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The spending power and keen interest in travel by those in China#39;s well-heeled LGBT community are attracting growing attention from tourism startups and investors.我国富裕的同性恋群体的消费能力和对旅游的热衷正愈发吸引旅游创业公司以及调查者的注意。Wang Zhao, CEO and co-founder of GLOW Travel, an acronym for Gays and Lesbians On the Way, had been a travel consultant for years when his gay friends said he should be providing services tailored for people like them.GLOW Travel(同性恋在路上的缩写)公司的创始人兼CEO王钊,在他的同性恋朋友们告诉他应该为同性恋人群提供务时,已经担任旅游顾问很多年了。In November 2014, Wang organized a trip for a group of 11 gay travelers to the island of Bali, Indonesia. Its success confirmed his decision to start a company focusing exclusively on such services for China#39;s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.在2014年11月,王钊组织了11名同性恋游客前往印度尼西亚的巴厘岛度假的活动。这一活动的成功也坚定了他创办一家专注于为中国女同性恋,男同性恋,双性恋和变性人社区等提供务的网站。;People like us have totally different interests and demands when traveling abroad. We want to explore local communities that are friendly to homosexuals instead of pure sightseeing,; said Wang, 35. ;Additionally, LGBT people have strong demands for acceptance during their trips. Travel is also a good way for them to make friends.;“像我们一样的人,在旅游时有完全不同的兴趣和需求。我们想要探索那些对同性恋友好的地方,而不是纯粹的观光。”35岁的王钊说道。“此外,同性恋群体在旅行期间有强烈的接受外界的需求。旅行也是一个很好的交朋友的方式。”Although there are no official statistics, it is estimated that China has 50 million to 70 million people who identify as LGBT. A report from WorkForLGBT, a nonprofit business network in Beijing, said those they surveyed in China#39;s cities are not only doing well financially, they also enjoy traveling.虽然并没有官方数据,但是据估计,我国已公开的同性恋者数量在5000万到7000万之间。根据北京的一个非营利的商业网络站--WorkForLGBT的报道,他们调查的这些中国城市里的群体,不仅财务良好,而且很享受旅行。The survey said 75 percent of its respondents traveled within the Chinese mainland over the past year and a quarter traveled overseas.该调查还显示,受访者中的75%在过去的一年中曾在国内旅行,四分之一的人曾去海外旅行。 /201601/422393

Now caffeine addicts are up in arms over Starbucks allegedly under filling its lattes.最近,一群咖啡爱好者们准备联合控告星巴克,原因是拿铁咖啡的分量明显不足。A class-action lawsuit filed last Wednesday in the U.S. district court of Northern California, claims that the coffee chain knowingly and systematically serves customers lattes that are 25 percent smaller than the claims.上周三,美国加利福尼亚州的地方法院受理了一起集体诉讼,原告声称星巴克咖啡连锁店蓄意、且多次出售分量比菜单标识上写的少了25%的拿铁咖啡。The plaintiffs allege that Starbucks not only uses too little liquid in its standard latte recipe but that its cups are not adequately large enough to contain the amount of beverage stated on their size . So if you ordered a grande (16 ounce), it#39;s really more like drinking a tall (12 ounce).原告还声称,星巴克不仅在配置标准拿铁咖啡时加入的咖啡量不够,而且该店盛咖啡的杯子体积太小,和菜单上面标注的饮品容量完全不能匹配。就好比你本来点的是大杯装(16盎司),但是实际呈上来也就只有中杯的分量(12盎司)。The ;fill to; lines etched on the pitchers used by baristas to heat milk result in drinks don#39;t measure up to the tall (12 ounce), grande (16 ounce), and venti (20 ounce) sizes listed on the . ;By underfilling its lattes, thereby shortchanging its customers, Starbucks has saved countless millions of dollars in the cost of goods sold and was unjustly enriched by taking payment for more product than it delivers.;所谓“量满”的刻度线一般被刻在咖啡调配师平时加热牛奶的瓦罐上,但是这一标准和现如今星巴克菜单中所推出的中杯(12盎司),大杯(16盎司)以及超大杯(20盎司)等标准并不相同。咖啡量不足,这从一定程度上已经欺骗了消费者。这样看来,星巴克在降低商品成本这一方面就节省了数百万美元,与此同时,星巴克向消费者提供的商品分量不足,但销售价格未减,属于不正当收益行为。If the lawsuit#39;s class action status is approved, it would be “open to all U.S. Class Members who purchased a Starbucks Latte;—potentially of millions of customers.据悉,如果这起集体诉讼案件得到法院的持,那么这次的原告集体将无比庞大,美国所有曾经买过星巴克不足量拿铁咖啡的消费者大概有百万人之多,都将会成为其中一员。A Starbucks company spokesperson told Eater that ;We are aware of the plaintiffs#39; claims, which we fully believe to be without merit. We are proud to serve our customers high-quality, handcrafted and customized beverages, and we inform customers of the likelihood of variations.;星巴克公司发言人在Eater网站上表示,“我们已经意识到了顾客对我们的控告和不满,但我们认为这些投诉缺乏法律依据。我们一直以向顾客提供优质美味、手工调制以及独家定制的饮品为荣,希望广大消费者能够考虑到出售过程中可能出现的变数和误差。” /201603/433467

Beware battery-saving myths.当心那些关于节省电能的错误说法:1. Closing unused apps.1. 关闭不常使用的应用程序There is plenty of inaccurate conventional wisdom about methods to prolong battery life. Let’s start with one of the worst “tips”: Closing (or force-quitting, as it’s commonly called) apps you are not currently using. The theory is that apps running in the background are using your phone’s components, so quitting them will save energy.关于延长电池使用时间,有很多不准确的传统观点。就从最糟的这条“小贴士”开始吧:关闭(或者所谓“强制退出”)你不经常使用的应用。这个贴士的理由是,在后台运行的应用使用了手机的元件,所以关闭它们可以省电。 /201603/429171

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