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襄阳哪家医院男科更好襄阳哪看不孕好国家有钱人民反而不快乐 British people are less satisfied with life than many in poorer countries and use too many of the earth's resources, according to a poll that ranks Britain 74th in the world below Georgia and Burma。  最新调查表明,与很多贫穷国家的居民相比,英国人对生活更加不满,消耗的地球资源也过多。英国幸福指数在全球排名第74位,落后于格鲁吉亚和缅甸。  Rather than measure Gross Domestic Product or GDP, the Happy Planet Index or HPI measures life expectancy, happiness and the environmental impact of different nations。  “全球幸福指数”对各国的居民平均寿命、幸福感、以及对环境的影响进行衡量,而不是国内生产总值。  The top ten countries are not the richest nations but middle income countries in Latin America, Asia or the Carribbean where there is a high level of life satisfaction and low carbon footprint。  排在榜单前10位的国家不是世界上最富裕的国家,而是拉丁美洲、亚洲、或者加勒比海地区的中等收入国家。在这些国家,人们对生活的满意程度非常高,而人均“碳足迹”则很低。  Costa Rica is the greenest and happiest country on the planet, according to the rankings developed by think tankthe New Economics Foundation, followed by the Dominican Republic and Jamaica。  根据此项排名,哥斯达黎加是全球绿化率和幸福指数最高的国家,多米尼加共和国和牙买加分列其后。该调查由智囊机构新经济基金会发起。  The UK comes in at 74 out of 143 countries behind Georgia at 72. The highest ranking country in the EU was the Netherlands at 43 followed by France at 71 and Germany at 51.  在参与调查的143个国家中,英国排名第74位,位列排名72位的格鲁吉亚之后。荷兰排名第43,位列欧盟国家之首,其后是德国(排名第51)和法国(排名第71)。  The ed States, was ranked at 114, Canada at 89 and Australia at 102. Zimbabwe and other poor African nations, where life expectancy and happiness is low, came bottom of the table。  美国、加拿大、澳大利亚分别排在第114位、89位和102位。津巴布韦和其它一些贫穷的非洲国家排名垫底。在这些国家中,人均寿命很短,人们的幸福指数也很低。  Levels of life satisfaction, calculated from a worldwide poll, were not necessarily high in rich countries where violence and inequality continue to be a problem。  根据这项全球调查,在暴力和不平等问题仍未解决的富裕国家中,居民对生活的满意程度不一定高。  In the UK the low ranking was largely due to social problems and the high carbon footprint of most of the population。  英国排名靠后主要归咎于其社会问题,以及大多数人口的人均“碳足迹”较高。  If everyone in the world wanted to live as people do in the UK, it would require the resources of more than three earths。  如果人们都想要像英国人那样生活,那么我们需要不止三个地球来提供资源。  Nick Marks, who devised the rankings, said that there are still high levels of inequality in the UK as well as community breakdown and unhealthy lifestyles。  该排行榜设计者尼克 马克斯称,英国社会的不平等程度仍然较高,社会出现分裂,人们的生活方式也不健康。  "There are a lot of people who are unhappy particularly at the lower income end of the spectrum but it is not only financial inequality, it is the longer working week, a lack of social cohesion through a sense of belonginess to the community or the geographic area, indebtedness, low levels of volunteering and more passive lifestyles," he said。  他说:“有很多人感觉不幸福,特别是低收入群体,但这并不只因为贫富不均,还有工作时间更长,缺乏对社会或地区的归属感而导致欠缺社会凝聚力,欠债,志愿务意识较低,以及生活方式更加消极等等。”  He urged politicians to pay more attention to life satisfaction over GDP。  他敦促政界人士更多关注人们的幸福感,而不是国内生产总值。  "The big message of these rankings is that we have to produce a system that makes people happier without costing the earth," he said。  他说:“这项排名透露出一条重要信息,就是我们要找到一种可以在不消耗地球资源的前提下,使人们更幸福的方式。”  Vocabulary:  carbon footprint:碳足迹,指个人能源消耗量和污染排放量  think tank:智库,智囊机构 /201002/96682襄阳第一医院割包皮多少钱 No.1 Video Chat Regularly第一招:经常视频聊天Whether you use Face Time, iChat, Google Chat, or Skype, being able to see each other while you talk about your annoying coworker or the hilarious thing your buddy did at the bar adds another layer of communication that helps you stay close. Video chatting is an especially good idea when you#39;re arguing; your normal tension-dissolving tactics don#39;t translate as well over the phone。什么样的视频聊天工具都好,当你在抱怨惹人讨厌的同事或者分享好伙伴在酒吧里做过的一些非常滑稽的事情的时候,要能看到对方,这样能够带来不同感觉的聊天效果,帮助你们维系彼此间的亲密感。当你们在争论的时候,视频聊天是一个非常好的方式;电话聊天无法很好地传达和帮助消除紧张感。No.2 Don#39;t Be Jealous Of Her Guy Friends第二招:不要嫉妒她的异性朋友One of the few upsides to being in a long-distance relationship is that you#39;re always free to hang out with friends. Your job as the boyfriend is to make sure she knows you#39;re cool with that -- even if her plans involve dudes you don#39;t know. Trust me, it#39;ll work to your advantage in the long-run: If you get defensive whenever she wants to spend time with a guy, she#39;ll assume it#39;s because you#39;re not being faithful when you#39;re around other women. But if you#39;re cool with it, you automatically seem more trustworthy, preventing any major jealousy issues before they start。远距离异地恋情中少有的一个好处是:可以很自由的与自己的朋友聚在一起。作为她的男友要做的,就是确保让她知道,关于这点你很放心,就算她会与一些你不认识的男生一起出门玩。相信我,长期坚持这样做对你们的关系是非常有利的:如果每次她说要跟异性朋友一起你就很有防备心,那久而久之,她就会怀疑是不是因为你和其他的女性一起的时候有做过对不起她的事情。但如果你放心她的话,会得到更多的信任,这些信任能够消除任何重大的猜疑与嫉妒。No.3 Do Something Together While You#39;re Apart第三招:异地的时候也可以一起做些事You don#39;t have to be in the same zip code to have fun together. Every Sunday night at 11, my boyfriend and I have a standing date to talk about the latest episode of Breaking Bad. Your “thing” doesn#39;t have to be a TV series you#39;re addicted to -- maybe it#39;s watching a weekly movie together, or playing Words with Friends -- but make sure you have something to talk about that doesn#39;t involve the words “I miss you。” It#39;ll make your phone calls a lot more pleasant。你们不一定非得在同一个地区才能一起玩。每周六晚11点,我和男朋友会有一次固定的约会,一起聊聊《绝命毒师》的最新剧情。当然你们的‘话题#39;不一定非得是你们热衷的电视剧,可以是在网上一起观看每周影院,或者是大家一起玩填字游戏,要知道的除了“我想你”这些甜言蜜语外,你们有其他的事情可以谈论,这些事情会让你们的电话聊天更愉快。No.4 Plan At Least One Visit In Advance第四招:至少提前安排一次会面Maybe you#39;re a spontaneous kind of guy. Don#39;t be when you#39;re booking travel. Things go much more smoothly if you have a trip or two in the books ahead of time. Your wallet will thank you -- and so will your girlfriend. Saying goodbye at the end of a visit is a lot easier when you aly have another to look forward to。也许你是一个很随意的人,但在计划旅行的时候就千万要谨慎啦。如果你能提前安排一到两次旅行的话,事情会更顺畅。你的钱包也会感激你的,当然还有你的女朋友。如果你们已经计划好令人期待的下一次会面时,那么在这段旅途结束时说再见就会容易得多了。No.5 Say What#39;s On Your Mind第五招:说出你心中的想法Girlfriends can tell when something#39;s bothering you. And when you don#39;t explain what it is -- no matter how dumb you might think it sounds -- we assume we#39;re the something that#39;s bringing you down. A girlfriend who#39;s worried that you might dump her isn#39;t a great person to be in a relationship with. So just tell her that you missed the game-winning shot at your pickup basketball game aly and put it behind you。女朋友通常都能感觉到有事情烦扰着你,不论你多么的不想说话,如果你不去解释,我们就会以为是我们让你感到厌烦。作为女朋友会猜疑,担心你是不是要跟她分手。所以你要直接的告诉她,你是因为在之前的篮球赛错失了制胜球而心情烦闷。 /201206/186196导读:研究者首次根据科学研究表示性别决定了男女对于颜色的偏好,男孩子喜欢蓝色,女孩子喜欢粉色,这是任何人都无法改变的。  Boyslike blue, girls like pink and there isn't much anybody can do about it, researchers said in one of the first studies to show scientifically that there are gender-based color preferences。  研究者称这些区别可能基于进化过程,女性偏爱略带红色的颜色,并且跟长熟的水果和健康的脸色联系起来。  Researchers said these differences may have a basis in evolution in which females developed a preference for reddish colors associated with riper fruitand healthier faces。  近日,由纽卡斯尔大学的神经科学家研究Anya Hurlbert指导的研究显示,人们对蓝色有所广泛的偏好,但之前并没有太多的据明在人们挑选颜色的时候存在性别差异这个观点。 /201008/111116襄阳男科网

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襄阳市襄州区人民医院治疗内分泌多少钱Leftover women, this has been a much talked, and often controversial phrase in China in the past few years. It generally refers to single women above the age of 27.经常被提起的剩女这个词,已经是近几年的中国热门争议词汇。剩女一般指的是27岁以上的单身女性。Some unattached female 30-somethings refer to themselves, half-joking, as ;loser dogs,; after a 2004 Japanese book on the same phenomenon in that country. In Taiwan, a real-estate company recently advertised a small, ritzy apartment as ideal for ;loser dogs.; This economic muscle is part of what gives women the freedom to embrace the single life.30岁以上的未婚女性半开玩笑地称自己是;败犬;,这个名字来源于2004年日本出版的一本讲述同一现象的书。在台湾,一家房地产公司在给一种小户型豪华公寓打广告时,称其专门为;败犬族;量身定做。这种经济能力也是女性可以自由选择单身生活的原因之一。Leftover women usually choose prospective husband among those more capable men in terms of wealth and social status, especially well-educated women who have decent job and good salary. They won#39;t commit to marriage until they find a perfect candidate. So they choose to be single by themselves. 剩女们一般择偶标准比较高,她们在选择未来的老公时,会根据经济实力和社会地位考虑比较有能力的男性。受过良好教育、有着体面工作和高月薪的女性的择偶要求会更高。除非找到合适的人选,否则她们宁愿一直单身。所以说,大多;剩女;都是主动选择剩下的。Family and friends often see the lifestyle as a phase and expect the singletons to settle down, and many singletons do insist they#39;re not opposed to marriage, just determined not to commit until they find the right partner ; one who respects their independence and shares their life goals. Presumably that means not expecting a wife to stay home and put up with a meddling mother-in-law. 单身女性的亲友往往将其单身生活视为一个阶段,希望她们最终安定下来,结婚生子。此外,也有不少独身主义者坚持说,她们并不反对结婚,只是下决心在找到理想的另一半前坚守阵地。理想的另一半必须尊重她们的独立性,拥有共同的生活目标;也就是说,不能指望妻子呆在家里相夫教子,忍受婆婆的指手划脚。 The source of leftover women:剩女当道,哪些女性最容易被剩下来?woman who havenrsquo;t fallen in love before graduation大学毕业前还没谈过恋爱的女人perfectionism woman完美主义的女人women who always think that they have suffered a lot总以为自己已经历尽沧桑的女人;obedient; daughters听话的乖女儿women who seeing love as food把爱情当粮食的女人 /201203/174791 中外文化差异与礼仪 第一幕:一位学校领导向教师们介绍新来的美国老师 Ladies and gentlemen, I'm delighted to introduce to you a very pretty girl, Miss Brown. She is a very good teacher from the USA.对这番话,美国女教师一脸难堪的样子。 文化差异:中国人介绍来宾,喜欢用褒扬的话语言辞。但美国人认为,初次结识,相互介绍,不必评头论足。凡是主观性的,尽管是美言,也会给人唐突、强加的感觉。对以上那番话,美国女教师感到难堪的是pretty和good两个词。在那种场合,介绍应该突出背介绍人的身份、学历、职务等,而不应该是外貌和抽象的。相比之下,如果把pretty和good改成实际教育背景和经历,这样的介绍句比较客观,令人容易接受。比较下面改变措辞的介绍: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm delighted to introduce to you a new teacher from the USA., Miss Ann Brown. She is a doctor of American Literature with experience of teaching English as a Foreign Language. 特别忠告:介绍客人要介绍客观事实,不要主观。要注重身份,不要着眼外貌。 /200907/78346襄阳正常龟头头冠有刺枣阳市第一人民医院有泌尿科吗



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