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洋话连篇之新洋话1000句 Lesson 02Hi, don#39;t try to red me off, I know what this is worth.Can you give me a little deal on this?Can you give me this for cheaper?Is there a discount on both purchases?Give me a discount.How much do you want for this?If you don#39;t give me a better price I won#39;t buy it.I can get it cheaper at other places.What the lowest you are willing to go?Come on, give me your break on this.推荐专题:英语九百句英音版英语会话800句新东方英语900句 /200603/5498

Let#39;s all toast to my mother, who was born, not only on the 30th of March, but in 1902, the 30th of March was Easter Day.让我们为她干杯为她的生日,她在1902年3月30号那个复活节出生。Mrs. Astor represented some timeless sense of style and elegance...and philanthropy...and doing the right thing.Astor夫人身上展现这一种永恒的优雅,她一直坚持的慈善事业还有她做的事情。I really am not so extraordinary.我并不是多么杰出的人。I#39;m just an ordinary person who has had a very good life...and is very near...and it is getting very near to the end.我只是个有着幸福生活的普通人,并且…似乎很快就会走到人生的终点。And I#39;ve had a wonderful time.我拥有过很多美好的时光。You#39;ve all really been so sweet.你们一直都对我那么好。I think it was impossible not to admire her.我觉得你不可能不去崇敬她。They became really very close friends.她和Bill是非常好的朋友。And he did chronicle her every single move.他几乎用相机记录下了她的一生。It was with a genuine kindness and affection, and he protected her.他出于一种发自内心的友谊和亲情保护着她。To the very end they were great friends.一直以来,他们是非常非常好的朋友。I#39;m guessing...that he might actually have come from a wealthy family because of that, and because only people who come from wealth can live the way he lives.我猜…Bill是来自一个非常富裕的家庭,因为只有来自这样家庭的人,才会有他这种生活态度和理念。So that#39;s always been my assumption, but I#39;ve actually never discussed it with him.我一直是这么假设的但是从来没有和他讨论过这个问题。 Article/201609/460742

I#39;m in the middle of a vast wetland swamp我身陷东欧格鲁吉亚黑海沿岸near the Black Sea Coast of Georgia, Eastern Europe.一片浩瀚的湿地沼泽中A canoe made of reeds allows you to navigate these otherwise impenetrable swamps.一叶芦苇轻舟载着我 穿越这几乎无法通行的沼泽But as the land rises near the coast,passage becomes much tougher.但当海边的陆地出现在眼前的同时 道路却愈发难走Thing#39;s on here, and the sea is just over that sandbar.家伙在这 海却在沙洲那边Let#39;s go and have a look. Come on.去那瞅瞅 来吧There are tankers out there.We can get their attention.那边有油轮 我们要引起他们的注意Let#39;s see what we find at the beach. Come on.看看能在海滩上找些什么 来The beach is full of debris.海滩上满是破瓦残砾But one man#39;s trash is another man#39;s treasure.但别人的垃圾可能就是你的财富You could build a signal fire but those tankers are far out,你可以生一堆信号火 但油轮距离实在是太远了and your fire could easily be missed.很可能忽略了它The Black Sea is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.黑海是全世界 最繁忙的航道之一And where there#39;s tankers, you#39;ll often find a port.只要有油轮 通常也能找到港口If you get out there,your chances of rescue improve dramatically.要是能找到港口 你的获救机会将大大提升We#39;ll need to use something to haul this raft over.我们需要用些工具把筏子拉起来We#39;re gonna make a three-in-one hoist with this.Come on.就用这个做一架三合一吊车 来吧The waterlogged raft is far too heavy for me to carry.浸过水的筏子变得重不可堪But by building a hoist,I should be able to drag it across the beach.但有了自制吊车 我应该就能把它拖过这片海滩All I need is a good anchor point.所需要的就是一个锚点 Article/201705/508401

Hi my name is Rebecca and in today#39;s lesson, we#39;re going to talk about how you can describe your work activities, okay?大家好,我是Rebecca。今天我们将学习如何描述你的工作活动。And we#39;re going to focus on one particular word ;responsible;, but the question is what are you going to talk about, how are you going to use it. Alright? Just one second.我们将学习“负责的”这个单词,学习的重点是如何谈论及使用这个单词。Okay. So the point is you can be answering two possible questions or you can be talking about two possible scenarios:好了,那么我们重点是你可以用于回答两种可能的问题或在两种可能的场景下使用:who you are responsible to and what you are responsible for and according to that you will choose a different preposition ;to; or ;for;. All right? Let me give you an example, so you understand what I mean.第一个是你听谁指挥,第二个是你对...负责。根据场景的不同,你需要选择不同的介词“to”或者“for”。If someone asks you, who are you responsible to? They are asking you who is your manager, who is your boss. So then you would say, I#39;m responsible to John Miller.如果有人问你,who are you responsible to? 他们是在询问你的经理是谁,你的老板是谁。因此,你应该回答,我听John Miller的指挥。For example, let#39;s suppose in this example that you are a marketing assistant during the marketing department,例如,假设你是市场部的市场助理,you#39;re a marketing assistant and you have a manager whose name is John Miller, he#39;s the marketing manager, so you say I#39;m responsible to John Miller.你是市场助理,你的经理是John Miller,他是市场部经理,因此,你回答我听John Miller的指挥。Let me ask you, what are you responsible for? Now they#39;re talking about the area that you are responsible for. So you say, I#39;m responsible for the European market. Okay?那么,当问你“what are you responsible for?”时,他们是是在谈论你所负责的领域。因此,你回答,我负责欧洲市场。明白了么?I#39;m responsible to John Miller. I#39;m responsible for the European market.我听John Miller的指挥。我负责欧洲市场。Small difference but it makes quite a lot of difference when you#39;re actually explaining it.虽然区别不大,但是在真正解释的时候,两句的含义非常不同。Let#39;s take another example. Now let#39;s say you work in the human resources department, human resources is also called HR for short,再举一个例子。假如你在人力资源部工作,人力资源,简称HR,it#39;s also sometimes known as the personnel department, not personal but personnel department but here we#39;ve written HR.同样也被叫做人事部门,不是“personal”而是“personnel”,但通常会缩写为HR。So let#39;s say you are an HR assistant and your manager, your boss is the HR director so you would say,假设你是HR助力,那么你的经理、你的老板就是HR主管,因此你会说,I am responsible to Mary Turner who is the HR director. I am responsible for recruitment and training.我听从Mary Turner的指挥,她是HR主管。而我负责招聘和培训。Okay, this is a small example, it#39;s a little lesson but I think it will help you to express more clearly what you do at work in correct English.这是一个简单的例子,但是我认为它能帮助你在工作中更好、更清晰地使用英语。If you#39;d like to do a little bit of practice with this, please visit our website at www.engvid.com,如果你想练习今天所学的内容,请登录我们的网站www.engvid.com,you will find there some free quizzes after each lesson to help reinforce whatever you have learned here.在每一课后都会有小测试帮助你巩固所学。Okay, thanks very much. Good luck with your English, bye for now.非常感谢。祝你们学好英语。下期见。 Article/201707/516106

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