there and another here.用这个做纵向框架 一根在这 另一根在那 It means I can then build another layer on top of this,but with a bit of a gap,这样我就可以此之上再铺一层 而且中间留有空隙and into that gap I can force all of the polystyrene and the bottles that#39;s been washed up in this gully.之后 我在空隙中填入那些 被冲上海滩的泡沫塑料和瓶子Fill the gap as tightly as possible with polystyrene.用泡沫塑料把中间一层空隙尽量填满Then cover it with another layered of driftwood,and tie it all down as tight as you can.然后在其上再铺一层浮木 使出吃奶的劲把它绑紧And then all I need is a good a-frame at the back to put a tiller through.接下来 要在尾部 做个结实的A型框架 以放置船桨A really good, long length of tiller pole here这根就不错 长短正好gonna make paddling much more efficient I can really put my weight into it then.划起船来能事半功倍 我能把浑身的劲都使上All I need is to attach this bit to the end.Okay, that will do.只要把这玩意绑在其中一头就成了 好了 这就好了Before I launch, I want to collect the water from my still.起航前 我要先收集蒸馏过的淡水It#39;s not much,but together with my other water traps,I#39;ve got six liters.不是很多 但加上另外一个聚水器里的水 我总共有6升了Now to set sail east towards Panama.现在是时候向东面起航 前往巴拿马了 Article/201607/452582赣州妇幼保健人民医院做祛眼袋手术多少钱Tropical Cyclone Debbie made landfall in Australia. And the violent storm is packing quite a punch.热带气旋“黛比”登陆澳大利亚。带来的暴风雨非常猛烈。This is a dangerous cyclone. People must stay indoors. Please do not go outside.这是一个危险的旋风。人们必须呆在室内。请不要走到外面。Debbie slammed into the northeastern coast of Australia Tuesday as a Category 4 cyclone.周二,四级强度气旋“黛比”猛烈袭击澳大利亚东北海岸。And with it came destructive wind gusts more than 160 miles per hour and torrential rainfall, leaving nearly 50,000 homes without power.它带来了超过160英里每小时的毁灭性阵风和暴雨,近50,000户家庭断电。Experts say Debbie is a slow-moving storm, and officials are preparing for the worst when it comes to damage.专家表示,“黛比”是一个缓慢移动的风暴,官员正在准备作最坏的打算。Queensland#39;s police commissioner told reporters the storm was expected to stick around for up to 24 hours, and about 200 miles of coastline could be affected.昆士兰警察局长告诉记者,风暴预计将持续长达24小时,约有200英里的海岸线可能会受到影响。The last time Australia saw a storm of this magnitude was back in 2011. Cyclone Yasi wreaked havoc on the northern coast and caused billions of dollars in damage.上次澳大利亚看到这种规模的风暴是在2011年。飓风“雅斯”肆虐北部海岸,造成数十亿美元的损失。译文属。 Article/201703/500939江西省中心人民医院治疗痘坑多少钱栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201606/431415surrendering to the temptations of the city被城市诱惑所包围and falling hopelessly into a deep, dark, sink of iniquity and disease.逐渐无可救药地堕入 邪恶而病态的黑暗深渊But however much moralists frowned on the new consumerism gripping the city,不论多少卫道士信誓旦旦地声称 消费主义不会充斥整个城市economic realists knew it was the way forward.经济学家都知道这是发展必然趋势There had been other great emporium cities in Europe,but nothing like this.欧洲还有其他的大都会城市 但都不若如此London had invented serious shopping and it had something like 20,000 shops to prove it.伦敦商业极其繁荣 城中两万间店铺就是最好佐Its shops would lure the customer to buy something they#39;d never thought of acquiring.这些商铺甚至能引诱顾客 选购他们不必需的商品Novelty items like oriental goldfish,which became an aristocratic marvel.东方金鱼这样的新奇玩意 已成为贵族新宠Caged canaries, finches and parrots.还有家养金丝雀 鹦鹉等Unheard-of luxuries became commonplace,priced to appeal to the middle class.闻所未闻的奢侈品也成为普通商品 逐渐普及中产阶级China from Holland from which to sip your tea.荷兰瓷器更多运用于泡沏茶水Exotic fruits like pomegranates and pineapples.外来的水果 如石榴和菠萝 也大受欢迎The first commercially available condoms.更有人开始贩卖避套Lambskin for the rich,linen soaked in brine for the not-so-rich.羊皮做的卖给富人 亚麻泡盐水做的卖给穷人London#39;s consumer culture was Mephistopheles winking an eye, crooking a finger, and proffering credit.伦敦的商业文化极具魅惑力 眨眼之间 就能完成借贷But terrible things could happen to those who ran out of credit and ran out of time.但对那些逾期还不上钱的人来说 事情可能会变得很糟糕 /201705/510863寻乌县鼻部修复多少钱

南康去除川字纹手术多少钱赣州市俪人整形医院激光去痘手术多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201612/480354洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 55If you donot go to college, you will never get a good job.You would better study hard.I am paying lots of money for you, so you#39;d better do well.My parents are expecting to see good grades of this semester.If you fail this tests, you will be kicked out of schoolIf I fail this test, I will kill myself.My parents expects nothing but high marks.I need be in the top percentage of my class to study abroad.I push myself very hard to do well.If my GPA is high enough, I can play any sports. 推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200711/20589江西省中心医院去眼袋多少钱Whenever you#39;re talking to people, say what you have to say.当和人们交流时,说些该说的。But once they start replying back to you, completely ignore it.但一旦他们开始回应你,就完全忽略。It can#39;t possibly be interesting or important.它可能不是那么有趣或重要。In fact, it is critical that you use this time to prepare for what you#39;re going to say once they#39;re done.事实上,关键的是你要趁这个时间准备一下你将要说什么。Think very hard about what absolutely genius thing you#39;re going to say next.好好想想接下来你要说点什么绝对厉害的事情。Also, make it really obvious that this is exactly what you#39;re doing by not showing any form of acknowledgement once they’re done而且,在他们结束的时候不做任何回应,要明显让人知道你就要这么做,and if you can, start your next thought even if they#39;re not quite finished with their final sentence.如果可以的话,在他们还没有说完的时候就开始你的下一条思路。Whenever you#39;re around people, complain a lot.当你在人群中时,要多抱怨。If you#39;re meeting someone after work for dinner,如果你在下班后和某人吃饭,make sure you tell them all about how horrible it is to work where you work.一定要跟他抱怨你工作的地方有多糟糕。If you can, also throw in some unpleasent facts about your family for extra bonus points.如果可以的话,也可以穿插一些关于家庭额外红利点的不愉快的事实It#39;s not enough that you#39;re drained after a long day of work,工作了一天,你自己精疲力竭还不够,you can#39;t possibly be happy until the other person is completely drained as well.只有让别人和你一样疲惫,你才开心。The following step works well with anyone, but I#39;ve found that it works especially well if you have a significant other.以下步骤适用于任何人,但是我觉得如果你有很重要的另一半,会更有效。Like most people, she probably has great qualities along with some unpleasent ones.就像大多数人,她可能有很多优点,也有一些缺点。And you know very well which ones you need to focus on.你知道需要专注于哪个点。Don#39;t ever say anything appreciative about how she cleaned up your mess,对于她怎样收拾东西,or how she tried to make you happy yesterday... These things are irrelevant.或者是她昨天怎样尽力让你高兴等等这些,都不要表达感激之情,这些都不相关。Focus instead on the one negative trait she has and constantly criticize her for it.专注于不好的一点,并持续的为此批评她。Always walk around with a pissed off and an unpleasent face. Don#39;t ever smile.总表现出一副不高兴的样子。不要笑。When people don#39;t react well to you and your social interactions suffer, be confused as to why...当周围的人都不待见你,并且你的社会交往遭遇麻烦的时候,就困惑于为什么…Make sure to not make any effort to remember people#39;s names.确保不要试着记住人们的名字。It#39;s not like you can make them feel like you care if you do.就算你记住了,他们也不会觉得你在乎。If this task requires that you put in extra effort or figure out a way to get better at this,如果这个任务需要你付出额外的努力去更好的完成,come up with an excuse to not take responsibility.就找个借口不承担责任。One that works really well is the following...以下是比较有效的一种方法…All you have to do is say this magic sentence: ;Sorry, but I#39;m not good with names.;你需要做的就是这么说:“不好意思,我不擅长记忆名字。”This somehow completely takes away any need to make an effort,这样完全不需要做任何努力,and hey, now you#39;re the victim. Congratulations!嘿,你现在是受害者了。恭喜你!Remember at all times that the most important person is you,永远记住你才是最重要的人,and therefore the most important interests and hobbies in the world are of course the ones that you have.因此你的兴趣和爱好就是这个世界上最重要的兴趣和爱好。Don#39;t ever genuinely be interested in what#39;s going on with other people.不要天真的对别人感兴趣。Your one friend#39;s a martial artist while the other#39;s a soccer player?你的朋友是武术家或者足球运动员?Don#39;t ever ask them what that#39;s like and possibly look at things from a new perspective.永远不要问他们那是种什么感受,也不要从新角度去看待事物。No, those are barbaric and unsophisticated practices you have no interest in.那些都是一些你不感兴趣的野蛮又不成熟的行为。Instead always talk about ing books and how that is the most important thing in the world.取而代之的,经常聊聊读书及其在世界上的重要性。And while you#39;re doing that, make sure to tell them about how much you love Dale Carnegie as well.当你那么做的时候,一定要让大家知道你是有多么崇拜戴尔·卡内基。Don#39;t ever make people feel important especially when you#39;re dealing with people in a position of power.尤其是当你在和一个有权利的人相处时,不要让他们产生一种优越感。If a cop pulls you over, don#39;t ever say things like ;yes, sir; or ;yes, ma#39;am.;如果警察把你截到路边,不要这么说“好的,先生”或者“好的,女士。”Talk to him or her like you talk to your homeboys.对他们就像对老乡一样就可以。After all, you are a self-proclaimed gangster and any other form of interaction would be a weakness on your part.毕竟,你是一个自称恶棍的人,任何其他形式的交际都会显示你的弱点。As a result, end up with a ticket that is ten times worse最终,你会得到一张罚单,than what you would have gotten by making the person feel important.比让别人获得优越感而得到的要糟糕十倍。I mean it#39;s not like many people in a position of power aren#39;t strictly there我是说,不像是很多有权之人不谋其职,just because they get that sinister sense of pleasure from other people making them feel important.仅仅因为他们从逢迎者那里获得了那种阴暗的愉悦感。Whenever it becomes really obvious to you and everyone around you that you are wrong, do not admit it.当很明显的周围的人都觉得你不对的时候,不要承认。To you, that is a sign of weakness and it will embarass you.对你而言,那是一种软弱的表现,会使你难堪。Don#39;t say something respectable like, ;You guys are right. I had a wrong perspective on this.不要说一些很尊敬的话,诸如“你们是对的。我的想法错了。Thanks for teaching me something new.; No! Don#39;t do that!谢谢教给我这些新东西。”不,不要那么做!That will actually get rid of any possible embarassment and make people respect you.那样你就能摆脱尴尬,而且也会让人们尊重你。And finally, work hard at cultivating the inability to put yourself into another person#39;s shoes,最后,培养不为别人着想的能力,always think about only what you want, and never appeal to the interests of the person you#39;re dealing with.只管想你想要什么,不要迎合别人的喜好。If you work at a business and you want to ask for a raise,如果你想要加薪,walk in there with a mindset of how you think you obviously deserve more,就表现出,你理所当然的值得获得更多,and how you want to be able to afford more things,你是多么的想能够买更多的东西,and how you should get a raise just because you#39;ve been there a certain amount of time...还有因为你已经有了一定的工龄…你是多么应该获得加薪。Don#39;t mention or show how your work is critical to moving the business forward不要提及你的工作对于生意的发展有多么关键的作用cause let#39;s be honest, it#39;s probably not.因为说实话,那不可能。Plus, then you#39;d be appealing to the business owner#39;s interest and that might actually get you a raise.另外,你迎合雇主的喜好,这样你有可能得到加薪。But hey, don#39;t do that... These types of thoughts don#39;t occur to you.但是,别那么做…这种想法不可能出现在你身上。The ability to put yourself in another person#39;s shoes,换位思考,think about what they want, appeal to their interests,想别人所想,迎合他们的兴趣,and therefore maximize the chances of getting what you want is alien to you.并因此把获得自己之所需的机会最大化,这种能力对你来说太陌生了。 Article/201706/514329崇义县双眼皮多少钱

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